Chapter Seven: Saving Lucy

This is one of my favorite storylines in Guiding Light history, Alan-Michael fighting to save the hurt and damaged Lucy was beautiful and it was THIS story that made a lasting impression on fans.  This story also made Brent Lawrence/Marian Crane one of Guiding Light’s top villains.

******************April 95: A-M helps save his Luce ! – May 95**************

Lucy goes to the diner to get some coffee before work. Buzz is running all over getting stuff around for the Fifth Street ball. Lucy is moving so slowly. Everything around her seems dream like. Only loud noises or fast movement seem to bring her out of her state. But when that happens she is frightened. Eleni knows there is something VERY wrong, but Lucy leaves before Eleni has a chance to speak to her. When Lucy gets to her desk there is a huge bouquet of flowers from Brent. She reaches for the card with a shaking hand. You can see how fast she is breathing. Suddenly A-M comes up behind her. He notices the flowers but says…………….

A-M — Great, you came in. I need to talk to you it’s important.

(Lucy sits down and continues to just go about the motions of her job. Putting the files in a neat pile.)

A-M — Lucy ? Are you nervous ?

Lucy — No

A-M — Well that’s good because I am……Lucy could we go into my office? It’s a little more private there ?

(They go into the office A-M is very nervous……)

A-M — I don’t know where to sit……would YOU like to sit down ?

Lucy — No…umm just say whatever it is you have to say. I have to go back to work.

A-M — I wanted to say this to you last night, before you went out with Brent ( at the mention of his name Lucy touches her aching right arm ) but I didn’t. Look Lucy…..I, I know that you like Brent and everything….I left you a message on your machine….did you get it ?

Lucy — Alan-Michael please just tell me what ever it is that you want to tell me…..

A-M — I had this down cold……I was up half the night rehearsing it… was smooth ! Now I can’t remember a single word of it…….So you’re just going to have to get the gist of it…which is….I want to change our deal. The one that we made when you first started working here…….( smiling with tears in his eyes…his voice is shaky )…You remember that deal ? One where we said we would remain STRICTLY friends and…a……… business associates….well it’s a lousy deal. It STINKS, I want out of it. ( Lucy is looking at his eyes his lips…..she is till so in shock….maybe she is just dreaming   this… ) Ever since our dinner that night on the yacht……I can NOT stop thinking about you ! Even before that….I would watch you as you walked around the office here…..or at the road house……I would conjure up the scent of your perfume…I would listen to the sound of your voice as you would pick up the phone to answer it……. I must have been a complete idiot not to realize what was going on….

Lucy — What…..are you…..saying..?

A-M — ( holding back tears ) Lucy, I’m trying to tell you how I feel (He starts to reach for her ) ……..I….LO

Lucy –No……(crying)……don’t

A-M — (shocked and confused ) I’m ……sorry…..I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to upset you….you don’t have to say another word…..( A-M is about to cry )….you know what…you stay here….I’ll go to research and take ……care of a couple things….

He leaves and Lucy falls apart. She had waited for A-M to tell her he loved her since the first day she saw him and now….She pulls herself together and goes into her office. Brent is there….all she is able to say is “NO” to him. He leaves but not before touching her hair and thanking her for last night. A-M comes back and Lucy is gone…..He feels so bad for upsetting her. He decides it may be easier for her if he just leaves… he goes home. The final scene Lucy sits in the supply room crying. She slides down the door hanging on to the door knob, trembling in fear!

A few days later is the Fifth Street turn of the century ball. Before Bridget leaves with Skunk she decides to stay and question Lucy. She knows there is something VERY wrong with Lucy and she knows it involves Brent. When Brent came to get her Lucy had Bridge tell him she was sick. Then Lucy threw the corsage he brought her across the room ! Lucy thinking Bridget has left goes down to the kitchen.

Bridge — Relax he’s gone..

Lucy — Why don’t you get going and I’ll clean up around here.

Bridge — No we need to talk. Tell me what happened Lucy.

Lucy — Nothing happened.

Bridge — Why don’t you start with……it happened that night I went to Brent’s apartment.

Lucy — Look why doesn’t everyone just lay off me ?

Bridge — Well I’m not everyone. I am the closest friend you’ve got and you have to talk about what happened.

Lucy — I don’t want to talk about it.

Bridge — I’m not going to lay off. Something happened the night you went over to Brent’s apartment. I thought you were upset because you didn’t loose your virginity. What happened ? Did I get it wrong ? Did you sleep with him ? Tell me what happened…

Lucy — It was supposed to be THE DATE at least that is how I imagined it to be. So we went to the shooting arcade we were laughing and having a great time. Everything was OK I got less nervous so when he asked me to go back to his apartment I said yes….at first I didn’t want any thing to drink but he made me something anyway. ( Lucy’s hands start to shake uncontrollably as she tries to take her tea bag out of her tea. Bridget takes a hold of her hand and takes the bag out for her. ) He said it was mostly fruit juice……but I’m not really sure what was in it. Then we just made out.

Bridge — Keep going……………. tell me what happened…

Lucy — Well then it got……….. ya know pretty heavy. Like I expected it to get. The way I wanted it to get.

Bridge — But

Lucy–Well remember when I said I didn’t want to be a virgin for the rest of my life ? How I was ready to lose it even if I didn’t love the guy.

Bridge — Yes

Lucy — Well….while I was making out with him I decided that really wasn’t the way I felt. That I did want it to be perfect and I did want to be in love.

Bridge — Did you say something to him ?

Lucy — Well, lets just say it didn’t happen exactly the way I imagined it to be.

Bridge — You mean you went ahead and went all the way anyway ?

Lucy –He just ……wasn’t…… quite as gentle….. as I expected him to be. I actually felt like I was there by myself some of the time. That he was in his own little world. Is that the way it’s supposed to be.

Bridget — (suppressing her anger and contempt ) No, that’s not how it is supposed to be…(she touches Lucy’s hair ) honey……… your supposed to enjoy it. Lucy are you telling me he forced you ?

Lucy — ( there is a long pause before Lucy utters the next word. Each time she says it she remembers screaming it. It’s like she can hardly form the correct syllables. Maybe she doesn’t even know what the word means…….) No, no, no, no, it was nothing like that. How could it be ? I have been giving him signals for days.

Bridge — I don’t care what kind of signals you were giving him that doesn’t matter. If you didn’t want it to be that way then he should listen to you….

Lucy — (Gets up and stands by the stairway ) I think you have this whole thing completely wrong. It just didn’t happen the way I expected it to and that was all. Besides I always heard you can’t get a guy going to far because then they can’t stop.

Bridge — Oh NO NO NO NO……I used to think that to ! That is ABSOLUTELY NOT true. A guy can stop any time he wants to. If you say you want him to stop he HAS to stop……….did you say no ?

Lucy — ( again a large pause before she utters the word ) no

Bridge — OK OK…..but Lucy it just doesn’t sound right to me OK…

Lucy — Ya know I think I’ve said far too much about my personal life already. So could we just drop this. I mean, I’ve known Brent for a very long time and he is not a RAPIST. He’s a junior executive.

Bridge — Yeah, that’s what he is.

A-M comes to the Fifth Street ball in a vintage tux with top hat and white brocade vest. Brent has been bragging all day to him how he would be bringing Lucy as his date. A-M is hopeful he will get to see her. Maybe have a dance. When Brent comes alone A-M asks where she is and is told she was sick. A-M goes to Company to check on her. He looks in the window first to see if Lucy is there. He watches her a moment as she stares into space. He clears his throat and knocks on the door. Lucy jumps. She goes to the door.

A-M — Lucy open the door please. I need to see you.

Lucy — It’s late

A-M — I won’t be long I promise.

Lucy — I just don’t think it’s a very good idea.

A-M — Lucy your upset and I’m the reason right ?

Lucy — No, I just don’t feel very well.

A-M — The things that I said in the office ?

Lucy — Forget it.

A-M — No I can’t………. I was out of line. I over stepped my bounds. I’m sorry.

Lucy — Apology excepted.

A-M — Well you don’t have to let me off the hook so easily. I offended you. I never have had great timing I mean ask anybody.

Lucy — It doesn’t matter.

A-M — Yeah it does. I broke our agreement. But the reason I did that was because I realized I was lying to myself when we made it. I was all caught up in myself and what I was feeling…………. for you. As if all I had to do is declare myself to you and you would ohhhh…..I don’t know…………. Have this fairy tale reaction and open your arms and your heart to me. ( Lucy touches the door so softly and lies her head on it. ) and you would give me another chance. Which I guess I don’t deserve right ?

Lucy — Alan-Michael

A-M — Lucy, I know I treated you badly……. I hurt you……. AGAIN which was not my intention it wasn’t …… my intention at all. If you don’t want to talk to me or see me anymore…….

Lucy — (Flings open the door) STOP, IT’S OVER !!

A-M — No Lucy, what I want to be over is my lying to you and myself. Now I don’t know how serious it has gotten between you and Brent. ……( Lucy pulls back at the sound of his name. She grabs on to her right shoulder the one Brent had bruised so badly that night. She is hugging herself and is unable to look at A-M ) Lucy, what’s wrong with  you ?

The tea kettle starts to whistle and Lucy says she must run and check on Peter. That she hears him crying. A-M comes into the kitchen. He waits for Lucy to come back down.

Lucy — Bridget said I could let Peter cry himself back to sleep but I just can’t stand the thought of him feeling helpless and needing someone.

A-M — It’s like you’re not even seeing me or hearing me. Am I that much of a stranger to you now ? Lucy…..Lucy PLEASE talk to me. I can’t read your mind. Please tell me. What did I do? Your not even going to look at me ?……… Lucy ? OK….. I want you to forget everything I just told you. How I felt about you, all the romantic stuff I mean. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. But if it’s upsetting you……… then I would rather not risk loosing you completely. I won’t muddy it up if that’s what you want. But Lucy you have got to tell me that’s what you want………………SIGH……….( He starts to cry ) Lucy PLEASE ! I can’t stand to see you like this, I LOVE you ! ( He wipes the tears from his eyes ) I’m sorry……I’m sorry…. I didn’t’ mean to say….that.

Lucy — Go away

A-M leaves, Lucy goes to her room. She makes sure her window and back door are locked. She picks up the snow globe A-M gave her and holds it lovingly to her face. Suddenly she is fantasizing. Her and A-M had just returned from the ball. They enter her room dancing…..

Lucy — Oh A-M I had the most GLORIOUS evening !

A-M — You were the most BEAUTIFUL girl there !

Lucy — (Laughing ) I had a WONDERFUL time ! I NEVER EVER wanted it to end.

A-M — Well then it never should.

Lucy — It was perfect. The lights, the music, the streets. You were perfect.

A-M — PERFECT is a word I reserve for you Lucy Cooper.

Lucy — ( Smiling ) Alan-Michael this was the happiest night of my life. I never felt more safe and more loved.

A-M — And that is all you should ever feel. ( A-M takes her in his arms ) Tonight and everyday of your life. And if you let me, I will make sure that you feel that way…..from now on.

( They kiss )

Brent — Hello Lucy. ( Lucy is ripped out of her dream state to the reality that Brent is standing in her room !!) We need to talk.

Lucy — What are you doing in my room ? How did you get here ?

Brent — Calm down OK

Lucy — How did you get inside here ?

Brent — Maggie let me in. She was on her way out of Company. I came up the back. What’s wrong ? Your acting like I’m going to bite you. OK I’m confused Lucy. You seem upset and Bridget seemed upset when I talked to her earlier. I’m beginning to think there has been a misunderstanding. I thought we had a wonderful date the other night but what ever you told Bridget made her feel like it wasn’t so wonderful. I am just surprised that she has the wrong impression like that. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I understand that it was your first time. I also understand that, that kind of experience can be confusing. Sometimes it can be anti-climatic or even disappointing. Especially for someone like you that is SUCH a romantic. You postponed it for so long. I understand, I guess it’s OK it’s natural you’d be disappointed. You must have fantasized about it for months. Years even. There is no way it could have lived up to your expectations. Tonight’s gala was something you would have enjoyed. I am sorry that you couldn’t put on that dress and come out there with me. Because you really missed out on a wonderful evening.

Lucy — I think you should go right now because it is getting late. I’m really tired.

Brent — Are we OK Lucy ? Cause I can’t leave unless we’re OK.

Lucy — You can leave.

Brent — Good . There really shouldn’t be any confusion. Both of us know what really happened between us right ? We don’t need anyone from the outside telling us what it was. Am I right ?

Lucy — Right

Brent — OK, I’ll see you at work then. OK beautiful ?

Brent leaves, Lucy RUNS to the door and locks it ! So for the next three weeks Lucy keeps her secret. She can fake it with everyone but A-M. He knows there is something horribly wrong. He keeps an eye on Lucy as best he can at work. He sees her typing almost trance like over her key board. If he calls out to her she jumps. She winces if he gets too close or forgets himself and touches her. One night at the road house Detective Cutter is asking A-M questions about Brent. The final question knocks the breath right out of him ! “Do you think Brent is the kind of guy that would hurt a woman? ” A-M drops everything and heads to Brent’s hometown in Florida. When he returns to Spaulding Lucy is busy working at her desk. Brent is sitting in reception just watching her. A-M tells him ” I think we should discuss that report in my office” So Brent goes there.

Lucy — Glad your back, it was chaos around here with out you.

A-M — I’m sorry I had to leave on such short notice. I had to take care of something….. Lucy It was important.

Lucy — How did it go ?

A-M — Well the problem wasn’t bigger then I expected. I haven’t come up with a solution yet………….. but don’t worry I will.

Lucy — ( Shuffling papers making her desk perfect ) You always do, here, here’s some paper work I need……. ( A-M touches her hand and lightly squeezes it. Lucy pulls it away and holds it to herself. A-M swallows back tears. He quickly opens his brief case)

A-M — I have……. some paper work here on the joint venture deal with Lewis Oil. I worked it out on the plane. If they get it today they may not be too angry at me for not showing up in NY.

Lucy — Right, I’ll call a messenger right away.

A-M — Actually I would prefer you took it over there yourself. ( He is talking so gently and carefully to her. It is enough to break your heart ! ) Especially since your up to speed on the project. You could answer any questions they have, right on the spot.

Lucy — OK

A-M — OK

A-M gets the elevator for Lucy and watches her get in. He smiles at her so softly and waves. The second those doors close his face changes to a deep sadness and pain. Then A SEETHING but controlled anger comes over him. He turns to go in his office with Brent.

Brent — So how’s it going boss ? What were you doing in my home town ? I know you were down there and I know you were asking questions about me. My sister called for crying out loud ! Are you so hung up on Lucy that you had to go down to Florida to dig up dirt on me ?

A-M — I was there on business. I dropped by to see relatives of an old employee and friend. Does that bother you ?

Brent — No, no I’m just a little surprised that’s all.

A-M — Well since you asked……… one night I decided I wanted to go out for a drink. I asked them where the hot spots in town were. They told me about this place called the Spinnaker. You know that place?

Brent — ( Looking like he had just been found out ) Yes

A-M — Well you will be happy to know all your old friends are still there. They couldn’t stop bragging about you. They told me to say hi to “the legend” for me. I also meant somebody else there. Some one that you used to date. She didn’t have the same words of praise your friends did.

Brent — Oh yeah, What’s her name ?

A-M — I don’t remember. But what I do remember was that she was very cute, blonde, a lovely girl. At least you could see she used to be.

Brent — What’s your point man ?

A-M — My point is, this girl said you got kinda nasty with her on a date.

Brent — NASTY ?! I don’t think so man ! I think your full of hot air. I think you went down there looking to find something on me and you didn’t find a thing ! And you want to know why ? Because I didn’t do anything ! I know that girl your talking about. She is a tease, flat out a tease ! She comes on to you like she’s Madonna and then you finally get her home and she turns into a nun in training ! There is NO WAY I’m taking the rap for that one. Admit it man, admit it ! You know chicks like that. With the sexy smiles and the short skirts. They try to get you going, when they get you there they are crying foul, no no no no stop ! Talk about ASKING for it ! So you can take your prying and you can shove it ! Nobody believed her down there anyway. There were no charges ever filed against me.

A-M — Brent, I never talked to any of your old girlfriends. But I’m sure that’s how your gonna tell it with Lucy too right?

Brent –(amused and cocky as hell ) You sure you’re just not a little bent out of shape cause I got to Lucy first ?

A-M — SHUT UP !!! You don’t have any RIGHT to speak her name !

Brent –( Laughing ) You know it’s too bad your my boss…

A-M — FINE, no problem ! Your FIRED !!

Brent — Oh Man (He punches A-M in the face and he lands facing his desk. A-M grabs Brent and throws him over his desk. A-M goes on the other side of his desk picks Brent up and holds him down on top of the desk.)


Lucy comes in the office…..


(Brent breaks away gets in Lucy’s face and says……..)

Brent– You better watch yourself Lucy he has lost it ! He is obsessed with you !!

A-M — GET OUT OF HERE !!! Lucy, I didn’t mean to upset you. I haven’t lost it I just found out the truth about this guy. Lucy that’s why I went to Florida. I talked to people. OK, I talked to women I found out what he does….


A-M — Lucy I have to tell you about this !!

(A-M gets Lucy a glass of water and hands it to her. He has her sit down. He scrunches down beside her chair. A-M has blood dripping from his mouth.)

A-M — Are you all right ? Lucy I want to explain. I couldn’t help myself….I wanted to wipe that smug look off of that mans face.

Lucy — No more PLEASE

A-M — Lucy I couldn’t stand to see him any more OK ? I couldn’t stand to look at him. Now you won’t have to either.

Lucy — You’re hurt

A-M — Lucy it doesn’t matter…….( He touches her hair and her shoulder )What matters is you ……..

Lucy — No I don’t ! ( She gets up and runs from the room)

A-M — Lucy wait !! ( He walks into her empty office and says quietly ) Damn it, Damn it to hell.

(Suddenly he sees Lucy. She is hiding in the supply closet. He walks up slowly and opens the door.)

A-M — Lucy, don’t run away from me. Don’t be scared I just want to help you….. (Lucy runs from the closet.)

Everyone living at Company decides they will go to the road house tonight. Lucy is afraid to stay alone so she goes with David. She sees Brent using all the same lines he used on her with Mindy. She tries to warn Mindy about Brent and Brent over hears her. Mindy leaves with Brent and Lucy is horrified he will rape her too. She has David take her home then he goes back to the road house. Mindy and Brent discuss Lucy who they both feel is just jealous and immature for her age. When Mindy leaves, Brent enraged, throws a wine goblet violently at the door.

Lucy stands in the kitchen there is a thunderstorm and the lights blink out. She gets a lantern and heads to her room. She grabs a finger nail file then hears a car alarm and goes out on the balcony looking at the storm about to hit. She goes back in her room and there stands Brent !

Brent — Hello Lucy

Lucy — I’ve got nothing to say to you. Get out of my room.

Bren t– Fine then just listen. I have something you need to hear.

Lucy — GET OUT !!!!

Brent — Calm down OK were just gonna talk. ( He turns and locks her door. )

Lucy — Get out you better get out of here or I’m going to scream !

Brent — Why bother there is nobody in the house. There is no reason for you to be afraid. We just need to talk. We need to sort this all out. There has been a misunderstanding. We need to talk and we need to deal with it.

Lucy — NO we haven’t had ANY misunderstanding.

Brent — Then what. What do you think happened. Why are you spreading this stuff around about me ? There are some pretty nasty rumors going on……. YOU RUINED ME LUCY ! A-M fired ME ! Not only have I lost my job my ENTIRE career is trashed and NOW your talking to girls that I might want to go out with ! So you tell me what you think I did to deserve this ! TELL ME !!!!!

Lucy — nothing

Brent — ( whispering and full of contempt ) What’s that ? Could you speak up just a little bit please……

Lucy — Nothing

Brent –Louder please.


Brent — No I can’t………… I’m sorry Lucy. Not until I am one hundred percent certain that you have told your last lie.

Lucy — What more do you want me to say ? Nothing happened between us. Nothing happened at all !

Brent — You say that now. Is that what you told Mindy at the road house tonight ? Hmm did you tell her how nice you thought I was ? How wonderful and considerate I was. HUH ? Did you tell her about our DATE ? How much fun we had ? No…….. I didn’t think so. See the thing is Mindy came back to my apartment tonight for a drink. But then you know you’ve been there. Unless I got the wrong impression I think she thought I was going to jump her. I don’t know why, but then I thought, maybe some how she got the idea from you. Did she ? ( Brent has Lucy pinned against her bathroom door. He is in her face )

Lucy — You didn’t hurt her did you ?

Brent — I could never hurt a woman Lucy. I am much better at loving a woman then playing some kind of pain game. You should know that Lucy. ( He rams her against the door and the mirror breaks ) You know that don’t you Lucy ? Huh ? You know me you know that I love woman. Don’t you agree ?( Lucy is having flashbacks of the rape with each of his statements. You see how very brutal it all was. You hear and see the door shaking from Luce being against it ! )

Lucy — Yes I agree. Now will you please leave ?

Brent — NO I don’t think so, I am still a little confused. You see I think your a little delusion. About what happened to you the night I made LOVE to you in my apartment. Unless I am mistaken I think you THINK I forced myself on you. We were both there Lucy. We both know I didn’t do anything like that did I ?

Lucy — NO!!!!

Brent– I didn’t do one SINGLE thing that you didn’t want did I ? ( Flash back of her screaming NO and STOP ! ) That whole night you were WILD you wanted me so much. Even at the arcade you were wild. I got witnesses if I need it ! We both knew that, that night was going to be THE night ! That night was going to be your first time and you picked me !!! You WANTED IT DIDN’T YOU ?!?!

Lucy ( Breaks away and runs for the locked door screaming ) NO !!!

Brent — NO, NO ?!? So why don’t you tell me what you thinked happened then ? ( He throws her on the bed She grabs the finger nail file in her clenched fist) Go ahead I’d LOVE to hear this……….. TELL ME !!!! ( Brent grabs the file out of her hand ) What are you doing Lucy ? Are you going to try and hurt me ? Your going to stab me ? You hate me that much ? Or do you just hate yourself ?

Lucy — ( crying and begging him ) What do you want me to do ?!?

Brent — Lucy why are you acting so innocent huh ? You know the deal. You know what happened ! You wanted to sleep with me. You wanted it to happen don’t pretend you didn’t !

Lucy — ( In between sobs ) NO…….You…

Brent — You wanted me and I wanted you. And THAT’S IT we did it !! ( He is pinning her down on her bed )

Lucy– ( GASPING ) BECAUSE……BECAUSE YOU RAPED ME !!!!!!!!!!!! YOU RAPED ME !!!! ( The door is kicked open and there stands Alan- Michael ) YOU RAPED ME !!!!!!!! ( A-M grabs Brent and throws him up against the wall )

Brent — She’s lying, SHE’S LYING MAN !! ( A-M punches him twice as hard as he can in the stomach. Then tosses him out Lucy’s door. ) I can prove it ! ( A-M throws him down the stairs ) Get your hands off me man !! ( A-M throws him from the landing on to the kitchen table. It breaks as Brent slides down it. He crawls across the floor to the exit while A-M follows behind him) You better back off ! You got nothing, You got nothing. !! ( A-M picks Brent up with his hand clenched around his throat. He opens the back door throws him out it. Then pins him against the porch railing with his thumbs pressed in Brent’s throat ! )

A-M — If you EVER come near Lucy, If you EVER come near her again, I don’t care if I have to spend the rest of my life in jail, Your DEAD! Do you understand me ? YOUR DEAD ! Now DISAPPEAR ! ( He throws Brent over the railing. Brent runs away )

A-M runs to Lucy’s room calling her name. He looks in her bathroom and on her balcony but she is gone.

A-M spends that night looking for Lucy everywhere. He shows up at Company the next morning. He asks Matt if he knows where she is while Matt fixes the table. Matt Assumes she is still in bed but when A-M checks he sees she was not in her room all night. He asks Matt to call him the SECOND he sees her. He tells him it is VERY important.

Lucy is sitting at the docks looking out at the boats. She is startled when Ed runs up behind her.

Ed — I was running by and I saw you here. I didn’t know whether to stop. Are you OK ?

Lucy — Fine…. I’m just doing some thinking that’s all.

Ed — Oh that sounds good. Would you like some company ? Is It all right if I join you ?

Lucy — Sure fine

Ed — You know when I was a kid I used to come down here. When I was feeling particularly lost I would look out at all the boats and yachts. I would imagine I was getting on one. Starting some exotic adventure. It’s weird now though. I just kind of run by places now. Not stopping for anything not seeing anything…….

Lucy — Did Eve get those flowers.

Ed — Yes, they were nice, thank you.

Lucy — I guess it’s pretty incredible. You spend your whole life figuring out one thing and then something else changes it. Sorta like Eve getting sick right before you get married huh ?

Ed — We still intend too.

Lucy — That’s great I know A-M was pretty upset about it when he found out. He cares a lot about you.

Ed — I’m very proud of him handling that huge company.

Lucy — So Eve’s OK then ?

Ed — Yes, she is very brave. She is under going really heavy doses of chemo therapy. That is enough to flatten most people you know. But you know she’s putting in some long hours at the lab. I had to chase her out of there last night. But that is kind of woman she is.

Lucy — Yeah well, your pretty strong too you know. This must be an awful time for you. But you still manage to get the things that need to be done, done. You don’t make a big deal about it. And you don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Ed — Sweetie I have my empty moments.

Lucy — ( starting to cry ) Yeah, but you don’t let those horrible things destroy you. I’d give anything to be like that right now.

A-M, not knowing where to look, heads home. Maybe Lucy……… He sees Lucy standing at the edge of the dock. He walks up slowly, never taking his eyes off her. Lucy looks at him and immediately drops her gaze. She starts to cry. A-M looks down at the rope in front of him when he looks back at Lucy his eyes are full of tears.

Lucy– Did you tell anyone ?

A-M– No I didn’t.

The next scene A-M is bringing Lucy tea. She has fallen asleep.

A-M — Lucy, I brought you some tea it’s hot.

Lucy — You didn’t have to do that.

A-M — ( Pouring her a cup ) It’s OK, I wanted to. Do you need milk or anything ? ( He hands her the tea )

Lucy — Thank you

A-M — Sure ( Lucy hands are shaking so badly she starts to spill the tea. ) Whoa…..( she starts to cry A-M takes the cup from her.) It’s OK Lucy, it’s OK, take it easy.

Lucy — I’m sorry.

A-M — No, no, no, please…… don’t worry about it. This old boat has had plenty of spills.

Lucy — I would hardly call this an old boat.

A-M — Well, old yacht then, second hand.

Lucy — Thanks for letting me stay here. But I think it’s time for me to….

A-M– I brought you here because it’s safe.

Lucy — No, I’m never going to be safe not anywhere EVER again !

A-M — I will do anything I can to keep you safe. But no more running. Look I’m here I’m not going to let anyone come near you.

Lucy — (crying) He came into my room Alan-Michael ! He CAME INTO MY ROOM !!

A-M — I know…..he is NEVER going to hurt you again Lucy !


A-M — You have been very brave…..


A-M — I , I’m sorry…………… I don’t have an answer for you.

Lucy — I’m JUST so SCARED he is going to do it AGAIN!!

A-M — Don’t think about it. It’s over Luce.


A-M — You will, OK, EVENTUALLY you WILL !!

Lucy — NO………. I CAN’T ( She is crying, A-M is desperate to hold her in his arms. One of his most enduring traits for me has always been his inability to leave his hands off a women he loves. A-M reaches out to her, then pulls his arms back. He literally does not know what to do with his hands now! He holds them across himself. Finally giving up he runs them into his pockets ! )

A-M — Listen, I think that a…… I think the best thing for you right now…… is after your feeling better you should go talk to somebody.

Lucy — No, no I’m going to be fine.

A-M — Maybe after your feeling better, if you talk to somebody…

Lucy — NO, no. Don’t even say that. Why do you keep EVEN saying that ?

A-M — There are a lot of people that have been worried about you. You know Eleni, and, and, Bridget.

Lucy — NO….you want me to tell somebody else? You want me to tell somebody what happened ? ( She takes both her fists down on A-M’s chest ! ) DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOUR ASKING ME TO DO !?! OH THAT’S LIKE LIVING IT ALL OVER AGAIN. I GOTTA GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN ?!?( A-M slips and grabs a hold of Lucy’s hands ) NO !!!!!! ( She paces back and forth like a caged animal ) NO I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN I CAN’T DO IT !!! ( A-M is begging her at the door “Lucy…… I’m sorry…… I am sorry I upset you ” ) HE HURT ME, IT’S LIKE BEING CUT WIDE OPEN ! I CAN’T………. I CAN’T DO IT !!! IT’S LIKE BEING RUINED ALL OVER AGAIN !!! (She heads for the door. A-M puts his hand out in front of himself to stop her…)

A-M — OK Lucy, slow down……….. slow…….. down. ( Lucy stands there gasping ) Lucy…..your not ruined. Your still the same, the same person that I have always known.

Lucy — NO Alan-Michael I’m NOT ! I’m NOT the SAME person…….I was raped ! Don’t look at me…………. Just don’t ever look at me again ……. (Crying she holds her hands like a shield in front of her face so A-M can not see her. )

A-M — ( in complete disbelief ! ) WHAT ? (He walks over to her ) What ? You listen to me…. I care about you………….

Lucy — Can’t you tell ? That’s the worst part about it all !!

A-M –( said soooo softly ) I don’t understand that Lucy, because I care about you. Lucy please look at me. It makes absolutely no difference what happened to you. (Suddenly he understands her guilt and shame and again touches her hands.)

Lucy — NO don’t touch me…don’t touch me.

A-M — Lucy it WASN’T your fault. It WASN’T your fault. You’re not to BLAME. The ONLY thing that matters to me is that somebody hurt you and that hurts me !

Lucy — (Grabbing a pillow and hugging it ) It makes a difference it makes a difference !!! Can’t you see……..when I was standing on the boat dock that was the hardest part….your face………… just looking at me.

A-M — But WHY ?

Lucy — Because you know…………..YOU know I was raped…..Alan-Michael. That’s why I ran away last night. I can’t bare to see you. After you know what happened to me….( She stands there crying as A-M realizes how very much she loves him )

A-M calls Bridget and tells her that Lucy won’t be home for a few days. He calls work and leaves a message for the temp at his office. Unfortunately Brent gets the message. Alex and Alan show up like jackals ready to take the company away from him.

Lucy — You know I am all right really. You have a big business to run so you should really go ahead. As long as you don’t mind if I stay here for a little while.

A-M — No Lucy you can stay as long as you like. That’s why I brought you here.

Lucy — I know, I’ve kinda been a lot of trouble here lately. I’m sorry. I’m REALLY sorry.

A-M — No No NO, Please don’t………Don’t apologize. Your not any TROUBLE. I’m GLAD to have you on the yacht.

Lucy — ( smiling) You don’t have to say that.

A-M — Lucy, I’m not saying it because I’m trying to sound nice. I’m saying it because I CARE about you. Throwing Brent out of your room. Chasing all over town for you bringing you here. I did that because I could not STAND the thought that you were hurting. And that somebody had done something like Brent had……to you. Lucy this isn’t your fault. I don’t think ANY less of you…….If I could change this…..If I could put on a magic cape and make the world spin backwards. So that I could make what happened never happen… (in tears ) I would do it….I would do it in a minute ! I want you to be where you can forget. I want you to be happy again. PLEASE Lucy………Look I don’t want to intrude on you. But…I would ….like to stay and help you with it. Will you let me do that ?

(A-M calls the captain to take out the yacht.)

A-M — OK, no more calls you don’t have to talk to anybody.


A-M — Why don’t you try to get some rest now.

Lucy — Yeah, I would like that. I feel like I haven’t slept in months. Thank you. ( She is starting to cry A-M crouches down in front of her, smiling so sweetly at her ) Thank you for wanting to be with me.

A-M — I would do ANYTHING in the world for you. Right now, this is the best that I can think of. You’ll have your time and your space…..and peace…… OK ?

Lucy — OK

(A-M goes and stands out on the decks. Lucy joins him.)

A-M — Your cabin is ready anytime you feel like you want to get some rest. (Looking at the shore line ) It’s beautiful isn’t it ? Springfield looks like it has a million candles out tonight. Your far away from it Lucy. Your far away from everything you’ve been through.

Lucy –Yeah, I wish I could believe that.

A-M– You’re safe Lucy, you’re safe with me. Brent’s not gonna hurt you.

Lucy — You’re wrong A-M. He’s close by I know he is, I can feel him. ( Cut to Brent buying a gun on the docks )

A-M — Do you want me to leave you alone ?

Lucy– No, no I mean I don’t want to be alone.

A-M — ( smiling ) Fine, what ever you want. I’ll stay right here.

Lucy — I know I need some sleep and I know I need some rest…..but the thought of going down stairs and to that cabin by myself………. Alan-Michael I can’t do it I just can’t.

A-M — (Smiling ) Look, you don’t have to. OK you can sleep right up here in the Salon. I’ll get you some blankets for you to keep you warm. Don’t worry about the crew. I’ll tell them to give you your privacy. I’ll be right outside the door if you want. I’ll sleep right outside the door if you want.

Lucy — You’re doing a lot for me…….why ?

A-M –( hands in his pockets, love in his eyes )– Come on, you need your rest.

He opens the salon door. Lucy goes in and falls asleep. A-M stays close on the decks in case she needs anything. Suddenly he hears her screaming…. He runs to her and tries to wake her from the nightmare she is having.

Lucy — NO NO STOP NO !!!!!

A-M — It’s all right Lucy it’s all right. Your with me…..

Lucy — He was here A-M !! I told you he would come back I told you ! Brent was here !

A-M — Lucy it was just a bad dream that’s all. It’s over now. There is no way any one can get in here. I was in the hall the whole time. The doors are all locked. Even the port holes are bolted shut.

Lucy — What is happening to me ?! I’m sorry ! I’m really, really sorry !

A-M — Why ? You didn’t do anything wrong. You CAN’T blame yourself for this. It is natural for you to have nightmares after what happened. That is why I think it’s important to talk to someone. A counselor, somebody that understands what you’ve been through Lucy.

Lucy — NO I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to tell anybody.

A-M — OK, you don’t have too. You don’t EVER have to talk about it if you don’t want to. ( His eyes are filling with tears.)

Lucy — I’ve never seen you like this.

A-M — Like what ?

Lucy — You look helpless.

A-M– Lucy I just want to wipe the pain away and I don’t know how to do it…..

Lucy — You can’t, but everything your doing, keeping me here, letting me stay here. I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. ( A-M wipes a tear off her cheek. )

A-M — I better go and let you rest.

Lucy — No please, I can’t sleep anyway. Would you stay ?

So A-M stays. He gets out board games and makes Lucy play “A-M wins” till she starts to nod out. He hands her some brandy which she refuses. He covers her up she closes her eyes. A-M sings “Close your eyes, and let me lay a kiss upon them, say goodnight and I will be there. In the morning, I won’t leave, I’ll stay here with you ” Sweet dreams Lucy.

A-M sits in the chair and watches her sleep all night. If she were to have another nightmare he wants to stop it immediately ! He starts to nod just as Lucy starts to wake up. He sits beside her so she will know where she is. ” It’s OK it’s all right Lucy. Your on the yacht your safe with me…………. Don’t worry Lucy. I’m not gonna let anybody ever hurt you again.”

They continue their trip and destinations are discussed.

Lucy — This boat always amazes me. I bet you this thing could sail around the whole world.

A-M –Yeah it could.

Lucy — Did you ever ? You know, sail around the world.

A-M — No, I’ve always wanted too.

Lucy –(looking at maps ) I bet it would be great. Think about it, we could go to Canada and through the Great Lakes and then the St. Lawrence Sea Way and then the Atlantic and we could keep on going. We could stop at ports along the way and see everything and explore. It would take years maybe even a lifetime.

A-M — What about your life in Springfield ?

Lucy — Does that really matter ? This would be an adventure. THIS would be exciting !

A-M — It would be escape.

Lucy — Maybe….is that so terrible ?

A-M — I think, I could be wrong, but I think if you don’t deal with what happened to you the nightmares are just going to follow you where ever you go……Lucy, you said you were raped and until you deal with that I just don’t think it is ever going to go away.

Lucy — I can’t A-M I just can’t bare to see their faces like that. I just can’t.

A-M — What if I went with you ?

Lucy — NO

A-M — Lucy they are going to find out sooner or later somehow…. Don’t you think it would be much better if they found out from you ? They already suspect something is wrong..

Lucy — But it doesn’t have to come out. What’s Brent going to do ? Come back into town and start bragging about what he did ?

A-M — (whispering ) Lucy, that’s not the point. You can’t pretend and keep running away from the fact that Brent hurt you. He violated you in the worst way…..

Lucy — WILL YOU JUST…….stop please ? Please, it just is doing neither one of us any good.

A-M — Well neither is running away. Or sailing around the world. ( laughing ) Something that I would love to do with you more then you even know. Lucy I care about you too much to just let this go. Just being grateful that the nightmares have gone away is not enough. Do you want to spend the rest of your life cut off from living, from   feeling ? Do you REALLY want to do that ?

Lucy — You know it is all fine and grand for you to sit here and spout out all these great words. But you know what ? You don’t know what it feels like you just don’t know and you can’t know because your a man !! I know how it goes with you guys. You hear a story like this and you start winking at each other in the offices and the locked rooms. (A-M stands shaking his head NO and saying NO Lucy. ) YES YOU DO !!! And all of a sudden she asked for it she wanted it !


Lucy — NO I’M NOT WRONG I’M NOT !!! WHAT YOUR DOING ISN’T HELPING ANY EITHER !! I mean, why are you doing this anyway huh ? Are YOU just trying to pave your way to me ? Well yeah, I bet your REAL disappointed cause you didn’t get the first shot at me ! Well you know what ? Face it I am JUST USED material now and nobody is ever going to look at me ever again ! ( Lucy leaves the salon, A-M looks out the door window looking for her. He sits down not knowing what else to do….. He puts his face in his hands. He is startled when Lucy comes up behind the chair ! ) I’m sorry, I umm………. I said some really horrible things and I didn’t mean it.

A-M — You don’t have anything to apologize for.

Lucy — You’re right Alan-Michael I HAVE to face this. I have to tell my family.

It’s the next morning Lucy comes into the salon after her shower and the change in her is ENORMOUS ! She is no longer cowering and afraid. She is even able to laugh with A-M about the little bird she heard this morning.

A-M — I called Eleni and she said she and your Father will be here soon. Your not changing your mind about telling your family are you ?

Lucy — I just hate to put my Father through this. He was always so proud of me.

A-M — Lucy that’s not going to change.

Lucy — Alan-Michael I don’t know if I can make anyone understand. I feel so ashamed and so dirty.

A-M — Lucy you didn’t do this. It was done too you by a low life named Brent Lawrence.( There is a knock on the   door ) Yeah, come in……Hi……

Buzz — ( looking at Lucy in a robe ) THIS better be good. What’s she…what the hell is going on here……?

A-M — Buzz, I think you need to talk to your daughter. Eleni and I will go up on deck

Buzz — What happened….

Lucy — ( Starts to cry ) Dad I’m sorry. I’m so sorry to hurt you. I don’t mean to hurt you.

Buzz — You’re not hurting me I love you. What happened ?

Lucy — I’m ruined ! Dad, NO ONE’S GONNA love me anymore…..

Buzz — What happened ?

Lucy — Um well…………… I lied to you and everybody the last few weeks about Brent. I guess I’ve been lying to myself too but I can’t pretend any more.

Buzz — What happened ?

Lucy — Dad……I was raped……..

Buzz — WHO ? BRENT did this to you? ( He gets up like he may run out the door and KILL him )

Lucy — No Daddy stop ! About a month ago…..

Buzz — A month ? A month ago ?

Lucy — Dad please don’t go after him. I just don’t want any more violence. I don’t want anymore. It was bad enough when A-M threw him out of the boarding house the other night.

Buzz — Did he threaten you ?

Lucy — Well he tried to make it seem as if it was my fault. I guess after all this time of blaming myself hearing him say it I knew it wasn’t me.

Buzz — ( whispering ) He threatened you ? What he do……..tell me what happened.

Lucy — ( crying…) OK, OK…… It started ……….I went back to his place. We were kissing and dancing. I don’t know if I should tell you this, but I was planning on staying there with him. I liked him Dad. I thought he was crazy about me too. He was so good looking, smart and sophisticated. I felt lucky that he had chose me. It’s so confusing because even now I feel like I’m talking about two different people. I mean one minute he was gentle and tender and sweet. It was every thing I imagined it to be. Then it all went wrong. It just went so fast…………… I mean he was going fast. I felt like I was being left behind. I felt like I was on the outside looking in. And everything I wanted it to be I wanted it to be beautiful and romantic…It was awful and terrible and I was so scared…….

Buzz — ( in tears takes his little girl in his arms and rocks her ) Ohhhh, It’s gonna be all right. It’s gonna be all right.

Lucy — When I went home all I wanted to do was get out of my clothes and get in to that hot, hot, HOT, shower and scrub him off of me. And then I just wanted to go to sleep and NEVER wake up.

Buzz — (Whispering) It’s gonna be all right baby. It’s gonna be all right. I’m going to make it all right. OK

Cut to Eleni getting the news from A-M and swearing in Greek…

Eleni — THAT ANIMAL !!! HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO LIVE !! Frankie was right about him. He knew he was wrong for Lucy. How am I going to tell him about this ? I want to kill Brent imagine what Frank is going to do !

A-M — I’ve entertained fantasies like that too. Right now I don’t think Lucy can deal with anymore violence.

Eleni — I knew something was wrong with her. But I thought she’d tell me if she wanted to talk about it. I didn’t want to pry…..I should have found a way !

A-M — Eleni there is nothing that you could have done. We all knew that she was going through a bad time. But she had to get to a place where she could talk about it. Other wise nothing any of us would have done could help.

Eleni — What now does she go to the police ?

A-M — I don’t think she’s ready for that. I think it was more important for her to get through this first.

Eleni — You have been a good friend to her A-M. Thank you for calling us and working it out so Buzz could talk to her.

A-M — ( tears in his eyes ) What else could I do ? I love her………I want her to start healing. Eleni, I have made so many mistakes with you and with Lucy. I just think that now I have a chance to make up for some of them.

Eleni — I think you have already done that. You may have saved Lucy’s life.

Cut back to Buzz and Lucy……

Buzz — Did he threaten to hurt you again ?

Lucy — I honestly don’t know what would have happened if A-M wouldn’t have been there. He threw him out and told him to leave Springfield. ( knocking on the door )

Buzz — YEAH…..

A-M — Hi, I’m sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to see if you guys need anything.

Buzz — It’s OK, come here ( He offers A-M his hand ) I want to thank you for being there for my daughter when she needed somebody.

A-M–I’m just sorry that It had to happen at all.

Eleni– Lucy is it all right if I come in…. ?

Lucy–Yeah, that’s fine, thanks for coming…..

Eleni– ( Takes Lucy in her arms ) Oh of course Lucy.

Buzz– This Brent guy…did you go to the police ? Did you press charges ?

Lucy–No I didn’t, but he’s gone and I don’t think he’ll be back.

Buzz– That’s how you left it ?

A-M– I guess what happens next is up to Lucy.

Buzz– Come on…come home with me. I’ll fix you dinner we’ll talk OK ?

Lucy– Sounds great. But you know what ? What I really want to do is get back to my life and just go back to work and to see my friends.

A-M–Lucy don’t worry about it…

Lucy– No I think we should get back to the office. I just want to go back to my life and put this behind me and forget it ever happened. Thanks you guys for coming. I love you for making me feel like myself again. I’m going to go change now OK

A-M– I’ll wait for you on the dock.

Eleni– I’ll keep you company…..

A-M– Buzz you all right ?

Buzz– Yeah, I’m FINE…..


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