Chapter Three: Bad Timing and Playing Hard to Get

************* March 94 – A-M loses it ALL again !!! – May 94 ************

So now A-M and Lucy continue to work together and date. But the make-out sessions have come to a complete HALT! A-M has suddenly become so gentlemanly with her. Lucy on the other hand would REALLY like to go the next step in their relationship and is not sure how to go about it.

Aunt Alex agrees to give A-M the Spaulding Presidency. Nicky decides he will marry Melinda in a SURPRISE ceremony. Aunt Alex being the huge supporter of that union is told five minutes before that ceremony takes place ! A-M is busy setting up the board room for the day he has waited for most of his life. Everything must be perfect. Nick comes in and announces his plans to get married this afternoon. “Sorry but you’ll just have to cancel the board meeting cause my Mother needs to be with me.” ( Nick KNEW this board meeting was taking place for over a month ! ) A-M tells him to forget it the meeting will go as planned. Alex shows up and wants some answers….

Alex — Darling I wasn’t going to bring this up right now but it’s been bothering me so I thought I’d try to get to the bottom of it. The gift I gave Nick of WSPR. Someone told me something I found hard to believe about my own son. I told them surely they were mistaken. That you and Nick would never go behind my back about anything. Would you dear ?………….. You have the same look on your face you used to get when you were a little boy….when you knew something all of us didn’t. Now let’s have it. You owe me that A-M. I am the one stepping down so you can be president. What is this all about?

A-M — Look can’t we just concentrate on why we are all here tonight.

Alex — Well I was afraid of this ! You obviously know something that I want to know. I never understood when I first signed the shares over to Nick………. you were furious with me. Then you seemed to accept it and you were pals again. But I saw you both this morning and you’re barely speaking to each other.

A-M — Well it’s no secret I made a promise to Gilly Grant and I wasn’t able to keep that. I was embarrassed and upset. It’s all history it’s over and done with OK let’s look to the future OK.

Alex — You are obviously withholding information. In my book that can only mean one thing. You have done something you don’t want me to know about. Now maybe I can jog your memory. There was a contact drawn up between you and Nick. Nick giving his shares of WSPR to you. I heard it from Roger Thorpe.

A-M — Roger Thorpe ? You would believe that man ? !

Alex — I don’t know why he would lie to expose this supposed scam…

A-M — Aunt Alex….trust me…. everything turned out the way you wanted it to….this is really much a do about nothing………. PLEASE just do me a favor and forget about this.

Alex — There is only one reason I can think of that you would want me to do that. You have done something you don’t want me to find out about ! I was right I can’t IMAGINE Nick concocting such a plot. You don’t want me to be angry at you especially tonight. Good lord A-M what have YOU done to me ? !

A-M — (in complete amazement at Alex’s STUPID unfair judgments of him he LAUGHS!! ) Oh boy you have got the wrong BOY!! Well you’re half right Alex someone did try to a do something behind your back. No, I wouldn’t have minded had it worked out but it wasn’t my idea. I have tried harder to protect my cousin then he ever tried to protect me !………………… Nick lied to you Aunt Alex. He was gonna sell you out the first chance he had. This was all Nick’s idea.

Alex — I don’t believe that for one minute ! Nick could never be that underhanded.

A-M — But you have no trouble at believing it of me ? There is a LOT about your son that you don’t know at all. Including where he is right now.

Alex — I don’t want to hear another word from you about MY son !

A-M — Fine we’ll just drop it then. I am not the villain in this piece your son is. I have always acted in good faith with you. You haven’t always been around ya know….even when you have been you haven’t always been excusable to me. Nick stabbed me in the back too. He didn’t change his mind out of loyalty to you ! He was grateful that you dropped the charges on Roger for Mindy’s sake. He even admitted, that in a year or so he may give it to Gilly and me. Listen to me ………..I am not telling you this to be vindictive. I don’t want to make you mad today of all days ! But I will not stand here and let you blame me for everything. I am telling you the TRUTH. I will NOT be your son’s scapegoat ever again ! You seem to think Nick will feel cheated if you give anything to me…..I am not a fool. If Nick would have wanted the presidency he would have had it. The truth is if an a year or so he does want it you are going to move heaven and earth to make sure he gets it. The TRUTH of the matter is I’m going to do such a spectacular job your going to have a hard time justifying taking it away from me. You know how much this company means to me. Aunt Alex you and Nick have changed courses and used this company as a cushion to fall back on. I have ALWAYS known what I wanted… be president. I have worked my tail off to get it……………. I never got any respect for that. Until a few weeks ago when you agreed to give me what I want most in this entire world. This new information is about Nick so PLEASE don’t bring me into the middle of it. Because Aunt Alex I am going to be the best President this company has ever seen. Better then Vanessa, better then your father, or my father, better then you even, because it is ALL that I want. I’ve done all the kid stuff. I have made all the dumb mistakes I’m going to make. From now on it’s business all the way.

For about a second you think Aunt Alex had absorbed all of that but instead she wants to know what Nick is up too. A-M CRUSHED tells her she will have to find out for herself. Alex calls him a liar again and leaves…… She goes to Vanessa’s and sees her son about to marry Mindy.

Alex goes back to Spaulding. She comes in just as A-M has put the vote on the block. She tries to veto the vote but A-M points out it has already be seconded. So she votes against A-M. But the deciding vote was Nicks ! There he was smug as hell voting against A-M as president. ( I wanted them BOTH Nick and Auntie to go off the cliff by the lighthouse ! A-M was being punished AGAIN for something that was not his fault !!!! ) A-M hands them his resignation and leaves. (I was PROUD as I could be ! ) Lucy follows him out the door.

Lucy took some money from her trust fund to get a hotel room for them to “CELEBRATE” his being president of Spaulding. A-M come in and looks at the balloons and sign she had put up for him.

Lucy — I’m sorry A-M. You shouldn’t think of it as a loss. I mean YOU were the winner out there. Nick and Alex……… they were so petty and mean. But YOU….you just told the truth. You stood there with dignity and when you walked out………… I thought you were a world leader !

A-M — (smiling) World leaders do get assassinated all the time.

Lucy — I was very proud of you. You should be proud of yourself too. In fact, you are the ONLY person in this whole world I would like to be with tonight. (Lucy pours and hands A-M some champagne.)

A-M — Thanks…..that’s sweet.

Lucy — I’m just not saying it to be sweet. People don’t see you like I do. Nobody has ever treated me like you have. I’m just not talking about taking me to NY, the dresses, or the job. Not that I don’t like those things and I do….

A-M — ( A-M hardly able to take anyone being kind or loving to him ) Hey lobster….

Lucy — Hey, HEY, you’re changing the subject ! I’m complimenting you….I don’t do that very often you never give me the chance….

A-M — (smiling and getting comfy on the couch ) OK fine, go ahead, do your worst.

Lucy — I know that you think of me as a kid. But that you try very hard to think of me as an equal. It’s made me want to become the woman that you deserve.

A-M — (sweetly brushes back her hair ) Don’t change a hair for me.

Lucy — Something has got to change……… SOMETIME. You wouldn’t want things to stay the same….always.

A-M — No I guess not.

Lucy — (She snuggles up to him ) A-M you can be anything you want to be. You can be president of your own company. Your own country……you can do anything.

A-M — Thanks Lucy, Thank you for the kind words for being you and believing in me. You know what (raising his champagne flute ) this is to the future and what ever the hell is next.

At that Luce smiles….A-M continues to drink the champagne it is gone and now he is starting on brandy. Suddenly Luce comes out of the bed room in a beautiful cream, satin and lace nightgown set. She says “Alan-Michael” He turns and looks at her .

Lucy –I know that the presidency of Spaulding was a dream you had for a very long time and it was taken right out of your hands. I know how bad that must have hurt….But you remember how I said a long time ago you can make new dreams ? I wish I could change what happened tonight. But I can’t……… I can help you put it behind you. No matter how bad this hurts right now. In the morning you can wake up and you can smile and forget about it. Because I’m gonna be with you tonight. I’m going to make love to you tonight…. ( A-M takes her in his arms….before they kiss he whispers YES…they kiss passionately then he breaks away saying….NO )

A-M — Lucy it was just a job.

Lucy — You don’t believe that…It’s not just a job.

A-M — Well……….. when you get right down to it that’s all that it was.

Lucy — This is me A-M you don’t have to pretend. We both know you had some problems with Nick but you didn’t expect or deserve this.

A-M — It felt like the floor came out from under me and I’m still waiting to hit the ground.

Lucy — Come here, come here….

A-M –Lucy….It would be the easiest thing in the entire world for me to go into that bedroom with you and have you make it all go away. But I don’t want that……..I don’t want to take advantage of you……………… I don’t want it to be like that.

Lucy — Like what ?

A-M — Like a footnote to a disaster. Like a way for you to boost me when I’m feeling down……It’s not supposed to be like that OK ? It’s more important…..I want it to be special and finer. It will be, when the time is right……when two people who, who have a, a, connection…..they feel strongly about each other…..You know what I mean ?

Lucy — Well……… not having had any experience…….. this is just a guess……it doesn’t seem like something you exactly plan….

A-M — ( whispering ) Lucy…….. we’re talking about your FIRST time. Yours,…… ours, you know what I mean………

Lucy — Yeah, ( Lucy disappointed and NOT understanding ) well you said a lot of eloquent and believable things……………… You’re very articulate.

A-M — What is that supposed to mean ?

Lucy — You just don’t always tell the full story. Not when you don’t want to talk about the feelings you have underneath.

A-M — LIKE ?

Lucy — Like the fact that I think you…….really feel for me……I can tell that from the way that you kiss me…..

A-M — …..Well…that’s because… I mean it.

Lucy — I was almost flattered about you not wanting to sleep with me….you said all the things a girl would want to hear……you just left out one very important reason…

A-M — Really what was that ?

Lucy — You’re scared

A-M — ( looking like he had just been found out ! ) Lucy it’s late, you’re tired. you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lucy — You just don’t want to make love with me because you don’t want to feel responsible for me.

A-M — ( angry, but I STILL see how uncomfortable he is ! ) Do you think I’m trying to get you in the sack so I can dump you ?!

Lucy — no, no….

A-M — Is that what you’re trying to say ? ( Lucy–NO ! ) Well GOOD because…..that’s…….ridiculous……it’s

Lucy — Look, what I’m trying to say is, that if you make love to me your going to MARRY me and you know it ! That’s why you’re backing off…….

A-M — You know what Lucy, you may be right. But since we’re playing the “let’s be honest till it hurts game”…….. you have a lot to learn too. You got a long way to go….tonight I needed a FRIEND not a LOVER. Maybe if you were a little older, a little wiser, a little less hell bent on trying to tell me who I am………….. MAYBE you would have known that with out me having to tell you. The FACT I did have to tell you let’s me know that neither one of us is really ready for the other. Maybe not now, maybe not ever.

Lucy — Look A-M I’m sorry…

A-M — Thank you for trying……………… thanks a lot, goodnight ( A-M leaves in a huff)

Lucy –Call me tomorrow morning right ?

The next day A-M tells Jenna that he will not be president of Spaulding at the country club bar. They talk about her cream business A-M has serious thoughts in investing in it. Lucy comes in and they talk. A-M tells her he missed her when he left last night and wonders if they can start back up where they left off. Lucy tells him that she was about to make love to him last night. Being as it is her first time she would like some kind of commitment……..You can see A-M wants to tell her he loves her…..he can’t. Lucy assumes he doesn’t and leaves. A-M tries to call her three times with no luck.

Lucy continues to work at Spaulding….She decides to play hard to get and she will let A-M think she is dating other guys. She has some roses delivered to herself from “Jason” and moons around the office excitedly looking forward to that nights date. While A-M clearly jealous packs his stuff up out of his office. Before Lucy leaves she puts on her black silk dress A-M bought her for NY. A-M seeing her in it melts……. then tells her “Maybe you should put a sweater on top, it’s supposed to be chilly tonight.” ( He is telling her this NOT because of the wind chill…… is a very sexy low cut dress )

A-M leaves Spaulding…not before Nicky sings one more round of…”NA NA NA BOO BOO” at him though ! A-M decides he must see Lucy before her date. He goes to the diner. Eleni is working…..little does A-M know Lucy is standing in the kitchen. He comes in the diner looking like a lost little boy……

A-M — Pretty slow tonight huh?

Eleni — You missed the crowd.

A-M — Really who’d I miss ?

Eleni — Who were you looking for ?

A-M — Oh nobody in particular….

Eleni — Then you didn’t miss her …..

A-M — I don’t know what you’re talking about………but if I did I would tell you to pass something along to her…

Eleni — Ohhhh ?

A-M — You know……………… maybe you should have Frank pass it along to her. Tell him to keep an eye on his sister. I got a feeling Lucy is living the high life…

Eleni — That surprises me A-M. How would you know something like that ?

A-M — Well she’s got this date to night with this, this, GUY. I got a feeling he is one of those mover and shaker types. The kind that can’t take no for an answer…you know the type ?

Eleni — Yeah I know that type.

A-M — (Smiling) Yeah you know the type. I just think her being so innocent and all…..I just worry about her.

Eleni — A-M she’s a big girl now. She’s a woman and can take care of herself.

A-M — Yeah yeah, yeah…….

Eleni — She likes to have fun, maybe she is just outside having the time of her life. (Lucy drops a cup in the kitchen. So Eleni changes the subject ) Do you think that I should give up my catering business ?

A-M — What ?

Eleni — Stop being a working wife and Mother. I mean it is causing so much trouble in my family.

A-M — Well I don’t see why it should. I mean when we were married I often thought if I would have encouraged you to have a………Did I tell you I am thinking about getting into a new type of business ?

Eleni — No you didn’t….

A-M — The only complication is that the person that is involved with it isn’t sure if they want me for a partner……and of course Lucy is still working for my Aunt Alex.

Eleni — Why should that be a problem ? Lucy would never hurt you she adores you.

A-M — Yeah that’s right now…what if we have a fight ? She is very young. She doesn’t always think before she speaks. One wrong word to my Aunt Alexandra I could be done for. Now ideally, if I could just get this business off its feet THEN I could be more to Lucy.

Eleni — Well if you wait too long or you put business in front of her you could lose her A-M….(Eleni starts to tear up )

A-M — Eleni……if you need anything ………I mean………. just talk.

Eleni — You will always be there for me as a friend right ?……. Just as I will always be there as a friend for you. You know what……I think if you see the opportunity you should GO after that Lucy.

A-M — Oh no, no, no….I think Lucy is done with me, she doesn’t have any use for me…she is dating all these guys. She’s not letting any grass grow under her feet…..

Eleni –Well believe me……..when she sees your face….. she will forget the NAME of the guy she went out with !

A-M kisses Eleni. Both of them laugh surprised that he did. Frank hiding in the kitchen sees it so does not give Eleni the flowers and apology he owed her….instead he puts them on the counter and leaves… A-M leaves and shortly after Lucy comes in telling Eleni she didn’t have any date. Eleni lectures her telling her you can’t build a love affair from lies. Lucy cleans up the diner so Eleni can go home to Frank. Lucy pulls a picture out and looks at it. It is a picture of A-M behind Luce about to kiss her. It was taken in NY. We then see A-M in bed. He has this picture in a frame by his bed. He looks at it and mouths…..”I Lo”…….that is as far as he got.

Lucy at last turns twenty one ! She keeps expecting something special from A-M. But Luce has done a VERY good job of convincing him she does not care… A-M is pretending the same. When the diner floods and there is no place to have the party A-M makes sure she gets the party of her dreams at the country club. Lucy however is no where to be found……..Then she is discovered in the country club dining room pretending to be A-M’s date. When she is about to be thrown out by “Robert” after he finds out A-M was not her date. A-M comes to her rescue. He flings her over his shoulder and to her party on the patio. When Lucy thanks A-M for the party A-M says….

A-M — I really didn’t have anything to do with this, it was all your father’s idea…..I just got you here that’s all…

Lucy — Oh, well….right…well….sure…a…thanks for getting me here.

A-M is standing around so the two outcasts of the party ( A-M and Jenna ) start to dance Jenna laughs at A-M mooning after Luce….

Jenna — First you marry Harley, then you marry Eleni, and now your getting involved with this other girl Lucy. What is it about the Cooper clan that keeps you coming back ?

A-M — You saying maybe I should get involved with another family ?

Jenna — If we could wouldn’t we ?

A-M — YES….I just think the timing is all wrong for Lucy and me.

Jenna — You really care about this girl don’t you ?

A-M — Yes………………. but let’s talk about something else…..

Buzz cuts in A-M backs away but FIRST he gets some advice….

Buzz — I saw the way you’re looking at my daughter.

A-M — Everybody’s looking at her Buzz she’s a very pretty girl.

Buzz — NOT the way YOU look at her.

A-M — LOOK Buzz, I really don’t have time for this..

Buzz — Listen to me for a minute ! I know you two are fighting but I know you’re crazy about each other. So…………. you will probably get back together……So will you do me a favor ? She thinks she’s grown up…but she’s a kid. She hasn’t been knocked around like you and I have….So don’t toy with her affections OK? Don’t get involved with her again if you think you’re going to break her heart. OK?

A-M— OK……..( A-M was crushed and leaves the party……)


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