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Guiding Light: Christmas 2002

I had already posted Marah and Tony clips of Christmas 2002 here.  But as a big Thank You to my readers, as well as other Guiding Light fans, I decided to upload the entire episodes from Christmas that year.

In 2002 a lot of characters, not to mention couples, were experiencing major changes.  Marah and Tony are a couple, and Josh isn’t happy.  Reva is getting threatening calls.  Danny is alive and eager to reunite with his family.  Alan discovers that Olivia and Phillip had a hot and heavy make out session before she married Alan.  Phillip relents and lets Harley spend Christmas with Zach.  Bill has a startling revelation about his friendship with Michelle. Ross and Blake have a new start.

December 19, 2002 (Part One) : The Lewis family is trimming the tree…But where is Marah?  Marah and Tony are up at the cabin enjoying some alone time until it begins to snow.  Alan wants to surprise Olivia by repairing a videotape he found.  Olivia and Phillip have words over the videotape of them kissing.

Josh Christmas 2002

December 19, 2002 (Part Two) : Tony joins the Lewis family for the trimming of the tree, which sets Josh on edge.  Olivia and Alan talk about having a baby.  Phillip has flashbacks of kissing Olivia. Someone on the phone calls Reva a “murderer”.  Alan plays the tape…and sees Phillip and Olivia making out in the elevator.

December 20, 2002 (Part One) : At the police station Harley and Carmen have words.  Blake runs into Ross at the Beacon. Olivia’s happiness is cut short when she sees Alan watching the tape of her and Phillip.  Phillip brings Zach to the Beacon for pictures with Santa. Danny arrives at the station to sign his statement against Carmen.

Christmas 2002 3

December 20, 2002 (Part Two) : Carmen tells Danny that he is the problem, that he chose Michelle-fighting who he truly is.  Phillip tells Harley that Zach doesn’t pine for her.  Zach asks Santa for his mom for Christmas. Alexandra admits she knew about the video. Phillip lets Harley take Zach home. After her accident Olivia calls Phillip for help. Rick has words with Danny.

December 23, 2002 (Part One) : Bill and Beth are exchanging gifts at the Beacon. Danny is excited about spending the holiday with Michelle and Robbie. Cassie encourages him when he gets nervous. Ben and Marina interrupt Michelle’s gift wrapping. She admits she’s nervous. Phillip comes to Olivia’s aid. Danny and Bill have words over Michelle. Phillip calls Alan but there is a bad connection.

December 23, 2002 (Part Two) : Danny sticks around the Beacon, Cassie tells him to not feel sorry for her. Danny gives her his number saying he doesn’t have a lot of friends. Bill, Ben, Marina and Michelle have a snowball fight. Marina and Ben exchange gifts. Beth wonders why Alan isn’t looking for Olivia. Phillip takes an injured Olivia to Company. Danny is snowed in at the Beacon. Bill has a dream about kissing Michelle.

December 24, 2002 (Part One) : The Coopers get stopped in a snowdrift and are joining Alan for Christmas.  Bill helps Michelle build a train for Robbie. Reva calls Tony family and wants Josh to invite him to dinner.  A mysterious guest arrives at the Beacon. Blake gives Ross her gift, their wedding bands. Buzz’s words of wisdom prompt Alan to go find Olivia.

December 24, 2002 (Part Two) : Josh doesn’t think Tony has the same Lewis perspective on Christmas. Tony proves him wrong. Cassie finds clues on the mysterious Stanley. Blake and Ross share their news. Danny gets a surprise at the Bauer’s. The Coopers have a holiday hug. Alan arrives at Company for Olivia. Rick gives Cassie a gift. Ross makes a toast.

Manny Christmas 2002


The Dreaded Soap Recast

After the recent cast shakeups over at Y&R it got me thinking about the worst fear of every soap fan: The dreaded recast.  For fans of soap operas there is nothing worse than having your favorite character recasted.  The actor or actress that had played a character you had grown accustomed to is suddenly gone, and in their place is an altogether new entity.  Even if the role is recast with a well-known actor that doesn’t necessarily mean it will sit well with fans, fans who already feel like they have been sucker-punched.

People are by nature creatures of habit, especially soap fans.  And after investing into a character it is hard for fans to accept the changes in a character.  Not only because the face of the character has changed, but because the writers usually tend to write this altered role in “a new direction”.  Usually when fans are just fine with the direction the character was going.

2003JOSHREVAKIDSHowever, sometimes recasts can be a positive change.  For example,  Marah Lewis on Guiding Light.  I loved the young Marahs but my feelings towards teenage Marah (portrayed by Laura Bell Bundy) were lukewarm at best.  Even with Tony I almost felt like she deserved to be alone after playing Tony and Sam against each other.  But when the role was taken over by Lindsey McKeon I began to love the character again, and I clearly fell big time for Marony.  Lindsey infused a level of maturity into the role of Marah and she had great chemistry with her on-screen family, as well as with Tony Santos.

download (1)Carl T. Evans was popular with fans in the role of a young adult Alan-Michael Spaulding.  And I agree, watching his scenes with a teenage Dinah and Harley it is clear to see why fans liked him in the role.  But recasting Rick Hearst as the Spaulding outcast proved a huge success.  For many Guiding Light fans he is considered the true Alan-Michael Spaulding (count me in on that one).  Rick Hearst managed to convey so much passion and emotion into Alan-Michael.  With a bad boy undercurrent to the character it was hard not to like him. There were two other actors that played Alan-Michael but they all fell flat for most viewers which again shows just how recasts can be a hit or a big ole’ miss.

AlexandraBeverlee McKinsey was fantastic in the role of Alexandra Spaulding.  Alexandra loved her family but when crossed she was tough as nails, and watching her take down her enemies with such skill made Alexandra Spaulding a fan favorite.  In 1993 Marj Dusay took over the role.  While I never saw Dusay’s version of Alexandra as “tough as nails” like her predecessor but she was no weakling.  I still saw Alexandra as a powerful woman, just without the innate ability for reducing enemies to stone with a single glare.

Another successful Guiding Light recast was Liz Keifer taking over the role of soap vixen Blake Thorpe.   Keifer had big shoes to fill since fans seemed to enjoy Sherry Stringfield’s version of Blake.  But step up to the plate she did, and made the role her own.  She studied her predecessors mannerisms and included them in her performance.  Of course it was a plus that Ross and Blake had some amazing chemistry!


Though there are also times when soap recasting just doesn’t work.  I have talked at length about the recasting of Tony Santos and how the writers destroyed the character.  Taking Tony in a “different direction” became turning him into a cold, brooding character who would stab his own cousin in the back.  It didn’t work and the writers resorted to sending the character off a cliff.

A lot of fans loved Krista Tesreau in the role of Mindy Lewis.  There were also those fans who enjoyed Kimberly Simms as Mindy Sue.  But when Simms left in the middle of the Nick/Mindy coupling the studio was forced to recast the role.  Mindy/Nick proved popular, especially with Nick’s mother Alexandra’s displeasure at the couple acting as a foil.  The first recast, Ann Hamilton, took over the role in 1993 and lasted three months.  Most fans tend to call her version of Mindy as “lifeless” (and that is being kind).  The next actress was Barbara Crampton who also failed to capture the interest of fans, thought she lasted two years in the role.

West; LewisI was a big fan of Aubrey Dollar’s version of Marina Cooper.  She had so much personality and presence, a wise-talking spitfire who wasn’t afraid of taking chances.  She fit right in there with the Coopers, a little trouble maker but with a heart of gold.  In 2004 the character was recast with Mandy Bruno in the role and all of that personality was simply eradicated.  They tried several relationships with Marina but she never did have much chemistry with anyone (besides Cyrus and that was short-lived).  She was paired the longest with A.C. Mallet and that couple was where chemistry went to die.

Dennis Parlato rodger ThorpeAnd then soap recasts can be downright UGLY.  Like when Guiding Light attempted to recast the one and only Roger Thorpe. Michael Zaslow WAS Roger Thorpe and for fans no recast would do.  Michael Zaslow was special.  He had such a magnetism about him that you couldn’t look away when Roger was on-screen.  Even with Roger was doing dastardly deeds Michael Zaslow was able to infuse just enough sympathy into the character that you actually began rooting for him.  In 1997 Michael Zaslow was experiencing difficulty speaking his lines and was abruptly fired from Guiding Light (come to find out he was in the beginning stages of ALS).  But the brilliant minds behind the show decided that  instead of killing off Roger or perhaps sending him out of Springfield they would recast the role.  Dennis Parlato was brought in as the new face of Roger Thorpe.  Sure enough, the recast was a complete failure.  For Guiding Light fans there was one Roger Thorpe and he was unceremoniously fired while facing a debilitating disease.  The backlash was so severe that Roger Thorpe had to be written out of the show less than a year after Dennis Parlato took over the role.  The recasting of Roger Thorpe left fans feeling insulted, and angry doesn’t begin to describe the hate people still express over this recast blunder.

These are just some of the numerous Guiding Light recasts that left a memorable impression.  The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY.  What was your favorite/worst Guiding Light recast?

Chapter Nine: Lucy Admits Her Love

**************LAM Pie Kisses – June to August 95 ****************

Brent is back with a vengeance ! Sending him to Seattle was too easy. He has kidnapped Tangie and made her write a story for the Journal. It tells how Alan hired him to help throw his own son out of the Company. A-M confronts his father saying “The Spauldings make the Medici’s look like the Brady Bunch !!!” Alan of COURSE claims he is the innocent, misunderstood. Lucy heads to the Yacht to see how A-M is. While standing at the docks a fear she is being followed starts to over take her. A-M approaches from behind and she jumps.

A-M — are you OK ?

L — No I’m not OK !

A-M — Come on let’s get out of here then.

L — NO, I don’t want to go anywhere. I am sick and tired of being afraid of my own shadow. At one point I used to be confident and fearless. Probably even obnoxious, now look at me ! Do you think I am ever going to be that girl again ?

A-M — (smiling ) You mean the one who moved into my houseboat uninvited practically the first time that we met ?       

L — Yeah

A-M — Yeah I think so. Sure you will. Very very soon.

L — I don’t know. It doesn’t even seem to matter that Brent is not here. Because I feel him haunting me.

A-M — I wish I could make you not be afraid ever again.

L — Yeah, maybe you could just take me down the yellow brick road. You know, like the Cowardly Lion and get me some courage .

A-M — I could introduce you to the Mayor of Munchkin land too. Lucy you have the most heart of any person I know. OK…… that girl that you thought you weren’t anymore….you know..

L — The obnoxious one ?

A-M — NO the fearless one. I’ve seen her sticking her head out a couple of times lately. In fact I just saw her joking around with me. You afraid still ?

L — NO

BRENT — Now what would Lucy have to be afraid of ? It’s a beautiful night yeah? The stars are out. Guess you guys had the same idea I did. Stroll around the docks thinking romantic thoughts maybe.

A-M — This is a surprise Brent. I thought you were in Seattle. What are you doing here ?

B — You guys make a great couple. I mean it ! A guy whose a ruthless…… A girl whose a liar. You’re both first class hypocrites. I can’t wait to see what your kids will turn out like .

A-M — What do you want Brent ?

B — ( He pulls out a gun) Justice. But first things first. I have to figure out a suitable punishment for Lucy’s father and brother for running me out of town the way they did. They weren’t gentle ya know. This is my home ! Running a man out of his home is a crime that is punishable by…I don’t know….What would make Frank and Buzz Cooper see the error of their ways? huh? ( grinning at Luce ) OK I’m getting an idea ! Lucy I want you to come over here and stand next to me. That would be justice wouldn’t it ? A good start anyway. Come here baby I WANT you. NOW !!

A-M — She is not going anywhere near you Brent.

Brent — Maybe I could change your mind Punk !

A-M — I don’t think so.

B — You want me to explain odds to you A-M ? One on one I figure we are about equal. Add this to the equation (waving the gun ) and the odds go in my favor a thousand to one. You got that ? This is my magic wand man. It gets me what I want. What I want is Lucy !

A-M — WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO SHOOT ME ?!?!? HUH ? The only place your going after that is prison !

B — Oh that’s a small price to pay well worth it !

L – -NO I’m going ! Put down the gun I’ll go ! ( looking at A-M ) I don’t want anyone getting hurt, I don’t !

B — OK come on, come on, I’m not gonna hurt you promise ! ( Lucy goes to him he holds her tightly while holding the gun on A-M ! ) Get back get back !

Lucy and Brent are fighting A-M screams “COME ON !!!” Luce clubs Brent’s arm and the gun goes on the dock. They have the classic “men fighting for a gun scene”. [You know “Men” fight for the gun. “Woman” A ) stands their panicking or B ) joins in on the fight ! “Men” then pick up the gun it’s between them and the gun goes off !  Brent falls to the ground. A-M goes over to get a pulse. Lucy begs him to tell her he is dead ! A-M can not feel a pulse but he is not sure he is dead. LAM go back to the yacht to make a call to Springfield’s finest.

This was a fabulous scene A-M so racked with guilt for wanting Brent dead all along is sure he is now guilty of murder ! After he makes the call he almost gets sick ! LOVE the Luce for telling him he was not to blame. “It could have been me or YOU lying on the dock ! A-M you didn’t do anything wrong ! NOTHING WRONG !! It was an accident that’s ALL !”

Detective Leavey comes and starts whining at the lack of evidence mainly the body ! Now the lake will have to be drug ! We are talking money and man hours here ! A-M is questioned extensively ! ( The LAM Pies are now are fearing Rick is going on a LONG vacation and A-M will be spending time in prison ! A committee is formed “Concerned citizens for the prevention of jail time for A-M” ! 🙂

The police stage a man hunt but can not find Brent. Everyone tries to convince themselves that Brent is dead. LAM spend time together. Going on picnics in the park and the movies. They have police tailing them the whole time. Meanwhile Frank and Buzz are getting upset that Lucy is spending so much time with A-M. LAM go to the diner for a visit.

Eleni — LUCY !!

Frank — Look who is here huh ?

Lucy — Look I’m sorry I didn’t call ! We had police tailing us all morning.

A-M — Tailing me actually.

Frank — What are they charging you with ?

Buzz — Frank go get your sister a piece of spinach pie !

A-M and Buzz sit down and have a “TALK” meanwhile Brent’s sister sits and listens to every word. Frank then lectures Lucy that she was not with A-M the whole time and he may have finished Brent off ! A-M and Buzz point fingers at each other ! Brent’s sister having heard all this tells about her sweet innocent misunderstood brother ! She leaves………………… Luce and A-M sit down in the booth and at LAST start to have a sweet conversation. They are interrupted by FRANK who must now have a “DISCUSSION” with A-M in the kitchen !

Frank — Looks like we got thrown in the same boat together. This whole thing with Brent Lawrence and your relationship with MY sister.

A-M — Look Frank, I realize it’s been very tough on you.

Frank — You know A-M we have had a very, very bad past between us and um….It will take a whole hell of a lot for me ever to trust you again ! You know, you nearly cost me my marriage twice ! You badly hurt my sister. You know what ?! I got to tell you something………..I don’t forget things like that easily ! So if it was up to me I would have you completely out of the picture. But it’s not ! It’s up to Lucy !

A-M — You know if I were in your shoes I might feel the same way. I know I was a pretty big jerk once upon a time. Trying to make a woman want me who didn’t then walking away from one that did ! But that’s all different now see. I don’t know what I need to say or do to make you believe that. What way I need to do that, but for what it’s worth……I am in LOVE with Lucy.

Frank —  OHHH A-M you have been in LOVE before !

A-M — NO ! Back then it was about me and what I wanted ! Now it is about Lucy and what will make HER happy ! Everything was starting to come together for us. I thought we were finally at the end of a really REALLY bad time until last night. Now this whole business with Brent’s shooting. I am trying to keep her out of it, but she just keep getting right in the thick of it !

Frank — Look, I know it’s not fair and she doesn’t deserve it ! She has never hurt anybody !

A-M — Frank I swear to you I will NEVER let her get hurt again !

Frank — Then we want the same thing. ( They shake hands )

Luce and A-M say goodbye outside the dinner as Buzz, Frank, and Eleni look on.

Eleni — Look at him with Lucy ! Can anyone doubt he is in love with her ?

A-M — I am having a hard time saying goodnight to you. I don’t want to let you out of my sight !

Lucy — I’ll be safe promise !

A-M — I think maybe I’ll have to pitch a tent under your window.

L — That would be really awful, I would feel sorry for you. I would have to come down and keep you company.

A-M — (beautiful smile) Oh that’s true….actually I don’t think your family would appreciate that !

L — Don’t worry about me really…I think the worst is over.

A-M — Lucy, I don’t think it will be over till we know Brent is dead.

A-M goes to Uncle Ed’s alone. He tells Ed he misses Lucy but wants her to spend time with her family. He volunteers to help and Ed has him clean the pool filter. After the guests arrive David recruits A-M for his volleyball team. A-M turns and their stands Lucy. They have dinner and hang by the hot tub. A-M asks her if she wants to swim with him. She declines saying the last time she swam was with Brent. They return to the yacht. A-M changes into his Dockers.

A-M — Much better huh ?

L — Yeah, I was just thinking about this afternoon. Did you see those people tearing into that corn on the cob ?

A-M — (laughing ) I’m glad you saved us some.

L — (smiling) I’m glad you liked it.

A-M — I liked everything about today. You know what I liked best ?

L — what ?

A-M — That….your smile. Do you know how beautiful it is ?

L — Well, you made it easy for me to smile today. I forgot about all the bad stuff and for the first time today I really believe that it’s over.

A-M — It is.

L — Do you really think that Brent is dead ?

A-M — I hope so…I mean I don’t feel great….that I may be responsible for another human beings…….But if I had to do it all over again Lucy I would do it in a minute. If I ever thought that he would hurt you again.

L — You really think that he’s dead ?

A-M — I have to… do you.

A-M walks over to the teak chairs and turns them a little..

L — Can I help ?

A-M — No I think we’re all set. You can see all the fireworks from Roosevelt park here.

L — I can’t wait.

A-M — Do you need a pillow ………or a blanket or something ?

L — No, this will be perfect.

A-M — It’s supposed to be pretty spectacular this year. When you see it in the water it’s like seeing them twice….

L — Shhhh do you hear that ? Listen ( Beautiful soft orchestra music is playing )

A-M — Oh yeah, there is a band playing somewhere.

L — I bet it’s the concert in the band shell !

A-M — ( A-M is behind her. He slowly reaches around her waist. She takes a deep breath and relaxes in his arms. She puts her hands over his ) It’s like there playing it for us.

L — Yeah

A-M — It’s magic……………….do you feel it ?

L — Yeah, I do.

The fireworks start to go off. They go and sit in the teak chairs their fingers intertwined. Later they again stand at the railing.  Lucy watches A-Ms face in the glow of the fireworks. Lucy slowly reaches up with her hand. She softly touches A-Ms chin with her finger. He turns and looks at her. She frames his face in her hands. She admires how beautiful he is, touching his hair, touching his face. He brushes his lips across her forehead kissing her there…and her hair……..he takes her in his arms……..they hold each other tightly.

A few days later while watching a “Women and Violence” special hosted by Gilly Grant, Lucy recognizes Brent’s voice as the caller on the program ! The Coopers and A-M head to the station. The police decide the best way to catch Brent is to put Lucy on TV. So they do…….Brent calls in, the police almost catch him but Alan gets him to safety first. Alan doesn’t want Brent found and prosecuted for the cooked books at Spaulding. If Brent is prosecuted he will surely point a finger at Alan !

LAM are alone on the Yacht. Both of their families have just left.

A-M — So you don’t trust my father do you ?

L — That’s a funny question to ask.

A-M — It wasn’t meant to be funny it was meant to be serious. My father is not the kind of man you can trust…right ?

L — Well….um……personally ? I never really felt that I could trust him……no.

A-M (walks to the door drink in hand)

L — I am sorry, but you asked me what I thought…

A-M — I would have said the very same thing Lucy. I don’t trust my Father either….I WANT to…………… Every time he say’s to me….I’m behind you son….I WANT like MAD to believe him. I keep thinking he’s changed this time. This time he is for real…..I start to trust……and he burns me every time.

L — I think he really loves you.

A-M — Yeah, he’s got a funny way of showing it. Do you think he doctored the books ? Do you ? hmmm Do you think he is the one who was responsible for trying to remove me as head of Spaulding ?

L — ( Tries desperately not to have to tell him the truth. It is killing her ! ) I don’t know.

A-M — ( His voice is soft but firm. His eyes are black the softness gone from them. He wants to be told the truth he knows Lucy will tell it ! ) You must have some sort of opinion Lucy. You were the one right there you saw all of the phony numbers. Do you think my father is responsible for all of this mess ?

L — I think….that….your Father is completely with you.

A-M — I don’t follow…………. what do you mean…

L — I think he wants you do to well. Just not TOO well. He want’s you to win, just not if it means he’s going to lose.

A-M — Does Buzz do that to you ?

L — No ( smiling ) Come on, you can’t compare the two. I am his daughter. Fathers don’t compete with their daughters. My problem is he doesn’t want to ever let me go and he doesn’t think any man is ever going to be good enough for me.

A-M — ( A-M’s eyes are full of tears he drops his gaze ) Yeah, well he’s right…

L — I’m…….not so sure about that. Look A-M I think that your Father really loves you. He just can’t let you take over………………….he doctored the books.

A-M — You believe it ?

L — I have no proof , but yes I believe that. ( A-M calmly walks into the Salon then throws the little table and all it’s contents all over the room ! As the table is being tossed Luce runs to him and says “A-M don’t I love you !” But the noise drowns her out ! )

A-M — DAMN HIM !!! ( Lucy tries to go to him and touch him ) NO !!! LEAVE ME ALONE LUCY !!! JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME ! JUST GET AS FAR AWAY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN !!!


A-M — How can you be so sure ?

L — Because you’re good. You’re dependable, you’re trust worthy and you don’t tell lies !

A-M — Lucy I have lied ! I have manipulated people just like he does !!

L — But you’re not lying anymore and you have NEVER lied to me !!

A-M — ( In tears ) No, not to you……..never to you…

L — And I’m PROUD to be with YOU !

L — Alan-Michael you are a good man ! You’re ………..strong…….You’re wonderful…

A-M — (crying) I don’t DESERVE you……………but I’m glad you’re here anyway. (She takes him into her arms)

L — I’m not going anywhere.

A-M — It’s probably Cutter. ( A-M wiping tears answers the phone )

It is Brent he wants to meet A-M on the docks. A-M tells Luce he will meet him. Lucy begs him not to go. A-M is bringing his gun. He makes her SWEAR she will stay on the boat ! He heads for the door Luce following…

L — A-M don’t go PLEASE ! ALAN-MICHAEL I LOVE YOU !!!!!!

A-M pauses, turns and looks at her.

L — I……love you

A-M — ( his face full of joy ! ) You love me ?

L — (whispering) yes…………… I love you.

A-M — ( smiling ) Well then, nothing bad is going to happen ……….I’m not going to….. let you off that easy.

L — This isn’t a JOKE !

A-M — (whispering) Lucy………..I know…… don’t worry OK ? I’ll be back…….we have too much we need to do together………and I love you too much.

L — Please don’t go….

A-M — Shhhhhhhh It’s OK, I have to give you that life that you deserve….

L — But what if something ….bad ….

A-M — No no no……I’ll be back……

A-M’s lips are close to hers you think he will kiss her…… he moves them towards her forehead……then takes her hand and kisses it instead. He leaves….

L — (stands with a tear rolling down her cheek ) Oh God PLEASE let him be OK.

A-M goes to the dock. Brent looks like death warmed over.

B — Well here we are again.

A-M — You look awful !

B — Well, you don’t look so hot yourself. Must be a shock to see somebody you thought you killed.

A-M –You need a Doctor.

B –No it’s too late.

A-M — Why did you want me here man ?

B — You heard what I said on the phone, I have something I want to get off my chest.

A-M — Is this a trick Brent ?

B — No it’s not……

A-M — (pulls out his gun ) Empty your pockets now.

B — OK………….. See nothing no gun no knife. You came prepared you won’t need it I’m dying. (He sits down on the dock )

A-M — We should get you to the hospital.

B — No I’m finding a spot under a tall oak tree and waiting for the long sleep. I just didn’t want to go with all this excess baggage….ya know ?

A-M — Let’s get you some medical attention then you can make your confession or clear your conscience whatever you got to do !

B — It’s not about a confession MAN ! It’s about the truth ! Don’t you want to hear the truth ?

A-M — Yeah I do.

B — We don’t have much time….you can get help or you can listen to me about your dad !

A-M — What about my dad ?

B — EVERYTHING I said about him in that article was true. He was using me to take you down. Your father kept pushing me man. He said keep digging we need more evidence we need more proof !

A-M — That I was sending Spaulding down the drain.

B — Yeah, He wanted you bad. He wanted you desperate. He wanted you against the ropes ! He is a dirty fighter ! But he likes to keep his own hands clean !

A-M — What was his part in all of this ?

B –He gave me the keys, he gave me the access codes. Best part of all he gave me private lessons on how to play with the numbers. It will be hell for the accounting department to find. He’s smart, I can see where you got your brains from !

A-M — Why should I believe you ?

B — Because I’m dying….dying I don’t have anything to gain or to lose. It’s true what they say you know……you get scared in the end…..If there is somebody up there I don’t want to meet them with out clearing my slate first ! Shakes you up doesn’t’t it ? Your thrown by this ? Well, don’t let your old man see that ! That’s where he wants you man. He wants you off balance Lucy wasn’t ENOUGH !


B — You chased her man ! You got distracted, you played right into his hands. He said he supported you he said…he sympathized. But all that time he was walking right into your place !

A-M — He used Lucy…….. and the rape ………..and you ? Why should I believe you ?

Enter Cassie,Brent’s sister, and a Doctor.

C — Brent what are you doing ?

B — Get away from me…I don’t want anybody here I told you !!! (They lay him down on the dock.)

C — ( looking at A-M ) What are you doing here ?

A-M — Brent called me to the docks to feed me some bull about my father !

C — It wasn’t bull ! He was using Brent and he was using me too and I can prove it !! When we got there he was going to send us money for a whole new life.

She hands A-M two first class tickets out of the country. New names and Identities on their passports ! Brent calls A-M over to him….

B — First CLASS BABY THE SPAULDING WAY !!! (Whispering and clenching A-M’s jacket ) Tell Lucy I am sorry I hurt her. I’m sorry I got out of control and raped her…….make her believe it……..I’m sorry.

C — YOU KILLED HIM !!! DON’T YOU TOUCH HIM !!!! ( She lays sobbing on Brent’s body )

A-M returns to the yacht. Lucy is petrified waiting for him…….She looks up to see him standing in the door way….they meet in the center of the room A-M falls to his knees…Luce rocks him in her arms…….

The next morning at Spaulding A-M is pouring coffee as his father enters his office. Alan stands in front of HIS desk A-M comes up behind him. ( This is Rick’s second show that should have went on his Emmy consideration tape ! )

A-M — Glad you’re here Father…….I’ve been waiting for you.

Alan — Well, thank God you’re all right son ! I just heard that Lawrence is dead.

A-M — Yes for real this time.

Alan — What the hell happened ?

A-M — What do you think happened ?

Alan — Well the police commissioner said that…..

A-M — YES ?

Alan — Well he just called me….


Alan — Look Son, why don’t you quit playing games and just tell me what happened.

A-M — What did the police commissioner say ?

Alan — He said that Brent Lawrence died last night after he summoned you to the pier. Now is that true ? Apparently he said a lot of wild things made some sort of death bed confession.

A-M — ( Rick’s eyes are black and ice cold. A-M’s temperament is razor sharp but completely in control. ) Some of those wild things included the little hideout you set up for him. Commissioner mention that ? I can see why you would be very upset. Yeah, it’s DAMNING testimony.

Alan — Wh, what are you talking about ?

A-M — Now who’s playing games…….I know father……I know it all.

Alan — You may think you know something Alan-Michael…

A-M — Brent was your man, you called the shots.

Alan — Now wait just a minute…

A-M — You set the whole thing up. Brent was your inside man……He would do all your dirty work for you and in return you promised to protect him. Then when the time was right you were going to move him up through top level management.

Alan — Brent Lawrence was scum I HATED him.

A-M — That scum did what he was told and you got your money’s worth. Maybe not all of it, but a tiny return on your investment. Which included setting him up in that little hideout of his.

Alan — Brent said all of this ?

A-M — But he turned on you didn’t he ?

Alan — You’ve misunderstood A-M.

A-M — Brent told me everything. He was dying so he had nothing to lose.

Alan — You don’t have all the facts A-M.

A-M — Facts ? Fact one, YOU LIED. Fact two, YOU made a trap for me at the board meeting. Fact three, you betrayed me. I could……( regaining control ) I could…. recite a LITANY of facts. But none of them are as VILE or as SICKENING as the fact that this scum who RAPED Lucy………….. found a sponsor in MY father. ( His voice starts to break ) You not only tried to deliberately destroy me. But you used the man who raped Lucy to do it !

Alan — If I knew exactly what you were talking about A-M…..

A-M — NO YOU DID KNOW ! YOU DID KNOW EXACTLY ! EXACTLY !! How could you do this ? How could you sink to this level ?

Alan — Son I admit I have made mistakes but not the mistakes you’re accusing me of right now.

A-M — I am through accusing you. You’re as guilty as sin as far as I’m concerned !

Alan — So I’m not even going to get to state my case huh ?

A-M — Ya want to cop a plea ?

Alan — I will explain if you give me a chance !

A-M — No I’m sorry, I’m a Spaulding we don’t give people chances ! ( I WANTED TO KISS HIS FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Alan — The biggest mistake I made was listening to Brent Lawrence.

A-M — OK, what did he say ………………..EXACTLY ?

Alan — He said you were running this company into the ground.

A-M — I see, and you believed this scum, this rapist over your own son ?

Alan — I didn’t know that then. Lucy hadn’t said anything about it. I did not trust him I did not like him. But I thought it was prudent that I……

A-M — When you found out about the rape then you thought to yourself fine, great, even better ?

Alan — How could you THINK such a THING let alone even say it ?!


Alan — Not true !


Alan — I didn’t want you out.


Alan — I didn’t want you out of the company son I just wanted you to need me.


Alan — To stop shutting me out. To ask for my help and advice.

A-M — I did I asked.

Alan — The moment you became president you shut me out of your life. Why ? Because I made the unpardonable mistake of falling for Tangie and you couldn’t take it son.

A-M — I don’t believe this ! You are making this about ME ?

Alan — You were all that mattered. All I wanted to do was to have us connect. I tried to build a bridge between us son. You were all that mattered to me. When are you going to believe that ?

A-M — You know, you’re a VERY smooth talker. But you’re not talking your way out of this one.

Alan — I don’t want to….I always wanted us to be honest….

A-M — ( Losing it comes across his desk and is right in his father’s face !! ) ALL RIGHT LET’S GET TO IT RIGHT NOW !!! WHY did you hide Brent’s body after the shooting? Why did you let me believe that I KILLED a MAN ?!?

Alan — I didn’t want the truth to come out, because we were making progress son. I didn’t want anything to stop us.

A-M — You have got an answer for everything don’t you ?

Alan — Well, you said you wanted me to admit my guilt and I am. YES son, I was engaged in a cover up. At first I genuinely believed Brent Lawrence was dead. But when Cassie stayed in Springfield I knew he was probably still alive. I knew when I found him I would either have to kill him or run him out of the country. One way or the other he was not going to hurt you or Lucy again. Now I couldn’t kill him in cold blood so I chose to help him get away.

A-M — Have you told me everything ?

Alan — yes

A-M — If there is anything you haven’t said tell me now.

Alan — I swear, I have told you everything son.

A-M — If there is ONE thing that you omitted……’s over between the two of us. I mean forever.

Alan — I told you the whole truth. (Cassie comes into A-M’s office.)

Cassie — Where is the money Mr. Spaulding ? The money you promised my brother.

A-M — Yes Father. What about the money ? This wouldn’t be one of those darn omissions would it Dad? How is it you neglected to tell me about Brent getting a payoff ?

Alan — It wasn’t a payoff son !

C — YOU PROMISED us that money. It may not help my brother now but I need it !

Alan — For pities sake Miss Lawrence.

C — Brent told me you would back out on us and I didn’t believe him !

A-M — So Brent was to be paid off ?

Alan — I had to give them the money to get out of Springfield ! It was the only way I could secure cooperation from him !

C — You’re a liar ! You offered him that money from the start ! It was to do your dirty work. Brent thought it was a fortune he didn’t realize it was going to cost him his life !

Alan — She’s out of control……young lady your brother was blackmailing me that is the ONLY reason money was ever discussed !

A-M — The only way blackmail works is if you’re desperate to hide something ! You were in this up to your eyeballs weren’t you dad ? It was ten times worse then you admitted. It is twenty times worse then you admitted !

C — You can fight this out later ! I don’t give a damn about either of you ! I want that money ! You took my brother away from me, BOTH of you ! I can’t even afford to bury him !

Alan — You want us to reward you for your lies ? Pay you for them is that it ?

C — I want that cash !

A-M — I’ll give you a check. ( he writes out a check ) Bury your brother Miss Lawrence. I’m sorry for my father’s part in any of this. Don’t worry the truth will come out…..the whole truth. ( Cassie takes the money and leaves )

Alan — You should have never given her that check.

A-M — Her brother earned it don’t you think ?

Alan — I told you what happened.

A-M — Brent must have been worth every penny to you.

Alan — You still won’t see my side ?

A-M — That’s right.

Alan — Or even allow that I have one.

A-M — I am not making allowances for you. You never did for me !

Alan — Or forgive me, or even try to understand.

A-M — Oh I do understand. I UNDERSTAND very clearly. You betrayed me. I allowed myself to love you again. You made me trust you again. You stood up for me in that board meeting and defended me against allegations YOU had planted yourself. ( Tears in his eyes ) You made me believe that I mattered to you more then that damn company.

Alan — You do son…. I love you more than anything.

A-M — Dad….it’s an old song, it has a bad tune and lousy lyrics.

Alan — How will I EVER get you to believe me ?

A-M — You know……that Brent could not have hurt us half as badly if you didn’t help him ? In my book you are worse then he is.

Alan — How DARE you say that to me ?! I am your father !

A-M — Not any more. I want you gone I want you out of this company and out of my life.

Alan — You’re wrong….it won’t be long to you see that.

A-M — (choking back tears whispers) get out.

Alan goes out to the elevators. Buzz steps out and punches him in the face. A-M stands in the door way of his office watching, having NO intention of stopping Buzz. The elevator opens again and it is Cutter. He slaps cuffs on Alan and starts to read him his rights. Alan gets in his sons face. Asking him how he could have called the police on his OWN FATHER ! A-M stands uncaring un-answering to this “MAN” standing in his outer office. After Alan gets in the elevator A-M turns and goes back into his office. It suddenly seems HUGE. A-M in tears looks very small and alone. Buzz comes up behind him laughing ! “Well I gotta hand it to you turning in your old man…….”

A-M — I didn’t turn him in. Not that I didn’t want to.

Lucy enters ………Buzz MERCIFULLY leaves !

L – I saw Cutter and your Father. Are you all right ? This is awful….

A-M — As long as I got you I’m OK.

L — (She takes him into her arms ) You got that. Did he say anything ?

A-M — ( In tears ) Everything but the truth. (sigh) I didn’t want it to happen this way.

L — I’m sorry

A-M — Some people luck out with their folks others don’t.

L — Hey, there is nothing you could have done to change this….. nothing.

A-M — You know a kid wants to believe in his father…wants to know that he counts. With my father it was always power first. Never me……

L — I know, I hated the way he treated you.

A-M — (whispering ) Lucy……he doesn’t even know…… Even now as he is being led off to jail…….he thinks he is being framed. He thinks that he is being misunderstood. He has no concept in his mind that he has done anything wrong ! (voice breaking ) What kind of a man is that ?

L — I don’t know…..

A-M — I……….. I ……..he helped the man that RAPED you. I told him how I felt about that….I told him that I never wanted to see him in my life again.

L — What he say ?

A-M — It wasn’t his words……it was the look on his face. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.

Lucy — When are these nightmares ever going to end ?

A-M — It’s over, we will fill our lives up with good things from now on. We got each other. That is……. if you meant what you said before I went to meet Brent on the dock last night. ( This scene is soooooo fabulous ! Rick has such love on his face and in his eyes )

L — ( unsure and shy ) Well…..I……….. I said a lot of things….

A-M — um ( Rick’s face immediately changes like “oh we are JUST friends don’t be so close to her and assuming for more”. He starts to back away. The only actor I EVER saw able to change emotion on his face as quickly and convincingly as Rick does is Chaplin ! ) Well…you …said…that……you were…you were…afraid….something would happen to me…you probably just said it because you were scared or something……

L — No I remember….yeah….I said………. I loved you.

A-M — Did …you mean it ? I’m sorry I’m pushing you aren’t I ?

L — No it’s OK

A-M — No, I have been pushing you for months……

L — No you have been great………I meant it.

A-M — You meant it ?

L — I meant it. No matter what’s happened to me or what you’ve been through I would never take back those words.

A-M — Well….I wanted to believe it….yeah….

L — It’s true ….It’s REALLY true. I guess I was just scared to say it before. I was afraid to admit it to myself……… or anyone else. I didn’t plan for those words to come out….last night but when they did it just seemed right because it was true.

A-M — (serious look ) You’re sure ?

L — ( serious look back nodding ) I’m sure.

A-M — (smiling all out charm ) I mean are you REALLY sure?

L — (smiling ) Yeah I’m really sure

A-M — (coming towards her taking her in his arms ) absolutely SURE ?

L — Really really sure…..I…………I love you.

A-M — You what ?

L — (BEAMING ) I love you. ( They have a tight hug )


A-M — Good……because I love you.

Later on A-M summons Luce into his office to take some dictation. Lucy sits steno pad in hand………

A-M — Dear Miss Cooper….. (Luce looks at him ) regarding our policy on inner office relationships…..disregard all previous memos……because I’m the boss…….and I have fallen MADLY in love with, my office manager. Please be advised, that I love you with ALL of my heart.

The next day the Coopers and A-M find out from the DA it may be difficult to prosecute Alan. Frank and Buzz leave to see if they can help find Cassie. Frank shakes A-Ms hand and says he is behind him.

A-M — Well at least your family is starting to trust me a little.

L — Sure they are. Eleni has always been on your side. My dad and Frank are finally getting to know you. They’re behind you.

A-M — Quite the difference from my family huh ?

L — I’m sorry.

A-M — Look, we are not going to solve the problems of the world today.

L — We’re not ? Who’s going to do it if we don’t do it ? ( Lucy laughs)

A-M — There it is…….your smile….I haven’t seen that one in a long LONG time. You know when you’re really happy your eyes laugh before your mouth even opens ?

L — I don’t think so….

A-M — Yes they do. I’ll show you in a mirror some time. What we’re going to do is find time…….. ohhh………. I don’t know………. To go roller blading in Roosevelt park ?

L — You roller blade ?

A-M — Well….no…I don’t….Do you ?

L — Well a little…..

A-M — Good then you can teach me.

L — Great

A-M- – I can’t wait……….(whispers) I want to kiss you Lucy….

L — ( Smiling ) I’d like that.

( A-M moves closer to her and gives her the softest most innocent kiss you have ever seen…..he pulls back shyly unable to look in her eyes. Luce is having no trouble looking in his though and asks…….”You want to try that again” ? A-M smiles so sweetly and kisses her lips again and again. He kisses her forehead, temple, cheeks slowly making his way back to her lips……… Lucy with her eyes closed is sighing to his tender touches…..)

A-M — Ohhhhhh I could hold you like this forever……… am I going to fast ?

L — No

A-M — No, come on, tell me. I can wait as long as you want me to.

L – I am looking forward to every minute of it. You know that this is the first time that I looked forward instead of backward. It’s pretty good huh ?

A-M — Yeah. It’s pretty stupendous.

L — You make me feel…………. really safe.

A-M — I always will. I swear.

Chapter Eight: Healing

********************* Luce begins to heal – May to June 1995 *************************

Lucy and A-M drive back to Spaulding. A-M can not help but notice the changes in her. My god she is so beautiful, so very brave. She smiles back at him as they enter the elevators. Going into his office he is greeted warmly by Alan and Alex. Both inquiring where he has been. Rather like a child that has skipped school. Lucy looks down feeling guilty for having kept him away from his work. A-M reassuringly touches her shoulder, turns towards her, shielding her from them. “I left a message with the temp didn’t you get it ? “

Alan — Well yes, but it didn’t tell us much. I am sure you had some important business meeting. Your not one to shirk responsibility. But I am glad to see you, you too Lucy. Is everything all right ? ( Lucy excuses herself and goes to her desk )

A-M — OK what the hell are you two up to ?

Alan — I don’t care for your attitude. Your Aunt and I care very deeply about this company. ( A-M folds his arms in front of himself )

Alex — If there was an emergency we could have taken care of it. We also soothed the board members that found it a little curious you were nowhere to be found.

A-M — Well…. I’m sorry if I didn’t appear properly appreciative of all of your efforts. It was really generous to give of yourself so selflessly ! When you know the only reward is my sincere thanks.

Alan — What else matters more ?

A-M — What indeed……But now that I’m back in the saddle…..I’ll leave you both to your very, VERY busy lives. ( They get in the elevator A-M waves 🙂 And THANK YOU !

A-M heads to human resources to see what else the “little elves” have done. He finds out they were checking up on his work. And knowing Spaulding’s excellent financial record he heads back to his office.

Meanwhile Brent stands in Front of Lucy’s desk.

B – Hello Lucy ! Welcome back…..

L – You were fired.

B – Not really, not legally anyway. You see,  A-M had no grounds to let me go.

L – He’s your boss !

B – He was way out of bounds and you know it ! It was never my work. It was you and me. See A-M never saw straight when it came to you. Then you started crying rape. Let’s just say he hasn’t a legal leg to stand on . Let’s face it Lucy, you haven’t been helping the tension much around here either. You know what I think you should do ?

L -What ?

B – It was a lie. There was never any rape. It never happened. Say it, say it !

L – I am NOT lying ! YOU forced me and I am not going to let YOU lie about it ANY more ! I am NOT going to run a way. I am not going to me scared and quiet about it. Your not going to get away with this ! You want to why ? Because I’m CHANGED ! Changed because of YOU ! YOU changed me and this is the NEW Lucy that YOU made ! I am not so innocent any more. But I am also NOT a push over. I will NOT be weak and frightened any more. You know why ? Because we BOTH know EXACTLY what happened that night ! I have been scared, I have had nightmares. I have cried about it. I have lived this whole thing ! NOW YOUR GONNA LIVE IT !!!

B — You’re crazy !

L — No I’m not crazy. I may be changed, but I am not crazy and your LYING !! YOU RAPED ME !!  NOW YOU SAY IT !!         SAY IT !!!!!!!

B — ( He grips her wrists and pulls her to the front of her desk ) You’re making a dangerous mistake Lucy you’re causing trouble !

L — NO, You’re the one that started ALL this trouble.

B — No YOU got it wrong ! You understand ME ? If you keep telling people what NEVER happened…

L — OH WHAT are you going to DO ? THREATEN me AGAIN ?!?!?

B- – I NEVER threatened YOU in the FIRST place !!

L — OH YEAH ?!?

B — ( He is in her face holding her arms tightly. You can see Lucy trembling but this time not from fear, from anger ! ) YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ? YOU’RE CONFUSED and I am GOING to tell you the way that it was……..

A-M — GET your hands OFF of her NOW ! !

B — ( cowering ) She’s got you snowed too !


B — GOOD work Lucy ! But you’re going to be in big trouble when I add threats of physical violence to the lawsuit. You understand me ? Don’t touch me !

A-M — MOVE ( He backs Brent to the elevator and opens the doors for him. )

B — I’m going….I’ll see you again.

Alan-Michael’s body relaxes as Brent goes down in the elevator. He turns to Lucy.

A-M — I’m sorry I left you alone like that, are you OK ?

L — I’m fine. I’m better than I’ve been in a long time.

A-M — I can’t believe security let him in I specifically told them they were NOT to let him in.

L — Don’t………don’t feel bad about it. I’m glad he came…..I know what I have to do now…

Lucy goes to the police station. A-M calls Buzz and let’s him know where she is. Buzz goes to the station to see Brent being brought in, in hand cuffs. Buzz looses it and goes for him. The cops restrain Buzz as Brent calls out. “Hold him DOWN ! Get HIM down !”

Lucy is talking to the female officer of sex crimes. Detective Leavey is there as well.

L — We met at work. We went out a few times….I guess you could say we were dating. I am sure Leavey told you about the country club pool. We were arrested for swimming there when it was closed….but all the charges were dropped…..

FO — It’s OK Lucy….calm down. We’re not here to make any judgments.

L — But it…was an innocent thing….

FO — Why don’t we get back to the night in question ? Try to tell us everything you remember.

L — All right….Well…it…….. it….. started at the penny arcade…..

FO — The date went smoothly ? After the arcade ?

L — Then we went back to his place.

FO — You went home with the suspect ?

L — Yes

FO — This was something you wanted to do ?

L — Yes

FO — There was no force involved ?

L — Not at that point no.

FO — All right

L — At the towers….First he made us some drinks. Mine was much stronger then I thought it would be.

FO — Alcoholic drinks ? Did you pass out?

L — No we were dancing and kissing and then……he brought me over to the bed.

FO — He didn’t force you there ?

L — NO…then…..and then….( Luce is trying so hard not to cry she is so nervous and behaving like she is on trial. Like she had done something wrong . ) things started to heat up a little bit….and that was when I realized I didn’t want it to go any further and um…..I ….I just felt VERY uncomfortable with him on top of me and he was very strong.

FO — Did you tell him to stop ?

L — YES, yes I did tell him to stop. I was pretty scared…………… I think I was shouting.

FO — What were you shouting ?

L — NO, NO, STOP and he……. didn’t, he just stayed there ….and a…( Lucy starts to cry) and I was screaming……..and he started to tear my clothes……and then…and then….I kept moving my head back and forth…..then he….then he….covered my mouth…..and then he raped me…..I’m sorry.

FO — It’s all right, afterwards what did you do ?

L — Then I left.

FO — He didn’t stop you from leaving ?

L — NO…… um when he got off me I grabbed my things and I ran.

FO — Did you go to the police ?

L — NO

FO — Did you go to the hospital ?

L — NO

FO — Did you tell anyone at all ?

L — NO I couldn’t. I know I did everything wrong ! But it doesn’t change anything. It still happened. I was still raped !

( Later…… Buzz enters the room.)

B — Hey, Hi, I am so proud of you !

L — I don’t know why, I am so stupid ! I don’t have a case. There is no proof it is his word against mine. It’s all my fault. I did all the wrong things Dad.

B — Don’t say that !

L — I didn’t go to the police, I didn’t go the the hospital, I didn’t tell anyone. I even threw away my clothes !

B — You were in shock.

L — I know, but now I don’t have a case.

B — Well, HE is going to pay for this !

L — NO, wait a minute….you promise me you’re not going to do anything ! Don’t make a bad situation a tragic one. PLEASE promise me that.

B — I won’t do anything to make you unhappy.

A-M — Hi, I couldn’t stay away……I tried……are you OK ?

L — I will be, come on let’s go.

As Brent gets his cuffs removed Detective Leavey glares at him and says.

“I would be VERY careful if I were YOU Mr. Lawrence. I’d watch MY back !”

Brent — Why ? What are they going to do to me ? I am the safest man in the world. I am officially innocent.

A-M brings Lucy back home to Company. They sit on the front steps.

A-M — Are you going to be OK with this ? I could take you home to your family if you want.

L — No I’m pretty tired. I just want to take a nap.

A-M — I’m really VERY proud of you Lucy, going to the police like that. It was very hard.

L — Yeah, it had to be done. Even if it’s not going to do any good .

A-M — Nah, other women will find out about it. Don’t worry, it will do some good.

L — Yeah, maybe it won’t happen again.

A-M — Lucy, Brent is not going to get away with this. He is going to pay for what he did.

The next day A-M gets off the elevator at Spaulding and is met by Brent and his attorney. Both say that A-M had no grounds for firing him. They read out loud A-M’s last performance report on Brent which was excellent ! A heated argument begins. Alan enters A-M’s office and informs A-M that since Brent is a contract employee they MUST keep him until he slips up. A-M reluctantly listens to his Father. ( Alan however wants Brent to stay because Brent has told him what a horrid president A-M is. Alan wants to use Brent to take the company back from his son ! ) Lucy comes into work and A-M looks almost ashamed…..

A-M — Lucy come here, we need to talk. ( They sit down ) Maybe it would be a good idea if you take a little vacation.

L — I’m fine.

A-M — Lucy, I can’t fire Brent. I mean, not yet, legally I’m stuck…….even though it is driving me……….He is going to be around here for a little while. I don’t want you to go through all of this….I…I…. don’t want you to see him in the hallways or in the elevator or anywhere.

L — No, no, I just need to keep busy and that’s all. As long as I am busy and I stay focused I’ll be fine, really……. ( She gets up to head to her office ) Here is the figure list for the pharmaceuticals division and if you notice on the last page Sam highlighted some of the….

A-M — Lucy…..please ( he takes a hold of her hand and looks in her eyes ) A little time off never hurt anybody. Believe me… number one priority is getting Brent out of here. Soon as he is gone I WANT you back at work . BELIEVE me, I need you around here.

L — NO Alan-Michael I am not going ANYWHERE ! We have a lot of work to do around here and I don’t know when your going to wake up and realize that YOU’RE the one that’s in trouble ! (A few moments latter she comes back in the office ) I finally got the first quarter figures for the oil and gas divisions. Perhaps you can take a look at them so Jim can get started with the slide projections…….

A-M — Thanks……Wait , Lucy……. I…….a…….(smiling)……sorry I guess I….lost a thought. (She goes out the door A-M whispers ) ………………. I LOVE you.

Later that evening Buzz and A-M both checking up on her meet on the back steps of Company.

B — As I live and breath, if it isn’t Alan-Michael.

A-M — Are you that surprised to see me here ?

B — No, she’s probably glad to see you.

A-M — You really think so ?

B — Yeah, I do.

A-M — I don’t think YOU are.

B — Well she’s the one that counts.

A-M — Yeah, she is amazing.

B — Tell me about it.

A-M — Nah I don’t have to tell you. You’re her father you probably know her better then any one does.

B — Well you know, maybe you do. Maybe you know what she wants and needs. Maybe better then she does.

A-M — I think there is stuff going on with her she hasn’t told either one of us.

B — You think you can get through to her ?

A-M — I don’t know, I got to keep trying though…..what ever hell she is going through I just want to let her know I’m going to be right here beside her.

B — Maybe you’re what she needs…

A-M — No, I need it. I love her. I know you’re probably not to thrilled about it. But that’s it.

B — That you LOVE my daughter ?

A-M — I want to take care of her. I……I want to be with her. I want to protect her. I want to show her THAT WHAT BRENT DID TO HER…….

B — You want to kill him….

A-M — YEAH I DO……But……… that really doesn’t do much for Lucy now does it ?

B — What will you think ?

A-M — I don’t know, but I got to find out. The same thought just keeps going over in my head that maybe I could have done something to prevent all this. I want to make it up to her somehow. I want to tell her how I feel. That’s why I came here tonight.

B — That you love her ?

A-M — YEAH !


A-M — No ! That I WANT to commit to her in in a way that I couldn’t or wouldn’t before. But I have a feeling that YOU just don’t believe that…BUT

B — No I HEAR you. I believe you….You LOVE her. If you love her, you know, show her. Don’t TELL her that you love her. It might be a lot for her to hear right now. It’s a lot for me to hear right now. I don’t know how I feel about that. I know how I feel about you !

A-M — ( Laughing ) Well at least your candid.

B — Well, I’m her father and I love her. If you love her you’ll wait. Come on, I have a sudden need to buy you a cup of coffee.

After the police station incident Buzz has his own plan for Mr. Lawrence. Buzz is going to use psychological warfare ! He wants Brent to know what his daughter felt ………..pursued, stalked, afraid to be alone. He follows Brent every where, saying nothing. Brent will turn and there stands Buzz…….close enough to kill him. Brent starts carrying a gun. He sees Buzz in the alley behind the diner. Brent pulls the gun on Buzz.  He points it at his head! Buzz pleads with Brent to shoot him saying

B–“Come on baby be a man just squeeze the trigger.”

All the Coopers including A-M come stumbling out the back of the diner. Brent says the gun isn’t even loaded ! ( This is still an offense that the police could have put him in jail for ! ) Lucy sees them all and starts to cry. She runs off thinking she can’t get away from the violence anywhere. A-M tells Buzz “Let me go”

This next scene is simply beautiful to watch ! Rick and Sonia had such incredible chemistry. The way they move in this scene is like watching a dance. A-M follows her on the front porch to the door. She looks so tiny next to him. They both act nervous like it is the end of a first date. It is difficult to make conversation A-M will NOT push her to talk……..

A-M — It’s a beautiful night. The rain cleared everything up. The air smells sweet. ( Lucy in her nervousness drops her keys as she tries to unlock the door.. She starts to get them.) Here I got them. I got it. ( He unlocks the door for   her )

L — Well, guess I better get some sleep. We both have a big day tomorrow before the board meeting .

A-M — ( hating to say goodnight to her says ) Yes, sleep. I think that is what we both need. ( A-M starts to leave )

Lucy — ( saying shyly ) Thanks for…..a…….. the ride.

A-M — (Winks and waves) yeah , sure, anytime, you’re welcome.

Lucy — Alan-Michael ?

A-M — Yeah ?

Lucy — Would you mind staying with me a few minutes. I really don’t feel like being alone.

A-M — Sure.

So they sit on the steps A-M on the top step his arm around the railing. Lucy on the bottom step hands around her knees.

A-M — You want to talk about what happened today ?

Lucy — I don’t know……I just keep waiting for things to get better. Seems that the violence just keeps on spreading and the worst thing is, I feel the worst is yet to come.

A-M — You can’t give up hope Lucy. I won’t let you.

Lucy — Why do you care so much ?

A-M — Because……I think your future……………….. is my future too.

The next morning is A-M’s first board meeting since he has become president. Everything must go perfectly. He wears his Navy Blue Armani. He must get to Spaulding early today. But there sits Luce already having prepared the board room and going over all the financials. A-M can not take his eyes off her. How did he ever get by with out her ? He is smiling..

A-M — Listen, what I talked with you yesterday….where we are going….are you OK with that ?

L — (Handing him a file) I think you should review this one more time before the meeting.

A-M — I’m ready for what ever the board throws at me.

L — EVERYTHING is riding on this meeting.

A-M — Lucy….what’s wrong ?

L — I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right.

A-M — You’re still upset about what happened at the diner yesterday aren’t you ?

L — NO. I understand sort of ….all of you are worried about me because of what happened. But the only person that can work through this is myself. You and my dad everyone………… no one can make it right for me.

A-M — YEAH, but it’s just so frustrating Lucy ! You know every time I see Brent walking through here like he is some guy who just got a bum wrap I LOSE IT ! I feel like I didn’t do enough to protect you. That if I just would have taken care of him that night then all……..


A-M — I want him to disappear Lucy ! I don’t want him around here ! I don’t want you to have to look at his SMUG little face…..

L — STOP you have got to stop thinking like that all right ? You and my dad both think that if he would just disappear that it would all go away ! That nothing would have ever happened to me. BELIEVE me if anyone I wish it was that easy. But it just doesn’t work that way. You can’t change it any more then I can change it. Just because I have to live it day and day out doesn’t mean that you have too.

A-M — But I DO Lucy because of the way I feel about you. That creep took something very precious from you ! I want to help you forget it. I want you to understand that even though you can’t take back the violence he didn’t CHANGE YOU !!

Lucy — Enough, ENOUGH !!! I can’t even believe your spending this much time talking about me, when your entire professional life is hanging in the balance today ! This is EXACTLY what the board can nail you on ! You already KNOW that they are saying you’re not paying enough attention to Spaulding !

A-M –( looking like a wounded little boy. He whispers ) Yeah

Lucy — ( Lucy seeing he’s hurt softens her voice. ) Look, I appreciate what you’re doing TRULY I do….The best thing you can do to help me right now is to go in there. Give them hell and make them see that your the best damn President Spaulding ever had ! Would you do that for me ?

A-M gives the board meeting of the century ! He is in his element. Spaulding never had a meeting ran as professionally as this. Suddenly Lucy comes in and informs him that the spread sheets he is presenting are wrong. Glen Taggart accuses him of fraud and his board votes Alan in as temporary president till this matter is cleared up. Alan stands there defending his son saying the misunderstanding will be cleared up soon. “Nobody could have done a better job then A-M !! ” After the meeting Mr. Taggart congratulates Alan then adds “How did Lucy know the real numbers ?” Alan finds Brent and says “You left foot prints in the snow. They have a back up file to sink us ! “

A-M and Luce come down the stairs at the country club. Lucy sees Alan and Tangie sitting there. She is just livid. “I think the man that set you up is sitting right over there.” A-M tells her he wants to show her a good time tonight and not talk about business. They go to the terrace for dinner.

A-M and Luce sit neither speaking . The terrace is beautiful ! All the tables glow with candle light. Soft violins playing in the background. A-M has a hard time keeping his eyes off Lucy. “She is so beautiful tonight in that cream dress. The sheer lace shawl so feminine………. oh to just hold her in my arms……” He doesn’t mind sitting quietly with her. He could do this forever.

Lucy — ( Is suddenly getting uncomfortable in this quiet moment ) It’s beginning….

A-M — What ?

Lucy — That feeling…..I feel angry. Angry at everything.

She gets up from the table. A-M follows

Lucy — I mean……….. not at you……I guess this is just one of those feelings that is never going to go away. Some mornings I wake up and I almost forget about it…..then when I remember…….never mind….

A-M — ( He takes her hand in his lightly squeezing it. He says in almost a whisper) Lucy if you need someone to talk to……….. I’m here.

Lucy — I know….but I don’t …OK ?

A-M — OK

A-M is out of the presidency so he and Luce work to bring down Brent. Who they are sure cooked the books at Spaulding, Lucy and he have the back up file to work with. They set Brent up and he comes to Lucy’s room at Company for the file. He takes it from her while gloating at how he was able to bring down A-M ! He tells how he rigged the numbers on all the financials. Then thanks Luce for the GREAT time etc. ! Brent leaves and A-M comes out of Lucys closet . A-M has taped the entire conversation. Luce is so upset she is trembling. She walks into A-M’s arms, A-M kissing her hair. Her comfort she takes from him lasts a few seconds before she must get free of a mans touch. A-M carefully realeases her….tears in his eyes. Later Buzz and Frank threaten Brent with going to the police. He can go to jail or he can get out of town. Brent leaves town.

LAM head to the Towers. Buzz informs them that Brent has left town. LAM have dinner, they hold hands. Nadine and Eleni look on smiling.

L — Listen, all I want to do is go back to work. Tomorrow is going to be the first day I won’t have to worry about Brent showing up.

A-M — I don’t want you to worry about anything.

L — Well, the one thing I am worried about now……is whether or not you’ll dance with me.

A-M smiling gets up from the table. He takes her in his arms and feels her relax in them. He remembers how much he wanted to dance with her that night at the ball. And tells her…….”I had dreams of dancing with you just like this the night of the ball”…… Lucy remembers her fantasy of dancing with him in her antique lace gown…..she suddenly seems shy and is unable to look at him. She starts to hide her face on his shoulder.

A-M –Hey, …………..did I say something wrong ?

L — ( She looks back in his eyes ) No……….. you said everything right.

So A-M and Luce go back to work. “A-M the Prez” and “The Luce”. They are spending most evenings together too. One evening is perfect for blowing bubbles on Fifth Street. A-M instructs her to first close her eyes. He tells her to open them just as the bubbles fall in front of her face. They have dinner at the Spaulding mansion. Alan is throwing a dinner party to begin some new developments on Fifth Street. Afterward A-M and Luce head to the yacht. It is starting to storm.

A-M — I’ll just get the umbrellas we don’t want to get caught in the rain. I can take you home.

L — Now ? Right now ? I just a…… don’t feel like seeing people at the boarding house right now.

A-M — (thrilled 🙂 That’s FINE you can stay here if you like. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You can stay here for a million years if you want.

L –Well…a…a little while.

A-M — (smiling) I could do a little, yeah. Could I get you something ? A glass of tea ? Do you want me to leave you alone ?

L — No

A-M comes out from the galley and stands in the dining room. Lucy has picked up his guitar and is playing with it. Finding chords. A-M is enchanted. Lucy seeing him standing there is a little embarrassed. She stops and starts to put his guitar down.

A-M — No come on……. don’t stop. You’re actually getting it, don’t give up.

L — I’m terrible.

A-M — No you’re not ! Your wrist is a little stiff that’s all.

L — That’s all ? Just loosen up my wrist and I can play just like Eric Clapton ?

A-M — Well everybody starts somewhere. Come on, here….(He takes a hold of her wrist to show her. ) loosen up your fingers a little bit.

L — (laughing) I don’t even think I can do that.

A-M –Yes you can………….. here it tends to get stiff right here. (He starts to massage her palm. Lucy gets VERY uncomfortable. ) Lucy ? your starting to tense up again…..( Seeing how uncomfortable she is he carefully let’s go of her hand. )

L — Sorry

A-M — It’s all right you just need to…….um……… the stiffness out that’s all.

L — I don’t even know why I picked this thing up. The only song I halfway know how to play is “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore”

A-M — It’s a start.

L — (Smiling) Yeah, I guess. Learned it in this bus station when Dad and I were on the run.

A-M — You’ve come a long way since then.

L — Just dress differently that’s all. Look….um…..I want to…….. thank you for everything that you’ve done you’ve been really good…………. to me and I just want to say thank you. I know I don’t always show it. I also want you to know………… you really don’t have to take care of me like some cat that you fed that keeps coming back on your back porch.

A-M — ( Almost a whisper ) Wh, Wh, What ? Where is this always coming from ? Did Buzz say something to you ? Huh ? I mean………I know he thinks that I’m going to screw up somewhere along the line. Yeah, it’s possible…….I…..I…. might.

L — No, he didn’t say anything….I don’t know……….It……was

A-M — It’s OK Lucy….you know…….you don’t have to say anything……( Whispers ) come here, come here…… ( He holds Lucy in his arms smelling her hair. She pulls back and looks at him……He looks in her beautiful eyes and just brushes her lips with his. Lucy pulls away and turns away from him )

L — I’m sorry.

A-M — I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have !

L — No, I’m sorry…I wanted it…..I’m just…I’m just….. not ready for it yet ….I’m sorry….I’m REALLY sorry.

A-M — Lucy……Lucy look…..I understand….

L — I know your trying to understand…..but you know what ? Nobody really knows what it feels like…….( She is frightened and heading towards the door. )

A-M — Lucy wait. I’ll take you home OK ?

L — No I’ll be fine ………..just fine. ( She goes to open the door and finds that it’s locked. She looks back at A-M ashamed that she could ever be afraid of him ! A-M goes to the door and unlocks it for her. )

A-M — Lucy, you don’t have to apologize to me for anything ! OK ? Nothing, Absolutely NOTHING. I want you to feel safe Lucy and you will. You will, one day this is all going to be gone, and done with. Brent and everything. ( Tears in his eyes ) I want you to know that when that day comes…….. I am going to be here……..(whispers) I am not going anywhere.

So Lucy relaxes she stays in his guest cabin. The next morning A-M wakes to check on her and he can’t find her !  He runs out to the salon screaming for her ! Lucy comes out of the galley with a plate of pancakes.

L — What WHAT is there a fire ?

A-M — Lucy ! No, I’m sorry, I went to check your cabin and when you weren’t there I panicked !

L — Why ?

A-M — I don’t know….I thought maybe something had happened.

L — Well something DID happen ! It is a bright and beautiful day and it’s perfect for the first day of my life. Brent is gone ! The best part of all of it? I’m making breakfast !

A-M — ( Lucy sets the small table with pancakes and fruit ) You must have slept really good last night !

L — AHHH I slept GREAT ! I feel like I am ready to take on the world ! Which means we have to get to the office early and remember we have to call Joseph Myers in Berlin !

A-M — Yeah. yeah, but before we launch….could we talk about something besides business ?

L — Sure, but remember we have an agenda !

A-M — I want to talk about what happened between us last night Lucy. Are you OK ?

L — Yeah, sure I’m OK. I had a great time.

A-M — You did ?

L — Yeah, Sure, why wouldn’t I ? We blew bubbles, we danced, we laughed, we came back here…

A-M — Yeah we came back here and……..It started to get kinda romantic and you got scared …………….I know you did Lucy.

L — No I didn’t, not really……please don’t worry about it.

A-M — Lucy, to many things have happened to both of us. I mean especially to you. It might help if we went to somebody….to talk…

L — What do you mean to talk to somebody ? Talk about what ?

A-M — What happened to you.

L — What ? It happened, it’s over !

A-M — Lucy, we both know that it’s not. It’s in your head it’s in your dreams.

L — Right, and talking about it makes it much worse.

A-M — It might help. Lucy there are groups of people that have gone through the same kind of violence that you have. It might help to be able to talk with them. You know, share things with them.

L — Right…….. share things ……… rapes. What’s the difference right ? NO I don’t want to talk about it. I already told you that talking about it makes me feel like I’m living it again. I just want to forget it all happened ! ( Big SIGH ) Well, look, please let’s not discuss going to any body…………………’re all the help I need.

A-M smiles at her, but knows she is wrong. If she won’t go for help then he will. He has no idea how to handle his feelings. He is starting to have nightmares now as well ! He calls Lillian at Cedars and goes for a meeting for rape survival “Men that want to help.” At first he listens to all the stories of the men in the room with out comment. Some are husbands, boyfriends, fathers. He relates to every word they say. He has felt all the same things ! He isn’t alone. Then one man says that his girlfriend was not a “sweet innocent”. She was dressed sexy and she KNEW she was turning the creep that raped her on. She had asked for it ! A-M just LOST it !!!

A-M — Whoa ! Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right ! She didn’t let it happen ! NOBODY DESERVES to be RAPED !!! A woman can go out. She can have a good time. She can have a drink. She can wear a sexy dress ! That doesn’t mean that she is responsible for some CREEP who decides he wants to RAPE her !!! NO THAT’S WRONG !! NOBODY DESERVES TO BE RAPED THEY DON’T WANT IT !!!!!!!…….. I’m sorry, I……………. I don’t think I should have come………… I’m VERY sorry ! ( He gets up to leave )

Counselor — I think you MUST have needed to come very much.

A-M — (Speaking to the man he just yelled at ) It’s nothing against you…….the woman I know. I am sure a lot of woman have said the very same thing. She said this herself ! She BLAMED herself. But she didn’t ask for it. She didn’t bring it on.

Counselor — Why don’t you tell us what happened.

A-M — Well if anyone is to be blamed for, for, for, the whole thing besides the creep that raped her……it would be me. I’m the ONE that EXPOSED her to him…….. It was ME ! Well I HIRED the guy ! I watched them getting close……..I should have stopped it ! Instead I distanced myself……. I wanted to give her her freedom. I should have seen through his…..his smooth act……..but I didn’t (starts to cry ) By the time I had the guts to tell her how I REALLY felt about her it was too late !

Lillian — Maybe it’s not too late.

A-M — I don’t know about that Lillian (His voice is breaking ) You don’t know her…. she used to be so happy ………….and so light hearted ! (He is crying ) And now…. she’s just…. she’s just a MESS ! She doesn’t ……….want to talk. She….She tells me that……she’s….she’s OK and I can see that she’s not ! I just don’t know what to do to help her !

Lillian — Woman I work with who have been raped go through a wide range of emotions. They have great fear, panic and shame. Some become so devastated they paper over the problem and pretend it never happened. They suffer inwardly and silently. They go on like everything is just fine.

A-M — So what do I do to help her ?

Lillian — You do what you’re doing right now. You face your own rage and helplessness.

A-M — I’m sorry………… I am having a tough time grasping this concept Lillian. That’s me…..what about her ?

Lillian — She has to face her own rape trauma and she has to do it herself. No matter how much you love her. You can’t do this for her and believe me. The time will come when she will do it for herself. As long as you give her support, patience and love. She’ll find the strength to be able to do it for herself.

A-M leaves and heads to the diner. Lucy is waiting for him but he is late. She sees Eleni and Frank kissing in the kitchen. She first smiles then is over come with anger ! A-M comes in the door and sees she is upset.

A-M — Are you OK ?

Lucy — Please stop asking me that ! I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine !

A-M — Well this morning was very a….

Lucy — It was GREAT it was really great going back to work and getting a fresh prospective on things. In fact that is where I am heading for right now.

A-M — Could you just……..please give me a few minutes ?

Lucy — (smiling trying to fake how HAPPY she really is ! ) My BOSS doesn’t like it when I take long lunches.

A-M — Your BOSS wants to TALK to you. Just a few minutes…….OK ?

Lucy — As long as it doesn’t have to do about Brent or anything having to do with it. I have told you this morning and a hundred other times I will deal with it MY WAY !!

A-M — ( A-M talks so softly to her ) Lucy I have no intention of pushing you into anything or telling you what to do.


A-M — I just don’t want it coming between us.

Lucy — It’s not going to……( She tries to walk away but A-M walks in front of her ! )

A-M — LOOK, please don’t tell me that it won’t because it already has ! I don’t want to feel those walls going up like they did this morning.

Lucy — This ….morning….was just a little misunderstanding that’s all.

A-M — ( A-M’s voice remains soft ) NO ! This morning we were lost. Neither of us knew what to say or do……you know this, I KNOW you felt that !

Lucy — I did…but I don’t want to feel those walls….

A-M — I am not saying that you’re just doing it. We’re BOTH building walls OK ? Every time we get around one  another. We’re having a good time or we’re smiling or laughing then all of a sudden we get afraid to get near one another…….to touch one another. We start acting like strangers. We tip toe around our feelings. We get all tense we get tongue tied.

Lucy — You’re doing just FINE now !!

A-M — ( Not dropping his gaze )…………….. Sometimes we even HURT one another. ( Luce drops hers ) So I thought to myself……….what can I do to help change that ? What can I do to help understand what’s going on ?

Lucy — That’s just it though, there is nothing for you to understand. It’s over it’s done !

A-M — No Lucy it’s NOT ! You and I both know it isn’t. Unless we start dealing with it. It is going to affect us for the REST of our lives !

Lucy — It ? IT was rape. You see ? SEE I can even call it by it’s PROPER name. But it happened to ME. That makes it MY problem and I tell you I will deal with it…..

A-M — No, NO ! It affects EVERYBODY WHO LOVES YOU !!! ( Lucy looks at him shocked ) It is hurting YOU ! We………..”I” want to make it all go away. We…..”I” (sigh)……………. I try to wish it away. I try to will it away. I try to love it away. But I couldn’t Lucy and that left me with a whole bunch of feelings that I didn’t know what to do with !…………That’s what I came here to tell you………… I was furious I was ….I felt powerless ya know ? I thought I could handle my feelings but I couldn’t. Those were MY feelings………. That’s what I came here to tell you……………………. That’s why I went to a support group at the hospital this morning.

Lucy — WHAT ? You went to a support group ?

A-M — Yeah, a rape counseling group for men that want to help.

Lucy — WHAT?

A-M — At first I thought I was doing this for you. But the truth is…… I needed it myself. I know you have been through the worst of this Lucy. But I had things I had to deal with too.

Lucy — Come on A-M you’re smart you’re strong.

A-M –Yeah, I’m FULL of RAGE at what Brent did to you ! Lucy, I have never wanted to kill somebody so bad in my entire life. That whole feeling was consuming me and eating me alive. I needed to talk to somebody !

Lucy — So you talked to a bunch of strangers about me ?!

A-M — Your name was never mentioned. They know the experiences. It has hurt their lives too ! Lucy, this isn’t about other people. This is about you and me. We have to relearn how to be with each other…… Brent tore our hearts out !! He put back rage and anger and self doubt. The only way we are going to get past that …..the only way to get stronger…IS to TALK about it ! If we can’t talk about it with one another then we are going to HAVE to talk about it with somebody else.

Lucy — OK FINE !! You talk to who ever you want to ! But I’m not !

A-M — I’m sorry Lucy but I think I am right about this. I have to go to the Journal…..Will I see you back at the office ?

Lucy watches him leave. Eleni sits down and asks Lucy if she is OK. Surely she must be with A-M helping her. “He loves you very much.” Lucy gets up from the table crying and heads to the kitchen.

E — Let the tears come Luce, it’s Gods way of helping us.

L — You don’t understand ! I don’t even know why I am doing this.

E — Lucy it is only natural to feel hate towards Brent ! He did a terrible thing to you.

L — NO you don’t understand ! What I’m trying to say is…..I’m jealous I’m jealous of you and Frank !

E — Jealous of us ?

L — I saw you guys kissing and laughing…….loving each other. I wanted that.

E — You can have that Lucy. You WILL have that.

L — Not now.

E — When ever you want it ! You MUST believe that !

L — Not after what happened ! Eleni, EVERYTHING changed that night !

E — NO ! No you are the same beautiful loving, lovable Lucy !

L — NO….I’m not even sure I ever was. It’s like you get this plan or blueprint when your born….It points you in the direction of a happy life (crying) I just NEVER got that one that’s all !

E — Oh Lucy !

L — I mean, I see how love looks and acts…..I just don’t know how it feels ! Or how to get it ! But I want it. I want it with ALL my heart ! ( Eleni takes her in her arms ) But especially now…. I guess I just don’t know how it feels.

E — It’s just the way two people feel about one another. Just the way they want to be with one another. Tell each other everything. The way they will take a risk and let the other person know all that is going on inside.

L — But how can Alan-Michael ever feel the way he did for you for me ? After what Brent did to me ? How can he feel anything but sorry for me ? …………….( crying )

E — Lucy, Alan-Michael is not feeling PITY ! I have seen him in love before and THAT is the way he acts.

L — OK, if it’s not pity then it’s guilt.

E — NO LUCY ! How can you say that ?

L — Remember that night on the Yacht ? That night I went to find out how he really felt. He told me he didn’t want to get married and he didn’t want to have a family. And NOW he is going to some group counseling because of ME ! ( Crying ! )

E — Lucy you are BLIND to what is happening right in front of your eyes ! A-M admitted how he felt about you LONG before this thing with Brent happened. His feelings have been clear to everyone BUT you.

L — But Eleni look what I’m doing to him !

E — Lucy, you’re not thinking straight. If A-M is going through anything he is doing it because he loves you. He cares about you. In fact you may be helping him.

L — How can you say that ?

E — You’re helping him to have feelings again. Feelings that he thought were dead. So don’t give up NOW. Don’t close down and die inside because of what Brent did to you. Don’t give Brent that victory. OK ?

( Now at last I was able to forgive Eleni ! I couldn’t hate her anymore if I tried. Jennifer is the one that made me feel this though……..not Melina……I wonder if Melina ever could…..I wonder if the writers know they can completely destroy a character for a viewer by making the character go too far. Once that happens I never feel the same for the character again. )

Lucy goes to the Springfield Journal. She sees A-M trying to stay focused on his work. He removes his glasses and rubs his eyes. He turns and there stands Lucy.

A-M — Are you OK ? ……………I’m sorry, I won’t ask……

L — I want to talk to you. I want to tell you about Brent and everything. The trouble is…..I’m not really sure where to start….( A-M takes her hands) But I want you to help me.

A-M — (smiling and so happy ! ) Of course I’ll help you ! ( He stands and runs his fingers through her hair )

L — Well. I guess a good place to start would be… by saying….. I’m sorry.

A-M — ( Laughing ) For WHAT ?

L — I shouldn’t have been so mad at you for going to that group counseling….( A-M looks down) No……I know that what Brent did to me…….the rape…….and … I have been to you lately has been really hard on you…….I am VERY sorry !

A-M — (smiling at her ) Lucy….you didn’t do anything. It was done to you….as far as how I’m feeling about all of this….

L — Look, I am taking you away from your work….look we can do this another time…

A-M — No……no come on let’s go where we can get some privacy. I am not letting you out of my sight Lucy. ( They go into A-Ms old office at the Journal ) Here, sit down Lucy.

L — I just keep asking myself……..When are these feelings going to go away ? When am I going to be able to go back to a normal life? When am I going to stop hearing that sickening voice and seeing that face smiling at me?

A-M — I don’t know Lucy….I just know it is going to take some time. You know ? And it’s going to take some patience.

L — Well do you have any ? Cause I sure don’t ! I just want it to go away ! I just want to be rid of it ! I just want to go on………. with life……..I guess you can’t think about the future when you have so much hate left in your heart.

A-M — ( A-M is smiling knowing what a huge step she has just taken. He walks up to her running his fingers through her hair ) Lucy…….it’s all going to go away. I don’t know how long it’s going to take. But I promise you. It is all going to go away soon. I do know, that however long it takes……I will be right here beside you.

Chapter Seven: Saving Lucy

This is one of my favorite storylines in Guiding Light history, Alan-Michael fighting to save the hurt and damaged Lucy was beautiful and it was THIS story that made a lasting impression on fans.  This story also made Brent Lawrence/Marian Crane one of Guiding Light’s top villains.

******************April 95: A-M helps save his Luce ! – May 95**************

Lucy goes to the diner to get some coffee before work. Buzz is running all over getting stuff around for the Fifth Street ball. Lucy is moving so slowly. Everything around her seems dream like. Only loud noises or fast movement seem to bring her out of her state. But when that happens she is frightened. Eleni knows there is something VERY wrong, but Lucy leaves before Eleni has a chance to speak to her. When Lucy gets to her desk there is a huge bouquet of flowers from Brent. She reaches for the card with a shaking hand. You can see how fast she is breathing. Suddenly A-M comes up behind her. He notices the flowers but says…………….

A-M — Great, you came in. I need to talk to you it’s important.

(Lucy sits down and continues to just go about the motions of her job. Putting the files in a neat pile.)

A-M — Lucy ? Are you nervous ?

Lucy — No

A-M — Well that’s good because I am……Lucy could we go into my office? It’s a little more private there ?

(They go into the office A-M is very nervous……)

A-M — I don’t know where to sit……would YOU like to sit down ?

Lucy — No…umm just say whatever it is you have to say. I have to go back to work.

A-M — I wanted to say this to you last night, before you went out with Brent ( at the mention of his name Lucy touches her aching right arm ) but I didn’t. Look Lucy…..I, I know that you like Brent and everything….I left you a message on your machine….did you get it ?

Lucy — Alan-Michael please just tell me what ever it is that you want to tell me…..

A-M — I had this down cold……I was up half the night rehearsing it… was smooth ! Now I can’t remember a single word of it…….So you’re just going to have to get the gist of it…which is….I want to change our deal. The one that we made when you first started working here…….( smiling with tears in his eyes…his voice is shaky )…You remember that deal ? One where we said we would remain STRICTLY friends and…a……… business associates….well it’s a lousy deal. It STINKS, I want out of it. ( Lucy is looking at his eyes his lips…..she is till so in shock….maybe she is just dreaming   this… ) Ever since our dinner that night on the yacht……I can NOT stop thinking about you ! Even before that….I would watch you as you walked around the office here…..or at the road house……I would conjure up the scent of your perfume…I would listen to the sound of your voice as you would pick up the phone to answer it……. I must have been a complete idiot not to realize what was going on….

Lucy — What…..are you…..saying..?

A-M — ( holding back tears ) Lucy, I’m trying to tell you how I feel (He starts to reach for her ) ……..I….LO

Lucy –No……(crying)……don’t

A-M — (shocked and confused ) I’m ……sorry…..I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to upset you….you don’t have to say another word…..( A-M is about to cry )….you know what…you stay here….I’ll go to research and take ……care of a couple things….

He leaves and Lucy falls apart. She had waited for A-M to tell her he loved her since the first day she saw him and now….She pulls herself together and goes into her office. Brent is there….all she is able to say is “NO” to him. He leaves but not before touching her hair and thanking her for last night. A-M comes back and Lucy is gone…..He feels so bad for upsetting her. He decides it may be easier for her if he just leaves… he goes home. The final scene Lucy sits in the supply room crying. She slides down the door hanging on to the door knob, trembling in fear!

A few days later is the Fifth Street turn of the century ball. Before Bridget leaves with Skunk she decides to stay and question Lucy. She knows there is something VERY wrong with Lucy and she knows it involves Brent. When Brent came to get her Lucy had Bridge tell him she was sick. Then Lucy threw the corsage he brought her across the room ! Lucy thinking Bridget has left goes down to the kitchen.

Bridge — Relax he’s gone..

Lucy — Why don’t you get going and I’ll clean up around here.

Bridge — No we need to talk. Tell me what happened Lucy.

Lucy — Nothing happened.

Bridge — Why don’t you start with……it happened that night I went to Brent’s apartment.

Lucy — Look why doesn’t everyone just lay off me ?

Bridge — Well I’m not everyone. I am the closest friend you’ve got and you have to talk about what happened.

Lucy — I don’t want to talk about it.

Bridge — I’m not going to lay off. Something happened the night you went over to Brent’s apartment. I thought you were upset because you didn’t loose your virginity. What happened ? Did I get it wrong ? Did you sleep with him ? Tell me what happened…

Lucy — It was supposed to be THE DATE at least that is how I imagined it to be. So we went to the shooting arcade we were laughing and having a great time. Everything was OK I got less nervous so when he asked me to go back to his apartment I said yes….at first I didn’t want any thing to drink but he made me something anyway. ( Lucy’s hands start to shake uncontrollably as she tries to take her tea bag out of her tea. Bridget takes a hold of her hand and takes the bag out for her. ) He said it was mostly fruit juice……but I’m not really sure what was in it. Then we just made out.

Bridge — Keep going……………. tell me what happened…

Lucy — Well then it got……….. ya know pretty heavy. Like I expected it to get. The way I wanted it to get.

Bridge — But

Lucy–Well remember when I said I didn’t want to be a virgin for the rest of my life ? How I was ready to lose it even if I didn’t love the guy.

Bridge — Yes

Lucy — Well….while I was making out with him I decided that really wasn’t the way I felt. That I did want it to be perfect and I did want to be in love.

Bridge — Did you say something to him ?

Lucy — Well, lets just say it didn’t happen exactly the way I imagined it to be.

Bridge — You mean you went ahead and went all the way anyway ?

Lucy –He just ……wasn’t…… quite as gentle….. as I expected him to be. I actually felt like I was there by myself some of the time. That he was in his own little world. Is that the way it’s supposed to be.

Bridget — (suppressing her anger and contempt ) No, that’s not how it is supposed to be…(she touches Lucy’s hair ) honey……… your supposed to enjoy it. Lucy are you telling me he forced you ?

Lucy — ( there is a long pause before Lucy utters the next word. Each time she says it she remembers screaming it. It’s like she can hardly form the correct syllables. Maybe she doesn’t even know what the word means…….) No, no, no, no, it was nothing like that. How could it be ? I have been giving him signals for days.

Bridge — I don’t care what kind of signals you were giving him that doesn’t matter. If you didn’t want it to be that way then he should listen to you….

Lucy — (Gets up and stands by the stairway ) I think you have this whole thing completely wrong. It just didn’t happen the way I expected it to and that was all. Besides I always heard you can’t get a guy going to far because then they can’t stop.

Bridge — Oh NO NO NO NO……I used to think that to ! That is ABSOLUTELY NOT true. A guy can stop any time he wants to. If you say you want him to stop he HAS to stop……….did you say no ?

Lucy — ( again a large pause before she utters the word ) no

Bridge — OK OK…..but Lucy it just doesn’t sound right to me OK…

Lucy — Ya know I think I’ve said far too much about my personal life already. So could we just drop this. I mean, I’ve known Brent for a very long time and he is not a RAPIST. He’s a junior executive.

Bridge — Yeah, that’s what he is.

A-M comes to the Fifth Street ball in a vintage tux with top hat and white brocade vest. Brent has been bragging all day to him how he would be bringing Lucy as his date. A-M is hopeful he will get to see her. Maybe have a dance. When Brent comes alone A-M asks where she is and is told she was sick. A-M goes to Company to check on her. He looks in the window first to see if Lucy is there. He watches her a moment as she stares into space. He clears his throat and knocks on the door. Lucy jumps. She goes to the door.

A-M — Lucy open the door please. I need to see you.

Lucy — It’s late

A-M — I won’t be long I promise.

Lucy — I just don’t think it’s a very good idea.

A-M — Lucy your upset and I’m the reason right ?

Lucy — No, I just don’t feel very well.

A-M — The things that I said in the office ?

Lucy — Forget it.

A-M — No I can’t………. I was out of line. I over stepped my bounds. I’m sorry.

Lucy — Apology excepted.

A-M — Well you don’t have to let me off the hook so easily. I offended you. I never have had great timing I mean ask anybody.

Lucy — It doesn’t matter.

A-M — Yeah it does. I broke our agreement. But the reason I did that was because I realized I was lying to myself when we made it. I was all caught up in myself and what I was feeling…………. for you. As if all I had to do is declare myself to you and you would ohhhh…..I don’t know…………. Have this fairy tale reaction and open your arms and your heart to me. ( Lucy touches the door so softly and lies her head on it. ) and you would give me another chance. Which I guess I don’t deserve right ?

Lucy — Alan-Michael

A-M — Lucy, I know I treated you badly……. I hurt you……. AGAIN which was not my intention it wasn’t …… my intention at all. If you don’t want to talk to me or see me anymore…….

Lucy — (Flings open the door) STOP, IT’S OVER !!

A-M — No Lucy, what I want to be over is my lying to you and myself. Now I don’t know how serious it has gotten between you and Brent. ……( Lucy pulls back at the sound of his name. She grabs on to her right shoulder the one Brent had bruised so badly that night. She is hugging herself and is unable to look at A-M ) Lucy, what’s wrong with  you ?

The tea kettle starts to whistle and Lucy says she must run and check on Peter. That she hears him crying. A-M comes into the kitchen. He waits for Lucy to come back down.

Lucy — Bridget said I could let Peter cry himself back to sleep but I just can’t stand the thought of him feeling helpless and needing someone.

A-M — It’s like you’re not even seeing me or hearing me. Am I that much of a stranger to you now ? Lucy…..Lucy PLEASE talk to me. I can’t read your mind. Please tell me. What did I do? Your not even going to look at me ?……… Lucy ? OK….. I want you to forget everything I just told you. How I felt about you, all the romantic stuff I mean. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. But if it’s upsetting you……… then I would rather not risk loosing you completely. I won’t muddy it up if that’s what you want. But Lucy you have got to tell me that’s what you want………………SIGH……….( He starts to cry ) Lucy PLEASE ! I can’t stand to see you like this, I LOVE you ! ( He wipes the tears from his eyes ) I’m sorry……I’m sorry…. I didn’t’ mean to say….that.

Lucy — Go away

A-M leaves, Lucy goes to her room. She makes sure her window and back door are locked. She picks up the snow globe A-M gave her and holds it lovingly to her face. Suddenly she is fantasizing. Her and A-M had just returned from the ball. They enter her room dancing…..

Lucy — Oh A-M I had the most GLORIOUS evening !

A-M — You were the most BEAUTIFUL girl there !

Lucy — (Laughing ) I had a WONDERFUL time ! I NEVER EVER wanted it to end.

A-M — Well then it never should.

Lucy — It was perfect. The lights, the music, the streets. You were perfect.

A-M — PERFECT is a word I reserve for you Lucy Cooper.

Lucy — ( Smiling ) Alan-Michael this was the happiest night of my life. I never felt more safe and more loved.

A-M — And that is all you should ever feel. ( A-M takes her in his arms ) Tonight and everyday of your life. And if you let me, I will make sure that you feel that way…..from now on.

( They kiss )

Brent — Hello Lucy. ( Lucy is ripped out of her dream state to the reality that Brent is standing in her room !!) We need to talk.

Lucy — What are you doing in my room ? How did you get here ?

Brent — Calm down OK

Lucy — How did you get inside here ?

Brent — Maggie let me in. She was on her way out of Company. I came up the back. What’s wrong ? Your acting like I’m going to bite you. OK I’m confused Lucy. You seem upset and Bridget seemed upset when I talked to her earlier. I’m beginning to think there has been a misunderstanding. I thought we had a wonderful date the other night but what ever you told Bridget made her feel like it wasn’t so wonderful. I am just surprised that she has the wrong impression like that. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I understand that it was your first time. I also understand that, that kind of experience can be confusing. Sometimes it can be anti-climatic or even disappointing. Especially for someone like you that is SUCH a romantic. You postponed it for so long. I understand, I guess it’s OK it’s natural you’d be disappointed. You must have fantasized about it for months. Years even. There is no way it could have lived up to your expectations. Tonight’s gala was something you would have enjoyed. I am sorry that you couldn’t put on that dress and come out there with me. Because you really missed out on a wonderful evening.

Lucy — I think you should go right now because it is getting late. I’m really tired.

Brent — Are we OK Lucy ? Cause I can’t leave unless we’re OK.

Lucy — You can leave.

Brent — Good . There really shouldn’t be any confusion. Both of us know what really happened between us right ? We don’t need anyone from the outside telling us what it was. Am I right ?

Lucy — Right

Brent — OK, I’ll see you at work then. OK beautiful ?

Brent leaves, Lucy RUNS to the door and locks it ! So for the next three weeks Lucy keeps her secret. She can fake it with everyone but A-M. He knows there is something horribly wrong. He keeps an eye on Lucy as best he can at work. He sees her typing almost trance like over her key board. If he calls out to her she jumps. She winces if he gets too close or forgets himself and touches her. One night at the road house Detective Cutter is asking A-M questions about Brent. The final question knocks the breath right out of him ! “Do you think Brent is the kind of guy that would hurt a woman? ” A-M drops everything and heads to Brent’s hometown in Florida. When he returns to Spaulding Lucy is busy working at her desk. Brent is sitting in reception just watching her. A-M tells him ” I think we should discuss that report in my office” So Brent goes there.

Lucy — Glad your back, it was chaos around here with out you.

A-M — I’m sorry I had to leave on such short notice. I had to take care of something….. Lucy It was important.

Lucy — How did it go ?

A-M — Well the problem wasn’t bigger then I expected. I haven’t come up with a solution yet………….. but don’t worry I will.

Lucy — ( Shuffling papers making her desk perfect ) You always do, here, here’s some paper work I need……. ( A-M touches her hand and lightly squeezes it. Lucy pulls it away and holds it to herself. A-M swallows back tears. He quickly opens his brief case)

A-M — I have……. some paper work here on the joint venture deal with Lewis Oil. I worked it out on the plane. If they get it today they may not be too angry at me for not showing up in NY.

Lucy — Right, I’ll call a messenger right away.

A-M — Actually I would prefer you took it over there yourself. ( He is talking so gently and carefully to her. It is enough to break your heart ! ) Especially since your up to speed on the project. You could answer any questions they have, right on the spot.

Lucy — OK

A-M — OK

A-M gets the elevator for Lucy and watches her get in. He smiles at her so softly and waves. The second those doors close his face changes to a deep sadness and pain. Then A SEETHING but controlled anger comes over him. He turns to go in his office with Brent.

Brent — So how’s it going boss ? What were you doing in my home town ? I know you were down there and I know you were asking questions about me. My sister called for crying out loud ! Are you so hung up on Lucy that you had to go down to Florida to dig up dirt on me ?

A-M — I was there on business. I dropped by to see relatives of an old employee and friend. Does that bother you ?

Brent — No, no I’m just a little surprised that’s all.

A-M — Well since you asked……… one night I decided I wanted to go out for a drink. I asked them where the hot spots in town were. They told me about this place called the Spinnaker. You know that place?

Brent — ( Looking like he had just been found out ) Yes

A-M — Well you will be happy to know all your old friends are still there. They couldn’t stop bragging about you. They told me to say hi to “the legend” for me. I also meant somebody else there. Some one that you used to date. She didn’t have the same words of praise your friends did.

Brent — Oh yeah, What’s her name ?

A-M — I don’t remember. But what I do remember was that she was very cute, blonde, a lovely girl. At least you could see she used to be.

Brent — What’s your point man ?

A-M — My point is, this girl said you got kinda nasty with her on a date.

Brent — NASTY ?! I don’t think so man ! I think your full of hot air. I think you went down there looking to find something on me and you didn’t find a thing ! And you want to know why ? Because I didn’t do anything ! I know that girl your talking about. She is a tease, flat out a tease ! She comes on to you like she’s Madonna and then you finally get her home and she turns into a nun in training ! There is NO WAY I’m taking the rap for that one. Admit it man, admit it ! You know chicks like that. With the sexy smiles and the short skirts. They try to get you going, when they get you there they are crying foul, no no no no stop ! Talk about ASKING for it ! So you can take your prying and you can shove it ! Nobody believed her down there anyway. There were no charges ever filed against me.

A-M — Brent, I never talked to any of your old girlfriends. But I’m sure that’s how your gonna tell it with Lucy too right?

Brent –(amused and cocky as hell ) You sure you’re just not a little bent out of shape cause I got to Lucy first ?

A-M — SHUT UP !!! You don’t have any RIGHT to speak her name !

Brent –( Laughing ) You know it’s too bad your my boss…

A-M — FINE, no problem ! Your FIRED !!

Brent — Oh Man (He punches A-M in the face and he lands facing his desk. A-M grabs Brent and throws him over his desk. A-M goes on the other side of his desk picks Brent up and holds him down on top of the desk.)


Lucy comes in the office…..


(Brent breaks away gets in Lucy’s face and says……..)

Brent– You better watch yourself Lucy he has lost it ! He is obsessed with you !!

A-M — GET OUT OF HERE !!! Lucy, I didn’t mean to upset you. I haven’t lost it I just found out the truth about this guy. Lucy that’s why I went to Florida. I talked to people. OK, I talked to women I found out what he does….


A-M — Lucy I have to tell you about this !!

(A-M gets Lucy a glass of water and hands it to her. He has her sit down. He scrunches down beside her chair. A-M has blood dripping from his mouth.)

A-M — Are you all right ? Lucy I want to explain. I couldn’t help myself….I wanted to wipe that smug look off of that mans face.

Lucy — No more PLEASE

A-M — Lucy I couldn’t stand to see him any more OK ? I couldn’t stand to look at him. Now you won’t have to either.

Lucy — You’re hurt

A-M — Lucy it doesn’t matter…….( He touches her hair and her shoulder )What matters is you ……..

Lucy — No I don’t ! ( She gets up and runs from the room)

A-M — Lucy wait !! ( He walks into her empty office and says quietly ) Damn it, Damn it to hell.

(Suddenly he sees Lucy. She is hiding in the supply closet. He walks up slowly and opens the door.)

A-M — Lucy, don’t run away from me. Don’t be scared I just want to help you….. (Lucy runs from the closet.)

Everyone living at Company decides they will go to the road house tonight. Lucy is afraid to stay alone so she goes with David. She sees Brent using all the same lines he used on her with Mindy. She tries to warn Mindy about Brent and Brent over hears her. Mindy leaves with Brent and Lucy is horrified he will rape her too. She has David take her home then he goes back to the road house. Mindy and Brent discuss Lucy who they both feel is just jealous and immature for her age. When Mindy leaves, Brent enraged, throws a wine goblet violently at the door.

Lucy stands in the kitchen there is a thunderstorm and the lights blink out. She gets a lantern and heads to her room. She grabs a finger nail file then hears a car alarm and goes out on the balcony looking at the storm about to hit. She goes back in her room and there stands Brent !

Brent — Hello Lucy

Lucy — I’ve got nothing to say to you. Get out of my room.

Bren t– Fine then just listen. I have something you need to hear.

Lucy — GET OUT !!!!

Brent — Calm down OK were just gonna talk. ( He turns and locks her door. )

Lucy — Get out you better get out of here or I’m going to scream !

Brent — Why bother there is nobody in the house. There is no reason for you to be afraid. We just need to talk. We need to sort this all out. There has been a misunderstanding. We need to talk and we need to deal with it.

Lucy — NO we haven’t had ANY misunderstanding.

Brent — Then what. What do you think happened. Why are you spreading this stuff around about me ? There are some pretty nasty rumors going on……. YOU RUINED ME LUCY ! A-M fired ME ! Not only have I lost my job my ENTIRE career is trashed and NOW your talking to girls that I might want to go out with ! So you tell me what you think I did to deserve this ! TELL ME !!!!!

Lucy — nothing

Brent — ( whispering and full of contempt ) What’s that ? Could you speak up just a little bit please……

Lucy — Nothing

Brent –Louder please.


Brent — No I can’t………… I’m sorry Lucy. Not until I am one hundred percent certain that you have told your last lie.

Lucy — What more do you want me to say ? Nothing happened between us. Nothing happened at all !

Brent — You say that now. Is that what you told Mindy at the road house tonight ? Hmm did you tell her how nice you thought I was ? How wonderful and considerate I was. HUH ? Did you tell her about our DATE ? How much fun we had ? No…….. I didn’t think so. See the thing is Mindy came back to my apartment tonight for a drink. But then you know you’ve been there. Unless I got the wrong impression I think she thought I was going to jump her. I don’t know why, but then I thought, maybe some how she got the idea from you. Did she ? ( Brent has Lucy pinned against her bathroom door. He is in her face )

Lucy — You didn’t hurt her did you ?

Brent — I could never hurt a woman Lucy. I am much better at loving a woman then playing some kind of pain game. You should know that Lucy. ( He rams her against the door and the mirror breaks ) You know that don’t you Lucy ? Huh ? You know me you know that I love woman. Don’t you agree ?( Lucy is having flashbacks of the rape with each of his statements. You see how very brutal it all was. You hear and see the door shaking from Luce being against it ! )

Lucy — Yes I agree. Now will you please leave ?

Brent — NO I don’t think so, I am still a little confused. You see I think your a little delusion. About what happened to you the night I made LOVE to you in my apartment. Unless I am mistaken I think you THINK I forced myself on you. We were both there Lucy. We both know I didn’t do anything like that did I ?

Lucy — NO!!!!

Brent– I didn’t do one SINGLE thing that you didn’t want did I ? ( Flash back of her screaming NO and STOP ! ) That whole night you were WILD you wanted me so much. Even at the arcade you were wild. I got witnesses if I need it ! We both knew that, that night was going to be THE night ! That night was going to be your first time and you picked me !!! You WANTED IT DIDN’T YOU ?!?!

Lucy ( Breaks away and runs for the locked door screaming ) NO !!!

Brent — NO, NO ?!? So why don’t you tell me what you thinked happened then ? ( He throws her on the bed She grabs the finger nail file in her clenched fist) Go ahead I’d LOVE to hear this……….. TELL ME !!!! ( Brent grabs the file out of her hand ) What are you doing Lucy ? Are you going to try and hurt me ? Your going to stab me ? You hate me that much ? Or do you just hate yourself ?

Lucy — ( crying and begging him ) What do you want me to do ?!?

Brent — Lucy why are you acting so innocent huh ? You know the deal. You know what happened ! You wanted to sleep with me. You wanted it to happen don’t pretend you didn’t !

Lucy — ( In between sobs ) NO…….You…

Brent — You wanted me and I wanted you. And THAT’S IT we did it !! ( He is pinning her down on her bed )

Lucy– ( GASPING ) BECAUSE……BECAUSE YOU RAPED ME !!!!!!!!!!!! YOU RAPED ME !!!! ( The door is kicked open and there stands Alan- Michael ) YOU RAPED ME !!!!!!!! ( A-M grabs Brent and throws him up against the wall )

Brent — She’s lying, SHE’S LYING MAN !! ( A-M punches him twice as hard as he can in the stomach. Then tosses him out Lucy’s door. ) I can prove it ! ( A-M throws him down the stairs ) Get your hands off me man !! ( A-M throws him from the landing on to the kitchen table. It breaks as Brent slides down it. He crawls across the floor to the exit while A-M follows behind him) You better back off ! You got nothing, You got nothing. !! ( A-M picks Brent up with his hand clenched around his throat. He opens the back door throws him out it. Then pins him against the porch railing with his thumbs pressed in Brent’s throat ! )

A-M — If you EVER come near Lucy, If you EVER come near her again, I don’t care if I have to spend the rest of my life in jail, Your DEAD! Do you understand me ? YOUR DEAD ! Now DISAPPEAR ! ( He throws Brent over the railing. Brent runs away )

A-M runs to Lucy’s room calling her name. He looks in her bathroom and on her balcony but she is gone.

A-M spends that night looking for Lucy everywhere. He shows up at Company the next morning. He asks Matt if he knows where she is while Matt fixes the table. Matt Assumes she is still in bed but when A-M checks he sees she was not in her room all night. He asks Matt to call him the SECOND he sees her. He tells him it is VERY important.

Lucy is sitting at the docks looking out at the boats. She is startled when Ed runs up behind her.

Ed — I was running by and I saw you here. I didn’t know whether to stop. Are you OK ?

Lucy — Fine…. I’m just doing some thinking that’s all.

Ed — Oh that sounds good. Would you like some company ? Is It all right if I join you ?

Lucy — Sure fine

Ed — You know when I was a kid I used to come down here. When I was feeling particularly lost I would look out at all the boats and yachts. I would imagine I was getting on one. Starting some exotic adventure. It’s weird now though. I just kind of run by places now. Not stopping for anything not seeing anything…….

Lucy — Did Eve get those flowers.

Ed — Yes, they were nice, thank you.

Lucy — I guess it’s pretty incredible. You spend your whole life figuring out one thing and then something else changes it. Sorta like Eve getting sick right before you get married huh ?

Ed — We still intend too.

Lucy — That’s great I know A-M was pretty upset about it when he found out. He cares a lot about you.

Ed — I’m very proud of him handling that huge company.

Lucy — So Eve’s OK then ?

Ed — Yes, she is very brave. She is under going really heavy doses of chemo therapy. That is enough to flatten most people you know. But you know she’s putting in some long hours at the lab. I had to chase her out of there last night. But that is kind of woman she is.

Lucy — Yeah well, your pretty strong too you know. This must be an awful time for you. But you still manage to get the things that need to be done, done. You don’t make a big deal about it. And you don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Ed — Sweetie I have my empty moments.

Lucy — ( starting to cry ) Yeah, but you don’t let those horrible things destroy you. I’d give anything to be like that right now.

A-M, not knowing where to look, heads home. Maybe Lucy……… He sees Lucy standing at the edge of the dock. He walks up slowly, never taking his eyes off her. Lucy looks at him and immediately drops her gaze. She starts to cry. A-M looks down at the rope in front of him when he looks back at Lucy his eyes are full of tears.

Lucy– Did you tell anyone ?

A-M– No I didn’t.

The next scene A-M is bringing Lucy tea. She has fallen asleep.

A-M — Lucy, I brought you some tea it’s hot.

Lucy — You didn’t have to do that.

A-M — ( Pouring her a cup ) It’s OK, I wanted to. Do you need milk or anything ? ( He hands her the tea )

Lucy — Thank you

A-M — Sure ( Lucy hands are shaking so badly she starts to spill the tea. ) Whoa…..( she starts to cry A-M takes the cup from her.) It’s OK Lucy, it’s OK, take it easy.

Lucy — I’m sorry.

A-M — No, no, no, please…… don’t worry about it. This old boat has had plenty of spills.

Lucy — I would hardly call this an old boat.

A-M — Well, old yacht then, second hand.

Lucy — Thanks for letting me stay here. But I think it’s time for me to….

A-M– I brought you here because it’s safe.

Lucy — No, I’m never going to be safe not anywhere EVER again !

A-M — I will do anything I can to keep you safe. But no more running. Look I’m here I’m not going to let anyone come near you.

Lucy — (crying) He came into my room Alan-Michael ! He CAME INTO MY ROOM !!

A-M — I know…..he is NEVER going to hurt you again Lucy !


A-M — You have been very brave…..


A-M — I , I’m sorry…………… I don’t have an answer for you.

Lucy — I’m JUST so SCARED he is going to do it AGAIN!!

A-M — Don’t think about it. It’s over Luce.


A-M — You will, OK, EVENTUALLY you WILL !!

Lucy — NO………. I CAN’T ( She is crying, A-M is desperate to hold her in his arms. One of his most enduring traits for me has always been his inability to leave his hands off a women he loves. A-M reaches out to her, then pulls his arms back. He literally does not know what to do with his hands now! He holds them across himself. Finally giving up he runs them into his pockets ! )

A-M — Listen, I think that a…… I think the best thing for you right now…… is after your feeling better you should go talk to somebody.

Lucy — No, no I’m going to be fine.

A-M — Maybe after your feeling better, if you talk to somebody…

Lucy — NO, no. Don’t even say that. Why do you keep EVEN saying that ?

A-M — There are a lot of people that have been worried about you. You know Eleni, and, and, Bridget.

Lucy — NO….you want me to tell somebody else? You want me to tell somebody what happened ? ( She takes both her fists down on A-M’s chest ! ) DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOUR ASKING ME TO DO !?! OH THAT’S LIKE LIVING IT ALL OVER AGAIN. I GOTTA GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN ?!?( A-M slips and grabs a hold of Lucy’s hands ) NO !!!!!! ( She paces back and forth like a caged animal ) NO I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN I CAN’T DO IT !!! ( A-M is begging her at the door “Lucy…… I’m sorry…… I am sorry I upset you ” ) HE HURT ME, IT’S LIKE BEING CUT WIDE OPEN ! I CAN’T………. I CAN’T DO IT !!! IT’S LIKE BEING RUINED ALL OVER AGAIN !!! (She heads for the door. A-M puts his hand out in front of himself to stop her…)

A-M — OK Lucy, slow down……….. slow…….. down. ( Lucy stands there gasping ) Lucy…..your not ruined. Your still the same, the same person that I have always known.

Lucy — NO Alan-Michael I’m NOT ! I’m NOT the SAME person…….I was raped ! Don’t look at me…………. Just don’t ever look at me again ……. (Crying she holds her hands like a shield in front of her face so A-M can not see her. )

A-M — ( in complete disbelief ! ) WHAT ? (He walks over to her ) What ? You listen to me…. I care about you………….

Lucy — Can’t you tell ? That’s the worst part about it all !!

A-M –( said soooo softly ) I don’t understand that Lucy, because I care about you. Lucy please look at me. It makes absolutely no difference what happened to you. (Suddenly he understands her guilt and shame and again touches her hands.)

Lucy — NO don’t touch me…don’t touch me.

A-M — Lucy it WASN’T your fault. It WASN’T your fault. You’re not to BLAME. The ONLY thing that matters to me is that somebody hurt you and that hurts me !

Lucy — (Grabbing a pillow and hugging it ) It makes a difference it makes a difference !!! Can’t you see……..when I was standing on the boat dock that was the hardest part….your face………… just looking at me.

A-M — But WHY ?

Lucy — Because you know…………..YOU know I was raped…..Alan-Michael. That’s why I ran away last night. I can’t bare to see you. After you know what happened to me….( She stands there crying as A-M realizes how very much she loves him )

A-M calls Bridget and tells her that Lucy won’t be home for a few days. He calls work and leaves a message for the temp at his office. Unfortunately Brent gets the message. Alex and Alan show up like jackals ready to take the company away from him.

Lucy — You know I am all right really. You have a big business to run so you should really go ahead. As long as you don’t mind if I stay here for a little while.

A-M — No Lucy you can stay as long as you like. That’s why I brought you here.

Lucy — I know, I’ve kinda been a lot of trouble here lately. I’m sorry. I’m REALLY sorry.

A-M — No No NO, Please don’t………Don’t apologize. Your not any TROUBLE. I’m GLAD to have you on the yacht.

Lucy — ( smiling) You don’t have to say that.

A-M — Lucy, I’m not saying it because I’m trying to sound nice. I’m saying it because I CARE about you. Throwing Brent out of your room. Chasing all over town for you bringing you here. I did that because I could not STAND the thought that you were hurting. And that somebody had done something like Brent had……to you. Lucy this isn’t your fault. I don’t think ANY less of you…….If I could change this…..If I could put on a magic cape and make the world spin backwards. So that I could make what happened never happen… (in tears ) I would do it….I would do it in a minute ! I want you to be where you can forget. I want you to be happy again. PLEASE Lucy………Look I don’t want to intrude on you. But…I would ….like to stay and help you with it. Will you let me do that ?

(A-M calls the captain to take out the yacht.)

A-M — OK, no more calls you don’t have to talk to anybody.


A-M — Why don’t you try to get some rest now.

Lucy — Yeah, I would like that. I feel like I haven’t slept in months. Thank you. ( She is starting to cry A-M crouches down in front of her, smiling so sweetly at her ) Thank you for wanting to be with me.

A-M — I would do ANYTHING in the world for you. Right now, this is the best that I can think of. You’ll have your time and your space…..and peace…… OK ?

Lucy — OK

(A-M goes and stands out on the decks. Lucy joins him.)

A-M — Your cabin is ready anytime you feel like you want to get some rest. (Looking at the shore line ) It’s beautiful isn’t it ? Springfield looks like it has a million candles out tonight. Your far away from it Lucy. Your far away from everything you’ve been through.

Lucy –Yeah, I wish I could believe that.

A-M– You’re safe Lucy, you’re safe with me. Brent’s not gonna hurt you.

Lucy — You’re wrong A-M. He’s close by I know he is, I can feel him. ( Cut to Brent buying a gun on the docks )

A-M — Do you want me to leave you alone ?

Lucy– No, no I mean I don’t want to be alone.

A-M — ( smiling ) Fine, what ever you want. I’ll stay right here.

Lucy — I know I need some sleep and I know I need some rest…..but the thought of going down stairs and to that cabin by myself………. Alan-Michael I can’t do it I just can’t.

A-M — (Smiling ) Look, you don’t have to. OK you can sleep right up here in the Salon. I’ll get you some blankets for you to keep you warm. Don’t worry about the crew. I’ll tell them to give you your privacy. I’ll be right outside the door if you want. I’ll sleep right outside the door if you want.

Lucy — You’re doing a lot for me…….why ?

A-M –( hands in his pockets, love in his eyes )– Come on, you need your rest.

He opens the salon door. Lucy goes in and falls asleep. A-M stays close on the decks in case she needs anything. Suddenly he hears her screaming…. He runs to her and tries to wake her from the nightmare she is having.

Lucy — NO NO STOP NO !!!!!

A-M — It’s all right Lucy it’s all right. Your with me…..

Lucy — He was here A-M !! I told you he would come back I told you ! Brent was here !

A-M — Lucy it was just a bad dream that’s all. It’s over now. There is no way any one can get in here. I was in the hall the whole time. The doors are all locked. Even the port holes are bolted shut.

Lucy — What is happening to me ?! I’m sorry ! I’m really, really sorry !

A-M — Why ? You didn’t do anything wrong. You CAN’T blame yourself for this. It is natural for you to have nightmares after what happened. That is why I think it’s important to talk to someone. A counselor, somebody that understands what you’ve been through Lucy.

Lucy — NO I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to tell anybody.

A-M — OK, you don’t have too. You don’t EVER have to talk about it if you don’t want to. ( His eyes are filling with tears.)

Lucy — I’ve never seen you like this.

A-M — Like what ?

Lucy — You look helpless.

A-M– Lucy I just want to wipe the pain away and I don’t know how to do it…..

Lucy — You can’t, but everything your doing, keeping me here, letting me stay here. I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. ( A-M wipes a tear off her cheek. )

A-M — I better go and let you rest.

Lucy — No please, I can’t sleep anyway. Would you stay ?

So A-M stays. He gets out board games and makes Lucy play “A-M wins” till she starts to nod out. He hands her some brandy which she refuses. He covers her up she closes her eyes. A-M sings “Close your eyes, and let me lay a kiss upon them, say goodnight and I will be there. In the morning, I won’t leave, I’ll stay here with you ” Sweet dreams Lucy.

A-M sits in the chair and watches her sleep all night. If she were to have another nightmare he wants to stop it immediately ! He starts to nod just as Lucy starts to wake up. He sits beside her so she will know where she is. ” It’s OK it’s all right Lucy. Your on the yacht your safe with me…………. Don’t worry Lucy. I’m not gonna let anybody ever hurt you again.”

They continue their trip and destinations are discussed.

Lucy — This boat always amazes me. I bet you this thing could sail around the whole world.

A-M –Yeah it could.

Lucy — Did you ever ? You know, sail around the world.

A-M — No, I’ve always wanted too.

Lucy –(looking at maps ) I bet it would be great. Think about it, we could go to Canada and through the Great Lakes and then the St. Lawrence Sea Way and then the Atlantic and we could keep on going. We could stop at ports along the way and see everything and explore. It would take years maybe even a lifetime.

A-M — What about your life in Springfield ?

Lucy — Does that really matter ? This would be an adventure. THIS would be exciting !

A-M — It would be escape.

Lucy — Maybe….is that so terrible ?

A-M — I think, I could be wrong, but I think if you don’t deal with what happened to you the nightmares are just going to follow you where ever you go……Lucy, you said you were raped and until you deal with that I just don’t think it is ever going to go away.

Lucy — I can’t A-M I just can’t bare to see their faces like that. I just can’t.

A-M — What if I went with you ?

Lucy — NO

A-M — Lucy they are going to find out sooner or later somehow…. Don’t you think it would be much better if they found out from you ? They already suspect something is wrong..

Lucy — But it doesn’t have to come out. What’s Brent going to do ? Come back into town and start bragging about what he did ?

A-M — (whispering ) Lucy, that’s not the point. You can’t pretend and keep running away from the fact that Brent hurt you. He violated you in the worst way…..

Lucy — WILL YOU JUST…….stop please ? Please, it just is doing neither one of us any good.

A-M — Well neither is running away. Or sailing around the world. ( laughing ) Something that I would love to do with you more then you even know. Lucy I care about you too much to just let this go. Just being grateful that the nightmares have gone away is not enough. Do you want to spend the rest of your life cut off from living, from   feeling ? Do you REALLY want to do that ?

Lucy — You know it is all fine and grand for you to sit here and spout out all these great words. But you know what ? You don’t know what it feels like you just don’t know and you can’t know because your a man !! I know how it goes with you guys. You hear a story like this and you start winking at each other in the offices and the locked rooms. (A-M stands shaking his head NO and saying NO Lucy. ) YES YOU DO !!! And all of a sudden she asked for it she wanted it !


Lucy — NO I’M NOT WRONG I’M NOT !!! WHAT YOUR DOING ISN’T HELPING ANY EITHER !! I mean, why are you doing this anyway huh ? Are YOU just trying to pave your way to me ? Well yeah, I bet your REAL disappointed cause you didn’t get the first shot at me ! Well you know what ? Face it I am JUST USED material now and nobody is ever going to look at me ever again ! ( Lucy leaves the salon, A-M looks out the door window looking for her. He sits down not knowing what else to do….. He puts his face in his hands. He is startled when Lucy comes up behind the chair ! ) I’m sorry, I umm………. I said some really horrible things and I didn’t mean it.

A-M — You don’t have anything to apologize for.

Lucy — You’re right Alan-Michael I HAVE to face this. I have to tell my family.

It’s the next morning Lucy comes into the salon after her shower and the change in her is ENORMOUS ! She is no longer cowering and afraid. She is even able to laugh with A-M about the little bird she heard this morning.

A-M — I called Eleni and she said she and your Father will be here soon. Your not changing your mind about telling your family are you ?

Lucy — I just hate to put my Father through this. He was always so proud of me.

A-M — Lucy that’s not going to change.

Lucy — Alan-Michael I don’t know if I can make anyone understand. I feel so ashamed and so dirty.

A-M — Lucy you didn’t do this. It was done too you by a low life named Brent Lawrence.( There is a knock on the   door ) Yeah, come in……Hi……

Buzz — ( looking at Lucy in a robe ) THIS better be good. What’s she…what the hell is going on here……?

A-M — Buzz, I think you need to talk to your daughter. Eleni and I will go up on deck

Buzz — What happened….

Lucy — ( Starts to cry ) Dad I’m sorry. I’m so sorry to hurt you. I don’t mean to hurt you.

Buzz — You’re not hurting me I love you. What happened ?

Lucy — I’m ruined ! Dad, NO ONE’S GONNA love me anymore…..

Buzz — What happened ?

Lucy — Um well…………… I lied to you and everybody the last few weeks about Brent. I guess I’ve been lying to myself too but I can’t pretend any more.

Buzz — What happened ?

Lucy — Dad……I was raped……..

Buzz — WHO ? BRENT did this to you? ( He gets up like he may run out the door and KILL him )

Lucy — No Daddy stop ! About a month ago…..

Buzz — A month ? A month ago ?

Lucy — Dad please don’t go after him. I just don’t want any more violence. I don’t want anymore. It was bad enough when A-M threw him out of the boarding house the other night.

Buzz — Did he threaten you ?

Lucy — Well he tried to make it seem as if it was my fault. I guess after all this time of blaming myself hearing him say it I knew it wasn’t me.

Buzz — ( whispering ) He threatened you ? What he do……..tell me what happened.

Lucy — ( crying…) OK, OK…… It started ……….I went back to his place. We were kissing and dancing. I don’t know if I should tell you this, but I was planning on staying there with him. I liked him Dad. I thought he was crazy about me too. He was so good looking, smart and sophisticated. I felt lucky that he had chose me. It’s so confusing because even now I feel like I’m talking about two different people. I mean one minute he was gentle and tender and sweet. It was every thing I imagined it to be. Then it all went wrong. It just went so fast…………… I mean he was going fast. I felt like I was being left behind. I felt like I was on the outside looking in. And everything I wanted it to be I wanted it to be beautiful and romantic…It was awful and terrible and I was so scared…….

Buzz — ( in tears takes his little girl in his arms and rocks her ) Ohhhh, It’s gonna be all right. It’s gonna be all right.

Lucy — When I went home all I wanted to do was get out of my clothes and get in to that hot, hot, HOT, shower and scrub him off of me. And then I just wanted to go to sleep and NEVER wake up.

Buzz — (Whispering) It’s gonna be all right baby. It’s gonna be all right. I’m going to make it all right. OK

Cut to Eleni getting the news from A-M and swearing in Greek…

Eleni — THAT ANIMAL !!! HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO LIVE !! Frankie was right about him. He knew he was wrong for Lucy. How am I going to tell him about this ? I want to kill Brent imagine what Frank is going to do !

A-M — I’ve entertained fantasies like that too. Right now I don’t think Lucy can deal with anymore violence.

Eleni — I knew something was wrong with her. But I thought she’d tell me if she wanted to talk about it. I didn’t want to pry…..I should have found a way !

A-M — Eleni there is nothing that you could have done. We all knew that she was going through a bad time. But she had to get to a place where she could talk about it. Other wise nothing any of us would have done could help.

Eleni — What now does she go to the police ?

A-M — I don’t think she’s ready for that. I think it was more important for her to get through this first.

Eleni — You have been a good friend to her A-M. Thank you for calling us and working it out so Buzz could talk to her.

A-M — ( tears in his eyes ) What else could I do ? I love her………I want her to start healing. Eleni, I have made so many mistakes with you and with Lucy. I just think that now I have a chance to make up for some of them.

Eleni — I think you have already done that. You may have saved Lucy’s life.

Cut back to Buzz and Lucy……

Buzz — Did he threaten to hurt you again ?

Lucy — I honestly don’t know what would have happened if A-M wouldn’t have been there. He threw him out and told him to leave Springfield. ( knocking on the door )

Buzz — YEAH…..

A-M — Hi, I’m sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to see if you guys need anything.

Buzz — It’s OK, come here ( He offers A-M his hand ) I want to thank you for being there for my daughter when she needed somebody.

A-M–I’m just sorry that It had to happen at all.

Eleni– Lucy is it all right if I come in…. ?

Lucy–Yeah, that’s fine, thanks for coming…..

Eleni– ( Takes Lucy in her arms ) Oh of course Lucy.

Buzz– This Brent guy…did you go to the police ? Did you press charges ?

Lucy–No I didn’t, but he’s gone and I don’t think he’ll be back.

Buzz– That’s how you left it ?

A-M– I guess what happens next is up to Lucy.

Buzz– Come on…come home with me. I’ll fix you dinner we’ll talk OK ?

Lucy– Sounds great. But you know what ? What I really want to do is get back to my life and just go back to work and to see my friends.

A-M–Lucy don’t worry about it…

Lucy– No I think we should get back to the office. I just want to go back to my life and put this behind me and forget it ever happened. Thanks you guys for coming. I love you for making me feel like myself again. I’m going to go change now OK

A-M– I’ll wait for you on the dock.

Eleni– I’ll keep you company…..

A-M– Buzz you all right ?

Buzz– Yeah, I’m FINE…..

Chapter Six: A New Day at Spaulding and Lucy is in Crisis

************* Jan 95 – A-M GETS The BIG OFFICE !!!  – April 95********

 A-M has been summoned to Spaulding by Lucy. She is in the middle of a huge crisis. Alex was supposed to finalize the Diamond Tool contract today. They want the finalized numbers and Luce has stalled them as long as she can ! Nick says “Look I am done with Spaulding I know nothing about the Diamond Tool contract….. I’m out of here !” A-M gets out of the elevator as Nick goes in. A-M tells Lucy he has washed his hands of EVERYTHING Spaulding. Lucy says “Fine then I’ll do it myself ! ” A-M feeling sorry for her helps her get the bid. They celebrate in Alex’s office drinking champagne with the stereo cranked to heavy metal !

her helps her get the bid. They celebrate in Alex’s office drinking champagne with the stereo cranked to heavy metal !

A-M — ( Feeling the champagne or just giddy with freedom) I’m FREE I have cast off the yoke ! I am free of ALL of them ! Do you hear THAT GRANDFATHER ?!? (A-M starts to clear off Alex’s desk )

Lucy — ( Laughing ) What are you doing ?

A-M — To HELL with ALL of it !! ( Climbs up on the desk) Come on up here and dance with me Lucy !

Lucy — A-M your going to scratch the desk !

A-M — (taking off his shoes and throwing them) All right fine, turn up the music and get up here. Take off your shoes you can dance much better when your bare foot anyway.

Lucy — You’re NUTS you’re totally NUTS !!

A-M — Do you have a problem with that ?

Lucy — No I kinda like it.

A-M — Come on, come on get up here. (He reaches down and pulls her up on the desk. They both dance A-M singing…….) Hey, huh, that’s it, Yeah……….. (They keep dancing and Alex and Alan come in mouths hanging open ! Luce sees them first and tries to warn A-M by nudging him !) Hey, come on now, take it easy…… (A-M sees them ) WELL if it isn’t “Sid Serious” and his sister “Miss Grave” ! Well…………. I’m sorry I confess ! We had fun and it was all my fault. Lucy’s not to blame so you can roast her at the stake. You can’t call the palace guards cause I’m out of here.

Lucy– I’m sorry but I’m actually glad to see you…

A-M– BECAUSE you bring SUCH JOY into ALL of our lives !! SO Where have you two been ?

Alex takes Lucy out of the room to yell at her. Alan tells A-M that Alex and He have decided to offer him the presidency of Spaulding Enterprises.

A-M — I can’t believe Alexandra would agree to this.

Alan — Not only did she agree….she put it in writing. She’s all for it. for you, the company and the family. I am offering you this honor sincerely. I think you will make an excellent president ! I also hope that this will restore our trust.

A-M — But…..what are you NOT telling me ?

Alan — Son I had no idea that you might not except it……are you telling me that you possibly don’t want the   presidency ?

A-M — Don’t do THAT.. you know that I’ve wanted it my WHOLE LIFE. EVEN when I was a little boy, because I thought it would make me more like you. Even though you wanted Philip in that position. I’ve always been second place with you and Alexandra. You never thought that I was Presidential material. Then you went off to prison. Alexandra stepped into your place. Philip finally left. I thought maybe I would be able to get in there. Then low and behold Nick shows up ! All of the sons have been worthy except me. Then you finally came back into town….I had such high hopes that you would treat me differently. But you decided to treat me like the boy that I wasn’t anymore. To keep secrets from me cause I just wouldn’t understand it. You USED me father ! You and Alexandra. I won’t be used anymore.

Alan — I understand your feelings son. But that is all in the past now. This offer comes with no strings attached.


Alan — I won’t be pulling them…

A-M — What position are you and Alex going to hold ?

Alan — We’ll be the CEOs together.

A-M — Well…if that’s the presidential offer…my answer is no.

Alan leaves to hash this out with Alex. Lucy comes in to the president’s office with A-M.

Lucy — OHHH !!! I can’t BELIEVE you turned down the presidency like that !

A-M — (Wringing his hands) neither can I.

Lucy — Now they are NEVER going to hand over control….and your probably going to be out of the company.

A-M — That’s right

Lucy — Well, it would have been nice to be president…(Hick ups )

A-M — Lucy !….will you ! I am trying to stop myself from running out there and screaming YES!

Lucy — OK let’s see…..You wouldn’t have wanted to be president like that. You would have been powerless.

A-M — That’s right.

Lucy — They would manipulate you all the time and you would be at their mercy.

A-M — Right again

Lucy — You would have no leverage and you would be impudent.

A-M — Are you trying to be encouraging ?

Lucy — No realistic

A-M — Well try being something else because your torturing me this way ! (Luce hick up’s ) and would you get RID of those DAMN hick ups !!

Lucy — (Both laughing ! ) I’m SORRY I’m trying !

Alan– What’s so funny ?

A-M — Nothing ………………you would probably find amusing.

Alan — Perhaps not, but maybe you will be amused by what we have to tell you. Alexandra and I have spoken and we have both come to an agreement. Now the ball is in your court. We have agreed to asead to your demand of being president and CEO of Spaulding Enterprises.

A-M — ( SHOCKED trying to look calm 🙂 You will ?

Lucy — ( completely losing it and not holding back ! ) I CAN’T believe it, you WON !


Alan — We will play a diminished role…. that of being chair, or CEO chair persons of the board.

Alex — Which means of course we could persuade the board to fire you if you don’t perform.

A-M — Oh I want the board to fire me if I don’t perform properly.

Alex — OR if in any way you significantly damage the company’s reputation.

Lucy — WHAT exactly does THAT mean ?


Alex — What it means Lucy, is we are an international company with global responsibilities. And it is absolutely imperative that the president AND CEO maintain decorum, dignity and responsibility at all times.

Lucy — (Hick ups)

A-M — All right short of maintaining a responsible appearance and performing properly. I don’t want the board to interfere. Nor Do I want anyone else to interfere.

Alan — Agreed

A-M — Aunt Alex ?

Alan — She agrees

A-M — Does she ?

Alex — She does

Lucy — Yeah, but are you sure of it ?

A-M — SHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex — Before you give me any time to change my mind just say yes.

A-M — YES !

Lucy — (Hugs him ! ) CONGRATULATIONS Mr. President !!

Alan — (shaking his hand ) And Mr. CEO !

Alex — Well now that we are in such great spirits, there is something I want to make perfectly clear. A-M I have been very unfair to you. I have continually underestimated your abilities. So as of this moment I would like to put all that behind us. Of course that is if you forgive me.

A-M — Sure Aunt Alex I forgive you.

Alan — EXCELLENT !! Now I think it’s time you move back to the family home with us.

A-M — ( disbelief ! ) A no……. NO I’ll be there enough I think. I need to be on my own.

Lucy — The Yacht !


Alan — Don’t SHH this time A-M. Now would you like to live on the yacht ?

Lucy — YES !!

A-M — Well I HAVE always ENJOYED it.

Alan — Alex ?

Alex — Oh why not…..

Alan –Then your now in control of the company AND the yacht !

(Lucy laughing her and A-M high five and hug again !)

Lucy — Well it sounds to me like we need an inauguration or in oath of office or something.

Alan — Regretfully we don’t have one of those.

Alex — Sorry there just is no inauguration or coronation. Gee whiz I do love a ceremony.

Alan — Let’s just make our own. I will get out some of Brandon’s hundred year old brandy Lucy come over here and help with the glasses.

Alex — I don’t want to tell you what to do. But do you think you could put your shoes on for this little ceremony.

A-M — ( scrambling to get his shoes ) Sure of course I’m sorry. (He catches himself and drops his shoes ) No, on second thought no. I don’t think so. I’m sorry Aunt Alex. But as the new President I think I should establish my OWN traditions. So from this day forward I think all presidents should be toasted in in their stocking feet !

Alan — SO BE IT !!!! ( Lucy Alan and Alex all kick off their shoes while yelling “here here !” ) To Alan- Michael Spaulding the next president and CEO of Spaulding Enterprises and to the end of all our battles for company control.

A-M — (Smiling and PROUD ) To the future


Lucy — (Hick Ups ! )

Everyone — SHHHHHHHH

So Lucy and A-M decide they can work together. They will be just business associates and nothing more. Lucy goes on with her life being the best office assistant she can be. A-M however is having a terrible time keeping focused on business.  He is to enthralled with checking out Lucy’s legs while she puts books away in her office. She brings him coffee and new contracts to sign.  When she leans over he gets a whiff of her perfume.  Finally he has had ENOUGH !

A-M — Will you stop that ?

Lucy — What ?

A-M — THAT, stop that.

Lucy — What exactly does THAT mean ?

A-M — Nothing

Lucy — It must have been something. Did I do something wrong ?

A-M — No, no, I mean……….. yeah…

Lucy — WHAT ?!?

A-M — ( exasperated sigh ) I just wish you wouldn’t……. a….. you know…… leave my office door open.

Lucy — Oh………… well, I didn’t know it bothered you.

A-M — Yes Lucy it does bother me ! Lucy I need my privacy, I have a very major deal in the works right now. I have to have it slated by the end of today and I can’t concentrate with you…………..

Lucy — Doing what ?! I don’t understand !

A-M — Coming in and OUT you know, in and out !

Lucy — OK………… I won’t do that any more ! You know, the next time something bothers you. Would you tell me first before you yell at me please ?

A-M — Hey, wait now, come on wait a minute. Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bite your head off.

Lucy — It’s OK I didn’t take it personal.

A-M — Well, that’s good……. cause I didn’t mean it that way.

Lucy turns and he watches those lovely legs all the way out his door !! So it goes for A-M, he wants Lucy so much but he is afraid: but not only for his own heart. He is afraid of what he could do to Lucy. ( A-M being the retched man EVERYONE in Springfield knows him to be ! ) He had resigned himself to keeping their relationship business. But spending time with her everyday and some evenings too…. all those old feelings he had for her were coming back times ten !

The new business Executive A-M hired has taken an interest in Lucy. “Brent Lawrence” stops by Lucy’s office daily to drop his newest report to A-M. At first A-M is relieved because now he won’t be tempted by Lucy. She will get a really good man who won’t hurt her. But then he realizes that this is “HIS LUCE” he is handing over to this GUY !

Lucy is not giving A-M another thought and it is killing him. Brent comes to the office to take Lucy to lunch. As they leave you hear Brent ask “So Lucy what do you want to have Italian? Hey, I know…… we could go to Chows chow if you like Chinese” A-M turns his chair away remembering that night he spent with Lucy in NY. He looks down at his documents trying to look interested. Listening to every word they say. What he failed to notice ? Lucy remembered too and looked at him uncaring sitting at his desk ! Three hours later a LIVID A-M shows up at the diner. Just in time to see Brent being excepted into the Cooper fold like he NEVER was ! He dresses down both of his employees. Brent leaves and Lucy lets him have it. “Yes Mr. PRESIDENT !”

A-M — Wait a second here ! What do you think ? That this is just some kind of an ego trip that I’m on ? Oh wait I, I, I, I, I, used to fry burgers here and clean this grease trap LONG before you even got to town sweet heart ! I know what the diner is and what it means to people. But that isn’t the issue !

Lucy — ( Lucy gets right in his face !) Then WHAT IS the ISSUE ?!

A-M — OK you want to know what the ISSUE IS ? The issue is………( He looks in her eyes then he CAN’T remember his answer ! LOL !! ) You work for me. Brent works for me and I don’t want any kinda inner office ……SIGH………RELATIONSHIPS ! I would have mentioned it earlier……. but obviously it is interfering with both of your abilities to do your job……………………so

Lucy — So, What ?

A-M — So, I don’t want it to interfere.

Lucy — Fine

A-M — ( With all the cocky, brat, whine, mode he can muster ! ) WHAT’S FINE ?!

Lucy — Fine, everything is just fine. (Lucy sits at the bar not looking at him. )

Lucy leaves, A-M leaves, a few minutes latter A-M returns ! Buzz and Nadine watch as the “President and CEO of Spaulding Enterprises” walks behind the counter and flips a burger in his tux. He says “THERE” and leaves. Might I just say……………. He’s got it sooooo BAD !!!! He goes on to the media awards then stops back by Spaulding. It is after midnight and Lucy is still at work.

Lucy — I’m surprised to see you here. I thought you would be off accepting an award or something.

A-M — Well I made my appearance at the media awards tonight. I shook all the appropriate hands, said “Hi” to all the appropriate people. But I had too much work to do to just sit around drinking champagne all night. What are you doing here so late ?

Lucy — That should be obvious. I’m making up for my three hour lunch.

A-M — I didn’t ask you to…

Lucy — I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it because I have a responsibility and I’m going to live up to it. SO….. here you go, this is your draft of the statement to the stock holders. This is also your research that you requested about businesses that have made other moves in the profits and losses….

A-M — stop it, stop it, stop !………….SIGH………..Look, I didn’t come back here tonight just to work. I came back here cause I thought maybe you might be here and I could apologize to you. I went by the diner earlier but you had all ready gone.

Lucy — Well, you don’t have to apologize for anything……. A ) you were right I shouldn’t have taken such a long lunch.  B ) I also know you were already having a bad day. C ) For what ever it’s worth regardless of what your father says I think that the decision you made was the right one.

A-M — Well I’m glad you approve. (smiling ) How did you arrive at this ?

Lucy — Because I’m smart.

A-M — Oh yes, yes that’s right….you are. OK, look, as long as you get your work done I have no problem with that you can make your own hours.

Lucy — Good, cause I have another date with Brent tomorrow. So I’ll be leaving at 5:00 sharp. Happy reading.

Lucy leaves……A-M stays reads her report writes on it “Lucy, Great Job A-M” He sets it on her desk. He pauses looking at her desk then gets in the elevator.

There is a crisis at the Journal. Holy and Fletcher’s romance has come out in to the open ! They both say they will quit their job ! A-M is distraught thinking the morning addition will not make it. He throws a tantrum at Fletcher’s house in the kitchen.


A-M — NO Inner office romance ! I have said it time and time again. It doesn’t work and this is EXACTLY why ! NO INNER OFFICE ROMANCE !! I should have a sign posted in neon for ALL of my employees to read at every business that I own and operate. It should just say “No inner office romance” !!!!!

Tangie — You know you said that three times all ready.

Nick — Yeah, why do you keep repeating yourself ?


Tangie — But it does.

A-M — But it shouldn’t !

Nick — Oh you mean like in your office for example.

A-M — What is THAT supposed to mean ?

Tangie — Well isn’t it obvious ? LUUUCY I’m HOME

A-M — That’s strictly professional !


A-M — Our relationship !

Tangie — You two have a relationship ?

A-M — She’s my employee.

Nick — She’s not your friend ?

A-M — Yes, she’s my friend but that’s…

Tangie — Well that’s how it’s starts, just like Holly and Fletcher..

A-M — I’m not gonna…..w, h, m, e, I…Who have been out there at LEAST fifteen minutes !!

A-M comes into work the next day. He needs some file folders. He buzzs Lucy she doesn’t answer. He goes to the supply room to get them and sees Lucy kissing Brent. There is a mixture of hurt, jealousy, and disbelief on his face. Brent looks up mid kiss and sees him. Brent later on goes into A-M’s office. Telling him it was not Lucy’s fault. A girl like that just needs to be kissed. But if she means anything to A-M he will quit seeing her. Because she is not as important to him as his job. A-M hot on his “no inner office romance kick” fires off a memo for Lucy to type up and have distributed around the building. Lucy types and copies them then brings them too him for final approval. She wants to know who the offending parties are.

A-M — You, Brent, office supply room. I went to get a file folder and you were using it like a cheap hotel room !

Lucy — ( PISSED !!!) I’ll have you know that the idea of going into that supply room was MY idea ! Maybe it wasn’t the most appropriate behavior. But it was a kiss. One simple, romantic kiss and we were in and out of there in ten seconds. So I think all this stuff here on sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior is all just an attack on Brent. Why don’t you just admit it. You don’t like the fact that the two of us are dating do you ? Just because you didn’t want the two of us to be personally involved. Don’t keep me from getting personally involved with some one else.

A-M — Oh, you just don’t get it do you ? You don’t get it ! I am trying to protect you !

Lucy — From what ?

A-M — A guy who obviously doesn’t have any respect for you !

Lucy — That is so untrue !

A-M — Oh no, really ! You haven’t heard the way Brent talks about you. We talk, I asked him about you. How he feels about you. I asked him about the supply room. You know what I got ? A bunch of glib responses. How you were nothing more then a convenience to him. If it weren’t for you it would be a receptionist on six, or seven, or eight ! The guy could care less.

Lucy — And you expect me to believe that ? Well I don’t.

A-M — Lucy would you PLEASE wake up ! I don’t know what your dreaming about with this guy. But all Brent wants to do is sleep with you !

Lucy — REALLY ? Well I sure hope so………… It’s only natural that two people that are dating would start thinking about that isn’t it ? Why shouldn’t Brent want to sleep with me ? We’ve been dating for awhile. We like each other a lot. We are both very attracted to each other. So I think that after awhile that is a very natural thought for most NORMAL people.

A-M — (hurt, shocked and embarrassed ) Look, I hope I’m wrong about Brent. I do. I mean, I introduced the two of you. So I guess I feel ……….responsible.

Lucy — Well thank you very much for your advice on Brent’s horrible romantic intentions. I’ll be sure and be on the look out for them.

A-M — Lucy, I hope I’m wrong about Brent……………….. I care about you. I am just afraid he’s using you and you’re going to wind up getting hurt.

Lucy — Oh No, that was YOUR game. Brent’s very different ! ( She walks out in a huff ! )

A-M — Lucy please, will you wait a minute ! Will you listen just for a minute ? Look, I’m sorry if I miss read what went on between you and Brent earlier. Like I said….I still care about you and I don’t want to see you hurt.

Lucy — No you don’t. You have made that perfectly clear. I think when we started working together I was going to be your office manager and that was it ! Strictly business. So from now on my personal life is COMPLETELY off limits !

Lucy gets on the elevator. A-M attempts to work for awhile. The next day Lucy calls in sick. A-M goes out to her desk he sees her silk scarf on her chair. He picks it up carefully feeling the silk between his fingers, he smells her cologne on it. A-M Decides to go to the diner to make sure she isn’t going to quit. Lucy sees him coming and hides under the bar ! A-M confides to Eleni that he doesn’t want to loose Lucy. That he values her as an employee and a friend. He tells Eleni what a jerk he was. A-M gives Eleni the scarf and tells her he hopes Lucy gets better soon. Tell her not to rush back to work, to rest and get better first. Lucy, feeling guilty, decides to see him at the yacht.

A-M is sitting in the dining room on the yacht. Andrew insists A-M put up his work and has something to eat. Andrew lights candles in the dining room because Mr. Spauldings eyes hurt . Lucy comes in. A-M tells her he was just about to have dinner would she like to join him. He holds her chair pours her some wine. They toast to friendship. Then they discuss their fight.

A-M — I thought we were getting on pretty well except for that thing with Brent.

Lucy — It wasn’t a THING. It was a kiss. Brent kissed me, you saw it and it brought up all the feelings from the past that we have never gotten through. Don’t you agree with that ?

A-M — Well…..I ….I could……..

Lucy — SEE, that’s exactly what I am saying. It doesn’t have any thing to do with Brent. It has to do with our relationship ! The one that’s over. Don’t you agree with that ?

A-M — Yes, in a way I do. I admit I was wrong I……I agree that I need to……. let go of you. I apologized to Brent and it will NEVER happen again.

Lucy — I don’t think you can say that. I don’t, cause in many ways you are just like your father and you can’t let go. If you want something you can’t have your going to make sure the person that can have it won’t get it.

A-M — That is exactly what I said to Eleni. You were at the diner today weren’t you ?

Lucy — Yes. I didn’t come out because I wasn’t ready to face you.

A-M — Well I think this calls for a toast…… friends. Do you think we can do that ?

Lucy — ( They both drink) Well, it’s a far cry from the house boat isn’t it ?

A-M — Yeah, it sure is.

Lucy — The yacht, president of Spaulding, Heir to all your families wealth. You’ve done OK. It’s almost hard to believe.

A-M — Yeah, I have a hard time believing it myself.

Lucy — Then again, I guess it didn’t happen over night. You did work very hard for it.

A-M — Thanks, You should know that better then any one.

Lucy — Well yeah, like I said you did OK. Better then OK.

A-M — That means a lot for you to say that to me Lucy.

Lucy — I only say it because it’s true. So what’s next ?

A-M — Well Andrew has prepared a really good desert.

Lucy —  No, I mean with you. What’s next with you.

A-M — I don’t know, I guess I’ll just try to hold on to what I have.

Lucy — That’s never enough for you. You always want more. Or is that changed ?

A-M — Well, I’m not sure.

Lucy — If there is anybody that has ever taught me to fight for what you want it’s you.

A-M — (smiling ) Is that good or bad ?

Lucy — It worked for you hasn’t it ? Then again, there is more to life then just business.

A-M — Yeah there is.

Lucy — So do you want a wife, children, don’t you want some of that one day ?

There is a long pause while A-M thinks of his answer. He looks at Lucy’s eyes, lips, her hands as she plays with her wine goblet it is so clear how very much he loves her. How much she still loves him.

Lucy — I’m sorry, I had no right to ask you that question.

A-M — No it’ OK. I just want to me sh, sure of my answer.

Lucy — You don’t have to…

A-M — Yes I do. You deserve to have an answer. Lucy I don’t think I will ever get married again. I mean I’m not even thirty yet and I’ve already been married three times. That’s not much of a track record. Each one has been more devastating then the last. Marriage and I just don’t fit. Don’t you agree?

Lucy — People change…..

A-M — There is something so innocent about you.

Lucy — I’m not that innocent anymore. I think I have become quite sophisticated.

A-M — Who you are and what you are is perfect. It’s special, intriguing.

Lucy — Hey that’s me, mystery woman.

A-M — There is no mystery. You are a mix of everything GOOD. Your worldly and your innocent all at the same time.

Lucy — Then why ?

A-M — (Tears in his eyes ) Lucy, I know I hurt you. But I could not take advantage of all that. Look at least I didn’t marry you. I couldn’t destroy that dream too.

Lucy — (tears in her eyes ) Well I guess it’s time for me to get going.

A-M — OK I’ll make sure Andrew gives you your coat. Will I see you at the office tomorrow ?

Lucy — Yes of course. I’ll be there I know we got a lot of work to do.

A-M — I’ll walk you out.

Lucy — No, I’ll be fine, you just enjoy your dessert all right ?

So A-M and Lucy work together. Brent and Lucy date and A-M tries as best he can to stay out of it. One night Brent and Lucy go skinny dipping in the country club pool with Bridgett and Skunk. Cutter catches them and puts them in jail for the evening. All because Brent gets cocky and tries to bribe his way out. Lucy is afraid and Brent could really care. He goes to sleep on the bunk. A-M saw them arrested while at a meeting at the country club and bails them out. When Lucy comes in to work he isn’t even going to mention it. Brent has promised Lucy the best of times tonight. Lucy can’t wait.

A-M — I wanted to remind you pharmaceuticals is having a big presentation coming up. I’m going to need you to work late tonight. Your the only one that can figure out those files of yours…

Lucy — How late ?

A-M — Well I don’t know…it depends on how much work we have to do it could go pretty late…midnight.

Lucy — I wish you told me earlier cause I all ready made plans for tonight.

A-M — Well when you first took this position you knew it was more then a nine to five job. I need you. I’m sorry your just going to have to change those plans…

Lucy — Are you ?

A-M — We all have choices to make here Lucy. You know that.. some times we have to make sacrifices.

Lucy — You know what I know ? I know that this is not about work or job epic. You doing it again….interfering with every thing I do. Why did you spring to get me out of jail.

A-M — I was at the country club on business. For your information the only reason I paid your fine was because I thought you would be upset about being incarcerated all night. But if I was wrong, I stand corrected. I don’t know you as well as I thought I did.

Lucy — That’s right you DON’T …………..I DON’T need to be taken care of either.

A-M — LUCY, I was just trying to look out for you. I didn’t want you to be humiliated or embarrassed. Come on skinny dipping isn’t that a little high-school ?

Lucy — It was fun A-M. I was having fun with OUT you. Yes I was skinny dipping in the country club pool……well almost. You were there so you know what I had on. As for tonight ( coughs ) it seems like a cold has come over me. So major presentation or not I won’t be able to make it. If you don’t like it, you can just fire me !

A-M is in a panic ! What is he going to do now ? He goes to see Eleni and admits to her that he is in love with Lucy. That he fought it as hard as he could but everything from her perfume to how she talks on the phone is driving him crazy ! He has just got to tell her tonight ! Even after Eleni tells him it may be too late. He heads to Company.

Brent goes to Company to pick Lucy up and takes her to the arcade. They have a great time playing the games. He gets her a spy decoder ring with their winning tickets, then he takes her to his apartment. Lucy is clearly uncomfortable and nervous. But she tries to put on a good front. Brent fixes Lucy a drink. It is obvious after just a few sips that she is getting drunk. ( Or was she drugged ? ) Her hands shake as she tries to hold on to the glass. After she finishes Brent gets her another. They dance and laugh then start to kiss. He picks Lucy up and puts her on his bed. Lucy realizing where she was tries to get up. Brent tells her not to worry he knows it is her first time and he will take care of her. Lucy is so confused……………”How does he know this ?” He starts kissing her and she tells him to stop. He says It’s OK I have protection.” She says “NO Brent I changed my mind I don’t want……….” Brent tells her “I don’t like to stop”…………he doesn’t. You see him rip her skirt and cover her mouth so no one can hear Lucy’s screams of………….. “NO”.

At Company A-M waits for Lucy. He can not wait another second to tell her how he feels. He hopes and prays she will give him another chance. He wants so much to be everything for her. He waits even after Bridget tells him it will be late before Lucy returns. He decides to go to the road house. Who should be there but Brent ! A-M is sickened watching him chase after every blonde in the place. A-M asks him where Lucy is. Brent tells him “I took her home. I didn’t’ want to keep her out too late. She’s a little young.” So A-M heads back to Company.

After Lucy runs from Brent’s apartment she goes to the diner. She sits outside crying. You see her ripped stockings…… she wants so badly to go in. She needs her Daddy. But he is talking to Eleni, Frank, and Nadine. They talk about what a great guy Brent is. Lucy heads home. Bridget sees her as she walks slowly up the stairs. Bridge assumes the night did not go like Lucy had hoped. Lucy goes into her room hurries and locks her door. She takes off her blouse and you see the scratches and bruises on her back. Her pretty black camisole is ripped to shreds as is her skirt. She throws her clothes including the spy decoder ring in the back of the closet. Hoping if they are hidden that maybe she will be able to forget. She puts on her robe. Bridget knocks on her door and lets her know A-M has been wanting to speak to her all night. Bridge hears Peter crying so she leaves. Lucy sees a message on her answering machine. She hits the button……. “Lucy it’s A-M I need to talk to you…….not about business……..but it is very important. Look just give me a call when ever you get in no matter how late it is.”

Lucy climbs on to her bed. She grabs her little bunny and lies in a fetal position. Suddenly she fears Brent is there and looks for him on top of her. She has flash backs of him throwing her on the bed. Of her screaming no, stop, please Brent stop…..She hears a soft knocking on the door. “Lucy it’s A-M could I come in? I need to speak to you. ” more knocking “Lucy it’s A-M are you awake ? Lucy ?” A-M goes down into Company. Bridget is closing up. He tells her he thinks Lucy is sleeping and he will see her tomorrow at work. He waves to Bridget as he walks out the door. Bridge is scrubbing the bar with a sponge, cut to Lucy with a wash cloth scrubbing her skin raw. She sits down in the tub sobbing letting the hot water run all over her….

Chapter Five: Alan-Michael is Left Searching

************Aug 94 – Tangie and Other Strange Occurrences – Jan 95********

In the coming weeks viewers got to see Frank and Eleni renew their wedding vows and of all things, Lucy apologizing to Eleni for not being more SUPPORTIVE of her during her separation from Frank. But she was just so immature and JEALOUS.  Lucy was being treated like all she EVER felt for A-M was a friendship.  HE broke her heart, but he certainly had help.  Where was Eleni’s apology to Lucy? Lucy begged Eleni many times to leave A-M alone……. but then Lucy was just 21 what did she know of love ? 

To top that off TPTB were now looking for a “super couple”. Obvious choice Marcy Walker and Rick ! Placing Alan-Michael into another triangle, this time with his FATHER!!  They could NOT put him back with Lucy now. They burned that bridge rather nicely. There was NO way I would ever have Lucy be second choice after of ALL people Eleni !! 

Alexandra is brought into Cedars with a snake bite. While there Alan-Michael and Ed have a little talk.

Ed–Your Aunt will live Alan-Michael. The rattle snake on the other hand died a hideous death. One does not bite Alexandra Spaulding and expect to survive.

AM–(Looking at a picture of Alan on the wall) As long as she’s okay.

Ed–She’ll be back in all her glory in a month

AM–Great. (Turns back towards Ed) That’s what I want to hear from you!


Ed–Alan-Michael I know that you are proud of being a Spaulding, and that’s as its should be. But don’t, just because Hope isn’t around right now, don’t ignore your mother’s side of the family. I know you make your duty calls on the holidays but we miss you just hanging out at the house. You have no idea how much Michelle loves you. You know. And with all her thirteen your old friends and if you are out there at the pool you know the stud that you are, her seventh greade stock will just skyrocket.

AM–(Laughs) Well thank you. Miss you too.

A-M looks for his father. A-M is blown up in a shack by two men that hated Alan in prison. Tangie takes care of A-M till he gets better. He goes to meet his father. TANGIE accidentally shoots Alan.  Tangie realizes that this man that was a friend of hers for months is A-M’s FATHER !! GASP She doesn’t bother to tell A-M she knew his father before that night. But THEN she tells A-M little of anything ! A-M gets better. They start to date. Alan promises his son he will be president. Alex wants her darling Nicky to have the big seat. Alan ruins all chances of that for him. 🙂 Alan tricks Alex into believing he is dying so she gives Alan back his voting proxy. Now he will be able to give A-M the presidency. On New Year’s Eve Tangie and A-M almost make love. They are both “unprepared”..SOOO A-M makes that gallant trip to the drug store. When he returns, small baggy in hand………. he finds his dad and Tangie kissing. A-M and Tangie THANKFULLY break up and A-M spends the rest of the evening saving people from burning buildings with Mindy during the fifth street fire.

He gives his father back the ruby ring….that represents three generations of Spaulding men running the company…..

A-M– This ring you gave me….. my grandfather’s, your father’s. You know what….. long before you believed in me I had to learn to believe in myself. All my life I wanted to run that company. I was MADE for that job…..I will probably seek it till the day I die. So NO there is nothing you could say or do to make me turn it down. The thing is dad…you can’t offer something you don’t have to give.

Alan– I will get it.

A-M– You know what….to tell you the truth…I don’t believe ANYTHING I don’t see anymore.