Chapter Twelve: Marion Makes Her Move

*****Marian Gets Her Panties in a Bunch – Nov 95 to Feb 96*****

While LAM are blissful loving each other at their cabin hide away….. Maid Marian has been having a busy weekend as well. Frank and partner Nell have been keeping an eye on her ever since the dockside murder. They tell Detective Cutter that they think Marian is the one that killed Lucky….maybe in self defense…..because they found Auburn mist hair in his fist…..It is hair from a wig…..and…Marian wears a red auburn mist wig..the exact same shade ! She was raped before and Lucy lives close to where he was murdered… all adds up !

So Cutter keeps in eye on Marian by dating her ! He takes her to the Towers Club. They have dinner….he stops by when Marian doesn’t feel well bringing her soup. One evening he asks a few to many question and Brent knows he is about to be found out. So Marian follows Cutter out by a pay phone. When he goes into it to make a call she stabs him in the gut. As he dies he writes “M-A-R” in his own blood ! Marcus happens by and seeing the knifed Patrick, wants to go for help….Patrick begs him to take out the knife….as he removes it the Springfield PD shows up ! With Patrick’s MAR in blood they now have the #1 murder suspect ! Markus is thrown in jail.

Monday in the late afternoon LAM decide to go to work ! They are all over each other in the elevator ….. Coming out of the elevator. A-M tries to talk Luce into riding up and down in it a few more times…but they go to work….. Marian stands in Lucy’s office weeping, dressed in widow black !

Lucy– Hey Marian how are you ?

A-M– Hi Marian. (Marian is sobbing on…..)

L– Marian what is it ? What’s wrong ? ( A-M is looking at her like…..God this women….is just WHACKED 

M– I’m sorry…forgive me…I’m sorry…

LAM– What happened ?

M– It’s the worst….it’s Patrick…some horrible, horrible man killed him !

A-M– Somebody killed Cutter ? You sure ?

M– He was so nice to me…he was one of the only friends I had here.

L– Oh my gosh, this is so awful ! I’m sorry ! (Luce takes Marian in her arms…) This just can’t be true !

M– I can’t believe it either…I know he had a dangerous job being a police officer. But I never thought he would…

L– Nobody did.

A-M–He was a good guy. He used to drive me crazy sometimes but he really looked after the people he cared about.

L– He really did seem to care about you. I wish there was something we could do…

A-M– Do they know who killed him ?

M– I don’t know. The television said… umm Williams……… Marcus Williams….?

A-M– He’s a musician at the Towers.

M– Patrick and I danced to his music ? On our one and only date ! (crying)

L– Oh Marian ! This is such a shock ! I wish I could have been there when you heard the news !

M– I wished you were ! If I ever needed a friend it’s right now.

L– We should have NEVER gone away !

A-M– (upset ! ) Of COURSE we should have ! There was no way we could have known.

M– I tried to call you several times and I never got an answer. Then when the two of you didn’t show up at work today I almost lost it ! I didn’t know what to think or what to do…

L– Sure…I can imagine…

M– No, you can’t, it’s been so terrible ! Poor Patrick MURDERED !!

L– I’m sorry ! I’m sorry……. we were just up at A-M’s Uncle’s cabin in the woods.

A-M– We just got back.

M– A romantic tryst ? My goodness, how ironic to be having so much fun….when Patrick was…..oh never mind….I’m sorry….don’t worry….

L– I really am sorry….if only I would have known.

A-M– Lucy stop it ! There is no way anyone could have known.

M– He’s right. At least you’re here now….everything is going to be fine now.

So Luce and Marian head off to the Loo to freshen up. Before Lucy joins Marian A-M says. “Sweet heart…….. umm…just remember what Nick and Susan have said about Marian. She might not be the friend you think she is…..She just laid a big guilt trip on you.” Lucy enters the ladies room, they both put on makeup.

L– I feel bad about Patrick. He was a terrific guy ! He helped me out a lot.

M– The very best. He was very gallant and very brave. I felt safe with him.

L– He always tried to be gruff like he wasn’t a softy…but he really was under all that. He really cared about people. A lot like A-M. (Marian has a flash back of killing Cutter ) You know, it should be a comfort to you that he really did care about you.

M– STOP TALKING about him please…. !! Sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you….let’s talk about your weekend.

L– I’m not sure you want to hear about that right now.

M– Oh I do…any happiness you might have to send my way. Unless it is too personal..

L– No, I have shared more with you then just about anyone.

M– Sooo you’re in the mountains it’s snowing…

L– It was the most romantic, incredible time of my life. You should have seen it. There was a full moon, a sky full of stars. It was beautiful. The cabin is perfect too. It’s cozy and warm and then we built a fire……….put all the blankets and pillows in front of it and cuddled up.

M– You ummmmm cuddled ?

L– (Beaming, shyly says ) Yeah and a little bit more…too.

M– Well, you didn’t, ummm…well, I mean you and A-M have never…..

L– (Ear to EAR grin 🙂 Made love….yeah we did….we did IT…IT was unbelievable. IT was better then anything I could have possibly DREAMED !

M– ( ENRAGED !!! AND JEALOUS ! ) My GOODNESS You really did have a time didn’t you ?

L– Did I ever, mmmmmmmm it was the best night of my life !  You know he was right. It really felt like the first time for me….

M– Ohh ? What about Brent ?

L–That was a nightmare. There was nothing loving or good about it. It was simply an attack ! Thankfully A-M was able to erase that entire thing from my life.

(Marian is ENRAGED ! She starts playing with her switch blade in her pocket book Then Aunt Alex comes in. Lucy excuses herself and goes back to work.)

Alex– Marian let me compliment you on the cut of that suit it does WONDERS !! However, you do look so nice in colors. Oh before I forget….I got this marvelous new creme from Paris…you know at a certain age we all have too…don’t let me forget….I’ll give you some…. (She leaves…..)

Marian– ohhhhh !!! I should KILL THEM ALL !!! But Lucy…first.

Later, Marian stalks Luce down to the garage. She has a piece of wire clasped in her fists to choke her to death. Luce gets in her car after first dropping her keys. Marian hides behind the car. She is between the car and a post. Luce sees nothing in her rearview mirror and backs up first before pulling out of her space ! She hears Marian GROAN ! Luce gets out of her car shrieking that she has killed Marian ! Then A-M comes into the garage. He feels for a pulse….leans in close to hear if she is breathing and Marian comes too ! LAM insist Marian goes to the hospital. She protests strongly ! Stating all the reasons she doesn’t want to see a doctor including her religion !

DR Rick gives HER a looksie and she checks out just fine ! He then tells “Marian” that if she would like a doctor to talk to for a sex change he could advise someone. Brent begs him to tell no one or he could lose his job. Dr. Rick tells him his secret is safe with him. It is a Doctor patient confidentiality any way…….

Nick and Susan have been having their own romantic retreat this week. They went to a cabin as well…they went skiing…..then Susan taught Nick everything she knows about safe sex. Susan later finds her first KS. A bruise like sore that is the first indication of full blown AIDS. Nick comforts her as best he can. Susan tells him that it’s over between them now. That he should leave her now. He brings her to the mirror saying…

Nick– Come here, you see that beautiful women right there ? You can’t give up on her she’s too special. You see that guy ? He is too selfish and stubborn to let you go with out a good fight. I love you too much Susan to want to lose you for one second less that we should be together…. (She starts to cry ) Hey….hey…come on….don’t cry. I thought you said you hated crying. If you think for one second you can’t win then you have lost. You taught me that…you told me that.

Susan– You’re right I know….I can’t waste time feeling sorry for myself. I’ve got to fight for you….for me.

Nick– That’s all I can ask for.

They return to Springfield and the “fab four” go out to dinner at the country club. A-M starts talking about some fabulous ski resorts they should all go to. Then he wants to take everyone scuba diving this Spring in St. Thomas. Susan gets up from the table in tears. Lucy immediately knows what is wrong and goes to comfort her. A-M sits back down with Nick.

A-M– Oh Nick, I’m sorry man.

Nick– ( in tears ) First I thought she had fallen…..

A-M– Has she confirmed it with a doctor.

Nick– Yeah, You guys thought we were taking a few extra days to hang out at the slopes. But we were having Susan checked out…they confirmed it…she has full blown AIDS.

A-M– You OK ?

Nick– No….no I’m not…..(crying ) don’t tell Susan all right ? I’m really worried about her Alan-Michael.

A-M– Yeah…that’s understandable.

Nick– I mean, I just feel so powerless you know….I just can’t stand the thought….oh man she doesn’t deserve this !

A-M– No…..Nobody does.

Nick– I really love her Alan-Michael…..I really love her.

Meanwhile Lucy is holding a crying Susan in her arms.

L–It’s going to be all right.

S– When the doctor confirmed it I just fell apart ! You should have seen Nick. He was great, he said all the right things…he just put me back together ya know….? People that have futures they talk about Christmas and going snorkeling in the Spring holding their grandchildren !

L– But you can have that future.

S– Sometimes……every once in a while….I think …………I will NEVER be able to hold my own baby in my arms !! When I think of that it just tears me up. I am angry and frustrated and hurt !

L– It’s all right ! Let those feelings out…let them go.

S– I can let them out but I can’t let them go !

L–You’re gonna be OK…….let’s just not count the grand children right now. OK ? We are not going to worry about all these Christmases in the future…They are going to be there. All right ? We’re just going to concentrate on this Christmas. THIS one. Making this one the best one ever.

S– OK…….. Laughing….(they wipe tears and go back out with the guys. )

Later when Lucy and A-M return to the yacht Lucy sees scuba gear all over the salon.

L– Hey….this is the scuba gear huh ?

A-M– Yup……this is it.

L– WOW….very very cool….you didn’t miss a thing.

A-M– (A-M is sadly looking at everything he has bought ) No I didn’t…………… I don’t think it will wait till the spring though.

L–You know what ?…………Maybe we shouldn’t talk about these long range plans with Susan right now.

A-M– Yeah…that’s probably a good idea.

L– She just seems so upset about it and I don’t want to see her so down.

A-M–You know she’s pretty lucky to have a friend like you.

L–Well yeah, you too….

A-M–Thanks God….

L– What’s that for ?

A-M– I just promised him that I would thank him every day that you were OK.

L– Oh yeah….thank you God for that.

A-M– You are the best thing in my life. I should thank him everyday just for having you here.

L– I’ll ditto that.

A-M– (whispers ) I love you

L– I love you too (kisses)

A few nights later the fab four are planning to meet at a new Italian restaurant in town. Susan goes to Company first to make up with Lucy….they had a fight about Marian. (Susan felt she should not trust Marian. That Marian is just evil in “sensible heels” ! But Lucy refused to hear it. ) They both apologize. It is really snowing so Susan decides she will get ready there then meet them all at the restaurant later. Everyone else has left for Josh and Annie’s wedding. Marian goes to Company figuring this will be her ideal time to kill Lucy !

Marian– “Knock Knock…..better safe then sorry”……he looks at his switch blade saying….” this isn’t nearly enough knife”.

He grabs a butcher knife out of the chopping block. He heads up the stairway to Lucy’s room. He goes into Lucy’s room. The shower is running and the song “Ave Maria” comes on the radio ! You hear that gorgeous Gounod’s soprano and see the water coming out of the shower head….Brent rubs the knife up the door seductively ! He opens the door, the knife clenched tightly in his fist. He throws open the shower curtain to reveal SUSAN !!

Meanwhile Nick, A-M and Luce wait at the restaurant for Susan….

A-M– What is going on with you tonight ?

N– Nothing. 

A-M– Nothing ?

Lucy– Something is going on…you’ve been jumpy ever since we got here.

A-M– Yes….come clean cousin………yeah…………your eyes are shifting all around…you got nervous ticks forming in the corners of your mouth. What’s going on ?

N– You know, maybe I should tell you guys. So that you can get lost…

LAM– OHHHH !!!!! GET LOST ?!?!?

A-M– There IS something special going on tonight !

L– Does this have to do with Susan ?

Nick– Could be…

LAM– First word……sounds like ?!?!?

Nick– Where is Susan ? She should be here by now…

L– Hey, we’re women we have to get ready !

N– That’s right

A-M– OK the truth and the whole truth.

L– You’re going to take her someplace special aren’t you ?

A-M–Your under oath Mr. Spaulding.

L– You made her something ? You bought her something….? You wrote her a poem ? A song……?

A-M– Detailed her car ? 🙂 ( That HAD to be RICK ! Loved it 🙂

L– I know what it is !!!

N– (smiling) I think you do.

A-M– You do ? ……………….So what is it ?

L– I can’t say

A-M– We are ALL under oath here Miss Cooper.

L–No I can’t say….cause if I say it and I’m wrong…..I will be very embarrassed.

N– No……… you’re not wrong….I can see it !

A-M–Wait, wait……… What did she get here ? Why am I the only one in the dark ? WHAT’S GOING ON HERE !?!

Nick– Alan-Michael…I’m going to ask Susan to marry me.

Meanwhile Marian is FLOORED that it is SUSAN in LUCY’S SHOWER !! Brent screams “What are you doing here ?!?!? “

Susan–Marian ! What the hell are you doing ? Have you completely lost your mind ?!? (Susan Gasps as she sees the glint of the knife ! )

Marian– You messed up EVERYTHING !!!

Susan hits Marian in the face and runs for the door trying to get out. She fights to get away and almost does till Marian hits her with Lucy’s alarm clock ! So “Brent” dresses Susan thinking she is dead. He lays her in front of the gas heater in Lucy’s room and blows out the pilot. He puts Susan’s hand on the gas valve so it will look like she tried to kill herself. He runs to his car, gets in just as Nick and LAM arrive. Susan was over an hour late and they are concerned ! Lucy smells the gas and calls the fire department. Nick and A-M carry Susan out as the ambulance arrives. “Marian” Sits in her car hiding.

Brent– OHHH Marian your a mess ! You just need some time to freshen up. Lucy you set me up !! You weren’t where you were SUPPOSED to be !! This time your friend Susan paid the price ! I am SICK of this !!! How many more times ?! How many more people have to die before you get what you deserve ?!? FINALLY !!!! Poor Marian, poor Marian….! You have turned a “simple woman” seeking a little bit of justice into a serial killer. I don’t like it ! Marian doesn’t like it either. You were supposed to be in that shower not Susan ! You were supposed to die ! You YOU !!! Ohhhh well you’re going to die aren’t you ? And I’ll be home for Christmas. (turns on the radio ) Susan had AIDS. She was going to die anyway right ? They will think it was a suicide. She didn’t want to die a slow death. Marian you did that poor girl a favor ! No one will ever be the wiser.

Mother– (Low, slow, croaking, voice ) You STUPID boy….you MISERABLE excuse for a progeny….HORRID WRETCHED BOY……

Brent– (First tries to turn off the radio then sees his mother in the rear view mirror ) Mother, what are you doing here ?

M– Watching my idiot son make a fool of himself !

B– Go away !!

M– Don’t YOU raise your voice to me !

B– I’m sorry….I’m sorry Mother.

M– My son the freak ! Can’t you do ANYTHING right ?

B– It wasn’t my fault ! It was Susan…

M– Save it for the police ! They’re the ones who you’ll be talking too. No one is going to believe she committed suicide. They will know you killed her. You’re too STUPID to get away with murder !

B– I have. I have so far…

M– Don’t you talk back to me ! You’ll get CAUGHT…………you ALWAYS do !


M– I’ll bet you screwed it up. What if she’s not dead ?


M–I’ll bet she wakes up and tells them EVERYTHING….How you attacked her in the shower, how she struggled, how you knocked her unconscious. You should have killed her then and there…..But NO you were too STUPID… decided to be clever…make everyone think she committed suicide. You dressed her, left her by the gas heater….Only she didn’t die….she’s alive and well and talking………your secret is out Brent. Now everyone knows what I have known since the day you were born ! You’re a STUPID HATEFUL BOY and you can’t do ANYTHING right ! I HATE YOU BRENT. Do you hear me ? Your mother hates you. (Lucy, Susan, and Nadine’s, voice mixed in with Mom’s and said over and over ) “I hate you …… We ALL HATE YOU BRENT ! “ Even your sister Cassie hates you.

B– NOOOOOOOOO !!! They can’t I won’t let it !

LAM and SNICK make it to the hospital. Susan is in a coma. The police come and tell them it is going to be considered a suicide. Nick enraged says that it was NO way a suicide ! He knows who has done this ! It was none other then Sweet little Marian Crane ! He tells Frank ( who already suspects Marian in Lucky’s murder ) that he feels Marian was jealous of Susan’s and Lucy’s relationship. He also believes that Marian was the one that changed Lucy’s HIV test results. That Susan had figured that out and confronted Marian with it ! A-M believes that Nick is right. Of course Lucy will not even hear of such a thing ! Marian shows up to the hospital LAM tell her to leave. That her presence will just upset Nick more. Nick comes out in the hall and informs “Her” that she will NOT be getting another shot at Susan because he will not leave her side till she wakes up !!

The next day is Christmas Eve. The Spaulding employees’ party in A-Ms office. Marian wins the best dressed employee award and gets CROCKED ! She was upset because Lucy was not thrilled with the idea of going away on a retreat with her. ( The gift Marian had so carefully chosen to give her ) Marian flirts with Harry who is so SMACKED he feels Marian is just “simply BEAUTIFUL” and he can not keep his hands off her ! Marian lets out a scream and walks out of the office. Lucy giving Harry a look, goes and comforts her friend. Marian talks of driving home and Lucy seeing she is in NO condition drives her. They arrive at Marian’s…. Lucy goes into the kitchen and puts on the water for some tea. Brent then shows us that he is NOT drunk and RUNS over to lock the door ! Marian sits on the floor and tells Lucy she just wants to go to bed….but she needs help getting out of her clothes. “Won’t you help me dear ?” So Marian starts to get undressed by Lucy !  Brent starts to get turned on and Lucy stops……. There is a knock on the door ! It is A-M cape trailing behind him !!! They leave, but not before they tell Marian about the Masquerade ball on New Years. Marian shuts the door saying “A masquerade Ball ! Everyone knows how much Marian loves a great costume ! “

A-M apologizes to Lucy for interrupting them but he really felt she needed him. Lucy tells him she is glad…that things were getting weird in there ! LAM go to see Nick and Susan at the hospital. They get the news that Susan will be coming out of her coma soon ! On Christmas they are at the Bauer’s with the Cooper family. They talk about Nadine. How they hope there will be a message from her on the answering machine when they get home .

Frank–(talking to Marian) You know this is your Aunt Lucy’s last Christmas as a single woman.

A-M ( smacking Frank on the back ! ) Ohhh come on now Frank ! You’re not losing Lucy ! You’re gaining me ! ( They have the flashback of Lucy’s New Year’s resolution at the Bauer cabin . When she tells A-M that someday she will marry him 🙂

Buzz– Then there is Nadine it’s Christmas Eve….it’s 9:25 the mall is closing….She is running around the mall like a chicken with it’s feet cut off !

A-M– That’s an image….. ( Rick is LAUGHING ! )

Buzz– With it’s HEAD cut off ! She has the security guard running after her and she won’t leave ! “No I won’t leave till Frank has his slipper sox !!!”

Back to work at Spaulding Marian is hearing that Susan is doing much better from Lucy ! A-M is enjoying watching Marian SWEAT ! He is glaring at her and adding his two cents in when ever possible !

Lucy– It was TRULY a Christmas miracle !

A-M– Amazing isn’t it Marian ?

M– It is a miracle yes.

A-M– When she does come out of the coma she’ll be able to tell us what happened with the heater ……….and EXACTLY how she REALLY hit her head and was nearly KILLED.

M– I guess so yeah.

A-M– Soooo what ever suspicions there are they will most definitely be put to rest.

L– ( giving him that “SHUT UP” look !!! 🙂 Yeah that’s what were hoping for.

M– What suspicions are those ?

L– I’m sure you have heard them all Marian. Like the one that Susan was trying to kill herself.

A-M– A ……..Nick seems to think there was someone else besides Susan in Lucy’s room at the boarding house that night.

M– He does ?

A-M– Who ever that was hit Susan..

L– (Clears her throat ! )

A-M–Left her for dead and tried to make it look like a suicide !

M– That is WILD !  It’s AMAZING what the human mind can conceive !

L– Yeah, well, I just think it was pretty obvious that Susan was tired. She took a nap and the flame went out while she was asleep.

A-M– How did she bang her head ?

L– She probably was in a rush to get out because of the gas and fell and hit her head on something.

M– Makes perfect sense to me. On the other hand, Susan had plenty of reasons to be depressed.

A-M– Well, there is no point in speculating now. There is every indication she will come back to us VERY soon.

M– Thank God ! I have so much work to do if I don’t get back too it my desk will be a wash in new proposals. So if you excuse me….

A-M– Well ?

Lucy– Well ? No ! You can not convince me she had anything to do with Susan’s accident.

A-M– Did you see her face ?

Lucy– Look you can convince me she has a crush on me. I mean after the Christmas party and all…….. but that’s it.

Marian is sitting on Lucy’s desk rocking back and forth. Hearing his Mother’s voice.

Mom– They’re closing in on you Brent ! They’re going to get you Brent and it’s all your fault as usual ! You always do this. You never do anything right ! I am SICK and tired of it and so I am going to have to punish you !

At the end of the day Marian tells them both to have a good time at the costume ball. By the way….what are you going as.

L– Well this handsome one is going as Zorro !

M– A swashbuckling hero ? How appropriate !

A-M–( Looking like “HURRY up elevator” ! ) We’ll call you from the hospital and let you know how Susan is.

M– Do that and please tell Susan I’m thinking of her.

The elevator doors open LAM leave. Marian goes over to the ink blotter on Lucy’s desk, picks up her letter opener and slashes in a………. Z.

At the party Lucy suddenly accepts that it was Marian that changed her test results. A-M has plans to transfer her to another branch of Spaulding. Maybe in Europe ! LAM dance. Then at the change-partners-dance Lucy dances with a guy dressed as a white jester. He will not speak to her and Lucy tries to guess who he is. After the dance A-M says “I know who he is. Some guy that wants to pick you up ! I better keep an eye on you.”

At 11:30 Alan-Michael gets a call from Marian. She tells him he needs to speak to him right away. That she has done something terrible and must confess in full and in person. So A-M leaves the party. When he gets to Marian’s he finds “Springfield’s finest” there. He demands to know where Marian is only to be pointed in the direction of her front window. There sits a makeshift dummy with the wig form as the head. The face GROSSLY made up like something out of a Hitchcock thriller. (The white Jester was Brent. He called A-M from his cell phone from the terrace )

Meanwhile Lucy is watching the clock. It is almost midnight and A-M is not yet back ! Suddenly Zorro comes into the party…he grabs her and takes her out to the terrace. They kiss and Lucy pulls back REPULSED !

L– You’re NOT A-M !!!

She starts to scream but Brent covers her mouth and gives her a hypodermic full of SOMETHING ! Luce passes out. Zorro takes her to the lighthouse ! “The keystone cops” and A-M show up back to the party to find Lucy is not there. OMG Marian has kidnapped her !! Hearing all the commotion Dr. Rick goes out to the terrace and tells them that Marian is a man ! A-M at the end of his rope goes to Alan’s. He bangs on the door with his fists BEGGING his father to just open the door ! A-M believes the guy that was trying to change Lucy’s HIV test is who has her now. He wants Reva to draw a picture of the man. She draws it and hands it to A-M.

A-M–Oh My God !

A– It can’t be.

A-M– My father must have shown you a picture of this man.

Reva– This is from memory…Do you recognize him ?

A-M– It can’t be.

A– It’s impossible….he’s dead ! Look she drew it from memory. It has to be someone else.

A-M– NOBODY LOOKS LIKE THAT ! Marian told me she thought the person that changed Lucy’s HIV test results was probably a women who was upset with Lucy for what she had done to Brent Lawrence. Marian said she was a rape victim. She went with Lucy to her rape counseling group. All the time she was just laughing at us.

A– There has got to be another explanation for this A-M !

A-M– It ALL FITS !!! It has GOT to be him ! He is the only one obsessed enough to do something this SICK ! To pay us back, to pay Lucy back ! He is going to make us suffer ! It was all a horrible sick game ! He’s alive….Brent Lawrence is alive ……(A-M thanks Reva and turns to leave.)

A– A-M if you need anything…..

A-M– No ! Thank you for helping you’ve done enough ! You unleashed this man and now he has Lucy !

A-M heads to the police station and tells them it is Brent that has Lucy. They all think he has gone round the bend till they check Marian’s finger prints against Brent’s and see they are the same ! Then they get even WORSE news from pathology. The hair samples found on Cutter, Lucky Fauler, and Jane Doe at the docks all match Marian Cranes wig !

Cut to the lighthouse in the moonlight ……Brent carries Luce to the top of the lighthouse, He lies her down on a beautiful brass and white lacquer bed .

Brent– Ohhhhh you look like an angel. Well angel, welcome to hell. I hope your dreams are sweet. They will be the last nice ones you ever have. The sedative should wear off soon…when it does you’ll feel drowsy…dizzy…… a little disoriented. But not to worry. Sooner or later everything will come clear. Painfully clear. ( Brent now gets out his tape recorder ) If you’re listening to this, it’s already too late. I’ve made fools out of every one of you. All it took was a little persistence and patience and a lot of hard work. But it was worth it wouldn’t you say ? Of course you wouldn’t. Right now you’re all running around like headless chickens. OHH !! I would have LOVED to have seen your faces when you found Marian’s quiet twin in the window. I imagine it was something like the look on Lucy’s face……. when she realized it wasn’t A-M kissing her so passionately as the clock struck 12. That’s right A-M she kissed me like there was no tomorrow ! (laughing) Which of course there isn’t…. SHE LIKED IT ! JUST LIKE BEFORE ! This must be hard for you to listen to A-M. You were an excellent protector ! I can’t tell you the number of times you foiled me at the last moment. That makes this one slip all the sweeter. You must be out of your mind right about now. But not to worry. A mind like yours won’t be missed. It might be a comfort for you to know, Lucy lost hers right at the end. To be honest it didn’t do a thing for her. How does it feel to be the big loser A-M ? How does it feel to know I won ? (LAUGHS) Now A-M the end game begins.

It is morning and Lucy starts to wake up. She doesn’t know where she is and calls out….”hello” ? Marian is standing drinking a cup of tea by the window…

M–Hello dear, you’re still a little groggy from last night. I’m not surprised. I’ve got just the thing to perk you up a good strong cup of tea.

L– What happened….? Where am I ?

M– You like oolong don’t you ? Drink it up while it’s still hot. There is nothing worse then cold tea.

L– I want to know where we are.

M–You’re full of questions this morning aren’t you ?

L– Is there a phone around here ?

M– Cranky, Cranky, Cranky !


M– I guess somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and I thought it was such a pretty bed too ! I will tell you EVERYTHING if you just give me a chance. We are in an abandoned light house. Eighty feet in the air over looking all of Springfield.

L– WHY ?

M–Panoramic views of the city. A lovely spot, if it wasn’t for the fire we had here a few years back.

L– How did we get here ? Did you bring us here ?

M– Remember the retreat I invited you on….? I was so disappointed when you turned me down. But this will have to suffice.

L– Alan-Michael doesn’t know I’m here does he ? I WANT TO GO HOME !

M– Oh dear, I am afraid that’s not possible…..NO that’s not possible at all.

L– It’s a little early for April fool’s don’t you think ? Besides, I don’t have a very good sense of humor in the morning.

M– You’re not alone.

L– What’s up ? Come on, we’re friends aren’t we ? If this is some kind of game we’re playing…

M– Oh NO…it’s no game….it’s no joke as a matter a fact, the little game we have been playing is over.

L– I didn’t realize we were playing a game.

M– You can walk now ! Where are you going ?

L- ( As Luce inches her way to the door ) I’ve never seen this place from the inside just the outside.

M–That won’t do any good dear, it’s locked.

L– There must be some way out…

M– No I locked it. I have the key.

L– Well you could give me the key and then I could go check it out.

M– But I thought this would be the perfect place for our retreat. Don’t you agree ? It’s very spiritual……

L–I don’t know what is going on here Marian. But this is not a good time for me to be away from the office. I really need to get out of here. Just give me the key…

M– A lighthouse was once a beacon that guided ships and the great men that sailed them safely into the harbors. That’s why I thought it was so fitting. It will guide me through to the end too. After a long voyage on very dangerous uncharted waters.

Lucy starts up the steps to the top of the lighthouse. She goes out the top. There is a cold mist from the water below. The floor is ice and snow. She looks how far up she is…. Brent comes up behind her.

M– Much to high to jump ! ( Lucy is HORRIFIED at Marian’s face ! Her makeup is clown like, making her look like a horrific clown or doll….. ) Didn’t I do a good job with my makeup this morning ? So difficult you know with out a proper mirror. ( Lucy slips on the ice Marian’s catches her ! ) LUCY be careful ! We wouldn’t want you falling all the way to those rocks below now would we. They would rip you to pieces. You would end up looking like a rag doll down there all twisted and broken. No, we don’t want that, go inside dear please. Careful on the steps now ! There we are safe and sound.

L– Marian you can’t do this to me.

M– Do what ? You sound afraid of me……….do you think I would hurt you ?

L– No ….no I believe that you really care about me.

M– I think about you all the time.

L–Yeah…and I’ve………… been a very good friend to you.

M– Oh more then that Lucy ! Ever so much more.

L– Marian I care about you too, I really do. I just think that maybe you need a little bit of help and if we leave here we can find some. Maybe we could find a doctor that you really like you know…..

M– Now what makes you think I would need help ? Goodness you make this all sound so serious. ( Marian starts to make the bed and tidy up )

L– That’s because I do think this is serious. I think that maybe you have done some terrible things….

M– Like what ?

L– Like ummm …….Like……… I think you changed my HIV test from negative to positive. I think that maybe you were the one that nearly killed Susan.

M– Are you finished ?

L– Am I right ? 

M– One of the things that attracted me to you from the beginning Lucy. You’re very bright. I don’t think everyone gives you enough credit for that. As a matter a fact I have done all those things you said. On both accounts. But I’ve done more…. much….. much more. You only scratched the surface Lucy….

L– Who are you ? WHAT are you ?

M– I am your friend Marian dear. Don’t you remember the great talks we used to have just the two of us ?

L– How could you do something like this to me ? Putting A-M and I through all that pain and fear !

M– It meant so much to me. Your patient ID number was 11937. I would have flipped your third test results too…… but some blond in a pilgrim outfit walked in on me just as I was about to make sure you thought you were done for.

L– But Marian, I helped you didn’t I ? I understood you, didn’t I ? You told me that you were raped !

M– And you told me all about your experience with Brent Lawrence. You gave me all most a blow by blow description. But the more I thought about your story the more I concluded that you weren’t really raped after all. That you really wanted Brent Lawrence. That you asked for it….begged for it in fact !

L–That is NOT TRUE !! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT ?!?!? ( She goes for Marian’s throat ! ) I was raped I WAS RAPED !!

M– Now that is a definite No no…( He holds Lucy’s arms down. ) We mustn’t have that…(Lucy continues to flail )

L– NOBODY is going to tell me I wasn’t attacked because I WAS !! It was the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life !

M–Ohhhh I wouldn’t be to sure of that. (Lucy stops and listens ) that’s better…now if you behave yourself I’ll let you go. I’ll even forgive you for your little out burst…

L– (out of breath ) You’ll forgive me ?

M– You’re not scared of me are you Lucy ?

L–…………. I’m not going to let you scare me !

M– Very admirable !

L– I …..I……. think I…….. might even understand why you might be doing this.

M– Do you ?

L– Yeah…and I think that…. the reason that you changed my test results and that you did all that stuff to Susan was……. was the same reason.

M– Which was ? Go on……… I’m fascinated.

L–I think that maybe you have a crush on me or something and you wanted me all to yourself.

M– How could you possibly think that ?

L– I don’t know ( Marian is still holding her tightly ! Most of her fake nails have fallen off revealing Brent’s hands ! ) I don’t think you meant it to happen. That guy that raped you disillusioned you with men and you thought it would be safer to love a women. But Marian kidnapping me like this is just….

M– ( Turns Lucy and looks at her ! ) Hold the phone here ! You think I’m some sort of crazed lesbian who can’t get a date ? Boy are you wrong ! (laughing ! ) Do you think this is about being in love with you ? I don’t THINK SO !!!

L– Then what is it ? Why are you this way ?

M– Because of YOU ! You brought this all on yourself !

L– Why ? How ? Was everything you told me a lie ?

M–No not everything I was RAPED ! I was RAPED by YOU ! My life was RUINED by YOU !

L– This isn’t making any sense !

M– Remember when you tried to find out out if there was some EX Spaulding employee that was causing your nightmare ?

L– YES, I remember, but we couldn’t find anybody…

M–I was right in front of you ! Right under your nose !

L– You’re not an Ex employee ! Besides…what did I EVER do to you ?

M–Quite a lot actually and now your going to pay for it the same way the others did ! The rapist on the docks, Patrick Cutter, Susan, your stepmother Nadine !

L– Wh…..What…are you saying….

M– ( Full of Amusement ! ) Ohhhh that’s right ! You don’t know…… Nadine’s dead !

L– No…Na…… Nadine’s NOT dead…she left on a trip…

M–No she was going to leave on a trip. She never got to her plane. All of you in that smug little diner family of yours thought Deenie was off seeking a new life. Well it’s more of an after life….

L– No no…it’s not TRUE ! I don’t want to hear it ! ( Luce covers her ears ) I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING YOU’RE SAYING IT’S ALL A LIE !!!

M– She’s not coming back Lucy ! You may not want to hear it, but it is not lies ! I KILLED the man on the docks ! I KILLED Patrick Cutter. I tried to KILL Susan and FAILED. But I MOST CERTAINLY SUCCEEDED WITH NADINE !!


M–She’s probably fish food by now………. ( Laughing )

We have a flash of Alan-Michael sitting at the police station with tears in his eyes. He drops his cup of coffee and it runs all over the floor as he imagines the hell his Luce must be going through now ! Frank brings in Brent’s sister for questioning. She covers for Brent till Frank brings her down to the morgue ! He unzips the body bag showing her the badly decomposed “Jane Doe.” Frank makes her look… pointing out her crushed skull telling her the man that did this has MY sister ! So Cassie admits she helped Brent stage his death. She tells them of the abuse Brent suffered as a child….how he killed her kitty when he was a child by snapping it’s neck…..

Meanwhile back at the Lighthouse……..

L– Not Nadine ! Why….why Nadine ?

M– She was too much of a snoop.

L– And Patrick…why Patrick ?

M– He got a little to close….

L– WHY DID YOU DO THIS ?!? What did anybody ever do to you ??!

M– It’s TIME……It’s time for you to know everything that you did and why you need to be punished ! (He takes off the wig…….peals off the mask..)

L– (Whispers) Oh My GOD….

Brent– Now do you understand Lucy ?

L– (Crying ) Oh God……………….. YOU’RE BRENT !


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