Chapter Six: A New Day at Spaulding and Lucy is in Crisis

************* Jan 95 – A-M GETS The BIG OFFICE !!!  – April 95********

 A-M has been summoned to Spaulding by Lucy. She is in the middle of a huge crisis. Alex was supposed to finalize the Diamond Tool contract today. They want the finalized numbers and Luce has stalled them as long as she can ! Nick says “Look I am done with Spaulding I know nothing about the Diamond Tool contract….. I’m out of here !” A-M gets out of the elevator as Nick goes in. A-M tells Lucy he has washed his hands of EVERYTHING Spaulding. Lucy says “Fine then I’ll do it myself ! ” A-M feeling sorry for her helps her get the bid. They celebrate in Alex’s office drinking champagne with the stereo cranked to heavy metal !

her helps her get the bid. They celebrate in Alex’s office drinking champagne with the stereo cranked to heavy metal !

A-M — ( Feeling the champagne or just giddy with freedom) I’m FREE I have cast off the yoke ! I am free of ALL of them ! Do you hear THAT GRANDFATHER ?!? (A-M starts to clear off Alex’s desk )

Lucy — ( Laughing ) What are you doing ?

A-M — To HELL with ALL of it !! ( Climbs up on the desk) Come on up here and dance with me Lucy !

Lucy — A-M your going to scratch the desk !

A-M — (taking off his shoes and throwing them) All right fine, turn up the music and get up here. Take off your shoes you can dance much better when your bare foot anyway.

Lucy — You’re NUTS you’re totally NUTS !!

A-M — Do you have a problem with that ?

Lucy — No I kinda like it.

A-M — Come on, come on get up here. (He reaches down and pulls her up on the desk. They both dance A-M singing…….) Hey, huh, that’s it, Yeah……….. (They keep dancing and Alex and Alan come in mouths hanging open ! Luce sees them first and tries to warn A-M by nudging him !) Hey, come on now, take it easy…… (A-M sees them ) WELL if it isn’t “Sid Serious” and his sister “Miss Grave” ! Well…………. I’m sorry I confess ! We had fun and it was all my fault. Lucy’s not to blame so you can roast her at the stake. You can’t call the palace guards cause I’m out of here.

Lucy– I’m sorry but I’m actually glad to see you…

A-M– BECAUSE you bring SUCH JOY into ALL of our lives !! SO Where have you two been ?

Alex takes Lucy out of the room to yell at her. Alan tells A-M that Alex and He have decided to offer him the presidency of Spaulding Enterprises.

A-M — I can’t believe Alexandra would agree to this.

Alan — Not only did she agree….she put it in writing. She’s all for it. for you, the company and the family. I am offering you this honor sincerely. I think you will make an excellent president ! I also hope that this will restore our trust.

A-M — But…..what are you NOT telling me ?

Alan — Son I had no idea that you might not except it……are you telling me that you possibly don’t want the   presidency ?

A-M — Don’t do THAT.. you know that I’ve wanted it my WHOLE LIFE. EVEN when I was a little boy, because I thought it would make me more like you. Even though you wanted Philip in that position. I’ve always been second place with you and Alexandra. You never thought that I was Presidential material. Then you went off to prison. Alexandra stepped into your place. Philip finally left. I thought maybe I would be able to get in there. Then low and behold Nick shows up ! All of the sons have been worthy except me. Then you finally came back into town….I had such high hopes that you would treat me differently. But you decided to treat me like the boy that I wasn’t anymore. To keep secrets from me cause I just wouldn’t understand it. You USED me father ! You and Alexandra. I won’t be used anymore.

Alan — I understand your feelings son. But that is all in the past now. This offer comes with no strings attached.


Alan — I won’t be pulling them…

A-M — What position are you and Alex going to hold ?

Alan — We’ll be the CEOs together.

A-M — Well…if that’s the presidential offer…my answer is no.

Alan leaves to hash this out with Alex. Lucy comes in to the president’s office with A-M.

Lucy — OHHH !!! I can’t BELIEVE you turned down the presidency like that !

A-M — (Wringing his hands) neither can I.

Lucy — Now they are NEVER going to hand over control….and your probably going to be out of the company.

A-M — That’s right

Lucy — Well, it would have been nice to be president…(Hick ups )

A-M — Lucy !….will you ! I am trying to stop myself from running out there and screaming YES!

Lucy — OK let’s see…..You wouldn’t have wanted to be president like that. You would have been powerless.

A-M — That’s right.

Lucy — They would manipulate you all the time and you would be at their mercy.

A-M — Right again

Lucy — You would have no leverage and you would be impudent.

A-M — Are you trying to be encouraging ?

Lucy — No realistic

A-M — Well try being something else because your torturing me this way ! (Luce hick up’s ) and would you get RID of those DAMN hick ups !!

Lucy — (Both laughing ! ) I’m SORRY I’m trying !

Alan– What’s so funny ?

A-M — Nothing ………………you would probably find amusing.

Alan — Perhaps not, but maybe you will be amused by what we have to tell you. Alexandra and I have spoken and we have both come to an agreement. Now the ball is in your court. We have agreed to asead to your demand of being president and CEO of Spaulding Enterprises.

A-M — ( SHOCKED trying to look calm 🙂 You will ?

Lucy — ( completely losing it and not holding back ! ) I CAN’T believe it, you WON !


Alan — We will play a diminished role…. that of being chair, or CEO chair persons of the board.

Alex — Which means of course we could persuade the board to fire you if you don’t perform.

A-M — Oh I want the board to fire me if I don’t perform properly.

Alex — OR if in any way you significantly damage the company’s reputation.

Lucy — WHAT exactly does THAT mean ?


Alex — What it means Lucy, is we are an international company with global responsibilities. And it is absolutely imperative that the president AND CEO maintain decorum, dignity and responsibility at all times.

Lucy — (Hick ups)

A-M — All right short of maintaining a responsible appearance and performing properly. I don’t want the board to interfere. Nor Do I want anyone else to interfere.

Alan — Agreed

A-M — Aunt Alex ?

Alan — She agrees

A-M — Does she ?

Alex — She does

Lucy — Yeah, but are you sure of it ?

A-M — SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex — Before you give me any time to change my mind just say yes.

A-M — YES !

Lucy — (Hugs him ! ) CONGRATULATIONS Mr. President !!

Alan — (shaking his hand ) And Mr. CEO !

Alex — Well now that we are in such great spirits, there is something I want to make perfectly clear. A-M I have been very unfair to you. I have continually underestimated your abilities. So as of this moment I would like to put all that behind us. Of course that is if you forgive me.

A-M — Sure Aunt Alex I forgive you.

Alan — EXCELLENT !! Now I think it’s time you move back to the family home with us.

A-M — ( disbelief ! ) A no……. NO I’ll be there enough I think. I need to be on my own.

Lucy — The Yacht !


Alan — Don’t SHH this time A-M. Now would you like to live on the yacht ?

Lucy — YES !!

A-M — Well I HAVE always ENJOYED it.

Alan — Alex ?

Alex — Oh why not…..

Alan –Then your now in control of the company AND the yacht !

(Lucy laughing her and A-M high five and hug again !)

Lucy — Well it sounds to me like we need an inauguration or in oath of office or something.

Alan — Regretfully we don’t have one of those.

Alex — Sorry there just is no inauguration or coronation. Gee whiz I do love a ceremony.

Alan — Let’s just make our own. I will get out some of Brandon’s hundred year old brandy Lucy come over here and help with the glasses.

Alex — I don’t want to tell you what to do. But do you think you could put your shoes on for this little ceremony.

A-M — ( scrambling to get his shoes ) Sure of course I’m sorry. (He catches himself and drops his shoes ) No, on second thought no. I don’t think so. I’m sorry Aunt Alex. But as the new President I think I should establish my OWN traditions. So from this day forward I think all presidents should be toasted in in their stocking feet !

Alan — SO BE IT !!!! ( Lucy Alan and Alex all kick off their shoes while yelling “here here !” ) To Alan- Michael Spaulding the next president and CEO of Spaulding Enterprises and to the end of all our battles for company control.

A-M — (Smiling and PROUD ) To the future


Lucy — (Hick Ups ! )

Everyone — SHHHHHHHH

So Lucy and A-M decide they can work together. They will be just business associates and nothing more. Lucy goes on with her life being the best office assistant she can be. A-M however is having a terrible time keeping focused on business.  He is to enthralled with checking out Lucy’s legs while she puts books away in her office. She brings him coffee and new contracts to sign.  When she leans over he gets a whiff of her perfume.  Finally he has had ENOUGH !

A-M — Will you stop that ?

Lucy — What ?

A-M — THAT, stop that.

Lucy — What exactly does THAT mean ?

A-M — Nothing

Lucy — It must have been something. Did I do something wrong ?

A-M — No, no, I mean……….. yeah…

Lucy — WHAT ?!?

A-M — ( exasperated sigh ) I just wish you wouldn’t……. a….. you know…… leave my office door open.

Lucy — Oh………… well, I didn’t know it bothered you.

A-M — Yes Lucy it does bother me ! Lucy I need my privacy, I have a very major deal in the works right now. I have to have it slated by the end of today and I can’t concentrate with you…………..

Lucy — Doing what ?! I don’t understand !

A-M — Coming in and OUT you know, in and out !

Lucy — OK………… I won’t do that any more ! You know, the next time something bothers you. Would you tell me first before you yell at me please ?

A-M — Hey, wait now, come on wait a minute. Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bite your head off.

Lucy — It’s OK I didn’t take it personal.

A-M — Well, that’s good……. cause I didn’t mean it that way.

Lucy turns and he watches those lovely legs all the way out his door !! So it goes for A-M, he wants Lucy so much but he is afraid: but not only for his own heart. He is afraid of what he could do to Lucy. ( A-M being the retched man EVERYONE in Springfield knows him to be ! ) He had resigned himself to keeping their relationship business. But spending time with her everyday and some evenings too…. all those old feelings he had for her were coming back times ten !

The new business Executive A-M hired has taken an interest in Lucy. “Brent Lawrence” stops by Lucy’s office daily to drop his newest report to A-M. At first A-M is relieved because now he won’t be tempted by Lucy. She will get a really good man who won’t hurt her. But then he realizes that this is “HIS LUCE” he is handing over to this GUY !

Lucy is not giving A-M another thought and it is killing him. Brent comes to the office to take Lucy to lunch. As they leave you hear Brent ask “So Lucy what do you want to have Italian? Hey, I know…… we could go to Chows chow if you like Chinese” A-M turns his chair away remembering that night he spent with Lucy in NY. He looks down at his documents trying to look interested. Listening to every word they say. What he failed to notice ? Lucy remembered too and looked at him uncaring sitting at his desk ! Three hours later a LIVID A-M shows up at the diner. Just in time to see Brent being excepted into the Cooper fold like he NEVER was ! He dresses down both of his employees. Brent leaves and Lucy lets him have it. “Yes Mr. PRESIDENT !”

A-M — Wait a second here ! What do you think ? That this is just some kind of an ego trip that I’m on ? Oh wait I, I, I, I, I, used to fry burgers here and clean this grease trap LONG before you even got to town sweet heart ! I know what the diner is and what it means to people. But that isn’t the issue !

Lucy — ( Lucy gets right in his face !) Then WHAT IS the ISSUE ?!

A-M — OK you want to know what the ISSUE IS ? The issue is………( He looks in her eyes then he CAN’T remember his answer ! LOL !! ) You work for me. Brent works for me and I don’t want any kinda inner office ……SIGH………RELATIONSHIPS ! I would have mentioned it earlier……. but obviously it is interfering with both of your abilities to do your job……………………so

Lucy — So, What ?

A-M — So, I don’t want it to interfere.

Lucy — Fine

A-M — ( With all the cocky, brat, whine, mode he can muster ! ) WHAT’S FINE ?!

Lucy — Fine, everything is just fine. (Lucy sits at the bar not looking at him. )

Lucy leaves, A-M leaves, a few minutes latter A-M returns ! Buzz and Nadine watch as the “President and CEO of Spaulding Enterprises” walks behind the counter and flips a burger in his tux. He says “THERE” and leaves. Might I just say……………. He’s got it sooooo BAD !!!! He goes on to the media awards then stops back by Spaulding. It is after midnight and Lucy is still at work.

Lucy — I’m surprised to see you here. I thought you would be off accepting an award or something.

A-M — Well I made my appearance at the media awards tonight. I shook all the appropriate hands, said “Hi” to all the appropriate people. But I had too much work to do to just sit around drinking champagne all night. What are you doing here so late ?

Lucy — That should be obvious. I’m making up for my three hour lunch.

A-M — I didn’t ask you to…

Lucy — I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it because I have a responsibility and I’m going to live up to it. SO….. here you go, this is your draft of the statement to the stock holders. This is also your research that you requested about businesses that have made other moves in the profits and losses….

A-M — stop it, stop it, stop !………….SIGH………..Look, I didn’t come back here tonight just to work. I came back here cause I thought maybe you might be here and I could apologize to you. I went by the diner earlier but you had all ready gone.

Lucy — Well, you don’t have to apologize for anything……. A ) you were right I shouldn’t have taken such a long lunch.  B ) I also know you were already having a bad day. C ) For what ever it’s worth regardless of what your father says I think that the decision you made was the right one.

A-M — Well I’m glad you approve. (smiling ) How did you arrive at this ?

Lucy — Because I’m smart.

A-M — Oh yes, yes that’s right….you are. OK, look, as long as you get your work done I have no problem with that you can make your own hours.

Lucy — Good, cause I have another date with Brent tomorrow. So I’ll be leaving at 5:00 sharp. Happy reading.

Lucy leaves……A-M stays reads her report writes on it “Lucy, Great Job A-M” He sets it on her desk. He pauses looking at her desk then gets in the elevator.

There is a crisis at the Journal. Holy and Fletcher’s romance has come out in to the open ! They both say they will quit their job ! A-M is distraught thinking the morning addition will not make it. He throws a tantrum at Fletcher’s house in the kitchen.


A-M — NO Inner office romance ! I have said it time and time again. It doesn’t work and this is EXACTLY why ! NO INNER OFFICE ROMANCE !! I should have a sign posted in neon for ALL of my employees to read at every business that I own and operate. It should just say “No inner office romance” !!!!!

Tangie — You know you said that three times all ready.

Nick — Yeah, why do you keep repeating yourself ?


Tangie — But it does.

A-M — But it shouldn’t !

Nick — Oh you mean like in your office for example.

A-M — What is THAT supposed to mean ?

Tangie — Well isn’t it obvious ? LUUUCY I’m HOME

A-M — That’s strictly professional !


A-M — Our relationship !

Tangie — You two have a relationship ?

A-M — She’s my employee.

Nick — She’s not your friend ?

A-M — Yes, she’s my friend but that’s…

Tangie — Well that’s how it’s starts, just like Holly and Fletcher..

A-M — I’m not gonna…..w, h, m, e, I…Who have been out there at LEAST fifteen minutes !!

A-M comes into work the next day. He needs some file folders. He buzzs Lucy she doesn’t answer. He goes to the supply room to get them and sees Lucy kissing Brent. There is a mixture of hurt, jealousy, and disbelief on his face. Brent looks up mid kiss and sees him. Brent later on goes into A-M’s office. Telling him it was not Lucy’s fault. A girl like that just needs to be kissed. But if she means anything to A-M he will quit seeing her. Because she is not as important to him as his job. A-M hot on his “no inner office romance kick” fires off a memo for Lucy to type up and have distributed around the building. Lucy types and copies them then brings them too him for final approval. She wants to know who the offending parties are.

A-M — You, Brent, office supply room. I went to get a file folder and you were using it like a cheap hotel room !

Lucy — ( PISSED !!!) I’ll have you know that the idea of going into that supply room was MY idea ! Maybe it wasn’t the most appropriate behavior. But it was a kiss. One simple, romantic kiss and we were in and out of there in ten seconds. So I think all this stuff here on sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior is all just an attack on Brent. Why don’t you just admit it. You don’t like the fact that the two of us are dating do you ? Just because you didn’t want the two of us to be personally involved. Don’t keep me from getting personally involved with some one else.

A-M — Oh, you just don’t get it do you ? You don’t get it ! I am trying to protect you !

Lucy — From what ?

A-M — A guy who obviously doesn’t have any respect for you !

Lucy — That is so untrue !

A-M — Oh no, really ! You haven’t heard the way Brent talks about you. We talk, I asked him about you. How he feels about you. I asked him about the supply room. You know what I got ? A bunch of glib responses. How you were nothing more then a convenience to him. If it weren’t for you it would be a receptionist on six, or seven, or eight ! The guy could care less.

Lucy — And you expect me to believe that ? Well I don’t.

A-M — Lucy would you PLEASE wake up ! I don’t know what your dreaming about with this guy. But all Brent wants to do is sleep with you !

Lucy — REALLY ? Well I sure hope so………… It’s only natural that two people that are dating would start thinking about that isn’t it ? Why shouldn’t Brent want to sleep with me ? We’ve been dating for awhile. We like each other a lot. We are both very attracted to each other. So I think that after awhile that is a very natural thought for most NORMAL people.

A-M — (hurt, shocked and embarrassed ) Look, I hope I’m wrong about Brent. I do. I mean, I introduced the two of you. So I guess I feel ……….responsible.

Lucy — Well thank you very much for your advice on Brent’s horrible romantic intentions. I’ll be sure and be on the look out for them.

A-M — Lucy, I hope I’m wrong about Brent……………….. I care about you. I am just afraid he’s using you and you’re going to wind up getting hurt.

Lucy — Oh No, that was YOUR game. Brent’s very different ! ( She walks out in a huff ! )

A-M — Lucy please, will you wait a minute ! Will you listen just for a minute ? Look, I’m sorry if I miss read what went on between you and Brent earlier. Like I said….I still care about you and I don’t want to see you hurt.

Lucy — No you don’t. You have made that perfectly clear. I think when we started working together I was going to be your office manager and that was it ! Strictly business. So from now on my personal life is COMPLETELY off limits !

Lucy gets on the elevator. A-M attempts to work for awhile. The next day Lucy calls in sick. A-M goes out to her desk he sees her silk scarf on her chair. He picks it up carefully feeling the silk between his fingers, he smells her cologne on it. A-M Decides to go to the diner to make sure she isn’t going to quit. Lucy sees him coming and hides under the bar ! A-M confides to Eleni that he doesn’t want to loose Lucy. That he values her as an employee and a friend. He tells Eleni what a jerk he was. A-M gives Eleni the scarf and tells her he hopes Lucy gets better soon. Tell her not to rush back to work, to rest and get better first. Lucy, feeling guilty, decides to see him at the yacht.

A-M is sitting in the dining room on the yacht. Andrew insists A-M put up his work and has something to eat. Andrew lights candles in the dining room because Mr. Spauldings eyes hurt . Lucy comes in. A-M tells her he was just about to have dinner would she like to join him. He holds her chair pours her some wine. They toast to friendship. Then they discuss their fight.

A-M — I thought we were getting on pretty well except for that thing with Brent.

Lucy — It wasn’t a THING. It was a kiss. Brent kissed me, you saw it and it brought up all the feelings from the past that we have never gotten through. Don’t you agree with that ?

A-M — Well…..I ….I could……..

Lucy — SEE, that’s exactly what I am saying. It doesn’t have any thing to do with Brent. It has to do with our relationship ! The one that’s over. Don’t you agree with that ?

A-M — Yes, in a way I do. I admit I was wrong I……I agree that I need to……. let go of you. I apologized to Brent and it will NEVER happen again.

Lucy — I don’t think you can say that. I don’t, cause in many ways you are just like your father and you can’t let go. If you want something you can’t have your going to make sure the person that can have it won’t get it.

A-M — That is exactly what I said to Eleni. You were at the diner today weren’t you ?

Lucy — Yes. I didn’t come out because I wasn’t ready to face you.

A-M — Well I think this calls for a toast…… friends. Do you think we can do that ?

Lucy — ( They both drink) Well, it’s a far cry from the house boat isn’t it ?

A-M — Yeah, it sure is.

Lucy — The yacht, president of Spaulding, Heir to all your families wealth. You’ve done OK. It’s almost hard to believe.

A-M — Yeah, I have a hard time believing it myself.

Lucy — Then again, I guess it didn’t happen over night. You did work very hard for it.

A-M — Thanks, You should know that better then any one.

Lucy — Well yeah, like I said you did OK. Better then OK.

A-M — That means a lot for you to say that to me Lucy.

Lucy — I only say it because it’s true. So what’s next ?

A-M — Well Andrew has prepared a really good desert.

Lucy —  No, I mean with you. What’s next with you.

A-M — I don’t know, I guess I’ll just try to hold on to what I have.

Lucy — That’s never enough for you. You always want more. Or is that changed ?

A-M — Well, I’m not sure.

Lucy — If there is anybody that has ever taught me to fight for what you want it’s you.

A-M — (smiling ) Is that good or bad ?

Lucy — It worked for you hasn’t it ? Then again, there is more to life then just business.

A-M — Yeah there is.

Lucy — So do you want a wife, children, don’t you want some of that one day ?

There is a long pause while A-M thinks of his answer. He looks at Lucy’s eyes, lips, her hands as she plays with her wine goblet it is so clear how very much he loves her. How much she still loves him.

Lucy — I’m sorry, I had no right to ask you that question.

A-M — No it’ OK. I just want to me sh, sure of my answer.

Lucy — You don’t have to…

A-M — Yes I do. You deserve to have an answer. Lucy I don’t think I will ever get married again. I mean I’m not even thirty yet and I’ve already been married three times. That’s not much of a track record. Each one has been more devastating then the last. Marriage and I just don’t fit. Don’t you agree?

Lucy — People change…..

A-M — There is something so innocent about you.

Lucy — I’m not that innocent anymore. I think I have become quite sophisticated.

A-M — Who you are and what you are is perfect. It’s special, intriguing.

Lucy — Hey that’s me, mystery woman.

A-M — There is no mystery. You are a mix of everything GOOD. Your worldly and your innocent all at the same time.

Lucy — Then why ?

A-M — (Tears in his eyes ) Lucy, I know I hurt you. But I could not take advantage of all that. Look at least I didn’t marry you. I couldn’t destroy that dream too.

Lucy — (tears in her eyes ) Well I guess it’s time for me to get going.

A-M — OK I’ll make sure Andrew gives you your coat. Will I see you at the office tomorrow ?

Lucy — Yes of course. I’ll be there I know we got a lot of work to do.

A-M — I’ll walk you out.

Lucy — No, I’ll be fine, you just enjoy your dessert all right ?

So A-M and Lucy work together. Brent and Lucy date and A-M tries as best he can to stay out of it. One night Brent and Lucy go skinny dipping in the country club pool with Bridgett and Skunk. Cutter catches them and puts them in jail for the evening. All because Brent gets cocky and tries to bribe his way out. Lucy is afraid and Brent could really care. He goes to sleep on the bunk. A-M saw them arrested while at a meeting at the country club and bails them out. When Lucy comes in to work he isn’t even going to mention it. Brent has promised Lucy the best of times tonight. Lucy can’t wait.

A-M — I wanted to remind you pharmaceuticals is having a big presentation coming up. I’m going to need you to work late tonight. Your the only one that can figure out those files of yours…

Lucy — How late ?

A-M — Well I don’t know…it depends on how much work we have to do it could go pretty late…midnight.

Lucy — I wish you told me earlier cause I all ready made plans for tonight.

A-M — Well when you first took this position you knew it was more then a nine to five job. I need you. I’m sorry your just going to have to change those plans…

Lucy — Are you ?

A-M — We all have choices to make here Lucy. You know that.. some times we have to make sacrifices.

Lucy — You know what I know ? I know that this is not about work or job epic. You doing it again….interfering with every thing I do. Why did you spring to get me out of jail.

A-M — I was at the country club on business. For your information the only reason I paid your fine was because I thought you would be upset about being incarcerated all night. But if I was wrong, I stand corrected. I don’t know you as well as I thought I did.

Lucy — That’s right you DON’T …………..I DON’T need to be taken care of either.

A-M — LUCY, I was just trying to look out for you. I didn’t want you to be humiliated or embarrassed. Come on skinny dipping isn’t that a little high-school ?

Lucy — It was fun A-M. I was having fun with OUT you. Yes I was skinny dipping in the country club pool……well almost. You were there so you know what I had on. As for tonight ( coughs ) it seems like a cold has come over me. So major presentation or not I won’t be able to make it. If you don’t like it, you can just fire me !

A-M is in a panic ! What is he going to do now ? He goes to see Eleni and admits to her that he is in love with Lucy. That he fought it as hard as he could but everything from her perfume to how she talks on the phone is driving him crazy ! He has just got to tell her tonight ! Even after Eleni tells him it may be too late. He heads to Company.

Brent goes to Company to pick Lucy up and takes her to the arcade. They have a great time playing the games. He gets her a spy decoder ring with their winning tickets, then he takes her to his apartment. Lucy is clearly uncomfortable and nervous. But she tries to put on a good front. Brent fixes Lucy a drink. It is obvious after just a few sips that she is getting drunk. ( Or was she drugged ? ) Her hands shake as she tries to hold on to the glass. After she finishes Brent gets her another. They dance and laugh then start to kiss. He picks Lucy up and puts her on his bed. Lucy realizing where she was tries to get up. Brent tells her not to worry he knows it is her first time and he will take care of her. Lucy is so confused……………”How does he know this ?” He starts kissing her and she tells him to stop. He says It’s OK I have protection.” She says “NO Brent I changed my mind I don’t want……….” Brent tells her “I don’t like to stop”…………he doesn’t. You see him rip her skirt and cover her mouth so no one can hear Lucy’s screams of………….. “NO”.

At Company A-M waits for Lucy. He can not wait another second to tell her how he feels. He hopes and prays she will give him another chance. He wants so much to be everything for her. He waits even after Bridget tells him it will be late before Lucy returns. He decides to go to the road house. Who should be there but Brent ! A-M is sickened watching him chase after every blonde in the place. A-M asks him where Lucy is. Brent tells him “I took her home. I didn’t’ want to keep her out too late. She’s a little young.” So A-M heads back to Company.

After Lucy runs from Brent’s apartment she goes to the diner. She sits outside crying. You see her ripped stockings…… she wants so badly to go in. She needs her Daddy. But he is talking to Eleni, Frank, and Nadine. They talk about what a great guy Brent is. Lucy heads home. Bridget sees her as she walks slowly up the stairs. Bridge assumes the night did not go like Lucy had hoped. Lucy goes into her room hurries and locks her door. She takes off her blouse and you see the scratches and bruises on her back. Her pretty black camisole is ripped to shreds as is her skirt. She throws her clothes including the spy decoder ring in the back of the closet. Hoping if they are hidden that maybe she will be able to forget. She puts on her robe. Bridget knocks on her door and lets her know A-M has been wanting to speak to her all night. Bridge hears Peter crying so she leaves. Lucy sees a message on her answering machine. She hits the button……. “Lucy it’s A-M I need to talk to you…….not about business……..but it is very important. Look just give me a call when ever you get in no matter how late it is.”

Lucy climbs on to her bed. She grabs her little bunny and lies in a fetal position. Suddenly she fears Brent is there and looks for him on top of her. She has flash backs of him throwing her on the bed. Of her screaming no, stop, please Brent stop…..She hears a soft knocking on the door. “Lucy it’s A-M could I come in? I need to speak to you. ” more knocking “Lucy it’s A-M are you awake ? Lucy ?” A-M goes down into Company. Bridget is closing up. He tells her he thinks Lucy is sleeping and he will see her tomorrow at work. He waves to Bridget as he walks out the door. Bridge is scrubbing the bar with a sponge, cut to Lucy with a wash cloth scrubbing her skin raw. She sits down in the tub sobbing letting the hot water run all over her….


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