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Chapter Fourteen: Wedding Bells and Happily Ever After

***A Wedding and a long awaited fit ! – Feb-May 96***

A-M and Luce are sitting in the Emergency room. A-M’s arm has been cleaned and bandaged. Lucy is still looking concerned. Uncle Ed comes back in.

L — Is he is going to be all right ?

A-M — That is the fifth time you’ve asked.

Ed — And you can ask another five times and I will still say the same thing yes…

Alan –( Comes in ) Is he going to be all right Ed ? (Laughing)

A-M– Sorry Ed !

Ed– I think so yes… I have cleaned out the wound on his arm. I have given him a couple of pints of blood and an antibiotic. So barring some unforeseen complication YES I think he’s going to be fine.

A-M– So I am going to be OK ! See, now you can stop asking. Now let’s go home…

Ed– I would …….like you to stick around tonight so I can keep an eye on you.


Alan– That’s a good idea.

A-M — Come on ! You’re ganging up on me here !

Ed –Just to make sure no infection does set in.

Lucy — You should listen exactly to what he says.

Ed– I would like to keep an eye on you too.

L– I’m fine….

A-M– (grinning ! ) Oh no, I think that is a very good idea !

L– Wh…… who is ganging up on who now ?

Ed– I’ll go check on your room.

A-M– Thanks Ed, we’ll be right there. (Alan gets up to leave ) a…..father.

Alan– Yes son ?

A-M–Listen ummm ………that money in the satchel….that wasn’t yours was it ?

L– Yeah, I’m really sorry for losing it. I just had to hit him with something.

Alan– You were magnificent Lucy. I couldn’t have put that money to better use myself….

L– Yeah, but it was a lot of money.

A-M– It was yours…

A– It was only money Son. The most important thing is that your safe. So…a…why don’t you get some rest now huh…

A-M– Thanks

Nick and Susan stop by and they all toast with champagne from Alex’s private stock. Later LAM snuggle in “their” hospital bed.

A-M– You know my father was right. You WERE spectacular. The way you held on to me in the wind and the cold.

L– I just wish I was stronger and could have held on to you better.

A-M– Hey…I’m here right…..I think you did just fine.

L– Only because of you. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come after me.

A-M– (Kisses her and whispers) Lucy Cooper……hey….. soon to be Spaulding…officially that is…

L– Right

A-M– You can do anything.

L– WE can do anything. ( They kiss and hold each other )

It is morning at Cedars Hospital and Aunt Alex is throwing a fit outside of LAM’s room ! Nick and Susan will not let her go in…..Inside the room we see a huge bouquet of red heart balloons. It’s Valentine’s Day…..under the balloons A-M and Luce are WELL on the road to recovery….

L— ( Sighs, laughs…… shyly out of breath says ) Where am I ?

A-M– (Softly touching her face ) You’re right here…you’re right here with me…it’s not a dream Lucy…we are going to be together forever. (kissing ) I can’t believe were doing this ! I feel like I’m back at the dorm.

L– Oh YEAH ? You did this a LOT back then ?

A-M– Do you REALLY want me to answer that ?



L– Just kiss me.

Back in the hallway….

Alex– Fine, fun and games is over ! I want to see for myself that my nephew is OK !

N– I am sure you do Alexandria. But listen, it is just a matter of timing.

S–When in doubt it is always best to be patient isn’t it ?

N– This is true.

S– We have been guarding the door all morning for them.

N– That’s right and that has taken a lot of patience.

S– But we think that LAM deserve some quality time.

Lillian– Look I need some MEDICAL time. I mean this. Now I believe in Romance…but I have to get some vital signs.

SNICK– (SAY LOUD SO LAM CAN HEAR ! ) OHH!! Vital signs you need to GET SOME VITAL SIGNS !! Count of three 1 -2- 3-

They open the door to see A-M snuggling under his blankies….he waves smiling with just his fingers and face showing………

Nick– Hey…we’re just checking some vital signs here….Are there any vital signs around here. (I wish Nick would have done a Groucho Marx impersonation here…it would have rocked 🙂

A-M– No no vital signs here….(Lucy pops up from under the blankets to them all laughing )

They all discuss that it is Valentine’s Day and that LAM were supposed to get married today. A-M offers to marry her in the chapel but Luce decides she will hold out for the Lady Diana type affair. So SNICK ask if it’s OK for them to get married this week. Everyone thinks it’s a great idea. They talk about getting married today. They could get married down in the chapel maybe…..Aunt Alex has a fit ! She says she will give them a lovely wedding in her home.

That evening Alex has a beautiful dinner in the Spaulding dinning room. SNICK, LAM, Alex, Alan and LAM’s little dog, Faith are there ! Alex jumps when Faith licks her knee 🙂 There is toasting and civil conversation. Alan admits that he has lost all his money that it was not recovered. A-M offers him his job back at Spaulding. Alan declines saying it was A-M’s turn to run the company. That he thought it best if he worked some place other then Spaulding now. Then Reva arrives and everyone clears the room !…..

LAM go to their bedroom at the mansion.

L– Hey, Faith did pretty well for her first Spaulding dinner wouldn’t you say ?

A-M–Yeah, she’s definitely a smart animal Aunt Alex would have come unglued if she would have seen her !

L–Yeah, I know. I guess that’s why she kept licking her knees.

A-M takes the sling off his arm. He is sitting on the bed while Luce takes off the shear blouse to reveal her little black tank. She puts Faith in the bathroom. I just adored this little black skirt set ! Luce wore it during they’re first real kiss “The kitchen Sink Scene” she wore it the night A-M proposed and now this evening as well

A-M– Come here…..(they snuggle up ) So WHEN do we get to plan our wedding ?

L– Well, just as soon as I can get it together !

A-M–OK, don’t take too long though…..we get Nick and Susan married first and then it’s our turn.

L– OK…but it’s just, big weddings are hard to plan for and you did (She starts to tickle him ! ) SAY… THAT…. I COULD…. HAVE THE….. WEDDING OF MY DREAMS !

A-M– (From the looks of it, Rick is VERY ticklish 🙂 YES–YOU–CAN– OK–I’M–AN–INJURED–MAN !! –OK !! ALL–RIGHT !! (she stops ) Yes, anything your heart desires it doesn’t matter to me.

L–What do you mean it doesn’t matter to you ?

A-M– Well I….. I think of us as all ready being married. I said those things to you in the lighthouse and I meant them.

L– So did I.

A-M– You’re here, with me Lucy. You’re safe (Kisses ) I’m NEVER going to let you go.

L–Well I’m not going anywhere. This is right where I belong.

A-M– I love you

L– I love you……That’s what kept me going the whole time I was locked up…I just kept thinking about that and that I had to come back to you.

A-M– You did..

L– (laughing) With a LOT of help from you.

A-M– We’re going to be together…

LAM– Forever and ever…

L– It’s a miracle.

A-M– Yeah it is EXACTLY like a miracle. (They kiss….)

The next scene is just a JOY ! We hear LAM’s theme song for the first time. “Hold Me”.

Luce is walking out of the bathroom. A-M is standing without his shirt on. He turns quickly hiding behind his back a red rose. He is grinning like a little boy ! He shyly shows her the rose…Luce smiles and laughs…she goes to him…. A-M touches her lips, chin, and neck with the rose…they kiss….and dance…..they go by the side of the bed……A-M takes off her black tank top…they kiss….A-M sits on the bed looking at her while she undresses….they look at each other kiss lay back on the bed…..Lucy kisses A-M’s hair running her fingers through it….as A-M kisses her neck and chest…..later under the sheets she is behind him kissing his back she … blows in his ear…..A-M laughing rolls over and they kiss…We see clasping hands and their rose on the head board…

The next day the Spaulding mansion is in the midst of major wedding preparation ! SNICK started the day by breaking all tradition and seeing each other after having slept together the night before ! 🙂 They have pancakes with everyone. Flowers are being delivered, Nick and A-M have picked up food from the towers. Alan and A-M continue to bond. Alan admitting that he is in love with Reva. A-M telling him he was sorry. ( because Reva was now married to Buzz. )

SNICK are getting down to zero hour…. A-M is running around as best man EXTRAORDINARE ! A-M was teased on his wedding music selections and is fretting around Nick like a mother hen to just get his suit on all ready ! Meanwhile Susan is dressed and beautiful in her all lace gown. Amanda is putting an antique pearl comb in her hair. Lucy has on an adorable light baby blue satin short dress with silk flowers at the back.

Luce and Susan walked down the stairs and into the living room. Wyatt ( the AIDS counselor at Cedars….the actor that played him, has since died from AIDS…..) gave Susan away. A-M standing by Nick is teasing him before the wedding starts….A-M turns and sees Luce at the top of the stairs and looks at her so proud and in love…. Nick sees Susan and she is breathtaking ! A-M takes both his hands and squeezes Nick’s shoulders ! This wedding was just BEAUTIFUL ! It reminded me of EAM’s in that we did not hear their vows we saw them say them while this fab song was played by… Stan Bush

(Rose petals are thrown into the air over the couple by LAM and the wedding guests…… Holly, Fletch, Alex, Alan, Amanda, and all of the AIDS support group. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL SCENE !) They start to toast the bride and groom.

Alex– To my Son and his beautiful new bride.

Susan– To my magnificent new mother-in-law and my wonderful family.

A-M– Well actually we call that kissing cousins ! Come over here baby ! (A-M runs over kissing her while Nick and Lucy yell……… HEY, HEY, HEY !! )

Nick–(Nick raises his champagne filled flute to toast ) Now it’s my turn !

Susan– To my husband ! (Everyone downs still MORE champagne )

Nick– OK wait a minute ! This has got to stop, because I have something to say and I need you all to be sober when I say it. I want to thank everybody for being with Susan and I today. OK……… and I…..oh man….I want to thank you for launching us off on our new lives together.

Everyone– Oh it’s a cruise !

Susan– To the cruise !!! ( more champagne is swilled back 🙂

Nick– We are starting there. But we have no idea where we might end up. I gave my notice today to my two bosses over there (Fletch and Holly ) and luckily they are my friends cause they understood.

Fletch– But we didn’t like it !

Nick–Susan and I are going to enjoy an extended, open ended, honeymoon.

Alex– Well of course you’re going to take more then a few weeks darling…

Nick–It’s going to be a lot longer then that mother. All of my adult life……….

Fletch– Since WHEN are you an adult ?!

Nick–You are THROUGH editing me Mr. Reade !

Fletch– But I’m not through toasting !

Nick– All I’ve ever done is written about life and now I think it’s about time I go out and live it. With the woman that I love more then anyone on this ENTIRE planet !

Susan– (tears in her eyes ) Me ? (LAM are looking sad and a bit stunned ! )

Nick– YEAH !

Alex– Well…ho………. how long do you think you’ll be gone darling ?

Nick– How ever long we have. Or till Susan and I get totally bored with living out of suitcases.

Susan– We’re going to go to Italy first.


Susan– We’ll send post cards. We want you all to visit us…

At this Alex leaves to cry in the powder room….A-M and Luce go to Nick and Susan.

A-M– ( tears in his eyes…big sigh… ) Are you sure you want to do this ?

Nick– It’s the best decision I’ve EVER made.

A-M– OK, well, EXPECT to see us a whole lot over there then !

Luce– You got that right !

Susan– Well you BETTER come over and see us !

L– Absolutely !!! So let’s make a toast ! To the four of us, friends forever ! (Flutes clink 🙂

Later Susan dressed in her departing clothes stands on the stairway with her bouquet demanding all the single women get over there ! A-M asks Luce if she brought her catcher’s mitt…… Then Susan DELIBERATELY throws her bouquet at Lucy ! Everyone laughs A-M saying “Thank heavens you got great hands !” LAM kiss 🙂 Then Nick and A-M hug at the door and even Nick can NOT leave his hands out of A-Ms curls !!! 🙂

A-M–I am REALLY glad we got to be friends.

Nick– Yes, so am I cuz….who would have thunk it huh ?

A-M– Now listen, just because your out of the country doesn’t mean I can’t call you and get advice about ……you know….My Father and your Mother right ?

N– Anytime, ANYTIME….but you’re not going to need it. You’re going to do just fine. (Hugs again 🙂

Cut to Susan and Luce hugging….

Susan– I’m gonna miss ya…

Luce– I’m going to miss you !

Susan– I love you Lucy.

Luce– I love you too.

Susan– Take that….(Hands her a white rose )

Nick– Let’s get out of here while we still can.

Susan– Bye everybody.

(Alex is standing there….)

Nick– Mother (kisses and hugs her ) thank you ………….I love you !

Alex– I love you.

They leave everyone yelling good-byes, good lucks, ETC. ! I was sitting there sooo bummed ! Vincent’s character “Nick” used to enrage me from time to time….. like when he went after my sweet baby’s job ! 🙂 But I adored his A-M’s and Fletcher’s newspaper days. I wished they would have let A-M and Nick’s friendship continue from that point …just too many different writers on GL in a short time….. But even though, I adored Nick with Susan. “The fab four” were a little bit of brightness in McT’s often sad and depressing situations she would throw them in. The four of them were so close and I could have watched then forever ! It made me angry too because Vincent had another 6 months left on his contract. Laib and McT told him SNICK had no storyline so they let him go ! ARRGGGG!!!!!!!! I wanted their story to go on. SNICK could have went on a few years ! This story did NOT even need to be depressing ! It could have been full of life, love and hope and I for one would have loved it !!! Vincent is now happy on AMC.

So now, I expected my couple to go back burner. I will get to see them happily planning their wedding. Lucy going shopping with Alex. Asking her maid of honor…..Bridget for advice. Flower girl shopping with Marina. A-M making behind the scenes plans for their honeymoon ! OHHHHHH GOD, I WANTED TO SEE THIS !!!!! Instead McT has the Spaulding home getting robbed at gun point and other such ridiculous plots they aren’t even worth typing the dialogue of ! Her writing was to the point of picking up the characters and throwing them in one stupid situation to the next. I could not even believe this ! The situations had NOTHING to do with who the characters were or where they were going ! My heart hurt just watching Rick and Sonia playing these scenes ! All I wanted was simple EVERYDAY things all couples do before they get married. I would have LOVED to have seen A-M and Luce packing up her bedroom at the boarding house. Lucy telling him how many nights she dreamed of making love to him on that very bed….A-M always happy to please her makes her dreams come true 🙂 ….or things like packing away her snow globe, personal things, pictures ……maybe showing him the only picture she has of her mother….sigh……LAM had in two and a half months ONE scene worth transcribing ! HANG on to your hats….this is IT !

Lucy is sitting on their bed at the Spaulding mansion (When she moved in, we do not know, but she did. Stranger still was that they were not living at the yacht where they were both most comfortable….SIGH ! ) She has every wedding specialists book ever written around her. As well as Brides and Young Brides mags….. and is taking notes. A-M tip toes in about to surprise kiss her…..


A-M– (laughing ) You nearly gave me a heart attack ! Lucy you’re on edge. Snap out of it !

L– Yeah, take a chance with the one day I’ve been dreaming about my ENTIRE LIFE ? I don’t think so !

A-M– Come on, you worry to much ! (Lucy carefully gathers up all the books and notes before A-M knocks something important off the bed ! )

L–Well with good reason ! Did you see chapter 6 ? Wedding disasters ! Did you know there are wedding bouquets that attract killer bees ? Also, not all veils are made from flame proof material. One spark from a candle and I could go up like the Hindenburg !

A-M– ummm……. sweet heart……… listen…….. you know as far as I’m concerned we’re married anyway. This wedding is for everybody else. So why don’t you just get an open bar. You hire a band and everybody is going to be happy !

L– You have no idea what this wedding means to me do you ?

A-M– No, I’m sorry, I don’t……. um why don’t you tell me….

L– It’s just …….I’ve been dreaming about this wedding ever since this time dad and I stopped in this small town. We were sitting outside at a cafeteria. I looked across the street and there was this little bridal shop. This girl and her mom were walking inside….before I knew it I started to cry ….Dad thought I was crying over the soup. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him ………That I was sad because I was never going to walk into a bridal shop with MY mom. Ever since that day I have imagined what a beautiful wedding that girl must have had. And how lucky she was to be able to plan it with her mom. My mom is gone now and even Nadine isn’t here…so it’s up to me up to me to make this perfect.

A-M– (Lovingly brushing the hair from her face ) I told you I would help you.

L–(Almost crying ) I know, but how can you help me ?……..really…I don’t even know what I want. I’ve been sitting here all afternoon making up cards hoping something would come to me. I can’t figure it out. It is hopeless it is absolutely hopeless….

A-M– (smiling sweetly ) Well, you know what, don’t worry. I got a feeling love will find away. (A-M leaves Lucy opens the books again…..ten minutes later A-M returns Luce is pouting in a chair )

L– The day of my dreams is turning into a nightmare !

A-M– No it’s not, I have taking care of EVERYTHING !

L– Maybe I am hallucinating. Chapter 48 talks about wedding stress….

A-M– Your not hallucinating. I’ve taken care of everything. I told you, I’ve hired a nuptician.


A-M– A Nuptician. They are little wedding wizards that make sure you can sit back and relax and make all of your dreams come true.

L– Really ?


L– You did that for me ?

A-M– Yeah I did that for you. The girl of my dreams I would do ANYTHING for you. (He yanks her out of the chair and into his arms ! kisses )

L– OHHH !!!! My gosh……I LOVE YOU ! I LOVE YOU ! I LOVE YOU !!!

A-M– YEAH ?! Do you really ? Do you love me enough to get me one of your famous hot chocolates ?

L– Hot chocolate ? That takes twenty minutes to make.

A-M– Yeah I know.

L– How bout instant ?

A-M– HMMMM…Now look…I am giving you your dreams. You’re going to give me a problem about a little hot chocolate ?

L–All right……….you’re weird sometimes…… you know that?

A-M–Yes…….. You’re going to make it with marshmallows right ?

L– ( laughing ) OK…..All right….marshmallows. (She heads for the kitchen. A-M looks around their bedroom)

A-M– Twenty minutes…got to move……. fast.

Twenty minutes later Luce comes in to see her sweetie pie still lighting candles… He has clear Christmas lights strung on their bedroom walls and ceiling…… roses on the nightstand….

L– Two hot chocolates coming right……….WOW

A-M– You like it ?


A-M– Well there’s more. Come here, come here, sit down right here let me have these. (He takes the hot chocolates and has her sit down on the bed )

L– I don’t believe this…you remembered the stars..

A-M– Yup, I figured that was the one constant that you did have with Buzz.

L– That’s right, I did…and I wished on the first star I saw every night.

A-M– What did you wish for ?

L–I wished for a guy I could love forever.

A-M– Well you got your wish. No matter what happens, no matter what changes….. I will love you forever..

L– And ever.. (kisses) and ever (kisses)

A-M– and ever (kisses)….Can you just stay (kisses) right here (kisses ) and don’t move I’ll be right back… (he comes back with a little tape recorder he hits play we hear “Hold Me” in guitar…..god would I LOVE to have that !!! : )

L– What’s that ?

A-M– It’s your wedding present…one of them anyway….I wrote it for you… (Lucy listens in tears ) Lucy….what’s wrong ?

L– Nothing…..It’s just, all the stars I wished on and roads that I traveled led to you. It’s perfect….you’re perfect….

A-M–(Big sweet grin ) Yeah…it is perfect (Crawls on the bed with her and they snuggle up )

L– Then when I think I know you. When I think you can’t surprise me any more you go and write a song for me !

A-M– Ahh ya see ! (laughing )

L– I fall in love with you all over again…….. Deeper and deeper.

A-M– (kisses ) That’s right….deeper and deeper………. It’s never going to stop. (They hold each other looking at their stars )

Now at LAST I thought we are going to see some wedding preparations.

To magnify the importance of SEEING this couple DELIRIOUSLY happy was the fact Rick Hearst was LEAVING (His contract was up and he was leaving the show)!

So the Nuptician was a FRUIT ! She was fired and Amanda the eccentric was put in charge. Personally after the LOVELY wedding Aunt Alex had just given her son it’s a wonder why she was not consulted ! Lucy was out on ALL the planning but the dress ! This was her and A-M’s wedding and they did not get to plan it together!

This was NOT a good GL wedding.  I have never met a LAM fan that was happy about it.   They only gave Rick and Sonia the scenes they HAD too ! The actual wedding and honeymoon ! THAT WAS IT !! Oh and We got to see Rick’s “A-M” marry her !

The Reasons Why LAM fans disliked the wedding:

1 )– This wedding was about everyone but LAM ! It was heartbreaking ! It was about the storylines revolving around the wedding, particularly Phillip’s return.

2) They used LAM’s wedding as a starting ground for Markus and Dalya ! There LAM were the night before they got married. They had them play at the closed Universal at night. Ohhh the possibilities !! We saw MORE of Darkus then LAM ! Meanwhile LAM was having a beautiful dance in the moonlight with a song A-M had written just for his Luce was cut short….!!!!

3) LAM’s wedding was a way for Philip to come back and be the CENTER of the Spaulding Family. HOW DARE THEY ?! Suddenly if someone said the word “Philip” A-M became a jealous freak ! This was insane ! He was President AND CEO of Spaulding ! No one was going to kick his butt out of that seat unless he started doing bad work……which was not going to happen ! A-M was the BEST president Spaulding EVER had ! (Spaulding Boards words !! ) Phil boy wasn’t capable of taking it from him.  Then we have the matter that A-M and Phil were very close when Phil left Springfield

3 and 1/2 ) Dr. Rick came to the wedding ! WHY ?!?!? Well he is Philip’s best friend don’t ya know. He is A-M’s cousin but they were NEVER close since his return to Springfield ! What the HELL about Uncle Ed ? He was A-M’s surrogate Father. He had to work…..What about Michelle ? She WORSHIPPED A-M for most of her life ! Then we have Dr. Rick finding fault with A-M for not asking Phil to the wedding ! Telling him how he had gotten EVERYTHING that was handed to him since Phil wasn’t in town. There Rick stands picking a fight with A-M On A-M’s wedding day ! But that is just it ! IT WAS A-M’s WEDDING DAY !!! Not Phil’s.

4 ) LAM’s wedding day was a time for it to be revealed yet AGAIN that A-M could never trust his Father ! PLEASE !!!!!! A-M immediately forgave his Father for helping Brent Lawrence because Alan had helped him and Lucy get a way from him. Poor Alan lost $$$$$$ ! SO WHAT !!! Did this mean he was destitute ?  HE HELPED THE MAN THAT RAPED LUCY !!! What Alan did to him and Luce was a lot worse then that ! It would have been a LOT more interesting for storyline purposes if A-M didn’t forgive him ! To top it all off A-M asked his FATHER to be his best man ?! Could Nick not have been flown in ? What about Ed ? WHAT ABOUT ED !?!

5 ) LAM’s wedding was a time to show that Buzz was beyond putting his daughter above a “blonde Amish Princess” he knew less then 10 months ! WHY did REVA need to be there ? Could she have not stayed in Springfield and run the diner ?……no…… we needed her to be in a car accident that night !……Thank GOD we didn’t have to see Josh ,Annie and the kids too ! …..SIGH ! We needed to hear Buzz and Alan fight at LAM’s rehearsal dinner and wedding. Difficult having romantic scenes and loving feelings with that going on ! Buzz can be a jerk but BUZZ WORSHIPPED his little girl ! How sad so much time was wasted on this…….

6 ) LAM’S wedding was a time when Fifth Street was spoken about more then the wedding taking place. We did not see or hear about the gifts they received ! We never saw what gifts they gave to each other. A-M had even MENTIONED he had a FEW gifts to give her………nothing….. We heard about Fifth Street in every single scene !

7 ) LAM is one of the most ROMANTIC couples. That believed sentiment meant more then expense spent more $$$$ on this wedding then ever needed be. LAM had all ready PROVEN to us all they needed was a gate to say their vows through. We were there !! WE believed !!! Now for some reason we needed GLITZ !

8 ) After the wedding we had PHILIP come in right after. They didn’t even get a first peaceful toast…..we got the vows…..then we got the “Philip Spaulding Story” ! To make matters EVEN WORSE they freeze framed on PHIL at the end of the show! Our couple’s wedding day ! Phil is the center attraction ! Phil takes various family members one at a time to a small room and chats with them while LAM is having their reception ! So we didn’t even get to stay at the reception ! We get to instead watch Phil commiserate on how he was done wrong !

9 ) The honeymoon ! They are on the yacht. Rick had less then a month left……we got four scenes…..honeymoon night and morning….skinny dipping……talk about their dream home. Then we got day after day of them in a storm fighting life and death. A-M and Luce trapped in water. A-M barely keeping his head above water. A-M bravely tells Luce to go back to the control room so she will not have to watch him die !

10 ) The NEW Angel in town ! God does not send an angel to help when Luce is being raped, stalked or held kidnapped….He does send an angel for a Fifth Street story ! Brody you’re a sweetie, but I wish your “Zach” would have landed in someone else’s storyline !

11 ) Why recast Alan-Michael?  Sonia Satra’s contract was up in another two months ! LAM could have left Springfield together ! The sickest thing of all was after the recast they never used the couple ! It should have been handled carefully not thrown at us ! If we could have just had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon…then LAM went away for a month and returned with a new A-M it would not have been as jarring…….But there BIGGEST mistake in the recast was the changing of the character. NEVER I SAY NEVER ATTEMPT THIS ! Enter the innocent LAMB……. Michael Dietz. That his acting was OK but …what he was saying and doing was all wrong….. The writers thought this would be an EXCELLENT time to show A-M’s MEAN, ROTTEN UNDERHANDED SIDE ! But missed thepoint of the character ! A-M was not ONE thing at any ONE time ! They had Michael do things A-M would never do like having A-M LIE to Lucy ! Something that A-M and Luce never did….They were always honest with each other. They had A-M set up an innocent Philip and waste MILLIONS of Spaulding’s dollars ! A-M LOVED Spaulding ! He would not destroy the company to hurt Philip ! Worst of all they put LAM at each other’s throats ! Spaulding and his jealousy of Philip became A-Ms ONLY focus ! It was like….LAM are married so A-M can be a ruthless BASTARD now……

Now Back to the Transcipt….

*****Happily Ever After*****

The Evening before LAM’S wedding they have a dinner party at the Peabody Hotel. There is toasting, cigar sucking and fighting about Fifth Street. As the party breaks up Frank and Luce say their goodnights….

Luce– Hey…I just want to say thanks for everything..

Frank–Hey…come on…..listen…….. WOW ! Tomorrow you’re going to be Mrs. Alan-Michael Spaulding ! Do you believe it ?

L– (Both Laughing ) NO ! How bout that huh….

F– Well it took a long time to get there…But you did it. You held on and beat the odds. You came up smelling like the rose you always are. Now look at you ! Look at how happy you are…I can see it in your face and your eyes !

L– Well I am BLISSFULLY happy !

F–Sweetie you deserve it !

L– I guess there is just one thing that I wish….that a…. well…..Nadine could have been there and seen those ducks going down the red carpet…..

F– Come on….don’t be worrying about Mom right now she is always around….Lucy she’s your guardian angel….she’s always going to be there anytime your in trouble. She will be right there for ya.

L– Thanks ….that’s true….I believe that…

F– Well you better cause it’s true ! (Kisses and hugs) Ohhhh I’m sooo happy for you ! See you in the morning….. OK ? It will be a great day !

LAM say goodbye to all their guests then go to Universal at night. The park is closed but money being no object……. Mr. Spaulding is able to go in with his “lady in red”. They walk around the empty park talking, laughing, enjoying the flowers. On the Walk of Fame A-M takes Lucy in his arms.

A-M– May I have this dance ?

Luce– Well, I don’t hear any music.

A-M– That’s because you have to listen with your heart.

***(Ruth’s added story ) A small string quartet starts playing “Hold Me” they start to dance A-M sings…… “Hold me… Don’t be afraid now….. this is our world and no one can come inside. Look in my eyes. These eyes have loved you, missed you, now there yours so hold me like you never have before.” A-M picks her up and swings her.

Lucy– (laughing out of breath ) You know…… someday we will bring our children here and I will tell them how their father romanced me in this park the night before we married.

A-M– Do you think that’s a good idea…….our daughter may get ideas ?

L– Well I want our son to have some ideas……I want him to be just like his father. Not afraid to be tender, gentle and sweet. I love you so much Alan-Michael. I never thought I would be able to trust again….. or that anyone would want me…..I am so lucky.

A-M– No, we are both lucky. You are everything to me Lucy. I swear you always will be. You know……all my life I wanted to feel like I belonged to a family. I can’t wait for us to be our own family. Where everyone is loved and safe. I just hope….. I will be able to give you as much as you have given me.

L– You already have. I feel safe, loved, beautiful…..what more could I want ?

A-M– What about a keepsake…….(A-M reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small silver pinkie ring ) This belonged to my mother. She gave it to me the day I went to boarding school. I don’t know who that day was harder on… or her. She told me it was so I could keep a part of her with me always. It doesn’t fit me anymore. So I wanted to give it to the other………. most important woman in my life…..

L– (tears in her eyes ) This was your mother’s ? Oh Alan-Michael…….I wonder how she could send you away. You were such a beautiful, sensitive little boy…….I just know it.

A-M– My father was sure my mother was coddling me too much. That in order for me to be a Spaulding I should toughen up. Be more like him……one of the many things he…It was a long time ago……..I

L–I will wear it always ! But instead of it standing for a little boy missing his mother it will be for my promise that our children will be with both of us always……(kisses) I love you so much. I can’t wait to have your baby.

They continue dancing to various tunes when they stop at a little table that is set with champagne, fruit, and caviar. They toast each other then continue exploring the park. Some of the rides have remained open. Just for their use. They get on a boat that goes around a lighthouse in a fishing village. Lucy sees the lighthouse and starts to cry. 

BOTH OF THEM LAUGH !!!! They happily leave that area and go on some more pleasant rides. They meet up with Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and Marilyn Monroe……They all drink more champagne and dance…….various shots are taken before they return to the hotel.

A-M– Your room Madame

Lucy– You sure you don’t want to stay ? I doubt I will be able to sleep without your arms around me.

A-M– Ill be hugging a pillow tonight ya know……Stop tempting me ! I want to stay, but let’s wait for tomorrow night………Kiss me baby and go to bed (soft kisses )

*****WEDDING DAY – May 17, 1996*****

A-M has reserved the park for his guests. They have a ball riding rides and eating cotton candy at the Beetle Juice show. Evening is approaching fast so they decide they must get ready for their wedding. The women and the guys pull LAM apart telling them it is time to get ready.

Later LAM meet in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. They ran away from everyone for a quiet moment before the ceremony.

A-M–Here wait wait WAIT !!!! Look……no family anywhere !

L– A-M we CAN’T do this ! We are supposed to be getting ready for our wedding !

A-M– I couldn’t leave you like that…… everyone pulling us in different directions.

L– I KNOW ! I didn’t want to say goodbye to you either.

A-M– Do you realize this is the last time we’re going to see each other before it’s actually official ?

L– I know I KNOW !! (Quiet screams !!! ) My heart is beating a hundred miles a minute.

A-M–You are soooo BEAUTIFUL !

L– I think you’re supposed to save that line for the dress.

A-M– OK…then I’ll tell you when I see you in the dress. I’ll tell you when I see you OUT of the dress. I’m going to be telling you every day for the rest of my life !!

L– (laughing and kisses ! ) That’s what I LOVE about you !!! OK ……we HAVE to go NOW ! Otherwise they are going to think we went AWOL !

A-M– OK ! All right. See you in the movies…….our movie ! bye (Kisses) good bye.

Lucy makes it back to her room to find Alex, Eleni and Amanda pacing the floor ! She gets ready all but for the walking into the dress  She starts to decide on her jewelry. She already knows she is wearing the silver ring A-M gave her……. in fact that will never leave her hand. Let’s see……. also Nadine’s locket……she pulls it out of her travel case touching it softly. Inside is a picture of her Mom and Dad…..”Nadine and Buzz”. Eleni sits down beside her.

Eleni– Oh you brought Nadine’s locket !

L– Oh yeah….could you help me put it on though cause my hands are sooo shaky !

E– Of course. Nadine would love this place !

L– She would have been on all the rides, TWICE !

E– She would have made friends with everybody…ticket takers, busboys.

L–Can’t you just see her exchanging shopping tips and polka dotted earrings ?

E– Nadine is here Lucy.

L– I know she is. I feel her with me all the time. I always feel safer when I wear this. Just like she always said I would.

Alex and Amanda come over to the vanity Amanda hands her a satin box.

Amanda– Lucy, my father asked me to give this to you with all his love.

Lucy– Oh my gosh it’s GORGEOUS ! ( Diamond bracelet )

Amanda– He said it belonged to his mother.

Lucy– Ohhhhh Alan-Michael’s Grandmother ! Thank you it’s beautiful !

Amanda– It can be your something old.

L– That’s great cause Eleni gave me the handkerchief she carried when she married Frank. So I have something old and something borrowed.

Alex– Here is something new and blue.

L– (Lucy gasps when she sees the diamond surrounded sapphires ! ) Sapphire earrings…..thank you Alex !!

Alex– You and A-M deserve to be so happy darling !

L– Well, with all this love around here how could we go wrong ? (group hug ! )

Alex– Well you’re the one that brought a lot of love to us ! I knew from the FIRST moment you were exactly what this family needed !

L– (Laughing ) A little more trouble huh ?

Alex– Darling, you’re honest, courageous, you’re straight through and through and you stay that way cause A-M is going to need you.

Flash to A-M trying to get ready ! (Don’t know about you all, but the SECOND I saw him in that red tie and vest I was crying ! When the HELL did he ever look more beautiful ?!?!? SIGH 🙂

Frank and Alan are pulling him this way and that. He looks like he is about to run from the room !

Frank– (Trying to tie his tie ) Stand still let me do this !

A-M– I can tie my own tie !

Alan– You better hold still or I’m going to slap you senseless with this clip on !

A-M– I HAVE to button up first !

Alan– Here put the vest on !


Alan– Will you JUST hold still for a SECOND !

(Dr. Rick comes in and Alan and Frank yell their hellos !)

A-M– I’m TRYING !!! Oh thank GOD you’re here !

Dr. R– What time’s the hanging ?

Flash back to Luce who now has on her gown. Eleni, Alex and Amanda can not take their eyes off her ! They all pour champagne while Luce gives a toast. They drink and there is a knock on the door. Eleni answers the door. She turns with tears in her eyes telling everyone to leave, it is Lucy’s Daddy. They leave and Buzz walks up slowly in awe of his beautiful little girl.

Buzz– I…a……for the first time in my life I don’t have any….words….

L– (tears in her eyes ) Really ?


L– I can’t believe this is finally happening !

B– Oh believe it. Believe you are the most beautiful bride that ever walked down any aisle….believe that Alan-Michael is the luckiest man that ever lived …..believe…..believe that I’m VERY proud to be your father.

L– Well I’m very proud to be your daughter !

B– Even if I’m the most exasperating man on the face of the earth ?

L– I wouldn’t change a hair on that exasperating head of yours ! I’m really glad you’re here. It means everything to me. (They hug and kiss ) The wedding starts when a stretch limo delivers the Bride and her Father on to the red carpet leading to the Pantages Theater. There are people lining the carpet like fans at a movie premiere. Lucy walks down the red carpet as flash bulbs flash and everyone applauds. “Hold Me” is Played by an orchestra. The marquee reads…..


Buzz kisses his little girl. Lucy is hooked to a movie crane and ascends to the roof of the marquee. A-M takes her hand and helps her to the roof. As the ceremony begins Lucy stands looking and listening so carefully to the minister…..A-M is hearing nothing but is enchanted and looking at his bride ! They say the standard I do’s together…then their own……

L– I told you a long time ago that someday we would get married. I know what you thought when I said it….that I had a LOT of nerve….or that I was nuts ….or both ! (laughing ) But I knew even then….that this day would happen. Even before we were both ready for it….It was something in your eyes…..something that told me you were the right man out of all the men in the entire world. That YOU were the one for me. I don’t know if it was the gentleness…..or that fire…..or the feeling that I could really trust you. Maybe it was just the fact that they were the most gorgeous eyes I ever saw in my entire life ! (A-M looks down shyly …..and yes Lucy they are…. But I knew even then EXACTLY what I know now. That as long as I can stare into those eyes I’ll have everything I ever wanted. I am a VERY lucky woman…………… and I love you Alan-Michael.

A-M– (taking deep breaths trying not to cry…..) What you saw in my eyes was love that’s all. I ran away from it. I fought it. I tried…… just about everything I could to scare you off ……….and being you….(laughing ) you just wouldn’t listen…..and thank God that you didn’t…..We said our vows to each other once before….when we thought our lives were about to end……We thought we only had a few moments left and if we were going to leave this world we were going to leave it together…..Now…. I gotta be honest with you….I thought this wedding would be sorta anticlimactic after all that. But it’s not…it’s different….it’s magical…’s better. It’s better because we have …..just about everyone we love here with us ! Lucy…….. this place is about dreams……turning them into reality….I wanted……(starts to cry ) I wanted you to know that you gave me……ALL my dreams ! You are my dream…you are my life….you are my soul ! You know that thing about the stars you have ? Guess what… I got it too….your the star. Your the star of my life Lucy ! And I love you.

Minister– (Who is Rick’s best bud in real life 🙂 Take these rings and place them on each others fingers as a symbol of your vows.

Laughing they put on their rings !

Priest– I now pronounce you husband and wife. Now I usually say…… you may kiss the bride…..but I think it is more appropriate here to say….ACTION !

LAM kiss and fire works shoot off in the sky  They both descend from the roof. Lucy asks where the reception will be and they walk over to Mel’s dinner !

A doo-wop group starts to sing a slow version of “Hold Me” they begin dancing and A-M stops them…..

A-M– Wait a second guys….it’s really nice…beautiful , it’s just a little….a…..I don’t know can you pick it up a little ? A little bit of swing ? (They start to snap their fingers and the guys sing faster ) AHHH!!!! That’s it !

LAM skip out to the street and fast dance with A-M picking Luce up and spinning her…..Buzz comes out with an Apron over his tux and dances with Reva. Eleni and Frank dance. Dr. Rick comes out and dances with his imaginary date ! Afterwards a first toast is started by Alan and interrupted by “The Phil” !

LAM continue dancing and drinking champagne…..The diner serves Lobster and Filet minion and other things no diner on the planet has….like crepe suzette and 500 dollar bottles of champagne which are going fast ! Buzz cuts in to dance with his daughter.

B– You look happy ! You look young….you look GROWN UP !

L– I am ! And I’m happy because this is the happiest day in my entire life !

B– Oh…you’re kidding me ! Better then the time I took you to that all night Cary Grant film festival and you ate six bags of popcorn ? Better then that ?!?

L– Yeah….believe it or not…a LOT better !

B– Stay this happy forever and I’ll never ask you for another thing I swear.

L– Really ? Promise ?

B– Sorta

L– I love you

B– Oh I love you more !

At the cake cutting and feeding Lucy gets A-M good to the cheers of the guests. But now it is A-Ms turn

A-M– You know what ?……sweetie….honey…..I think you’re so pretty that you would look good in a mustache !! (He takes frosting and draws a mustache with handlebars on her face then kisses it off 🙂 OK all right….FRIENDS FAMILY AND ANYBODY ELSE THAT WANTS TO HEAR ! Because I would love to shout it to the entire world ! But I can’t cause I have icing all over my face ! (Lucy wipes his mouth ) It’s OK……don’t worry about it…..PLEASE I would like for you all to lift a glass of champagne here so I can toast MY BRIDE ! If they are empty just fill them up because the champagne is on my Father here…. This is the formal beginning of Lucy and my life together. LOOK EVERYBODY I GOT THE GIRL !!! It was a very long road. Somewhere along the way I had to take a look at how I lived my life and how it was going to go from here. There was a time that I believed the only way to survive in this family was to eat or be eaten. To get or be gotten ! Let me tell you something…. That is NO way to live ! Lucy has shown me that. She has shown me it doesn’t have to be that way. Truth is….Lucy has showed me just about everything that is good in my life. I love her for that….I love her for everything ! I love you Lucy…….(kisses ) I don’t think there is any way I could not live the rest of my life without you……and the good news is…. now I don’t have to !

Everyone– YEAH !!! (LAM kiss)

A-M– OK… it time for the honeymoon yet ?

Eleni– No not quite……no one is going anywhere till Lucy throws her bouquet and A-M throws the garter !

A-M– (This is a GREAT moment !!! ) GARTER ?!?!? You’ve got a garter on ?!?!?!

L– (Smiles looks down shyly then ornery as hell says ) I guess you’ll just have to look and see !

A-M– “OHHH !!!!” (Buzz looks irritated as “Alan-What’s His Name” milks this moment for ALL it is worth ! As A-M goes up Lucy’s dress Buzz starts to look down embarrassed……A-M with in ear to ear grin says. “It’s OK…..I can call you DAD now right ?!?!”

He retrieves the garter and slips it off her leg. Alan catches it. Then the ladies gather for the bouquet. Alex and Amanda both catch it……Alex refuses it and Amanda tries to hand it to her….it was treated like it had poison ivy in it and ripped to bits…

LAM then run to a chauffeured classic car…… They wave and kiss while the family waves and cheers. They arrive at the Yacht which I thought was a PERFECT place for their honeymoon night ! It was great to see A-M’s bedroom for the very first time 🙂 You hear them laughing in the hallway as A-M carries her to his room.

L–You know you really don’t have to do this !

A-M– Oh YES I do. I’m not tempting fate I’m going STRICTLY by the rules.

L–ouch ! watch out for my veil !

A-M– Sorry, sorry ! I seem to have my hands full could you get the door right here.

They come in the room Lucy in his arms. Candles are lit, champagne on ice, roses, caviar.


A-M– Good and now that we are over the threshold…….(Closes the door with great finesse and sweeps her gingerly across the floor…into her home.) You’re home Mrs. Spaulding.

L– (beaming ! ) I can’t believe you brought the yacht down here.

A-M- (beaming back ) Ohhhh I’d do ANYTHING for you sweetheart.

L– It’s so perfect !

A-M–Now you see…that is EXACTLY what I was going for too…..perfect. Just like the rest of our lives. (they kiss )

Lucy goes to the bed and gets on it…she picks up the rose smelling it while A-M starts to open the champagne.

L– And a rose….just like our first time ?

A-M– You like it ? (grinning sweetly )

L– I can’t get over you !

A-M– GOOD cause you’re NOT gonna get rid of me ! (champagne cork pops A-M fills the flutes while singing to himself 🙂

L– (Luce is savoring a huge strawberry off a silver tray ) mmmmmm oh my gosh you have to taste these they are incredible !

A-M– All right. I’ll be right there ( he kicks off his shoes champagne in hand. )

L– Come here quick….

A-M– OK here we go (Luce feeds him this last of her strawberry ) mmm mmm !! VERY good !

( They both admit that they are starving and continue feeding each other. A-M feeds her some caviar then some berries sipping champagne in between.. then follows that with some kisses )

L– ahhh now THAT goes best with champagne !

A-M– ( smiling ) it gets MY vote !

L–Did I happen to thank you for giving me the most perfect wedding of my dreams ?

A-M– I thought we were going to eat.

L– ( knowing smile 🙂 Well I want to thank you first. (they both laugh ) You know I dreamt of being in the movies since I was a little girl. When I got out of the limo and saw that marquee with my name on it and Happily Ever After….ohhh it STILL gives me chills !

A-M– You mean we were a hit ?

L– We were a SMASH !! It was perfect….except for Philip.

A-M– He knows how to make an entrance doesn’t he ?

L– Are you mad at me for letting him stay ?

A-M– No…. there is nothing you can do to make me mad at you. ( soft exquisite kisses ) let me move the food cart (He moves it then kisses her deeply ) mmmmmmm

L– wait….wait

A-M– What ?

L–I want to get out of this dress…

A-M– (BIG GRIN ) ohhhhh you’ll get NO argument from me !

L– (laughing ) No no….I picked out an outfit. It took me TWO WEEKS to figure out what to wear and I don’t want to waste it. So you stay right her and I’ll be RIGHT back !

A-M– OK I won’t move.

L– a…..oh……

A-M– What’s wrong ?

L–Well I forgot…it took Eleni about a half hour just to get me buttoned into this….I need a little help.

A-M– (A-M is in his element with that “take the garter off grin” all over his kisserOhhhh !!! Well that is EXACTLY what husbands are useful for ! Getting into all those hard to reach places ! Here we go sweetie…

L– I knew I could count on you !

A-M– Now……now …now I got it.

L– (Lucy is shyly looking down ) I know ……they’re…kinda hard ….

A-M– (smiles sweetly and is charmed that Lucy is still so shy with him ….every bit the blushing bride) I got it….look at that….it’s a piece of cake ! (He kisses her shoulder )

L–Very good…I got it (Lucy is holding her dress to herself she starts to head to the bathroom to change )

A-M– Wow …..wait a minute….a…. one sec…you want me to help you with that ?

L– No..I…I…

A-M– Are you sure ? I mean there are a couple more I still have to do…

L– I– I –think I can get it..

A-M– Your almost undone Luce…

L– a…yeah…in more ways then one… I’ll be right back…

A-M– (smiling softly ) OK

So A-M waits….and waits…and waits….he moves the food from their bed. Looks around the room. He starts to pace a little….now HE is getting nervous !! 🙂 He shouts back to the bathroom…..

A-M– Need any help ? He walks over to get more champagne for both of them. Lucy enters the room in a cream lace nightgown set….

L– As a matter of fact I do.

L– Does it fit.

A-M– um (big smile)…… a maybe you should come over here……under the light….

L– Yeah…..lights important (she takes off the robe and goes to him )

A-M– You’re incredible……I love you Mrs. Spaulding. ( He touches her face softly )

L– I love you Mr. Spaulding. ( she kisses his hand)

They sit on the bed Lucy unbuttons his shirt…A-M runs his hand slowly up that beautiful cream silk from her leg…. to her waist…… up her back….. to her shoulder . He touches Lucy’s face looking at her lips smiling…..he touches them softly with his finger….teasing her with his finger watching her lips part in anticipation….once, twice, three times before kissing her. As he kisses her he runs his finger tips around her lips down her face….They lay back on the bed that has beautiful silver satin sheets on it. Lucy starts to kiss his chest…..A-M expertly reaches behind his back grabs a red rose….he runs it seductively across her lips down her back…..Lucy starts to laugh they are both smiling when they kiss. The rose tickling her down her back she moves right into A-M. That image, of the red rose in A-M’s French cuffed hand down cream satin ….at any point of tape was suitable for a frame….just beautiful !

The next morning A-M brings Mrs. Spaulding breakfast in bed. They decide they will charter the first leg of the trip themselves. A-M takes her to the Florida keys. They go skinny dipping at Crescent Kay. A small deserted island.


Chapter Thirteen: Alan-Michael to the Rescue

***** Light House Hell – February 1996 *****

Nick and Susan are waiting to hear some news on Marian and Luce at the hospital.

Susan — Ohhh where is Lucy ? I thought she would be here by now…

Nick — Unless Marian.

Susan– Unless nothing ! Marian is in jail by now I know she is.

Nick– I wish we knew that for sure.

Cut to A-M walking up the hall…he almost bumps into a nurse and apologizes. He looks like hell. He is barely together, but knows he has got to tell SNICK about the Luce.

A-M –(takes a deep breath before he enters ) Hey !


A-M– I came as soon as I found out. (A-M hugs and kisses Susan) Welcome back to us ! How are you ?

Susan– I’m good…how are you…Boss ?

N– What’s going on ? It looks like you’ve been up all night. Did they arrest Marian ?

A-M– No Marian was never arrested. A…… we got to the club and she wasn’t there.

S– Oh no.

A-M– As a matter of fact Marian never existed.

S–What ?

N– Like HELL she didn’t ! She tried to destroy our lives. She tried to kill Susan !

A-M– No…Brent Lawrence tried to kill Susan and now he’s got Lucy. ( A-M is crying)

N– Brent Lawrence was Marian ? Well that would explain why she….HE would be going after Lucy.

S– And why Marian could over power me so easily at Company.

N– HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN ? I mean how could we not know !

A-M– He fooled everyone Nick ! I mean even my cousin Rick Bauer….he wouldn’t have known……… except he examined her after Lucy hit Marian with her car.

N– I knew Marian was out of it…but I never would have dreamed….

A-M– WELL WHO COULD YA KNOW ?!?! Brent’s SICK he’s TWISTED ! You know you were very smart to stay by Susan’s side. I think you should probably still do that…for awhile…

N– Look, there has got to be something I can do for you from here !

A-M– Yes, there is something Cousin you can man the phones.

N– OK you got it. Who do you want me to call ?

A-M– Call the Journal and you want to find out everything you can about Brent’s so CALLED DEATH. I mean……… the police ( A-M is looking down at his shoes kicking something on the floor unable to look at Nick or Susan ) are doing everything that they can. They have tracked down the doctor that signed the death certificate. Brent’s sister and everything…but they may have …you know…turned up something.

N–Wait a minute…this might be a long shot but it may help !

A-M– No anything, anything.

N– About a year ago I interviewed a guy named John Paul Slate. He is an expert on aberrant criminal behavior. Now if I give him a call and let him know what Brent is doing He could maybe look at everything and tell else if there are any clues to what he might do next…

A-M– Yeah…..(Falling apart)….that’s ….great.

Susan– Alan-Michael DON’T ! Don’t think about it ! Just think about Lucy coming home to you.

A-M– (crying) What if she is already… know……..

S– You can’t give up hope ! Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

A-M– I don’t know how I am going to live life with out her ! (Nick is rubbing his back ) I love Lucy so much I can’t think of her not being here ! DAMN IT ! We were supposed to get married this month. I want to see her walk down that isle ! I want to slip a ring on her finger and kiss her in a blizzard of bird seed. ! I want a life with Lucy…I want a house…a cat a dog and EVERYTHING !! Ohhhhhhh if I lose Lucy !

S– You won’t lose her A-M.

A-M–But Brent’s got her ! This is the guy that raped her ! I can’t imagine what kind of hell she is going through and I can’t HELP her !

S– Alan-Michael…..listen to me ! Where ever Lucy is she is not alone. She has got you in her heart ! Your love is going to help her get through this ! Just like Nick’s love gave me the strength to come back to him !

N– (His hand on A-Ms shoulder while he cries ) She knows what she’s talking about A-M. You can believe her.

A-M leaves the hospital. He goes to Spaulding and helps the police go through Marian’s office. They find his private file in his computer. They can assess it by using the code name “LUCY”. On this file Marian comes on the computer screen and says “Today the role of Marian Crane is played by Brent Lawrence. That’s right folks. I’m BAAACK and I have Lucy. Where you ask….stay tuned.” Cut back to the light house


Brent– What’s wrong Lucy it’s been a long time. Aren’t you glad to see me ?

Lucy– (Crying ) Your supposed to be dead you HAVE to be dead !

B– I faked my death. I faked Marian so I could be here with you. Now I am here in the flesh and I’m ALL YOURS !!

Lucy– Stay away from me ! Stay AWAY FROM ME !!! NOOOOOO

B– Scream once for yes twice for no…I’m worried about you Lucy you seem upset on edge ! Try to calm down relax. Let me help you. How bout a nice back rub ? Marian was so good at those remember ?

L– STAY AWAY FROM ME !!! Lucy runs back to the top of the light house trying to get away.

B– There is no way out there Lucy ! Well, she can run, but she can’t hide. Ready or not here I come !

L– HELP CAN ANYBODY HEAR  ME PLEASE !?!?! ( She keeps screaming ! )

B– Scream all you want no one can here you ! No one can help you ! It is just you and me ! So lets make the most of it !

L– I would rather be dead then to let you touch me again !

B– Don’t move !

Brent comes towards her and Lucy climbs on the top of the railing preparing to jump ! He pulls her down and gets on top of her ! Luce Kicks him And runs back down the light house steps. She shuts the gate and tries to get out the door.

B– You little slut ! You can’t win. I won’t let you, your mine Lucy ! ALL MINE !! You better start behaving yourself young lady ! Your little high wire act almost ruined my plans ! No more games, no more taking charge ! You don’t decide when you die I do ! I won’t let you ruin MY plan ! ( He throws her on the bed )


B– You don’t think I wore makeup and panty hose just for the fun of it ! Marian was the means to an end.

L– Well I CARED about Marian !

B– (Marian’s voice ! ) Yes I KNOW dear !

L– I helped her, I tried to make her feel wanted and included !

B– You were an angel Lucy, an absolute angel !

L– I confided in her, I told HER things that other people didn’t know.

B– Like how you and your Fiancee did the “wild thing” in front of a roaring fire ?

L– So why are you going through all this trouble huh ? Is this just all a twisted joke ?

B– Lucy, your just TOO MUCH !!! You are just hoping against hope that I killed three people and kidnapped you as part of a juvenile prank ? I worked hard on this. I almost HATE to see you go !

L– So your doing all of this because I told people you raped me ?

B–I am doing all this because you LIED that I raped you ! I lost my job….YOU SET ME UP ! SO I SET YOU UP !!! Now I am going to use you for an example for all the sluts out there that say no and mean yes ! Trust me, your punishment will fit your crime and then your GOING to die !! It’s MY TURN LUCY ! I’m calling the shots from now on. UNDERSTAND ? (Luce shakes her head yes ) Good girl, save your strength your going to need it for later. Fun and games are just beginning……

Lucy gets up and sits by the window…….you hear her thoughts and this beautiful memory..

L– The fog is too thick to see Spaulding or the boat. But I know you’re out there Alan-Michael. I know you’re out there…….

A-M–Lucy, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes when you’re asleep I lean over to look at you and I think … beautiful you are. Some people are beat by what life throws at them. But you have taken the good with the bad and come out a winner. I can’t get over you Lucy. Your strength….your spirit…your courage… know what I do everyday ? I thank God I didn’t lose you…We’re a keeper Lucy. Nothing and no one can change that…… I love you Lucy…..I always will.

L–I love you too.

Lucy stands and walks to the bed she gets under the covers saying “Alan-Michael where ever you are. I’m coming back to you ! I’m going to survive this. I’m NOT going to be a victim again ! Never again…..I will do what ever it takes….what ever it takes !”

The next day Brent shows up bringing her his fave sandwich…. peanut butter and pickles. Brent’s mind games continue. Finally Lucy has had enough and starts calling him names.

B– Please Lucy tell me how you REALLY feel !

L– You’re a bastard ! An idiot ! You’re a scum a coward !!

B– Tell me MORE MORE !!!

L– You’re a loser that’s it ! A LOSER !!!

B– Don’t………… DON’T call me that !!! Don’t say that !

L– A LOSER A PATHETIC ( Brent starts to hear his Mother’s voice. He begins to cower and protect his head with his hands ) JUST LIKE I HAVE ALWAYS SAID YOU’RE PATHETIC !!!!!


MOM– You’re a BAD BOY BRENT !!!

L– Cowards prey on women Brent. They trick them and they trap them. They give them drugs or alcohol….

Mom–You’re NOT GOING TO STOP ARE YOU ? You’re going to keep right on till I have to get the BELT ! Aren’t you ?

L– You’re a loser. You are the lowest!……..

Mom– Why do you make me have to hurt you Brent ? You always mess up….

B– No….. no…. no…..stop….. stop no don’t say that.

L– I’ll stop if you let me go….

Mom–Bring me the belt !!

Brent grabs Lucy and shakes her ! Screaming NOOOOOOO !!

L– What about your Mother Brent ?

B– Drop it….Lucy leave it alone….

L–Did she do things to you ? You can tell me …….

B–(almost crying ) I said leave it alone……

L– What did your Mother do…?

B– (Almost a whisper ) drop it…..

L– Did she say things to you ? Things like I just said….some mean and awful things ?

B– I don’t want to talk about it….

L– So what ever happens, you don’t have to feel afraid or ashamed. Because you were a victim too.

He quietly backs in to the stair well and pulls the ornate gate closed.

B–I don’t want to talk about it….

L–So what ever happens you don’t have to be afraid or ashamed…cause you were a victim too. Only I didn’t do it. It was your Mother that did it. So you wouldn’t want to take this out on me would you…..? Because I was your friend…..remember ? When you were Marian…and I helped you. I could help you now if you let me…..You don’t have to do this Brent. No matter what your mother did. You can change things now. You can….

B– We can talk about my childhood another time. (He gets up no longer afraid and heads towards the door ) Right now I want to make sure A-M joins our little party !

L– No BRENT NOT Alan-Michael ! NOOOOO !!!

Meanwhile at the police station Nell dumps the contents of “Jane Doe’s” personal affects. She mentions to Frank that she was married and there is an inscription on the ring. Frank picks it up and reads the inscription saying…..”This ring is my Mothers.”

Levy– That ring belonged to your mother ?

Frank– This is the bracelet I bought her last Christmas. I was in a hurry. I….. a went to the nearest department store and there must have been a hundred like it…..a ….she told me she loved it anyway.

Levy– These other pieces….did they belong to Nadine ?

Frank– There’s no way ! There is no way that body down there is my Mother !

Levy– That women had been in the water a long time Frank.

F– I know what happened ! Mom was robbed ! That’s what it is right ? That woman down there stole all her jewelry from my Mom ! She robbed her ! Isn’t that what happened ?!? Its possible….

Nell — Yes Frank it’s possible…

F– Ill prove it ( He starts to head to the morgue. Nell and Levy stop him saying they must follow procedure. “Who was Nadine’s dentist we need to call for her dental records…..”)

We see Frank later standing outside the diner in the pouring rain. In his hand is the envelope with his mother’s jewelry. He is crying trying to find the strength to tell Buzz. Buzz sees him and is terrified…..his first thoughts are of his daughter…

Buzz– Frank ? It’s not Lucy ?

Frank– No Dad it’s not Lucy….

Buzz– (Hugging him tightly ) Oh thank God !!

The diner door closes and we see them through the glass. Frank tells him that Nadine is dead……and he hands Buzz her jewelry……Buzz slides down the wall to the floor….he sits there…both of them crying. Later Buzz takes out her wedding ring.

B– I was just talking about her Frank. This woman and I were talking about Nadine and her ESP ! How she……would go on and on just driving us crazy about that you know….I just was saying how much I missed her… You know how she was Frank. She would put us in the booth and talk to us. She would tell us that a friend, of a friend, of a friend, had the same thing happen to them ! How it turned out OK for them. So it will turn out OK for us and we would all be a family again…..and she just would go on and on and on and talk and talk and TALK ! It wouldn’t make any sense but by GOD ………. She calmed me down….That women could calm me down……. OH FRANK ! (Crying ) How did it happen? Was it a car accident ? Frank ?

Frank– She never made it out of Springfield.

B– What are you talking about ?

F–It wasn’t an accident…she was murdered….she was murdered by Brent Lawrence.

B– Brent ? She didn’t even know Brent Lawrence.

F– Well she knew Marian Crane.

B–Oh Frank, you got to have this screwed up !

F– No dad. We got her dental records.

B– You found your own Mother ?!? (He grabs Frank sobbing holding him as tightly as he can hitting him ! ) OH GOD, OH GOD FRANK !! How ?

F– It was a blow to the head….with a blunt instrument .

B– Oh GOD Oh Frank ! She saw this ! She saw her own death Frank ! (He continues to freak finally picking up a stool and throwing it throught the diners front door ! ) We have GOT TO FIND BRENT !!

F– Don’t you think I know that ? I promise you we will find him. You think I will let him hurt Lucy after what he did to Mom ! DO YOU ?

B– I’m sorry……

F–Dad I loved the fact I was always there for Mom. I loved protecting her. I loved that she counted on me. But you know what…I wasn’t there when she really needed me now was I ?

B– She knew it Frank, she knew it ! She was proud of you Frank. She said it over and over again.

F– Oh dad…..

Later both of them are drinking coffee…… Frank is playing with his Mothers bracelet.

B–Drink up it’s from the bottom of the barrel. You know…right now your mom is getting St. Peter to hang a wreath on the pearly gates…..(laughing ) What do you think ?

F–Probably a wreath with pink and lavender ribbons hey ?

They both laugh sipping their coffee.

Cut to the morgue where Nell is standing over Nadine with a rosary in her hands…..

“Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee… Blessed are you among women….Blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus Christ….Holy Mary Mother Of God……. Pray for our sins now and at the hour of our death…”

Cut back to Frank and Buzz hands clasped….

B– We won’t rest. Not till we put Brent Lawrence where he belongs and bring Lucy home.

(Eleni comes into the diner looking at the shattered front door.)

E– What happened ? Was it a robber ? Tell me what happened.

F– Look honey, everything will be OK.

E– Is it Lucy ? Tell me Frank…..

F–Why don’t you sit down…

E– Oh my GOD !

F– Eleni sweetheart….Brent killed Mom…he threw her body in the lake.

E– NO ! Stop that Frank ! How can you… Buzz… (She grabs Buzz and looks in his eyes) Oh my God ! Oh My God Frank ! NOOOO !!! (Frank and Eleni cry in each others arms ) They mis-identified her ! The police are wrong ! She went on her trip ! Buzz you said she went on her trip ! You said it !!! How can we know ?!

F– Listen to me ! We matched her dental records….I identified her jewelry.

E– Oh my God !! This MONSTER has Lucy ?!?!? ohhhh noooo !!! (She runs out the door screaming….Frank starts to go after her Buzz stops him telling him to “let her go”.)

At the lighthouse Brent contacts A-M via computer. He wants to make a deal with him. A-M tells him he wants proof that Lucy is alive. Brent brings Lucy in and makes her type something to him that only A-M will know. Lucy types. “Do you remember the Red Rose at the Bauer cabin ?” A-M starts to cry typing back “Yes I remember ! Are you OK ?” But Brent will not let Lucy reply. He makes her lay down on the floor and he puts his boot on Lucy’s face telling her NOT to move ! He sends A-M a map….all it is for is a wild goose chase… leads A-M nowhere near the lighthouse….

Later Lucy stands at the window looking out at the rain…..clasping the locket Nadine has given her “Nadine I don’t know if you can hear me or not…..but if you can I sure do need your help. A-M is out there looking for me tonight. I am sure he is going crazy out of his mind. So if there is some way….ANY way you could let him know that I’m all right. You were always good at those psychic things. Would you tell him ? Would you tell somebody ?

Cut to Eleni at the docks.

She stands in the rain crying and screaming at God!

E– WHY ?!?!? WHY DID YOU DO THIS ?! Oh you’re angry at me ! Because I question ! YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I QUESTION !!! WHY DID YOU TAKE NADINE ?!? She was more full of love then anyone I’ve ever known….all she wanted was to be loved back the same way ! BUT YOU WOULDN’T LET HER HAVE THAT !! YOU TOOK HER FROM US !!! That monster that killed her is still alive ? YOU LET HIM LIVE ?!? Now he has got Lucy ! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS ?!?! HASN’T SHE SUFFERED ENOUGH ?!?!? HASN’T THIS FAMILY SUFFERED ENOUGH ?!? YOU ANSWER ME !! ANSWER ME !!!!! I WANT AN ANSWER !! (She lays on the dock sobbing )

Later Eleni goes back to the diner….she sits in the booth with Buzz and Frank….

Frank– We’re going to get past this I promise. You know what Mom would say right now ? She would tell us to get past this and concentrate on Lucy….right ?

Eleni– Lucy is alive Buzz.

Buzz– What ? How do you know?

Eleni– Nadine showed me…

Buzz– What ? (Smiling) what are you talking about ?

Eleni– I saw her…..I went down to the docks…

Buzz– What did you see exactly ?

Eleni–There was this bright flash of lightning and I looked out and there was this boat on the horizon. It was in the storm being tossed around on the waves and then it wasn’t any more. It was on perfectly calm water….and it was headed into a safe harbor….and um…then…all of a sudden……. I saw Nadine….she was on the boat…and she was alone…Lucy wasn’t with her….she wasn’t dead like Nadine…..and…..I connected to Nadine…….. I felt what she was feeling…..and she’s OK…she’s safe…she’s very calm…and um…at peace…..she said not to worry about Lucy…..she will watch over her….she said she would protect Lucy until we can find her….and bring her home.

The sick games continue at the Light house. Lucy desperate to keep A-M away from Brent offers to sleep with him if he will leave A-M alone. Brent laughs at her telling her he has had better etc.

Lucy ends up convincing Brent that she really loves him and wants to go away with him. She tells A-M this over the computer. A-M at last makes it to the light house !

B– Welcome to my little corner of the world ! ( Brent is holding a gun on him)

A-M– Hide in plan sight…you were never more then a few miles away were you.

B– Give or take.

A-M– OK you have what you want. I’m here alone. I’m unarmed. No police, nobody knows where I’m at. Where’s Lucy ? It’s time for you to let her go Brent.

B– Actually it’s time for you to do what ever I say A-M. I would love to give you what you want….no I tell a lie…actually I wouldn’t like that at all Alan-Michael….by the way…do you have ANY idea what a stupid name that is ? I mean, Alan-Michael….come on.

A-M–Put the gun away Brent.

B– BZZZZZZ SORRY ! That wasn’t in the form of a question. You should have said….are you going to put the gun away?

A-M– Come on…where’s Lucy ? Let her go. Brent you have what you want…you got me.

B– My, my, my, don’t we have an over active ego. As if I really want you.

A-M– What do you want ?

B– (Marian’s voice ) I am so disappointed in you Mr. Spaulding. When I first went to work for you I thought you were so smart.

A-M– Cut the games Brent !

B– I have cut the games. I cut them when I found out Lucy was through with you. Something you’ve seemed to forgotten ! That’s right BOSS Lucy is going away with me.

A-M– That’s not true, you could have forced her. Why don’t you let be see her. Let me hear it come from her….. herself.

B– Beg me….

A-M–PLEASE I am begging you…let me see Lucy…..let me see that she’s all right.

B– She’s in the pink.

A-M– Come on….let her go…you can do what ever you want to with me. Just let Lucy go. I’ll do what EVER you ask.

B– How the mighty have fallen. I remember when you held all the power A-M. When you had the power over life and death and you used it. You tried to kill me remember ? You had the gun then and you shot me in the stomach. (He points the gun at A-M’s stomach ) Do you have any idea what it’s like to be shot in the stomach ? IT HURTS OOO OO OO DOES IT HURT A-M IT BURNS !!! Like you swallowed fire.

A-M– Brent what choice did I have ? Think about it man ! We were fighting, I was trying to defend myself and Lucy. I didn’t mean to shoot you. I even tried to help you. When I came back you were gone.

B– Surprise, surprise

A-M– Brent we have both made mistakes here. We made some wrong turns. But it is not to late to go back.

B– Go back !

A-M– Let Lucy go. OK ? Stop this right now.

B– I waited too long for this moment. I want to relish it. Don’t you remember how you told Marian Brent was an Animal ! How Brent deserved to die !

A-M–Brent I was angry. That’s what I’m talking about…you can take back the anger..

B– Don’t give me that psycho babble CRAP !! Everything you say is a lie EXCEPT what you told Marian. That was the truth. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. The truth won’t set you free. So what do you say we join the little lady…OOPS I almost forgot ! Let’s just make extra sure that your not lying about being unarmed.

Brent gets out a hand held metal detector he scans A-M and finding nothing they go to see Lucy. Lucy tells A-M that she doesn’t love him. That she wants to leave with Brent. To test her love for Brent they count down to shoot A-M time. Lucy laughing and making jokes the whole time. Alan contacts Brent and promises him the Spaulding jet and ten million dollars for the safe return of A-M and Lucy. While he is making the deal A-M has pulled out an ivory knife to stab him. Brent turns, sees A-M and shoots him ! A-M holds his bleeding arm. Lucy takes a shirt and ties it to his arm as hard and as rough as she can ! A-M is just shocked by this and is starting to believe that Brent has brain washed her ! Brent locks him in the stairwell behind the ornate door. He goes back to the computer. Lucy runs to A-M.

L–I really do LOVE you !

A-M–(LOUDLY WHISPERS !!! ) What do you think you’re doing with Brent ? Don’t you understand if you leave here with him your going to be stuck with him ? What if he tries something Lucy ? Have you thought about that ?

L– I will worry about that if and when it happens.

A-M– No, no I want you to stop this RIGHT NOW !!

L– It is the only way ! He needs you to be a bargaining chip for Alan. If he thinks he can spend the rest of his life with me….we’ll survive !

A-M– Lucy, it’s too risky I don’t want you to do this.

L– I am only trying to buy time till Alan and the police get here !

A-M– Oh I HATE THIS !! Listen to what your saying !

L– I have to do this so we can get out of here ! If I say something nice to him he laps it up. If I say something mean he goes nuts. If I just could figure out why.

A-M–Wait a minute…I know….(They are holding hands through the gate ) His mother was always coming down on him. Brent tried to be good. But nothing he ever did was good enough. His mother told him he was horrible and a disgrace to the family. She abused him emotionally and physically. Cassie said that, that is why he is the way he is today.

L– I don’t feel sorry for him I hate his guts ! But this is the only way out.

A-M– I know, I know, it’s risky though….

L– We have to do it.

A-M– We can get through this…the two of us can get through this…

L– Together we can do it…..( They kiss through the gate )

It’s the next morning Brent comes in and wakes up Lucy. A-M is pretending to sleep. Brent announces this will be their departure day ! He goes to meet Alan to get the big bucks. LAM try to pick the lock but can find nothing to do it with. Lucy sees a tool box. She goes to see if there is something she can pick a lock with and finds a bomb ! She picks it up to throw it out the window. A-M tells her it may have a motion sensor in it and that moving it may set it off ! So he talks her through sitting it on the bed. The bomb will go off in 50 minutes ! Brent has a recorded message stating that if he makes it back in time he will turn it off then. Lucy starts to freak!


A-M– Lucy ! Look at me !!! Look in my eyes ! Don’t be afraid ! I need you to calm down ! Don’t look at it ! (A-M is holding her touching her through the gate ) Tell me, tell me what’s going through your head……….

L– This is all my fault…

A-M– What ? Lucy, no… no….. no….

L– I did this. I did all of this. If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be wouldn’t be shot. None of this would have happened A-M ! It is ALL MY FAULT !!

A-M– shhhh You can’t blame yourself. You didn’t get me into this.

L– I got us all into this. I was the one that went out with Brent. If only I had seen him for what he truly was.

A-M– Lucy if ANYTHING that was MY fault ! If I would have had the guts to tell you that I loved you back then. You never would have gone out with him !

L– But if I only listened to Nick and Susan ! They tried to tell me Marian was weird ! Susan told me she was evil !

A-M– Lucy…no Lucy listen to me….. stop it ! Nadine and Cutter didn’t die so you could blame yourself ! They didn’t deserve that ! We don’t deserve this ! OK ? It was not your fault…it was Brent….sweet heart, it was ALL Brent…..

L– I love you.

A-M– I love you too ! I would rather be with you right now, then be anywhere else with out you. Do you understand ?

L–I guess we’re never going to have that wedding that we promised ourselves. There was this church in the woods over looking a lake. When the sun rose the reflections against the stain glass windows. They were….. I guess….. what heaven looks like.

A-M– Is that where we were going to get married ?

L– (Both of them Laughing ) Yeah, I never told you…I wanted it to be like it was your idea !

A-M– That would be good……very good. I’m afraid we’re not going to have that church in the woods……but we can still get married…

L– We’re never getting out of here A-M…

A-M– No Lucy…right here….right now…in the sight of God…..I WILL marry you Lucy Cooper. We will be together forever and always ! Time doesn’t matter to us any more…look up there….see ? See that light coming down the stairs ?

L– Yes…

A-M– Well, I have it on very VERY good authority that it’s directly from the big man. He’s going to marry us and the Angels will be are witnesses…..I wish I had a ring for you.

L– You don’t need one… don’t need anything, flowers, decorations none of that !

A-M– Yeah your right…OK Minister the grooms ready……everythings ready.

L– And here comes the bride…

A-M–  I Alan-Michael Spaulding……. take thee Lucy Cooper to be my lawfully wedded wife… to have and to hold from this day forward, but for all time. To love, to honor, to cherish, thee Lucy…as…I…have…never known in all my life !

L– And I…. Lucy Cooper take you…. Alan-Michael Spaulding…. to be my lawfully wedded Husband….to have and to hold… from this day forth, but for all time. To love, to cherish, to honor you Alan-Michael as I have never known in all my life….

LAM– In sickness and in health. For Better…….. for worse.

L– Even in death we will never part.

A-M– Together….

LAM– For ever and ever Amen (they kiss through the gate.)

L– Even in death we won’t part.

A-M– I’ll see you in heaven…if you’re not there I know there isn’t any.

L– Alan-Michael please …….don’t let me go.

A-M– OK…I won’t I promise……come on we’ll be together…that is all that matters…I LOVE YOU…..I love you my wife..

L– I love you my husband.

A-M– Forever and ever. (They hear Brent coming up the stairs ! ) Get over there ! He sees us together that’s IT ! Don’t even LOOK at me !!!

So Brent comes in turns off the bomb. Tells Luce that he has the money from Alan and they are about ready to go. Brent agrees to let A-M stay alive so the Spauldings won’t chase them for the rest of their lives. Brent leaves the room and checks the surveillance tape he was making of them when he was gone. He goes back to LAM.

B– Did you think I wouldn’t find out ?

A-M– Brent..

B– SHUT UP !!! I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU SPAULDING !!!!! (He grabs Lucy by her hair ) You LYING LITTLE WHORE LUCY COOPER !!!! You had to do it didn’t you ? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY I’M SURPRISED !!

L– I don’t know what your talking about !

B– I’m talking about you and A-M !!

A-M– STOP ! Let her go ! Let her go !

B– I just saw that you held a wedding ceremony ! EVERY little touching moment ! Very moving ! I almost wept ! You and your soft little voice and your green little eyes ! Who would think that you were not a picture perfect virgin bride ? But your a lying cheating SLUT !!!

A-M– Leave her alone, don’t blame Lucy for it !

B–SHUT UP !!! She betrayed me. She lied to me, she told me that she wanted me and she was over you. ALL to save your neck ! Well you blew it Lucy. You couldn’t stay away from Romeo !

A-M– Stop it…….listen to me…… it wasn’t Lucy’s idea it was my idea all along !

B– LIAR !! LIAR !! and your a LIAR !! I saw and heard every word of it on video tape ! I set a trap for you and you fell right into it ! Just like your fathers did.

L– You told me you didn’t kill them ! You didn’t kill them did you ?

B– (Laughing Hysterically ! Lucy hits him and he pins her down on the bed ! )




L– I’m sorry

The police have arrived with the dads in tow. Brent hears something….

B–Either of you make a sound I’ll do you ! I swear it ! You got that ? (He goes out to see if anyone is there….Brent thinks he was just hearing things and returns ) Well it’s just us chickens. Everything is going to be all right it’s going to be fine. Brent Lawrence can do !


B– Be quiet !

L– NO ! NO I WON’T BE QUIET BRENT (Laughs ) I won’t.

B– It’s you….. you’re the one.

L– DON’T TAKE ANOTHER STEP !… DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ! IF YOU EVEN SO MUCH AS TOUCH ME….I’m going to have to punish you Brent. This time…this time it is REALLY GOING TO HURT !! YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN ! Do you hear me ? You will never hurt me, You will never lay your hands on me again ! Do you UNDERSTAND ?

A-M– I don’t think he does Lila, I think you’re going to have to teach him a lesson !

B– No Mother no !

L– I’m going to have to be the teacher as usual (Lucy turns into his Mother )

Mom– I’ve been way to patient with you Brent. What you have done is horrible. You have gone too far and you have to be punished !

B– No Mother please don’t punish me again please (Brent is laying on the floor crying )

Mom– You deserve to pay for what you’ve done.

B– But it wasn’t what you said !

Mom– It was worse ! I know what you’ve done your sister told me !

B– No Cassie wouldn’t !

Mom–Cassie is a good girl Brent, she told on you.

B– She didn’t know .

Mom — Of course she knows, everybody knows ! No matter how many times I reprimand you you never listen do you ? Why can’t you be more like your sister ? Why ?!

B– I try ! I don’t want to be bad Mom !

Mom– I don’t believe you ! All you ever do is disappoint me…time after time..I’ve had it with you Brent ! I’ve had it with you lies and your STUPID games ! Now open this door ! OPEN IT AT ONCE !

B– I had to do it Mother.

Mom– That’s nonsense..I’ll have NONE OF THAT IN MY HOUSE ! Now open the door ! I should take the strap to you ! That would make you a SORRY little boy !

B– No mother (He unlocks the door. A-M comes out and holds Brent down on the floor )

Mom- You will give me the gun Brent ! You are being punished because you are a bad bad boy ! Would you rather have the strap ?

B– You never pick on Cassie it’s not fair !

Mom– I’m being fair now ! Probably too fair ! The gun or the strap. Suddenly Brent snaps out of it and punches A-M in the gut. He screams at them for tricking him again !

Cassie’s voice comes over the megaphone telling him to give up. Brent grabs Lucy by the hair yanking her around the room. A-M tells him to stop and Brent pistol whips him ! A-M lays on the floor stunned he is only able to watch. Brent tells the police to back off or he will throw Lucy over the edge !

B– One Lucy Cooper on the rocks coming up ! See like magic they disappear ! You know, sometimes you just have to be firm and lay down the law. You know what I’m saying ?

L– What are you going to do ?

B– Guess ! 

A-M– It’s all over Brent.

B– Did I say you could talk ?

A-M– There is no way your going to get out of here alive.

B– Where is that going to leave you ?

A-M– I don’t care what you do to me just don’t hurt Lucy.

B– I am sooo SICK of your gallantry ! You know that ? It’s a good thing it is about all over ! What do you say I throw Lucy off the top of the lighthouse why you, her brother, and father watch ! Then I give Alan the same pleasure watching you fall ! What do you say to that huh ?! Come on Lucy, it’s time for the final scene ! Then one HELL of a curtain call !

(A-M crawls over gets the bomb and sets it on his lap while Brent starts to take Lucy up the steps ! )

A-M– Brent You let her go or I’ll set the bomb off and we all die ! Put the gun down Brent.

B– I’ll put it down when I’m ready !

A-M– Go a head SHOOT ! You rigged the bomb you know it will blow.

B– You’re bluffing !

A-M– Go a head try me !

B–You wouldn’t kill YOUR Lucy !

A-M– If it was a choice between your way and my way….

B–I guess I’ll just have to kill you first then !

A-M– DO IT !!! ( looking at his Luce in tears ) I love you !

L– I love you. I’m not afraid…I know we will still be together.


A-M– What’s a matter Brent ?

B– Stop it…just stop it !

L–You’re afraid your going to die alone ?

B– I’m not alone !

L– Well no one is going to be sorry you’re dead.

A-M– Yeah, gone and forgotten good riddence !

L–You hurt too many people Brent for anybody to care about you and all because you wouldn’t ask for any help !

B– What are you talking about ? What is that supposed to mean ?

L– You’ve been hurt ! You were hurt by your Mother and it’s sad and it’s terrible ! But it doesn’t mean that you have the right to hurt other people !

B– You don’t understand !

L– Yes I DO understand ! I’m telling you that you didn’t have to turn out this way ! There are other people who have gone through what you have and turned out OK ! But they work like hell at it Brent. You didn’t want any help ! You just wanted us to pay for what your Mother did !

B– Not my Mother ! You and A-M.

L– I just think you like hurting people. Which I find strange because you don’t like being hurt ! So what are you going to do ? Take all this pain and anger and destroy us all ? Well your plan isn’t going to work. You’re still going to die alone.

A-M– Brent it doesn’t have to go this way all right…come on man….we can get you some help…nobody else has to die….look, we’ll just walk away from this. You put the gun down and I’ll put this down nice and easy. Let’s be friends….put the gun down…we can see you get all the help that you need….put the gun down.

Just when it looks like they got through to Brent, STUPID CASSIE comes over the megaphone ! Brent comes unhinged and thinks it’s his mother !


B– No Mother don’t hurt me again please !

L– It’s NOT your Mother Brent.

Mom– Beg BEG ME TO STOP !!!

B– Cassie please don’t let her….

A-M– Brent your sister wants to help you…go over to the window…

Brent is crying and he is hearing everyone screaming his name !!! BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT !!! He grabs Lucy by the hair and pulls her up the steps to the top of the lighthouse. A-M begging him to stop !

B– No MOTHER NO GO AWAY !!! (The keystone cops shoot ! ) Stop shooting or she dies !!!

Cassie– Let her go Brent !

B– No you’re as bad as Mother ! Shut up !

Lucy takes the bag of Alan’s money and swings it at him ! She throws the money out into the air ! Alan-Michael has crawled to the top of the light house. He and Brent have a fight to the death ! The gun goes off the edge. Brent grabs A-M and starts banging his head on the floor of the light house ! Lucy pulls Brent off him. Brent slaps Lucy across the face and she falls hard ! A-M kicks Brent and he falls to his knees. Frank is coming up the steps of the light house. Lucy again climbs on Brent’s back trying to hold him off of A-M ! He throws Lucy off. A-M takes Brent around the throat saying “DIE YOU BASTARD ! DIE !” Brent hangs Lucy over the railing A-M pulls her back. The railing falls and Brent goes over the edge ! He hangs there while A-M holds him ! Lucy holds on to A-M !!

Lucy–Let him go A-M ! Let him GO !

B–Please, please, please, don’t let me go ! I’ll do anything ! I’ll be your best friend ! Please !

L– A-M I can’t hold you anymore. Just let him go…let him go JUST LET HIM DIE !!!!

B– Please…please don’t let me go…I’m afraid…I’m afraid !!!

Frank at LAST gets to the top of the lighthouse with Nick ! They pull Brent up. LAM hold each other lying on the floor.

A-M– Frank there is a bomb we have to get out of here. Everyone leaves, Frank saying “I’ve got Lawrence !” Frank swings him around like a doll.

Frank–GET UP !! SPREAD UMM !! ( He frisks him ) Are you scared ? You ought to be scared ! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a LONG ………LONG TIME !!! You…raped my sister. You stalked her and then you kidnapped her ! You killed my teacher. YOU KILLED MY MOTHER !! Do something ! Come on do something ! I could say that you made a break for it. You know that ? I could throw you right over the edge and no one would ever know !  Come on….

(Lucy and A-M come out of the lighthouse She falls into her daddy’s arms. Alan is a wreck !)

Alan– Lucy ! Where is A-M ?

(Nick is half carrying him, Alan is over come and grabs him ! A-M screams…)

Nick– careful Alan he’s hurt !

They sit him down by Lucy…..LAM hold each other…A-M tells them where the bomb is…..Frank comes up he reads Brent his rights. “Do you understand ?”

Marian– Yes officer Cooper I completely understand the charges. But I think you’ve made a mistake. I have done nothing wrong. I think it is that dreadful man Brent Lawrence……That’s the man you need to talk too…. They take Brent away…

Frank– You guys are going to the hospital. Both of you ! See you later.

Alan– Son, come on, you need medical attention.

A-M– I’m OK, I’m OK ( A-M’s speech is slurred from loss of blood he sounds weak )

Alan– Come on let’s go.

L– We need to go to the hospital.

Buzz– Hey, what about that brother of yours ? Something else huh ? (taking Luce in his arms ) Oh you’re safe you’re safe !

L– Yeah…we did it….

The ambulance has arrived.

A-M– Come on, I don’t need an ambulance. Come on, everyone stop worrying about me I’m fine…

Alan– Well I’ll believe that when Ed Bauer tells me. I almost lost you son. I want to make sure your OK. Come on……

Cut to Marian in her cell. She is making it tidy. Putting the towel on the sink just so. She looks at the potty. She needs to use it, but is too modest. She sits down on the bed. Hands folded, every inch the fine lady….she is….

Chapter Twelve: Marion Makes Her Move

*****Marian Gets Her Panties in a Bunch – Nov 95 to Feb 96*****

While LAM are blissful loving each other at their cabin hide away….. Maid Marian has been having a busy weekend as well. Frank and partner Nell have been keeping an eye on her ever since the dockside murder. They tell Detective Cutter that they think Marian is the one that killed Lucky….maybe in self defense…..because they found Auburn mist hair in his fist…..It is hair from a wig…..and…Marian wears a red auburn mist wig..the exact same shade ! She was raped before and Lucy lives close to where he was murdered… all adds up !

So Cutter keeps in eye on Marian by dating her ! He takes her to the Towers Club. They have dinner….he stops by when Marian doesn’t feel well bringing her soup. One evening he asks a few to many question and Brent knows he is about to be found out. So Marian follows Cutter out by a pay phone. When he goes into it to make a call she stabs him in the gut. As he dies he writes “M-A-R” in his own blood ! Marcus happens by and seeing the knifed Patrick, wants to go for help….Patrick begs him to take out the knife….as he removes it the Springfield PD shows up ! With Patrick’s MAR in blood they now have the #1 murder suspect ! Markus is thrown in jail.

Monday in the late afternoon LAM decide to go to work ! They are all over each other in the elevator ….. Coming out of the elevator. A-M tries to talk Luce into riding up and down in it a few more times…but they go to work….. Marian stands in Lucy’s office weeping, dressed in widow black !

Lucy– Hey Marian how are you ?

A-M– Hi Marian. (Marian is sobbing on…..)

L– Marian what is it ? What’s wrong ? ( A-M is looking at her like…..God this women….is just WHACKED 

M– I’m sorry…forgive me…I’m sorry…

LAM– What happened ?

M– It’s the worst….it’s Patrick…some horrible, horrible man killed him !

A-M– Somebody killed Cutter ? You sure ?

M– He was so nice to me…he was one of the only friends I had here.

L– Oh my gosh, this is so awful ! I’m sorry ! (Luce takes Marian in her arms…) This just can’t be true !

M– I can’t believe it either…I know he had a dangerous job being a police officer. But I never thought he would…

L– Nobody did.

A-M–He was a good guy. He used to drive me crazy sometimes but he really looked after the people he cared about.

L– He really did seem to care about you. I wish there was something we could do…

A-M– Do they know who killed him ?

M– I don’t know. The television said… umm Williams……… Marcus Williams….?

A-M– He’s a musician at the Towers.

M– Patrick and I danced to his music ? On our one and only date ! (crying)

L– Oh Marian ! This is such a shock ! I wish I could have been there when you heard the news !

M– I wished you were ! If I ever needed a friend it’s right now.

L– We should have NEVER gone away !

A-M– (upset ! ) Of COURSE we should have ! There was no way we could have known.

M– I tried to call you several times and I never got an answer. Then when the two of you didn’t show up at work today I almost lost it ! I didn’t know what to think or what to do…

L– Sure…I can imagine…

M– No, you can’t, it’s been so terrible ! Poor Patrick MURDERED !!

L– I’m sorry ! I’m sorry……. we were just up at A-M’s Uncle’s cabin in the woods.

A-M– We just got back.

M– A romantic tryst ? My goodness, how ironic to be having so much fun….when Patrick was…..oh never mind….I’m sorry….don’t worry….

L– I really am sorry….if only I would have known.

A-M– Lucy stop it ! There is no way anyone could have known.

M– He’s right. At least you’re here now….everything is going to be fine now.

So Luce and Marian head off to the Loo to freshen up. Before Lucy joins Marian A-M says. “Sweet heart…….. umm…just remember what Nick and Susan have said about Marian. She might not be the friend you think she is…..She just laid a big guilt trip on you.” Lucy enters the ladies room, they both put on makeup.

L– I feel bad about Patrick. He was a terrific guy ! He helped me out a lot.

M– The very best. He was very gallant and very brave. I felt safe with him.

L– He always tried to be gruff like he wasn’t a softy…but he really was under all that. He really cared about people. A lot like A-M. (Marian has a flash back of killing Cutter ) You know, it should be a comfort to you that he really did care about you.

M– STOP TALKING about him please…. !! Sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you….let’s talk about your weekend.

L– I’m not sure you want to hear about that right now.

M– Oh I do…any happiness you might have to send my way. Unless it is too personal..

L– No, I have shared more with you then just about anyone.

M– Sooo you’re in the mountains it’s snowing…

L– It was the most romantic, incredible time of my life. You should have seen it. There was a full moon, a sky full of stars. It was beautiful. The cabin is perfect too. It’s cozy and warm and then we built a fire……….put all the blankets and pillows in front of it and cuddled up.

M– You ummmmm cuddled ?

L– (Beaming, shyly says ) Yeah and a little bit more…too.

M– Well, you didn’t, ummm…well, I mean you and A-M have never…..

L– (Ear to EAR grin 🙂 Made love….yeah we did….we did IT…IT was unbelievable. IT was better then anything I could have possibly DREAMED !

M– ( ENRAGED !!! AND JEALOUS ! ) My GOODNESS You really did have a time didn’t you ?

L– Did I ever, mmmmmmmm it was the best night of my life !  You know he was right. It really felt like the first time for me….

M– Ohh ? What about Brent ?

L–That was a nightmare. There was nothing loving or good about it. It was simply an attack ! Thankfully A-M was able to erase that entire thing from my life.

(Marian is ENRAGED ! She starts playing with her switch blade in her pocket book Then Aunt Alex comes in. Lucy excuses herself and goes back to work.)

Alex– Marian let me compliment you on the cut of that suit it does WONDERS !! However, you do look so nice in colors. Oh before I forget….I got this marvelous new creme from Paris…you know at a certain age we all have too…don’t let me forget….I’ll give you some…. (She leaves…..)

Marian– ohhhhh !!! I should KILL THEM ALL !!! But Lucy…first.

Later, Marian stalks Luce down to the garage. She has a piece of wire clasped in her fists to choke her to death. Luce gets in her car after first dropping her keys. Marian hides behind the car. She is between the car and a post. Luce sees nothing in her rearview mirror and backs up first before pulling out of her space ! She hears Marian GROAN ! Luce gets out of her car shrieking that she has killed Marian ! Then A-M comes into the garage. He feels for a pulse….leans in close to hear if she is breathing and Marian comes too ! LAM insist Marian goes to the hospital. She protests strongly ! Stating all the reasons she doesn’t want to see a doctor including her religion !

DR Rick gives HER a looksie and she checks out just fine ! He then tells “Marian” that if she would like a doctor to talk to for a sex change he could advise someone. Brent begs him to tell no one or he could lose his job. Dr. Rick tells him his secret is safe with him. It is a Doctor patient confidentiality any way…….

Nick and Susan have been having their own romantic retreat this week. They went to a cabin as well…they went skiing…..then Susan taught Nick everything she knows about safe sex. Susan later finds her first KS. A bruise like sore that is the first indication of full blown AIDS. Nick comforts her as best he can. Susan tells him that it’s over between them now. That he should leave her now. He brings her to the mirror saying…

Nick– Come here, you see that beautiful women right there ? You can’t give up on her she’s too special. You see that guy ? He is too selfish and stubborn to let you go with out a good fight. I love you too much Susan to want to lose you for one second less that we should be together…. (She starts to cry ) Hey….hey…come on….don’t cry. I thought you said you hated crying. If you think for one second you can’t win then you have lost. You taught me that…you told me that.

Susan– You’re right I know….I can’t waste time feeling sorry for myself. I’ve got to fight for you….for me.

Nick– That’s all I can ask for.

They return to Springfield and the “fab four” go out to dinner at the country club. A-M starts talking about some fabulous ski resorts they should all go to. Then he wants to take everyone scuba diving this Spring in St. Thomas. Susan gets up from the table in tears. Lucy immediately knows what is wrong and goes to comfort her. A-M sits back down with Nick.

A-M– Oh Nick, I’m sorry man.

Nick– ( in tears ) First I thought she had fallen…..

A-M– Has she confirmed it with a doctor.

Nick– Yeah, You guys thought we were taking a few extra days to hang out at the slopes. But we were having Susan checked out…they confirmed it…she has full blown AIDS.

A-M– You OK ?

Nick– No….no I’m not…..(crying ) don’t tell Susan all right ? I’m really worried about her Alan-Michael.

A-M– Yeah…that’s understandable.

Nick– I mean, I just feel so powerless you know….I just can’t stand the thought….oh man she doesn’t deserve this !

A-M– No…..Nobody does.

Nick– I really love her Alan-Michael…..I really love her.

Meanwhile Lucy is holding a crying Susan in her arms.

L–It’s going to be all right.

S– When the doctor confirmed it I just fell apart ! You should have seen Nick. He was great, he said all the right things…he just put me back together ya know….? People that have futures they talk about Christmas and going snorkeling in the Spring holding their grandchildren !

L– But you can have that future.

S– Sometimes……every once in a while….I think …………I will NEVER be able to hold my own baby in my arms !! When I think of that it just tears me up. I am angry and frustrated and hurt !

L– It’s all right ! Let those feelings out…let them go.

S– I can let them out but I can’t let them go !

L–You’re gonna be OK…….let’s just not count the grand children right now. OK ? We are not going to worry about all these Christmases in the future…They are going to be there. All right ? We’re just going to concentrate on this Christmas. THIS one. Making this one the best one ever.

S– OK…….. Laughing….(they wipe tears and go back out with the guys. )

Later when Lucy and A-M return to the yacht Lucy sees scuba gear all over the salon.

L– Hey….this is the scuba gear huh ?

A-M– Yup……this is it.

L– WOW….very very cool….you didn’t miss a thing.

A-M– (A-M is sadly looking at everything he has bought ) No I didn’t…………… I don’t think it will wait till the spring though.

L–You know what ?…………Maybe we shouldn’t talk about these long range plans with Susan right now.

A-M– Yeah…that’s probably a good idea.

L– She just seems so upset about it and I don’t want to see her so down.

A-M–You know she’s pretty lucky to have a friend like you.

L–Well yeah, you too….

A-M–Thanks God….

L– What’s that for ?

A-M– I just promised him that I would thank him every day that you were OK.

L– Oh yeah….thank you God for that.

A-M– You are the best thing in my life. I should thank him everyday just for having you here.

L– I’ll ditto that.

A-M– (whispers ) I love you

L– I love you too (kisses)

A few nights later the fab four are planning to meet at a new Italian restaurant in town. Susan goes to Company first to make up with Lucy….they had a fight about Marian. (Susan felt she should not trust Marian. That Marian is just evil in “sensible heels” ! But Lucy refused to hear it. ) They both apologize. It is really snowing so Susan decides she will get ready there then meet them all at the restaurant later. Everyone else has left for Josh and Annie’s wedding. Marian goes to Company figuring this will be her ideal time to kill Lucy !

Marian– “Knock Knock…..better safe then sorry”……he looks at his switch blade saying….” this isn’t nearly enough knife”.

He grabs a butcher knife out of the chopping block. He heads up the stairway to Lucy’s room. He goes into Lucy’s room. The shower is running and the song “Ave Maria” comes on the radio ! You hear that gorgeous Gounod’s soprano and see the water coming out of the shower head….Brent rubs the knife up the door seductively ! He opens the door, the knife clenched tightly in his fist. He throws open the shower curtain to reveal SUSAN !!

Meanwhile Nick, A-M and Luce wait at the restaurant for Susan….

A-M– What is going on with you tonight ?

N– Nothing. 

A-M– Nothing ?

Lucy– Something is going on…you’ve been jumpy ever since we got here.

A-M– Yes….come clean cousin………yeah…………your eyes are shifting all around…you got nervous ticks forming in the corners of your mouth. What’s going on ?

N– You know, maybe I should tell you guys. So that you can get lost…

LAM– OHHHH !!!!! GET LOST ?!?!?

A-M– There IS something special going on tonight !

L– Does this have to do with Susan ?

Nick– Could be…

LAM– First word……sounds like ?!?!?

Nick– Where is Susan ? She should be here by now…

L– Hey, we’re women we have to get ready !

N– That’s right

A-M– OK the truth and the whole truth.

L– You’re going to take her someplace special aren’t you ?

A-M–Your under oath Mr. Spaulding.

L– You made her something ? You bought her something….? You wrote her a poem ? A song……?

A-M– Detailed her car ? 🙂 ( That HAD to be RICK ! Loved it 🙂

L– I know what it is !!!

N– (smiling) I think you do.

A-M– You do ? ……………….So what is it ?

L– I can’t say

A-M– We are ALL under oath here Miss Cooper.

L–No I can’t say….cause if I say it and I’m wrong…..I will be very embarrassed.

N– No……… you’re not wrong….I can see it !

A-M–Wait, wait……… What did she get here ? Why am I the only one in the dark ? WHAT’S GOING ON HERE !?!

Nick– Alan-Michael…I’m going to ask Susan to marry me.

Meanwhile Marian is FLOORED that it is SUSAN in LUCY’S SHOWER !! Brent screams “What are you doing here ?!?!? “

Susan–Marian ! What the hell are you doing ? Have you completely lost your mind ?!? (Susan Gasps as she sees the glint of the knife ! )

Marian– You messed up EVERYTHING !!!

Susan hits Marian in the face and runs for the door trying to get out. She fights to get away and almost does till Marian hits her with Lucy’s alarm clock ! So “Brent” dresses Susan thinking she is dead. He lays her in front of the gas heater in Lucy’s room and blows out the pilot. He puts Susan’s hand on the gas valve so it will look like she tried to kill herself. He runs to his car, gets in just as Nick and LAM arrive. Susan was over an hour late and they are concerned ! Lucy smells the gas and calls the fire department. Nick and A-M carry Susan out as the ambulance arrives. “Marian” Sits in her car hiding.

Brent– OHHH Marian your a mess ! You just need some time to freshen up. Lucy you set me up !! You weren’t where you were SUPPOSED to be !! This time your friend Susan paid the price ! I am SICK of this !!! How many more times ?! How many more people have to die before you get what you deserve ?!? FINALLY !!!! Poor Marian, poor Marian….! You have turned a “simple woman” seeking a little bit of justice into a serial killer. I don’t like it ! Marian doesn’t like it either. You were supposed to be in that shower not Susan ! You were supposed to die ! You YOU !!! Ohhhh well you’re going to die aren’t you ? And I’ll be home for Christmas. (turns on the radio ) Susan had AIDS. She was going to die anyway right ? They will think it was a suicide. She didn’t want to die a slow death. Marian you did that poor girl a favor ! No one will ever be the wiser.

Mother– (Low, slow, croaking, voice ) You STUPID boy….you MISERABLE excuse for a progeny….HORRID WRETCHED BOY……

Brent– (First tries to turn off the radio then sees his mother in the rear view mirror ) Mother, what are you doing here ?

M– Watching my idiot son make a fool of himself !

B– Go away !!

M– Don’t YOU raise your voice to me !

B– I’m sorry….I’m sorry Mother.

M– My son the freak ! Can’t you do ANYTHING right ?

B– It wasn’t my fault ! It was Susan…

M– Save it for the police ! They’re the ones who you’ll be talking too. No one is going to believe she committed suicide. They will know you killed her. You’re too STUPID to get away with murder !

B– I have. I have so far…

M– Don’t you talk back to me ! You’ll get CAUGHT…………you ALWAYS do !


M– I’ll bet you screwed it up. What if she’s not dead ?


M–I’ll bet she wakes up and tells them EVERYTHING….How you attacked her in the shower, how she struggled, how you knocked her unconscious. You should have killed her then and there…..But NO you were too STUPID… decided to be clever…make everyone think she committed suicide. You dressed her, left her by the gas heater….Only she didn’t die….she’s alive and well and talking………your secret is out Brent. Now everyone knows what I have known since the day you were born ! You’re a STUPID HATEFUL BOY and you can’t do ANYTHING right ! I HATE YOU BRENT. Do you hear me ? Your mother hates you. (Lucy, Susan, and Nadine’s, voice mixed in with Mom’s and said over and over ) “I hate you …… We ALL HATE YOU BRENT ! “ Even your sister Cassie hates you.

B– NOOOOOOOOO !!! They can’t I won’t let it !

LAM and SNICK make it to the hospital. Susan is in a coma. The police come and tell them it is going to be considered a suicide. Nick enraged says that it was NO way a suicide ! He knows who has done this ! It was none other then Sweet little Marian Crane ! He tells Frank ( who already suspects Marian in Lucky’s murder ) that he feels Marian was jealous of Susan’s and Lucy’s relationship. He also believes that Marian was the one that changed Lucy’s HIV test results. That Susan had figured that out and confronted Marian with it ! A-M believes that Nick is right. Of course Lucy will not even hear of such a thing ! Marian shows up to the hospital LAM tell her to leave. That her presence will just upset Nick more. Nick comes out in the hall and informs “Her” that she will NOT be getting another shot at Susan because he will not leave her side till she wakes up !!

The next day is Christmas Eve. The Spaulding employees’ party in A-Ms office. Marian wins the best dressed employee award and gets CROCKED ! She was upset because Lucy was not thrilled with the idea of going away on a retreat with her. ( The gift Marian had so carefully chosen to give her ) Marian flirts with Harry who is so SMACKED he feels Marian is just “simply BEAUTIFUL” and he can not keep his hands off her ! Marian lets out a scream and walks out of the office. Lucy giving Harry a look, goes and comforts her friend. Marian talks of driving home and Lucy seeing she is in NO condition drives her. They arrive at Marian’s…. Lucy goes into the kitchen and puts on the water for some tea. Brent then shows us that he is NOT drunk and RUNS over to lock the door ! Marian sits on the floor and tells Lucy she just wants to go to bed….but she needs help getting out of her clothes. “Won’t you help me dear ?” So Marian starts to get undressed by Lucy !  Brent starts to get turned on and Lucy stops……. There is a knock on the door ! It is A-M cape trailing behind him !!! They leave, but not before they tell Marian about the Masquerade ball on New Years. Marian shuts the door saying “A masquerade Ball ! Everyone knows how much Marian loves a great costume ! “

A-M apologizes to Lucy for interrupting them but he really felt she needed him. Lucy tells him she is glad…that things were getting weird in there ! LAM go to see Nick and Susan at the hospital. They get the news that Susan will be coming out of her coma soon ! On Christmas they are at the Bauer’s with the Cooper family. They talk about Nadine. How they hope there will be a message from her on the answering machine when they get home .

Frank–(talking to Marian) You know this is your Aunt Lucy’s last Christmas as a single woman.

A-M ( smacking Frank on the back ! ) Ohhh come on now Frank ! You’re not losing Lucy ! You’re gaining me ! ( They have the flashback of Lucy’s New Year’s resolution at the Bauer cabin . When she tells A-M that someday she will marry him 🙂

Buzz– Then there is Nadine it’s Christmas Eve….it’s 9:25 the mall is closing….She is running around the mall like a chicken with it’s feet cut off !

A-M– That’s an image….. ( Rick is LAUGHING ! )

Buzz– With it’s HEAD cut off ! She has the security guard running after her and she won’t leave ! “No I won’t leave till Frank has his slipper sox !!!”

Back to work at Spaulding Marian is hearing that Susan is doing much better from Lucy ! A-M is enjoying watching Marian SWEAT ! He is glaring at her and adding his two cents in when ever possible !

Lucy– It was TRULY a Christmas miracle !

A-M– Amazing isn’t it Marian ?

M– It is a miracle yes.

A-M– When she does come out of the coma she’ll be able to tell us what happened with the heater ……….and EXACTLY how she REALLY hit her head and was nearly KILLED.

M– I guess so yeah.

A-M– Soooo what ever suspicions there are they will most definitely be put to rest.

L– ( giving him that “SHUT UP” look !!! 🙂 Yeah that’s what were hoping for.

M– What suspicions are those ?

L– I’m sure you have heard them all Marian. Like the one that Susan was trying to kill herself.

A-M– A ……..Nick seems to think there was someone else besides Susan in Lucy’s room at the boarding house that night.

M– He does ?

A-M– Who ever that was hit Susan..

L– (Clears her throat ! )

A-M–Left her for dead and tried to make it look like a suicide !

M– That is WILD !  It’s AMAZING what the human mind can conceive !

L– Yeah, well, I just think it was pretty obvious that Susan was tired. She took a nap and the flame went out while she was asleep.

A-M– How did she bang her head ?

L– She probably was in a rush to get out because of the gas and fell and hit her head on something.

M– Makes perfect sense to me. On the other hand, Susan had plenty of reasons to be depressed.

A-M– Well, there is no point in speculating now. There is every indication she will come back to us VERY soon.

M– Thank God ! I have so much work to do if I don’t get back too it my desk will be a wash in new proposals. So if you excuse me….

A-M– Well ?

Lucy– Well ? No ! You can not convince me she had anything to do with Susan’s accident.

A-M– Did you see her face ?

Lucy– Look you can convince me she has a crush on me. I mean after the Christmas party and all…….. but that’s it.

Marian is sitting on Lucy’s desk rocking back and forth. Hearing his Mother’s voice.

Mom– They’re closing in on you Brent ! They’re going to get you Brent and it’s all your fault as usual ! You always do this. You never do anything right ! I am SICK and tired of it and so I am going to have to punish you !

At the end of the day Marian tells them both to have a good time at the costume ball. By the way….what are you going as.

L– Well this handsome one is going as Zorro !

M– A swashbuckling hero ? How appropriate !

A-M–( Looking like “HURRY up elevator” ! ) We’ll call you from the hospital and let you know how Susan is.

M– Do that and please tell Susan I’m thinking of her.

The elevator doors open LAM leave. Marian goes over to the ink blotter on Lucy’s desk, picks up her letter opener and slashes in a………. Z.

At the party Lucy suddenly accepts that it was Marian that changed her test results. A-M has plans to transfer her to another branch of Spaulding. Maybe in Europe ! LAM dance. Then at the change-partners-dance Lucy dances with a guy dressed as a white jester. He will not speak to her and Lucy tries to guess who he is. After the dance A-M says “I know who he is. Some guy that wants to pick you up ! I better keep an eye on you.”

At 11:30 Alan-Michael gets a call from Marian. She tells him he needs to speak to him right away. That she has done something terrible and must confess in full and in person. So A-M leaves the party. When he gets to Marian’s he finds “Springfield’s finest” there. He demands to know where Marian is only to be pointed in the direction of her front window. There sits a makeshift dummy with the wig form as the head. The face GROSSLY made up like something out of a Hitchcock thriller. (The white Jester was Brent. He called A-M from his cell phone from the terrace )

Meanwhile Lucy is watching the clock. It is almost midnight and A-M is not yet back ! Suddenly Zorro comes into the party…he grabs her and takes her out to the terrace. They kiss and Lucy pulls back REPULSED !

L– You’re NOT A-M !!!

She starts to scream but Brent covers her mouth and gives her a hypodermic full of SOMETHING ! Luce passes out. Zorro takes her to the lighthouse ! “The keystone cops” and A-M show up back to the party to find Lucy is not there. OMG Marian has kidnapped her !! Hearing all the commotion Dr. Rick goes out to the terrace and tells them that Marian is a man ! A-M at the end of his rope goes to Alan’s. He bangs on the door with his fists BEGGING his father to just open the door ! A-M believes the guy that was trying to change Lucy’s HIV test is who has her now. He wants Reva to draw a picture of the man. She draws it and hands it to A-M.

A-M–Oh My God !

A– It can’t be.

A-M– My father must have shown you a picture of this man.

Reva– This is from memory…Do you recognize him ?

A-M– It can’t be.

A– It’s impossible….he’s dead ! Look she drew it from memory. It has to be someone else.

A-M– NOBODY LOOKS LIKE THAT ! Marian told me she thought the person that changed Lucy’s HIV test results was probably a women who was upset with Lucy for what she had done to Brent Lawrence. Marian said she was a rape victim. She went with Lucy to her rape counseling group. All the time she was just laughing at us.

A– There has got to be another explanation for this A-M !

A-M– It ALL FITS !!! It has GOT to be him ! He is the only one obsessed enough to do something this SICK ! To pay us back, to pay Lucy back ! He is going to make us suffer ! It was all a horrible sick game ! He’s alive….Brent Lawrence is alive ……(A-M thanks Reva and turns to leave.)

A– A-M if you need anything…..

A-M– No ! Thank you for helping you’ve done enough ! You unleashed this man and now he has Lucy !

A-M heads to the police station and tells them it is Brent that has Lucy. They all think he has gone round the bend till they check Marian’s finger prints against Brent’s and see they are the same ! Then they get even WORSE news from pathology. The hair samples found on Cutter, Lucky Fauler, and Jane Doe at the docks all match Marian Cranes wig !

Cut to the lighthouse in the moonlight ……Brent carries Luce to the top of the lighthouse, He lies her down on a beautiful brass and white lacquer bed .

Brent– Ohhhhh you look like an angel. Well angel, welcome to hell. I hope your dreams are sweet. They will be the last nice ones you ever have. The sedative should wear off soon…when it does you’ll feel drowsy…dizzy…… a little disoriented. But not to worry. Sooner or later everything will come clear. Painfully clear. ( Brent now gets out his tape recorder ) If you’re listening to this, it’s already too late. I’ve made fools out of every one of you. All it took was a little persistence and patience and a lot of hard work. But it was worth it wouldn’t you say ? Of course you wouldn’t. Right now you’re all running around like headless chickens. OHH !! I would have LOVED to have seen your faces when you found Marian’s quiet twin in the window. I imagine it was something like the look on Lucy’s face……. when she realized it wasn’t A-M kissing her so passionately as the clock struck 12. That’s right A-M she kissed me like there was no tomorrow ! (laughing) Which of course there isn’t…. SHE LIKED IT ! JUST LIKE BEFORE ! This must be hard for you to listen to A-M. You were an excellent protector ! I can’t tell you the number of times you foiled me at the last moment. That makes this one slip all the sweeter. You must be out of your mind right about now. But not to worry. A mind like yours won’t be missed. It might be a comfort for you to know, Lucy lost hers right at the end. To be honest it didn’t do a thing for her. How does it feel to be the big loser A-M ? How does it feel to know I won ? (LAUGHS) Now A-M the end game begins.

It is morning and Lucy starts to wake up. She doesn’t know where she is and calls out….”hello” ? Marian is standing drinking a cup of tea by the window…

M–Hello dear, you’re still a little groggy from last night. I’m not surprised. I’ve got just the thing to perk you up a good strong cup of tea.

L– What happened….? Where am I ?

M– You like oolong don’t you ? Drink it up while it’s still hot. There is nothing worse then cold tea.

L– I want to know where we are.

M–You’re full of questions this morning aren’t you ?

L– Is there a phone around here ?

M– Cranky, Cranky, Cranky !


M– I guess somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and I thought it was such a pretty bed too ! I will tell you EVERYTHING if you just give me a chance. We are in an abandoned light house. Eighty feet in the air over looking all of Springfield.

L– WHY ?

M–Panoramic views of the city. A lovely spot, if it wasn’t for the fire we had here a few years back.

L– How did we get here ? Did you bring us here ?

M– Remember the retreat I invited you on….? I was so disappointed when you turned me down. But this will have to suffice.

L– Alan-Michael doesn’t know I’m here does he ? I WANT TO GO HOME !

M– Oh dear, I am afraid that’s not possible…..NO that’s not possible at all.

L– It’s a little early for April fool’s don’t you think ? Besides, I don’t have a very good sense of humor in the morning.

M– You’re not alone.

L– What’s up ? Come on, we’re friends aren’t we ? If this is some kind of game we’re playing…

M– Oh NO…it’s no game….it’s no joke as a matter a fact, the little game we have been playing is over.

L– I didn’t realize we were playing a game.

M– You can walk now ! Where are you going ?

L- ( As Luce inches her way to the door ) I’ve never seen this place from the inside just the outside.

M–That won’t do any good dear, it’s locked.

L– There must be some way out…

M– No I locked it. I have the key.

L– Well you could give me the key and then I could go check it out.

M– But I thought this would be the perfect place for our retreat. Don’t you agree ? It’s very spiritual……

L–I don’t know what is going on here Marian. But this is not a good time for me to be away from the office. I really need to get out of here. Just give me the key…

M– A lighthouse was once a beacon that guided ships and the great men that sailed them safely into the harbors. That’s why I thought it was so fitting. It will guide me through to the end too. After a long voyage on very dangerous uncharted waters.

Lucy starts up the steps to the top of the lighthouse. She goes out the top. There is a cold mist from the water below. The floor is ice and snow. She looks how far up she is…. Brent comes up behind her.

M– Much to high to jump ! ( Lucy is HORRIFIED at Marian’s face ! Her makeup is clown like, making her look like a horrific clown or doll….. ) Didn’t I do a good job with my makeup this morning ? So difficult you know with out a proper mirror. ( Lucy slips on the ice Marian’s catches her ! ) LUCY be careful ! We wouldn’t want you falling all the way to those rocks below now would we. They would rip you to pieces. You would end up looking like a rag doll down there all twisted and broken. No, we don’t want that, go inside dear please. Careful on the steps now ! There we are safe and sound.

L– Marian you can’t do this to me.

M– Do what ? You sound afraid of me……….do you think I would hurt you ?

L– No ….no I believe that you really care about me.

M– I think about you all the time.

L–Yeah…and I’ve………… been a very good friend to you.

M– Oh more then that Lucy ! Ever so much more.

L– Marian I care about you too, I really do. I just think that maybe you need a little bit of help and if we leave here we can find some. Maybe we could find a doctor that you really like you know…..

M– Now what makes you think I would need help ? Goodness you make this all sound so serious. ( Marian starts to make the bed and tidy up )

L– That’s because I do think this is serious. I think that maybe you have done some terrible things….

M– Like what ?

L– Like ummm …….Like……… I think you changed my HIV test from negative to positive. I think that maybe you were the one that nearly killed Susan.

M– Are you finished ?

L– Am I right ? 

M– One of the things that attracted me to you from the beginning Lucy. You’re very bright. I don’t think everyone gives you enough credit for that. As a matter a fact I have done all those things you said. On both accounts. But I’ve done more…. much….. much more. You only scratched the surface Lucy….

L– Who are you ? WHAT are you ?

M– I am your friend Marian dear. Don’t you remember the great talks we used to have just the two of us ?

L– How could you do something like this to me ? Putting A-M and I through all that pain and fear !

M– It meant so much to me. Your patient ID number was 11937. I would have flipped your third test results too…… but some blond in a pilgrim outfit walked in on me just as I was about to make sure you thought you were done for.

L– But Marian, I helped you didn’t I ? I understood you, didn’t I ? You told me that you were raped !

M– And you told me all about your experience with Brent Lawrence. You gave me all most a blow by blow description. But the more I thought about your story the more I concluded that you weren’t really raped after all. That you really wanted Brent Lawrence. That you asked for it….begged for it in fact !

L–That is NOT TRUE !! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT ?!?!? ( She goes for Marian’s throat ! ) I was raped I WAS RAPED !!

M– Now that is a definite No no…( He holds Lucy’s arms down. ) We mustn’t have that…(Lucy continues to flail )

L– NOBODY is going to tell me I wasn’t attacked because I WAS !! It was the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life !

M–Ohhhh I wouldn’t be to sure of that. (Lucy stops and listens ) that’s better…now if you behave yourself I’ll let you go. I’ll even forgive you for your little out burst…

L– (out of breath ) You’ll forgive me ?

M– You’re not scared of me are you Lucy ?

L–…………. I’m not going to let you scare me !

M– Very admirable !

L– I …..I……. think I…….. might even understand why you might be doing this.

M– Do you ?

L– Yeah…and I think that…. the reason that you changed my test results and that you did all that stuff to Susan was……. was the same reason.

M– Which was ? Go on……… I’m fascinated.

L–I think that maybe you have a crush on me or something and you wanted me all to yourself.

M– How could you possibly think that ?

L– I don’t know ( Marian is still holding her tightly ! Most of her fake nails have fallen off revealing Brent’s hands ! ) I don’t think you meant it to happen. That guy that raped you disillusioned you with men and you thought it would be safer to love a women. But Marian kidnapping me like this is just….

M– ( Turns Lucy and looks at her ! ) Hold the phone here ! You think I’m some sort of crazed lesbian who can’t get a date ? Boy are you wrong ! (laughing ! ) Do you think this is about being in love with you ? I don’t THINK SO !!!

L– Then what is it ? Why are you this way ?

M– Because of YOU ! You brought this all on yourself !

L– Why ? How ? Was everything you told me a lie ?

M–No not everything I was RAPED ! I was RAPED by YOU ! My life was RUINED by YOU !

L– This isn’t making any sense !

M– Remember when you tried to find out out if there was some EX Spaulding employee that was causing your nightmare ?

L– YES, I remember, but we couldn’t find anybody…

M–I was right in front of you ! Right under your nose !

L– You’re not an Ex employee ! Besides…what did I EVER do to you ?

M–Quite a lot actually and now your going to pay for it the same way the others did ! The rapist on the docks, Patrick Cutter, Susan, your stepmother Nadine !

L– Wh…..What…are you saying….

M– ( Full of Amusement ! ) Ohhhh that’s right ! You don’t know…… Nadine’s dead !

L– No…Na…… Nadine’s NOT dead…she left on a trip…

M–No she was going to leave on a trip. She never got to her plane. All of you in that smug little diner family of yours thought Deenie was off seeking a new life. Well it’s more of an after life….

L– No no…it’s not TRUE ! I don’t want to hear it ! ( Luce covers her ears ) I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING YOU’RE SAYING IT’S ALL A LIE !!!

M– She’s not coming back Lucy ! You may not want to hear it, but it is not lies ! I KILLED the man on the docks ! I KILLED Patrick Cutter. I tried to KILL Susan and FAILED. But I MOST CERTAINLY SUCCEEDED WITH NADINE !!


M–She’s probably fish food by now………. ( Laughing )

We have a flash of Alan-Michael sitting at the police station with tears in his eyes. He drops his cup of coffee and it runs all over the floor as he imagines the hell his Luce must be going through now ! Frank brings in Brent’s sister for questioning. She covers for Brent till Frank brings her down to the morgue ! He unzips the body bag showing her the badly decomposed “Jane Doe.” Frank makes her look… pointing out her crushed skull telling her the man that did this has MY sister ! So Cassie admits she helped Brent stage his death. She tells them of the abuse Brent suffered as a child….how he killed her kitty when he was a child by snapping it’s neck…..

Meanwhile back at the Lighthouse……..

L– Not Nadine ! Why….why Nadine ?

M– She was too much of a snoop.

L– And Patrick…why Patrick ?

M– He got a little to close….

L– WHY DID YOU DO THIS ?!? What did anybody ever do to you ??!

M– It’s TIME……It’s time for you to know everything that you did and why you need to be punished ! (He takes off the wig…….peals off the mask..)

L– (Whispers) Oh My GOD….

Brent– Now do you understand Lucy ?

L– (Crying ) Oh God……………….. YOU’RE BRENT !

Family Trees of Springfield

My new Best Friend is the Internet Archive Way Back Machine  which is intended to build an internet library.  It’s purpose is basically to prevent areas of the internet from disappearing into the past.  So I have been using it to go back and view some of the great soap websites from before I was a “web-savy” soap watcher like I am now (insert joke now).

Starting with some “vintage” soap goodies that used to be available from CBS: Family Trees from the major families in Springfield.  They are older so many of them aren’t updated with the latest marriages/remarriages/children/divorces that have happened in the past 20 years, besides the last one of course.  But for the sake of history I thought it would be interesting to show them off.

Starting with the Bauer’s as the “First Family”














spauldingAnd I found this one of TV Megasite but I “improved it”.


Santos Family Tree

Chapter Eleven: Alan-Michael and Lucy Hit the Sheets

*****LAM Sex – September to November 1995*****

Hey, it took three years, fifteen days and four hours to get to this point in their relationship.

A-M is simply beaming at work ! He has been around Luce all day bumping into her in the file room…standing by her desk grinning….He asks her to come to the country club that evening for dinner. He has something special planned. When they arrive on the terrace at the Country Club. They are met by Nick and Susan.

Nick– Lucy, A-M what a surprise !

Lucy– Well he is full of surprises today.

A-M– You haven’t seen anything yet ! Hi Susan you look nice.

Susan –Thanks so do you guys.

L- Why don’t you come join us for dinner ?

A-M and Nick both give each other a look. They both CLEARLY wanted to be alone with their ladies. They try to stop them saying…….”maybe they would like to be alone”……The women sit down and get comfortable talking and not noticing the guys floundering around behind them. …….A-M lets out a whistle……He and Nick sit down…..

Nick– Why don’t we hit the dance floor and let these two be alone a little bit OK ?

A-M– Yeah go ahead.

L– You upset ?

A-M– What makes you think that ?

L– I don’t know……….. your a……….. brooding seems like something is kicking you in the brain and you can’t quite get it out.

A-M– Oh no………. no well I mean………. you would be brooding too if your entire future was hanging on the balance of a single word.

L– What word ?


L– Yeah right…nobody ever says no to you though. I mean I wouldn’t say no to you. I mean how could I ? I love you.

A-M– No matter what I…a would ask you…… no matter what question ?

L– Go ahead ask.

A-M– Will you marry me ?

Nick and Susan right on cue return to the table. LAM head to the little gazebo….where they had their first dance…..It is NOW in perfect ear shot of Marian though ! A-M opens a little gray ring box. In it is a gorgeous diamond ring.

L– WOW !

A-M– It belonged to my Great Grandmother Bert.

L– That is sooo beautiful !

A-M– Only as beautiful as the “Women” it was meant for.

L– You want me to have that ?

A-M– Yup….only you….say you will marry me Lucy…….Say you will marry me and make me the happiest man alive.

L– You REALLY want to marry me ?

A-M– More than you know….just name the time and the place and I’ll be there.

L– (laughing ) I don’t believe this ! You planned this whole thing didn’t you ?

A-M– Well yeah… know I stood in front of the mirror for a few hours last night….figured I would elope with myself or it’s going to be you….But the clincher was getting my grandmother’s ring. ( A scene that would have been fabulous that McT could not be bothered to write ! Look for it in Fan ficts on THIS very site one day : ) Come on…it’s do or die time what do you say ?

L– I ummm I am blown away ! I don’t believe this…. this is a dream come true….you have no idea how many times I imagined hearing those words.

A-M- ( beaming ) Sooo that means you will marry me right ?

L– ( sadly ) I………I want to…..I want to marry you more then anybody in the entire world…..

A-M– BUT ?

L– But I haven’t taken that HIV test yet…

A-M– No test is going to change the way I feel about you…..Do you really think it could make a difference ?

L– It’s GOT too !

A-M– Whatever it is we will face it together. Today, tomorrow, forever…..

L– Right………… till death do us part.

A-M– Come on, the ring is in your court…

L– I don’t know what to say….

A-M–That’s easy (A-M opens the ring box like a puppet ) SAY YEEESSSSS….

L– I can’t …

A-M– Lucy Lucy……don’t let your head screw this up…go with your heart !

L–It’s not that easy and you know it !………….Just give me a little time…(Tries to give him back the ring )

A-M– NOPE ! I’m not giving up until you say yes…..

L– Give me a little time to think about it !


L–Don’t make this harder then it all ready is !

A-M–(Crushed) Well I can’t…sorry ! Cause I WANT you. Nothing and NOBODY is going to change that.

Lucy hands him the ring and heads to the bathroom !

Luce gets a pep talk from Susan in the Loo….. she turns A-M down anyway……. Then she tells all to Marian who reassures her she did the BEST thing for A-M. That his seeing her die a miserable death would be far more painful then a turned down marriage proposal. A-M leaves the Country Club in a huff. The only good thing about the whole night was A-M went to see Buzz ……

A-M–Damn it !! She is making me nuts !!!

B– Been there ! OK what did you do to my daughter ?

A-M– Something pretty horrible I guess ! I asked her to marry me…..

Buzz hands the “poor broken hearted sweetie” a glass of milk…A-M tells Buzz everything.

A-M–So anyway that’s pretty much it. She said I said……I got louder she got more upset…I got angrier !

B– Did she say why ?

A-M– Yeah…she said she couldn’t help it ! I told her it wasn’t fair of her to decide this for both of us.

B– Right on. What did she say to that ?

A-M–She said she CAN’T HELP IT ! I know she loves me just as much as I love her !

B– ohhhhhh….maybe more.

A-M– So how the HELL do I convince her that I will stand by her no matter what the result of the stupid tests are ?!

B–Basically there are two things you can not do with my daughter. Tell her what to do . Or what to feel. She is independent.

A-M– I wonder where she gets THAT from !

B– You want my advice here it is….Let it be.

A-M– For how long ?

B–Awhile….you know I don’t think I’ve won ONE straight up argument with that girl. As long as she’s been alive…but she has the darndest way if you just leave her alone to your way of thinking….providing you are right and you are RIGHT. So give her a couple days and maybe she will agree…

A-M– Thanks wise one……

B– Your welcome Grasshopper 🙂

So LAM continue to fight at work…the next day is Matt and Vanessa’s wedding. A-M Frank and Buzz get the green house at the Spaulding Estates all ready for their wedding. They build a little altar and help arrange chairs in Aunt Alex’s green house. Lucy shows up with some silver candle sticks ( the same kind Nadine had been seeing flashes of in her premonitions ! ) and A-M takes them from her cooly saying…… he better get back to work.

Later on Lucy is one of the first to arrive. She has on a GORGEOUS jade satin tank dress. Hair done up. With a black scarf around her neck that hangs down her back…… and stands of silver and crystal beds. Buzz and Frank both tell her how GORGEOUS she looks and A-M stands there speechless and near tears !

A-M walks up to her hands in his pockets. He has tears in his eyes and he is swallowing them back.

A-M– Look, I’m sorry about before….I was a jerk you know…..

L– No…no you had every right to be mad…..

A-M– I wasn’t mad…

L– Well then you SHOULD have been….cause I’ve really been a jerk…and you’ve been wonderful…and I’m just sorry cause I haven’t been…..

A-M– Shhhhh come here… (he takes her hand pulling her to the altar ) This turned out great huh…beautiful really…built in flowers and everything….SIGH This is where Matt and Vanessa are going to say their vows….and it could be us…I mean…you would make the most beautiful bride ever…you know….you would probably be so radiant you’d out shine the sun….Our families would be here. But we wouldn’t see anything but each other…the only sounds we would hear is the music in our hearts…..The only words, what we say to one another. I would thank God…….fo….. for ……LETTING you into my life. I would say that my life was nothing with out you……… that…that I would walk through fire for you……and I would never……..I’d never ever leave you……..then you could say what was in your heart……that could be us Lucy….it could happen…

 Lucy is speechless……Josh comes in and starts to usher people to their seats…..A-M turns and leaves hurt. During the wedding A-M sits with Nick and Susan. Lucy sits with her family…they steal glimpses at each other….A-M encourages baby Peter to come down the aisle too…. After the wedding A-M tells Nick and Susan he is leaving he can’t take it any more……He sadly leaves. Buzz lectures Lucy telling her “A-M thinks you have fallen out of Love with him !” She goes to the yacht and it is classic LAM ! They argue both of them talking at the same time…

A-M sits sadly sipping his brandy in the salon of his yacht. He has changed back into his dockers and looking like he hasn’t got a friend on the planet ! There is a knock on the door ! He opens the door to see Lucy standing there and leans his head on his hand on the door.

A-M– If you come by to explain yet again……why you don’t want to marry me please don’t.

L– No I have something else to say…….I hope you will give me a chance. It was a beautiful wedding wasn’t it ?

A-M– Lucy…………………I’ve had about all the small talk I can take for one day.

L– OK, we have to talk because I have something important to say.

A-M– (very hurt ) No not tonight OK ? You shouldn’t have come. ( He starts to shut the door Luce pushes her way past him ! )

L–Please Alan-Michael ……………PLEASE ! Don’t shut me out…..

A-M– LUCY I DON’T want to hurt you…………but I think it’s all been said !

L– No it hasn’t not this ! I’ve got some……..I’m sorry……When you talked about Matt’s wedding ( A-M turns away from her and the door ticked to tears ! He does NOT want to hear this CRAP any more tonight ! Would this girl just leave him in PEACE PLEASE!? ) and you were describing it and were saying how it would be just like ours it was beautiful !

A-M– (almost crying ) Please, Lucy don’t……OK ?

L– No listen a minute….please ? That is exactly how I always dreamed it to be. Every single word you said ! It just……………….touched my heart….


L– There isn’t any…

A-M– LISTEN LUCY I don’t want to go through this all over again !!

L– Listen to me ! I’m NOT finished! Just LISTEN to me !




L– YES !!!! (No and yes were said at the same time ! Lucy beaming and A-M speechless, dazed and confused !!! )

A-M– What did you just say ?

L– YES ! That is what I came here to say………YES I WANT to marry you !

A-M stands silent…….

A-M– Did you just say yes ?

L– YES ( Luce takes the confused A-M by the arm and leads him to the couch 🙂 I know….listen…I know that your confused…and I don’t blame you….because I confuse myself sometimes…. ( A-M is stuttering……um a a a a :)…but listen…(she sits on the coffee table in front of him) It all comes down to….. I was scared, all right ? I was scared and I let the fear come between the two of us. I let it stop me from doing the ONE thing I always wanted to do which was to MARRY YOU ! Alan-Michael I WANT to spend the REST of my life with you ! I DO……You have showed me everything ! How I could still be happy, how that there is still some good out there in the world. Probably most of all…you showed me I could be the WOMAN that you think I am…..

A-M– (tears in those eyes reaches up and frames her face in his hands….whispers) You are the most incredible woman that I know….

L– No….I’m not..not…yet…..But I WILL be….I promise I will be and I promise I will love you the way you deserve to be loved and I’m going to…. ( A-M can hear no more ! He grabs her and kisses her ! ) (Laughing)……. love you for the rest of my life ! (KISSES)

A-M– I LOVE YOU ! (Laughing) I love you Lucy Cooper ! (kisses) I love you 🙂

BRENT at Marian’s turns on his bugging device ! Yes he has BUGGED the yacht ! He listens to each new joyous thing they say…We are robbed of seeing it…their engagement must be shared with BRENT !……..ARRRGG !!

L– Forgive me ?

A-M– Shut up and kiss me ! mmmmmmm I CAN’T BELIEVE IT !

L– (laughing ) Put me down !

A-M–No no no Lucy you’re never going to touch the ground again !

L– I’m getting dizzy !

A-M– No, I am crazy and madly in LOVE with the woman who is going to be my wife ! You’re going to be Mrs. Alan-Michael Spaulding !!!

B– OH NO NO NO NO !!!! (Brent is ranting around his apartment ! During the rest of LAMs sweet scenes….He is transforming back into Marian !)

A-M– ( Lam are lying in each others arms on the couch ) Tell me again…tell me AGAIN EVERY single word you said tonight !

L– I said yes…

A-M– Before that…I want to make sure I’m not dreaming it…

L– I can’t remember it all….

A-M– Well just the important parts OK ? I’ll settle for that… said something about wanting…to spend the rest of your life with me……

L– Did I ?

A-M– You said….that you will always love me ?

L– I’m glad you remember that….(laughing)

A-M– and I’ll always love you too.

L– Deal 🙂


L– You’re forgetting the most important part !

A-M– No I’m not, I just want to hear you say it.

L– I said I want to marry you….


L– Again ? I want to marry you… I want to hold you in my arms forever and ever. I want to stand up on an alter like Matt and Vanessa and tell the world how much I love you. You know what this means don’t you ?

A-M– hmmmm ?

L– We’re engaged……………. ENGAGED !! Hey I got to tell somebody…I got to call somebody.. ! ( She runs towards the phone )

A-M– No…no…come back here…everyone is at Matt and Vanessa reception still. We will tell them later…. oh WHOA what was I thinking ? We can’t be engaged…you don’t have your ring yet….( He pulls it out of his pocket takes it out of the box….

L– Wow look at it ! It really sparkles.. (A-M puts it on her finger)

A-M– (Whispers) Just like you……Now we are engaged !….Lucy….I want to ask you again…..Will you be my wife ?

L– Yes I will.

A-M– Lucy….I’ve made mistakes in my life….and I’ve done things that I am not proud of…..but all that changed the day you came into my life….I………. I want to deserve your love….I want to be all that I can be for you…..I won’t fail you Lucy…

L– I won’t fail you either. (She takes him in her arms they kiss )

They continue kissing and whispering sweet nothings on the couch while Brent sits at the docks playing with a switch blade. Lucy and A-M start to talk about wedding plans…A-M wants this to be the GRANDEST wedding ever thrown in Springfield !  Lucy confesses that as a child she REALLY loved Princess Diana’s wedding……….that she watched all of it on TV….”But maybe a small wedding would be best”…….suddenly she starts to get uncomfortable….

A-M– What….something is bugging you….

L– No it’s nothing really…..

A-M– Tell me..

L– It’s silly……I just feel funny……standing in front of a lot of people and wearing white….

A-M– Now this is coming from somewhere….I want you to tell me from where…

L– It really is no big deal……..It’s not that I don’t want a big fantasy wedding with a white dress and a long train….I just feel funny….

A-M– What ? Like you don’t deserve it ?……. Because of Br…..?

L– Please don’t say his name I am trying to pretend that he is not here he’s gone.

A-M– Lucy he is….absolutely he is gone. And YOU….you are the most beautiful the most exquisite and fantastic woman that God ever created. NOTHING that has happened is going to change that…nothing can take that away….You’re perfect, you’re going to have to face that. That kind of perfection deserves the perfect wedding……(whispering and so DAMN sweet ! ) Let me give that to you……… please….

Meanwhile Brent is GRABBED on the docks by “Lucky Fauler” a neighborhood rapist. He throws Marian down on the docks pins her down saying “Just lay back and enjoy it !” He rips open “MARIAN’S” dress and sees a mans chest !!! Brent stabs him in the gut saying DIE DIE DIE !!! A-M and Luce hear the groan of “Unlucky” dying…..Brent throws his body in the lake and runs for home. Luce and A-M call the police the dock side rapist is dead ! Brent goes home and COMPLETELY comes un-spooled !! He hears all the voices of the women at the rape therapy session saying how….”Men that rape are cowards. You can’t let your guard down for one minute ! What kind of a man would do that to a women ? It takes a coward ! It takes an ANIMAL ! Depraved a total loser…..!” He sees Lucy screaming at him to stop NOOOO!!!!!!!! He takes out his switch blade and stabs the dress form…over and over !

Brent– You’re all liars !! Damn you Lucy ! You made me kill a man ! But he wasn’t supposed to die you were ! It should have been your last breath gasping !! Should have been your blood on my hands… time….NEXT time Lucy.

He pins Lucy’s picture on the dress form.

The next evening Lucy is getting nervous about going to the hospital for her HIV test. It is taking place tomorrow at noon….. A-M trying to take her mind off takes her to the Towers with Nick and Susan. Only Nick Susan and her sweet friend Marian know she is having the test tomorrow…she thought it best if she told her family after…Marian, knowing A-M will be trying to give Lucy a good time this evening just happens to “SLIP” the news to Buzz about the test. Buzz shows up to the towers and catches Lucy coming out of the bathroom… He encourages LAM to come to the diner…..The Cooper family sit playing poker and pigging out….the show ends with LAM looking at the lighthouse from the dock…..

L– Kind of neat how the light cuts through the fog huh ?

A-M–Yeah, there is just something about it…the way it sails the ships through the rocks safely…..guiding them…..getting them safely home.

The light beam shines on them having a tight hug…..

The next morning at work A-M stands at the window trying to stay focused on his work. Lucy comes into his office finding him near tears…

L–Allied wants to see the financial report to 1998.

A-M– Yeah…if we don’t get the figures on this….soon this project is just going to have to wait…there is nothing we can do with it….nothing.

L– ( she walks up behind him and hugs him ) A-M we are going to get the test results back this afternoon and then all of this is going to be over ALL of it !

A-M– It’s going to be negative Lucy…..

That afternoon Nadine and Buzz stop by. Nadine gives Lucy a locket for luck telling her it belonged to her Grandmother, Buzz’s Mother…..LAM then go to the hospital they wait forever for Wyatt to get the test results. A-M tries to help Lucy relax. Telling her that after they could have a nice quite dinner on the yacht. Then we can watch the sunset. Sun sets are really nice this time of year. They decide to go to Wyatt’s office. They watch her test results being posted.

Lucy Cooper patient #11937…..P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E

Lucy stares at the computer screen in shock sitting down….A-M refuses to believe it at all……. saying it is wrong and Wyatt tell her it is a mistake ! Wyatt and Lillian offer her some encouraging advice. She asks them to please let her have some time with A-M. A-M crouches by her sitting in the chair.

L– Why are you looking at me like that ? I’m going to be fine………..I will be.

A-M– I ………….I know you will.

L– I don’t even really know why all this is such a shock to me….

A-M– Lucy just think about what Wyatt said……you know……… we can fight this.

L– Everything has changed…

A-M– No we’re going to get through it together…..

L–But it’s real Alan-Michael….it’s real.

A-M–(whispers) Lucy I love you.

L– I really didn’t think this was going to happen…I hoped…God I prayed… dumb was that ?

A-M– (searches for something to say ) It’s not dumb you know….your going to be OK.

L– No….no……right now I don’t see anything…….. it’s pain and it’s dark and it’s nothing…(crying she has turned away from A-M she will not go to him……)

A-M– I’m here Lucy I’m here……………….I’m right here…..

L– Alan-Michael you can’t be here…..

A-M– Lucy please….. Lucy don’t….. don’t…..please don’t throw me away….OK ? I understand that you don’t want me to be near you and you don’t want me to be with you…………..because now we know……………but I’m going to be with you every step of the way. Your going to try to throw me away but your not going to be able to. I said it before the test results and I still mean it….. I love you…I love you…I want to share my life with you….I want to share our lives together……and we will……….. where ever it takes us…….

He takes her in his arms and hold’s her. He whispers just for Lucy to hear….”It’s going to be all right Luce.” A single tear rolls down her cheek.

Cut to the Wheels and Meals Diner. The GL theme song is playing…piano in a sad slow theme. The Coopers are waiting for the news….Buzz is wiping off the bar…….Eleni is filling napkin holders…Nadine is sweeping the floor….. all three of them are silent and afraid…..They hear a car pull up Buzz walks over to the door. You see LAM slowly walking towards the door. The open close sign hiding our view of their faces for a moment. Then we see the Coopers react to LAMs grief stricken faces. All three of them frozen in disbelief…..A-M puts his hand on Lucy’s back to give her strength….The door opens Buzz’s eyes are full of tears……………. he takes Lucy in his arms and she breaks down and cries in them…..A-M still in shock walks to the Bar. He is trying so hard to be strong….He MUST be strong for Lucy . Eleni is horrified at his pain and reaches out to him her mouth open in shock……..she squeezes his arm touches his shoulder……They all watch as Buzz half carries Lucy to the booth. Buzz looks at her again not believing…then excepting and holding her tight….A-M pushes Eleni towards the table. He sits down opposite Lucy and her dad in the booth. Eleni goes in the booth behind Lucy and hugs her….Nadine stands by Buzz her arm on his shoulder.

Frank is back at the diner now. They talk Lucy into going up to the apartment up stairs.

A-M– Come on, I’ll take you.

L– I promised Susan I would call her.

A-M– Don’t worry I’ll take care of it.

Eleni– Call her A-M.

Alan-Michael goes to the pay phone and makes the call.

Susan– Hello

A-M– It’s me.

Susan–Did she get her results ?

A-M– Yup

S– Oh no…

A-M– Listen…… I think it’s a good idea that you a …..come down here to the diner she…she really needs you…OK ?

S– Yeah…we’ll be right there…

A-M starts to hang up the phone….then suddenly LOSES IT ! He takes the receiver and beats the phone with it five times as hard as he can ! Shattered plastic going all over the diner…….. He hangs on to the phone sobbing….Buzz goes to him and scoops him into his arms holding him tightly as A-M cries….Frank comes from behind the bar and wraps them both in a hug….Buzz has tears rolling down his cheeks too.

An amazing scene considering their histories, I just had to include it for everyone to see: Guiding Light: October 1995 Part 51

Buzz– Are you OK ?

A-M– Yeah…I ……….I’m fine…how bout you ?

Buzz– I ……….I’m…I’m glad she’s got you !

A-M– (Smiling ) Yeah well……….. you’re gonna have a tough time getting rid of me now.

Buzz– Not me. You’ve proven yourself baby.

A-M– Ohhhh I’m in for life Buzz. I love her.

Buzz–I know that.

A-M– But she’s going to need both of us right now.

The diner door opens…. Nick and Susan arrive…A-M let’s out a sigh and looks away fighting the tears…..

Susan– It’s true…..? (A-M stands) She’s positive….?

A-M (You can hear the tears in his voice) Yeah….I was there when they got the test results. (Susan is holding him so tightly in her arms)

Susan–Ohhhhhhh I was so sure she would be all right…

Nick– (pats his back and then hugs him) How are you holding up….

They go up stairs to be with Lucy.

Marian stops by to gloat she is carrying a dozen white roses. She wants to see first hand the pain she has caused. Nadine is terrified of those roses ! She tells her Lucy is allergic to them. She must leave and take the roses with her ! Nadine has been having premonitions for months…..Bloody white roses, an earring, a silver blood dripping candle stick. She has pieced together that an innocent women is going to die ! After Marian leaves she has another premonition. She sees the roses, earring, silver blood dripping candle stick and Marain’s face !

Nadine goes to Marian’s apartment to warn her that she is in danger. She finds the door open so goes in…while looking for something to write a note on she spills some water on the floor…she grabs some papers off the end table to sop the water up…sees that they are print outs for Lucy’s HIV results ! She puts them in her purse and heads for the door ….opening the door she GASPS…………. Marian is standing there !

B– What are you doing in my apartment ?

N–Marian, I thought I just missed you…I was just on my way I was leaving…

B–Why are you here ?

N– I was looking for you…I did knock but I didn’t get any answer…I opened the door it was unlocked so I was waiting for you…actually I was bringing you a message from Lucy…

B– A message ? Did you write me a note ?

N–I wanted to write you a note I couldn’t find anything to write on.

B–What was the message ?

N– Well…a….Lucy wanted me to say thank you for the flowers…..she was very touched.

B–How thoughtful….

N– She also said that a ….she felt very lucky to have you as friend that would come by and check on her.

B– It was a shame she did not get to see the flowers herself.

N– Yeah…umm…I am sorry that I came in and startled you…but I have to be going. Remember when I told you I was leaving town ? Well it’s going to be tonight.

B– Don’t leave yet…..

N– Marian I would LOVE to stay and talk with you…..but I really do have a plane to catch.

B– I’ll let you go if you tell me why you’re lying.

N– Marian why would I lie to you ?

B– Lie upon lie……fascinating….

N– Look, I am very sorry that I was in your apartment when you were not here. But I really didn’t mean any harm.

B– Then why won’t you tell me the truth dear ?

N– Well I am telling you the truth….now look if you just move out of the way…..

B– There was a glass of water on my table…it was full…now it’s empty…judging from the stain on my rug I would say you knocked it over….

N– Well yes I did…I am sorry…I was looking for a pencil to write you a note and I had an accident….I thought I cleaned it up…..So what is the big deal ?

B– The big deal is…despite my urging you to tell me the truth you continue to lie to me (He turns and locks the door ! ) I would like to know why…

N– (laughing) Now what are you going to do swallow the key ? All right, You want to play the third degree game ? Is that it ? All right, two can play that game…..In fact I have a couple of questions I would like to ask YOU ! Starting with this Marian ! (She heads to her closet and opens the door !)

B– You searched my entire apartment didn’t you ?

N–Listen…Lucy thinks that you are her friend….what kind of a friend are you ?

B– I am a very good friend…

N– I have a lot of good friends but I don’t pin their pictures up to dress forms in my closet. Lucy’s earring ?

B– You went through my personal possessions ?

N–Maybe it’s a good idea that I did….I think you have some problems that need some help. Have you ever considered therapy ?

B– Right now my only problem is you Nadine !

N– No…I think that you are too involved with Lucy .

B– That’s ridiculous !

N–It’s not healthy Marian….and there is something else that maybe you should explain. What are you doing with     these ? How did you get these ?

( Nadine pulls out the HIV print outs)

B–Well I can’t really explain all those things of Lucy’s……maybe your right…maybe I am obsessed with Lucy Cooper…..what am I going to do ?

N– I think you need a little bit of couch time with a psychiatrist !

B– You really think so Deenie ?

N– Yes I really do..

B– Well maybe it could help…maybe I’m not too far gone ?

N– RIGHT ! You know what they say…it’s never to late. I’ll tell you what will do. Why don’t we go over now to the diner and we’ll make a few calls and we’ll get you some help.

B–Oh no you don’t. What kind of a jerk do you think I am ? I know what your going to do. Your going to drop me off in some rubber room….race off to Lucy and tell her she’s not really HIV positive.

N– WHAT ? What did you say ? She’s not positive ?

B– Oh you really are dense aren’t you ? What do you think these were huh ? (Waving the test results in her face ! ) I changed her test results…she’s not sick at all !


B– Ohhhh …………sticks and stones ! I changed her tests from negative to positive !

N– Of all of the vicious, cruel, horrible things you could do to a person ! Why ? What did Lucy EVER do to you to deserve this ?

B–You really want me to tell you ? Better yet, I’ll show you Deenie my dear ! (He removes the wig and Nadine      Gasps ! )

N– It can’t be !

B– It is…Brent Lawrence up close and personal !!

N– Your supposed to be dead !

B– Don’t you wish…My sister found a Doctor who would lie for a price. So we faked my death and here I am ! You know Lucy almost looked in to my coffin at the funeral home. Could you imagine her shock ? (Laughing ) Almost as shocked as you are now Nadine. (He grabs the silver candle stick that we have seen Nadine have psychic flashes of for months.)

N– You won’t get away with this…

B– Oh I already HAVE….To bad you came here tonight now you got to pay. I faked my own death but I don’t have to fake yours….( He starts to swing the candle stick at Nadine’s head. )

N– Looks up at the candlestick……she sees the blood on the candlestick, blood on the roses, the earring falling, Marian laughing and says……….”.Dear God…it was me….”

Nadine falls backward and screams…..she lies dead eyes open…..Brent stands over her looking at her the white roses have blood all over them. Brent drops the candle stick. He feels for her pulse …

Brent– DEAD !…………. GREAT ! That wasn’t part of the plan. You FORCED ME TO DO IT ! Just like Lucy made me want her….See………. there going to say I lost control and I couldn’t stop. But it wasn’t like that ! Was it ?!?! No it wasn’t like that ! You forced my hand. You came in here, you SNOOPED through my things you called me a frigging pervert !!! ( He hits the lamp ) That was bad………… that was very, very bad Nadine ! That was stupid. DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT !!! You asked for it ! Admit it LUCY you asked for it……Oh my…..did I say Lucy ? I met Nadine. You stupid people are getting me so rattled it’s a wonder I’m not crazy ! Well so much for Marian’s beauty rest. I’m going to have to clean up this mess aren’t I ? Nadine your going to have to leave I’m sorry…

Meanwhile LAM have been meeting with the aids support group at the diner. Lucy is feeling better and sure she will be able to handle this illness. They go back to the yacht and comfort each other….A-M rubbing her back….Brent listens in HORRIFIED that they are still happy ! While he wraps Nadine’s body in the shower curtain and cleans up the rug. Nadine is then thrown off the dock……

Aunt Alex comes by the yacht to rant and rave about Alan Just after Lucy went to sleep. A-M keeps trying to quiet Alex and she just gets louder ! Lucy comes in to the salon and they both tell Alex that she is HIV positive….

Alex–Lucy…I am so sorry……. I am so very sorry….(She takes her in her arms and hugs her) I will do anything and everything with in my power to help you…both of you…and for no other reason then……… that I love you…..both of you. I’m not going to be intrusive at all. I just hope that you feel you can come to me for anything that you need or want….and I mean that.

L– Thank you.

A-M– I think all Lucy needs right now is to listen to the advice of her Doctors…and her counselor.

Alex– Yes of Course.

L–I need to take a second test to confirm the results….then I’ll start treatment…and then.. we’ll see.

A– Just don’t forget I’m around huh? I know I am not quite the ogre I sometimes appear to be.

A-M– We know that…

A– I hope so…well…I’m going to get out of your hair……(She touches A-Ms curls before she leaves…she is near tears..she goes to the door A-M follows.) Well……..

A-M–(takes her in his arms) Thank you Aunt Alex.

A–No thank you…( she pats his back ) sometimes I really do forget the most important things….( Then Rick grabs her and gives her a full tight hug…..I really felt like I was seeing Rick comforting Marj…..she goes speechless a moment) So you think about Lucy…nothing else. ( She leaves )

A-M–You OK ?

L– I’m OK. I just thank God I have you in my life.

(He grabs her tightly kissing her)

Lucy has her second test two weeks later. Brent tries to change them again but fails miserably !

Lucy and A-M are starting a new day at Spaulding Enterprises…suddenly Nick, Susan, Alex, Buzz, Eleni and Frank come running off the elevators all saying…

Lucy what is it tell us….

Alex– OK what is this touch foot ball huttle…what ?! Hi darling (kissing A-M )

A-M– Actually No we a play touch foot ball on Fridays in the office.

Alex– Well your message said it was urgent…so what is it.

Buzz– Honey…we got your message…urgent ? What is it…?

Alex– You got a message too ?

Buzz– Now I’m scared…

Lucy– No we don’t want anyone to worry.

Buzz– Look you can talk to us…there is nothing so bad we can’t get through it.

Lucy — (Beaming ) But there is nothing bad….We got the results back…they were fine I am healthy and I am NOT HIV positive !!! ( Buzz scoops her in his arms hugging her ! A-M is smiling sitting on his desk. There are hugs all over the  office )

A-M– I have been saving this bottle of Champagne for a special occasion. I just happen to have it on ice….

Buzz– It doesn’t get any more special then this ! Where are the glasses ? I’ll drink it out of my hands….(looking at Alex )out of your shoes !

Alex– Your shoes are bigger !!!

Buzz –We’ll BATH in it !!!

Lucy– Let’s tell them the other announcement….

A-M– (pouring champagne looks at Lucy) Do you think they can handle it ?

Buzz– Oh today there is NOTHING we can’t handle !

Lucy– Well I would say this is a pretty good party. Wouldn’t you ? I think it is going to go till February 14th !

Everyone– What’s February 14….besides Valentines day…

Lucy– Well, we just have to stop long enough for us to get married !!

Eleni and A-M meet in the center of the office. They hug both with tears in their eyes…

Eleni– That is so wonderful !!!


Eleni– I am SOOO happy for you !

A-M–Thanks I didn’t ever think I would be this happy again.

Eleni– I knew you would be !

Buzz– You’re going to be a bride ?

Alex– An absolutely fabulously beautiful one ! (hugging her) I couldn’t be happier ! Oh the tour de force of course is the dress ! When you get ready to pick it out I’ll introduce you to designers in NY in Paris they will help you design something EXQUISITE ! And don’t tell any one….but if I dig deep enough into the family vault their is actually a Tiara I wore one weekend…..

A-M– Ohhhhhh a tiara !

Lucy– I think you’ve had enough champagne !

Buzz– ( Looks over at Eleni and Frank) Tiara ?!?!

Alex– I’ve never been more sane more sober! Lucy I like you ! You know that ? I always have ! Even when you said a lot of things I didn’t want to hear.

Lucy– I did do that !

Alex–Ohhh yes…Ever since you came in the office you were saying things about how I ran the office….mostly about how I treated my family but the thing is… were right. You always told the truth which this family needs more of. You’re giving my nephew something this family eludes to well…real happiness.

Lucy — Well he has given that to me….(kisses )

Susan walks out of the office and sits on Lucy’s desk. Lucy tells her that she was sorry and maybe she was being thoughtless towards her feelings.

Susan– Lucy, what you have is a gift. Don’t feel bad for me…or guilty not for a second. What you have is a miracle. So don’t question it just be grateful cherish it. ( people in A-Ms office started yelling “Luce !!” ) Go back in to your party.

That evening Lucy brings A-M to the Bauer cabin. A-M…demands to know what she is up too ! She suggests that they check on the cabin while they are there. They go in and A-M sees champagne….and a cheese and fruit platter.  There is a fire in the fire place…

A-M– A maybe we better leave…it looks like My uncle Ed has something planned for later. We don’t want to spoil it.

Lucy– We can’t….we won’t….I planed this.

A-M– Why ?

Lucy– I want to say goodbye to my past forever….and start my future…with you.

A-M–( A-M is shocked speechless….I think he thought like I did that they were going to wait for their wedding night……) You did all of this ?

Lucy–Yeah, I hope you don’t mind….I asked your Uncle Ed’s caretaker to help as well.

A-M– No….I…just don’t know what to say…you know ?…It’s really….it’s fantastic…no it’s not fantastic…………. it’s perfect.

Lucy– Well….. remember that night on your boat back in September…….when I asked you to make love to me ?

A-M– ……and you changed your mind ?

Lucy– ( Looks down embarrassed ) Yeah, yeah that was the night….

A-M– Hey, it was OK, I understood.

Lucy– Yeah…… I know and it was that night that I realized who you really were and what you were made of.

A-M– It really wasn’t a big deal…

Lucy– But it was. It was huge to me…I don’t know how another man would have reacted…………..Just…I panicked ………….I was so sure that I was HIV positive. That I would get sick and eventually get you sick too.

A-M–Yeah, I know, I saw it in your eyes…the fear……(smiling his eyes so full of love ) but your eyes are very different now.

Lucy–( tears and love in her eyes. ) Yeah…because of you and that night……that night I was so sure and it was so clear to me how much you really…. REALLY loved me. Now that I know I’m OK……I want to be with you….

A-M– (tears in his eyes framing Lucy’s face in his hands) Your the most precious thing in the world to me……….. your everything that I ever wanted, or could ever dream about.

Lucy– So will you teach me to make love ? (she shyly gasps after she says it 🙂

A-M–Lucy, there’s nothing I can teach you about love. Everything I know you taught me.

They kiss, A-M takes both her hands in his and kisses them. He looks in her eyes.  They both smile so softly at each other. A-M touches the first button of her blazer. Luce nods her head yes. ( I could not help but remember A-M nervously buttoning her coat before they went sledding almost three years ago at this very cabin ! ) A-M slowly unbuttons her blazer…… one button…… two……….. three……..he removes the blazer…she has nothing on under it……she looks in his eyes. A-M looks in hers then at her…… he is seeing “his” Lucy for the very first time….they kiss….he looks in her eyes and says breathlessly “You are so beautiful Luce.” Lucy frames his face in her hands and they kiss passionately while Lucy unbuttons his shirt….She removes it and they are skin to skin melting into each other. A-M leans down kissing her neck shoulders then down to her chest ….Lucy sighs her fingers grasping a fist full of his curls……she feels like she may faint…….and she is surprised when she hears herself cry out ………….

Cut to…..them in front of the fireplace with the mattress on the floor…..

A-M kissing her cheek and her lips……softly touching her face….he takes a red rose slowly up her hand…..her arm….reaching her shoulder. Lucy watches the rose till it comes to her neck her eyes closed she is sighing….. A-M hands the rose to her….. she looks at him shyly…… running the rose across his chin and down his neck ……..he kisses her so gently……. barely touching her lips ….A-M pulls back watching Lucy with her eyes closed…….he sees her nervousness and smiles so sweetly. He pulls her on top of him….kissing her….holding her tightly there….stroking her hair…….till she relaxes in his arms……..

Then she kisses his neck shoulders and chest…enjoying every thing about him…. how he smells…. tastes….. feels against her skin……Lucy’s leans over him her hair on his face…….. now A-M is sighing….. he pulls her back to his lips their fingers intertwined…… They hold each other touching kissing for how long………hours ? Lucy tickles A-M’s tummy with the rose both of them so relaxed and laughing now…….kissing …..A-M kisses her tummy …..then lays his head on Lucy’s chest feeling her breathing….. hearing her heart beat…… he closes his eyes ..Lucy runs both hands through his raven curls………He looks up at her smiling …………she kisses his forehead encouraging him to go further…….A-M is on top of her now…..Lucy picks up the rose running it up his back grasping it tightly in her hand……

He enters her as gently as he can….studying her face and eyes so carefully….hoping that he will see no pain or fear there. In her eyes he finds a love so pure it overwhelms him. He sees her sweet surprise at the pleasure he is giving her and her need for him. She whispers “I love you” while a single tear runs down her cheek. He looks at those lips saying what they never needed to. Lucy’s lips, so familiar to him….as her body will be before this night is over. He can not speak or he may weep in her arms for the joy of it ! For Alan-Michael Spaulding feels what it is to be truly loved for the very first time in his life. He starts to move as Lucy moves with him. His lips on hers….they are one and they were both made perfect for each other.

Afterwards Lucy starts to talk. Then thinks perhaps it is not right to do so…..she waits for A-M to show her the “right thing” to do now and turns away lying on her side…..

A-M– Hey…you stopped….

Lucy– I wanted to talk….but then I didn’t want to talk…

A-M– Why not?

Lucy– I couldn’t put it in to words……then I didn’t know if I wanted too.

A-M– It’s OK you don’t have too..

Lucy– I guess I…I guess I was afraid if I tried to describe what I’m feeling it would maybe go away…there just aren’t the words…..I can’t possibly tell you how I feel right now….

A-M–I don’t think the poets could describe this…….(smiling) There is something that I wanted to say but …………..I don’t think our language has any words to describe it…….never mind….it’s ………it’s OK as long as it exists…..

Lucy– You act like….(looks down shyly)…never mind…..

A-M– You’re right Lucy……I never felt like this before…….not with any one.

Lucy– Really ? (wanting to believe him, but sure she is being naive if she does ) Alan-Michael you have been in love…..

A-M– Nahhh……… not with the right person….I never felt like this with anybody….

Lucy– I was afraid……but ………I could tell.

A-M– (laughs 🙂 You see…..I don’t have to teach you anything……I love you

Lucy– I love you

(They kiss passionately and make love again….this time neither of them afraid. Afterwards they lay together Luce on his chest)

A-M– Do you hear that ?

L– What ?

A-M– It’s a BIG OLD creaky door……..closing forever. That’s your past sweetheart.

L– Yeah, all the rape and Brent …

A-M (smiling whispering) Is gone….it’s gone for ever.

L– It’s because you erased it from my soul.

Snow is falling…it is early morning… they are kissing each other awake………

L– Look

A-M– I am

L– No…..Look outside.

A-M– Oh it’s snowing again !

L– Maybe we’ll be snowed in for the winter.

A-M –I can’t think of a better way to spend four months……safe …..warm….together.

McT then has Lucy go into starvation mode….( which was confusing being as Lucy had a fruit and cheese tray big enough for a family of four to survive a weekend on !!  Before A-M goes to join her he calls Andrew his man servant on the yacht.

A-M– I need to have a delivery made to my Uncle Ed’s cabin……I want mine and Lucy’s skis boots and suits. I want my and Lucy’s jeans and sweaters….I am placing an order at the mall I need picked up……..I also want you to go to the Towers. Bring champagne Fillet minion, fresh fruit, croissants, muffins, and anything else Hamp might think Luce and I would need to survive the weekend……put it all on the front porch. Knock on the door and leave…

Then a few hours later while A-M starts to rub down and kiss every inch of Lucy….you hear a knock on the door.

Lucy– What’s that?

A-M– ( smiling ) Did you hear something ?

L– Don’t tell me you didn’t !

A-M– Hmmmmmmmm must be the rest of our weekend ……

Lucy looks out on the PACKED front porch seeing suitcases, skies, a toboggan, Champagne basket’s filled with caviar, chocolates scented oils, bubble bath….. Goodies wrapped in packages from the towers….A HUGE bag from Victoria’s Secret. ( A-M had ordered some gorgeous lingerie for Lucy a few weeks ago. He had planned to give it to her on their honeymoon. 🙂 A-M joins her grinning……..

A-M– Seeee we could stay here for four months…….Luce don’t let me forget to give Andrew a raise…

Chapter Ten: Alan-Michael and Lucy meet Marion

*****The BITCH is Back! – August to September 1995*****

Lucy meets a woman at the Journal upset because she has just spoken to Nick about a job and can not get one. She tells Lucy that she is a good writer but can not get a job any where because she is HIV positive. So Lucy brings “Susan” back to Spaulding begging A-M to give her a job. A-M agrees to read her resumé but will only hire her if she is GOOD for Spaulding. After reading it over and meeting her he hires her. .

Susan is the second new employee hired at Spaulding today . The other employee is an older conservatively dressed woman named “Marian Crane”.

Brent– Nice job today Marian. You handled Mr. Spaulding perfectly.

Marian–Yes….I did do well didn’t I. ( She kicks off her shoes. Opens her closet sits down at her dressing table… Brent’s voice “SHE” says “You sure did Brent. ” He takes off the wig and puts it on the wig stand…..takes a tape recorder out of the drawer and begins speaking into it…

“Today I got a new job at Spaulding…A-M himself hired me (laughing ) With out a moments hesitation or flicker of recognition ( taking off Marian’s earrings) It couldn’t have gone any better. Lady Marian won the day. He even introduced me to his lovely, sweet, young, office manager Lucy. She offered to help me with any problems I might have. (smiling at himself in the mirror ) I certainly think I will take her up on that. (He peals the rubber mask down from his forehead….down his face to reveal …) Welcome back to Springfield Brent. Brent continues to tell his tale in the tape recorder.

Brent–The deep down and dirty, heart tugging, tell all memoir of a man done wrong. How to make it right…..( looking at the mask on the dressing table. ) Where was I lady Marian ? Ahh yeah…My fears about these people were completely unfounded they are as arrogant as they have ever been. They don’t bother to notice the little people in their lives do they ? No, they just see themselves………..smug little A-M has consolidated his gains at Spaulding. He is now the undisputed king of his cooperate domain ! I wish he could see what he really is…puffed up and bloated from his own self importance…But that’s OK it’s fine…all the better to play king of the hill with……

Brent starts to do “Marian’s” nails

Brent– Oh what an incredible amount of work it is just to keep ones self presentable ! It’s OK the real pleasure is going to come when I make sure everyone that tried to ruin my life is dealt with. Starting with and especially the Coopers . Down at the dinner, WHITE TRASH ! Self appointed judge and jury ready to railroad me out of town. ME ! On the word of their home grown little SLUT Lucy ! (in his anger he smears the nail polish ) Look what YOU MADE ME DO LUCY !!!! ( He throws the polish violently at the mirror. It runs down it looking like blood ! Brent goes over touching it…… getting it on his fingers. He sits in a chair rocking) You DID THIS Lucy !! You made this blood flow. This is my blood ! A-M put the bullet in me. But it was your fault, it was always your fault ! Your lies, your sneaky little smile. The way you plotted behind my back ! You took away EVERYTHING !!!! You ruined my life you made everything BAD ! (Suddenly he snaps out of his self pity party ! ) Marian’s hungry……She needs to get to the diner she loves that diner food. (Brent holds a dress up to himself then dances…and sings in Marian’s voice) Yes, yes, yes ! This will be the perfect dress for Marian’s late night snack out ! Marian must look her best to meet Lucy’s family….after all………. first impressions are SO important.

Meanwhile Nick has met back with Susan at Spaulding. He explains to her that he didn’t even read her resumé. The fact that she is HIV positive was not the REASON the Journal wasn’t interested in her. They have all the writers they can handle right now. He tells her to make up for the misunderstanding he would love to buy her lunch. Besides they could celebrate her new job at Spaulding. A-M and Luce decide they will go for a burger too. They have a ball at the diner discussing their favorite toys when they were kids… A-M and Nick get in a lengthy discussion about their GI Joe’s with the special Kung Fue Grip ! A-M grabs a coke to swill down his burger and Luce freaks and grabs the glass from him.

Luce– That’s mine ! This ones yours !

A-M– Gee OK ! But for the record I don’t have any killer germs.

Lucy gets up and heads to the alley….A-M starts to follow but Susan says she will go.

Lucy pours her heart out telling Susan she is afraid if she tells A-M she may have HIV he will leave her. Or worse, stay with her out of pity ! Susan reassures her saying “He stuck by you through a rape don’t you think that is some indication as to how he would take this ?”

Meanwhile Buzz has conned A-M and Nick out to look at his car. He was trying to get A-M alone to tell him about Lucy needing to be tested for HIV….. But poor Buzz could not get rid of Nick. Buzz under the hood fiddling with his car while “Suit -boy” twirls a wire like he’s Zoro with a whip or something !

Buzz– A-M will you hand me that wire over there ?

A-M– ( stops the twirling as quickly as possible before he gets caught ! )

B– Alan-Michael ?

A-M– (Baritone voice) YES

B– What are your plans?

(A-M gives Nick a look…..)

Nick– I think that is his way of saying…what are your intentions for his daughter.

A-M– UGG works too 🙂

B– OK a little old fashioned maybe, but I’m wondering about the future.

A-M– Well I don’t see one with out Lucy.

B– Well you know the future……( pauses looking at Nick ) there’s a wrench in the kitchen Nadine can tell you where it is. ( Nick leaves. A-M giving him a PLEADING look to hurry back ! ) Where were we…?

A-M– I don’t know Buzz. Where the hell we going with all this ? I think Lucy has worked through things pretty well.

Buzz– Thanks to you……..we all owe you a lot you know that.

A-M– You don’t owe me anything Buzz……I love Lucy I want to be with her and near her. I want to spend the rest of my life helping her….

B– I want you to know…..

Susan and Nick come up and say they are leaving….

A-M– Is Lucy OK ?

S– Why don’t you ask her…..

Nadine shows up stopping Buzz before he can tell A-M. A-M goes to the alley. He finds Lucy just waiting for him……

A-M– I couldn’t stay inside any longer. Knowing how upset you are…..I can’t read your mind Lucy……tell me what’s doing this to you.

L– It’s about what Brent did to me. Even though he ‘s dead……It’s not over. It may never be…..

A-M– Are you having nightmares ?

Lucy– No…no it’s nothing like that….there could be other consequences..

A-M– Well…like what……..come on what ?……Oh Lucy…….you’re not …….pregnant ?

Lucy– No, I’m not…… thank god……… I’m not..

A-M– Well then…. come on Lucy tell me…….Lucy we are not going any where until you tell me what is doing this to you.

Lucy– When Brent raped me…..he could have…I’m at risk…I need to be HIV tested.

A-M– Brent was HIV positive?

Lucy– We don’t know that we may NEVER know that.

A-M– Brent couldn’t have had it !

L– We don’t know that A-M !

A-M– How long have you been worried about this ?

L– A few weeks…I tried to get the courage up to tell you….I couldn’t.

A-M– Did you talk to a Doctor or anyone ?

L– I talked to Lillian…..She said if Brent didn’t use a condom I need to be tested. It is the only way to know for sure.

A-M– Y- Y-You’re going to be OK…Brent wasn’t in a high risk category right ? So the chances that He- He- He- He had HIV is practically non existent !

L– That is wishful thinking…. we thought we knew him but we didn’t !

A-M– But Lucy it can’t be as bad as you’re saying ! It was only the one time when he attacked you !

L– All it takes is one time….Besides he was always hitting on woman right ? Some of them had to of said yes……anyone of them could have given him the virus….look A-M if you stay out of my life your safe….(She starts to run away A-M stops her .)

A-M– NO LUCY ! Brent is DEAD my Father is out of the picture and we are going to be together !

L– We can’t be together. Didn’t you just hear what I said ?

A-M– Nothing has changed.

Lucy– I would be afraid to be with me !

A-M– Why would I be afraid of you ? Lucy………. one thing I know for sure is you can not get this by being with someone. Not from touching them or sharing the same glass ! I will NOT let you go through this yourself. Listen to me ! No condition or strings…I LOVE you through anything ! We don’t even know if he had it…………. How long till you can be tested ?

L– two months

A-M– So for the next couple of months you can let me hold you and take care of you. Lucy PLEASE don’t be afraid of that. Come on…being with you…being in love with you is perfectly safe….come on ( He takes her in his arms ) This is where you belong Lucy. Brent is dead he will never hurt us again.

L– Waiting will be tough

A-M– It’s not so tough like this. ( Sitting on the back step of the diner their arms around each other.)

L– No it’s better……..I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner…I know I should have. I guess I didn’t believe I could actually have it…

A-M– Well if you do we will deal with it OK? together (He tries to kiss her and she turns away )

L–I don’t want to not……..

A-M– Lucy….there’s nothing wrong with kissing….

L– I know that’s what Lillian said too…………. but I…

A-M– ( framing her face in his hands tears in his eyes ) I am not letting this take control of our lives…..not anymore……Look I’m no expert on HIV but from all the ways you can contract this disease…….. All the evidence shows, you can not get it from ordinary kissing.

L– You afraid ?

A-M– Of losing you yes…….of kissing you no.

L– You sure ?

A-M– (In tears ) I have never been more sure of anything in my life.

Marian is busy having a light bite with Buzz and Nadine in the diner. Luce and A-M enter and introduce Nadine and Buzz to their new employee at Spaulding. LAM then go for a walk along fifth street. Finally stopping at their favorite bubble blowing stoop 🙂

L– This is my favorite time of year.

A-M– Really ? Why is that ? You have a ravenous appetite for blueberries and corn on the cob ?

L– No…I do like them. There is just something about this time it is past the peak of summer. But there is still a richness and fullness to the air.

A-M– Kinda like no matter how hot the day is…you don’t think of the heat….you just want to be in a nice hammock with a gentle breeze blowing over you…right ?

L– Or sitting on the stoop on the sidewalk.

A-M– ohhhh I’m having one….

L– What ?

A-M– Did I ever tell you about perfect moments ?

L– No…I think I would remember that.

A-M– Well a perfect moment is not perfect cause every thing is right…the time place..person you are with…It’s perfect because you realize it’s perfect while it’s happening and your in it….kinda like catching the light of a firefly just in the time it takes to go by….

L– Or like shooting stars !

A-M– I can’t believe you just said that.

L– Didn’t I tell you about the thing I have for them ?

A-M– I guess you have but I….I guess that’s how I knew…

L– You’re suppose to look up at them and make a wish and it’s supposed to come true.

A-M– Did your Father teach you that ?

L– Of course, yeah, he said no matter how much we traveled around the sky would be our constant It would always be the same where ever we happened to be. So you have to look at them…make a wish and maybe they will come true….

A-M– (in tears) And did they ?

L– Well sometimes, I never had the heart to tell him. I know he hated it when I was disappointed. Want to make a wish ?

A-M– You know, I don’t think we need to….something told me today about you and your stars…..( A-M is reaching in his pocket ) I past buy this little shop today…. I looked in the window and I saw this…….so I bought it for you…(He hands her a package she opens it to find a silver porcelain star)

L–I don’t believe it !

A-M– You like it ?


A-M– really ?

L– I can’t believe….how did you know ?

A-M– I don’t know…I just knew you had to have it .

L– I love it ! I love the fact that you even thought about me…

A-M– Make a wish on it.

L– With you, OK ?

They wrap their fingers around the star and kiss…

Marian has returned home. She puts the wig on the wig stand the rubber mask on the dressing table. Brent is happily discussing his evening with the person in the mirror !

Brent– HE HE HE !!! A GREAT night out on the town with Marian ! Buzz and Nadine LOVED HER !! Totally bought her act from head to toe ! (Laughing ! ) As for Miss Cooper and young Spaulding…….. they better enjoy themselves tonight….. tomorrow is going to be a BIG day !

The next day after work Nick, Susan, A-M, and Luce decide they will go to the movies. Nick also has come to the conclusion that our darling “Hyphenated Sweetie” should now be called just …… run of the mill …….”Michael” !!!

So they go to the movies Luce picking out a horror flick…A-M dragging his feet all the way cause he doesn’t LIKE horror flicks !! So they stuff them selves with Fat Free goodies ! When the movie starts Lucy claps her hands in anticipation saying “Great you guys can’t miss the beginning it’s the best”

A-M– You have seen this before ?

L– Yeah twice…

A-M– (shaking his head and popping in mints ! ) I don’t believe this !

L– It’s OK ! Then I’ll be able to tell you when all the scary parts are and you can go out and eat 🙂

A-M– That’s OK I don’t scare that easily !

Meanwhile Marian has entered and is sitting at the back of the theater. She fantasizes of revealing that she is none other then Brent at Spaulding…..Brent is about to slit Lucy’s throat on A-Ms desk ! A-M comes in his office unable to stop him ! Meanwhile A-M has the major heebie geebies ! He is eating his pop corn gritting his teeth hugging one of his knees !


Susan, Nick, and Luce were just roaring. The evening ends on the steps of Company…Luce realizes she has dropped an earring. A-M promises to buy her a new pair….Flash to Marian at the movie theater….holding Lucy’s lost earring.

Marian– It’s not over yet Lucy our story has a sequel.

The next day at Spaulding Susan is getting the OK on her first writing assignment for Spaulding. A-M is clearly upset….

A-M– Can I speak to you off the record ?

Susan– On the record or off the record doesn’t matter…I’m not a blabber mouth.

A-M– It’s ummm….It’s….Why is it so hard ?

Susan– There is no way it can be easy….your afraid the woman you love may have AIDS.

A-M– Lucy told you….that I know?

S– She told me last night after the movie. She said you were great.

A-M– Yeah…just doesn’t make me any less scared.

S– Well, at least you’re being honest about it, that’s good. It must be hard waiting..

A-M– Oh I’ll be fine really, It’s much easier for me…It’s Lucy I’m worried about ! She’s trying to be so strong you know…? That’s the only thing I can think about right now.

S– Really ?

A-M– Well…yeah I love her……why ?

S– When it comes to HIV and AIDS most people end up only thinking about themselves.

A-M– You think I’m going to dump her if she is positive ?

S– I’m just saying you won’t be the first man I met that spouted some whole pious number about HIV and then split the first chance he got…

A-M– No no….that’s lousy !

S– That’s human. This whole thing is pretty scary stuff. Lucy is terrified. She’s afraid that your gonna think she’ll give it to you .


S– Deep down inside, aren’t you worried she’ll wake up in the middle of the night and want to hold you? You’ll back away before you even realized that you did it.

A-M– Are we talking about Lucy ?

S– No we’re talking about me…Lucy hasn’t even been tested yet and chances are she is fine.

A-M– If she does test positive then I’m going to be there. Susan it’s just the not knowing……

S– Have you ever been afraid you were going to die ?

A-M–…..Well….I …mean not in this way….. No

S– What do you think it is like ?

A-M– I imagine it would be a pretty black …pretty….terrifying place to be…….

S– Yeah and that is how she will feel for the next two months…..

A-M– So Susan…WHAT can I do ? PLEASE help me…I’ll do anything.

S– More of what you did last night.

A-M– Throw popcorn at the screen when the villain comes on ?

S– You know you’re a pretty good shot,  I noticed that.

A-M– Well that’s cause you thought I was aiming at the screen…I was actually aiming at the usher !

S– Oh I see, I’m sorry…

A-M– Do you doubt my words on this ?

S–No no no…but whatever you did last night do that, it was good…

A-M– ( Laughing) I…….. I…don’t…clue me in here…….. I don’t understand…

S– You were just funny and nice and good to be with. Upbeat, casual you know ? It was good…you made Lucy laugh…you made us all laugh…

A-M– Well…..underneath this tie beats a heart of a clown.

S– ( Laughing) Well that’s nice….the clown is a really nice guy. If that’s more you be him.

A-M– That will help Lucy ?

S– You know…… Lucy is not her self right now…she has a million different things going on inside her….if she wants to go into denial just let her.

A-M– You think she might do that ?

S– It’s human nature.

A-M– Well yeah, I guess so, I wouldn’t blame her….

S–Another thing, don’t push her. Don’t start to know better then her. Don’t remind her of Doctor appointments. Don’t take over her life and PLEASE do not read every book written about AIDS and quote statistics to her ! If she wants them let her find them herself. GOD I HATE THAT !

A-M– That’s a lot of don’ts Susan ! What can I do besides make her laugh ?

S– When she’s scared, sad and sick at heart hold her tight and swear you’ll never let her go…..even if it is a lie……          ( Susan has tears in her eyes…..A-M puts his hand on her back to comfort her…) I got a question for you boss…

A-M– A………….. yeah sure……

S– Are you just going to stand here all day or are you going to approve this press release ?

Meanwhile Marian is at Company trying to get a room…..She runs into Lucy who shows her, her little room. Bridget informs Marian that all the rooms are taken. Marian tells Lucy she forgot her purse….She goes back to get it and snoops in Lucy’s room…finding the silver star she smashes it and leaves. Lucy arrives at work …

L– HI ! I am sorry I’m late ! My alarm clock didn’t go off because of the power outage then everyone and their brother…….

A-M –WHOA ! Listen…….. you’re fired……not really…..that is one of the perks of dating the boss… ( He kisses her ) that’s another one.

L– I like that one.

A-M– How about another one of those perks ?

L–(whispers) OK……(Beautiful soft kiss A-M holds her tightly….both of them breathless) that felt good….

A-M– Yeah

L– But being involved with the boss doesn’t mean I’m not ready to put in a full days work.


Later that evening A-M takes Lucy home….when they go into her room at Company she finds her star A-M had given her broken ! They wonder if Peter may have broken it….Lucy sits down with a bottle of Elmer’s just crushed that it is broken !

A-M– Lucy don’t worry about it…I’ll get you another one first thing tomorrow.

L– A-M I loved this star, I want THIS one. THIS is the special one.

A-M– Lucy you’re going to try to glue it ? It’s in pieces look at it !

L– I can do it I have done it before.

A-M– Let me just get you another one !

L– No…I have a whole box full of treasures

A-M– Oh really ? From all your other admirers ?

L– Yeah… father. He used to get me these little things when we ate at truck stops.

A-M– Is this another truck story ?

L– I PROMISE this is the last one.

A-M –( laughing ) It’s all right.

L– He just always used to get me one no matter how poor we were.

A-M– Well your dad knew what was important.

L– You think I’m making a big thing out of a little thing don’t you ?

A-M– No, no, my Dad didn’t give two thoughts about my childhood I’d take yours any day.

L– He was crazy, but he always loved me…..Where is your dad ? Have you heard from him ?

A-M– No, no I haven’t. Frankly I don’t care…. ( the look on A-Ms face says otherwise ) ……sigh……… I mean where ever he is I’m sure he is wheeling dealing someone. I feel sorry for them.

A-M sits on Lucy’s bed looking at a box of her black and white prints she took in her photography days. Lucy is going over the next days agenda at her desk…A-M just saying hmmmmm do her questions.

L– What are you looking at ?

A-M– Just looking at some  very interesting black and white photographs.

L– ( Begging) Come on give them to me ! I stopped taking them I wasn’t very good…

A-M– They’re great ! Why did you stop ? I like them and I KNOW what I like !

L– I just stick to my instamatic camera now.

A-M– You mean this ? This one right here ? ( He starts taking shots of Lucy ! She is begging him to stop ! He hands her the camera and he poses around the room ! ) Here I’ll take off my glasses. There that should make the cover of high self-esteem magazine ! (Lucy keeps taking shots with each new pose….”There” he gets on the bed “more. more, more……. Here I got one !!!” He gets the camera positioned then kisses her and takes the shot of them kissing . He sets the camera down and they kiss passionately on Lucy’s bed

L– Yeah

A-M– I love you so much.

L– I can feel it…………… Can you feel how much I love you ?

A-M– (whispers) Yeah….. very much. (Kisses) Sure your going to be all right alone here ?

L– Sure, I’ll be fine. There is a whole house full of people. You don’t have to worry about me….I’m a lot stronger.

A-M– Yeah you are. ( Kisses…..picks up his coat….. kisses…..puts on his coat Kisses….open the door kisses………turns around kisses and a wink before he leaves kisses………

A-M goes to his car still beaming Brent is stalking them both hiding in the bushes ! He has caused an accident at the construction site hoping to have killed David so he could have his room at Company. Josh, David and Matt had to go to the hospital….but David continued to live .

The next day Lucy goes to her first defense class. Gilly has been telling her about them for weeks…..she shows up and since Matt was hurt in the construction accident her father will be teaching the class….. Lucy is going to leave until Cutter pointed out that she could remain being a victim as long as she liked ! She stays. Buzz takes turns showing each woman how to defend herself. Lucy is last…..when it’s her turn she tries not to participate…

B– Come on your next….go for the Adams apple right there…

L– ( Lucy is almost in tears she looks so fragile….) I can’t

B– Look I’m full of padding you’re not going to hurt me..

L– No…that’s not what I’m talking about…I just…

B– Then what ?

L–(whispering so no one can hear her ) it’s just…every time….I …look…at you…I see..

B– You see Brent ? OK I’m BRENT I’m coming to hurt you. You want me to hurt you ?

L–( cowering and starting to cry ) No…..I don’t want….you too.

B– I’m Brent I’m here and I am GOING to hurt you….but you can stop it this time !( stern and sneering he hits her with his padded fist ! ) COME ON ! I’M BRENT !!! I’M GOING TO TAKE CARE OF YOU BABY !!!

L–(Crying) NO !!!! NO NO NO !!!! I HATE YOU !!! I’LL KILL YOU !! I’LL KILL YOU I HATE YOU !!!! ( She kicks him in the groin he falls. She gets him on the mat and beats the hell out of him !! ) YOU WILL NEVER HURT ME LIKE THAT AGAIN !!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!( Buzz holds her in his arms as she sobs in them ) He hurt me so bad Dad……. he wouldn’t stop………. he just kept going….why did he do that Dad why ?

B– I don’t know baby….but he is never going to do that to you again…..( She sobs in his arms…)

Later everyone congratulated her.

B– You had a knock out drag out fight with the devil and YOU won !!

L– Hey dad ( She slugs him ! ) thanks !

B– Oh come here you !! Thank YOU, THANK YOU !!! I wanted to help some how ! God I love you baby ! He is never going to hurt you again.

The next day Lucy goes to visit David. Marian goes too. Lucy tells her of her splendid break through yesterday and what a joy it was for her to hurt Brent this time ! Marian in complete disbelief “It felt good to hurt him ?” (LOL ) Then Marian tells how she was raped as well….Lucy and Marian bond ! While Lucy is visiting David Marian goes down to wait for her….Marian pounds the CRAP out of Lucy’s car with a metal pipe. Lucy seeing it later dissolves to tears in dear, sweet Marian’s concerned arms !!!

A-M is distraught when he hears how three thugs did this to her car….He gets Cutter and Frank into his office that DAY ! Marian is questioned extensively….but can give NO conclusive evidence as to what the thugs looked like ! Lucy still will not let this vandalism get her down ! ( Much to Marian’s disappointment ! LAM are loving each other in A-Ms office while she listens in on the speaker phone !)

A-M– This couldn’t have been easy for you.

L– I can handle anything after yesterday !

A-M– You mean after your car almost got destroyed ?!

L– No, no, no all this stuff about my car and I didn’t get to tell you. I went to a self defense class yesterday.

A-M– Oh that’s great ! So a…… what did you take ? Karate ? Judo ?

L— Not exactly. We learned all kinds of moves women could use to protect them selves. It was amazing ! I learned more in that class then I ever could have imagined ! It was a complete break through for me ! I was faced with Brent but this time I got to fight back and I WON ! I’m not going to be a victim….never again. Gilly had been trying to get me to go for weeks..

A-M– What finally made you want to go ?

L–I guess I finally decided I was ready to fight…..and I did ! ( She punches A-M ! )

A-M– Hey HEY !! Take it easy there killer ! I’m very impressed ! Did you learn this in one class ?

L– YEAH ! ( She punches at him again he takes her in his arms )

A-M– OK OK OK !!!

L– Well I got to learn to protect myself ya know ? You can’t protect me for the rest of my life !

A-M– Even if I want to ?

L– NAH you’ve done enough for me….you have……you stuck by me through the whole Brent thing….You called Cutter when I need him. You held me together when I was falling apart.

A-M– You’re plenty together now…..

L– Yeah….thanks to my friends and you mostly.

A-M– You could have done it alone.

L– No I couldn’t have…you gave me the strength and the nerve to go there in the first place….and I’m going back….and you’ll be happy about this…..I finally will be going for some counseling. I want to be as strong as you are.

A-M– (tears in his eyes smile on his face) I love you Lucy Cooper !

L– I love you and I want to be able to give back to you everything you gave back to me. I want to love you as much as you love me. (LAM kisses as Marian turns the speaker off in DISGUST !! 🙂

A-M– Do you know how incredible you are ?

L– ahhh so what else is new ?

A-M– I just want you to remind me every now and then.

L– (Luce writes in his appointment calendar ) I’ll pen that in OK ? Buzz your assistant frequently and tell her how brilliant and wonderful she is….( Comes up behind her kissing her neck ! )

A-M– Don’t forget to put down beautiful OK ? ( Takes the book and tosses it ! Kisses A-M sits down in the chair in front of his desk.) Come here ( Luce climbs on to his lap) I’m really proud of you. It’s so GREAT to see you like this !

L— Yup, no more past just the future…almost no more fear……we’ll be together. (Smiling kisses )

Later that afternoon Lucy heads out for her counseling session. She heads towards the elevators saying she doesn’t want to be late.

A-M– Well, OK, let me drive you….

L– No that’s OK I rented a car.

A-M– ( pouting 🙂 Well GEE pretty soon you won’t need me for anything !

L– Well gee….just the rest of my life ! OOPS did I say that ?

A-M– You better watch that…I’ll hold you to it !

L– You better get back in there….you have a report to read before the four o’clock meeting which I WILL be back for !

A-M– AHHHH a little diversion maybe… OK I’ll see you then.

Before she gets on the elevator Marian joins her saying perhaps she should be going to the session as well ! They go to the session with a group of seven other women…all ages, color and size…there is no “TYPE”. The women tell their experiences……Lucy tells how her car was vandalized and how it brought up all those feelings of violation again. Lillian instructs her to pretend that an empty chair is Brent. That in order to get better, fear and shame should be changed into anger…… that she should get as angry as she can and tell Brent sitting in that chair everything she is feeling…….

Luce–I wanted to be rid of you ! I wanted you to be just as dead as you are….but your not. Your still lingering over me. You know why ? Cause I have to take this test now cause of you. ( Brent’s eyes are confused…what test ? ) Only I can’t take it right now…I have to wait for awhile. So during this whole time that I’m waiting. All I get to do is wonder if there is this incurable virus that is growing inside of me. Am I going to live till I’m thirty ? Heck am I even going to make it till I’m 25 ! Five weeks I have to wait till I find out ! And NOT JUST ME ! EVERYONE ! MY ENTIRE FAMILY ALL OF MY FRIENDS ! FIVE TERRIFYING WEEKS AND I CAN’T EVEN FEEL SAFE WITH THE ONE I LOVE !!! (sobbing) AND I HATE YOU !! I HATE YOU !!! YOU’RE A CREEP, YOU’RE A SCUM !!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME ?!?!? I WAS LOUD I WAS VERY LOUD THAT NIGHT ! I kept listening to myself and I kept thinking he has got to hear me ! He’s GOT to hear me ! BECAUSE I WAS SCREAMING !!! I WAS SCREAMING LIKE I AM NOW !!!! STOP !!! NO !!!! But you didn’t hear me you didn’t hear me !!! I DON’T EVEN THINK YOU SAW ME !!! Because if you did see me you would have seen terror in my eyes ! You would have known that wasn’t love ! THAT WASN’T LOVE !! IT was terrifying…but you didn’t you didn’t you just kept on going….because you know why ? I don’t even think your capable of love ! I don’t even think you know what love is ! Your just a disgusting, arrogant, useless pig ! You RAPED ME ,YOU RAPED ME ,YOU RAPED ME !!!! AND THEN NOT ONLY THAT ! THEN YOU WENT BACK AND TOLD EVERYONE HOW I ASKED FOR IT AND I WANTED IT !!! I DIDN’T I NEVER DID !! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU FOREVER…….( She screams picks up the chair and throws it ! )

All the women in the group comfort Lucy while Marian slowly comes unhinged. Everything Lucy screamed and the comfort the others give her rings in Brent’s ears . HE yells out to just “STOP IT !! ” Lillian encourages “her” to tell what happened. “Marian” is back and tells of her rape and how she really feels that it was her fault that she had gotten the poor guy to hot to handle his poor little self…….  All the WOMEN in the group quickly tell her how Victorian that is etc. Lillian tells her that there is no MEDICAL reason a man can’t stop ! Lucy and Marian leave. Luce get to Marian’s apartment they have tea. Marian has a scarf around her neck she is holding it tightly in her fists……She prepares to strangle Lucy with it but A-M ends up showing up in the nick of time !

They go to eat at the diner who should be there but Nick and Susan ! They have fun eating burgers and laughing trying to quiz each other on sports trivia. They take a walk later stopping at the park. They go down the slides and swing on the swings. Then decide they should go to A-M’s boat.

A-M– Hey come on guys let’s go to my place !


N– The boat ?

S– OHHHH what boat ? I’m not rowing any boat .

N– You know I think you could probably handle this one.


S– I’m not much for boats unless it’s a 30 foot yacht with a captain and crew on board.


N– Well it will probably accommodate the four of us….

A-M– The only way we will find out about this is to try……. COME ON !!!

So they give Susan the ten dollar tour around the yacht A-M and Nick doing their BEST pirate impersonations ! They dance to Motown and sing to Motown hits “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch…… don’t you know I love you………. I can’t help myself….. I love you and nobody else !” A-M doing a DANDY TWIST until he can’t take it anymore !!! ( Patrick Swayze move the hell over 🙂 Susan picks out a new CD saying…..

S– OK old man this will cure you …..

“Oh My Love, My Darling I’ve hungered for your touch….. a long lonely time….” (someday the song will go here If you know how to put music on a site contact me ! I have a huge LAM catalog of tunes:) LAM and SNICK dance. Later on Nick and Susan leave….A-M walking with a broom for a crutch warns them to watch out for the SHARK !!!!

A-M– So you want me to take you home too ?

L– A …no I would love another dance.

A-M– I thought you would never ask ! ( He starts to put on a CD Luce stops him)

L– We don’t need any music…

They start to dance both smiling shyly…….they’re barefoot…..A-M kisses her so softly on the forehead …….they hold each other swaying back and forth….she smiles at him he kisses her again …..just barely touching her lips with his…..Lucy looks deeply in his eyes….puts her hands in his curls and kisses him deeply…… passionately…….they hold each other so tightly….and continue kissing……suddenly A-M forgets himself and reaches to the front of her blouse to unbutton it……He remembers to stop and puts both hands on her shoulders pushing her away……………. trying to catch his breath….. he feels bad he forgot and lost control…..

L– Alan-Michael no !….I want you…..tonight …here……

(A-M kisses her again then down her neck…..she smiles and sighs…Lucy takes off his shirt. They continue to kiss and are now breathless…..)

L– I want to make love with you so much Alan-Michael.

A-M– ohhhhhh Lucy

L– I want you so much

A-M– (framing her face in his hands ) Are you sure ?

L– Yes………. I’ve NEVER been more sure.

A-M–ohhhh I want you….I love you…

L–ohh you feel so GOOD ! You feel like your a part of me. (She is kissing all over his chest )

A-M– You are a part of me…..

L– Ohhh I want you ! I want to wake up beside you and I don’t want to hold back….I’ve never really made love before……I want you to show me…please….

(A-M unbuttons and unties her blouse he takes it off to her baby t-shirt. He kisses her then picks her up and carries her to the couch. He pulls Lucy on top of him…..)

A-M –(whispers ) Lucy my beautiful Lucy (while she kisses his chest)

L– I love you so much !

A-M– I love you too !

L– I know you do ! (A-M is laughing he then whispers “baby” while kissing her hair)

Suddenly Lucy jumps off him and pulls away. They are both talking fast and at once !

A-M- Wh……What……….. WHAT ?

L– OHHHH !!! I am so sorry I know this wasn’t fair !

A-M– Honey it’s OK it’s OK !

L– No it’s NOT OK ! I just got carried away and I completely forgot !

A-M–shhh……………( touching her face ) You don’t have to explain…

L– No I do…………. I want to explain…………… I HAVE TOO !!

A-M– Lucy it is OK, I UNDERSTAND !

L– How can you possibly understand ?

A-M–shhhhh……………. Lucy shhhh listen……LISTEN to me……

L– Alan-Michael I want to love you !

A-M– You do…come on…you are.

L– No I can’t …………not if I go and hurt you…

A-M– (sighing !!) You’re not going to do that all right? …There is no possible way you’re going to do that…………….. I’m not going to hurt you either !

L– No…I know you won’t hurt me…..

A-M– I know it’s hard for you to get over what Brent did to you…..

L– No…no…that’s not it….It’s not about me ! It’s what I could do to you !

A-M–………….are you worried about ?

L– YES ! YES ! I mean I can’t believe I was so thoughtless if I had kept on going then then I would have hurt you. (She is walking away from him A-M stands to stop her)

A-M– Lucy you’re not going to do that !

L– But I could ! What if that HIV test comes back positive ?

A-M– Don’t worry about that……..look…look….. !

L– How can I NOT worry about it ?!?

A-M– LUCY ! Have you EVER heard of safe sex ? I mean…that’s what this is all about

L– I know……but still….

A-M– I can take care of myself Lucy and I can protect both of us ! I can protect BOTH of us !

L– Alan-Michael if you were with somebody else you wouldn’t have to worry about it !

A-M– NO ! I don’t want to be with anybody else ! EVER !

L– (almost crying ) I want to make love with you…….so much…..

A-M– I know…

L– I’m …..just….scared…

A-M– And don’t you understand…..that I’m not….

L– How could I ever find somebody like you ?

A-M– We’re in Cracker Jack Boxes across America ,guys like us. (they both laugh) Come on…..

L– I’m serious ! I never met anyone quite like you. (They are holding each other and kissing)

A-M– I never met anyone like you either. Now you listen to me….I can wait !

L– I just don’t want to disappoint you………. I want to make you happy.

A-M— Lucy what we have is bigger then one night or any one thing ! It’s like Christmas just being with you…It’s like a forth of July fire works celebration every time I hold you in my arms……..It’s heaven to dance with you……When I reach out to touch your face. I look in your eyes and I see your smile. It feels me up inside…..all the emptiness is gone…..(Kissing her hands )

L– Do you feel cheated though ?

A-M– Where did you get that ?

L– Someone said it in my support group (Marian)

A-M– Lucy, you love me…that’s what I want. I’m the luckiest richest guy in the whole world…..Why would I ever feel cheated ? hmm (whispers ) I love you.

Closing scene they dance to “Unchained Melody” Luce stroking his hair……both of them smiling……..

“And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much. Are you still mine..I need your love…..I need your love…………… God speed your love to me”