Chapter Four: Alan-Michael Revisits His Past

*************May ’94 – Eleni, A-M, and Frank: Round II – Aug ’94 *************

While A-M was busy losing EVERYTHING he held dear……… Eleni’s life was not going swimmingly either ! There had been numerous strange occurrences at the Cooper household ! Julie has become the “nanny from hell”. Flouncing around in flimsy lingerie. Putting Eleni down whenever possible. But it would be too easy to blame the problems the Coopers are having all on Julie ! Eleni has her hands full with a man that is jealous of her success. Instead of encouraging her, Frank routinely makes Eleni feel bad for the hours she works. Yup Eleni is inferior in so many ways ! 

Miss Julie sure that Frankie is in LOVE with her climbs in bed with him naked.  Here Frankie voted for her instead of his OWN sister for Springfield Fiesta queen . He has allowed her to kiss him and fawn over him NUMEROUS times. When Eleni caught Julie lying she fired her Frank MADE a humiliated Eleni apologize and give Julie the job back.  It is no wonder that Julie has the wrong impression!  

Eleni comes home just in time to see Julie about to be thrown out of her bedroom by Frank. Since Julie is in the “raw” let’s just say it was a tension filled moment…… Julie takes this opportunity to let Eleni know yet AGAIN what a terrible wife and Mother she is AND that Frank and her have been having an affair for months ! Frank stands there with his mouth a gape calling her a liar !  Eleni leaves after slapping BOTH of them. She puts Marina in the stroller and walks till she finds a lonely cold stoop. Who should happen a long but an innocent little Curly headed boy !! 

A-M — Eleni ?

Eleni — Hi A-M

A-M — What are you doing out here all by yourself ?

Eleni — A, Marina and I are just out walking.

A-M — But it’s late.

Eleni — It’s late for you too.

A-M — I was just heading to the Towers. It’s such a pretty night I thought I’d walk.

Eleni — It’s a beautiful night. ( Eleni starts to cry. A-M sits beside her and wraps his arms around her. )

A-M — Eleni, sometimes when people are angry they say things they don’t mean.

Eleni — It’s not what Frankie said. It’s what he did.

A-M — You want to talk about it ?

Eleni –NO

A-M — Look, I’m no big fan of the guy, as you know. But I find it hard to believe he could do anything to hurt you. I think maybe if you two got together and you talk about this Maybe it would work itself out.

Eleni — I do not want to talk to him. I can not even look at him !

A-M — Eleni I can not stand to see you in pain. If you can’t talk to me I wish you could talk to someone about this.

Eleni — ( crying ) A-M What is wrong with me ? Am I cold, am I just a bad wife ?

A-M– ( OMG the look on his face !!! ) WHAT ? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, ( He frames her tear stained face in his hands ) You are anything but that ! You are a warm giving loving ………..beautiful women ! If Frank doesn’t realize that then he is a boob and a damn fool ! Look, if you don’t want to go back to your house tonight the Spauldings have a place for you. I’ll go get my car.

Eleni — No A-M

A-M — OK, then a hotel.

Eleni — I left my house and didn’t take my wallet.

A-M — Eleni come on………. I can give you my credit card.

Eleni — No A-M, Thank you, but I have to handle this on my own.

Frank — Eleni I have looked everywhere for you. You have to listen to me. Let me explain.

Eleni — Listen to you explain what I all ready saw ?!

Frank — Listen you didn’t SEE anything ! A-M what are you doing here ?

Eleni — A-M has nothing to do with this Frank ! This is about you. ALL about YOU !

Frank — Listen to what I am saying NOTHING happened I SWEAR to you ! There is nothing else to say except the truth.

Eleni — I know the truth I SAW the TRUTH. 

Frank — This is NOT the place to discuss this OK! Would you please just come home with me !

Eleni — I do not want to discuss ANYTHING with you.

A-M — My offer still stands Eleni.

Eleni — Thanks A-M, no, I have to do this on my own. Please just go to the towers

A-M — Are you going to be OK?

Eleni– Yes I will be fine. Please go ( A-M leaves ) Now that you and Julie are out of the house I will go back. But if either of you come back I will shoot you both dead !

Later on A-M strikes a deal with Jenna. He will invest ten thousand dollars in her lotion business. (The lotion recipe she had gotten from Eleni ). Then A-M stops in the diner to see Lucy. Lucy however makes a fatal naive mistake !! She pretends she could care less. A-M needed her so badly now and Lucy would not meet him half way. The next day while in seeing her he sees Eleni run in with Marina. She hands her to Nadine and leaves. A-M knows there is SOMETHING very wrong and quizzes Luce on it.

A-M — I was married to Eleni remember ?

Lucy — You don’t make it very easy for me to forget.

A-M — Lucy you’ve never been married…

Lucy — No but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what it’s like to be close to someone..

A-M — It’ different…It’s….this strange kind of bond.

Lucy — It’s not that strange….I mean your supposed to love and honor each other till one of you drops dead or how ever it goes….but when it’s over it’s OVER.

A-M — Well it doesn’t always work that way… least not for me…you still care about the person and what happens to them.

Lucy — I am surprised you have time to do anything at all considering all the ex-wives you have running around !


Lucy — I’m sorry A-M

A-M — No no it’s fine…I know…………I know

Lucy — No you don’t know. Nadine was all over me before about Frank and Eleni. Now that you are……I’m just sick of it.

A-M — Lucy……if it were you….If I thought you were in trouble I would be all over who ever I had to to see what was wrong !

Lucy — What makes you think I know anything ? Even if I did why would you think I’d go blabbing it all around…..

A-M — Yeah your right….why would you….your absolutely right…

Lucy — I don’t think it’s a bad thing you care about Eleni…I care about her too. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have gotten in your face like that…

A-M — NO…you shouldn’t be apologizing all right….If I wanted to know what was wrong with Eleni I should have just asked her.

Lucy — A-M PLEASE DON’T just DON’T get involved in this….

A-M — Why because it’s messy ? I saw Eleni on the steps last night a few minutes before Frank came up……I know there are problems and it didn’t take a generous to figure out who the problem was……..Franks involved with Julie isn’t he ?

Lucy — I um….

A-M — It’s all right…..I shouldn’t have asked you……it’s not fair.

A-M goes to see Eleni.  A-M arrives shortly after Eleni threw Frank and Julie out of the house. Suitcases and Julie’s lingerie lay everywhere in the front yard. A-M gives Frank a look while he knocks on the door. Eleni assuming it is Frank opens the door screaming and throws a suitcase at him ! A-M catches it and asks “Can I come in ?” Eleni opens the door. Much to Julie’s delight and Frank’s jealous horror !

Eleni — ( Eleni in tears ) A-M in case you haven’t noticed this is not a very good time. Things are not what they look like um…… I am sure you have imagined the absolute worst thing !

A-M — Eleni, Eleni, Eleni……………….I know what happened.

Eleni — No, I’m fine…………….it’s no big deal these kinds of things happens all the time. ( She breaks down and cries in his arms )

Eleni — (In between sobs ) All the signals were there. I just did not see them. Maybe I was afraid to. You know I fired her once. I kicked her out of the house. Frank was so upset. He told me I was not being fair. So he convinced me to bring her back in. Gosh that was very smart of me huh ?

A-M — You can’t blame yourself for this Eleni.

Eleni — I blame myself for being STUPID! A-M How long has this been going on ? For weeks for months ? When I am out working they are alone together in my bed ! Across from the room my daughter sleeps in ! How many nights ?! Oh WHY am I sitting here telling you this ?

A-M — Because you need to talk to someone.

Eleni — I wish I didn’t, ohhh I wish I was like the women in Create !

A-M — Why ?

Eleni– They are STRONG women. When one of their husbands does something like this to them. They cover it up, pretend like it doesn’t happen. They go on with their lives. Saying hello to people in the street and gossiping with other friends in the market. AND worshipping with their husbands in church. But I know how it really is…..when they are alone they close themselves off by themselves and they let out their grief. They show their pain. They would NEVER, EVER show their pain or shame to any one else. They would hide it ! Hold it in ! You see that is the way I was raised A-M ! I was raised to do that ! I can’t ! I CAN’T DO IT I AM NOT STRONG ENOUGH ! I go out and I show my pain I show my shame ! All that adds is more humiliation on top of everything else !

A-M — ( starts out whispering ) shhhhhhh you listen to me. First of all I think you are the strongest woman I have EVER known. Those women in your village are not strong. They deny what their feeling. Ignore what is happening to them. Eleni, it takes some one who is truly strong to be able to face that and to deal with that. Somebody like you. You have that inside where it counts. Eleni, look at me………….the shame is Julie and Frank’s it is NOT yours. The sooner you stop blaming yourself for something that THEY did the sooner your going to get through this. It’s going to take time. But you are going to be able to get through this !

Eleni — No…………..I will never…

A-M — (voice breaking) Eleni please, listen to me…….

Eleni — I will NEVER be the same person again A-M. You don’t understand….. Frank is my heart, MY HEART. He is my LIFE you don’t know what it is like to loose somebody that you love more then anything in the world do you ? 

A-M — (in tears) Yes……I do.


Eleni heads out on the front porch realizing WHAT she has JUST said. A-M follows.

A-M — It feels like you’ve been hit in the stomach with a baseball bat doesn’t it ? You can’t catch your breath, you can’t think clearly……….

(Eleni turns walks back in the house sits on the couch. A-M stands in the door way ….)

A-M — Normal things you used to do with your day just don’t feel natural anymore. Oh yes…I should eat. I a should go to sleep. You look around a room you have spent your entire life in and feel completely lost. Nothing feels the same any more because your not the same. All you want to do is lock yourself up in a dark room and never come out. But you can’t, because your afraid of the dark. Eleni, if you don’t deal with this……. pain….it never goes away…….trust me…trust me in time it does.

Eleni — Maybe the pain goes away, but some other things go away too, innocence, trust.  I don’t think that is anything we can ever get back.

A-M — ( in tears has turned away from Eleni ) Well, that will depend on you and Frank.

Eleni — I am sorry A-M. I am so SORRY that I made you feel that way !

A-M — ( crying) It was along time ago and I DESERVED it.

Eleni  — NO ! NOBODY DESERVES to feel like this ! (crying )

A-M — You know, you can handle this. You can change this whole thing.

Eleni — HOW ?

A-M — Talk to Frank, just talk to him. Look I don’t know any of the details of what happened between him and Julie and I don’t need to know that. But I do know the man loves you Eleni. ( I was SOOOOO proud of him !! 🙂

Eleni — It’s like you said before A-M sometimes love is not enough.

A-M stays till Eleni falls asleep. He runs in to Frank on the front porch. Frank wants to know what she said……..A-M tells him he thinks it best if he just leaves her alone. That she hasn’t slept in a few days and that is what she needs. A-M heads to the diner again to see Lucy. He tells her that he put Eleni to bed and left but that she is not doing well. Lucy asks him why he came to the diner. A-M not having a good answer was told “Then maybe you should leave.”           

A-M continues to be the sympathetic friend. He checks on Eleni daily. Tries to help her as best he can. Meanwhile Jenna and he finalizes the cream production deal. Lucy stops by Jenna’s hotel looking for her dad. She sees a man’s jacket. Lucy picks it up asking Jenna whom it belongs too. A-M comes out of the bathroom buttoning his cuffs. Luce assumes he is sleeping with Jenna and leaves with the life crushed out of her. Jenna is highly amused with that !

A-M tells Jenna that yes Lucy and he are not dating anymore but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care and he doesn’t ………….”I just DON’T want to see her get hurt” ! They must keep this lotion business secret. Afterwards A-M brings Eleni a pizza. He finds out Eleni’s family is in from Crete. They all welcome A-M with open arms. A-M is jealous when Ari starts to flirt with Lucy. Eleni is VERY uncomfortable because she is pretending EVERYTHING is GREAT between her and Frank. A-M takes Eleni out for some air. They go to the park. Swing on the swings and eat hot-dogs. When A-M and Eleni return A-M can see how hurt Lucy is. AGAIN he tries to see what Lucy is feeling ! A-M follows her on to the front porch. Her head is bent down and she is crying. When she hears the door she straightens up.

Lucy — It was getting a little close in there. I just needed to get some air.

A-M — ( face full of concern ) Yeah, it’s a beautiful night. Listen, I thought I should explain about what happened at the Regency and everything with Jenna.

Lucy — You don’t have to explain anything. You’re allowed to go anywhere you want.

A-M — Yeah, I can.

Lucy- – Besides, you already said you were just finishing up some old business.

A-M — Yeah, it wasn’t anything that was really important.

Lucy — Well then, you don’t have anything to explain then. Besides there is nothing to explain. ( She walks into the house )

Eleni and Frank have their one MILLIONTH fight so Eleni heads to A-M’s yacht. It is evening. A-M just sipping his evening brandy. Eleni apologizes for just showing up unannounced like this………

A-M — Please stay, I’ll go on inside if you want to be alone.

Elen –I found myself walking and ended up on the docks who knows why..

A-M — I think I know why. Being by the water makes you think of when you were a little girl. When you were growing up. All the boats huddled together next to each other. There’s a lot of safety in that. I think that might have been some of the reason you and I had our best moments here. Something about being on the boat makes you feel safe.

Eleni — I guess the trouble is….I don’t feel safe any where any more. Thanks for not asking any questions A-M.

A-M — It doesn’t mean I don’t have any.

Eleni — It doesn’t mean I don’t either. Like, why is it I have to lie to my grandmother right to her face huh ? You know my brothers and her know there is something terribly wrong. But instead of talking to them I walk off.

A-M — Eleni, it’s not easy talking about something you don’t really understand yourself.

Eleni — Oh I understand that my husband is not the man I thought he was. I just don’t want to admit it huh ?

A-M — Well, as much as I would like to admit that Frank Cooper is not the saint of all saints. I have a VERY tough time BELIEVING he would let himself get involved with Julie. I mean Eleni, there has got to be an explanation ……

Eleni — They were not……….. I mean as much……. I mean involved as I thought at first. They were not actually….. You know what, WHO CARES ?!?……look everybody thinks that this is about SEX ! It is not about sex. It is about thinking your husband was smarter then he actually was you know ?! Or thinking you can believe in him or trust him !

A-M — (GRINNING 🙂 ohhhhhhhhh I see, yes, this sounds very familiar, These are all things you used to say about me.  

Eleni — A-M when you lied to me it was for different reasons….but yes it does sound the same.

A-M — I’m REALLY sorry.

Eleni — You don’t have to be sorry. This time it is Frank’s turn to be sorry and for me to be angry ! I never wanted to hit something so bad in my entire life !

So A-M offers her his stomach. Eleni laughs and declines. They drink more brandy Eleni falls asleep. A-M calls her family and lets them know she fell asleep and will be there in the morning. A-M covers her up, looking so protective and remembering “his” beautiful Eleni. The following morning Lucy and Aunt Alex show up on the yacht. They both assume EAM spent the night together. A-M standing in his robe with a tray of coffee wishing her a good morning. Lucy is devastated ! A-M and Luce have a full conversation with out saying a single word . Lucy looks crushed and A-M tries to tell her it wasn’t what she thought ! Eleni runs off on home. Auntie offers him his old job back at Spaulding. A-M declines. When they leave A-M finds Eleni’s scarf. He drops it off at the house.

Eleni — Oh A-M thanks, that one is my favorite. I was looking all over for it. Um thanks also for putting up with me. Falling asleep on the yacht then waking up with such a bad temper.

A-M — ohh It’s OK, you were just a little brusque that’s all. It was like old times.( Eleni turns away embarrassed ) Wait a minute………we are friends. Friends help each other OK ?

(The phone rings and Mr. Frick wants Eleni to speak at a chamber of commerce luncheon honoring HER ! She is supposed to make a speech. Eleni decides she just can’t go. Besides she has NOTHING to wear !)

A-M — I am NOT going to let you do that ! How can you not go ? Eleni it is a party in your honor…………. You’re going to pack it in ? Eleni no, this isn’t you. You don’t walk away.

Eleni — I can not think about doing business right now.

A-M — What business ? All you have to do is smile and wave at your adoring fans.

Eleni — I HAVE to TALK !

A-M — So… say a few words. You tell how honored you are that the committee has chosen you for BLAH, BLAH, BLAH etc etc. then……. THEN you wave at your adoring fans ! This will be fun, you go on upstairs and put on something that will really knock them dead.

Eleni — I can’t. A-M my Yaya is not here who is going to watch Marina ?

A-M — I’m here. I would be happy to do it.

Eleni- – I can not ask that of you.

A-M — Just stop putting up road blocks here. You do not have to choose between being a good mother and being a good career women YOU can be both. You CAN do that.

Eleni — Well Frank doesn’t think so…

A-M — (laughing ! ) Well that’s Frank’s failing not yours. Eleni look at what you’ve done. You have a child. You run a household. You run a business. ALL of them are thriving ! To top it off your family shows up from Greece right when your going through…..something difficult. You don’t bat an eye. You take care of everybody and you don’t let them know what your feeling. Come on, you could handle the middle east talks ! So the chamber of commerce luncheon is going to be a breeze. Come on, go up stairs and get changed let’s go. The next time anybody gives you any flack about anything. You tell them what you need are people that will help you do more. Instead of people that will help you do less.

(A-M stands holding Marina while Eleni comes down stairs in a little black dress.)

A-M — You look beautiful.

Eleni — Thank you. We have extra bottles in the refrigerator.

A-M — You hungry sweetheart ? No, she’s not hungry.

Eleni — There is some moussaka in the refrigerator I made it fresh today.

A-M — GREAT we’ll dine like royalty ! Break plates and dance.

Eleni — She has had her bath. She had a very long nap so I doubt she will sleep

A-M — That’s OK we’ll watch movies. Do you like Cagney ? We’ll watch the Wizard of Oz ! That’s what we’ll watch !

Eleni– Well, let me pick up my speech…….. oh the counsel number is right here by the telephone. OK

A-M — What do you think Marina ? Twenty minutes ago she wasn’t qualified to do this whole thing. Now she’s got her whole life together, ya know…her home. She’s going off to her chamber of commerce meeting. Aren’t you proud of your Mommy Marina? Just look at her.

Eleni goes on to her meeting. A-M has a ball with Marina including finger painting in the living room. Lucy comes in and seeing A-M in this domestic mode starts to lecture him ! He is told that if he didn’t help Eleni now she and Frank may find their way back to each other !  Eleni returns A-M is giving Marina a pony ride on his knee. Eleni is just THRILLED her meeting went GREAT ! She made still more expensive catering contracts. She asks A-M to stay and celebrate with a great bottle of wine her brothers brought from Greece. A-M feeling guilt pangs due to Lucy’s lecture leaves. He finds balloons flowers and a stuffed bunny on the porch that Frank had left. Yes Frank the man of words and action…….

And so it goes the Coopers continue to battle neither side giving an inch ! A-M finds a huge box of Eleni’s designer duds in the attic from when they were married. He brings them to her figuring all the expensive new catering contracts she is making she will need them. Eleni says after having Marina she is not even sure they will fit ! A-M ASSURES her they will. She takes the clothes up stairs to try them on. Frank slips a note under the door. Eleni calls A-M to the stairway. A-M sees the note and puts it in his pocket. Later he reads Frank’s letter, begging Eleni for another chance. He keeps it. 

Then Eleni finds out it is HER creme recipe Jenna is trying to sell. So, Eleni A-M and Jenna become business partners. Jenna is invited to display her wares at a convention in Palm Springs.  A-M arranges for Jenna to be late to the airport so he can be alone with Eleni. While making these plans he turns around and there stands his uncle Ed !

Ed– Hi where are you going?

A-M– Oh just on another boring business trip.

A-M– No Eleni. E-L-E-N-I (turning to uncle Ed ) Jenna and Eleni are going to a convention. I am going along just to make sure it goes well.

Ed — Kinda like a consultant…….and kinda not ?

A-M — You know what I hate about you ? You are just like my mother ! You have that laser beam thing that shoots right to the truth. It is VERY annoying !

Ed — Sorry, family curse. You know when we were talking about second chances the other day, I had no idea you were talking about you and Eleni.

A-M — Since this whole thing has fallen apart between her and Frank. I don’t know something just opened up in me. I couldn’t help it ! Eleni is looking at me in a totally different way. She trusts me, she relies in me in ways she never could before.

Ed — I am sure you have been wonderful for her. It must be great for her to have some one to lean on at this point. But….. look don’t even ask me for advise I’ll give it.

A-M — No, no these are the exact same things I have been saying to myself.. DON’T get your hopes up. Don’t read to much into what she is saying or doing. But it’s HARD ! The day I thought would never come is here ! Eleni compares me to Frank and I am the one that comes out loyal and honest ! She sees me in a way I used to pray she would see me. We have a clean slate now. How can I pass that up ? Why should I ? Am I crazy ?

Ed — NO…………… you’re not crazy. I just wonder if your not asking your self some important questions. Is she in love with you ? Or is she still in love with Frank ?

A-M — I know no matter how disillusioned she might be right now. She’s not going to stop loving Frank over night. They have a child together for heaven’s sake.

Ed — Yeah that might be a pretty good reason to work things out.

A-M — I know, I know up in till a few weeks ago I thought maybe they would do that. But I don’t think so anymore. Frank doesn’t let Eleni be the person she wants to be. She needs to be a person in her own right. Instead of encouraging her He gets threatened every time she tries to do something on her own. She can’t live like that any more Ed and I would NEVER make that mistake with her.

Ed — You STILL haven’t told me, that she loves you.

A-M — I love her enough for both of us.

Ed — If you love someone that doesn’t love you back, it is pure hell you know that. You don’t want to go through that again………..

A-M — It’s different this time……. Look, the reason she was drawn away from me before is because of the mystery of what it would be like with Frank. She knows that now and she definitely is not happy !

Ed — That’s still no guarantee……look, here I am mouthing it off about guarantees and I am not playing it very safe with my life.

A-M — Yeah, I saw you dancing with Eve the other night.

Ed — And you thought to yourself….there’s no fool like an old fool.

A-M — No… That’s not what I thought at all…….I thought…Let me be that happy again. Let me just have one more shot.

Ed — All right then take your shot, but play it straight. If it looks like things aren’t going to fall your way then bow out gracefully. Don’t stack the deck.

A-M– You don’t ask for much do ya ?

Ed — It’s not going to work unless she’s with you because she chooses to be.

A-M — Yeah, but, I feel like it’s my job to make that choice as easy as possible.

Ed — Alan-Michael….you are such a good person. It’s just that some times you don’t know it. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT ! 

Eleni then comes to the airport she apologizes for being late saying the attorney she called to handle the divorce had held her up ! They go on to Palm Springs without Jenna. Eleni and A-M have connecting rooms. Eleni is confiding in A-M about her meeting with the attorney.

Eleni — You know, I must really stop thinking of Frank’s house as my home. I really love that little house. But it’s Frank’s house.

A-M — I HOPE you didn’t tell that to the lawyer. You do have a choice Eleni. Look if Frank’s house doesn’t feel like home to you anymore maybe you shouldn’t go back.

Eleni — I don’t know what I am going to do A-M.

A-M — Eleni, if you feel uncomfortable at that house then you don’t have to stay there. Look, you could stay at the Regency awhile.

Eleni — I can not raise my daughter in a hotel room. That might be OK for Jenna but not for my daughter.

A-M — OK, we could get you a little house somewhere. Eleni you’re going to have to think about this sometime…….

Eleni — I know A-M. It’s just not that I will be leaving Frank ! I will be leaving my whole family ! Buzz, Nadine and Stavros. What about Marina ? This is the only home she’s ever known….YOU’Re RIGHT I started this I have to go through with it.

A-M — No, no Eleni you don’t . Don’t listen to me, I mean it. Forget everything I just said ! I keep thinking that I’m going to help you. But I am about as helpful as a bad cold right now.

Eleni — You HAVE helped me A-M ! You are the only one I can talk to. The only one that understands me…….

A-M — Stop it, I said STOP IT !! I don’t want to hear these things OK ? I am not a friend you can CONFIDE in ! I am sure as HELL am not a neutral party here. If you haven’t realized that by now, I think it’s TIME you do ! I mean, it’s not like I forgot how I lost you. I reached in my big familiar bag of tricks and pulled out all kinds of lies and schemes…anything at all just to keep you. But I lost you anyway. And in the process I lost everything that meant ANYTHING at ALL to me ! So I clawed and I scratched I got it back only to loose it all again. You know why I did that Eleni ? The truth finally, finally penetrated this thick skull of mine ! The reason I was so obsessed and so desperate was the drive to hold on to something that was only half mine. Something that I could always loose. So I resolved that I would do it different if I had another chance I would do it differently this time. I would rely only on myself. I would create a life that nobody could take away. I am a different man then the man you married Eleni. But I am not different enough……not for you…I am STILL pulling strings…..I am still arranging things I have no business arranging. I am STILL standing here LYING TO YOU !!

Eleni — What ? what are you lying about, what are you telling me A-M ?

A-M — PRETENDING to be a shoulder you can lean on. PRETENDING to be a sympathetic ear. Making choices for you like, maybe you should move out of Frank’s house. As if that were the only reason. Eleni I WANT to be that man. But I’m not…I’m not. (A-M heads for the door that connects their rooms) I can’t be the friend you need me to be right now….OK? The truth is….I NEVER mastered the trick of not loving you ! I don’t think I ever will. So you know what. You better go see one of those love lorn columnists. Or talk to a stranger in the street about advice about your marriage. But don’t ask me. Don’t ask the man that loves you and wants you back. Don’t ask me !

A-M goes out the door but is summoned back when Jenna calls. She lets A-M have it for not having a ticket waiting for her at the airport when she got there. Then threatens him he better not EVEN THINK about shutting her out of this business she has worked so hard at getting off the ground. A-M hangs up the phone. A-M looks at Eleni and heads for the door saying “See you in the morning.”

Eleni– A-M wait ! Don’t go…… you don’t have to tell me you have changed A-M. I can see it. I can feel it in you. Before, what you said to me before you walked out the door I mean that proves to me that your not the same man. You did not lie. You did not deceive or manipulate, you just said what you felt.

A-M — Eleni…..( A-M starts for the door and she stops him )

Eleni — No, no, listen to me, let me finish. A-M I am the one who is being dishonest. When everything started with Frank I would stay up sometimes at night. I would think about what Julie said about me. That I was a nagging wife and a bad mother. That I was unattractive and hard. Believe me I was not so insecure in myself that I believed these things. But sometimes, I needed somebody to remind me that they were not true. It couldn’t be Frank. Even if he tried I did not and I do not believe anything he says. You were that person A-M. You made me believe these things could not be true. Somewhere deep inside me I knew how you felt about me. I have known for a long time. I m not sorry. I am not sorry at all…….

(A-M walks up to her so slowly they look in each others eyes and at each others lips…..A-M licks his and kisses her so deeply it leaves them both breathless ! Eleni walks back in her room.)

A-M — ( A-M leans on the door jam ) Ohhhh…… Eleni……I’m…………. sorry

Eleni — No…I’m sorry. You know when we were married it started badly and that is why it didn’t last.

A-M — What……I’m sorry I’m not following you.

Eleni — I went to you before because I thought Frank had done something wrong. It was a totally bad beginning and I just don’t want that to happen again. It’s not fair for you or for me to. You understand ?

A-M — Got it……(Heads to the door)

Eleni — A-M you don’t hate me do you ?

A-M — Eleni being careful with my feelings only makes them stronger. If I could love you any less I would. But I really don’t think that’s going to happen.

Eleni — What matters to me is that you are so honest ! (PHONE RINGS )

An emergency has arisen Frank has fallen and he CAN’T get up ! So they must come back to Springfield. As they arrive at the airport A-M tells Eleni he has reserved a limo to take her home. They almost kiss again when they say good by. A-M says “Eleni, if I thought you didn’t have feelings for me I would get out of your life and I would never come back.” Eleni comes back touches his face and says “I can’t right now, OK I’m sorry” A-M shows up the next day to see how Eleni is. He knows from hearing Frank’s story that he is faking !

He runs into Blake at the bar. She proceeds to lecture him on what is right for Eleni. So A-M gives it all back…..

A-M– You know what, you want me to talk to you ? Now you listen ! Eleni does not belong with Frank. Not because of the things he can’t give her. It’s because of the things he won’t give her ! Frank looks at Eleni as a wife and a mother. As a beautiful women who can cook and clean for him. Look at that PATHETIC attempt to get sympathy from Eleni! “Oh Eleni I fell down and broke my leg.” It’s a nice little picture he has painted. But he doesn’t look around it. Now when I look at her…….. I see so much more then that. I see all the things she wants to do and be. She can BE all of those things if she was with ME and not Frank…….. NEVER with Frank ! So you go ahead and tell me how much I want to break up her perfect life. But the truth of the matter is, as much as I want her…….What I want for her, is to be happy. That’s ALL I want. I MEAN it Blake all I want for her is to be happy. Now if all you want to do is run back to your good friend Frank and report all this………. ya know what, you can be my guest !!

Now Alex DESPERATE to find out what A-M is up too offers him the presidency. He wants to take it. But Jenna informs him if he does she will give Eleni the letter Frank wrote ! “How will Eleni feel about you then ?” Jenna has the letter hidden away as her insurance that A-M won’t pull out of the cream deal. So A-M turns down the presidency. Eleni shows up crying on his shoulder ! Again they kiss passionately.

A-M makes plans to take Eleni for a romantic sail on the yacht. Tangie comes buy to drop off papers that need signed for the Journal. Not finding A-M she looks around the yacht. Frank wants to get Eleni alone so he has Lucy get RID of A-M. Lucy goes to the yacht. Has the crew dismissed and locks the captains cabin. Before she goes she looks back longingly at the Salon. She plays out a day dream of A-M in a tux handing her champagne before taking her in his arms and kissing her.

Lucy snaps out of it, grabs a piece of shrimp and says JUST STOP IT !! Lucy waits for A-M to get on the yacht then unties it. The current takes Tangie and A-M both out to sea ! They bond……

That night Eleni and Frank TALK. Eleni knows that Franks leg is not really broken but realizes any man that would go to that much trouble for her must REALLY love her !

They make love that night in the hospital bed in the living room. A-M sees them in “morning after glow” through the window. He sits on the porch and waits for Eleni to come out.

Eleni — A-M ? I need to talk to you.

A-M — (He is stuttering ) I am sure you do. I even think I know what about. But I think there is something I need to talk to you about first. That your not really going to want to hear.

Eleni — It’s not really necessary.

A-M — No, I think you need to know. I can’t stand by and let you be manipulated and lied to. Especially from someone you thought was incapable of such things.

Eleni — A-M it is really great of you to want to protect me like this. But it doesn’t matter as much as you think.

A-M — MATTERS ? Of course it MATTERS ! It mattered when I was your husband and I lied to you ! That’s exactly what Frank’s doing right now. Eleni this broken leg this accident. The whole thing was just a way to get you to come back home and take care of him. It’s an act ! All an elaborate act just to get sympathy from you. Now I am SORRY I just can’t stand by and let him do that to you. I just CAN’T !!

Eleni — I know……….in a very strange way it made me realize Frank loves me more then I even knew.

A-M — (tears in his eyes and begging) Eleni you, you came by the yacht to see me last night didn’t you ? When you saw I wasn’t there you thought I had given up on you and then you went back to Frank. But it wasn’t my fault ! Lucy………… did this insane thing she cut the rope on the dock ………… and…………

Eleni — I did not come to find you last night. I stayed with my husband. That’s where I should be.

A-M — But you didn’t feel that way a couple of days ago ! Eleni how can you deny what has been happening between   us ? More then that, you are ignoring it even happened at all ! You were willing to give me another chance. I know you were, then you got scared and you decided to run back to Frank. But Jenna told me what you wanted to talk to me about. She said that you wanted to see me………. and explain a few things…..

Eleni — When I talked to Jenna I told her that I was confused. But I didn’t see a future for us A-M ! I’m sorry but what I’m doing I don’t see it as running away. I see it as going back to something very real. My husband is not just a man I happen to love. He is my home, my family we have a child together. (A-M has turned away from her and is   crying ) I am SO SORRY ! I did not mean to take advantage of you ! I did not mean to hurt you and lead you on. I needed someone to care about me……………. and understand what I was going through ( Eleni breaks down and cries.) I am sorry ! I should not have let you do it ! Because it was wrong and I was being selfish ! I know I’m sorry does not take care of all of this but I apologize A-M for taking advantage of your feelings for me ! I did not mean to do this ! I did NOT mean to do THIS !! ( A-M wipes her tears and frames her face in his hands…. )

A-M — Eleni, you had old feelings for me. Old feelings that grabbed you and shook you and made you pay attention.

Eleni — (removing his hands ) A-M stop. I needed to realize that a part of me was still loving you. A part of me will ALWAYS love you. But that doesn’t mean we should be together.

A-M — No Eleni ! That is exactly what it means ! We have had every chance to die ! EVERY CHANCE ! It was kicked aside it was buried and then it was given one chance One moment to come out into the light again. That was all it took Eleni. It happened, we both felt it and we rejoiced in it ! Now you can ( starts to cry) ……say…… what ever you WANT ! You can deny it ! I’m sorry, but not me ! I know what I KNOW ! When your ready to be HONEST with yourself so will you !!

A-M runs away. He goes to the Regency to see Jenna. He wants Frank’s letter back that Jenna has been black mailing him with. After begging her repeatedly he says….

A-M– You don’t get it do you ? You don’t have any idea what it is like. To love somebody so much that you loose all sense of reason ! You just keep right on loving them. Even though you know there is no POSSIBLE way that they can love you back. Or love you the way that you want them too. You keep thinking there is going to be some miracle, some magic word, some piece of paper that can make a difference. Oh forget it ! I don’t know why I am telling you this. There is no way you could ever understand it.

But Jenna does understand it. Right now she is pregnant with Buzz’s child. She loves Buzz so much she will not tell him so he can stay with Nadine. Jenna gives him the letter. A-M calls Eleni and tells her to meet him at the park.

A-M is at the park waiting for Eleni. A little girl holding a rose sits on the swing. A-M gives her a push and swings with her. The little girls mother calls “Come on honey time to go daddy is waiting for us. ” She hands A-M the rose. It is so evident that A-M is thinking of Marina. Because not only did A-M lose Eleni again he lost Marina again as well….

Eleni comes running up. She was worried he was hurt or something. A-M holds out Frank’s letter for her…

A-M — Eleni this belongs to you.

Eleni — No A-M……. there is nothing you can write down or say that will change my mind. I don’t want it…….

A-M — No Eleni, this belongs to you………. ( She turns away from him ) Being sorry just isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes. I think I am finally doing that. Just give me the chance to be the husband I can be. A husband who just wants to love you for the rest of his natural life…………….. I guess you would rather hear those words coming from Frank huh ?

Eleni — Yes, I would, why are you doing this A-M. WHY ?

A-M — Because they are not my words, they are Frank’s. ( handing her the letter ) He wrote you a letter that you never received.

Eleni — Where did you get this ?

A-M — (tears in his eyes ) Underneath your door. I took it before you had a chance to read it…………… I thought that you loved me Eleni. I believed that this time we were going to make it. Nothing and nobody was going to get in our way because it was meant to be.

Eleni — A-M you were wrong to take this letter. Why did you do this ?

A-M — Eleni, I couldn’t risk being so close to you and then losing you. I took the letter on impulse Eleni and then, I didn’t know how to give it back……….. I didn’t want to risk manipulating you and lying to you anymore. Especially since I had built up your trust. Eleni I am SORRY if I disappointed you. I disappointed myself too. I thought I had the REAL truth this time. (crying ) I, I, believed I could love you…….. better then Frank EVER could ! I thought there was no one that could give you the things that I could. I am sorry for being so arrogant. *SIGH*

Eleni — A-M it took a lot for you to give me this, thank you.

A-M — Well, (tears down his face ) it just proves, that you made the right choice.

Eleni — It was the only choice I could make. A-M don’t cry, it’s all right.

Eleni takes him in her arms. A-M puts his face into Eleni’s curls. Tears run down his tear stained face. Eleni pulls back whispering “Please don’t cry” looks at him and tries to wipe his tears. A-M pulls away not letting her touch them. Eleni walks away. A-M turns and watches her leave tears still streaming down his face.


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