Chapter Two: Alan-Michael Makes some Discoveries

~February 1994~

***************************A Trip to NY****************************

A-M comes back to the room and Lucy has on her beautiful black silk dress. A-M had ordered it from his mother’s favorite designer. He has also ordered her a coat and some beautiful lingerie to sleep in as well. When the bus boy brings the items to the suite A-M happily tells Lucy she can pick whatever she wants. Lucy just tells him no. He was so excited and happy to spoil her. Now he tips the bell boy and asks him to return the other items. When he turns and looks at Lucy you can see he is CRUSHED.

A-M — Lucy is this all going too fast for you ? The helicopter ride, champagne, caviar.

L– No, I love it….. I really love everything that you’re doing. I just thought we were going to go out to dinner. Maybe we should get going now.

A-M — Well I thought maybe we could order in here. The hotel has a really fine kitchen. It is one of the best in the city.

L — That’s an interesting idea but ….( Ringing her hands walking around the sofa. Lucy is looking outside like she suddenly realized how very far from home she is. I remember thinking at the time. “Just tell him the truth Lucy. A-M would never push or hurt you.” ) Well, I was thinking since I’ve never been to NY before maybe we could go out someplace.

A-M — Lucy, Did something happen while I was gone ? You were having such a great time before. You don’t seem to be having that great time any more.

L– I had a silly argument with your Aunt.

A-M — That figures……OK what about ?

L– Not you, it was just……about my dad.

A-M– Well, my Aunt is not crazy about your father right now. Don’t worry about her she just likes to blow off a lot of steam. Especially with women I am involved with. Don’t let her get to you. I will handle her. Not that you couldn’t handle it yourself. As far as dinner goes….. If you want to go out Madame we will go to a nice French restaurant in the theater district. Does that sound OK ?

Lucy and A-M stand out the balcony he points out different buildings to her. While running his fingers through her hair. Lucy has on A-M’s jacket to keep warm in her sexy little black dress. The hotel manager knocks on the door and tells A-M that he will not be able to get them a second suite. That the only thing he has is the suite his Aunt vacated. He will however need A-M’s credit card imprint for him to keep this room. A-M asks Lucy to toss him his wallet. Lucy takes this “one room only deal” as just ANOTHER of A-M’s plans in purchasing her. She throws the wallet over the balcony saying “NOW impress me !!” The look on A-M’s face is enough to earn Rick an EMMY that year !! Such a mixture of surprise, horror and humor all rolled in to one !!

A-M — That………… was my wallet Lucy !

L– I could tell because it was VERY thick !

A-M– That was to pay for dinner and this room that is not ours yet !

They are thrown out of the hotel on to the sidewalk Lucy tells A-M she doesn’t want him to think she glows when he looks at him because of his money. She dares A-M to take care of her with out it. SOOOO “Mr. Springfield” sells his Rolex ( with ONE L !!! ) on the street to a “Mr. Cooper” for $35. !

They eat Chinese . A-M teases her on the dreadful places they could stay tonight. “We could sleep at The Port Authority. But we will have to take turns sleeping. One of us must stay awake so the other one doesn’t get mugged. Or, I heard this is REALLY great …. we could find in all night laundry. They have steam grates that will keep us warm. ” Lucy is so upset she can’t eat while A-M is having the time of his life and scrapping the plate ! 🙂 Lucy says “Well maybe you could call Nick” When the bill is presented A-M tells the waitress he forgot his wallet. “Could they both do dishes for their dinner ?” Later on after doing mountains of dishes the waitress leaves. LAM sneak out from the kitchen. A-M pulls out the booth and say’s “Your Bed Madame”. They both laugh and say they will NEVER forget this day as long as they live.

They use the remaining 35 bucks for cab fair to Laguardia. They make it back to Springfield. A-M drops her at Eleni’s house. Eleni needs an emergency baby-sitter. So they both stay and watch Marina. A-M sings a rousing rendition of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider ” to her. When Nadine comes in a few hours later Marina is in bed. A-M and Luce are all over each other on the couch ! Nadine coughs and they both leap up. A-M strategically placing his jacket in front of himself 🙂 Nadine says “Gee, I used to baby-sit JUST like that !” After Nadine says goodnight A-M asks Lucy to come home with him. The Spaulding Mansion is dark everyone is asleep. A-M and Lucy sip pear brandy in front of the fire.

L– So……… is it easy to ask a girl home when home is a palace like this ?

A-M — Probably, but it doesn’t make it any easier asking you.

L — Why ?

A-M — Because you’re so beautiful you make my heart stop. Because you have this way of being so fresh and new and like this wonderful old soul all at the same time. Because if I don’t have you…..I’ll die. ( they kiss)

A-M — So when are you turning twenty one anyway ?

L — Pretty Soon…….Do I look it ?

A-M — You look perfect. (kissing her)

L — Is UM, is tonight as special for you as it is for me ?

A-M — Yeah, I’ve been waiting for tonight for a very long time. (Kisses)

L — Not as long as I have.

A-M — What was that ?

L — I like the fact you don’t need a Valentine’s day card to say what you really mean.

A-M — (smiling) Why did you come here tonight ?

L — To find out why you asked.

A-M — Because I don’t think I could have let you go..

L — Until ?

A-M — Until tomorrow, (kisses) or maybe the next morning, (kisses) or maybe the next one. ( “Pepé Le PEW” makes his move and “the little kitty” falls off the sofa ! )

A-M — Are you OK ? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the sofa was so narrow.

L — Maybe you could get me some ice for my drink.

A-M –Brandy doesn’t take ice. (kisses)

L — I do…..

A-M — Is there a problem ?

L– “No, not if your freezer works……” (A-M heads to the kitchen. Lucy starts to pace the floor squeezing the life out of a pillow. She picks up the phone and calls her dad. She tells him she never did sleep with the guy she ran off with at seventeen. A-M comes back and hearing she is on the phone pauses at the door. )”Daddy, do you remember how you told me a women could do what ever she wanted as long as she was true to herself ?”

B– Yes

L — Well lately I’ve been feeling really awful. I’ve been like one of those girls I used to hate.

B — Why ?

L — (almost crying ) I’m a tease………….Daddy I’m a virgin. ( A-M stands with his mouth hanging open !! Suddenly he realizes all those times they were interrupted. When LUCY had to be somewhere else. When she was starving for pretzels, had a sudden need to discuss golf carts, wanted to have an adventure in NY, or needed ice for her drink were Lucy’s way of stalling. 

B — Well, I, A, WELL……….. there are worse things then being a virgin. Some of my best friends were, are, ARE virgins !

L — Well, it’s not OK if you let everyone in town think you’re not one.

B — Everyone ? or is that Someone ?

L — YES, I mean A-M. You know you get a lot of mileage out of pretending to be a woman of the world. Well NOW he is expecting me to be one ! ( A-M lays his head on the door after touching it softly. You can see how bad he feels. ) It’s not his fault I’m just scared. I’ve had all these opportunities and I’ve been blowing them.

B — Well there’s going to be a lot more opportunities. You’re a beautiful girl, woman, YOUNG WOMAN………. Do you love him ?

L — (shaking her head yes) I never wanted anyone more in my entire life. I really want A-M to be the one. But then, how come when we get close something inside me just says not yet.

B — Does he love you ?

L — I don’t know………. I keep waiting for him to say it… he means it forever. ( A-M swallows hard ) But no, he hasn’t said it yet.

B — Well, that’s one of the BEST reason for staying a virgin I know !

L — Our secret ?

B — (laughing) “I thought about renting bill board space.”

L — ( A-M raps on the door ) He’s here !

B — DON’T !!!! (Lucy hangs up )

(A-M comes into the study. He has a mixture of amusement, sheer delight and “who is this beautiful women in front of me ?” all over his face !)

A-M — Would you believe we we’re out of ice ?

L — I guess it can happen anywhere.

A-M — I think I’ll try it your way next time. But, a, right now I think I‘m ready to call it a wonderful night. Come on…I’ll put you up in one of the guest rooms.

L– By………………… myself ?

A-M — Yes

L — Is something wrong ?

A-M — (Smiles so softly, and looking like a man in love) “No, something is VERY right.”

The next morning A-M pours her coffee as Buzz shows up and takes Lucy for a lecture on “the evils of A-M.” Gilly comes to see A-M. She flirts with him telling him she hopes this will get him focused back on her and WSPR. Lucy comes in at the end of that discussion. She witnesses Gilly “making love to A-M’s tie !” Gilly leaves triumphantly. A-M says “Hi Luce”. She whips the violet she brought him at his head ! A-M ducks and looks at the wall behind him as dirt goes EVERYWHERE in Aunt Alex’s study ! A-M is sure Buzz has filled her head with all kinds of horror stories on his past. Lucy leaves cause she thinks A-M called Gilly right after she left with her father. She thinks it is JUST what Alex had told her . He had spent a lot of money on her and she didn’t “Put Out” so now he would move on. A-M’s day can then only get worse !

He heads to WSPR he has all the papers ready and drawn up so his cousin Nick can sign WSPR over to him so he can then hand it over to Gilly. (Will SOMEONE explain what marvelous thing Gilly EVER did to get Spaulding back ? I saw NOTHING other then looking for Bess on two occurrences ! ) Nick has decided that he will keep WSPR. A-M and Gilly are both ENRAGED at Nick. Gilly is also ticked with A-M. They both walk out of “Master Nick,s” office……

A-M — I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry is not going to work here. I don’t have any more tricks up my sleeve. I completely ran out.

Gilly– You LOSER !

A-M — Gilly what was I supposed to have done that I didn’t ?

Gilly — Where do you want me to start ?! I am furious ! You asked me to help you get Spaulding back. You made all kinds of promises that you couldn’t keep ! Then you went and laid the whole thing on Alexandra’s feet hoping for a little pat from Auntie Dearest !

A-M — That is NOT how it happened !

Gilly — I know how it happened A-M. It is how it always goes with you. You get a chance to use a little muscle and you back down ! You completely blew it with Bess. You could have made it clear to Alex that the only way Bess would have testified is if things fell out your way. You could have had Alex’s office ! Held her title ! But you let it all slip away just like your promises to me ! All because you don’t have a back bone !!!

A-M — That’s ENOUGH !

Gilly — Since when is nothing enough ? That is what you got A-M !! That is all Alex and Nick are going to let you have ! SURE they will put you in an office with leather furniture. They may even put a little title on the door. But it will all add up to zero. Because they don’t respect you. Not the way I did. You know they are right not to take you seriously . Your act is so appealing A-M it really is. But it doesn’t hang together !! You want to have things both ways and you CAN’T !! You want to be King of the hill and the nicest guy on the block ! You want to be feared by the mighty. Yet still have children and sparrows come flocking to you like Saint Francis in the park.

A-M — Are you finished ?!

Gilly– NO !! You want a hard nose women next to you at work and a sweet little bunny when it’s play time. Lucy is going to outgrow that just like Eleni did. Just like I outgrew pretending to be a sweet little thing in my marriage to Hamp ! BUT unlike you I have something to show for it ! I’m not ashamed of myself any more and that’s more then you can say !

A-M — I can’t seem to say too much you’re doing all the talking.

Gilly — Oh please, you have talked you have said a lot of things A-M. Sitting around hotel rooms late at night. Trying to figure out what our next move would be !! You would look longingly at me in the moonlight tell me I was beautiful and that you were lonely. ( never happened ! ) But you don’t even have the BACKBONE for that ! You’re to scared to want what you want, much less have what you want !

A-M — Maybe because I found out what I wanted wasn’t YOU !!

Gilly– Then you’ll NEVER know what you missed !

A-M ,at the end of his rope, gets rip roaring drunk ! Eleni looking for Lucy calls him saying she needs a sitter. So A-M takes a cab to Eleni’s. Eleni gives him some coffee…….

Eleni — What happened A-M ?

A-M — Well, you remember that stab in the back I was always afraid I was going to get from Nick ? Well I got it tonight , oh never mind. Hell I probably deserved it. Seems everyone I know hates me for one good reason or another. I’m not exaggerating either ! All of a sudden you seem to be the person that hates me the least. So I guess that’s why I’m here….

Eleni — Well, everybody here hates me too !

A-M — I don’t believe that. If the two of us were lined up to jump off the Powel Street Bridge air raid sirens would go off. The whole down would come rushing, knock me into the river so they could rescue you !! ( Both of them laughing ) I wonder why no one is ever in my corner. The way you used to be when we were married and you still loved me. ( He lays his head on Eleni’s lap she runs her fingers through his curls ) I’d like to hear one good reason anyone has to be mad at you.

Eleni — The same reason I always got mad at you. Cause I work too much ! (Then she starts in with the hell of Julie ) She told me I was a terrible mother. That I didn’t care about anyone but myself !!

A-M — Then you threw her on the ground and you started kicking her and scratching her ?!.

Eleni — That’s what I wanted to do huh ! You said no one was in your corner. Well I think you should have been there when I was talking to Lucy trying to convince her to slow things down with you.

A-M — What did you say to her ? Did you tell her you would scratch her eyes out if she ever came near me ?

Eleni — NO, I just figured that since I was a graduate I would have some wisdom to give to her ………….But she wouldn’t listen to any of it. She is like a tiger you know ? She told me I never treated you right or understood you. 

A-M — It’s a shame that I messed that one up too…

Eleni — What do you mean ?

A-M — Well I knew there were a lot of things Lucy had never seen, or done but I didn’t figure that she hadn’t………………………well………. you know what.

Eleni — What ?…………….sex ? Lucy’s a virgin ? WOW. Well THAT didn’t seem to bother you before…..

A-M — THAT was different ! Come on now look…… I wanted Lucy to be FUN ! NOT that you AREN’T or WEREN’T fun………. I just always saw her as being a little wiley. Kinda dirty………….the kinda girl that could tell a joke that makes a truck driver blush and would be able to take any kind of dare. You know…….. like a GREAT little sidekick !

Eleni — A-M !! You are worse then some of the men in Greece ! Except for my brothers of course ! What is it with you, why does it have to be either or ?! You my friend, put women in two categories. You have the ones that you love and also have sex with. Then the ones that are your friends and side kicks that you have sex with too………. like Blake.

A-M — Yeah ?

Eleni — With me I know you loved me. But we were not friends A-M. At least not in till now. With Lucy you just don’t know which of your two categories to put her in. What makes you think she can not be in both ? Who’s to say she can not be the one you fall in love with and have sex with and is your friend and your sidekick everything in one ? Don’t you think you should at least find out ?

The next time we see A-M he is drunker still and knocking on Lucy’s door.

Lucy — Alan-Michael ?!?

A-M — I saw your light on and thought we could talk……..Listen, listen I know your mad at me but before you say anything…… I want you to know I don’t think of you as a sidekick. And I’m very attracted to your face……… and your body…… and other parts ( While looking at those other parts 🙂 that I may…………….. forget to mention.

Lucy — You’ve been drinking haven’t you A-M ?

A-M — Did…..did you really give Eleni hell for talking me down ?

Lucy — yes I did

A-M — (Grinning ear to ear ) That’s nice Lucy really……… ( His eyes twirl up in his head and he’s out cold on Lucy’s bed ! )

A-M opens his eyes trying to figure out where he is……”Lucy ?” Lucy wearing just his white shirt says……in a deeply satisfied tone…..

Lucy — Good morning A-M

A-M — ( DEEP OMG SIGH !! As he turns over to look at her.)

Lucy — You were REALLY ………….wonderful.

A-M — was I ?

Lucy — Yeah, don’t you remember ?

A-M — Um Yeah, a give me a second here Lucy. I think, I had a little too much to drink.

Lucy — Yeah, you were pretty pie eyed.

A-M — How did I get here ? ….I don’t remember how I got in this particular room.

Lucy — You came to my door in the dead of night and you told me you couldn’t live another second with out me. It was really romantic. You just stood there looking so lost. Then you said how much you needed me. Heck what else could I say but…come on in.

A-M — Which I guess I did huh ? ( face turning concerned ) are you OK ?

Lucy — Yeah, don’t I look OK ?

A-M — No, you look beautiful ( Luce bats her eyes 🙂 I mean was I um (A-M SWALLOWS) gentle ? was it……OK for you ?

Lucy — A-M I never thought you would be the kind of guy that would have to know how you were.

A-M — No, no, I just, I mean, I hate to think that I would have unintentionally hurt you.

Lucy- – Well no, but your hurting my feelings plenty by saying you don’t remember one of the best nights of my life.

A-M — Lucy, I don’t know, maybe after I have some coffee…… (Lucy starts pelting him with her pillow A-M throws back the blankets sits up in the bed and says ) I left my pants on ?

Lucy — No, you put them back on, you were going to leave. You didn’t want everyone to see you go down stairs in the morning. You were worried about my reputation. ( A-M let’s all this sink in……… then smiles )

A-M–You’re very sweet, you’re adorable and you’re quite an actress too. You really had me going. But we both know that NOTHING really happened last night.

(Lucy goes in the bath room and changes she comes out and throws his shirt at him.)

Lucy– How dare you accuse me of being a virgin ! Is this your way of telling me I was lousy last night ? Or do you treat all your girlfriends like this, always ? Would you STOP laughing !

A-M — Look, I’m sorry, but Lucy you don’t have anything to apologize for.

Lucy — I’m NOT apologizing !

A-M — Then why are you lying? I heard you admit it to your father the other night on the phone. I’m sorry I was never going to bring it up. But you kinda pushed the issue.

Lucy — I just didn’t want you to think of me as a child. I didn’t want you to feel like you had to go to some other women who had more experience like…..what’s her name.

A-M — You mean Gilly ? Well, don’t worry about Gilly. I don’t think we’re even friends after yesterday. Nick stabbed us in the back. He decided he wanted to keep his half of WSPR. I tried to convince him other wise, but he wouldn’t budge. When Gilly realized I couldn’t keep my promise to her she called me a loser and ran through my character defects from A to Z.

Lucy — I don’t believe that she did that. After everything you have done for her ? Especially since it even cost you your family.

A-M — Why are you not happy that she hates my guts ?

Lucy — Well, maybe I am, but that still doesn’t give anybody the right to be mean.

A-M — Eleni was right you are amazing.

Lucy — I’m glad she said that.

A-M — We’ll talk more about that later. Thanks….

Lucy — For what ?

A-M — Taking me in, giving me a bed, getting my head straight.

Lucy — I only call it like I see it.

A-M — Yeah you do. Oh and by the way………I admire you. You um, got a lot of guts and integrity to do what you’re doing. Don’t worry, I’ll never think of you as a child again.

A-M winks at her when he goes out the door. Lucy let’s out a DEEP sigh and smiles. When Alan-Michael gets to the Spaulding mansion Donna and Ginger are in the midst of major party preparation. While polishing the silver they discuss their employers.

Ginger– Who ever would have thought that Her Highness (Mindy ) would have thrown a party for Loverboy’s ( Nick ) mother.

Donna– Maybe they’re going to put cyanide in the appetizers.

Ginger– Remind me not to have the leftovers tonight.

Donna– I think it is highly significant the Cousin Curly Locks 🙂 is being scuttled.

Ginger– Well the two cousins are on the outs. Curly Locks thinks Loverboy shafted him. And he’s hopping mad about it !

Donna– That’s why they don’t want him here tonight ! They want to keep Her Majesty (Alex) on their side !

Ginger– ( saying breathlessly ) But that hair of his ! Oh it makes my toes curl ! And when he looks at me with those DREAMY bedroom eyes of his I just want to give into EVERY single one of his WHIMS


A-M–Hi Ginger Hi Donna


A-M– Do I look that bad ?

(Both of them speaking fast and at once)… NO Mr. Curly Locks…..NO, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS ! WONDERFUL…….! I mean Mr. Alan Michael…… We’re just surprised to see you.

A-M — Why I live here ?

Donna — Yes ! Good answer ! That’s right you do !

So Mindy and Nick plan their little dinner party. A-M informs them he will be attending and bringing a guest ! Jenna shows up at the dinner and WHAT a dinner it is ! A-M is in the CENTER ring ! He invests money in Jenna’s cream company in FRONT of Alex. He let’s Alex know that Billy is the one that shot Roger. So her not pressing fraud charges on Roger were for nothing ! But the “grand finale” is after the dinner. Bess Lowell asks Alex to pay up the money she was promised for testifying for the Spaulding family. She wants two checks. One made out for eight million the other to two million and make that one out to cash. Bess heads to her room to check on the light fingered maids…

Alex — I was very disappointed in your performance this evening.

A-M — Well we have all been disappointed haven’t we?

Alex — Do you honestly think things would be better if Ms. Bradshaw still owned the company ?

A-M — I don’t know, I might have had a better future with her. At least then I would have known who my enemies were up front.

Alex — A-M I am NOT your enemy. I think you are being quite foolish and letting this fester up in you about WSPR. I made what I thought was the right decision there. Now you gotta get over this. I made a decision while I was away one I HOPE and THINK your going to like. The office next to mine, you’ve had your eyes on it for a long time. I want you to have it. Nick obviously won’t be needing it.

A-M — OHH Well that’s VERY nice of you Aunt Alex. But see I am getting a little tired of accepting Nick’s leftovers.

Alex — Now your just being petulant

A-M — And I am VERY TIRED of being dismissed like your errand boy. Don’t forget who got this company back for you. When you were off in the far east finding yourself I was back here. STUCK back here trying to fight for what this family had worked so hard for ! So please, don’t insult me by patting me on the head and giving me a bright new office !

Alex — A-M what do you want and DON’T say WSPR.

A-M — You know what I want ? I’ll take the new office. But I want the position to go with it. YOURS. I want you to appoint me as president of Spaulding. Why is it so hard for you to admit what everyone else seems to already know ? That you could have not gotten the company back with out me.

Alex — You know dear, I think you would find me far more appreciative if you were not constantly demanding far and greater tokens of my appreciation. I CAN’T believe you’re going after my title now.

A-M — Only one, you’re president and CEO which leaves you a title to spare. I kinda prefer president because that’s the carrot on the stick you used to dangle in front of me all the time and I only saw the stick. But guess what. I’m ready for the carrot now. I’ve earned it I deserve it and if I don’t get it this time Aunt Alex I’m leaving.

Alex — The presidency is not mine to give like some box of chocolates.

A-M — The board will do whatever you say just like always. If you recommend electing me they will.

Alex — Well, I think you have been put up to this by Gilly Grant’s sulking. I think you will find dear if you just be patient….all good things come to those who wait.

A-M — Do you think on your year off pursuing wisdom that no one else around here got wise ? Take a good look at me Aunt Alex. I’m not the kid you thought I was before you left. Back then I would have sat hunched day and night over my tiny desk, in my tiny office. Working like a dog, hoping maybe, maybe you’d just give me a pat on the head. But I’m NOT going to sit back quietly and play second fiddle to you until BIG SURPRISE you decide to hand it over to Nick. OH PLEASE….. we both know that’s how it’s going to go. But no, I’m not going to let that happen.

Alex — Well I prefer not even talking about stepping down. because I intend to keep driving for awhile. I don’t want to hand it over to you or Nick just yet.

A-M — Well, that’s fine, just as long as you keep two places in the front seat. Or I am hitching another ride.

Alex — Really ? What are you going to do sell little white creams with Jenna ? Spaulding is the only game big enough in town for your ego.

A-M — There’s always Lewis oil. You will put me up for presidency at the next board meeting or you will lose me. That gives you a month to think about it. (Winks and smiles) Goodnight.

A-M goes to Company to find the Luce. She comes bounding in the front door.

A-M — HEY !! ( He pulls a dozen roses from behind his back ) I thought you would like some flowers that you wouldn’t necessarily have to keep in eye on.

Lucy — They’re beautiful !

A-M — I didn’t want the day to go by without your hearing from me. I heard that is a serious breach of etiquette when you have slept with a woman for the first time. ESPECIALLY when you slept with your pants on 🙂

Lucy –Thank you. What did you do tonight ?

A-M — Something wonderful…… I think they call it growing up. Would you mind if I were poor again ?

Lucy — How poor ?

A-M — Don’t worry, I don’t think it will come down to that. (Kisses) I’ll see you tomorrow OK ?

Lucy — Hey, if you decide to go out and march on protest can we do it after lunch. It’s Dover Sole day at the Spaulding dining room.

A-M– (laughing ) OK deal 🙂

A-M heads back to the Hill where Bess is saying her good-byes.

Bess- I have never seen so many people with so many grudges in one place at one time. Anyway we all ended up with what we wanted. Except for one GLARING exception.

Alex — If you’re going to start in on my greedy little Nephew.

Bess — Nope enough said.

(A-M comes into the dining room. Alex leaves so they can say goodbye.)

A-M — Glad you’re still here Bess……… You know there was a time when I wanted to strangle you. But the truth is, a year ago I suffered two huge losses. My family’s company and my wife. Thanks to you I have my family’s company back and Eleni and I have been able to come to a new place. For that I can’t thank you enough.

Bess — ( walks over to him ) You are the one person in this house that has a TRUE grievance. You have been cheated, over and over again. Now I don’t know how long you’re going to be swept in the corner. Or denied your rightful place in the family. But I do know Brandon would have wanted you to have your chance to show the world what you’re made of. So that’s why I am giving you this. ( She hands him a check )

A-M — Bess, this is part of the ten million dollars my Aunt gave to you.

Bess –It’s yours now.

A-M — Two million dollars……………… I don’t know what to say.

Bess — Hell, if you hadn’t strong armed your Aunt into keeping her promise I wouldn’t have had it to give. We made a good team. But if I would have been born fifty years later we’d have made history !


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