Chapter One: Alan-Michael Meets Lucy

The following chapters were origionally posted on Curly-Locks Inc. which is unfortunately no longer active.  But it gives a great detailed and chronological summary of the road to love Alan-Michael and Lucy traveled, complete with major speed bumps.

*************September 93 – “Boy Meets Girl” – February 94*************

A-M had just spent a dismal time at his first ex-wife’s wedding ( Harley ) where his third ex-wife ( Eleni ) has just told him that “SOMEDAY you will find the woman right for you.” RIGHT!!! He was alone with his dismal life, driving home alone when He whips the wheel and just avoids a pedestrian !

A-M — Miss, Miss, are you all right huh ? OH MAN !!! ( looking at his car ) Well, no harm done at least…………

L– NO HARM DONE ?!?! ( hitting him with her purse ! ) I could have been road kill ! YOU are a menace to pedestrians !!

A-M — Hey, hey, HEY !!! What about YOU kid YOU’RE the menace ! You’rE walking down the highway in the dark in the middle of the night ! How old are you anyway ? Did you run away from somewhere ?!?

L– Yes, I sure did but that was three years ago ! I’m NOT a kid any more. I’m not a vagrant either. I got a car, it just broke down a few miles back !

A-M– Fine, there’s a service station just down the road. I’m sure they can help you !

L– Give me a ride into Springfield !

(They get in the car as A-M drives. They are both quiet. Suddenly she puts her feet on the dash.)

A-M –The dash there, it’s costume leather.

L– Well, I wouldn’t brag. My boots are custom leather too. Hand made in Santa Fe.

A-M — ( She puts her boots on A-M’s lap) They must think you’re pretty cute in Santa Fe. We’re NOT in cowboy country anymore. Do you mind ?! ( He removes her feet )

L– You wouldn’t know cute if it came up and bit you !

A-M —Ahh, Springfield city limits. What’s the address ?

L– Fifth and Lester.

A-M –The Wheels and Meals diner ?

A-M drops her off at the diner and leaves. Lucy has a MAJOR confrontation with Buzz. A-M has a run in with Gilly and Roger. Gilly is trying to help A-M find Bess Lowell. Bess Lowell had typed up the document that proves Jenna’s father was paid for his oil finding invention. If they prove this document exists Spaulding will be returned to the Spaulding family. Gilly is working for Roger at WSPR, because Spaulding owns it she must keep her “dealings” with A-M secret.  A-M has promised Gilly he will give her the Spaulding shares of WSPR for helping him. If and when he gets Spaulding back that is. Gilly and A-M are talking about their next strategy when Roger sees them. Gilly pretends A-M was drunk and coming on to her. A-M then just wants to go home. He is still in his CHRONICALLY dismal mood. He heads for the car. When he gets there he sees the sun roof has been broken into and the alarm is chirping away.

A-M–Oh TERRIFIC !! WHAT did they get this time ?!

L– (Pops up from the back seat ) It’s OK I’ve been watching it for you.

A-M — ( Shakes his head and lies it on the steering wheel ) GREAT just what I NEED !

L– Well, it’s better then getting ripped off !

A-M — MARGINALLY !! Now LOOK, I’m going to ask you this ONE question ONE time only. And I expect a legitimate if not completely honest answer ! ( He turns and looks at her in the back seat ) WHAT are YOU doing HERE ?!?!?

L — Why do you have a car alarm you don’t use ?

A-M — That’s not even illegitimate !

L — Well, anyone could get in the sun roof.

A-M –( With his head back on the steering wheel ! ) SEE…….. anyone can do what ever anyone wants ! That’s the PROBLEM with the world today !!

L –Ohhhhh, that’s deep.

A-M — ARE YOU DRUNK ?!?!? Are you EVEN old enough to GET drunk ?!

L — No to the first and why do you care to the second ?

A-M — Believe me I have no idea why.

L — You want me to tell you why ?

A-M– NO !!!

L — Actually I think you ought to be grateful.

A-M — Actually that’s true !! But I’m…..I’m not ! I’m very tired. I’ve had a LONG and lousy night and I’d rather not have a long and lousy chat with YOU !!

L — You know that diner on Fifth Street ?

A-M — ( long exasperated sigh ) LOOK all the restaurants are closed ! It’s closed. But if you hurry and walk on over to main there is an all night drive thru burger place down there.

L — Walk on down to a drive thru that makes sense !

A-M — How bout we make sense of this…. GOOD NIGHT !!

L — Do you know the people that run the diner ?

A-M — Yeah, they used to be my in-laws.

L — Your kidding ! You were married to that girl in the wedding dress tonight ?

A-M — You know, if this is what comes from being a good samaritan I SWEAR I will NEVER do another good deed as long as I live ! Scout’s honor !!

L — Did you know that girls father ?

A-M — No, not very well thank God, he was not around then. Look, he went away and he came back. Any other information you want on the good folk of Springfield can be easily obtained by going to the public library ! Thank you VERY much ( Opens her door ) now good night and good luck !

L — My name is Lucy and I need a place to stay.

A-M– Oh no, oh no,…………… NO ! You’re on your own kid. I’ll be happy to take you to the nearest train or bus station but after that it’s a parting of the ways !

L — Well, how big is your place anyway ?

A-M — Small, it’s very, VERY SMALL. I just moved in to get a little privacy. WHY am I even talking to you about this ?! Why don’t I just call a COP how bout THAT ? Who are you that I should be so nice to you ?

L — I’m a Cooper ! I’m Buzz Cooper’s OTHER daughter ! The other one that no one has ever heard of before. If you let me off on this corner I’m just gonna fall asleep. Because I have this very strong feeling that I’m just gonna go off by myself, fall asleep and never wake up. No one is ever going to know.

A-M — HELL LUCY !!!!!!

The next morning Lucy wakes up feeling sick from the houseboat’s movements all night. A-M takes care of her. Gets her a drink and a cool cloth. They talk about her family. How Lucy ran away with her boyfriend when she was just seventeen. A-M tries to encourage her to talk to her father. When he hears that Buzz has taken the trust fund you can see the empathy on his face. He asks her how old she is and learns she is 21. Well, she will be in a couple weeks. 🙂 A-M hands her the Springfield Journal and says “The want ads start on page twenty two good luck ! ” She reads the front of the paper and sees that A-M is the publisher. She heads to the Journal. She meets up with Jenna who is looking for an assistant. While talking to Lucy, Jenna figures out she is Buzz’s daughter and gives her the job. A-M is THRILLED when he finds this out. He thinks he will now have a set of eyes and ears at Spaulding. He tells Lucy who he is. Explains that Jenna and Roger were able to get Spaulding from his family. So do not tell them you know me or you could lose your job !

That night he gives Lucy the bed he takes the couch. Lucy wakes up early nabs his credit card and goes to an early sale she heard about in the Journal. A-M first thinks she has brought groceries. She shows him the different clothes she bought for work. A-M saying “You didn’t STEAL that stuff and bring it here did you ?” He is FLOORED when she tosses him his wallet and says “No I told them I was Mrs. Spaulding……”. A-M does his FIRST open mouth too exasperated to even make a syllable expression ! “You had NO RIGHT TO TAKE MY WALLET !!” Then remembers she is his “snitch” so he must stay on her good side. He starts to groom her in for Spaulding. By the end of the conversation he gives Lucy more money for clothes. Lucy, excited to shop some more, kisses him on the cheek. A-M tells her….. don’t do that anymore, you have a good day and leaves.

Roger has hired a thug ,”GEORGE”. A robot woman that can beat up anyone in her path. Roger wants her to find Bess before A-M does. She sees A-M talking to Eleni about Bess. George assumes Eleni knows where Bess is, so she kidnaps Eleni. Eleni does know Bess from her catering contract deal at Shady Pines nursing home. But she knows her as “Beth Lowry” a charming old lady that had suffered a stroke.

A-M is then pulled into helping find Eleni. Because Frank and Buzz tell him this is ALL his fault.  As we all know anyway the Springfield police have YET to solve a case.  Lucy helps A-M to find Eleni and Bess. A-M and Eleni are almost cooked to death in a sauna ! During this steaming A-M apologizes to Eleni about everything. He tells her he can see how happy she is now and he wants that for her. When she faints in his arms he tells her he loves her……then tells her again in Greek… Then Frank saves them both.

As a thank you for saving her life Lucy prepares a special dinner for A-M at the house boat. A-M is upset because the document Bess typed up was supposed to be in Marina’s lamb. It was ,however, taken by “SOMEONE”. So A-M still can not get Spaulding. Ross tells him even with Bess testifying it is still not good enough. Lucy thinks A-M is upset about Eleni. That even though he helped rescue her. He still does not have her as his wife.

A-M — This is really great Lucy ! You didn’t have to go out and bring all this food here just to cook it up for me.

Lucy — Here you go..

A-M — It’s delicious.

Lucy — I learned how to make this from a Mexican lady in Santa Fe. It’s hard to get real hot chili peppers here though.

A-M — I can’t eat though……..The document is gone. It wasn’t in Marinas lamb.

Lucy — Look I’m sorry A-M. I wish I had it. But I don’t.

A-M– Roger must have it then. Lucy, can you remember anything else from outside the spa ? Is there anyone else that might have wanted it?

Lucy — NO I can’t think of ……


Lucy — No it is NOT a disaster ! You want to know what a disaster is ? You are ! Look at you ! You are a mess! You know you’re your own worst enemy !

A-M — No I think Roger Thorpe gets that distinction…. OK I’ll bite…what are you talking about ?

Lucy — You are on this quest to get your family’s company back. Like this is a holy cause you have dedicated your entire life to. But you want to know what’s really going on ? You’re just trying to impress your family and probably your last ex wife and who ever else and have them sit up and say “Yeah, you know A-M is something. He REALLY deserves to be a Spaulding ! ” You know what the REALLY sad part of all this is ? You don’t even NEED the company ! You could do it on your own ! You don’t have to give up EVERY last thing…..

A-M — You know….I don’t mean to sound ungrateful here. But I don’t feel like being psychoanalyzed by some twenty year old community college drop out ! Dinner was great but I think it’s time you leave !

Lucy — OK FINE !! You just burned another bridge buddy ! Maybe I’ll see you around sometime !! ( She leaves in a huff )

A-M throws everything off the table while screaming DAMN three times in quick succession ! He sits down and starts to cry. Lucy, hearing the breaking glass, returns to find him. A-M ,embarrassed, tries to hide his face. Lucy goes to him. She gets on her knees, holds him in his arms while the sobs rack his body. She rocks him saying……

Lucy — Shhhh……………. I’m sorry, it’s all right.

A-M pulls back and looks at her face…..she wipes the tears on his face. He kisses her after trying so hard not to. But when he at last does he never wants to stop. You have this complete sense on how much A-M needs love and how long he has gone with out it. It would be so easy to love Lucy he needs her so………………. but then he MUST stop.

Lucy — ohhh you kissed me………I knew it, that I really did mean something to you.

A-M — Yes, it did, you do, but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.

Lucy — What ? Now you’re not going to tell me I’m too young or something right ?

A-M — Well maybe you are, but just for me…… though.

Lucy — Look, I’m NOT jail bait or anything….

A-M — I know ………. I’m not talking legally here. We both just want different things in life.

Lucy — How do you know ?

A-M — OK ! Maybe I don’t know exactly what you want ! But I know what I want and I know what I’ve been through. Lucy PLEASE…………. before you start telling me how wrong I am, just listen to me…’re adorable, you’re sexy, you’re tough, you’re smart and I REALLY like you a lot !

Lucy — BUT

A-M — BUT the timing is impossible ! Look, I’m on this one track right now ! I, I, I have a responsibility to my family to help them get back what they lost ! What I LOST for them ! I have this opportunity to get back their wealth and their dignity. Not to mention the fact they can see I’m not just screwing up my whole life. Lucy PLEASE…I owe it to them to give them my whole self and to do everything I can to get back what they lost. That just doesn’t leave time for….

Lucy — For what ? For fun ? For girls ? For Love ?

A-M — Ohhhh look………just whatever you want to call it…. Come on Lucy. You got to tell me you understand this somewhere in there.

Lucy — Yeah I do, because I lost my trust fund too.

A-M — Lucy, I know it hurt you to lose the seven thousand dollars. But it is not comparable to Spaulding Enterprises !

Lucy — Look, that money was my dream. Just like that company was yours. I know what it is to lose it. It hurts like HELL!! But what matters now is what you do next with it. What are you going to do obsess about this ? Or are you going to make new dreams ?

(Lucy is wandering around the kitchen cleaning up while A-M watches every move she makes.)

A-M — Here, why don’t you let me help you.

Lucy — Come on now, stop, stop, it’s all part of the deal right…It’s no big deal you saved my life…….

A-M– (smiling) I hope you’re not sorry you came over.

Lucy — Are you ?

A-M — NO it was kinda nice actually…….you really do make a mean enchilada.

Lucy — Well it could be considered a marriage proposal in some parts of New Mexico. If it clogs your arteries don’t come crying to me !

A-M — (laughs and still watching her) You’re beautiful.

Lucy — Look, you don’t have to boost my ego OK?

A-M — No that’s….what I was thinking was, why I thought it was a good idea not to kiss you again. But for the life of me I can’t…….

This time they kiss so softly A-M holding her in his arms. Gilly then comes barging in saying “I THOUGHT the ONLY thing you had time for was business.” Lucy leaves. A-M promises Gilly that as soon as they get Spaulding back he will give her WSPR. Roger is still missing and feared to be after Gilly next so she leaves town. A-M picks up the napkin Lucy has dropped. He touches her lipstick stain and says “Make new dreams.”

On Thanksgiving A-M asks Lucy out. Their first date they go to the country club to celebrate Nick’s engagement to Mindy. A-M shows up at Frank and Eleni’s to pick Lucy up. He is standing in the living room when Lucy comes down in a red hot sequin number she had gotten from Nadine. A-M’s eyes POP. Buzz is quite amused with both of them….

Buzz — Is this an instant replay or something ? Cause you came down here a few minutes ago……wait a second….I got it…….. this is all for A-M ! You’re trying to make an entrance aren’t you booby ?

L — Dad I JUST forgot my purse and went upstairs to get it !

B — Ya think ya got enough make up on there Butch ?

L — Let’s go A-M

B — Not so fast,( he takes A-M by the shoulder ) I want you to understand this is NOT some girl no one is looking out for.

A-M — I don’t think that.

B — That’s good, very good. Because you know there are these guys. GUYS that have been raised with a LOT of money who don’t understand what it feels like for a parent….When some CREEP treats his daughter with a HINT of disrespect !

L — DADDY !!

A-M — It’s OK Lucy, your father obviously has me confused with some one like Jenna Bradshaw Thorpe….

B– (Laughing) ……oooooooooh Well maybe you’re all right. Eleni tells me you’re not ALL bad.

A-M,with an ear to ear GRIN, notices how low cut Lucy’s dress is in the back. He smiles like he is seeing Lucy for the first time. They have dinner, dance, then go on a golf cart, speed racing all over the golf course. They stop at the greenhouse. Lucy realizes she has lost her necklace and innocently asks A-M. “Could you look down my dress ?”

A-M– Look down…….your…

We see them again later when Lucy stops the golf cart at the gazebo.

A-M — OK good, SLOW down, watch it GOPHERS !!

L — That was GREAT ! I always wondered how one of these worked !

A-M — And you chose now for your very first lesson ? After I helped you look for your necklace.

L — I let you look as far as a nice young lady going to her first country club affair would. Right ?

A-M — (smiling) Right.

L — You like the way I drive ?

A-M — Very much……as a matter of fact if they are looking for demolition derby drivers I think your in the top ten.

L — ( walking into the gazebo with him ) I probably messed up my hair completely. Is it a mess ?

A-M — “No…….it’s fine.” He unpins it and it falls to her shoulders. “It’s nice ” He softly touches her face. You think they will kiss but he takes Lucy’s hand they begin to dance.

The next day is the trial to see whom will keep Spaulding Enterprises. Roger Thorpe is mysteriously missing. But so still is the document. Bess is put on the stand and Ross stalls as long as possible…….Meanwhile at the diner Buzz is about to set FIRE to it ! Lucy stops him and a wrestling match and argument ensues. Finally Lucy says “What’s your cut ? I am sure what ever it is the Spauldings will match it.” Buzz says…”It’s personal”.

L– Did you get hit on the head or something ? I know your a ladies man but you never let any of them get to you before. You really think Jenna is going to marry you ?

B– I don’t know…

L– If you give her the contract then what ? Is she just going to fall in love with you ? She is still married to Roger. They still have all the money. She’s not even going to know you did it…right ? NO, all she is going to say is pass the caviar because Buzz Cooper is a sap !

B– You don’t know anything about me and Jenna.

L–What….. is she different, is she special ? I see the look in your eye dad. The same one you got when you read me the story of the knight riding in saving the princess. I always thought that was more for your benefit then mine. Look it’s not gonna happen. Do the right thing.

Buzz brings the document to the court house. Spaulding is returned to the Spaulding family. Roger is STILL missing now a warrant is out for his arrest. ( For fraud in his take over of Spaulding ) You see an immediate change in Aunt Alex. She was all for A-M’s plans on getting the company back. When he tells her he wants the office next to hers she says “Oh SOMEDAY darling” A-M is shocked and hurt by this. Of course Alex never sees it. That evening as they party at the country club Lucy goes back to the greenhouse to look for her necklace. She is feeling around and feels cold goo ! She pulls her hands out and they are covered in blood !

A-M opens the door just as she starts to scream. He helps her wash up. They go into the country club Lucy attempts to order a “Tom Collins”. The bartender says “Mr. Spaulding ?” Mr. Spaulding says “she’ll take the Collins MINUS the Tom.” They tell Cutter about the blood in the potting shed. A-M takes him out to show him where it is Lucy helps herself to half of A-M’s scotch and is feeling it when he returns ! She asks him to take her home and they go to his boathouse.

They are both quiet when they come in. A-M opens the door Lucy goes in. A-M does not take his eyes off her. He is close to her and he looks deeply in her eyes. He sets his keys down and Lucy jumps. He tries to hold her hands. Lucy backs away saying “I still have blood on my dress” She starts to run water in his kitchen sink and puts the dress in. ( The dress is sheer with leggings and a little tee under it 🙂 A-M has turned away from Lucy. He is hiding his feelings from her but the audience may see them clearly if they just look ! He sighs….. “Oh boy” and wipes tears from his eyes. He comes up slowly behind her. Lucy turns and they kiss passionately. While A-M drops his coat and loosens his tie. He picks Lucy up sets her on the sink and kisses up her neck as she kisses his. Their mouths meet again as he picks her up and carries her towards his bed. He stands her in front of it and takes off her shirt. He finds her lips again and then Lucy pulls away…….

L — I, I, was just thinking about………. golf carts.

A-M — (Out of breath and almost in a whisper ) What are you talking about, hmmmm? (He kisses her softly )

L– ohhhh…….I was just thinking…..

A-M — ohhhhh no no no no don’t do that. OK ? Not now. ( Lucy breaks away again A-M reaches his arm out and looks at it confused like….WHY is it empty ?! )

L — I was thinking the last time my heart was beating this fast we were in the golf cart it was great.

A-M — Yeah, it was, but if you don’t mind my saying so……. It doesn’t hold a candle to right now. (Lucy pulls away and A-M still reaches out confused) Lucy, what’s wrong?

L — I don’t know, I’m sorry, I just can’t do this.

A-M — Don’t be sorry, just tell me….what is it ? Did I do something……..did I say something to upset you……..(starts to laugh) Or did you just decide I wasn’t the guy you wanted to be with right now ?

Lucy — (laughs while putting on A-M’s shirt and socks he had thrown on the floor ) “It’s not you at all. Do you mind if I put these on ? ( She sits on the bed )

A-M — (putting his hands on her shaking knees ) Tell me what just happened…OK ?

Lucy — (looking shy and embarrassed ) I guess you just pretty much swept me off my cold little feet. Then my insides were getting all stirred up with like this big wooden spoon. Then all these questions started to pop into my head.

A-M — (smiling sweetly ) What questions ? (kissing her )

L — Like……if you loved me ?

A-M hands her a beer from his fridge and takes a sip from his. Lucy smiles at him while A-M gathers his thoughts.

A-M — When someone stares at me it makes me nervous.

L — I’m sorry I make you nervous. Unless it’s a good nervous like how you make me feel.

A-M — Well….you make me nervous in a good way Lucy. You keep me on my toes is what you do. You make me laugh. Take me out on golf carts, all hours of the night. You’re fun, really a fun girl to be with.

L– Oh boy ! You might as well tell me I’m a great cook !

A-M — Well, you wouldn’t say that if you knew how little fun I’ve had in my life. Fun’s right up there in my top ten believe me.

L — What about Love ? Where is that in your top ten ?

A-M — It’s not something I’ve let my self think of for awhile. It’s not a word I just throw around casually.

L — Sooo………….. It was just like a fluke that you were married three times before you were thirty ?

A-M — OUCH Lucy…see…. that’s kinda the point. I’ve made a lot of mistakes by rushing into things. I just want to take things slower. But it’s not easy with you. You’re not a slow down kinda person ya know. But look, with so many things in my life just hurling along….you know how hard it was to get the company back. Now that we have it we got to go full force. So of all times, ALL times to run into someone like you…….. this is NOT it.

L — OK I got it ( She starts to walk away heading for the door. A-M stops her by holding her shoulders then touching her face. )

A-M — Somebody….like you sweetheart…that when I look at you…you’re so beautiful you make my heart stop.

L — But it’s not love is it ?

A-M — Maybe it’s a start. We may have a lot to look forward to here.

L — OK, I’ll buy that….. They kiss.

A-M is putting stuff in boxes. All of a sudden he comes across Eleni’s heirloom brush and comb set. A-M had Blake buy this set when Eleni was desperate for money. She put an ad in the Journal to sell them. When A-M saw the ad he had Blake buy them and gave her a thousand dollars for them. Lucy shows up at the boathouse and finds A-M in the midst of packing she sees an antique silver brush mirror and comb set. When she picks them up and asks A-M about them. He takes them from her hands.

Lucy — Where did you get these ? They’re Eleni’s aren’t they ?

A-M –You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lucy — Well actually I do… I asked Nadine why you and Eleni broke up….she said it was a long story but that Eleni loved Frank always. She loved him so much that she sold those brushes to Blake Thorpe to pay for all their bills. Frank never found out about it till later….

A-M — I don’t even want to discuss this with you.

Lucy — I just bet you don’t ! It might mess up your sweet deal you’ve got going here…


Lucy –With me, you come in here and sweep me off my feet what was that all about?

A-M — ( A-M comes up and touches her face ) I thought that was about something going on between the two of us…..

Lucy — Yeah well…I don’t even know why you hang out with me.

A-M — I thought it was about something going on between the two of us….

Lucy — Maybe you just want to stay close to the family….come and pick me up so you can look at Eleni.

A-M — Will you give me just a little bit of credit ? I like you for YOU. It has nothing to do with Eleni.

Lucy– Do you still love her…..( A-M turns and looks at Lucy )…..yeah I guess you still do……….( and leaves )

Frank contacted Blake to buy the brushes back for Eleni for Christmas. A-M had a hard time giving them up. It was all he had left of her…… He has them wrapped and has Lucy place them under the Cooper tree with a card that said “From your Husband”. ( That ripped my heart out, cause A-M always wrote that on HIS presents he gave to Eleni. ) When Eleni opens it she is so happy she is crying. Lucy and A-M look at each other and smile. Then A-M gives Lucy her present on the front porch…..

Lucy — A-M you didn’t have to get me a gift or anything…

A-M — Oh, it’s all right really… It’s something that has been in my family a lot of years. I thought you might like it.

Lucy — ( Lucy rips it open and pulls out an antique snow globe ) It’s BEAUTIFUL ! I used to have one of these when I was little….it wasn’t this nice. I used to just love shaking it up and watching the snow fall……. then one day I shook it a little too hard it slipped out of my hands. I cried like I lost my best friend…..did I tell you that already ?

A-M — Yes, a few weeks ago…we were talking about favorite things when we were kids….I thought you might like that…

Lucy– No Alan-Michael I LOVE it ! Thank you…..( kisses )

A-M is having yet ANOTHER fight with Aunt Alex about WSPR. He wants to give Spaulding’s shares to Gilly for the help she gave in getting the company back. Alex assumes he wants to give the shares to Gilly because he has slept with her. Lucy shows up and Aunt Alex starts asking if anyone has seen her Christmas globe. It was an antique……. A-M says “Come on Luce lets go !” He leaves to a place where he can be free of everything Spaulding.,the Bauer cabin. Lucy starts to question him about the snow globe he gave her for Christmas.

A-M — OK I took the snow globe. It’s not that my Aunt even cares about it. It’s just missing inventory to her. I knew you’d like it and garn pleasure from it.

L — You didn’t want my help ?

A-M — Yes, I wanted your help. I kinda had the feeling you would have given me that anyway.

L — OHHH……. you got me all figured out huh…

A-M — LOOK all I did was give Eleni back something that was in her family a very long time. Something she had to give up. So why wouldn’t you help me ?

L — Well why didn’t you just give it back to her yourself since you were the one helping her out.

A-M — Her HUSBAND wouldn’t have looked at it as so simple. He would have read more into it then it was. I wanted to give you something special. You have been very good to me these past few months. I don’t care what my Aunt Alex thinks.

L– Look I know how hard you worked to get that company back. Aunt Alex doesn’t appreciate it very much does she ?

A-M — ( Turns and gets up to try and hide his hurt from Lucy ) It’s really no big deal.

L — Yeah it is. You did something really amazing. She acts like it would have happened all by itself. It’s not very fair.

A-M — No…it’s not.

It is really snowing at the cabin now.( There is just SOMETHING about the Bauer cabin and blizzards ! ) So A-M calls to see how long till the plows will have the roads cleared. He is told unless it is a medical emergency he should stay where he is. He looks over at Lucy who is smiling at the great fire she already has going. She asks when the plows will get there. When A-M tells her not till morning she looks over at the bed…

L– WHY did you bring us here ?

A-M — See….. when you walked in to my Aunt’s study I was so pissed off. I just wanted to get as far away and as fast as I could ! The Bauers are also my family. They don’t make headlines like the Spauldings. But they’re comfortable. Like real family and friends are. They will be there no matter what. No questions asked. So when I come up here it gives me hope. It makes me feel I don’t have to be as ruthless as my Aunt or my Father.

L — Wow there really are two sides to you aren’t there ?

A-M — Yeah, I guess so. It gives me some clarity when I come up here. It helps me to connect with that other side.

L — You know when you first started talking I was a little disappointed you didn’t bring me up here to sleep with me. But now, after you said something so real about yourself….I think it’s better.

A-M — That’s really good. I’m glad we can talk…..but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to sleep with you…………….

Then they get ready to go sledding. A-M is pulling out mittens and scarves. He pauses a minute looking at the brown scarf and handing Lucy the other one. Lucy asks “Is that Eleni’s ? ” A-M smiles……”No, it’s my Aunt Maureen’s” he smells it before carefully folding it and setting it on top of the others. Lucy is ready to head out the door. A-M stops her and helps her button her coat. They both swallow hard when he gets to the top two buttons 🙂

They come back in laughing and sounding like ten year olds !

A-M — I WON !!


A-M — I did NOT !! I just applied aerodynamics to good sledding ! I won FAIR AND SQUARE !

(They warm themselves in front of the fire.)

A-M — You really are pretty

L — So are you.

A-M — I don’t want to be pretty.

L — What do you want to be?

A-M — The best……at everything

L — I thought you already were.

A-M — What do you want to be.

L — Me ? I want to be Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

(A-M laughs and can no longer wait to taste her lips. They kiss passionately. Lucy pulls away, picks up some pretzels and tosses them at him saying “I’m starving” )

A-M — I don’t get it. Every time we get in one of these situations you can make the smoothest transitions to food. ( Lucy handing him a beer ) Nothing like a couple cold beers and………. stale pretzels.

L — So tell me, what are your New Years resolutions ?

A-M — Gee, I don’t know….don’t bet on *Notre Dame* in a big game. Flossing every….

L — Your REAL resolutions.

A-M — You want real…..OK real. There is this division in Spaulding that I messed up before. It’s pharmaceuticals. I want another crack at it. I want a chance to put it right on top again. Bring Spaulding right a long with it. Where it should be. I want my Aunt to see that I can do it . I want her to be right there. I want to prove to her that I am as much a Spaulding as she is, or anyone else for that matter.

L — I’m SURE you are.

A-M ( A-M excited and enjoying having someone to share his dreams with. ) I am capable enough to do it to! I just need a shot, just ONE shot. She’s got to give it to me don’t you think ?

L — (excited to hear his dreams ) YES !

A-M (Smiles ) — Here I am, going on about something you have absolutely NO interest in whatsoever.

L — Wait a minute, why wouldn’t I be interested ?

A-M — It’s business.

L — ( smiling ) No it isn’t… weren’t talking about business. You were talking about a man, or a women setting goals and worth. Getting the chance to prove yourself. Everybody wants that A-M.

A-M — Yeah,…..I guess that is what I was talking about. Your a pretty smart girl Lucy. You sure you don’t want to sleep with me ?

L– I don’t know what it is……. A-M. I, I, just can’t do it. I can’t explain, I’m sorry.

A-M — Hey, hey, you don’t have to explain. I don’t want you to be sorry either. Look I’m glad that you take making love so serious. I like…I appreciate girls that think it is very serious….

L — Thank you

A-M — Oh, umm….good night Lucy…sleep tight.

L — Yeah, you too (standing by the bed ) one thing, you never asked what my New Year’s resolution was.

A-M — No I didn’t, sorry, what was it?

L– I’m going to marry you. ( She leaps in bed and pulls the covers over her head ) A-M stands holding the chair with this “Did she JUST say what I THINK she said ?” look on his face.

On New Year’s Eve Lucy and Julie show up at the Towers for the big New Year.s Eve bash Hamp is putting on. Lucy sees this woman with hair down to her butt all over A-M like a cheap suit ! Lucy tells Julie she must have blown it with him. She told A-M her plans a little too early in the game. Lucy and Julie both drink champagne. Lucy, DETERMINED to have a good time, starts dancing with a blonde hum-a-na-hum-a-na guy. She puts on the performance of her life. What a FABULOUS time she is having !! While stealing glimpses at A-M. Who is turning GREEN but refusing to let Lucy see it 🙂 Lucy gives up the game assuming he could care less anyway. Julie is off dancing with Frank. Lucy stands at the bar playing sadly with confetti…..

A-M– (saying triumphantly ) It’s a few minutes to zero hour shouldn’t you be dancing ? ( Lucy turns and A-M realizes she is hurt. He drops his gaze ) with ME ?

L — What happened to your date ?

A-M — (amused ) What date ?

L — I may be crazy but I could have sworn ten minutes ago some girl was blowing in your ear.

A-M –Sybil ? She’s not my date. I’ve known her for a very long time. She was glomming on to me I don’t know why….

L — Maybe cause YOU were glomming back !

A-M — (smiling) You look beautiful.

L — So much glomming going on I didn’t think you noticed.

A-M — (highly amused and in an all out charm ) EVERY man in the room noticed. Come on, are you going to dance with me? Or is midnight going to come and go and we will be stuck on opposite sides of the room ?( Lucy puts her hand out in a truce A-M shakes it. They Kiss the Year 1994 in.)

Aunt Alexandra decides to solve the WSPR problem once and for all !! She gives it to her precious son the newspaper reporter ! That was bad enough for A-M, but she gives it, in front of a room full of people including Gilly and Lucy. Alex got EVERYTHING she wanted to accomplish done with this move. It humiliated A-M. Got Nick and him at each other’s throats. Ticked Mindy off and let everyone know Alex was still the QUEEN of Spaulding. Nick comes up to A-M latter in the study. He promises A-M that he did not know he and Gilly wanted WSPR ! Now that he knows this he will sign it over to him the minute Alex gives it to him. Nick tells A-M he considers him his friend, heck his brother ! A-M believes this and assures Gilly that WSPR will be hers. (Another mistake in the 60th book ! It gives the entire idea of Nick signing WSPR over to A-M. It even says this was why A-M did not get the presidency !

Lucy and A-M continue to date. A-M takes her to the Towers after blowing her chance at getting a bartending job at the country club. ( When he was asked to vow for the new bartender A-M told them she was still 20 ). Then Lucy gets the tour of the mansion. It looked like this would be the night she stayed over. But Gilly interrupts them kissing passionately on the sofa !

Lucy takes A-M bowling when it is revealed he had only bowled one other time in his life. He does so poorly he finally gives up and INTENTIONALLY throws gutter balls. After Lucy encourages him to try harder he dances with the bowling ball !

On all these occasions you can see how close they are, even confiding in Lucy, which is new for Alan-Michael.  Lucy tells him her dreams too. She tells him she would love to have a home like Eleni and Frank’s someday. That she always loved the way red geraniums look out side of a little square yellow house.

Lucy shows up at WSPR. She wanted to catch A-M and warn him before he got to Spaulding. Seems Aunt Alex found him a crappy little office far away from the BIG executive ones. After seeing his office he heads back to the president’s office.

L– Maybe your Aunt Alex doesn’t know about this. Maybe Mr. Nolan made these crazy arrangements with out her.

A-M — No, he wouldn’t do anything with out her approval. Well, she still keeps a picture of my father on her desk. I wonder why she bothers…

L — It was his desk and his company.

A-M– Yeah, which doesn’t seem to cut much ice with her or she would take better care of his son. I can’t believe that I have to beg for office space still. I am surprised I don’t have to fill out a reacquisition slip for the paper clips I use. This office that she calls hers…….. I literally grew up here. When I was five years old I use to beg my father to bring me to work with him. I would sit under this desk and pretend it was a cave. All around me I would hear the rumblings of men’s voices. They were trading punch lines to jokes they all ready knew the set ups to. So as not to hurt my tender ears. Then after they left my father would pick me up and set me on his lap. He would tell me how I was going to sit in this chair for real some day. Little did he know.

L — You miss him, don’t you ?

A-M — Yes, I am under no delusions of my father. I know he was a hard man. But when he was young and worked here this place was exciting. The people that worked here they had a love and a loyalty. They would hang on his every word. Little did he know….

L — Well some people are not meant to be in the background. Like YOU, A-M ! One day you’re going to have this company. You’re not going to have to worry about some office down the hall. You’re going to be sitting right there, behind that desk. I am going to be so proud of you.

(A-M takes Lucy’s hands and kisses them. He leaves promising he will be right back with lunch. He comes back a half hour later with a beautiful lunch on china.)

A-M — (He escorts her to her place pulling out her chair) “This is not half of what you deserve but it is the best I could do on such short notice. Come with me Madame” (He pulls the red rose out of the vase and hands it to her saying. )”Thank you”

L — For what ?

A-M — For what……for making me feel I can move mountains when I am dealing with mole hills.

L — Getting the right office is not a mole hill. You will make your Aunt see that.

A-M — Do I sense in ulterior motive here ? What do you want when I finally get the company?

L — You mean besides you bringing me lunch like this everyday ?

A-M — yes, besides that.

L — I figure I will spend the next few years …How do you business types put it ? Formulating my agenda.

A-M — Well that sounds very sexy when you say it that way.

L — I don’t normally talk about formulating in mixed company, but there’s just something about you that makes me lose my head.

A-M– I sure hope so.

They go to Company. A-M is busy making phone calls. He told Lucy he is planning something special for “His Girl”………………..


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