Chapter Ten: Alan-Michael and Lucy meet Marion

*****The BITCH is Back! – August to September 1995*****

Lucy meets a woman at the Journal upset because she has just spoken to Nick about a job and can not get one. She tells Lucy that she is a good writer but can not get a job any where because she is HIV positive. So Lucy brings “Susan” back to Spaulding begging A-M to give her a job. A-M agrees to read her resumé but will only hire her if she is GOOD for Spaulding. After reading it over and meeting her he hires her. .

Susan is the second new employee hired at Spaulding today . The other employee is an older conservatively dressed woman named “Marian Crane”.

Brent– Nice job today Marian. You handled Mr. Spaulding perfectly.

Marian–Yes….I did do well didn’t I. ( She kicks off her shoes. Opens her closet sits down at her dressing table… Brent’s voice “SHE” says “You sure did Brent. ” He takes off the wig and puts it on the wig stand…..takes a tape recorder out of the drawer and begins speaking into it…

“Today I got a new job at Spaulding…A-M himself hired me (laughing ) With out a moments hesitation or flicker of recognition ( taking off Marian’s earrings) It couldn’t have gone any better. Lady Marian won the day. He even introduced me to his lovely, sweet, young, office manager Lucy. She offered to help me with any problems I might have. (smiling at himself in the mirror ) I certainly think I will take her up on that. (He peals the rubber mask down from his forehead….down his face to reveal …) Welcome back to Springfield Brent. Brent continues to tell his tale in the tape recorder.

Brent–The deep down and dirty, heart tugging, tell all memoir of a man done wrong. How to make it right…..( looking at the mask on the dressing table. ) Where was I lady Marian ? Ahh yeah…My fears about these people were completely unfounded they are as arrogant as they have ever been. They don’t bother to notice the little people in their lives do they ? No, they just see themselves………..smug little A-M has consolidated his gains at Spaulding. He is now the undisputed king of his cooperate domain ! I wish he could see what he really is…puffed up and bloated from his own self importance…But that’s OK it’s fine…all the better to play king of the hill with……

Brent starts to do “Marian’s” nails

Brent– Oh what an incredible amount of work it is just to keep ones self presentable ! It’s OK the real pleasure is going to come when I make sure everyone that tried to ruin my life is dealt with. Starting with and especially the Coopers . Down at the dinner, WHITE TRASH ! Self appointed judge and jury ready to railroad me out of town. ME ! On the word of their home grown little SLUT Lucy ! (in his anger he smears the nail polish ) Look what YOU MADE ME DO LUCY !!!! ( He throws the polish violently at the mirror. It runs down it looking like blood ! Brent goes over touching it…… getting it on his fingers. He sits in a chair rocking) You DID THIS Lucy !! You made this blood flow. This is my blood ! A-M put the bullet in me. But it was your fault, it was always your fault ! Your lies, your sneaky little smile. The way you plotted behind my back ! You took away EVERYTHING !!!! You ruined my life you made everything BAD ! (Suddenly he snaps out of his self pity party ! ) Marian’s hungry……She needs to get to the diner she loves that diner food. (Brent holds a dress up to himself then dances…and sings in Marian’s voice) Yes, yes, yes ! This will be the perfect dress for Marian’s late night snack out ! Marian must look her best to meet Lucy’s family….after all………. first impressions are SO important.

Meanwhile Nick has met back with Susan at Spaulding. He explains to her that he didn’t even read her resumé. The fact that she is HIV positive was not the REASON the Journal wasn’t interested in her. They have all the writers they can handle right now. He tells her to make up for the misunderstanding he would love to buy her lunch. Besides they could celebrate her new job at Spaulding. A-M and Luce decide they will go for a burger too. They have a ball at the diner discussing their favorite toys when they were kids… A-M and Nick get in a lengthy discussion about their GI Joe’s with the special Kung Fue Grip ! A-M grabs a coke to swill down his burger and Luce freaks and grabs the glass from him.

Luce– That’s mine ! This ones yours !

A-M– Gee OK ! But for the record I don’t have any killer germs.

Lucy gets up and heads to the alley….A-M starts to follow but Susan says she will go.

Lucy pours her heart out telling Susan she is afraid if she tells A-M she may have HIV he will leave her. Or worse, stay with her out of pity ! Susan reassures her saying “He stuck by you through a rape don’t you think that is some indication as to how he would take this ?”

Meanwhile Buzz has conned A-M and Nick out to look at his car. He was trying to get A-M alone to tell him about Lucy needing to be tested for HIV….. But poor Buzz could not get rid of Nick. Buzz under the hood fiddling with his car while “Suit -boy” twirls a wire like he’s Zoro with a whip or something !

Buzz– A-M will you hand me that wire over there ?

A-M– ( stops the twirling as quickly as possible before he gets caught ! )

B– Alan-Michael ?

A-M– (Baritone voice) YES

B– What are your plans?

(A-M gives Nick a look…..)

Nick– I think that is his way of saying…what are your intentions for his daughter.

A-M– UGG works too 🙂

B– OK a little old fashioned maybe, but I’m wondering about the future.

A-M– Well I don’t see one with out Lucy.

B– Well you know the future……( pauses looking at Nick ) there’s a wrench in the kitchen Nadine can tell you where it is. ( Nick leaves. A-M giving him a PLEADING look to hurry back ! ) Where were we…?

A-M– I don’t know Buzz. Where the hell we going with all this ? I think Lucy has worked through things pretty well.

Buzz– Thanks to you……..we all owe you a lot you know that.

A-M– You don’t owe me anything Buzz……I love Lucy I want to be with her and near her. I want to spend the rest of my life helping her….

B– I want you to know…..

Susan and Nick come up and say they are leaving….

A-M– Is Lucy OK ?

S– Why don’t you ask her…..

Nadine shows up stopping Buzz before he can tell A-M. A-M goes to the alley. He finds Lucy just waiting for him……

A-M– I couldn’t stay inside any longer. Knowing how upset you are…..I can’t read your mind Lucy……tell me what’s doing this to you.

L– It’s about what Brent did to me. Even though he ‘s dead……It’s not over. It may never be…..

A-M– Are you having nightmares ?

Lucy– No…no it’s nothing like that….there could be other consequences..

A-M– Well…like what……..come on what ?……Oh Lucy…….you’re not …….pregnant ?

Lucy– No, I’m not…… thank god……… I’m not..

A-M– Well then…. come on Lucy tell me…….Lucy we are not going any where until you tell me what is doing this to you.

Lucy– When Brent raped me…..he could have…I’m at risk…I need to be HIV tested.

A-M– Brent was HIV positive?

Lucy– We don’t know that we may NEVER know that.

A-M– Brent couldn’t have had it !

L– We don’t know that A-M !

A-M– How long have you been worried about this ?

L– A few weeks…I tried to get the courage up to tell you….I couldn’t.

A-M– Did you talk to a Doctor or anyone ?

L– I talked to Lillian…..She said if Brent didn’t use a condom I need to be tested. It is the only way to know for sure.

A-M– Y- Y-You’re going to be OK…Brent wasn’t in a high risk category right ? So the chances that He- He- He- He had HIV is practically non existent !

L– That is wishful thinking…. we thought we knew him but we didn’t !

A-M– But Lucy it can’t be as bad as you’re saying ! It was only the one time when he attacked you !

L– All it takes is one time….Besides he was always hitting on woman right ? Some of them had to of said yes……anyone of them could have given him the virus….look A-M if you stay out of my life your safe….(She starts to run away A-M stops her .)

A-M– NO LUCY ! Brent is DEAD my Father is out of the picture and we are going to be together !

L– We can’t be together. Didn’t you just hear what I said ?

A-M– Nothing has changed.

Lucy– I would be afraid to be with me !

A-M– Why would I be afraid of you ? Lucy………. one thing I know for sure is you can not get this by being with someone. Not from touching them or sharing the same glass ! I will NOT let you go through this yourself. Listen to me ! No condition or strings…I LOVE you through anything ! We don’t even know if he had it…………. How long till you can be tested ?

L– two months

A-M– So for the next couple of months you can let me hold you and take care of you. Lucy PLEASE don’t be afraid of that. Come on…being with you…being in love with you is perfectly safe….come on ( He takes her in his arms ) This is where you belong Lucy. Brent is dead he will never hurt us again.

L– Waiting will be tough

A-M– It’s not so tough like this. ( Sitting on the back step of the diner their arms around each other.)

L– No it’s better……..I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner…I know I should have. I guess I didn’t believe I could actually have it…

A-M– Well if you do we will deal with it OK? together (He tries to kiss her and she turns away )

L–I don’t want to not……..

A-M– Lucy….there’s nothing wrong with kissing….

L– I know that’s what Lillian said too…………. but I…

A-M– ( framing her face in his hands tears in his eyes ) I am not letting this take control of our lives…..not anymore……Look I’m no expert on HIV but from all the ways you can contract this disease…….. All the evidence shows, you can not get it from ordinary kissing.

L– You afraid ?

A-M– Of losing you yes…….of kissing you no.

L– You sure ?

A-M– (In tears ) I have never been more sure of anything in my life.

Marian is busy having a light bite with Buzz and Nadine in the diner. Luce and A-M enter and introduce Nadine and Buzz to their new employee at Spaulding. LAM then go for a walk along fifth street. Finally stopping at their favorite bubble blowing stoop 🙂

L– This is my favorite time of year.

A-M– Really ? Why is that ? You have a ravenous appetite for blueberries and corn on the cob ?

L– No…I do like them. There is just something about this time it is past the peak of summer. But there is still a richness and fullness to the air.

A-M– Kinda like no matter how hot the day is…you don’t think of the heat….you just want to be in a nice hammock with a gentle breeze blowing over you…right ?

L– Or sitting on the stoop on the sidewalk.

A-M– ohhhh I’m having one….

L– What ?

A-M– Did I ever tell you about perfect moments ?

L– No…I think I would remember that.

A-M– Well a perfect moment is not perfect cause every thing is right…the time place..person you are with…It’s perfect because you realize it’s perfect while it’s happening and your in it….kinda like catching the light of a firefly just in the time it takes to go by….

L– Or like shooting stars !

A-M– I can’t believe you just said that.

L– Didn’t I tell you about the thing I have for them ?

A-M– I guess you have but I….I guess that’s how I knew…

L– You’re suppose to look up at them and make a wish and it’s supposed to come true.

A-M– Did your Father teach you that ?

L– Of course, yeah, he said no matter how much we traveled around the sky would be our constant It would always be the same where ever we happened to be. So you have to look at them…make a wish and maybe they will come true….

A-M– (in tears) And did they ?

L– Well sometimes, I never had the heart to tell him. I know he hated it when I was disappointed. Want to make a wish ?

A-M– You know, I don’t think we need to….something told me today about you and your stars…..( A-M is reaching in his pocket ) I past buy this little shop today…. I looked in the window and I saw this…….so I bought it for you…(He hands her a package she opens it to find a silver porcelain star)

L–I don’t believe it !

A-M– You like it ?


A-M– really ?

L– I can’t believe….how did you know ?

A-M– I don’t know…I just knew you had to have it .

L– I love it ! I love the fact that you even thought about me…

A-M– Make a wish on it.

L– With you, OK ?

They wrap their fingers around the star and kiss…

Marian has returned home. She puts the wig on the wig stand the rubber mask on the dressing table. Brent is happily discussing his evening with the person in the mirror !

Brent– HE HE HE !!! A GREAT night out on the town with Marian ! Buzz and Nadine LOVED HER !! Totally bought her act from head to toe ! (Laughing ! ) As for Miss Cooper and young Spaulding…….. they better enjoy themselves tonight….. tomorrow is going to be a BIG day !

The next day after work Nick, Susan, A-M, and Luce decide they will go to the movies. Nick also has come to the conclusion that our darling “Hyphenated Sweetie” should now be called just …… run of the mill …….”Michael” !!!

So they go to the movies Luce picking out a horror flick…A-M dragging his feet all the way cause he doesn’t LIKE horror flicks !! So they stuff them selves with Fat Free goodies ! When the movie starts Lucy claps her hands in anticipation saying “Great you guys can’t miss the beginning it’s the best”

A-M– You have seen this before ?

L– Yeah twice…

A-M– (shaking his head and popping in mints ! ) I don’t believe this !

L– It’s OK ! Then I’ll be able to tell you when all the scary parts are and you can go out and eat 🙂

A-M– That’s OK I don’t scare that easily !

Meanwhile Marian has entered and is sitting at the back of the theater. She fantasizes of revealing that she is none other then Brent at Spaulding…..Brent is about to slit Lucy’s throat on A-Ms desk ! A-M comes in his office unable to stop him ! Meanwhile A-M has the major heebie geebies ! He is eating his pop corn gritting his teeth hugging one of his knees !


Susan, Nick, and Luce were just roaring. The evening ends on the steps of Company…Luce realizes she has dropped an earring. A-M promises to buy her a new pair….Flash to Marian at the movie theater….holding Lucy’s lost earring.

Marian– It’s not over yet Lucy our story has a sequel.

The next day at Spaulding Susan is getting the OK on her first writing assignment for Spaulding. A-M is clearly upset….

A-M– Can I speak to you off the record ?

Susan– On the record or off the record doesn’t matter…I’m not a blabber mouth.

A-M– It’s ummm….It’s….Why is it so hard ?

Susan– There is no way it can be easy….your afraid the woman you love may have AIDS.

A-M– Lucy told you….that I know?

S– She told me last night after the movie. She said you were great.

A-M– Yeah…just doesn’t make me any less scared.

S– Well, at least you’re being honest about it, that’s good. It must be hard waiting..

A-M– Oh I’ll be fine really, It’s much easier for me…It’s Lucy I’m worried about ! She’s trying to be so strong you know…? That’s the only thing I can think about right now.

S– Really ?

A-M– Well…yeah I love her……why ?

S– When it comes to HIV and AIDS most people end up only thinking about themselves.

A-M– You think I’m going to dump her if she is positive ?

S– I’m just saying you won’t be the first man I met that spouted some whole pious number about HIV and then split the first chance he got…

A-M– No no….that’s lousy !

S– That’s human. This whole thing is pretty scary stuff. Lucy is terrified. She’s afraid that your gonna think she’ll give it to you .


S– Deep down inside, aren’t you worried she’ll wake up in the middle of the night and want to hold you? You’ll back away before you even realized that you did it.

A-M– Are we talking about Lucy ?

S– No we’re talking about me…Lucy hasn’t even been tested yet and chances are she is fine.

A-M– If she does test positive then I’m going to be there. Susan it’s just the not knowing……

S– Have you ever been afraid you were going to die ?

A-M–…..Well….I …mean not in this way….. No

S– What do you think it is like ?

A-M– I imagine it would be a pretty black …pretty….terrifying place to be…….

S– Yeah and that is how she will feel for the next two months…..

A-M– So Susan…WHAT can I do ? PLEASE help me…I’ll do anything.

S– More of what you did last night.

A-M– Throw popcorn at the screen when the villain comes on ?

S– You know you’re a pretty good shot,  I noticed that.

A-M– Well that’s cause you thought I was aiming at the screen…I was actually aiming at the usher !

S– Oh I see, I’m sorry…

A-M– Do you doubt my words on this ?

S–No no no…but whatever you did last night do that, it was good…

A-M– ( Laughing) I…….. I…don’t…clue me in here…….. I don’t understand…

S– You were just funny and nice and good to be with. Upbeat, casual you know ? It was good…you made Lucy laugh…you made us all laugh…

A-M– Well…..underneath this tie beats a heart of a clown.

S– ( Laughing) Well that’s nice….the clown is a really nice guy. If that’s more you be him.

A-M– That will help Lucy ?

S– You know…… Lucy is not her self right now…she has a million different things going on inside her….if she wants to go into denial just let her.

A-M– You think she might do that ?

S– It’s human nature.

A-M– Well yeah, I guess so, I wouldn’t blame her….

S–Another thing, don’t push her. Don’t start to know better then her. Don’t remind her of Doctor appointments. Don’t take over her life and PLEASE do not read every book written about AIDS and quote statistics to her ! If she wants them let her find them herself. GOD I HATE THAT !

A-M– That’s a lot of don’ts Susan ! What can I do besides make her laugh ?

S– When she’s scared, sad and sick at heart hold her tight and swear you’ll never let her go…..even if it is a lie……          ( Susan has tears in her eyes…..A-M puts his hand on her back to comfort her…) I got a question for you boss…

A-M– A………….. yeah sure……

S– Are you just going to stand here all day or are you going to approve this press release ?

Meanwhile Marian is at Company trying to get a room…..She runs into Lucy who shows her, her little room. Bridget informs Marian that all the rooms are taken. Marian tells Lucy she forgot her purse….She goes back to get it and snoops in Lucy’s room…finding the silver star she smashes it and leaves. Lucy arrives at work …

L– HI ! I am sorry I’m late ! My alarm clock didn’t go off because of the power outage then everyone and their brother…….

A-M –WHOA ! Listen…….. you’re fired……not really…..that is one of the perks of dating the boss… ( He kisses her ) that’s another one.

L– I like that one.

A-M– How about another one of those perks ?

L–(whispers) OK……(Beautiful soft kiss A-M holds her tightly….both of them breathless) that felt good….

A-M– Yeah

L– But being involved with the boss doesn’t mean I’m not ready to put in a full days work.


Later that evening A-M takes Lucy home….when they go into her room at Company she finds her star A-M had given her broken ! They wonder if Peter may have broken it….Lucy sits down with a bottle of Elmer’s just crushed that it is broken !

A-M– Lucy don’t worry about it…I’ll get you another one first thing tomorrow.

L– A-M I loved this star, I want THIS one. THIS is the special one.

A-M– Lucy you’re going to try to glue it ? It’s in pieces look at it !

L– I can do it I have done it before.

A-M– Let me just get you another one !

L– No…I have a whole box full of treasures

A-M– Oh really ? From all your other admirers ?

L– Yeah… father. He used to get me these little things when we ate at truck stops.

A-M– Is this another truck story ?

L– I PROMISE this is the last one.

A-M –( laughing ) It’s all right.

L– He just always used to get me one no matter how poor we were.

A-M– Well your dad knew what was important.

L– You think I’m making a big thing out of a little thing don’t you ?

A-M– No, no, my Dad didn’t give two thoughts about my childhood I’d take yours any day.

L– He was crazy, but he always loved me…..Where is your dad ? Have you heard from him ?

A-M– No, no I haven’t. Frankly I don’t care…. ( the look on A-Ms face says otherwise ) ……sigh……… I mean where ever he is I’m sure he is wheeling dealing someone. I feel sorry for them.

A-M sits on Lucy’s bed looking at a box of her black and white prints she took in her photography days. Lucy is going over the next days agenda at her desk…A-M just saying hmmmmm do her questions.

L– What are you looking at ?

A-M– Just looking at some  very interesting black and white photographs.

L– ( Begging) Come on give them to me ! I stopped taking them I wasn’t very good…

A-M– They’re great ! Why did you stop ? I like them and I KNOW what I like !

L– I just stick to my instamatic camera now.

A-M– You mean this ? This one right here ? ( He starts taking shots of Lucy ! She is begging him to stop ! He hands her the camera and he poses around the room ! ) Here I’ll take off my glasses. There that should make the cover of high self-esteem magazine ! (Lucy keeps taking shots with each new pose….”There” he gets on the bed “more. more, more……. Here I got one !!!” He gets the camera positioned then kisses her and takes the shot of them kissing . He sets the camera down and they kiss passionately on Lucy’s bed

L– Yeah

A-M– I love you so much.

L– I can feel it…………… Can you feel how much I love you ?

A-M– (whispers) Yeah….. very much. (Kisses) Sure your going to be all right alone here ?

L– Sure, I’ll be fine. There is a whole house full of people. You don’t have to worry about me….I’m a lot stronger.

A-M– Yeah you are. ( Kisses…..picks up his coat….. kisses…..puts on his coat Kisses….open the door kisses………turns around kisses and a wink before he leaves kisses………

A-M goes to his car still beaming Brent is stalking them both hiding in the bushes ! He has caused an accident at the construction site hoping to have killed David so he could have his room at Company. Josh, David and Matt had to go to the hospital….but David continued to live .

The next day Lucy goes to her first defense class. Gilly has been telling her about them for weeks…..she shows up and since Matt was hurt in the construction accident her father will be teaching the class….. Lucy is going to leave until Cutter pointed out that she could remain being a victim as long as she liked ! She stays. Buzz takes turns showing each woman how to defend herself. Lucy is last…..when it’s her turn she tries not to participate…

B– Come on your next….go for the Adams apple right there…

L– ( Lucy is almost in tears she looks so fragile….) I can’t

B– Look I’m full of padding you’re not going to hurt me..

L– No…that’s not what I’m talking about…I just…

B– Then what ?

L–(whispering so no one can hear her ) it’s just…every time….I …look…at you…I see..

B– You see Brent ? OK I’m BRENT I’m coming to hurt you. You want me to hurt you ?

L–( cowering and starting to cry ) No…..I don’t want….you too.

B– I’m Brent I’m here and I am GOING to hurt you….but you can stop it this time !( stern and sneering he hits her with his padded fist ! ) COME ON ! I’M BRENT !!! I’M GOING TO TAKE CARE OF YOU BABY !!!

L–(Crying) NO !!!! NO NO NO !!!! I HATE YOU !!! I’LL KILL YOU !! I’LL KILL YOU I HATE YOU !!!! ( She kicks him in the groin he falls. She gets him on the mat and beats the hell out of him !! ) YOU WILL NEVER HURT ME LIKE THAT AGAIN !!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!( Buzz holds her in his arms as she sobs in them ) He hurt me so bad Dad……. he wouldn’t stop………. he just kept going….why did he do that Dad why ?

B– I don’t know baby….but he is never going to do that to you again…..( She sobs in his arms…)

Later everyone congratulated her.

B– You had a knock out drag out fight with the devil and YOU won !!

L– Hey dad ( She slugs him ! ) thanks !

B– Oh come here you !! Thank YOU, THANK YOU !!! I wanted to help some how ! God I love you baby ! He is never going to hurt you again.

The next day Lucy goes to visit David. Marian goes too. Lucy tells her of her splendid break through yesterday and what a joy it was for her to hurt Brent this time ! Marian in complete disbelief “It felt good to hurt him ?” (LOL ) Then Marian tells how she was raped as well….Lucy and Marian bond ! While Lucy is visiting David Marian goes down to wait for her….Marian pounds the CRAP out of Lucy’s car with a metal pipe. Lucy seeing it later dissolves to tears in dear, sweet Marian’s concerned arms !!!

A-M is distraught when he hears how three thugs did this to her car….He gets Cutter and Frank into his office that DAY ! Marian is questioned extensively….but can give NO conclusive evidence as to what the thugs looked like ! Lucy still will not let this vandalism get her down ! ( Much to Marian’s disappointment ! LAM are loving each other in A-Ms office while she listens in on the speaker phone !)

A-M– This couldn’t have been easy for you.

L– I can handle anything after yesterday !

A-M– You mean after your car almost got destroyed ?!

L– No, no, no all this stuff about my car and I didn’t get to tell you. I went to a self defense class yesterday.

A-M– Oh that’s great ! So a…… what did you take ? Karate ? Judo ?

L— Not exactly. We learned all kinds of moves women could use to protect them selves. It was amazing ! I learned more in that class then I ever could have imagined ! It was a complete break through for me ! I was faced with Brent but this time I got to fight back and I WON ! I’m not going to be a victim….never again. Gilly had been trying to get me to go for weeks..

A-M– What finally made you want to go ?

L–I guess I finally decided I was ready to fight…..and I did ! ( She punches A-M ! )

A-M– Hey HEY !! Take it easy there killer ! I’m very impressed ! Did you learn this in one class ?

L– YEAH ! ( She punches at him again he takes her in his arms )

A-M– OK OK OK !!!

L– Well I got to learn to protect myself ya know ? You can’t protect me for the rest of my life !

A-M– Even if I want to ?

L– NAH you’ve done enough for me….you have……you stuck by me through the whole Brent thing….You called Cutter when I need him. You held me together when I was falling apart.

A-M– You’re plenty together now…..

L– Yeah….thanks to my friends and you mostly.

A-M– You could have done it alone.

L– No I couldn’t have…you gave me the strength and the nerve to go there in the first place….and I’m going back….and you’ll be happy about this…..I finally will be going for some counseling. I want to be as strong as you are.

A-M– (tears in his eyes smile on his face) I love you Lucy Cooper !

L– I love you and I want to be able to give back to you everything you gave back to me. I want to love you as much as you love me. (LAM kisses as Marian turns the speaker off in DISGUST !! 🙂

A-M– Do you know how incredible you are ?

L– ahhh so what else is new ?

A-M– I just want you to remind me every now and then.

L– (Luce writes in his appointment calendar ) I’ll pen that in OK ? Buzz your assistant frequently and tell her how brilliant and wonderful she is….( Comes up behind her kissing her neck ! )

A-M– Don’t forget to put down beautiful OK ? ( Takes the book and tosses it ! Kisses A-M sits down in the chair in front of his desk.) Come here ( Luce climbs on to his lap) I’m really proud of you. It’s so GREAT to see you like this !

L— Yup, no more past just the future…almost no more fear……we’ll be together. (Smiling kisses )

Later that afternoon Lucy heads out for her counseling session. She heads towards the elevators saying she doesn’t want to be late.

A-M– Well, OK, let me drive you….

L– No that’s OK I rented a car.

A-M– ( pouting 🙂 Well GEE pretty soon you won’t need me for anything !

L– Well gee….just the rest of my life ! OOPS did I say that ?

A-M– You better watch that…I’ll hold you to it !

L– You better get back in there….you have a report to read before the four o’clock meeting which I WILL be back for !

A-M– AHHHH a little diversion maybe… OK I’ll see you then.

Before she gets on the elevator Marian joins her saying perhaps she should be going to the session as well ! They go to the session with a group of seven other women…all ages, color and size…there is no “TYPE”. The women tell their experiences……Lucy tells how her car was vandalized and how it brought up all those feelings of violation again. Lillian instructs her to pretend that an empty chair is Brent. That in order to get better, fear and shame should be changed into anger…… that she should get as angry as she can and tell Brent sitting in that chair everything she is feeling…….

Luce–I wanted to be rid of you ! I wanted you to be just as dead as you are….but your not. Your still lingering over me. You know why ? Cause I have to take this test now cause of you. ( Brent’s eyes are confused…what test ? ) Only I can’t take it right now…I have to wait for awhile. So during this whole time that I’m waiting. All I get to do is wonder if there is this incurable virus that is growing inside of me. Am I going to live till I’m thirty ? Heck am I even going to make it till I’m 25 ! Five weeks I have to wait till I find out ! And NOT JUST ME ! EVERYONE ! MY ENTIRE FAMILY ALL OF MY FRIENDS ! FIVE TERRIFYING WEEKS AND I CAN’T EVEN FEEL SAFE WITH THE ONE I LOVE !!! (sobbing) AND I HATE YOU !! I HATE YOU !!! YOU’RE A CREEP, YOU’RE A SCUM !!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME ?!?!? I WAS LOUD I WAS VERY LOUD THAT NIGHT ! I kept listening to myself and I kept thinking he has got to hear me ! He’s GOT to hear me ! BECAUSE I WAS SCREAMING !!! I WAS SCREAMING LIKE I AM NOW !!!! STOP !!! NO !!!! But you didn’t hear me you didn’t hear me !!! I DON’T EVEN THINK YOU SAW ME !!! Because if you did see me you would have seen terror in my eyes ! You would have known that wasn’t love ! THAT WASN’T LOVE !! IT was terrifying…but you didn’t you didn’t you just kept on going….because you know why ? I don’t even think your capable of love ! I don’t even think you know what love is ! Your just a disgusting, arrogant, useless pig ! You RAPED ME ,YOU RAPED ME ,YOU RAPED ME !!!! AND THEN NOT ONLY THAT ! THEN YOU WENT BACK AND TOLD EVERYONE HOW I ASKED FOR IT AND I WANTED IT !!! I DIDN’T I NEVER DID !! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU FOREVER…….( She screams picks up the chair and throws it ! )

All the women in the group comfort Lucy while Marian slowly comes unhinged. Everything Lucy screamed and the comfort the others give her rings in Brent’s ears . HE yells out to just “STOP IT !! ” Lillian encourages “her” to tell what happened. “Marian” is back and tells of her rape and how she really feels that it was her fault that she had gotten the poor guy to hot to handle his poor little self…….  All the WOMEN in the group quickly tell her how Victorian that is etc. Lillian tells her that there is no MEDICAL reason a man can’t stop ! Lucy and Marian leave. Luce get to Marian’s apartment they have tea. Marian has a scarf around her neck she is holding it tightly in her fists……She prepares to strangle Lucy with it but A-M ends up showing up in the nick of time !

They go to eat at the diner who should be there but Nick and Susan ! They have fun eating burgers and laughing trying to quiz each other on sports trivia. They take a walk later stopping at the park. They go down the slides and swing on the swings. Then decide they should go to A-M’s boat.

A-M– Hey come on guys let’s go to my place !


N– The boat ?

S– OHHHH what boat ? I’m not rowing any boat .

N– You know I think you could probably handle this one.


S– I’m not much for boats unless it’s a 30 foot yacht with a captain and crew on board.


N– Well it will probably accommodate the four of us….

A-M– The only way we will find out about this is to try……. COME ON !!!

So they give Susan the ten dollar tour around the yacht A-M and Nick doing their BEST pirate impersonations ! They dance to Motown and sing to Motown hits “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch…… don’t you know I love you………. I can’t help myself….. I love you and nobody else !” A-M doing a DANDY TWIST until he can’t take it anymore !!! ( Patrick Swayze move the hell over 🙂 Susan picks out a new CD saying…..

S– OK old man this will cure you …..

“Oh My Love, My Darling I’ve hungered for your touch….. a long lonely time….” (someday the song will go here If you know how to put music on a site contact me ! I have a huge LAM catalog of tunes:) LAM and SNICK dance. Later on Nick and Susan leave….A-M walking with a broom for a crutch warns them to watch out for the SHARK !!!!

A-M– So you want me to take you home too ?

L– A …no I would love another dance.

A-M– I thought you would never ask ! ( He starts to put on a CD Luce stops him)

L– We don’t need any music…

They start to dance both smiling shyly…….they’re barefoot…..A-M kisses her so softly on the forehead …….they hold each other swaying back and forth….she smiles at him he kisses her again …..just barely touching her lips with his…..Lucy looks deeply in his eyes….puts her hands in his curls and kisses him deeply…… passionately…….they hold each other so tightly….and continue kissing……suddenly A-M forgets himself and reaches to the front of her blouse to unbutton it……He remembers to stop and puts both hands on her shoulders pushing her away……………. trying to catch his breath….. he feels bad he forgot and lost control…..

L– Alan-Michael no !….I want you…..tonight …here……

(A-M kisses her again then down her neck…..she smiles and sighs…Lucy takes off his shirt. They continue to kiss and are now breathless…..)

L– I want to make love with you so much Alan-Michael.

A-M– ohhhhhh Lucy

L– I want you so much

A-M– (framing her face in his hands ) Are you sure ?

L– Yes………. I’ve NEVER been more sure.

A-M–ohhhh I want you….I love you…

L–ohh you feel so GOOD ! You feel like your a part of me. (She is kissing all over his chest )

A-M– You are a part of me…..

L– Ohhh I want you ! I want to wake up beside you and I don’t want to hold back….I’ve never really made love before……I want you to show me…please….

(A-M unbuttons and unties her blouse he takes it off to her baby t-shirt. He kisses her then picks her up and carries her to the couch. He pulls Lucy on top of him…..)

A-M –(whispers ) Lucy my beautiful Lucy (while she kisses his chest)

L– I love you so much !

A-M– I love you too !

L– I know you do ! (A-M is laughing he then whispers “baby” while kissing her hair)

Suddenly Lucy jumps off him and pulls away. They are both talking fast and at once !

A-M- Wh……What……….. WHAT ?

L– OHHHH !!! I am so sorry I know this wasn’t fair !

A-M– Honey it’s OK it’s OK !

L– No it’s NOT OK ! I just got carried away and I completely forgot !

A-M–shhh……………( touching her face ) You don’t have to explain…

L– No I do…………. I want to explain…………… I HAVE TOO !!

A-M– Lucy it is OK, I UNDERSTAND !

L– How can you possibly understand ?

A-M–shhhhh……………. Lucy shhhh listen……LISTEN to me……

L– Alan-Michael I want to love you !

A-M– You do…come on…you are.

L– No I can’t …………not if I go and hurt you…

A-M– (sighing !!) You’re not going to do that all right? …There is no possible way you’re going to do that…………….. I’m not going to hurt you either !

L– No…I know you won’t hurt me…..

A-M– I know it’s hard for you to get over what Brent did to you…..

L– No…no…that’s not it….It’s not about me ! It’s what I could do to you !

A-M–………….are you worried about ?

L– YES ! YES ! I mean I can’t believe I was so thoughtless if I had kept on going then then I would have hurt you. (She is walking away from him A-M stands to stop her)

A-M– Lucy you’re not going to do that !

L– But I could ! What if that HIV test comes back positive ?

A-M– Don’t worry about that……..look…look….. !

L– How can I NOT worry about it ?!?

A-M– LUCY ! Have you EVER heard of safe sex ? I mean…that’s what this is all about

L– I know……but still….

A-M– I can take care of myself Lucy and I can protect both of us ! I can protect BOTH of us !

L– Alan-Michael if you were with somebody else you wouldn’t have to worry about it !

A-M– NO ! I don’t want to be with anybody else ! EVER !

L– (almost crying ) I want to make love with you…….so much…..

A-M– I know…

L– I’m …..just….scared…

A-M– And don’t you understand…..that I’m not….

L– How could I ever find somebody like you ?

A-M– We’re in Cracker Jack Boxes across America ,guys like us. (they both laugh) Come on…..

L– I’m serious ! I never met anyone quite like you. (They are holding each other and kissing)

A-M– I never met anyone like you either. Now you listen to me….I can wait !

L– I just don’t want to disappoint you………. I want to make you happy.

A-M— Lucy what we have is bigger then one night or any one thing ! It’s like Christmas just being with you…It’s like a forth of July fire works celebration every time I hold you in my arms……..It’s heaven to dance with you……When I reach out to touch your face. I look in your eyes and I see your smile. It feels me up inside…..all the emptiness is gone…..(Kissing her hands )

L– Do you feel cheated though ?

A-M– Where did you get that ?

L– Someone said it in my support group (Marian)

A-M– Lucy, you love me…that’s what I want. I’m the luckiest richest guy in the whole world…..Why would I ever feel cheated ? hmm (whispers ) I love you.

Closing scene they dance to “Unchained Melody” Luce stroking his hair……both of them smiling……..

“And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much. Are you still mine..I need your love…..I need your love…………… God speed your love to me”


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