Chapter Five: Alan-Michael is Left Searching

************Aug 94 – Tangie and Other Strange Occurrences – Jan 95********

In the coming weeks viewers got to see Frank and Eleni renew their wedding vows and of all things, Lucy apologizing to Eleni for not being more SUPPORTIVE of her during her separation from Frank. But she was just so immature and JEALOUS.  Lucy was being treated like all she EVER felt for A-M was a friendship.  HE broke her heart, but he certainly had help.  Where was Eleni’s apology to Lucy? Lucy begged Eleni many times to leave A-M alone……. but then Lucy was just 21 what did she know of love ? 

To top that off TPTB were now looking for a “super couple”. Obvious choice Marcy Walker and Rick ! Placing Alan-Michael into another triangle, this time with his FATHER!!  They could NOT put him back with Lucy now. They burned that bridge rather nicely. There was NO way I would ever have Lucy be second choice after of ALL people Eleni !! 

Alexandra is brought into Cedars with a snake bite. While there Alan-Michael and Ed have a little talk.

Ed–Your Aunt will live Alan-Michael. The rattle snake on the other hand died a hideous death. One does not bite Alexandra Spaulding and expect to survive.

AM–(Looking at a picture of Alan on the wall) As long as she’s okay.

Ed–She’ll be back in all her glory in a month

AM–Great. (Turns back towards Ed) That’s what I want to hear from you!


Ed–Alan-Michael I know that you are proud of being a Spaulding, and that’s as its should be. But don’t, just because Hope isn’t around right now, don’t ignore your mother’s side of the family. I know you make your duty calls on the holidays but we miss you just hanging out at the house. You have no idea how much Michelle loves you. You know. And with all her thirteen your old friends and if you are out there at the pool you know the stud that you are, her seventh greade stock will just skyrocket.

AM–(Laughs) Well thank you. Miss you too.

A-M looks for his father. A-M is blown up in a shack by two men that hated Alan in prison. Tangie takes care of A-M till he gets better. He goes to meet his father. TANGIE accidentally shoots Alan.  Tangie realizes that this man that was a friend of hers for months is A-M’s FATHER !! GASP She doesn’t bother to tell A-M she knew his father before that night. But THEN she tells A-M little of anything ! A-M gets better. They start to date. Alan promises his son he will be president. Alex wants her darling Nicky to have the big seat. Alan ruins all chances of that for him. 🙂 Alan tricks Alex into believing he is dying so she gives Alan back his voting proxy. Now he will be able to give A-M the presidency. On New Year’s Eve Tangie and A-M almost make love. They are both “unprepared”..SOOO A-M makes that gallant trip to the drug store. When he returns, small baggy in hand………. he finds his dad and Tangie kissing. A-M and Tangie THANKFULLY break up and A-M spends the rest of the evening saving people from burning buildings with Mindy during the fifth street fire.

He gives his father back the ruby ring….that represents three generations of Spaulding men running the company…..

A-M– This ring you gave me….. my grandfather’s, your father’s. You know what….. long before you believed in me I had to learn to believe in myself. All my life I wanted to run that company. I was MADE for that job…..I will probably seek it till the day I die. So NO there is nothing you could say or do to make me turn it down. The thing is dad…you can’t offer something you don’t have to give.

Alan– I will get it.

A-M– You know what….to tell you the truth…I don’t believe ANYTHING I don’t see anymore. 


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