Chapter Eleven: Alan-Michael and Lucy Hit the Sheets

*****LAM Sex – September to November 1995*****

Hey, it took three years, fifteen days and four hours to get to this point in their relationship.

A-M is simply beaming at work ! He has been around Luce all day bumping into her in the file room…standing by her desk grinning….He asks her to come to the country club that evening for dinner. He has something special planned. When they arrive on the terrace at the Country Club. They are met by Nick and Susan.

Nick– Lucy, A-M what a surprise !

Lucy– Well he is full of surprises today.

A-M– You haven’t seen anything yet ! Hi Susan you look nice.

Susan –Thanks so do you guys.

L- Why don’t you come join us for dinner ?

A-M and Nick both give each other a look. They both CLEARLY wanted to be alone with their ladies. They try to stop them saying…….”maybe they would like to be alone”……The women sit down and get comfortable talking and not noticing the guys floundering around behind them. …….A-M lets out a whistle……He and Nick sit down…..

Nick– Why don’t we hit the dance floor and let these two be alone a little bit OK ?

A-M– Yeah go ahead.

L– You upset ?

A-M– What makes you think that ?

L– I don’t know……….. your a……….. brooding seems like something is kicking you in the brain and you can’t quite get it out.

A-M– Oh no………. no well I mean………. you would be brooding too if your entire future was hanging on the balance of a single word.

L– What word ?


L– Yeah right…nobody ever says no to you though. I mean I wouldn’t say no to you. I mean how could I ? I love you.

A-M– No matter what I…a would ask you…… no matter what question ?

L– Go ahead ask.

A-M– Will you marry me ?

Nick and Susan right on cue return to the table. LAM head to the little gazebo….where they had their first dance…..It is NOW in perfect ear shot of Marian though ! A-M opens a little gray ring box. In it is a gorgeous diamond ring.

L– WOW !

A-M– It belonged to my Great Grandmother Bert.

L– That is sooo beautiful !

A-M– Only as beautiful as the “Women” it was meant for.

L– You want me to have that ?

A-M– Yup….only you….say you will marry me Lucy…….Say you will marry me and make me the happiest man alive.

L– You REALLY want to marry me ?

A-M– More than you know….just name the time and the place and I’ll be there.

L– (laughing ) I don’t believe this ! You planned this whole thing didn’t you ?

A-M– Well yeah… know I stood in front of the mirror for a few hours last night….figured I would elope with myself or it’s going to be you….But the clincher was getting my grandmother’s ring. ( A scene that would have been fabulous that McT could not be bothered to write ! Look for it in Fan ficts on THIS very site one day : ) Come on…it’s do or die time what do you say ?

L– I ummm I am blown away ! I don’t believe this…. this is a dream come true….you have no idea how many times I imagined hearing those words.

A-M- ( beaming ) Sooo that means you will marry me right ?

L– ( sadly ) I………I want to…..I want to marry you more then anybody in the entire world…..

A-M– BUT ?

L– But I haven’t taken that HIV test yet…

A-M– No test is going to change the way I feel about you…..Do you really think it could make a difference ?

L– It’s GOT too !

A-M– Whatever it is we will face it together. Today, tomorrow, forever…..

L– Right………… till death do us part.

A-M– Come on, the ring is in your court…

L– I don’t know what to say….

A-M–That’s easy (A-M opens the ring box like a puppet ) SAY YEEESSSSS….

L– I can’t …

A-M– Lucy Lucy……don’t let your head screw this up…go with your heart !

L–It’s not that easy and you know it !………….Just give me a little time…(Tries to give him back the ring )

A-M– NOPE ! I’m not giving up until you say yes…..

L– Give me a little time to think about it !


L–Don’t make this harder then it all ready is !

A-M–(Crushed) Well I can’t…sorry ! Cause I WANT you. Nothing and NOBODY is going to change that.

Lucy hands him the ring and heads to the bathroom !

Luce gets a pep talk from Susan in the Loo….. she turns A-M down anyway……. Then she tells all to Marian who reassures her she did the BEST thing for A-M. That his seeing her die a miserable death would be far more painful then a turned down marriage proposal. A-M leaves the Country Club in a huff. The only good thing about the whole night was A-M went to see Buzz ……

A-M–Damn it !! She is making me nuts !!!

B– Been there ! OK what did you do to my daughter ?

A-M– Something pretty horrible I guess ! I asked her to marry me…..

Buzz hands the “poor broken hearted sweetie” a glass of milk…A-M tells Buzz everything.

A-M–So anyway that’s pretty much it. She said I said……I got louder she got more upset…I got angrier !

B– Did she say why ?

A-M– Yeah…she said she couldn’t help it ! I told her it wasn’t fair of her to decide this for both of us.

B– Right on. What did she say to that ?

A-M–She said she CAN’T HELP IT ! I know she loves me just as much as I love her !

B– ohhhhhh….maybe more.

A-M– So how the HELL do I convince her that I will stand by her no matter what the result of the stupid tests are ?!

B–Basically there are two things you can not do with my daughter. Tell her what to do . Or what to feel. She is independent.

A-M– I wonder where she gets THAT from !

B– You want my advice here it is….Let it be.

A-M– For how long ?

B–Awhile….you know I don’t think I’ve won ONE straight up argument with that girl. As long as she’s been alive…but she has the darndest way if you just leave her alone to your way of thinking….providing you are right and you are RIGHT. So give her a couple days and maybe she will agree…

A-M– Thanks wise one……

B– Your welcome Grasshopper 🙂

So LAM continue to fight at work…the next day is Matt and Vanessa’s wedding. A-M Frank and Buzz get the green house at the Spaulding Estates all ready for their wedding. They build a little altar and help arrange chairs in Aunt Alex’s green house. Lucy shows up with some silver candle sticks ( the same kind Nadine had been seeing flashes of in her premonitions ! ) and A-M takes them from her cooly saying…… he better get back to work.

Later on Lucy is one of the first to arrive. She has on a GORGEOUS jade satin tank dress. Hair done up. With a black scarf around her neck that hangs down her back…… and stands of silver and crystal beds. Buzz and Frank both tell her how GORGEOUS she looks and A-M stands there speechless and near tears !

A-M walks up to her hands in his pockets. He has tears in his eyes and he is swallowing them back.

A-M– Look, I’m sorry about before….I was a jerk you know…..

L– No…no you had every right to be mad…..

A-M– I wasn’t mad…

L– Well then you SHOULD have been….cause I’ve really been a jerk…and you’ve been wonderful…and I’m just sorry cause I haven’t been…..

A-M– Shhhhh come here… (he takes her hand pulling her to the altar ) This turned out great huh…beautiful really…built in flowers and everything….SIGH This is where Matt and Vanessa are going to say their vows….and it could be us…I mean…you would make the most beautiful bride ever…you know….you would probably be so radiant you’d out shine the sun….Our families would be here. But we wouldn’t see anything but each other…the only sounds we would hear is the music in our hearts…..The only words, what we say to one another. I would thank God…….fo….. for ……LETTING you into my life. I would say that my life was nothing with out you……… that…that I would walk through fire for you……and I would never……..I’d never ever leave you……..then you could say what was in your heart……that could be us Lucy….it could happen…

 Lucy is speechless……Josh comes in and starts to usher people to their seats…..A-M turns and leaves hurt. During the wedding A-M sits with Nick and Susan. Lucy sits with her family…they steal glimpses at each other….A-M encourages baby Peter to come down the aisle too…. After the wedding A-M tells Nick and Susan he is leaving he can’t take it any more……He sadly leaves. Buzz lectures Lucy telling her “A-M thinks you have fallen out of Love with him !” She goes to the yacht and it is classic LAM ! They argue both of them talking at the same time…

A-M sits sadly sipping his brandy in the salon of his yacht. He has changed back into his dockers and looking like he hasn’t got a friend on the planet ! There is a knock on the door ! He opens the door to see Lucy standing there and leans his head on his hand on the door.

A-M– If you come by to explain yet again……why you don’t want to marry me please don’t.

L– No I have something else to say…….I hope you will give me a chance. It was a beautiful wedding wasn’t it ?

A-M– Lucy…………………I’ve had about all the small talk I can take for one day.

L– OK, we have to talk because I have something important to say.

A-M– (very hurt ) No not tonight OK ? You shouldn’t have come. ( He starts to shut the door Luce pushes her way past him ! )

L–Please Alan-Michael ……………PLEASE ! Don’t shut me out…..

A-M– LUCY I DON’T want to hurt you…………but I think it’s all been said !

L– No it hasn’t not this ! I’ve got some……..I’m sorry……When you talked about Matt’s wedding ( A-M turns away from her and the door ticked to tears ! He does NOT want to hear this CRAP any more tonight ! Would this girl just leave him in PEACE PLEASE!? ) and you were describing it and were saying how it would be just like ours it was beautiful !

A-M– (almost crying ) Please, Lucy don’t……OK ?

L– No listen a minute….please ? That is exactly how I always dreamed it to be. Every single word you said ! It just……………….touched my heart….


L– There isn’t any…

A-M– LISTEN LUCY I don’t want to go through this all over again !!

L– Listen to me ! I’m NOT finished! Just LISTEN to me !




L– YES !!!! (No and yes were said at the same time ! Lucy beaming and A-M speechless, dazed and confused !!! )

A-M– What did you just say ?

L– YES ! That is what I came here to say………YES I WANT to marry you !

A-M stands silent…….

A-M– Did you just say yes ?

L– YES ( Luce takes the confused A-M by the arm and leads him to the couch 🙂 I know….listen…I know that your confused…and I don’t blame you….because I confuse myself sometimes…. ( A-M is stuttering……um a a a a :)…but listen…(she sits on the coffee table in front of him) It all comes down to….. I was scared, all right ? I was scared and I let the fear come between the two of us. I let it stop me from doing the ONE thing I always wanted to do which was to MARRY YOU ! Alan-Michael I WANT to spend the REST of my life with you ! I DO……You have showed me everything ! How I could still be happy, how that there is still some good out there in the world. Probably most of all…you showed me I could be the WOMAN that you think I am…..

A-M– (tears in those eyes reaches up and frames her face in his hands….whispers) You are the most incredible woman that I know….

L– No….I’m not..not…yet…..But I WILL be….I promise I will be and I promise I will love you the way you deserve to be loved and I’m going to…. ( A-M can hear no more ! He grabs her and kisses her ! ) (Laughing)……. love you for the rest of my life ! (KISSES)

A-M– I LOVE YOU ! (Laughing) I love you Lucy Cooper ! (kisses) I love you 🙂

BRENT at Marian’s turns on his bugging device ! Yes he has BUGGED the yacht ! He listens to each new joyous thing they say…We are robbed of seeing it…their engagement must be shared with BRENT !……..ARRRGG !!

L– Forgive me ?

A-M– Shut up and kiss me ! mmmmmmm I CAN’T BELIEVE IT !

L– (laughing ) Put me down !

A-M–No no no Lucy you’re never going to touch the ground again !

L– I’m getting dizzy !

A-M– No, I am crazy and madly in LOVE with the woman who is going to be my wife ! You’re going to be Mrs. Alan-Michael Spaulding !!!

B– OH NO NO NO NO !!!! (Brent is ranting around his apartment ! During the rest of LAMs sweet scenes….He is transforming back into Marian !)

A-M– ( Lam are lying in each others arms on the couch ) Tell me again…tell me AGAIN EVERY single word you said tonight !

L– I said yes…

A-M– Before that…I want to make sure I’m not dreaming it…

L– I can’t remember it all….

A-M– Well just the important parts OK ? I’ll settle for that… said something about wanting…to spend the rest of your life with me……

L– Did I ?

A-M– You said….that you will always love me ?

L– I’m glad you remember that….(laughing)

A-M– and I’ll always love you too.

L– Deal 🙂


L– You’re forgetting the most important part !

A-M– No I’m not, I just want to hear you say it.

L– I said I want to marry you….


L– Again ? I want to marry you… I want to hold you in my arms forever and ever. I want to stand up on an alter like Matt and Vanessa and tell the world how much I love you. You know what this means don’t you ?

A-M– hmmmm ?

L– We’re engaged……………. ENGAGED !! Hey I got to tell somebody…I got to call somebody.. ! ( She runs towards the phone )

A-M– No…no…come back here…everyone is at Matt and Vanessa reception still. We will tell them later…. oh WHOA what was I thinking ? We can’t be engaged…you don’t have your ring yet….( He pulls it out of his pocket takes it out of the box….

L– Wow look at it ! It really sparkles.. (A-M puts it on her finger)

A-M– (Whispers) Just like you……Now we are engaged !….Lucy….I want to ask you again…..Will you be my wife ?

L– Yes I will.

A-M– Lucy….I’ve made mistakes in my life….and I’ve done things that I am not proud of…..but all that changed the day you came into my life….I………. I want to deserve your love….I want to be all that I can be for you…..I won’t fail you Lucy…

L– I won’t fail you either. (She takes him in her arms they kiss )

They continue kissing and whispering sweet nothings on the couch while Brent sits at the docks playing with a switch blade. Lucy and A-M start to talk about wedding plans…A-M wants this to be the GRANDEST wedding ever thrown in Springfield !  Lucy confesses that as a child she REALLY loved Princess Diana’s wedding……….that she watched all of it on TV….”But maybe a small wedding would be best”…….suddenly she starts to get uncomfortable….

A-M– What….something is bugging you….

L– No it’s nothing really…..

A-M– Tell me..

L– It’s silly……I just feel funny……standing in front of a lot of people and wearing white….

A-M– Now this is coming from somewhere….I want you to tell me from where…

L– It really is no big deal……..It’s not that I don’t want a big fantasy wedding with a white dress and a long train….I just feel funny….

A-M– What ? Like you don’t deserve it ?……. Because of Br…..?

L– Please don’t say his name I am trying to pretend that he is not here he’s gone.

A-M– Lucy he is….absolutely he is gone. And YOU….you are the most beautiful the most exquisite and fantastic woman that God ever created. NOTHING that has happened is going to change that…nothing can take that away….You’re perfect, you’re going to have to face that. That kind of perfection deserves the perfect wedding……(whispering and so DAMN sweet ! ) Let me give that to you……… please….

Meanwhile Brent is GRABBED on the docks by “Lucky Fauler” a neighborhood rapist. He throws Marian down on the docks pins her down saying “Just lay back and enjoy it !” He rips open “MARIAN’S” dress and sees a mans chest !!! Brent stabs him in the gut saying DIE DIE DIE !!! A-M and Luce hear the groan of “Unlucky” dying…..Brent throws his body in the lake and runs for home. Luce and A-M call the police the dock side rapist is dead ! Brent goes home and COMPLETELY comes un-spooled !! He hears all the voices of the women at the rape therapy session saying how….”Men that rape are cowards. You can’t let your guard down for one minute ! What kind of a man would do that to a women ? It takes a coward ! It takes an ANIMAL ! Depraved a total loser…..!” He sees Lucy screaming at him to stop NOOOO!!!!!!!! He takes out his switch blade and stabs the dress form…over and over !

Brent– You’re all liars !! Damn you Lucy ! You made me kill a man ! But he wasn’t supposed to die you were ! It should have been your last breath gasping !! Should have been your blood on my hands… time….NEXT time Lucy.

He pins Lucy’s picture on the dress form.

The next evening Lucy is getting nervous about going to the hospital for her HIV test. It is taking place tomorrow at noon….. A-M trying to take her mind off takes her to the Towers with Nick and Susan. Only Nick Susan and her sweet friend Marian know she is having the test tomorrow…she thought it best if she told her family after…Marian, knowing A-M will be trying to give Lucy a good time this evening just happens to “SLIP” the news to Buzz about the test. Buzz shows up to the towers and catches Lucy coming out of the bathroom… He encourages LAM to come to the diner…..The Cooper family sit playing poker and pigging out….the show ends with LAM looking at the lighthouse from the dock…..

L– Kind of neat how the light cuts through the fog huh ?

A-M–Yeah, there is just something about it…the way it sails the ships through the rocks safely…..guiding them…..getting them safely home.

The light beam shines on them having a tight hug…..

The next morning at work A-M stands at the window trying to stay focused on his work. Lucy comes into his office finding him near tears…

L–Allied wants to see the financial report to 1998.

A-M– Yeah…if we don’t get the figures on this….soon this project is just going to have to wait…there is nothing we can do with it….nothing.

L– ( she walks up behind him and hugs him ) A-M we are going to get the test results back this afternoon and then all of this is going to be over ALL of it !

A-M– It’s going to be negative Lucy…..

That afternoon Nadine and Buzz stop by. Nadine gives Lucy a locket for luck telling her it belonged to her Grandmother, Buzz’s Mother…..LAM then go to the hospital they wait forever for Wyatt to get the test results. A-M tries to help Lucy relax. Telling her that after they could have a nice quite dinner on the yacht. Then we can watch the sunset. Sun sets are really nice this time of year. They decide to go to Wyatt’s office. They watch her test results being posted.

Lucy Cooper patient #11937…..P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E

Lucy stares at the computer screen in shock sitting down….A-M refuses to believe it at all……. saying it is wrong and Wyatt tell her it is a mistake ! Wyatt and Lillian offer her some encouraging advice. She asks them to please let her have some time with A-M. A-M crouches by her sitting in the chair.

L– Why are you looking at me like that ? I’m going to be fine………..I will be.

A-M– I ………….I know you will.

L– I don’t even really know why all this is such a shock to me….

A-M– Lucy just think about what Wyatt said……you know……… we can fight this.

L– Everything has changed…

A-M– No we’re going to get through it together…..

L–But it’s real Alan-Michael….it’s real.

A-M–(whispers) Lucy I love you.

L– I really didn’t think this was going to happen…I hoped…God I prayed… dumb was that ?

A-M– (searches for something to say ) It’s not dumb you know….your going to be OK.

L– No….no……right now I don’t see anything…….. it’s pain and it’s dark and it’s nothing…(crying she has turned away from A-M she will not go to him……)

A-M– I’m here Lucy I’m here……………….I’m right here…..

L– Alan-Michael you can’t be here…..

A-M– Lucy please….. Lucy don’t….. don’t…..please don’t throw me away….OK ? I understand that you don’t want me to be near you and you don’t want me to be with you…………..because now we know……………but I’m going to be with you every step of the way. Your going to try to throw me away but your not going to be able to. I said it before the test results and I still mean it….. I love you…I love you…I want to share my life with you….I want to share our lives together……and we will……….. where ever it takes us…….

He takes her in his arms and hold’s her. He whispers just for Lucy to hear….”It’s going to be all right Luce.” A single tear rolls down her cheek.

Cut to the Wheels and Meals Diner. The GL theme song is playing…piano in a sad slow theme. The Coopers are waiting for the news….Buzz is wiping off the bar…….Eleni is filling napkin holders…Nadine is sweeping the floor….. all three of them are silent and afraid…..They hear a car pull up Buzz walks over to the door. You see LAM slowly walking towards the door. The open close sign hiding our view of their faces for a moment. Then we see the Coopers react to LAMs grief stricken faces. All three of them frozen in disbelief…..A-M puts his hand on Lucy’s back to give her strength….The door opens Buzz’s eyes are full of tears……………. he takes Lucy in his arms and she breaks down and cries in them…..A-M still in shock walks to the Bar. He is trying so hard to be strong….He MUST be strong for Lucy . Eleni is horrified at his pain and reaches out to him her mouth open in shock……..she squeezes his arm touches his shoulder……They all watch as Buzz half carries Lucy to the booth. Buzz looks at her again not believing…then excepting and holding her tight….A-M pushes Eleni towards the table. He sits down opposite Lucy and her dad in the booth. Eleni goes in the booth behind Lucy and hugs her….Nadine stands by Buzz her arm on his shoulder.

Frank is back at the diner now. They talk Lucy into going up to the apartment up stairs.

A-M– Come on, I’ll take you.

L– I promised Susan I would call her.

A-M– Don’t worry I’ll take care of it.

Eleni– Call her A-M.

Alan-Michael goes to the pay phone and makes the call.

Susan– Hello

A-M– It’s me.

Susan–Did she get her results ?

A-M– Yup

S– Oh no…

A-M– Listen…… I think it’s a good idea that you a …..come down here to the diner she…she really needs you…OK ?

S– Yeah…we’ll be right there…

A-M starts to hang up the phone….then suddenly LOSES IT ! He takes the receiver and beats the phone with it five times as hard as he can ! Shattered plastic going all over the diner…….. He hangs on to the phone sobbing….Buzz goes to him and scoops him into his arms holding him tightly as A-M cries….Frank comes from behind the bar and wraps them both in a hug….Buzz has tears rolling down his cheeks too.

An amazing scene considering their histories, I just had to include it for everyone to see: Guiding Light: October 1995 Part 51

Buzz– Are you OK ?

A-M– Yeah…I ……….I’m fine…how bout you ?

Buzz– I ……….I’m…I’m glad she’s got you !

A-M– (Smiling ) Yeah well……….. you’re gonna have a tough time getting rid of me now.

Buzz– Not me. You’ve proven yourself baby.

A-M– Ohhhh I’m in for life Buzz. I love her.

Buzz–I know that.

A-M– But she’s going to need both of us right now.

The diner door opens…. Nick and Susan arrive…A-M let’s out a sigh and looks away fighting the tears…..

Susan– It’s true…..? (A-M stands) She’s positive….?

A-M (You can hear the tears in his voice) Yeah….I was there when they got the test results. (Susan is holding him so tightly in her arms)

Susan–Ohhhhhhh I was so sure she would be all right…

Nick– (pats his back and then hugs him) How are you holding up….

They go up stairs to be with Lucy.

Marian stops by to gloat she is carrying a dozen white roses. She wants to see first hand the pain she has caused. Nadine is terrified of those roses ! She tells her Lucy is allergic to them. She must leave and take the roses with her ! Nadine has been having premonitions for months…..Bloody white roses, an earring, a silver blood dripping candle stick. She has pieced together that an innocent women is going to die ! After Marian leaves she has another premonition. She sees the roses, earring, silver blood dripping candle stick and Marain’s face !

Nadine goes to Marian’s apartment to warn her that she is in danger. She finds the door open so goes in…while looking for something to write a note on she spills some water on the floor…she grabs some papers off the end table to sop the water up…sees that they are print outs for Lucy’s HIV results ! She puts them in her purse and heads for the door ….opening the door she GASPS…………. Marian is standing there !

B– What are you doing in my apartment ?

N–Marian, I thought I just missed you…I was just on my way I was leaving…

B–Why are you here ?

N– I was looking for you…I did knock but I didn’t get any answer…I opened the door it was unlocked so I was waiting for you…actually I was bringing you a message from Lucy…

B– A message ? Did you write me a note ?

N–I wanted to write you a note I couldn’t find anything to write on.

B–What was the message ?

N– Well…a….Lucy wanted me to say thank you for the flowers…..she was very touched.

B–How thoughtful….

N– She also said that a ….she felt very lucky to have you as friend that would come by and check on her.

B– It was a shame she did not get to see the flowers herself.

N– Yeah…umm…I am sorry that I came in and startled you…but I have to be going. Remember when I told you I was leaving town ? Well it’s going to be tonight.

B– Don’t leave yet…..

N– Marian I would LOVE to stay and talk with you…..but I really do have a plane to catch.

B– I’ll let you go if you tell me why you’re lying.

N– Marian why would I lie to you ?

B– Lie upon lie……fascinating….

N– Look, I am very sorry that I was in your apartment when you were not here. But I really didn’t mean any harm.

B– Then why won’t you tell me the truth dear ?

N– Well I am telling you the truth….now look if you just move out of the way…..

B– There was a glass of water on my table…it was full…now it’s empty…judging from the stain on my rug I would say you knocked it over….

N– Well yes I did…I am sorry…I was looking for a pencil to write you a note and I had an accident….I thought I cleaned it up…..So what is the big deal ?

B– The big deal is…despite my urging you to tell me the truth you continue to lie to me (He turns and locks the door ! ) I would like to know why…

N– (laughing) Now what are you going to do swallow the key ? All right, You want to play the third degree game ? Is that it ? All right, two can play that game…..In fact I have a couple of questions I would like to ask YOU ! Starting with this Marian ! (She heads to her closet and opens the door !)

B– You searched my entire apartment didn’t you ?

N–Listen…Lucy thinks that you are her friend….what kind of a friend are you ?

B– I am a very good friend…

N– I have a lot of good friends but I don’t pin their pictures up to dress forms in my closet. Lucy’s earring ?

B– You went through my personal possessions ?

N–Maybe it’s a good idea that I did….I think you have some problems that need some help. Have you ever considered therapy ?

B– Right now my only problem is you Nadine !

N– No…I think that you are too involved with Lucy .

B– That’s ridiculous !

N–It’s not healthy Marian….and there is something else that maybe you should explain. What are you doing with     these ? How did you get these ?

( Nadine pulls out the HIV print outs)

B–Well I can’t really explain all those things of Lucy’s……maybe your right…maybe I am obsessed with Lucy Cooper…..what am I going to do ?

N– I think you need a little bit of couch time with a psychiatrist !

B– You really think so Deenie ?

N– Yes I really do..

B– Well maybe it could help…maybe I’m not too far gone ?

N– RIGHT ! You know what they say…it’s never to late. I’ll tell you what will do. Why don’t we go over now to the diner and we’ll make a few calls and we’ll get you some help.

B–Oh no you don’t. What kind of a jerk do you think I am ? I know what your going to do. Your going to drop me off in some rubber room….race off to Lucy and tell her she’s not really HIV positive.

N– WHAT ? What did you say ? She’s not positive ?

B– Oh you really are dense aren’t you ? What do you think these were huh ? (Waving the test results in her face ! ) I changed her test results…she’s not sick at all !


B– Ohhhh …………sticks and stones ! I changed her tests from negative to positive !

N– Of all of the vicious, cruel, horrible things you could do to a person ! Why ? What did Lucy EVER do to you to deserve this ?

B–You really want me to tell you ? Better yet, I’ll show you Deenie my dear ! (He removes the wig and Nadine      Gasps ! )

N– It can’t be !

B– It is…Brent Lawrence up close and personal !!

N– Your supposed to be dead !

B– Don’t you wish…My sister found a Doctor who would lie for a price. So we faked my death and here I am ! You know Lucy almost looked in to my coffin at the funeral home. Could you imagine her shock ? (Laughing ) Almost as shocked as you are now Nadine. (He grabs the silver candle stick that we have seen Nadine have psychic flashes of for months.)

N– You won’t get away with this…

B– Oh I already HAVE….To bad you came here tonight now you got to pay. I faked my own death but I don’t have to fake yours….( He starts to swing the candle stick at Nadine’s head. )

N– Looks up at the candlestick……she sees the blood on the candlestick, blood on the roses, the earring falling, Marian laughing and says……….”.Dear God…it was me….”

Nadine falls backward and screams…..she lies dead eyes open…..Brent stands over her looking at her the white roses have blood all over them. Brent drops the candle stick. He feels for her pulse …

Brent– DEAD !…………. GREAT ! That wasn’t part of the plan. You FORCED ME TO DO IT ! Just like Lucy made me want her….See………. there going to say I lost control and I couldn’t stop. But it wasn’t like that ! Was it ?!?! No it wasn’t like that ! You forced my hand. You came in here, you SNOOPED through my things you called me a frigging pervert !!! ( He hits the lamp ) That was bad………… that was very, very bad Nadine ! That was stupid. DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT !!! You asked for it ! Admit it LUCY you asked for it……Oh my…..did I say Lucy ? I met Nadine. You stupid people are getting me so rattled it’s a wonder I’m not crazy ! Well so much for Marian’s beauty rest. I’m going to have to clean up this mess aren’t I ? Nadine your going to have to leave I’m sorry…

Meanwhile LAM have been meeting with the aids support group at the diner. Lucy is feeling better and sure she will be able to handle this illness. They go back to the yacht and comfort each other….A-M rubbing her back….Brent listens in HORRIFIED that they are still happy ! While he wraps Nadine’s body in the shower curtain and cleans up the rug. Nadine is then thrown off the dock……

Aunt Alex comes by the yacht to rant and rave about Alan Just after Lucy went to sleep. A-M keeps trying to quiet Alex and she just gets louder ! Lucy comes in to the salon and they both tell Alex that she is HIV positive….

Alex–Lucy…I am so sorry……. I am so very sorry….(She takes her in her arms and hugs her) I will do anything and everything with in my power to help you…both of you…and for no other reason then……… that I love you…..both of you. I’m not going to be intrusive at all. I just hope that you feel you can come to me for anything that you need or want….and I mean that.

L– Thank you.

A-M– I think all Lucy needs right now is to listen to the advice of her Doctors…and her counselor.

Alex– Yes of Course.

L–I need to take a second test to confirm the results….then I’ll start treatment…and then.. we’ll see.

A– Just don’t forget I’m around huh? I know I am not quite the ogre I sometimes appear to be.

A-M– We know that…

A– I hope so…well…I’m going to get out of your hair……(She touches A-Ms curls before she leaves…she is near tears..she goes to the door A-M follows.) Well……..

A-M–(takes her in his arms) Thank you Aunt Alex.

A–No thank you…( she pats his back ) sometimes I really do forget the most important things….( Then Rick grabs her and gives her a full tight hug…..I really felt like I was seeing Rick comforting Marj…..she goes speechless a moment) So you think about Lucy…nothing else. ( She leaves )

A-M–You OK ?

L– I’m OK. I just thank God I have you in my life.

(He grabs her tightly kissing her)

Lucy has her second test two weeks later. Brent tries to change them again but fails miserably !

Lucy and A-M are starting a new day at Spaulding Enterprises…suddenly Nick, Susan, Alex, Buzz, Eleni and Frank come running off the elevators all saying…

Lucy what is it tell us….

Alex– OK what is this touch foot ball huttle…what ?! Hi darling (kissing A-M )

A-M– Actually No we a play touch foot ball on Fridays in the office.

Alex– Well your message said it was urgent…so what is it.

Buzz– Honey…we got your message…urgent ? What is it…?

Alex– You got a message too ?

Buzz– Now I’m scared…

Lucy– No we don’t want anyone to worry.

Buzz– Look you can talk to us…there is nothing so bad we can’t get through it.

Lucy — (Beaming ) But there is nothing bad….We got the results back…they were fine I am healthy and I am NOT HIV positive !!! ( Buzz scoops her in his arms hugging her ! A-M is smiling sitting on his desk. There are hugs all over the  office )

A-M– I have been saving this bottle of Champagne for a special occasion. I just happen to have it on ice….

Buzz– It doesn’t get any more special then this ! Where are the glasses ? I’ll drink it out of my hands….(looking at Alex )out of your shoes !

Alex– Your shoes are bigger !!!

Buzz –We’ll BATH in it !!!

Lucy– Let’s tell them the other announcement….

A-M– (pouring champagne looks at Lucy) Do you think they can handle it ?

Buzz– Oh today there is NOTHING we can’t handle !

Lucy– Well I would say this is a pretty good party. Wouldn’t you ? I think it is going to go till February 14th !

Everyone– What’s February 14….besides Valentines day…

Lucy– Well, we just have to stop long enough for us to get married !!

Eleni and A-M meet in the center of the office. They hug both with tears in their eyes…

Eleni– That is so wonderful !!!


Eleni– I am SOOO happy for you !

A-M–Thanks I didn’t ever think I would be this happy again.

Eleni– I knew you would be !

Buzz– You’re going to be a bride ?

Alex– An absolutely fabulously beautiful one ! (hugging her) I couldn’t be happier ! Oh the tour de force of course is the dress ! When you get ready to pick it out I’ll introduce you to designers in NY in Paris they will help you design something EXQUISITE ! And don’t tell any one….but if I dig deep enough into the family vault their is actually a Tiara I wore one weekend…..

A-M– Ohhhhhh a tiara !

Lucy– I think you’ve had enough champagne !

Buzz– ( Looks over at Eleni and Frank) Tiara ?!?!

Alex– I’ve never been more sane more sober! Lucy I like you ! You know that ? I always have ! Even when you said a lot of things I didn’t want to hear.

Lucy– I did do that !

Alex–Ohhh yes…Ever since you came in the office you were saying things about how I ran the office….mostly about how I treated my family but the thing is… were right. You always told the truth which this family needs more of. You’re giving my nephew something this family eludes to well…real happiness.

Lucy — Well he has given that to me….(kisses )

Susan walks out of the office and sits on Lucy’s desk. Lucy tells her that she was sorry and maybe she was being thoughtless towards her feelings.

Susan– Lucy, what you have is a gift. Don’t feel bad for me…or guilty not for a second. What you have is a miracle. So don’t question it just be grateful cherish it. ( people in A-Ms office started yelling “Luce !!” ) Go back in to your party.

That evening Lucy brings A-M to the Bauer cabin. A-M…demands to know what she is up too ! She suggests that they check on the cabin while they are there. They go in and A-M sees champagne….and a cheese and fruit platter.  There is a fire in the fire place…

A-M– A maybe we better leave…it looks like My uncle Ed has something planned for later. We don’t want to spoil it.

Lucy– We can’t….we won’t….I planed this.

A-M– Why ?

Lucy– I want to say goodbye to my past forever….and start my future…with you.

A-M–( A-M is shocked speechless….I think he thought like I did that they were going to wait for their wedding night……) You did all of this ?

Lucy–Yeah, I hope you don’t mind….I asked your Uncle Ed’s caretaker to help as well.

A-M– No….I…just don’t know what to say…you know ?…It’s really….it’s fantastic…no it’s not fantastic…………. it’s perfect.

Lucy– Well….. remember that night on your boat back in September…….when I asked you to make love to me ?

A-M– ……and you changed your mind ?

Lucy– ( Looks down embarrassed ) Yeah, yeah that was the night….

A-M– Hey, it was OK, I understood.

Lucy– Yeah…… I know and it was that night that I realized who you really were and what you were made of.

A-M– It really wasn’t a big deal…

Lucy– But it was. It was huge to me…I don’t know how another man would have reacted…………..Just…I panicked ………….I was so sure that I was HIV positive. That I would get sick and eventually get you sick too.

A-M–Yeah, I know, I saw it in your eyes…the fear……(smiling his eyes so full of love ) but your eyes are very different now.

Lucy–( tears and love in her eyes. ) Yeah…because of you and that night……that night I was so sure and it was so clear to me how much you really…. REALLY loved me. Now that I know I’m OK……I want to be with you….

A-M– (tears in his eyes framing Lucy’s face in his hands) Your the most precious thing in the world to me……….. your everything that I ever wanted, or could ever dream about.

Lucy– So will you teach me to make love ? (she shyly gasps after she says it 🙂

A-M–Lucy, there’s nothing I can teach you about love. Everything I know you taught me.

They kiss, A-M takes both her hands in his and kisses them. He looks in her eyes.  They both smile so softly at each other. A-M touches the first button of her blazer. Luce nods her head yes. ( I could not help but remember A-M nervously buttoning her coat before they went sledding almost three years ago at this very cabin ! ) A-M slowly unbuttons her blazer…… one button…… two……….. three……..he removes the blazer…she has nothing on under it……she looks in his eyes. A-M looks in hers then at her…… he is seeing “his” Lucy for the very first time….they kiss….he looks in her eyes and says breathlessly “You are so beautiful Luce.” Lucy frames his face in her hands and they kiss passionately while Lucy unbuttons his shirt….She removes it and they are skin to skin melting into each other. A-M leans down kissing her neck shoulders then down to her chest ….Lucy sighs her fingers grasping a fist full of his curls……she feels like she may faint…….and she is surprised when she hears herself cry out ………….

Cut to…..them in front of the fireplace with the mattress on the floor…..

A-M kissing her cheek and her lips……softly touching her face….he takes a red rose slowly up her hand…..her arm….reaching her shoulder. Lucy watches the rose till it comes to her neck her eyes closed she is sighing….. A-M hands the rose to her….. she looks at him shyly…… running the rose across his chin and down his neck ……..he kisses her so gently……. barely touching her lips ….A-M pulls back watching Lucy with her eyes closed…….he sees her nervousness and smiles so sweetly. He pulls her on top of him….kissing her….holding her tightly there….stroking her hair…….till she relaxes in his arms……..

Then she kisses his neck shoulders and chest…enjoying every thing about him…. how he smells…. tastes….. feels against her skin……Lucy’s leans over him her hair on his face…….. now A-M is sighing….. he pulls her back to his lips their fingers intertwined…… They hold each other touching kissing for how long………hours ? Lucy tickles A-M’s tummy with the rose both of them so relaxed and laughing now…….kissing …..A-M kisses her tummy …..then lays his head on Lucy’s chest feeling her breathing….. hearing her heart beat…… he closes his eyes ..Lucy runs both hands through his raven curls………He looks up at her smiling …………she kisses his forehead encouraging him to go further…….A-M is on top of her now…..Lucy picks up the rose running it up his back grasping it tightly in her hand……

He enters her as gently as he can….studying her face and eyes so carefully….hoping that he will see no pain or fear there. In her eyes he finds a love so pure it overwhelms him. He sees her sweet surprise at the pleasure he is giving her and her need for him. She whispers “I love you” while a single tear runs down her cheek. He looks at those lips saying what they never needed to. Lucy’s lips, so familiar to him….as her body will be before this night is over. He can not speak or he may weep in her arms for the joy of it ! For Alan-Michael Spaulding feels what it is to be truly loved for the very first time in his life. He starts to move as Lucy moves with him. His lips on hers….they are one and they were both made perfect for each other.

Afterwards Lucy starts to talk. Then thinks perhaps it is not right to do so…..she waits for A-M to show her the “right thing” to do now and turns away lying on her side…..

A-M– Hey…you stopped….

Lucy– I wanted to talk….but then I didn’t want to talk…

A-M– Why not?

Lucy– I couldn’t put it in to words……then I didn’t know if I wanted too.

A-M– It’s OK you don’t have too..

Lucy– I guess I…I guess I was afraid if I tried to describe what I’m feeling it would maybe go away…there just aren’t the words…..I can’t possibly tell you how I feel right now….

A-M–I don’t think the poets could describe this…….(smiling) There is something that I wanted to say but …………..I don’t think our language has any words to describe it…….never mind….it’s ………it’s OK as long as it exists…..

Lucy– You act like….(looks down shyly)…never mind…..

A-M– You’re right Lucy……I never felt like this before…….not with any one.

Lucy– Really ? (wanting to believe him, but sure she is being naive if she does ) Alan-Michael you have been in love…..

A-M– Nahhh……… not with the right person….I never felt like this with anybody….

Lucy– I was afraid……but ………I could tell.

A-M– (laughs 🙂 You see…..I don’t have to teach you anything……I love you

Lucy– I love you

(They kiss passionately and make love again….this time neither of them afraid. Afterwards they lay together Luce on his chest)

A-M– Do you hear that ?

L– What ?

A-M– It’s a BIG OLD creaky door……..closing forever. That’s your past sweetheart.

L– Yeah, all the rape and Brent …

A-M (smiling whispering) Is gone….it’s gone for ever.

L– It’s because you erased it from my soul.

Snow is falling…it is early morning… they are kissing each other awake………

L– Look

A-M– I am

L– No…..Look outside.

A-M– Oh it’s snowing again !

L– Maybe we’ll be snowed in for the winter.

A-M –I can’t think of a better way to spend four months……safe …..warm….together.

McT then has Lucy go into starvation mode….( which was confusing being as Lucy had a fruit and cheese tray big enough for a family of four to survive a weekend on !!  Before A-M goes to join her he calls Andrew his man servant on the yacht.

A-M– I need to have a delivery made to my Uncle Ed’s cabin……I want mine and Lucy’s skis boots and suits. I want my and Lucy’s jeans and sweaters….I am placing an order at the mall I need picked up……..I also want you to go to the Towers. Bring champagne Fillet minion, fresh fruit, croissants, muffins, and anything else Hamp might think Luce and I would need to survive the weekend……put it all on the front porch. Knock on the door and leave…

Then a few hours later while A-M starts to rub down and kiss every inch of Lucy….you hear a knock on the door.

Lucy– What’s that?

A-M– ( smiling ) Did you hear something ?

L– Don’t tell me you didn’t !

A-M– Hmmmmmmmm must be the rest of our weekend ……

Lucy looks out on the PACKED front porch seeing suitcases, skies, a toboggan, Champagne basket’s filled with caviar, chocolates scented oils, bubble bath….. Goodies wrapped in packages from the towers….A HUGE bag from Victoria’s Secret. ( A-M had ordered some gorgeous lingerie for Lucy a few weeks ago. He had planned to give it to her on their honeymoon. 🙂 A-M joins her grinning……..

A-M– Seeee we could stay here for four months…….Luce don’t let me forget to give Andrew a raise…


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