Chapter Thirteen: Alan-Michael to the Rescue

***** Light House Hell – February 1996 *****

Nick and Susan are waiting to hear some news on Marian and Luce at the hospital.

Susan — Ohhh where is Lucy ? I thought she would be here by now…

Nick — Unless Marian.

Susan– Unless nothing ! Marian is in jail by now I know she is.

Nick– I wish we knew that for sure.

Cut to A-M walking up the hall…he almost bumps into a nurse and apologizes. He looks like hell. He is barely together, but knows he has got to tell SNICK about the Luce.

A-M –(takes a deep breath before he enters ) Hey !


A-M– I came as soon as I found out. (A-M hugs and kisses Susan) Welcome back to us ! How are you ?

Susan– I’m good…how are you…Boss ?

N– What’s going on ? It looks like you’ve been up all night. Did they arrest Marian ?

A-M– No Marian was never arrested. A…… we got to the club and she wasn’t there.

S– Oh no.

A-M– As a matter of fact Marian never existed.

S–What ?

N– Like HELL she didn’t ! She tried to destroy our lives. She tried to kill Susan !

A-M– No…Brent Lawrence tried to kill Susan and now he’s got Lucy. ( A-M is crying)

N– Brent Lawrence was Marian ? Well that would explain why she….HE would be going after Lucy.

S– And why Marian could over power me so easily at Company.

N– HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN ? I mean how could we not know !

A-M– He fooled everyone Nick ! I mean even my cousin Rick Bauer….he wouldn’t have known……… except he examined her after Lucy hit Marian with her car.

N– I knew Marian was out of it…but I never would have dreamed….

A-M– WELL WHO COULD YA KNOW ?!?! Brent’s SICK he’s TWISTED ! You know you were very smart to stay by Susan’s side. I think you should probably still do that…for awhile…

N– Look, there has got to be something I can do for you from here !

A-M– Yes, there is something Cousin you can man the phones.

N– OK you got it. Who do you want me to call ?

A-M– Call the Journal and you want to find out everything you can about Brent’s so CALLED DEATH. I mean……… the police ( A-M is looking down at his shoes kicking something on the floor unable to look at Nick or Susan ) are doing everything that they can. They have tracked down the doctor that signed the death certificate. Brent’s sister and everything…but they may have …you know…turned up something.

N–Wait a minute…this might be a long shot but it may help !

A-M– No anything, anything.

N– About a year ago I interviewed a guy named John Paul Slate. He is an expert on aberrant criminal behavior. Now if I give him a call and let him know what Brent is doing He could maybe look at everything and tell else if there are any clues to what he might do next…

A-M– Yeah…..(Falling apart)….that’s ….great.

Susan– Alan-Michael DON’T ! Don’t think about it ! Just think about Lucy coming home to you.

A-M– (crying) What if she is already… know……..

S– You can’t give up hope ! Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

A-M– I don’t know how I am going to live life with out her ! (Nick is rubbing his back ) I love Lucy so much I can’t think of her not being here ! DAMN IT ! We were supposed to get married this month. I want to see her walk down that isle ! I want to slip a ring on her finger and kiss her in a blizzard of bird seed. ! I want a life with Lucy…I want a house…a cat a dog and EVERYTHING !! Ohhhhhhh if I lose Lucy !

S– You won’t lose her A-M.

A-M–But Brent’s got her ! This is the guy that raped her ! I can’t imagine what kind of hell she is going through and I can’t HELP her !

S– Alan-Michael…..listen to me ! Where ever Lucy is she is not alone. She has got you in her heart ! Your love is going to help her get through this ! Just like Nick’s love gave me the strength to come back to him !

N– (His hand on A-Ms shoulder while he cries ) She knows what she’s talking about A-M. You can believe her.

A-M leaves the hospital. He goes to Spaulding and helps the police go through Marian’s office. They find his private file in his computer. They can assess it by using the code name “LUCY”. On this file Marian comes on the computer screen and says “Today the role of Marian Crane is played by Brent Lawrence. That’s right folks. I’m BAAACK and I have Lucy. Where you ask….stay tuned.” Cut back to the light house


Brent– What’s wrong Lucy it’s been a long time. Aren’t you glad to see me ?

Lucy– (Crying ) Your supposed to be dead you HAVE to be dead !

B– I faked my death. I faked Marian so I could be here with you. Now I am here in the flesh and I’m ALL YOURS !!

Lucy– Stay away from me ! Stay AWAY FROM ME !!! NOOOOOO

B– Scream once for yes twice for no…I’m worried about you Lucy you seem upset on edge ! Try to calm down relax. Let me help you. How bout a nice back rub ? Marian was so good at those remember ?

L– STAY AWAY FROM ME !!! Lucy runs back to the top of the light house trying to get away.

B– There is no way out there Lucy ! Well, she can run, but she can’t hide. Ready or not here I come !

L– HELP CAN ANYBODY HEAR  ME PLEASE !?!?! ( She keeps screaming ! )

B– Scream all you want no one can here you ! No one can help you ! It is just you and me ! So lets make the most of it !

L– I would rather be dead then to let you touch me again !

B– Don’t move !

Brent comes towards her and Lucy climbs on the top of the railing preparing to jump ! He pulls her down and gets on top of her ! Luce Kicks him And runs back down the light house steps. She shuts the gate and tries to get out the door.

B– You little slut ! You can’t win. I won’t let you, your mine Lucy ! ALL MINE !! You better start behaving yourself young lady ! Your little high wire act almost ruined my plans ! No more games, no more taking charge ! You don’t decide when you die I do ! I won’t let you ruin MY plan ! ( He throws her on the bed )


B– You don’t think I wore makeup and panty hose just for the fun of it ! Marian was the means to an end.

L– Well I CARED about Marian !

B– (Marian’s voice ! ) Yes I KNOW dear !

L– I helped her, I tried to make her feel wanted and included !

B– You were an angel Lucy, an absolute angel !

L– I confided in her, I told HER things that other people didn’t know.

B– Like how you and your Fiancee did the “wild thing” in front of a roaring fire ?

L– So why are you going through all this trouble huh ? Is this just all a twisted joke ?

B– Lucy, your just TOO MUCH !!! You are just hoping against hope that I killed three people and kidnapped you as part of a juvenile prank ? I worked hard on this. I almost HATE to see you go !

L– So your doing all of this because I told people you raped me ?

B–I am doing all this because you LIED that I raped you ! I lost my job….YOU SET ME UP ! SO I SET YOU UP !!! Now I am going to use you for an example for all the sluts out there that say no and mean yes ! Trust me, your punishment will fit your crime and then your GOING to die !! It’s MY TURN LUCY ! I’m calling the shots from now on. UNDERSTAND ? (Luce shakes her head yes ) Good girl, save your strength your going to need it for later. Fun and games are just beginning……

Lucy gets up and sits by the window…….you hear her thoughts and this beautiful memory..

L– The fog is too thick to see Spaulding or the boat. But I know you’re out there Alan-Michael. I know you’re out there…….

A-M–Lucy, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes when you’re asleep I lean over to look at you and I think … beautiful you are. Some people are beat by what life throws at them. But you have taken the good with the bad and come out a winner. I can’t get over you Lucy. Your strength….your spirit…your courage… know what I do everyday ? I thank God I didn’t lose you…We’re a keeper Lucy. Nothing and no one can change that…… I love you Lucy…..I always will.

L–I love you too.

Lucy stands and walks to the bed she gets under the covers saying “Alan-Michael where ever you are. I’m coming back to you ! I’m going to survive this. I’m NOT going to be a victim again ! Never again…..I will do what ever it takes….what ever it takes !”

The next day Brent shows up bringing her his fave sandwich…. peanut butter and pickles. Brent’s mind games continue. Finally Lucy has had enough and starts calling him names.

B– Please Lucy tell me how you REALLY feel !

L– You’re a bastard ! An idiot ! You’re a scum a coward !!

B– Tell me MORE MORE !!!

L– You’re a loser that’s it ! A LOSER !!!

B– Don’t………… DON’T call me that !!! Don’t say that !

L– A LOSER A PATHETIC ( Brent starts to hear his Mother’s voice. He begins to cower and protect his head with his hands ) JUST LIKE I HAVE ALWAYS SAID YOU’RE PATHETIC !!!!!


MOM– You’re a BAD BOY BRENT !!!

L– Cowards prey on women Brent. They trick them and they trap them. They give them drugs or alcohol….

Mom–You’re NOT GOING TO STOP ARE YOU ? You’re going to keep right on till I have to get the BELT ! Aren’t you ?

L– You’re a loser. You are the lowest!……..

Mom– Why do you make me have to hurt you Brent ? You always mess up….

B– No….. no…. no…..stop….. stop no don’t say that.

L– I’ll stop if you let me go….

Mom–Bring me the belt !!

Brent grabs Lucy and shakes her ! Screaming NOOOOOOO !!

L– What about your Mother Brent ?

B– Drop it….Lucy leave it alone….

L–Did she do things to you ? You can tell me …….

B–(almost crying ) I said leave it alone……

L– What did your Mother do…?

B– (Almost a whisper ) drop it…..

L– Did she say things to you ? Things like I just said….some mean and awful things ?

B– I don’t want to talk about it….

L– So what ever happens, you don’t have to feel afraid or ashamed. Because you were a victim too.

He quietly backs in to the stair well and pulls the ornate gate closed.

B–I don’t want to talk about it….

L–So what ever happens you don’t have to be afraid or ashamed…cause you were a victim too. Only I didn’t do it. It was your Mother that did it. So you wouldn’t want to take this out on me would you…..? Because I was your friend…..remember ? When you were Marian…and I helped you. I could help you now if you let me…..You don’t have to do this Brent. No matter what your mother did. You can change things now. You can….

B– We can talk about my childhood another time. (He gets up no longer afraid and heads towards the door ) Right now I want to make sure A-M joins our little party !

L– No BRENT NOT Alan-Michael ! NOOOOO !!!

Meanwhile at the police station Nell dumps the contents of “Jane Doe’s” personal affects. She mentions to Frank that she was married and there is an inscription on the ring. Frank picks it up and reads the inscription saying…..”This ring is my Mothers.”

Levy– That ring belonged to your mother ?

Frank– This is the bracelet I bought her last Christmas. I was in a hurry. I….. a went to the nearest department store and there must have been a hundred like it…..a ….she told me she loved it anyway.

Levy– These other pieces….did they belong to Nadine ?

Frank– There’s no way ! There is no way that body down there is my Mother !

Levy– That women had been in the water a long time Frank.

F– I know what happened ! Mom was robbed ! That’s what it is right ? That woman down there stole all her jewelry from my Mom ! She robbed her ! Isn’t that what happened ?!? Its possible….

Nell — Yes Frank it’s possible…

F– Ill prove it ( He starts to head to the morgue. Nell and Levy stop him saying they must follow procedure. “Who was Nadine’s dentist we need to call for her dental records…..”)

We see Frank later standing outside the diner in the pouring rain. In his hand is the envelope with his mother’s jewelry. He is crying trying to find the strength to tell Buzz. Buzz sees him and is terrified…..his first thoughts are of his daughter…

Buzz– Frank ? It’s not Lucy ?

Frank– No Dad it’s not Lucy….

Buzz– (Hugging him tightly ) Oh thank God !!

The diner door closes and we see them through the glass. Frank tells him that Nadine is dead……and he hands Buzz her jewelry……Buzz slides down the wall to the floor….he sits there…both of them crying. Later Buzz takes out her wedding ring.

B– I was just talking about her Frank. This woman and I were talking about Nadine and her ESP ! How she……would go on and on just driving us crazy about that you know….I just was saying how much I missed her… You know how she was Frank. She would put us in the booth and talk to us. She would tell us that a friend, of a friend, of a friend, had the same thing happen to them ! How it turned out OK for them. So it will turn out OK for us and we would all be a family again…..and she just would go on and on and on and talk and talk and TALK ! It wouldn’t make any sense but by GOD ………. She calmed me down….That women could calm me down……. OH FRANK ! (Crying ) How did it happen? Was it a car accident ? Frank ?

Frank– She never made it out of Springfield.

B– What are you talking about ?

F–It wasn’t an accident…she was murdered….she was murdered by Brent Lawrence.

B– Brent ? She didn’t even know Brent Lawrence.

F– Well she knew Marian Crane.

B–Oh Frank, you got to have this screwed up !

F– No dad. We got her dental records.

B– You found your own Mother ?!? (He grabs Frank sobbing holding him as tightly as he can hitting him ! ) OH GOD, OH GOD FRANK !! How ?

F– It was a blow to the head….with a blunt instrument .

B– Oh GOD Oh Frank ! She saw this ! She saw her own death Frank ! (He continues to freak finally picking up a stool and throwing it throught the diners front door ! ) We have GOT TO FIND BRENT !!

F– Don’t you think I know that ? I promise you we will find him. You think I will let him hurt Lucy after what he did to Mom ! DO YOU ?

B– I’m sorry……

F–Dad I loved the fact I was always there for Mom. I loved protecting her. I loved that she counted on me. But you know what…I wasn’t there when she really needed me now was I ?

B– She knew it Frank, she knew it ! She was proud of you Frank. She said it over and over again.

F– Oh dad…..

Later both of them are drinking coffee…… Frank is playing with his Mothers bracelet.

B–Drink up it’s from the bottom of the barrel. You know…right now your mom is getting St. Peter to hang a wreath on the pearly gates…..(laughing ) What do you think ?

F–Probably a wreath with pink and lavender ribbons hey ?

They both laugh sipping their coffee.

Cut to the morgue where Nell is standing over Nadine with a rosary in her hands…..

“Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee… Blessed are you among women….Blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus Christ….Holy Mary Mother Of God……. Pray for our sins now and at the hour of our death…”

Cut back to Frank and Buzz hands clasped….

B– We won’t rest. Not till we put Brent Lawrence where he belongs and bring Lucy home.

(Eleni comes into the diner looking at the shattered front door.)

E– What happened ? Was it a robber ? Tell me what happened.

F– Look honey, everything will be OK.

E– Is it Lucy ? Tell me Frank…..

F–Why don’t you sit down…

E– Oh my GOD !

F– Eleni sweetheart….Brent killed Mom…he threw her body in the lake.

E– NO ! Stop that Frank ! How can you… Buzz… (She grabs Buzz and looks in his eyes) Oh my God ! Oh My God Frank ! NOOOO !!! (Frank and Eleni cry in each others arms ) They mis-identified her ! The police are wrong ! She went on her trip ! Buzz you said she went on her trip ! You said it !!! How can we know ?!

F– Listen to me ! We matched her dental records….I identified her jewelry.

E– Oh my God !! This MONSTER has Lucy ?!?!? ohhhh noooo !!! (She runs out the door screaming….Frank starts to go after her Buzz stops him telling him to “let her go”.)

At the lighthouse Brent contacts A-M via computer. He wants to make a deal with him. A-M tells him he wants proof that Lucy is alive. Brent brings Lucy in and makes her type something to him that only A-M will know. Lucy types. “Do you remember the Red Rose at the Bauer cabin ?” A-M starts to cry typing back “Yes I remember ! Are you OK ?” But Brent will not let Lucy reply. He makes her lay down on the floor and he puts his boot on Lucy’s face telling her NOT to move ! He sends A-M a map….all it is for is a wild goose chase… leads A-M nowhere near the lighthouse….

Later Lucy stands at the window looking out at the rain…..clasping the locket Nadine has given her “Nadine I don’t know if you can hear me or not…..but if you can I sure do need your help. A-M is out there looking for me tonight. I am sure he is going crazy out of his mind. So if there is some way….ANY way you could let him know that I’m all right. You were always good at those psychic things. Would you tell him ? Would you tell somebody ?

Cut to Eleni at the docks.

She stands in the rain crying and screaming at God!

E– WHY ?!?!? WHY DID YOU DO THIS ?! Oh you’re angry at me ! Because I question ! YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I QUESTION !!! WHY DID YOU TAKE NADINE ?!? She was more full of love then anyone I’ve ever known….all she wanted was to be loved back the same way ! BUT YOU WOULDN’T LET HER HAVE THAT !! YOU TOOK HER FROM US !!! That monster that killed her is still alive ? YOU LET HIM LIVE ?!? Now he has got Lucy ! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS ?!?! HASN’T SHE SUFFERED ENOUGH ?!?!? HASN’T THIS FAMILY SUFFERED ENOUGH ?!? YOU ANSWER ME !! ANSWER ME !!!!! I WANT AN ANSWER !! (She lays on the dock sobbing )

Later Eleni goes back to the diner….she sits in the booth with Buzz and Frank….

Frank– We’re going to get past this I promise. You know what Mom would say right now ? She would tell us to get past this and concentrate on Lucy….right ?

Eleni– Lucy is alive Buzz.

Buzz– What ? How do you know?

Eleni– Nadine showed me…

Buzz– What ? (Smiling) what are you talking about ?

Eleni– I saw her…..I went down to the docks…

Buzz– What did you see exactly ?

Eleni–There was this bright flash of lightning and I looked out and there was this boat on the horizon. It was in the storm being tossed around on the waves and then it wasn’t any more. It was on perfectly calm water….and it was headed into a safe harbor….and um…then…all of a sudden……. I saw Nadine….she was on the boat…and she was alone…Lucy wasn’t with her….she wasn’t dead like Nadine…..and…..I connected to Nadine…….. I felt what she was feeling…..and she’s OK…she’s safe…she’s very calm…and um…at peace…..she said not to worry about Lucy…..she will watch over her….she said she would protect Lucy until we can find her….and bring her home.

The sick games continue at the Light house. Lucy desperate to keep A-M away from Brent offers to sleep with him if he will leave A-M alone. Brent laughs at her telling her he has had better etc.

Lucy ends up convincing Brent that she really loves him and wants to go away with him. She tells A-M this over the computer. A-M at last makes it to the light house !

B– Welcome to my little corner of the world ! ( Brent is holding a gun on him)

A-M– Hide in plan sight…you were never more then a few miles away were you.

B– Give or take.

A-M– OK you have what you want. I’m here alone. I’m unarmed. No police, nobody knows where I’m at. Where’s Lucy ? It’s time for you to let her go Brent.

B– Actually it’s time for you to do what ever I say A-M. I would love to give you what you want….no I tell a lie…actually I wouldn’t like that at all Alan-Michael….by the way…do you have ANY idea what a stupid name that is ? I mean, Alan-Michael….come on.

A-M–Put the gun away Brent.

B– BZZZZZZ SORRY ! That wasn’t in the form of a question. You should have said….are you going to put the gun away?

A-M– Come on…where’s Lucy ? Let her go. Brent you have what you want…you got me.

B– My, my, my, don’t we have an over active ego. As if I really want you.

A-M– What do you want ?

B– (Marian’s voice ) I am so disappointed in you Mr. Spaulding. When I first went to work for you I thought you were so smart.

A-M– Cut the games Brent !

B– I have cut the games. I cut them when I found out Lucy was through with you. Something you’ve seemed to forgotten ! That’s right BOSS Lucy is going away with me.

A-M– That’s not true, you could have forced her. Why don’t you let be see her. Let me hear it come from her….. herself.

B– Beg me….

A-M–PLEASE I am begging you…let me see Lucy…..let me see that she’s all right.

B– She’s in the pink.

A-M– Come on….let her go…you can do what ever you want to with me. Just let Lucy go. I’ll do what EVER you ask.

B– How the mighty have fallen. I remember when you held all the power A-M. When you had the power over life and death and you used it. You tried to kill me remember ? You had the gun then and you shot me in the stomach. (He points the gun at A-M’s stomach ) Do you have any idea what it’s like to be shot in the stomach ? IT HURTS OOO OO OO DOES IT HURT A-M IT BURNS !!! Like you swallowed fire.

A-M– Brent what choice did I have ? Think about it man ! We were fighting, I was trying to defend myself and Lucy. I didn’t mean to shoot you. I even tried to help you. When I came back you were gone.

B– Surprise, surprise

A-M– Brent we have both made mistakes here. We made some wrong turns. But it is not to late to go back.

B– Go back !

A-M– Let Lucy go. OK ? Stop this right now.

B– I waited too long for this moment. I want to relish it. Don’t you remember how you told Marian Brent was an Animal ! How Brent deserved to die !

A-M–Brent I was angry. That’s what I’m talking about…you can take back the anger..

B– Don’t give me that psycho babble CRAP !! Everything you say is a lie EXCEPT what you told Marian. That was the truth. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. The truth won’t set you free. So what do you say we join the little lady…OOPS I almost forgot ! Let’s just make extra sure that your not lying about being unarmed.

Brent gets out a hand held metal detector he scans A-M and finding nothing they go to see Lucy. Lucy tells A-M that she doesn’t love him. That she wants to leave with Brent. To test her love for Brent they count down to shoot A-M time. Lucy laughing and making jokes the whole time. Alan contacts Brent and promises him the Spaulding jet and ten million dollars for the safe return of A-M and Lucy. While he is making the deal A-M has pulled out an ivory knife to stab him. Brent turns, sees A-M and shoots him ! A-M holds his bleeding arm. Lucy takes a shirt and ties it to his arm as hard and as rough as she can ! A-M is just shocked by this and is starting to believe that Brent has brain washed her ! Brent locks him in the stairwell behind the ornate door. He goes back to the computer. Lucy runs to A-M.

L–I really do LOVE you !

A-M–(LOUDLY WHISPERS !!! ) What do you think you’re doing with Brent ? Don’t you understand if you leave here with him your going to be stuck with him ? What if he tries something Lucy ? Have you thought about that ?

L– I will worry about that if and when it happens.

A-M– No, no I want you to stop this RIGHT NOW !!

L– It is the only way ! He needs you to be a bargaining chip for Alan. If he thinks he can spend the rest of his life with me….we’ll survive !

A-M– Lucy, it’s too risky I don’t want you to do this.

L– I am only trying to buy time till Alan and the police get here !

A-M– Oh I HATE THIS !! Listen to what your saying !

L– I have to do this so we can get out of here ! If I say something nice to him he laps it up. If I say something mean he goes nuts. If I just could figure out why.

A-M–Wait a minute…I know….(They are holding hands through the gate ) His mother was always coming down on him. Brent tried to be good. But nothing he ever did was good enough. His mother told him he was horrible and a disgrace to the family. She abused him emotionally and physically. Cassie said that, that is why he is the way he is today.

L– I don’t feel sorry for him I hate his guts ! But this is the only way out.

A-M– I know, I know, it’s risky though….

L– We have to do it.

A-M– We can get through this…the two of us can get through this…

L– Together we can do it…..( They kiss through the gate )

It’s the next morning Brent comes in and wakes up Lucy. A-M is pretending to sleep. Brent announces this will be their departure day ! He goes to meet Alan to get the big bucks. LAM try to pick the lock but can find nothing to do it with. Lucy sees a tool box. She goes to see if there is something she can pick a lock with and finds a bomb ! She picks it up to throw it out the window. A-M tells her it may have a motion sensor in it and that moving it may set it off ! So he talks her through sitting it on the bed. The bomb will go off in 50 minutes ! Brent has a recorded message stating that if he makes it back in time he will turn it off then. Lucy starts to freak!


A-M– Lucy ! Look at me !!! Look in my eyes ! Don’t be afraid ! I need you to calm down ! Don’t look at it ! (A-M is holding her touching her through the gate ) Tell me, tell me what’s going through your head……….

L– This is all my fault…

A-M– What ? Lucy, no… no….. no….

L– I did this. I did all of this. If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be wouldn’t be shot. None of this would have happened A-M ! It is ALL MY FAULT !!

A-M– shhhh You can’t blame yourself. You didn’t get me into this.

L– I got us all into this. I was the one that went out with Brent. If only I had seen him for what he truly was.

A-M– Lucy if ANYTHING that was MY fault ! If I would have had the guts to tell you that I loved you back then. You never would have gone out with him !

L– But if I only listened to Nick and Susan ! They tried to tell me Marian was weird ! Susan told me she was evil !

A-M– Lucy…no Lucy listen to me….. stop it ! Nadine and Cutter didn’t die so you could blame yourself ! They didn’t deserve that ! We don’t deserve this ! OK ? It was not your fault…it was Brent….sweet heart, it was ALL Brent…..

L– I love you.

A-M– I love you too ! I would rather be with you right now, then be anywhere else with out you. Do you understand ?

L–I guess we’re never going to have that wedding that we promised ourselves. There was this church in the woods over looking a lake. When the sun rose the reflections against the stain glass windows. They were….. I guess….. what heaven looks like.

A-M– Is that where we were going to get married ?

L– (Both of them Laughing ) Yeah, I never told you…I wanted it to be like it was your idea !

A-M– That would be good……very good. I’m afraid we’re not going to have that church in the woods……but we can still get married…

L– We’re never getting out of here A-M…

A-M– No Lucy…right here….right now…in the sight of God…..I WILL marry you Lucy Cooper. We will be together forever and always ! Time doesn’t matter to us any more…look up there….see ? See that light coming down the stairs ?

L– Yes…

A-M– Well, I have it on very VERY good authority that it’s directly from the big man. He’s going to marry us and the Angels will be are witnesses…..I wish I had a ring for you.

L– You don’t need one… don’t need anything, flowers, decorations none of that !

A-M– Yeah your right…OK Minister the grooms ready……everythings ready.

L– And here comes the bride…

A-M–  I Alan-Michael Spaulding……. take thee Lucy Cooper to be my lawfully wedded wife… to have and to hold from this day forward, but for all time. To love, to honor, to cherish, thee Lucy…as…I…have…never known in all my life !

L– And I…. Lucy Cooper take you…. Alan-Michael Spaulding…. to be my lawfully wedded Husband….to have and to hold… from this day forth, but for all time. To love, to cherish, to honor you Alan-Michael as I have never known in all my life….

LAM– In sickness and in health. For Better…….. for worse.

L– Even in death we will never part.

A-M– Together….

LAM– For ever and ever Amen (they kiss through the gate.)

L– Even in death we won’t part.

A-M– I’ll see you in heaven…if you’re not there I know there isn’t any.

L– Alan-Michael please …….don’t let me go.

A-M– OK…I won’t I promise……come on we’ll be together…that is all that matters…I LOVE YOU…..I love you my wife..

L– I love you my husband.

A-M– Forever and ever. (They hear Brent coming up the stairs ! ) Get over there ! He sees us together that’s IT ! Don’t even LOOK at me !!!

So Brent comes in turns off the bomb. Tells Luce that he has the money from Alan and they are about ready to go. Brent agrees to let A-M stay alive so the Spauldings won’t chase them for the rest of their lives. Brent leaves the room and checks the surveillance tape he was making of them when he was gone. He goes back to LAM.

B– Did you think I wouldn’t find out ?

A-M– Brent..

B– SHUT UP !!! I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU SPAULDING !!!!! (He grabs Lucy by her hair ) You LYING LITTLE WHORE LUCY COOPER !!!! You had to do it didn’t you ? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY I’M SURPRISED !!

L– I don’t know what your talking about !

B– I’m talking about you and A-M !!

A-M– STOP ! Let her go ! Let her go !

B– I just saw that you held a wedding ceremony ! EVERY little touching moment ! Very moving ! I almost wept ! You and your soft little voice and your green little eyes ! Who would think that you were not a picture perfect virgin bride ? But your a lying cheating SLUT !!!

A-M– Leave her alone, don’t blame Lucy for it !

B–SHUT UP !!! She betrayed me. She lied to me, she told me that she wanted me and she was over you. ALL to save your neck ! Well you blew it Lucy. You couldn’t stay away from Romeo !

A-M– Stop it…….listen to me…… it wasn’t Lucy’s idea it was my idea all along !

B– LIAR !! LIAR !! and your a LIAR !! I saw and heard every word of it on video tape ! I set a trap for you and you fell right into it ! Just like your fathers did.

L– You told me you didn’t kill them ! You didn’t kill them did you ?

B– (Laughing Hysterically ! Lucy hits him and he pins her down on the bed ! )




L– I’m sorry

The police have arrived with the dads in tow. Brent hears something….

B–Either of you make a sound I’ll do you ! I swear it ! You got that ? (He goes out to see if anyone is there….Brent thinks he was just hearing things and returns ) Well it’s just us chickens. Everything is going to be all right it’s going to be fine. Brent Lawrence can do !


B– Be quiet !

L– NO ! NO I WON’T BE QUIET BRENT (Laughs ) I won’t.

B– It’s you….. you’re the one.

L– DON’T TAKE ANOTHER STEP !… DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ! IF YOU EVEN SO MUCH AS TOUCH ME….I’m going to have to punish you Brent. This time…this time it is REALLY GOING TO HURT !! YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN ! Do you hear me ? You will never hurt me, You will never lay your hands on me again ! Do you UNDERSTAND ?

A-M– I don’t think he does Lila, I think you’re going to have to teach him a lesson !

B– No Mother no !

L– I’m going to have to be the teacher as usual (Lucy turns into his Mother )

Mom– I’ve been way to patient with you Brent. What you have done is horrible. You have gone too far and you have to be punished !

B– No Mother please don’t punish me again please (Brent is laying on the floor crying )

Mom– You deserve to pay for what you’ve done.

B– But it wasn’t what you said !

Mom– It was worse ! I know what you’ve done your sister told me !

B– No Cassie wouldn’t !

Mom–Cassie is a good girl Brent, she told on you.

B– She didn’t know .

Mom — Of course she knows, everybody knows ! No matter how many times I reprimand you you never listen do you ? Why can’t you be more like your sister ? Why ?!

B– I try ! I don’t want to be bad Mom !

Mom– I don’t believe you ! All you ever do is disappoint me…time after time..I’ve had it with you Brent ! I’ve had it with you lies and your STUPID games ! Now open this door ! OPEN IT AT ONCE !

B– I had to do it Mother.

Mom– That’s nonsense..I’ll have NONE OF THAT IN MY HOUSE ! Now open the door ! I should take the strap to you ! That would make you a SORRY little boy !

B– No mother (He unlocks the door. A-M comes out and holds Brent down on the floor )

Mom- You will give me the gun Brent ! You are being punished because you are a bad bad boy ! Would you rather have the strap ?

B– You never pick on Cassie it’s not fair !

Mom– I’m being fair now ! Probably too fair ! The gun or the strap. Suddenly Brent snaps out of it and punches A-M in the gut. He screams at them for tricking him again !

Cassie’s voice comes over the megaphone telling him to give up. Brent grabs Lucy by the hair yanking her around the room. A-M tells him to stop and Brent pistol whips him ! A-M lays on the floor stunned he is only able to watch. Brent tells the police to back off or he will throw Lucy over the edge !

B– One Lucy Cooper on the rocks coming up ! See like magic they disappear ! You know, sometimes you just have to be firm and lay down the law. You know what I’m saying ?

L– What are you going to do ?

B– Guess ! 

A-M– It’s all over Brent.

B– Did I say you could talk ?

A-M– There is no way your going to get out of here alive.

B– Where is that going to leave you ?

A-M– I don’t care what you do to me just don’t hurt Lucy.

B– I am sooo SICK of your gallantry ! You know that ? It’s a good thing it is about all over ! What do you say I throw Lucy off the top of the lighthouse why you, her brother, and father watch ! Then I give Alan the same pleasure watching you fall ! What do you say to that huh ?! Come on Lucy, it’s time for the final scene ! Then one HELL of a curtain call !

(A-M crawls over gets the bomb and sets it on his lap while Brent starts to take Lucy up the steps ! )

A-M– Brent You let her go or I’ll set the bomb off and we all die ! Put the gun down Brent.

B– I’ll put it down when I’m ready !

A-M– Go a head SHOOT ! You rigged the bomb you know it will blow.

B– You’re bluffing !

A-M– Go a head try me !

B–You wouldn’t kill YOUR Lucy !

A-M– If it was a choice between your way and my way….

B–I guess I’ll just have to kill you first then !

A-M– DO IT !!! ( looking at his Luce in tears ) I love you !

L– I love you. I’m not afraid…I know we will still be together.


A-M– What’s a matter Brent ?

B– Stop it…just stop it !

L–You’re afraid your going to die alone ?

B– I’m not alone !

L– Well no one is going to be sorry you’re dead.

A-M– Yeah, gone and forgotten good riddence !

L–You hurt too many people Brent for anybody to care about you and all because you wouldn’t ask for any help !

B– What are you talking about ? What is that supposed to mean ?

L– You’ve been hurt ! You were hurt by your Mother and it’s sad and it’s terrible ! But it doesn’t mean that you have the right to hurt other people !

B– You don’t understand !

L– Yes I DO understand ! I’m telling you that you didn’t have to turn out this way ! There are other people who have gone through what you have and turned out OK ! But they work like hell at it Brent. You didn’t want any help ! You just wanted us to pay for what your Mother did !

B– Not my Mother ! You and A-M.

L– I just think you like hurting people. Which I find strange because you don’t like being hurt ! So what are you going to do ? Take all this pain and anger and destroy us all ? Well your plan isn’t going to work. You’re still going to die alone.

A-M– Brent it doesn’t have to go this way all right…come on man….we can get you some help…nobody else has to die….look, we’ll just walk away from this. You put the gun down and I’ll put this down nice and easy. Let’s be friends….put the gun down…we can see you get all the help that you need….put the gun down.

Just when it looks like they got through to Brent, STUPID CASSIE comes over the megaphone ! Brent comes unhinged and thinks it’s his mother !


B– No Mother don’t hurt me again please !

L– It’s NOT your Mother Brent.

Mom– Beg BEG ME TO STOP !!!

B– Cassie please don’t let her….

A-M– Brent your sister wants to help you…go over to the window…

Brent is crying and he is hearing everyone screaming his name !!! BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT !!! He grabs Lucy by the hair and pulls her up the steps to the top of the lighthouse. A-M begging him to stop !

B– No MOTHER NO GO AWAY !!! (The keystone cops shoot ! ) Stop shooting or she dies !!!

Cassie– Let her go Brent !

B– No you’re as bad as Mother ! Shut up !

Lucy takes the bag of Alan’s money and swings it at him ! She throws the money out into the air ! Alan-Michael has crawled to the top of the light house. He and Brent have a fight to the death ! The gun goes off the edge. Brent grabs A-M and starts banging his head on the floor of the light house ! Lucy pulls Brent off him. Brent slaps Lucy across the face and she falls hard ! A-M kicks Brent and he falls to his knees. Frank is coming up the steps of the light house. Lucy again climbs on Brent’s back trying to hold him off of A-M ! He throws Lucy off. A-M takes Brent around the throat saying “DIE YOU BASTARD ! DIE !” Brent hangs Lucy over the railing A-M pulls her back. The railing falls and Brent goes over the edge ! He hangs there while A-M holds him ! Lucy holds on to A-M !!

Lucy–Let him go A-M ! Let him GO !

B–Please, please, please, don’t let me go ! I’ll do anything ! I’ll be your best friend ! Please !

L– A-M I can’t hold you anymore. Just let him go…let him go JUST LET HIM DIE !!!!

B– Please…please don’t let me go…I’m afraid…I’m afraid !!!

Frank at LAST gets to the top of the lighthouse with Nick ! They pull Brent up. LAM hold each other lying on the floor.

A-M– Frank there is a bomb we have to get out of here. Everyone leaves, Frank saying “I’ve got Lawrence !” Frank swings him around like a doll.

Frank–GET UP !! SPREAD UMM !! ( He frisks him ) Are you scared ? You ought to be scared ! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a LONG ………LONG TIME !!! You…raped my sister. You stalked her and then you kidnapped her ! You killed my teacher. YOU KILLED MY MOTHER !! Do something ! Come on do something ! I could say that you made a break for it. You know that ? I could throw you right over the edge and no one would ever know !  Come on….

(Lucy and A-M come out of the lighthouse She falls into her daddy’s arms. Alan is a wreck !)

Alan– Lucy ! Where is A-M ?

(Nick is half carrying him, Alan is over come and grabs him ! A-M screams…)

Nick– careful Alan he’s hurt !

They sit him down by Lucy…..LAM hold each other…A-M tells them where the bomb is…..Frank comes up he reads Brent his rights. “Do you understand ?”

Marian– Yes officer Cooper I completely understand the charges. But I think you’ve made a mistake. I have done nothing wrong. I think it is that dreadful man Brent Lawrence……That’s the man you need to talk too…. They take Brent away…

Frank– You guys are going to the hospital. Both of you ! See you later.

Alan– Son, come on, you need medical attention.

A-M– I’m OK, I’m OK ( A-M’s speech is slurred from loss of blood he sounds weak )

Alan– Come on let’s go.

L– We need to go to the hospital.

Buzz– Hey, what about that brother of yours ? Something else huh ? (taking Luce in his arms ) Oh you’re safe you’re safe !

L– Yeah…we did it….

The ambulance has arrived.

A-M– Come on, I don’t need an ambulance. Come on, everyone stop worrying about me I’m fine…

Alan– Well I’ll believe that when Ed Bauer tells me. I almost lost you son. I want to make sure your OK. Come on……

Cut to Marian in her cell. She is making it tidy. Putting the towel on the sink just so. She looks at the potty. She needs to use it, but is too modest. She sits down on the bed. Hands folded, every inch the fine lady….she is….


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