Chapter Nine: Lucy Admits Her Love

**************LAM Pie Kisses – June to August 95 ****************

Brent is back with a vengeance ! Sending him to Seattle was too easy. He has kidnapped Tangie and made her write a story for the Journal. It tells how Alan hired him to help throw his own son out of the Company. A-M confronts his father saying “The Spauldings make the Medici’s look like the Brady Bunch !!!” Alan of COURSE claims he is the innocent, misunderstood. Lucy heads to the Yacht to see how A-M is. While standing at the docks a fear she is being followed starts to over take her. A-M approaches from behind and she jumps.

A-M — are you OK ?

L — No I’m not OK !

A-M — Come on let’s get out of here then.

L — NO, I don’t want to go anywhere. I am sick and tired of being afraid of my own shadow. At one point I used to be confident and fearless. Probably even obnoxious, now look at me ! Do you think I am ever going to be that girl again ?

A-M — (smiling ) You mean the one who moved into my houseboat uninvited practically the first time that we met ?       

L — Yeah

A-M — Yeah I think so. Sure you will. Very very soon.

L — I don’t know. It doesn’t even seem to matter that Brent is not here. Because I feel him haunting me.

A-M — I wish I could make you not be afraid ever again.

L — Yeah, maybe you could just take me down the yellow brick road. You know, like the Cowardly Lion and get me some courage .

A-M — I could introduce you to the Mayor of Munchkin land too. Lucy you have the most heart of any person I know. OK…… that girl that you thought you weren’t anymore….you know..

L — The obnoxious one ?

A-M — NO the fearless one. I’ve seen her sticking her head out a couple of times lately. In fact I just saw her joking around with me. You afraid still ?

L — NO

BRENT — Now what would Lucy have to be afraid of ? It’s a beautiful night yeah? The stars are out. Guess you guys had the same idea I did. Stroll around the docks thinking romantic thoughts maybe.

A-M — This is a surprise Brent. I thought you were in Seattle. What are you doing here ?

B — You guys make a great couple. I mean it ! A guy whose a ruthless…… A girl whose a liar. You’re both first class hypocrites. I can’t wait to see what your kids will turn out like .

A-M — What do you want Brent ?

B — ( He pulls out a gun) Justice. But first things first. I have to figure out a suitable punishment for Lucy’s father and brother for running me out of town the way they did. They weren’t gentle ya know. This is my home ! Running a man out of his home is a crime that is punishable by…I don’t know….What would make Frank and Buzz Cooper see the error of their ways? huh? ( grinning at Luce ) OK I’m getting an idea ! Lucy I want you to come over here and stand next to me. That would be justice wouldn’t it ? A good start anyway. Come here baby I WANT you. NOW !!

A-M — She is not going anywhere near you Brent.

Brent — Maybe I could change your mind Punk !

A-M — I don’t think so.

B — You want me to explain odds to you A-M ? One on one I figure we are about equal. Add this to the equation (waving the gun ) and the odds go in my favor a thousand to one. You got that ? This is my magic wand man. It gets me what I want. What I want is Lucy !

A-M — WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO SHOOT ME ?!?!? HUH ? The only place your going after that is prison !

B — Oh that’s a small price to pay well worth it !

L – -NO I’m going ! Put down the gun I’ll go ! ( looking at A-M ) I don’t want anyone getting hurt, I don’t !

B — OK come on, come on, I’m not gonna hurt you promise ! ( Lucy goes to him he holds her tightly while holding the gun on A-M ! ) Get back get back !

Lucy and Brent are fighting A-M screams “COME ON !!!” Luce clubs Brent’s arm and the gun goes on the dock. They have the classic “men fighting for a gun scene”. [You know “Men” fight for the gun. “Woman” A ) stands their panicking or B ) joins in on the fight ! “Men” then pick up the gun it’s between them and the gun goes off !  Brent falls to the ground. A-M goes over to get a pulse. Lucy begs him to tell her he is dead ! A-M can not feel a pulse but he is not sure he is dead. LAM go back to the yacht to make a call to Springfield’s finest.

This was a fabulous scene A-M so racked with guilt for wanting Brent dead all along is sure he is now guilty of murder ! After he makes the call he almost gets sick ! LOVE the Luce for telling him he was not to blame. “It could have been me or YOU lying on the dock ! A-M you didn’t do anything wrong ! NOTHING WRONG !! It was an accident that’s ALL !”

Detective Leavey comes and starts whining at the lack of evidence mainly the body ! Now the lake will have to be drug ! We are talking money and man hours here ! A-M is questioned extensively ! ( The LAM Pies are now are fearing Rick is going on a LONG vacation and A-M will be spending time in prison ! A committee is formed “Concerned citizens for the prevention of jail time for A-M” ! 🙂

The police stage a man hunt but can not find Brent. Everyone tries to convince themselves that Brent is dead. LAM spend time together. Going on picnics in the park and the movies. They have police tailing them the whole time. Meanwhile Frank and Buzz are getting upset that Lucy is spending so much time with A-M. LAM go to the diner for a visit.

Eleni — LUCY !!

Frank — Look who is here huh ?

Lucy — Look I’m sorry I didn’t call ! We had police tailing us all morning.

A-M — Tailing me actually.

Frank — What are they charging you with ?

Buzz — Frank go get your sister a piece of spinach pie !

A-M and Buzz sit down and have a “TALK” meanwhile Brent’s sister sits and listens to every word. Frank then lectures Lucy that she was not with A-M the whole time and he may have finished Brent off ! A-M and Buzz point fingers at each other ! Brent’s sister having heard all this tells about her sweet innocent misunderstood brother ! She leaves………………… Luce and A-M sit down in the booth and at LAST start to have a sweet conversation. They are interrupted by FRANK who must now have a “DISCUSSION” with A-M in the kitchen !

Frank — Looks like we got thrown in the same boat together. This whole thing with Brent Lawrence and your relationship with MY sister.

A-M — Look Frank, I realize it’s been very tough on you.

Frank — You know A-M we have had a very, very bad past between us and um….It will take a whole hell of a lot for me ever to trust you again ! You know, you nearly cost me my marriage twice ! You badly hurt my sister. You know what ?! I got to tell you something………..I don’t forget things like that easily ! So if it was up to me I would have you completely out of the picture. But it’s not ! It’s up to Lucy !

A-M — You know if I were in your shoes I might feel the same way. I know I was a pretty big jerk once upon a time. Trying to make a woman want me who didn’t then walking away from one that did ! But that’s all different now see. I don’t know what I need to say or do to make you believe that. What way I need to do that, but for what it’s worth……I am in LOVE with Lucy.

Frank —  OHHH A-M you have been in LOVE before !

A-M — NO ! Back then it was about me and what I wanted ! Now it is about Lucy and what will make HER happy ! Everything was starting to come together for us. I thought we were finally at the end of a really REALLY bad time until last night. Now this whole business with Brent’s shooting. I am trying to keep her out of it, but she just keep getting right in the thick of it !

Frank — Look, I know it’s not fair and she doesn’t deserve it ! She has never hurt anybody !

A-M — Frank I swear to you I will NEVER let her get hurt again !

Frank — Then we want the same thing. ( They shake hands )

Luce and A-M say goodbye outside the dinner as Buzz, Frank, and Eleni look on.

Eleni — Look at him with Lucy ! Can anyone doubt he is in love with her ?

A-M — I am having a hard time saying goodnight to you. I don’t want to let you out of my sight !

Lucy — I’ll be safe promise !

A-M — I think maybe I’ll have to pitch a tent under your window.

L — That would be really awful, I would feel sorry for you. I would have to come down and keep you company.

A-M — (beautiful smile) Oh that’s true….actually I don’t think your family would appreciate that !

L — Don’t worry about me really…I think the worst is over.

A-M — Lucy, I don’t think it will be over till we know Brent is dead.

A-M goes to Uncle Ed’s alone. He tells Ed he misses Lucy but wants her to spend time with her family. He volunteers to help and Ed has him clean the pool filter. After the guests arrive David recruits A-M for his volleyball team. A-M turns and their stands Lucy. They have dinner and hang by the hot tub. A-M asks her if she wants to swim with him. She declines saying the last time she swam was with Brent. They return to the yacht. A-M changes into his Dockers.

A-M — Much better huh ?

L — Yeah, I was just thinking about this afternoon. Did you see those people tearing into that corn on the cob ?

A-M — (laughing ) I’m glad you saved us some.

L — (smiling) I’m glad you liked it.

A-M — I liked everything about today. You know what I liked best ?

L — what ?

A-M — That….your smile. Do you know how beautiful it is ?

L — Well, you made it easy for me to smile today. I forgot about all the bad stuff and for the first time today I really believe that it’s over.

A-M — It is.

L — Do you really think that Brent is dead ?

A-M — I hope so…I mean I don’t feel great….that I may be responsible for another human beings…….But if I had to do it all over again Lucy I would do it in a minute. If I ever thought that he would hurt you again.

L — You really think that he’s dead ?

A-M — I have to… do you.

A-M walks over to the teak chairs and turns them a little..

L — Can I help ?

A-M — No I think we’re all set. You can see all the fireworks from Roosevelt park here.

L — I can’t wait.

A-M — Do you need a pillow ………or a blanket or something ?

L — No, this will be perfect.

A-M — It’s supposed to be pretty spectacular this year. When you see it in the water it’s like seeing them twice….

L — Shhhh do you hear that ? Listen ( Beautiful soft orchestra music is playing )

A-M — Oh yeah, there is a band playing somewhere.

L — I bet it’s the concert in the band shell !

A-M — ( A-M is behind her. He slowly reaches around her waist. She takes a deep breath and relaxes in his arms. She puts her hands over his ) It’s like there playing it for us.

L — Yeah

A-M — It’s magic……………….do you feel it ?

L — Yeah, I do.

The fireworks start to go off. They go and sit in the teak chairs their fingers intertwined. Later they again stand at the railing.  Lucy watches A-Ms face in the glow of the fireworks. Lucy slowly reaches up with her hand. She softly touches A-Ms chin with her finger. He turns and looks at her. She frames his face in her hands. She admires how beautiful he is, touching his hair, touching his face. He brushes his lips across her forehead kissing her there…and her hair……..he takes her in his arms……..they hold each other tightly.

A few days later while watching a “Women and Violence” special hosted by Gilly Grant, Lucy recognizes Brent’s voice as the caller on the program ! The Coopers and A-M head to the station. The police decide the best way to catch Brent is to put Lucy on TV. So they do…….Brent calls in, the police almost catch him but Alan gets him to safety first. Alan doesn’t want Brent found and prosecuted for the cooked books at Spaulding. If Brent is prosecuted he will surely point a finger at Alan !

LAM are alone on the Yacht. Both of their families have just left.

A-M — So you don’t trust my father do you ?

L — That’s a funny question to ask.

A-M — It wasn’t meant to be funny it was meant to be serious. My father is not the kind of man you can trust…right ?

L — Well….um……personally ? I never really felt that I could trust him……no.

A-M (walks to the door drink in hand)

L — I am sorry, but you asked me what I thought…

A-M — I would have said the very same thing Lucy. I don’t trust my Father either….I WANT to…………… Every time he say’s to me….I’m behind you son….I WANT like MAD to believe him. I keep thinking he’s changed this time. This time he is for real…..I start to trust……and he burns me every time.

L — I think he really loves you.

A-M — Yeah, he’s got a funny way of showing it. Do you think he doctored the books ? Do you ? hmmm Do you think he is the one who was responsible for trying to remove me as head of Spaulding ?

L — ( Tries desperately not to have to tell him the truth. It is killing her ! ) I don’t know.

A-M — ( His voice is soft but firm. His eyes are black the softness gone from them. He wants to be told the truth he knows Lucy will tell it ! ) You must have some sort of opinion Lucy. You were the one right there you saw all of the phony numbers. Do you think my father is responsible for all of this mess ?

L — I think….that….your Father is completely with you.

A-M — I don’t follow…………. what do you mean…

L — I think he wants you do to well. Just not TOO well. He want’s you to win, just not if it means he’s going to lose.

A-M — Does Buzz do that to you ?

L — No ( smiling ) Come on, you can’t compare the two. I am his daughter. Fathers don’t compete with their daughters. My problem is he doesn’t want to ever let me go and he doesn’t think any man is ever going to be good enough for me.

A-M — ( A-M’s eyes are full of tears he drops his gaze ) Yeah, well he’s right…

L — I’m…….not so sure about that. Look A-M I think that your Father really loves you. He just can’t let you take over………………….he doctored the books.

A-M — You believe it ?

L — I have no proof , but yes I believe that. ( A-M calmly walks into the Salon then throws the little table and all it’s contents all over the room ! As the table is being tossed Luce runs to him and says “A-M don’t I love you !” But the noise drowns her out ! )

A-M — DAMN HIM !!! ( Lucy tries to go to him and touch him ) NO !!! LEAVE ME ALONE LUCY !!! JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME ! JUST GET AS FAR AWAY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN !!!


A-M — How can you be so sure ?

L — Because you’re good. You’re dependable, you’re trust worthy and you don’t tell lies !

A-M — Lucy I have lied ! I have manipulated people just like he does !!

L — But you’re not lying anymore and you have NEVER lied to me !!

A-M — ( In tears ) No, not to you……..never to you…

L — And I’m PROUD to be with YOU !

L — Alan-Michael you are a good man ! You’re ………..strong…….You’re wonderful…

A-M — (crying) I don’t DESERVE you……………but I’m glad you’re here anyway. (She takes him into her arms)

L — I’m not going anywhere.

A-M — It’s probably Cutter. ( A-M wiping tears answers the phone )

It is Brent he wants to meet A-M on the docks. A-M tells Luce he will meet him. Lucy begs him not to go. A-M is bringing his gun. He makes her SWEAR she will stay on the boat ! He heads for the door Luce following…

L — A-M don’t go PLEASE ! ALAN-MICHAEL I LOVE YOU !!!!!!

A-M pauses, turns and looks at her.

L — I……love you

A-M — ( his face full of joy ! ) You love me ?

L — (whispering) yes…………… I love you.

A-M — ( smiling ) Well then, nothing bad is going to happen ……….I’m not going to….. let you off that easy.

L — This isn’t a JOKE !

A-M — (whispering) Lucy………..I know…… don’t worry OK ? I’ll be back…….we have too much we need to do together………and I love you too much.

L — Please don’t go….

A-M — Shhhhhhhh It’s OK, I have to give you that life that you deserve….

L — But what if something ….bad ….

A-M — No no no……I’ll be back……

A-M’s lips are close to hers you think he will kiss her…… he moves them towards her forehead……then takes her hand and kisses it instead. He leaves….

L — (stands with a tear rolling down her cheek ) Oh God PLEASE let him be OK.

A-M goes to the dock. Brent looks like death warmed over.

B — Well here we are again.

A-M — You look awful !

B — Well, you don’t look so hot yourself. Must be a shock to see somebody you thought you killed.

A-M –You need a Doctor.

B –No it’s too late.

A-M — Why did you want me here man ?

B — You heard what I said on the phone, I have something I want to get off my chest.

A-M — Is this a trick Brent ?

B — No it’s not……

A-M — (pulls out his gun ) Empty your pockets now.

B — OK………….. See nothing no gun no knife. You came prepared you won’t need it I’m dying. (He sits down on the dock )

A-M — We should get you to the hospital.

B — No I’m finding a spot under a tall oak tree and waiting for the long sleep. I just didn’t want to go with all this excess baggage….ya know ?

A-M — Let’s get you some medical attention then you can make your confession or clear your conscience whatever you got to do !

B — It’s not about a confession MAN ! It’s about the truth ! Don’t you want to hear the truth ?

A-M — Yeah I do.

B — We don’t have much time….you can get help or you can listen to me about your dad !

A-M — What about my dad ?

B — EVERYTHING I said about him in that article was true. He was using me to take you down. Your father kept pushing me man. He said keep digging we need more evidence we need more proof !

A-M — That I was sending Spaulding down the drain.

B — Yeah, He wanted you bad. He wanted you desperate. He wanted you against the ropes ! He is a dirty fighter ! But he likes to keep his own hands clean !

A-M — What was his part in all of this ?

B –He gave me the keys, he gave me the access codes. Best part of all he gave me private lessons on how to play with the numbers. It will be hell for the accounting department to find. He’s smart, I can see where you got your brains from !

A-M — Why should I believe you ?

B — Because I’m dying….dying I don’t have anything to gain or to lose. It’s true what they say you know……you get scared in the end…..If there is somebody up there I don’t want to meet them with out clearing my slate first ! Shakes you up doesn’t’t it ? Your thrown by this ? Well, don’t let your old man see that ! That’s where he wants you man. He wants you off balance Lucy wasn’t ENOUGH !


B — You chased her man ! You got distracted, you played right into his hands. He said he supported you he said…he sympathized. But all that time he was walking right into your place !

A-M — He used Lucy…….. and the rape ………..and you ? Why should I believe you ?

Enter Cassie,Brent’s sister, and a Doctor.

C — Brent what are you doing ?

B — Get away from me…I don’t want anybody here I told you !!! (They lay him down on the dock.)

C — ( looking at A-M ) What are you doing here ?

A-M — Brent called me to the docks to feed me some bull about my father !

C — It wasn’t bull ! He was using Brent and he was using me too and I can prove it !! When we got there he was going to send us money for a whole new life.

She hands A-M two first class tickets out of the country. New names and Identities on their passports ! Brent calls A-M over to him….

B — First CLASS BABY THE SPAULDING WAY !!! (Whispering and clenching A-M’s jacket ) Tell Lucy I am sorry I hurt her. I’m sorry I got out of control and raped her…….make her believe it……..I’m sorry.

C — YOU KILLED HIM !!! DON’T YOU TOUCH HIM !!!! ( She lays sobbing on Brent’s body )

A-M returns to the yacht. Lucy is petrified waiting for him…….She looks up to see him standing in the door way….they meet in the center of the room A-M falls to his knees…Luce rocks him in her arms…….

The next morning at Spaulding A-M is pouring coffee as his father enters his office. Alan stands in front of HIS desk A-M comes up behind him. ( This is Rick’s second show that should have went on his Emmy consideration tape ! )

A-M — Glad you’re here Father…….I’ve been waiting for you.

Alan — Well, thank God you’re all right son ! I just heard that Lawrence is dead.

A-M — Yes for real this time.

Alan — What the hell happened ?

A-M — What do you think happened ?

Alan — Well the police commissioner said that…..

A-M — YES ?

Alan — Well he just called me….


Alan — Look Son, why don’t you quit playing games and just tell me what happened.

A-M — What did the police commissioner say ?

Alan — He said that Brent Lawrence died last night after he summoned you to the pier. Now is that true ? Apparently he said a lot of wild things made some sort of death bed confession.

A-M — ( Rick’s eyes are black and ice cold. A-M’s temperament is razor sharp but completely in control. ) Some of those wild things included the little hideout you set up for him. Commissioner mention that ? I can see why you would be very upset. Yeah, it’s DAMNING testimony.

Alan — Wh, what are you talking about ?

A-M — Now who’s playing games…….I know father……I know it all.

Alan — You may think you know something Alan-Michael…

A-M — Brent was your man, you called the shots.

Alan — Now wait just a minute…

A-M — You set the whole thing up. Brent was your inside man……He would do all your dirty work for you and in return you promised to protect him. Then when the time was right you were going to move him up through top level management.

Alan — Brent Lawrence was scum I HATED him.

A-M — That scum did what he was told and you got your money’s worth. Maybe not all of it, but a tiny return on your investment. Which included setting him up in that little hideout of his.

Alan — Brent said all of this ?

A-M — But he turned on you didn’t he ?

Alan — You’ve misunderstood A-M.

A-M — Brent told me everything. He was dying so he had nothing to lose.

Alan — You don’t have all the facts A-M.

A-M — Facts ? Fact one, YOU LIED. Fact two, YOU made a trap for me at the board meeting. Fact three, you betrayed me. I could……( regaining control ) I could…. recite a LITANY of facts. But none of them are as VILE or as SICKENING as the fact that this scum who RAPED Lucy………….. found a sponsor in MY father. ( His voice starts to break ) You not only tried to deliberately destroy me. But you used the man who raped Lucy to do it !

Alan — If I knew exactly what you were talking about A-M…..

A-M — NO YOU DID KNOW ! YOU DID KNOW EXACTLY ! EXACTLY !! How could you do this ? How could you sink to this level ?

Alan — Son I admit I have made mistakes but not the mistakes you’re accusing me of right now.

A-M — I am through accusing you. You’re as guilty as sin as far as I’m concerned !

Alan — So I’m not even going to get to state my case huh ?

A-M — Ya want to cop a plea ?

Alan — I will explain if you give me a chance !

A-M — No I’m sorry, I’m a Spaulding we don’t give people chances ! ( I WANTED TO KISS HIS FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Alan — The biggest mistake I made was listening to Brent Lawrence.

A-M — OK, what did he say ………………..EXACTLY ?

Alan — He said you were running this company into the ground.

A-M — I see, and you believed this scum, this rapist over your own son ?

Alan — I didn’t know that then. Lucy hadn’t said anything about it. I did not trust him I did not like him. But I thought it was prudent that I……

A-M — When you found out about the rape then you thought to yourself fine, great, even better ?

Alan — How could you THINK such a THING let alone even say it ?!


Alan — Not true !


Alan — I didn’t want you out.


Alan — I didn’t want you out of the company son I just wanted you to need me.


Alan — To stop shutting me out. To ask for my help and advice.

A-M — I did I asked.

Alan — The moment you became president you shut me out of your life. Why ? Because I made the unpardonable mistake of falling for Tangie and you couldn’t take it son.

A-M — I don’t believe this ! You are making this about ME ?

Alan — You were all that mattered. All I wanted to do was to have us connect. I tried to build a bridge between us son. You were all that mattered to me. When are you going to believe that ?

A-M — You know, you’re a VERY smooth talker. But you’re not talking your way out of this one.

Alan — I don’t want to….I always wanted us to be honest….

A-M — ( Losing it comes across his desk and is right in his father’s face !! ) ALL RIGHT LET’S GET TO IT RIGHT NOW !!! WHY did you hide Brent’s body after the shooting? Why did you let me believe that I KILLED a MAN ?!?

Alan — I didn’t want the truth to come out, because we were making progress son. I didn’t want anything to stop us.

A-M — You have got an answer for everything don’t you ?

Alan — Well, you said you wanted me to admit my guilt and I am. YES son, I was engaged in a cover up. At first I genuinely believed Brent Lawrence was dead. But when Cassie stayed in Springfield I knew he was probably still alive. I knew when I found him I would either have to kill him or run him out of the country. One way or the other he was not going to hurt you or Lucy again. Now I couldn’t kill him in cold blood so I chose to help him get away.

A-M — Have you told me everything ?

Alan — yes

A-M — If there is anything you haven’t said tell me now.

Alan — I swear, I have told you everything son.

A-M — If there is ONE thing that you omitted……’s over between the two of us. I mean forever.

Alan — I told you the whole truth. (Cassie comes into A-M’s office.)

Cassie — Where is the money Mr. Spaulding ? The money you promised my brother.

A-M — Yes Father. What about the money ? This wouldn’t be one of those darn omissions would it Dad? How is it you neglected to tell me about Brent getting a payoff ?

Alan — It wasn’t a payoff son !

C — YOU PROMISED us that money. It may not help my brother now but I need it !

Alan — For pities sake Miss Lawrence.

C — Brent told me you would back out on us and I didn’t believe him !

A-M — So Brent was to be paid off ?

Alan — I had to give them the money to get out of Springfield ! It was the only way I could secure cooperation from him !

C — You’re a liar ! You offered him that money from the start ! It was to do your dirty work. Brent thought it was a fortune he didn’t realize it was going to cost him his life !

Alan — She’s out of control……young lady your brother was blackmailing me that is the ONLY reason money was ever discussed !

A-M — The only way blackmail works is if you’re desperate to hide something ! You were in this up to your eyeballs weren’t you dad ? It was ten times worse then you admitted. It is twenty times worse then you admitted !

C — You can fight this out later ! I don’t give a damn about either of you ! I want that money ! You took my brother away from me, BOTH of you ! I can’t even afford to bury him !

Alan — You want us to reward you for your lies ? Pay you for them is that it ?

C — I want that cash !

A-M — I’ll give you a check. ( he writes out a check ) Bury your brother Miss Lawrence. I’m sorry for my father’s part in any of this. Don’t worry the truth will come out…..the whole truth. ( Cassie takes the money and leaves )

Alan — You should have never given her that check.

A-M — Her brother earned it don’t you think ?

Alan — I told you what happened.

A-M — Brent must have been worth every penny to you.

Alan — You still won’t see my side ?

A-M — That’s right.

Alan — Or even allow that I have one.

A-M — I am not making allowances for you. You never did for me !

Alan — Or forgive me, or even try to understand.

A-M — Oh I do understand. I UNDERSTAND very clearly. You betrayed me. I allowed myself to love you again. You made me trust you again. You stood up for me in that board meeting and defended me against allegations YOU had planted yourself. ( Tears in his eyes ) You made me believe that I mattered to you more then that damn company.

Alan — You do son…. I love you more than anything.

A-M — Dad….it’s an old song, it has a bad tune and lousy lyrics.

Alan — How will I EVER get you to believe me ?

A-M — You know……that Brent could not have hurt us half as badly if you didn’t help him ? In my book you are worse then he is.

Alan — How DARE you say that to me ?! I am your father !

A-M — Not any more. I want you gone I want you out of this company and out of my life.

Alan — You’re wrong….it won’t be long to you see that.

A-M — (choking back tears whispers) get out.

Alan goes out to the elevators. Buzz steps out and punches him in the face. A-M stands in the door way of his office watching, having NO intention of stopping Buzz. The elevator opens again and it is Cutter. He slaps cuffs on Alan and starts to read him his rights. Alan gets in his sons face. Asking him how he could have called the police on his OWN FATHER ! A-M stands uncaring un-answering to this “MAN” standing in his outer office. After Alan gets in the elevator A-M turns and goes back into his office. It suddenly seems HUGE. A-M in tears looks very small and alone. Buzz comes up behind him laughing ! “Well I gotta hand it to you turning in your old man…….”

A-M — I didn’t turn him in. Not that I didn’t want to.

Lucy enters ………Buzz MERCIFULLY leaves !

L – I saw Cutter and your Father. Are you all right ? This is awful….

A-M — As long as I got you I’m OK.

L — (She takes him into her arms ) You got that. Did he say anything ?

A-M — ( In tears ) Everything but the truth. (sigh) I didn’t want it to happen this way.

L — I’m sorry

A-M — Some people luck out with their folks others don’t.

L — Hey, there is nothing you could have done to change this….. nothing.

A-M — You know a kid wants to believe in his father…wants to know that he counts. With my father it was always power first. Never me……

L — I know, I hated the way he treated you.

A-M — (whispering ) Lucy……he doesn’t even know…… Even now as he is being led off to jail…….he thinks he is being framed. He thinks that he is being misunderstood. He has no concept in his mind that he has done anything wrong ! (voice breaking ) What kind of a man is that ?

L — I don’t know…..

A-M — I……….. I ……..he helped the man that RAPED you. I told him how I felt about that….I told him that I never wanted to see him in my life again.

L — What he say ?

A-M — It wasn’t his words……it was the look on his face. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.

Lucy — When are these nightmares ever going to end ?

A-M — It’s over, we will fill our lives up with good things from now on. We got each other. That is……. if you meant what you said before I went to meet Brent on the dock last night. ( This scene is soooooo fabulous ! Rick has such love on his face and in his eyes )

L — ( unsure and shy ) Well…..I……….. I said a lot of things….

A-M — um ( Rick’s face immediately changes like “oh we are JUST friends don’t be so close to her and assuming for more”. He starts to back away. The only actor I EVER saw able to change emotion on his face as quickly and convincingly as Rick does is Chaplin ! ) Well…you …said…that……you were…you were…afraid….something would happen to me…you probably just said it because you were scared or something……

L — No I remember….yeah….I said………. I loved you.

A-M — Did …you mean it ? I’m sorry I’m pushing you aren’t I ?

L — No it’s OK

A-M — No, I have been pushing you for months……

L — No you have been great………I meant it.

A-M — You meant it ?

L — I meant it. No matter what’s happened to me or what you’ve been through I would never take back those words.

A-M — Well….I wanted to believe it….yeah….

L — It’s true ….It’s REALLY true. I guess I was just scared to say it before. I was afraid to admit it to myself……… or anyone else. I didn’t plan for those words to come out….last night but when they did it just seemed right because it was true.

A-M — (serious look ) You’re sure ?

L — ( serious look back nodding ) I’m sure.

A-M — (smiling all out charm ) I mean are you REALLY sure?

L — (smiling ) Yeah I’m really sure

A-M — (coming towards her taking her in his arms ) absolutely SURE ?

L — Really really sure…..I…………I love you.

A-M — You what ?

L — (BEAMING ) I love you. ( They have a tight hug )


A-M — Good……because I love you.

Later on A-M summons Luce into his office to take some dictation. Lucy sits steno pad in hand………

A-M — Dear Miss Cooper….. (Luce looks at him ) regarding our policy on inner office relationships…..disregard all previous memos……because I’m the boss…….and I have fallen MADLY in love with, my office manager. Please be advised, that I love you with ALL of my heart.

The next day the Coopers and A-M find out from the DA it may be difficult to prosecute Alan. Frank and Buzz leave to see if they can help find Cassie. Frank shakes A-Ms hand and says he is behind him.

A-M — Well at least your family is starting to trust me a little.

L — Sure they are. Eleni has always been on your side. My dad and Frank are finally getting to know you. They’re behind you.

A-M — Quite the difference from my family huh ?

L — I’m sorry.

A-M — Look, we are not going to solve the problems of the world today.

L — We’re not ? Who’s going to do it if we don’t do it ? ( Lucy laughs)

A-M — There it is…….your smile….I haven’t seen that one in a long LONG time. You know when you’re really happy your eyes laugh before your mouth even opens ?

L — I don’t think so….

A-M — Yes they do. I’ll show you in a mirror some time. What we’re going to do is find time…….. ohhh………. I don’t know………. To go roller blading in Roosevelt park ?

L — You roller blade ?

A-M — Well….no…I don’t….Do you ?

L — Well a little…..

A-M — Good then you can teach me.

L — Great

A-M- – I can’t wait……….(whispers) I want to kiss you Lucy….

L — ( Smiling ) I’d like that.

( A-M moves closer to her and gives her the softest most innocent kiss you have ever seen…..he pulls back shyly unable to look in her eyes. Luce is having no trouble looking in his though and asks…….”You want to try that again” ? A-M smiles so sweetly and kisses her lips again and again. He kisses her forehead, temple, cheeks slowly making his way back to her lips……… Lucy with her eyes closed is sighing to his tender touches…..)

A-M — Ohhhhhh I could hold you like this forever……… am I going to fast ?

L — No

A-M — No, come on, tell me. I can wait as long as you want me to.

L – I am looking forward to every minute of it. You know that this is the first time that I looked forward instead of backward. It’s pretty good huh ?

A-M — Yeah. It’s pretty stupendous.

L — You make me feel…………. really safe.

A-M — I always will. I swear.


5 thoughts on “Chapter Nine: Lucy Admits Her Love

  1. I have a question. In your summary you describe that AM and Lucy go to watch the fire works then later she massages his face. However the only clip I have seen is where he I having a night mare of Brent and AM demands to know where was Lucy.

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