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Chapter Four: Alan-Michael Revisits His Past

*************May ’94 – Eleni, A-M, and Frank: Round II – Aug ’94 *************

While A-M was busy losing EVERYTHING he held dear……… Eleni’s life was not going swimmingly either ! There had been numerous strange occurrences at the Cooper household ! Julie has become the “nanny from hell”. Flouncing around in flimsy lingerie. Putting Eleni down whenever possible. But it would be too easy to blame the problems the Coopers are having all on Julie ! Eleni has her hands full with a man that is jealous of her success. Instead of encouraging her, Frank routinely makes Eleni feel bad for the hours she works. Yup Eleni is inferior in so many ways ! 

Miss Julie sure that Frankie is in LOVE with her climbs in bed with him naked.  Here Frankie voted for her instead of his OWN sister for Springfield Fiesta queen . He has allowed her to kiss him and fawn over him NUMEROUS times. When Eleni caught Julie lying she fired her Frank MADE a humiliated Eleni apologize and give Julie the job back.  It is no wonder that Julie has the wrong impression!  

Eleni comes home just in time to see Julie about to be thrown out of her bedroom by Frank. Since Julie is in the “raw” let’s just say it was a tension filled moment…… Julie takes this opportunity to let Eleni know yet AGAIN what a terrible wife and Mother she is AND that Frank and her have been having an affair for months ! Frank stands there with his mouth a gape calling her a liar !  Eleni leaves after slapping BOTH of them. She puts Marina in the stroller and walks till she finds a lonely cold stoop. Who should happen a long but an innocent little Curly headed boy !! 

A-M — Eleni ?

Eleni — Hi A-M

A-M — What are you doing out here all by yourself ?

Eleni — A, Marina and I are just out walking.

A-M — But it’s late.

Eleni — It’s late for you too.

A-M — I was just heading to the Towers. It’s such a pretty night I thought I’d walk.

Eleni — It’s a beautiful night. ( Eleni starts to cry. A-M sits beside her and wraps his arms around her. )

A-M — Eleni, sometimes when people are angry they say things they don’t mean.

Eleni — It’s not what Frankie said. It’s what he did.

A-M — You want to talk about it ?

Eleni –NO

A-M — Look, I’m no big fan of the guy, as you know. But I find it hard to believe he could do anything to hurt you. I think maybe if you two got together and you talk about this Maybe it would work itself out.

Eleni — I do not want to talk to him. I can not even look at him !

A-M — Eleni I can not stand to see you in pain. If you can’t talk to me I wish you could talk to someone about this.

Eleni — ( crying ) A-M What is wrong with me ? Am I cold, am I just a bad wife ?

A-M– ( OMG the look on his face !!! ) WHAT ? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, ( He frames her tear stained face in his hands ) You are anything but that ! You are a warm giving loving ………..beautiful women ! If Frank doesn’t realize that then he is a boob and a damn fool ! Look, if you don’t want to go back to your house tonight the Spauldings have a place for you. I’ll go get my car.

Eleni — No A-M

A-M — OK, then a hotel.

Eleni — I left my house and didn’t take my wallet.

A-M — Eleni come on………. I can give you my credit card.

Eleni — No A-M, Thank you, but I have to handle this on my own.

Frank — Eleni I have looked everywhere for you. You have to listen to me. Let me explain.

Eleni — Listen to you explain what I all ready saw ?!

Frank — Listen you didn’t SEE anything ! A-M what are you doing here ?

Eleni — A-M has nothing to do with this Frank ! This is about you. ALL about YOU !

Frank — Listen to what I am saying NOTHING happened I SWEAR to you ! There is nothing else to say except the truth.

Eleni — I know the truth I SAW the TRUTH. 

Frank — This is NOT the place to discuss this OK! Would you please just come home with me !

Eleni — I do not want to discuss ANYTHING with you.

A-M — My offer still stands Eleni.

Eleni — Thanks A-M, no, I have to do this on my own. Please just go to the towers

A-M — Are you going to be OK?

Eleni– Yes I will be fine. Please go ( A-M leaves ) Now that you and Julie are out of the house I will go back. But if either of you come back I will shoot you both dead !

Later on A-M strikes a deal with Jenna. He will invest ten thousand dollars in her lotion business. (The lotion recipe she had gotten from Eleni ). Then A-M stops in the diner to see Lucy. Lucy however makes a fatal naive mistake !! She pretends she could care less. A-M needed her so badly now and Lucy would not meet him half way. The next day while in seeing her he sees Eleni run in with Marina. She hands her to Nadine and leaves. A-M knows there is SOMETHING very wrong and quizzes Luce on it.

A-M — I was married to Eleni remember ?

Lucy — You don’t make it very easy for me to forget.

A-M — Lucy you’ve never been married…

Lucy — No but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what it’s like to be close to someone..

A-M — It’ different…It’s….this strange kind of bond.

Lucy — It’s not that strange….I mean your supposed to love and honor each other till one of you drops dead or how ever it goes….but when it’s over it’s OVER.

A-M — Well it doesn’t always work that way… least not for me…you still care about the person and what happens to them.

Lucy — I am surprised you have time to do anything at all considering all the ex-wives you have running around !


Lucy — I’m sorry A-M

A-M — No no it’s fine…I know…………I know

Lucy — No you don’t know. Nadine was all over me before about Frank and Eleni. Now that you are……I’m just sick of it.

A-M — Lucy……if it were you….If I thought you were in trouble I would be all over who ever I had to to see what was wrong !

Lucy — What makes you think I know anything ? Even if I did why would you think I’d go blabbing it all around…..

A-M — Yeah your right….why would you….your absolutely right…

Lucy — I don’t think it’s a bad thing you care about Eleni…I care about her too. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have gotten in your face like that…

A-M — NO…you shouldn’t be apologizing all right….If I wanted to know what was wrong with Eleni I should have just asked her.

Lucy — A-M PLEASE DON’T just DON’T get involved in this….

A-M — Why because it’s messy ? I saw Eleni on the steps last night a few minutes before Frank came up……I know there are problems and it didn’t take a generous to figure out who the problem was……..Franks involved with Julie isn’t he ?

Lucy — I um….

A-M — It’s all right…..I shouldn’t have asked you……it’s not fair.

A-M goes to see Eleni.  A-M arrives shortly after Eleni threw Frank and Julie out of the house. Suitcases and Julie’s lingerie lay everywhere in the front yard. A-M gives Frank a look while he knocks on the door. Eleni assuming it is Frank opens the door screaming and throws a suitcase at him ! A-M catches it and asks “Can I come in ?” Eleni opens the door. Much to Julie’s delight and Frank’s jealous horror !

Eleni — ( Eleni in tears ) A-M in case you haven’t noticed this is not a very good time. Things are not what they look like um…… I am sure you have imagined the absolute worst thing !

A-M — Eleni, Eleni, Eleni……………….I know what happened.

Eleni — No, I’m fine…………….it’s no big deal these kinds of things happens all the time. ( She breaks down and cries in his arms )

Eleni — (In between sobs ) All the signals were there. I just did not see them. Maybe I was afraid to. You know I fired her once. I kicked her out of the house. Frank was so upset. He told me I was not being fair. So he convinced me to bring her back in. Gosh that was very smart of me huh ?

A-M — You can’t blame yourself for this Eleni.

Eleni — I blame myself for being STUPID! A-M How long has this been going on ? For weeks for months ? When I am out working they are alone together in my bed ! Across from the room my daughter sleeps in ! How many nights ?! Oh WHY am I sitting here telling you this ?

A-M — Because you need to talk to someone.

Eleni — I wish I didn’t, ohhh I wish I was like the women in Create !

A-M — Why ?

Eleni– They are STRONG women. When one of their husbands does something like this to them. They cover it up, pretend like it doesn’t happen. They go on with their lives. Saying hello to people in the street and gossiping with other friends in the market. AND worshipping with their husbands in church. But I know how it really is…..when they are alone they close themselves off by themselves and they let out their grief. They show their pain. They would NEVER, EVER show their pain or shame to any one else. They would hide it ! Hold it in ! You see that is the way I was raised A-M ! I was raised to do that ! I can’t ! I CAN’T DO IT I AM NOT STRONG ENOUGH ! I go out and I show my pain I show my shame ! All that adds is more humiliation on top of everything else !

A-M — ( starts out whispering ) shhhhhhh you listen to me. First of all I think you are the strongest woman I have EVER known. Those women in your village are not strong. They deny what their feeling. Ignore what is happening to them. Eleni, it takes some one who is truly strong to be able to face that and to deal with that. Somebody like you. You have that inside where it counts. Eleni, look at me………….the shame is Julie and Frank’s it is NOT yours. The sooner you stop blaming yourself for something that THEY did the sooner your going to get through this. It’s going to take time. But you are going to be able to get through this !

Eleni — No…………..I will never…

A-M — (voice breaking) Eleni please, listen to me…….

Eleni — I will NEVER be the same person again A-M. You don’t understand….. Frank is my heart, MY HEART. He is my LIFE you don’t know what it is like to loose somebody that you love more then anything in the world do you ? 

A-M — (in tears) Yes……I do.


Eleni heads out on the front porch realizing WHAT she has JUST said. A-M follows.

A-M — It feels like you’ve been hit in the stomach with a baseball bat doesn’t it ? You can’t catch your breath, you can’t think clearly……….

(Eleni turns walks back in the house sits on the couch. A-M stands in the door way ….)

A-M — Normal things you used to do with your day just don’t feel natural anymore. Oh yes…I should eat. I a should go to sleep. You look around a room you have spent your entire life in and feel completely lost. Nothing feels the same any more because your not the same. All you want to do is lock yourself up in a dark room and never come out. But you can’t, because your afraid of the dark. Eleni, if you don’t deal with this……. pain….it never goes away…….trust me…trust me in time it does.

Eleni — Maybe the pain goes away, but some other things go away too, innocence, trust.  I don’t think that is anything we can ever get back.

A-M — ( in tears has turned away from Eleni ) Well, that will depend on you and Frank.

Eleni — I am sorry A-M. I am so SORRY that I made you feel that way !

A-M — ( crying) It was along time ago and I DESERVED it.

Eleni  — NO ! NOBODY DESERVES to feel like this ! (crying )

A-M — You know, you can handle this. You can change this whole thing.

Eleni — HOW ?

A-M — Talk to Frank, just talk to him. Look I don’t know any of the details of what happened between him and Julie and I don’t need to know that. But I do know the man loves you Eleni. ( I was SOOOOO proud of him !! 🙂

Eleni — It’s like you said before A-M sometimes love is not enough.

A-M stays till Eleni falls asleep. He runs in to Frank on the front porch. Frank wants to know what she said……..A-M tells him he thinks it best if he just leaves her alone. That she hasn’t slept in a few days and that is what she needs. A-M heads to the diner again to see Lucy. He tells her that he put Eleni to bed and left but that she is not doing well. Lucy asks him why he came to the diner. A-M not having a good answer was told “Then maybe you should leave.”           

A-M continues to be the sympathetic friend. He checks on Eleni daily. Tries to help her as best he can. Meanwhile Jenna and he finalizes the cream production deal. Lucy stops by Jenna’s hotel looking for her dad. She sees a man’s jacket. Lucy picks it up asking Jenna whom it belongs too. A-M comes out of the bathroom buttoning his cuffs. Luce assumes he is sleeping with Jenna and leaves with the life crushed out of her. Jenna is highly amused with that !

A-M tells Jenna that yes Lucy and he are not dating anymore but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care and he doesn’t ………….”I just DON’T want to see her get hurt” ! They must keep this lotion business secret. Afterwards A-M brings Eleni a pizza. He finds out Eleni’s family is in from Crete. They all welcome A-M with open arms. A-M is jealous when Ari starts to flirt with Lucy. Eleni is VERY uncomfortable because she is pretending EVERYTHING is GREAT between her and Frank. A-M takes Eleni out for some air. They go to the park. Swing on the swings and eat hot-dogs. When A-M and Eleni return A-M can see how hurt Lucy is. AGAIN he tries to see what Lucy is feeling ! A-M follows her on to the front porch. Her head is bent down and she is crying. When she hears the door she straightens up.

Lucy — It was getting a little close in there. I just needed to get some air.

A-M — ( face full of concern ) Yeah, it’s a beautiful night. Listen, I thought I should explain about what happened at the Regency and everything with Jenna.

Lucy — You don’t have to explain anything. You’re allowed to go anywhere you want.

A-M — Yeah, I can.

Lucy- – Besides, you already said you were just finishing up some old business.

A-M — Yeah, it wasn’t anything that was really important.

Lucy — Well then, you don’t have anything to explain then. Besides there is nothing to explain. ( She walks into the house )

Eleni and Frank have their one MILLIONTH fight so Eleni heads to A-M’s yacht. It is evening. A-M just sipping his evening brandy. Eleni apologizes for just showing up unannounced like this………

A-M — Please stay, I’ll go on inside if you want to be alone.

Elen –I found myself walking and ended up on the docks who knows why..

A-M — I think I know why. Being by the water makes you think of when you were a little girl. When you were growing up. All the boats huddled together next to each other. There’s a lot of safety in that. I think that might have been some of the reason you and I had our best moments here. Something about being on the boat makes you feel safe.

Eleni — I guess the trouble is….I don’t feel safe any where any more. Thanks for not asking any questions A-M.

A-M — It doesn’t mean I don’t have any.

Eleni — It doesn’t mean I don’t either. Like, why is it I have to lie to my grandmother right to her face huh ? You know my brothers and her know there is something terribly wrong. But instead of talking to them I walk off.

A-M — Eleni, it’s not easy talking about something you don’t really understand yourself.

Eleni — Oh I understand that my husband is not the man I thought he was. I just don’t want to admit it huh ?

A-M — Well, as much as I would like to admit that Frank Cooper is not the saint of all saints. I have a VERY tough time BELIEVING he would let himself get involved with Julie. I mean Eleni, there has got to be an explanation ……

Eleni — They were not……….. I mean as much……. I mean involved as I thought at first. They were not actually….. You know what, WHO CARES ?!?……look everybody thinks that this is about SEX ! It is not about sex. It is about thinking your husband was smarter then he actually was you know ?! Or thinking you can believe in him or trust him !

A-M — (GRINNING 🙂 ohhhhhhhhh I see, yes, this sounds very familiar, These are all things you used to say about me.  

Eleni — A-M when you lied to me it was for different reasons….but yes it does sound the same.

A-M — I’m REALLY sorry.

Eleni — You don’t have to be sorry. This time it is Frank’s turn to be sorry and for me to be angry ! I never wanted to hit something so bad in my entire life !

So A-M offers her his stomach. Eleni laughs and declines. They drink more brandy Eleni falls asleep. A-M calls her family and lets them know she fell asleep and will be there in the morning. A-M covers her up, looking so protective and remembering “his” beautiful Eleni. The following morning Lucy and Aunt Alex show up on the yacht. They both assume EAM spent the night together. A-M standing in his robe with a tray of coffee wishing her a good morning. Lucy is devastated ! A-M and Luce have a full conversation with out saying a single word . Lucy looks crushed and A-M tries to tell her it wasn’t what she thought ! Eleni runs off on home. Auntie offers him his old job back at Spaulding. A-M declines. When they leave A-M finds Eleni’s scarf. He drops it off at the house.

Eleni — Oh A-M thanks, that one is my favorite. I was looking all over for it. Um thanks also for putting up with me. Falling asleep on the yacht then waking up with such a bad temper.

A-M — ohh It’s OK, you were just a little brusque that’s all. It was like old times.( Eleni turns away embarrassed ) Wait a minute………we are friends. Friends help each other OK ?

(The phone rings and Mr. Frick wants Eleni to speak at a chamber of commerce luncheon honoring HER ! She is supposed to make a speech. Eleni decides she just can’t go. Besides she has NOTHING to wear !)

A-M — I am NOT going to let you do that ! How can you not go ? Eleni it is a party in your honor…………. You’re going to pack it in ? Eleni no, this isn’t you. You don’t walk away.

Eleni — I can not think about doing business right now.

A-M — What business ? All you have to do is smile and wave at your adoring fans.

Eleni — I HAVE to TALK !

A-M — So… say a few words. You tell how honored you are that the committee has chosen you for BLAH, BLAH, BLAH etc etc. then……. THEN you wave at your adoring fans ! This will be fun, you go on upstairs and put on something that will really knock them dead.

Eleni — I can’t. A-M my Yaya is not here who is going to watch Marina ?

A-M — I’m here. I would be happy to do it.

Eleni- – I can not ask that of you.

A-M — Just stop putting up road blocks here. You do not have to choose between being a good mother and being a good career women YOU can be both. You CAN do that.

Eleni — Well Frank doesn’t think so…

A-M — (laughing ! ) Well that’s Frank’s failing not yours. Eleni look at what you’ve done. You have a child. You run a household. You run a business. ALL of them are thriving ! To top it off your family shows up from Greece right when your going through…..something difficult. You don’t bat an eye. You take care of everybody and you don’t let them know what your feeling. Come on, you could handle the middle east talks ! So the chamber of commerce luncheon is going to be a breeze. Come on, go up stairs and get changed let’s go. The next time anybody gives you any flack about anything. You tell them what you need are people that will help you do more. Instead of people that will help you do less.

(A-M stands holding Marina while Eleni comes down stairs in a little black dress.)

A-M — You look beautiful.

Eleni — Thank you. We have extra bottles in the refrigerator.

A-M — You hungry sweetheart ? No, she’s not hungry.

Eleni — There is some moussaka in the refrigerator I made it fresh today.

A-M — GREAT we’ll dine like royalty ! Break plates and dance.

Eleni — She has had her bath. She had a very long nap so I doubt she will sleep

A-M — That’s OK we’ll watch movies. Do you like Cagney ? We’ll watch the Wizard of Oz ! That’s what we’ll watch !

Eleni– Well, let me pick up my speech…….. oh the counsel number is right here by the telephone. OK

A-M — What do you think Marina ? Twenty minutes ago she wasn’t qualified to do this whole thing. Now she’s got her whole life together, ya know…her home. She’s going off to her chamber of commerce meeting. Aren’t you proud of your Mommy Marina? Just look at her.

Eleni goes on to her meeting. A-M has a ball with Marina including finger painting in the living room. Lucy comes in and seeing A-M in this domestic mode starts to lecture him ! He is told that if he didn’t help Eleni now she and Frank may find their way back to each other !  Eleni returns A-M is giving Marina a pony ride on his knee. Eleni is just THRILLED her meeting went GREAT ! She made still more expensive catering contracts. She asks A-M to stay and celebrate with a great bottle of wine her brothers brought from Greece. A-M feeling guilt pangs due to Lucy’s lecture leaves. He finds balloons flowers and a stuffed bunny on the porch that Frank had left. Yes Frank the man of words and action…….

And so it goes the Coopers continue to battle neither side giving an inch ! A-M finds a huge box of Eleni’s designer duds in the attic from when they were married. He brings them to her figuring all the expensive new catering contracts she is making she will need them. Eleni says after having Marina she is not even sure they will fit ! A-M ASSURES her they will. She takes the clothes up stairs to try them on. Frank slips a note under the door. Eleni calls A-M to the stairway. A-M sees the note and puts it in his pocket. Later he reads Frank’s letter, begging Eleni for another chance. He keeps it. 

Then Eleni finds out it is HER creme recipe Jenna is trying to sell. So, Eleni A-M and Jenna become business partners. Jenna is invited to display her wares at a convention in Palm Springs.  A-M arranges for Jenna to be late to the airport so he can be alone with Eleni. While making these plans he turns around and there stands his uncle Ed !

Ed– Hi where are you going?

A-M– Oh just on another boring business trip.

A-M– No Eleni. E-L-E-N-I (turning to uncle Ed ) Jenna and Eleni are going to a convention. I am going along just to make sure it goes well.

Ed — Kinda like a consultant…….and kinda not ?

A-M — You know what I hate about you ? You are just like my mother ! You have that laser beam thing that shoots right to the truth. It is VERY annoying !

Ed — Sorry, family curse. You know when we were talking about second chances the other day, I had no idea you were talking about you and Eleni.

A-M — Since this whole thing has fallen apart between her and Frank. I don’t know something just opened up in me. I couldn’t help it ! Eleni is looking at me in a totally different way. She trusts me, she relies in me in ways she never could before.

Ed — I am sure you have been wonderful for her. It must be great for her to have some one to lean on at this point. But….. look don’t even ask me for advise I’ll give it.

A-M — No, no these are the exact same things I have been saying to myself.. DON’T get your hopes up. Don’t read to much into what she is saying or doing. But it’s HARD ! The day I thought would never come is here ! Eleni compares me to Frank and I am the one that comes out loyal and honest ! She sees me in a way I used to pray she would see me. We have a clean slate now. How can I pass that up ? Why should I ? Am I crazy ?

Ed — NO…………… you’re not crazy. I just wonder if your not asking your self some important questions. Is she in love with you ? Or is she still in love with Frank ?

A-M — I know no matter how disillusioned she might be right now. She’s not going to stop loving Frank over night. They have a child together for heaven’s sake.

Ed — Yeah that might be a pretty good reason to work things out.

A-M — I know, I know up in till a few weeks ago I thought maybe they would do that. But I don’t think so anymore. Frank doesn’t let Eleni be the person she wants to be. She needs to be a person in her own right. Instead of encouraging her He gets threatened every time she tries to do something on her own. She can’t live like that any more Ed and I would NEVER make that mistake with her.

Ed — You STILL haven’t told me, that she loves you.

A-M — I love her enough for both of us.

Ed — If you love someone that doesn’t love you back, it is pure hell you know that. You don’t want to go through that again………..

A-M — It’s different this time……. Look, the reason she was drawn away from me before is because of the mystery of what it would be like with Frank. She knows that now and she definitely is not happy !

Ed — That’s still no guarantee……look, here I am mouthing it off about guarantees and I am not playing it very safe with my life.

A-M — Yeah, I saw you dancing with Eve the other night.

Ed — And you thought to yourself….there’s no fool like an old fool.

A-M — No… That’s not what I thought at all…….I thought…Let me be that happy again. Let me just have one more shot.

Ed — All right then take your shot, but play it straight. If it looks like things aren’t going to fall your way then bow out gracefully. Don’t stack the deck.

A-M– You don’t ask for much do ya ?

Ed — It’s not going to work unless she’s with you because she chooses to be.

A-M — Yeah, but, I feel like it’s my job to make that choice as easy as possible.

Ed — Alan-Michael….you are such a good person. It’s just that some times you don’t know it. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT ! 

Eleni then comes to the airport she apologizes for being late saying the attorney she called to handle the divorce had held her up ! They go on to Palm Springs without Jenna. Eleni and A-M have connecting rooms. Eleni is confiding in A-M about her meeting with the attorney.

Eleni — You know, I must really stop thinking of Frank’s house as my home. I really love that little house. But it’s Frank’s house.

A-M — I HOPE you didn’t tell that to the lawyer. You do have a choice Eleni. Look if Frank’s house doesn’t feel like home to you anymore maybe you shouldn’t go back.

Eleni — I don’t know what I am going to do A-M.

A-M — Eleni, if you feel uncomfortable at that house then you don’t have to stay there. Look, you could stay at the Regency awhile.

Eleni — I can not raise my daughter in a hotel room. That might be OK for Jenna but not for my daughter.

A-M — OK, we could get you a little house somewhere. Eleni you’re going to have to think about this sometime…….

Eleni — I know A-M. It’s just not that I will be leaving Frank ! I will be leaving my whole family ! Buzz, Nadine and Stavros. What about Marina ? This is the only home she’s ever known….YOU’Re RIGHT I started this I have to go through with it.

A-M — No, no Eleni you don’t . Don’t listen to me, I mean it. Forget everything I just said ! I keep thinking that I’m going to help you. But I am about as helpful as a bad cold right now.

Eleni — You HAVE helped me A-M ! You are the only one I can talk to. The only one that understands me…….

A-M — Stop it, I said STOP IT !! I don’t want to hear these things OK ? I am not a friend you can CONFIDE in ! I am sure as HELL am not a neutral party here. If you haven’t realized that by now, I think it’s TIME you do ! I mean, it’s not like I forgot how I lost you. I reached in my big familiar bag of tricks and pulled out all kinds of lies and schemes…anything at all just to keep you. But I lost you anyway. And in the process I lost everything that meant ANYTHING at ALL to me ! So I clawed and I scratched I got it back only to loose it all again. You know why I did that Eleni ? The truth finally, finally penetrated this thick skull of mine ! The reason I was so obsessed and so desperate was the drive to hold on to something that was only half mine. Something that I could always loose. So I resolved that I would do it different if I had another chance I would do it differently this time. I would rely only on myself. I would create a life that nobody could take away. I am a different man then the man you married Eleni. But I am not different enough……not for you…I am STILL pulling strings…..I am still arranging things I have no business arranging. I am STILL standing here LYING TO YOU !!

Eleni — What ? what are you lying about, what are you telling me A-M ?

A-M — PRETENDING to be a shoulder you can lean on. PRETENDING to be a sympathetic ear. Making choices for you like, maybe you should move out of Frank’s house. As if that were the only reason. Eleni I WANT to be that man. But I’m not…I’m not. (A-M heads for the door that connects their rooms) I can’t be the friend you need me to be right now….OK? The truth is….I NEVER mastered the trick of not loving you ! I don’t think I ever will. So you know what. You better go see one of those love lorn columnists. Or talk to a stranger in the street about advice about your marriage. But don’t ask me. Don’t ask the man that loves you and wants you back. Don’t ask me !

A-M goes out the door but is summoned back when Jenna calls. She lets A-M have it for not having a ticket waiting for her at the airport when she got there. Then threatens him he better not EVEN THINK about shutting her out of this business she has worked so hard at getting off the ground. A-M hangs up the phone. A-M looks at Eleni and heads for the door saying “See you in the morning.”

Eleni– A-M wait ! Don’t go…… you don’t have to tell me you have changed A-M. I can see it. I can feel it in you. Before, what you said to me before you walked out the door I mean that proves to me that your not the same man. You did not lie. You did not deceive or manipulate, you just said what you felt.

A-M — Eleni…..( A-M starts for the door and she stops him )

Eleni — No, no, listen to me, let me finish. A-M I am the one who is being dishonest. When everything started with Frank I would stay up sometimes at night. I would think about what Julie said about me. That I was a nagging wife and a bad mother. That I was unattractive and hard. Believe me I was not so insecure in myself that I believed these things. But sometimes, I needed somebody to remind me that they were not true. It couldn’t be Frank. Even if he tried I did not and I do not believe anything he says. You were that person A-M. You made me believe these things could not be true. Somewhere deep inside me I knew how you felt about me. I have known for a long time. I m not sorry. I am not sorry at all…….

(A-M walks up to her so slowly they look in each others eyes and at each others lips…..A-M licks his and kisses her so deeply it leaves them both breathless ! Eleni walks back in her room.)

A-M — ( A-M leans on the door jam ) Ohhhh…… Eleni……I’m…………. sorry

Eleni — No…I’m sorry. You know when we were married it started badly and that is why it didn’t last.

A-M — What……I’m sorry I’m not following you.

Eleni — I went to you before because I thought Frank had done something wrong. It was a totally bad beginning and I just don’t want that to happen again. It’s not fair for you or for me to. You understand ?

A-M — Got it……(Heads to the door)

Eleni — A-M you don’t hate me do you ?

A-M — Eleni being careful with my feelings only makes them stronger. If I could love you any less I would. But I really don’t think that’s going to happen.

Eleni — What matters to me is that you are so honest ! (PHONE RINGS )

An emergency has arisen Frank has fallen and he CAN’T get up ! So they must come back to Springfield. As they arrive at the airport A-M tells Eleni he has reserved a limo to take her home. They almost kiss again when they say good by. A-M says “Eleni, if I thought you didn’t have feelings for me I would get out of your life and I would never come back.” Eleni comes back touches his face and says “I can’t right now, OK I’m sorry” A-M shows up the next day to see how Eleni is. He knows from hearing Frank’s story that he is faking !

He runs into Blake at the bar. She proceeds to lecture him on what is right for Eleni. So A-M gives it all back…..

A-M– You know what, you want me to talk to you ? Now you listen ! Eleni does not belong with Frank. Not because of the things he can’t give her. It’s because of the things he won’t give her ! Frank looks at Eleni as a wife and a mother. As a beautiful women who can cook and clean for him. Look at that PATHETIC attempt to get sympathy from Eleni! “Oh Eleni I fell down and broke my leg.” It’s a nice little picture he has painted. But he doesn’t look around it. Now when I look at her…….. I see so much more then that. I see all the things she wants to do and be. She can BE all of those things if she was with ME and not Frank…….. NEVER with Frank ! So you go ahead and tell me how much I want to break up her perfect life. But the truth of the matter is, as much as I want her…….What I want for her, is to be happy. That’s ALL I want. I MEAN it Blake all I want for her is to be happy. Now if all you want to do is run back to your good friend Frank and report all this………. ya know what, you can be my guest !!

Now Alex DESPERATE to find out what A-M is up too offers him the presidency. He wants to take it. But Jenna informs him if he does she will give Eleni the letter Frank wrote ! “How will Eleni feel about you then ?” Jenna has the letter hidden away as her insurance that A-M won’t pull out of the cream deal. So A-M turns down the presidency. Eleni shows up crying on his shoulder ! Again they kiss passionately.

A-M makes plans to take Eleni for a romantic sail on the yacht. Tangie comes buy to drop off papers that need signed for the Journal. Not finding A-M she looks around the yacht. Frank wants to get Eleni alone so he has Lucy get RID of A-M. Lucy goes to the yacht. Has the crew dismissed and locks the captains cabin. Before she goes she looks back longingly at the Salon. She plays out a day dream of A-M in a tux handing her champagne before taking her in his arms and kissing her.

Lucy snaps out of it, grabs a piece of shrimp and says JUST STOP IT !! Lucy waits for A-M to get on the yacht then unties it. The current takes Tangie and A-M both out to sea ! They bond……

That night Eleni and Frank TALK. Eleni knows that Franks leg is not really broken but realizes any man that would go to that much trouble for her must REALLY love her !

They make love that night in the hospital bed in the living room. A-M sees them in “morning after glow” through the window. He sits on the porch and waits for Eleni to come out.

Eleni — A-M ? I need to talk to you.

A-M — (He is stuttering ) I am sure you do. I even think I know what about. But I think there is something I need to talk to you about first. That your not really going to want to hear.

Eleni — It’s not really necessary.

A-M — No, I think you need to know. I can’t stand by and let you be manipulated and lied to. Especially from someone you thought was incapable of such things.

Eleni — A-M it is really great of you to want to protect me like this. But it doesn’t matter as much as you think.

A-M — MATTERS ? Of course it MATTERS ! It mattered when I was your husband and I lied to you ! That’s exactly what Frank’s doing right now. Eleni this broken leg this accident. The whole thing was just a way to get you to come back home and take care of him. It’s an act ! All an elaborate act just to get sympathy from you. Now I am SORRY I just can’t stand by and let him do that to you. I just CAN’T !!

Eleni — I know……….in a very strange way it made me realize Frank loves me more then I even knew.

A-M — (tears in his eyes and begging) Eleni you, you came by the yacht to see me last night didn’t you ? When you saw I wasn’t there you thought I had given up on you and then you went back to Frank. But it wasn’t my fault ! Lucy………… did this insane thing she cut the rope on the dock ………… and…………

Eleni — I did not come to find you last night. I stayed with my husband. That’s where I should be.

A-M — But you didn’t feel that way a couple of days ago ! Eleni how can you deny what has been happening between   us ? More then that, you are ignoring it even happened at all ! You were willing to give me another chance. I know you were, then you got scared and you decided to run back to Frank. But Jenna told me what you wanted to talk to me about. She said that you wanted to see me………. and explain a few things…..

Eleni — When I talked to Jenna I told her that I was confused. But I didn’t see a future for us A-M ! I’m sorry but what I’m doing I don’t see it as running away. I see it as going back to something very real. My husband is not just a man I happen to love. He is my home, my family we have a child together. (A-M has turned away from her and is   crying ) I am SO SORRY ! I did not mean to take advantage of you ! I did not mean to hurt you and lead you on. I needed someone to care about me……………. and understand what I was going through ( Eleni breaks down and cries.) I am sorry ! I should not have let you do it ! Because it was wrong and I was being selfish ! I know I’m sorry does not take care of all of this but I apologize A-M for taking advantage of your feelings for me ! I did not mean to do this ! I did NOT mean to do THIS !! ( A-M wipes her tears and frames her face in his hands…. )

A-M — Eleni, you had old feelings for me. Old feelings that grabbed you and shook you and made you pay attention.

Eleni — (removing his hands ) A-M stop. I needed to realize that a part of me was still loving you. A part of me will ALWAYS love you. But that doesn’t mean we should be together.

A-M — No Eleni ! That is exactly what it means ! We have had every chance to die ! EVERY CHANCE ! It was kicked aside it was buried and then it was given one chance One moment to come out into the light again. That was all it took Eleni. It happened, we both felt it and we rejoiced in it ! Now you can ( starts to cry) ……say…… what ever you WANT ! You can deny it ! I’m sorry, but not me ! I know what I KNOW ! When your ready to be HONEST with yourself so will you !!

A-M runs away. He goes to the Regency to see Jenna. He wants Frank’s letter back that Jenna has been black mailing him with. After begging her repeatedly he says….

A-M– You don’t get it do you ? You don’t have any idea what it is like. To love somebody so much that you loose all sense of reason ! You just keep right on loving them. Even though you know there is no POSSIBLE way that they can love you back. Or love you the way that you want them too. You keep thinking there is going to be some miracle, some magic word, some piece of paper that can make a difference. Oh forget it ! I don’t know why I am telling you this. There is no way you could ever understand it.

But Jenna does understand it. Right now she is pregnant with Buzz’s child. She loves Buzz so much she will not tell him so he can stay with Nadine. Jenna gives him the letter. A-M calls Eleni and tells her to meet him at the park.

A-M is at the park waiting for Eleni. A little girl holding a rose sits on the swing. A-M gives her a push and swings with her. The little girls mother calls “Come on honey time to go daddy is waiting for us. ” She hands A-M the rose. It is so evident that A-M is thinking of Marina. Because not only did A-M lose Eleni again he lost Marina again as well….

Eleni comes running up. She was worried he was hurt or something. A-M holds out Frank’s letter for her…

A-M — Eleni this belongs to you.

Eleni — No A-M……. there is nothing you can write down or say that will change my mind. I don’t want it…….

A-M — No Eleni, this belongs to you………. ( She turns away from him ) Being sorry just isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes. I think I am finally doing that. Just give me the chance to be the husband I can be. A husband who just wants to love you for the rest of his natural life…………….. I guess you would rather hear those words coming from Frank huh ?

Eleni — Yes, I would, why are you doing this A-M. WHY ?

A-M — Because they are not my words, they are Frank’s. ( handing her the letter ) He wrote you a letter that you never received.

Eleni — Where did you get this ?

A-M — (tears in his eyes ) Underneath your door. I took it before you had a chance to read it…………… I thought that you loved me Eleni. I believed that this time we were going to make it. Nothing and nobody was going to get in our way because it was meant to be.

Eleni — A-M you were wrong to take this letter. Why did you do this ?

A-M — Eleni, I couldn’t risk being so close to you and then losing you. I took the letter on impulse Eleni and then, I didn’t know how to give it back……….. I didn’t want to risk manipulating you and lying to you anymore. Especially since I had built up your trust. Eleni I am SORRY if I disappointed you. I disappointed myself too. I thought I had the REAL truth this time. (crying ) I, I, believed I could love you…….. better then Frank EVER could ! I thought there was no one that could give you the things that I could. I am sorry for being so arrogant. *SIGH*

Eleni — A-M it took a lot for you to give me this, thank you.

A-M — Well, (tears down his face ) it just proves, that you made the right choice.

Eleni — It was the only choice I could make. A-M don’t cry, it’s all right.

Eleni takes him in her arms. A-M puts his face into Eleni’s curls. Tears run down his tear stained face. Eleni pulls back whispering “Please don’t cry” looks at him and tries to wipe his tears. A-M pulls away not letting her touch them. Eleni walks away. A-M turns and watches her leave tears still streaming down his face.


Chapter Three: Bad Timing and Playing Hard to Get

************* March 94 – A-M loses it ALL again !!! – May 94 ************

So now A-M and Lucy continue to work together and date. But the make-out sessions have come to a complete HALT! A-M has suddenly become so gentlemanly with her. Lucy on the other hand would REALLY like to go the next step in their relationship and is not sure how to go about it.

Aunt Alex agrees to give A-M the Spaulding Presidency. Nicky decides he will marry Melinda in a SURPRISE ceremony. Aunt Alex being the huge supporter of that union is told five minutes before that ceremony takes place ! A-M is busy setting up the board room for the day he has waited for most of his life. Everything must be perfect. Nick comes in and announces his plans to get married this afternoon. “Sorry but you’ll just have to cancel the board meeting cause my Mother needs to be with me.” ( Nick KNEW this board meeting was taking place for over a month ! ) A-M tells him to forget it the meeting will go as planned. Alex shows up and wants some answers….

Alex — Darling I wasn’t going to bring this up right now but it’s been bothering me so I thought I’d try to get to the bottom of it. The gift I gave Nick of WSPR. Someone told me something I found hard to believe about my own son. I told them surely they were mistaken. That you and Nick would never go behind my back about anything. Would you dear ?………….. You have the same look on your face you used to get when you were a little boy….when you knew something all of us didn’t. Now let’s have it. You owe me that A-M. I am the one stepping down so you can be president. What is this all about?

A-M — Look can’t we just concentrate on why we are all here tonight.

Alex — Well I was afraid of this ! You obviously know something that I want to know. I never understood when I first signed the shares over to Nick………. you were furious with me. Then you seemed to accept it and you were pals again. But I saw you both this morning and you’re barely speaking to each other.

A-M — Well it’s no secret I made a promise to Gilly Grant and I wasn’t able to keep that. I was embarrassed and upset. It’s all history it’s over and done with OK let’s look to the future OK.

Alex — You are obviously withholding information. In my book that can only mean one thing. You have done something you don’t want me to know about. Now maybe I can jog your memory. There was a contact drawn up between you and Nick. Nick giving his shares of WSPR to you. I heard it from Roger Thorpe.

A-M — Roger Thorpe ? You would believe that man ? !

Alex — I don’t know why he would lie to expose this supposed scam…

A-M — Aunt Alex….trust me…. everything turned out the way you wanted it to….this is really much a do about nothing………. PLEASE just do me a favor and forget about this.

Alex — There is only one reason I can think of that you would want me to do that. You have done something you don’t want me to find out about ! I was right I can’t IMAGINE Nick concocting such a plot. You don’t want me to be angry at you especially tonight. Good lord A-M what have YOU done to me ? !

A-M — (in complete amazement at Alex’s STUPID unfair judgments of him he LAUGHS!! ) Oh boy you have got the wrong BOY!! Well you’re half right Alex someone did try to a do something behind your back. No, I wouldn’t have minded had it worked out but it wasn’t my idea. I have tried harder to protect my cousin then he ever tried to protect me !………………… Nick lied to you Aunt Alex. He was gonna sell you out the first chance he had. This was all Nick’s idea.

Alex — I don’t believe that for one minute ! Nick could never be that underhanded.

A-M — But you have no trouble at believing it of me ? There is a LOT about your son that you don’t know at all. Including where he is right now.

Alex — I don’t want to hear another word from you about MY son !

A-M — Fine we’ll just drop it then. I am not the villain in this piece your son is. I have always acted in good faith with you. You haven’t always been around ya know….even when you have been you haven’t always been excusable to me. Nick stabbed me in the back too. He didn’t change his mind out of loyalty to you ! He was grateful that you dropped the charges on Roger for Mindy’s sake. He even admitted, that in a year or so he may give it to Gilly and me. Listen to me ………..I am not telling you this to be vindictive. I don’t want to make you mad today of all days ! But I will not stand here and let you blame me for everything. I am telling you the TRUTH. I will NOT be your son’s scapegoat ever again ! You seem to think Nick will feel cheated if you give anything to me…..I am not a fool. If Nick would have wanted the presidency he would have had it. The truth is if an a year or so he does want it you are going to move heaven and earth to make sure he gets it. The TRUTH of the matter is I’m going to do such a spectacular job your going to have a hard time justifying taking it away from me. You know how much this company means to me. Aunt Alex you and Nick have changed courses and used this company as a cushion to fall back on. I have ALWAYS known what I wanted… be president. I have worked my tail off to get it……………. I never got any respect for that. Until a few weeks ago when you agreed to give me what I want most in this entire world. This new information is about Nick so PLEASE don’t bring me into the middle of it. Because Aunt Alex I am going to be the best President this company has ever seen. Better then Vanessa, better then your father, or my father, better then you even, because it is ALL that I want. I’ve done all the kid stuff. I have made all the dumb mistakes I’m going to make. From now on it’s business all the way.

For about a second you think Aunt Alex had absorbed all of that but instead she wants to know what Nick is up too. A-M CRUSHED tells her she will have to find out for herself. Alex calls him a liar again and leaves…… She goes to Vanessa’s and sees her son about to marry Mindy.

Alex goes back to Spaulding. She comes in just as A-M has put the vote on the block. She tries to veto the vote but A-M points out it has already be seconded. So she votes against A-M. But the deciding vote was Nicks ! There he was smug as hell voting against A-M as president. ( I wanted them BOTH Nick and Auntie to go off the cliff by the lighthouse ! A-M was being punished AGAIN for something that was not his fault !!!! ) A-M hands them his resignation and leaves. (I was PROUD as I could be ! ) Lucy follows him out the door.

Lucy took some money from her trust fund to get a hotel room for them to “CELEBRATE” his being president of Spaulding. A-M come in and looks at the balloons and sign she had put up for him.

Lucy — I’m sorry A-M. You shouldn’t think of it as a loss. I mean YOU were the winner out there. Nick and Alex……… they were so petty and mean. But YOU….you just told the truth. You stood there with dignity and when you walked out………… I thought you were a world leader !

A-M — (smiling) World leaders do get assassinated all the time.

Lucy — I was very proud of you. You should be proud of yourself too. In fact, you are the ONLY person in this whole world I would like to be with tonight. (Lucy pours and hands A-M some champagne.)

A-M — Thanks…..that’s sweet.

Lucy — I’m just not saying it to be sweet. People don’t see you like I do. Nobody has ever treated me like you have. I’m just not talking about taking me to NY, the dresses, or the job. Not that I don’t like those things and I do….

A-M — ( A-M hardly able to take anyone being kind or loving to him ) Hey lobster….

Lucy — Hey, HEY, you’re changing the subject ! I’m complimenting you….I don’t do that very often you never give me the chance….

A-M — (smiling and getting comfy on the couch ) OK fine, go ahead, do your worst.

Lucy — I know that you think of me as a kid. But that you try very hard to think of me as an equal. It’s made me want to become the woman that you deserve.

A-M — (sweetly brushes back her hair ) Don’t change a hair for me.

Lucy — Something has got to change……… SOMETIME. You wouldn’t want things to stay the same….always.

A-M — No I guess not.

Lucy — (She snuggles up to him ) A-M you can be anything you want to be. You can be president of your own company. Your own country……you can do anything.

A-M — Thanks Lucy, Thank you for the kind words for being you and believing in me. You know what (raising his champagne flute ) this is to the future and what ever the hell is next.

At that Luce smiles….A-M continues to drink the champagne it is gone and now he is starting on brandy. Suddenly Luce comes out of the bed room in a beautiful cream, satin and lace nightgown set. She says “Alan-Michael” He turns and looks at her .

Lucy –I know that the presidency of Spaulding was a dream you had for a very long time and it was taken right out of your hands. I know how bad that must have hurt….But you remember how I said a long time ago you can make new dreams ? I wish I could change what happened tonight. But I can’t……… I can help you put it behind you. No matter how bad this hurts right now. In the morning you can wake up and you can smile and forget about it. Because I’m gonna be with you tonight. I’m going to make love to you tonight…. ( A-M takes her in his arms….before they kiss he whispers YES…they kiss passionately then he breaks away saying….NO )

A-M — Lucy it was just a job.

Lucy — You don’t believe that…It’s not just a job.

A-M — Well……….. when you get right down to it that’s all that it was.

Lucy — This is me A-M you don’t have to pretend. We both know you had some problems with Nick but you didn’t expect or deserve this.

A-M — It felt like the floor came out from under me and I’m still waiting to hit the ground.

Lucy — Come here, come here….

A-M –Lucy….It would be the easiest thing in the entire world for me to go into that bedroom with you and have you make it all go away. But I don’t want that……..I don’t want to take advantage of you……………… I don’t want it to be like that.

Lucy — Like what ?

A-M — Like a footnote to a disaster. Like a way for you to boost me when I’m feeling down……It’s not supposed to be like that OK ? It’s more important…..I want it to be special and finer. It will be, when the time is right……when two people who, who have a, a, connection…..they feel strongly about each other…..You know what I mean ?

Lucy — Well……… not having had any experience…….. this is just a guess……it doesn’t seem like something you exactly plan….

A-M — ( whispering ) Lucy…….. we’re talking about your FIRST time. Yours,…… ours, you know what I mean………

Lucy — Yeah, ( Lucy disappointed and NOT understanding ) well you said a lot of eloquent and believable things……………… You’re very articulate.

A-M — What is that supposed to mean ?

Lucy — You just don’t always tell the full story. Not when you don’t want to talk about the feelings you have underneath.

A-M — LIKE ?

Lucy — Like the fact that I think you…….really feel for me……I can tell that from the way that you kiss me…..

A-M — …..Well…that’s because… I mean it.

Lucy — I was almost flattered about you not wanting to sleep with me….you said all the things a girl would want to hear……you just left out one very important reason…

A-M — Really what was that ?

Lucy — You’re scared

A-M — ( looking like he had just been found out ! ) Lucy it’s late, you’re tired. you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lucy — You just don’t want to make love with me because you don’t want to feel responsible for me.

A-M — ( angry, but I STILL see how uncomfortable he is ! ) Do you think I’m trying to get you in the sack so I can dump you ?!

Lucy — no, no….

A-M — Is that what you’re trying to say ? ( Lucy–NO ! ) Well GOOD because…..that’s…….ridiculous……it’s

Lucy — Look, what I’m trying to say is, that if you make love to me your going to MARRY me and you know it ! That’s why you’re backing off…….

A-M — You know what Lucy, you may be right. But since we’re playing the “let’s be honest till it hurts game”…….. you have a lot to learn too. You got a long way to go….tonight I needed a FRIEND not a LOVER. Maybe if you were a little older, a little wiser, a little less hell bent on trying to tell me who I am………….. MAYBE you would have known that with out me having to tell you. The FACT I did have to tell you let’s me know that neither one of us is really ready for the other. Maybe not now, maybe not ever.

Lucy — Look A-M I’m sorry…

A-M — Thank you for trying……………… thanks a lot, goodnight ( A-M leaves in a huff)

Lucy –Call me tomorrow morning right ?

The next day A-M tells Jenna that he will not be president of Spaulding at the country club bar. They talk about her cream business A-M has serious thoughts in investing in it. Lucy comes in and they talk. A-M tells her he missed her when he left last night and wonders if they can start back up where they left off. Lucy tells him that she was about to make love to him last night. Being as it is her first time she would like some kind of commitment……..You can see A-M wants to tell her he loves her…..he can’t. Lucy assumes he doesn’t and leaves. A-M tries to call her three times with no luck.

Lucy continues to work at Spaulding….She decides to play hard to get and she will let A-M think she is dating other guys. She has some roses delivered to herself from “Jason” and moons around the office excitedly looking forward to that nights date. While A-M clearly jealous packs his stuff up out of his office. Before Lucy leaves she puts on her black silk dress A-M bought her for NY. A-M seeing her in it melts……. then tells her “Maybe you should put a sweater on top, it’s supposed to be chilly tonight.” ( He is telling her this NOT because of the wind chill…… is a very sexy low cut dress )

A-M leaves Spaulding…not before Nicky sings one more round of…”NA NA NA BOO BOO” at him though ! A-M decides he must see Lucy before her date. He goes to the diner. Eleni is working…..little does A-M know Lucy is standing in the kitchen. He comes in the diner looking like a lost little boy……

A-M — Pretty slow tonight huh?

Eleni — You missed the crowd.

A-M — Really who’d I miss ?

Eleni — Who were you looking for ?

A-M — Oh nobody in particular….

Eleni — Then you didn’t miss her …..

A-M — I don’t know what you’re talking about………but if I did I would tell you to pass something along to her…

Eleni — Ohhhh ?

A-M — You know……………… maybe you should have Frank pass it along to her. Tell him to keep an eye on his sister. I got a feeling Lucy is living the high life…

Eleni — That surprises me A-M. How would you know something like that ?

A-M — Well she’s got this date to night with this, this, GUY. I got a feeling he is one of those mover and shaker types. The kind that can’t take no for an answer…you know the type ?

Eleni — Yeah I know that type.

A-M — (Smiling) Yeah you know the type. I just think her being so innocent and all…..I just worry about her.

Eleni — A-M she’s a big girl now. She’s a woman and can take care of herself.

A-M — Yeah yeah, yeah…….

Eleni — She likes to have fun, maybe she is just outside having the time of her life. (Lucy drops a cup in the kitchen. So Eleni changes the subject ) Do you think that I should give up my catering business ?

A-M — What ?

Eleni — Stop being a working wife and Mother. I mean it is causing so much trouble in my family.

A-M — Well I don’t see why it should. I mean when we were married I often thought if I would have encouraged you to have a………Did I tell you I am thinking about getting into a new type of business ?

Eleni — No you didn’t….

A-M — The only complication is that the person that is involved with it isn’t sure if they want me for a partner……and of course Lucy is still working for my Aunt Alex.

Eleni — Why should that be a problem ? Lucy would never hurt you she adores you.

A-M — Yeah that’s right now…what if we have a fight ? She is very young. She doesn’t always think before she speaks. One wrong word to my Aunt Alexandra I could be done for. Now ideally, if I could just get this business off its feet THEN I could be more to Lucy.

Eleni — Well if you wait too long or you put business in front of her you could lose her A-M….(Eleni starts to tear up )

A-M — Eleni……if you need anything ………I mean………. just talk.

Eleni — You will always be there for me as a friend right ?……. Just as I will always be there as a friend for you. You know what……I think if you see the opportunity you should GO after that Lucy.

A-M — Oh no, no, no….I think Lucy is done with me, she doesn’t have any use for me…she is dating all these guys. She’s not letting any grass grow under her feet…..

Eleni –Well believe me……..when she sees your face….. she will forget the NAME of the guy she went out with !

A-M kisses Eleni. Both of them laugh surprised that he did. Frank hiding in the kitchen sees it so does not give Eleni the flowers and apology he owed her….instead he puts them on the counter and leaves… A-M leaves and shortly after Lucy comes in telling Eleni she didn’t have any date. Eleni lectures her telling her you can’t build a love affair from lies. Lucy cleans up the diner so Eleni can go home to Frank. Lucy pulls a picture out and looks at it. It is a picture of A-M behind Luce about to kiss her. It was taken in NY. We then see A-M in bed. He has this picture in a frame by his bed. He looks at it and mouths…..”I Lo”…….that is as far as he got.

Lucy at last turns twenty one ! She keeps expecting something special from A-M. But Luce has done a VERY good job of convincing him she does not care… A-M is pretending the same. When the diner floods and there is no place to have the party A-M makes sure she gets the party of her dreams at the country club. Lucy however is no where to be found……..Then she is discovered in the country club dining room pretending to be A-M’s date. When she is about to be thrown out by “Robert” after he finds out A-M was not her date. A-M comes to her rescue. He flings her over his shoulder and to her party on the patio. When Lucy thanks A-M for the party A-M says….

A-M — I really didn’t have anything to do with this, it was all your father’s idea…..I just got you here that’s all…

Lucy — Oh, well….right…well….sure…a…thanks for getting me here.

A-M is standing around so the two outcasts of the party ( A-M and Jenna ) start to dance Jenna laughs at A-M mooning after Luce….

Jenna — First you marry Harley, then you marry Eleni, and now your getting involved with this other girl Lucy. What is it about the Cooper clan that keeps you coming back ?

A-M — You saying maybe I should get involved with another family ?

Jenna — If we could wouldn’t we ?

A-M — YES….I just think the timing is all wrong for Lucy and me.

Jenna — You really care about this girl don’t you ?

A-M — Yes………………. but let’s talk about something else…..

Buzz cuts in A-M backs away but FIRST he gets some advice….

Buzz — I saw the way you’re looking at my daughter.

A-M — Everybody’s looking at her Buzz she’s a very pretty girl.

Buzz — NOT the way YOU look at her.

A-M — LOOK Buzz, I really don’t have time for this..

Buzz — Listen to me for a minute ! I know you two are fighting but I know you’re crazy about each other. So…………. you will probably get back together……So will you do me a favor ? She thinks she’s grown up…but she’s a kid. She hasn’t been knocked around like you and I have….So don’t toy with her affections OK? Don’t get involved with her again if you think you’re going to break her heart. OK?

A-M— OK……..( A-M was crushed and leaves the party……)

Chapter Two: Alan-Michael Makes some Discoveries

~February 1994~

***************************A Trip to NY****************************

A-M comes back to the room and Lucy has on her beautiful black silk dress. A-M had ordered it from his mother’s favorite designer. He has also ordered her a coat and some beautiful lingerie to sleep in as well. When the bus boy brings the items to the suite A-M happily tells Lucy she can pick whatever she wants. Lucy just tells him no. He was so excited and happy to spoil her. Now he tips the bell boy and asks him to return the other items. When he turns and looks at Lucy you can see he is CRUSHED.

A-M — Lucy is this all going too fast for you ? The helicopter ride, champagne, caviar.

L– No, I love it….. I really love everything that you’re doing. I just thought we were going to go out to dinner. Maybe we should get going now.

A-M — Well I thought maybe we could order in here. The hotel has a really fine kitchen. It is one of the best in the city.

L — That’s an interesting idea but ….( Ringing her hands walking around the sofa. Lucy is looking outside like she suddenly realized how very far from home she is. I remember thinking at the time. “Just tell him the truth Lucy. A-M would never push or hurt you.” ) Well, I was thinking since I’ve never been to NY before maybe we could go out someplace.

A-M — Lucy, Did something happen while I was gone ? You were having such a great time before. You don’t seem to be having that great time any more.

L– I had a silly argument with your Aunt.

A-M — That figures……OK what about ?

L– Not you, it was just……about my dad.

A-M– Well, my Aunt is not crazy about your father right now. Don’t worry about her she just likes to blow off a lot of steam. Especially with women I am involved with. Don’t let her get to you. I will handle her. Not that you couldn’t handle it yourself. As far as dinner goes….. If you want to go out Madame we will go to a nice French restaurant in the theater district. Does that sound OK ?

Lucy and A-M stand out the balcony he points out different buildings to her. While running his fingers through her hair. Lucy has on A-M’s jacket to keep warm in her sexy little black dress. The hotel manager knocks on the door and tells A-M that he will not be able to get them a second suite. That the only thing he has is the suite his Aunt vacated. He will however need A-M’s credit card imprint for him to keep this room. A-M asks Lucy to toss him his wallet. Lucy takes this “one room only deal” as just ANOTHER of A-M’s plans in purchasing her. She throws the wallet over the balcony saying “NOW impress me !!” The look on A-M’s face is enough to earn Rick an EMMY that year !! Such a mixture of surprise, horror and humor all rolled in to one !!

A-M — That………… was my wallet Lucy !

L– I could tell because it was VERY thick !

A-M– That was to pay for dinner and this room that is not ours yet !

They are thrown out of the hotel on to the sidewalk Lucy tells A-M she doesn’t want him to think she glows when he looks at him because of his money. She dares A-M to take care of her with out it. SOOOO “Mr. Springfield” sells his Rolex ( with ONE L !!! ) on the street to a “Mr. Cooper” for $35. !

They eat Chinese . A-M teases her on the dreadful places they could stay tonight. “We could sleep at The Port Authority. But we will have to take turns sleeping. One of us must stay awake so the other one doesn’t get mugged. Or, I heard this is REALLY great …. we could find in all night laundry. They have steam grates that will keep us warm. ” Lucy is so upset she can’t eat while A-M is having the time of his life and scrapping the plate ! 🙂 Lucy says “Well maybe you could call Nick” When the bill is presented A-M tells the waitress he forgot his wallet. “Could they both do dishes for their dinner ?” Later on after doing mountains of dishes the waitress leaves. LAM sneak out from the kitchen. A-M pulls out the booth and say’s “Your Bed Madame”. They both laugh and say they will NEVER forget this day as long as they live.

They use the remaining 35 bucks for cab fair to Laguardia. They make it back to Springfield. A-M drops her at Eleni’s house. Eleni needs an emergency baby-sitter. So they both stay and watch Marina. A-M sings a rousing rendition of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider ” to her. When Nadine comes in a few hours later Marina is in bed. A-M and Luce are all over each other on the couch ! Nadine coughs and they both leap up. A-M strategically placing his jacket in front of himself 🙂 Nadine says “Gee, I used to baby-sit JUST like that !” After Nadine says goodnight A-M asks Lucy to come home with him. The Spaulding Mansion is dark everyone is asleep. A-M and Lucy sip pear brandy in front of the fire.

L– So……… is it easy to ask a girl home when home is a palace like this ?

A-M — Probably, but it doesn’t make it any easier asking you.

L — Why ?

A-M — Because you’re so beautiful you make my heart stop. Because you have this way of being so fresh and new and like this wonderful old soul all at the same time. Because if I don’t have you…..I’ll die. ( they kiss)

A-M — So when are you turning twenty one anyway ?

L — Pretty Soon…….Do I look it ?

A-M — You look perfect. (kissing her)

L — Is UM, is tonight as special for you as it is for me ?

A-M — Yeah, I’ve been waiting for tonight for a very long time. (Kisses)

L — Not as long as I have.

A-M — What was that ?

L — I like the fact you don’t need a Valentine’s day card to say what you really mean.

A-M — (smiling) Why did you come here tonight ?

L — To find out why you asked.

A-M — Because I don’t think I could have let you go..

L — Until ?

A-M — Until tomorrow, (kisses) or maybe the next morning, (kisses) or maybe the next one. ( “Pepé Le PEW” makes his move and “the little kitty” falls off the sofa ! )

A-M — Are you OK ? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the sofa was so narrow.

L — Maybe you could get me some ice for my drink.

A-M –Brandy doesn’t take ice. (kisses)

L — I do…..

A-M — Is there a problem ?

L– “No, not if your freezer works……” (A-M heads to the kitchen. Lucy starts to pace the floor squeezing the life out of a pillow. She picks up the phone and calls her dad. She tells him she never did sleep with the guy she ran off with at seventeen. A-M comes back and hearing she is on the phone pauses at the door. )”Daddy, do you remember how you told me a women could do what ever she wanted as long as she was true to herself ?”

B– Yes

L — Well lately I’ve been feeling really awful. I’ve been like one of those girls I used to hate.

B — Why ?

L — (almost crying ) I’m a tease………….Daddy I’m a virgin. ( A-M stands with his mouth hanging open !! Suddenly he realizes all those times they were interrupted. When LUCY had to be somewhere else. When she was starving for pretzels, had a sudden need to discuss golf carts, wanted to have an adventure in NY, or needed ice for her drink were Lucy’s way of stalling. 

B — Well, I, A, WELL……….. there are worse things then being a virgin. Some of my best friends were, are, ARE virgins !

L — Well, it’s not OK if you let everyone in town think you’re not one.

B — Everyone ? or is that Someone ?

L — YES, I mean A-M. You know you get a lot of mileage out of pretending to be a woman of the world. Well NOW he is expecting me to be one ! ( A-M lays his head on the door after touching it softly. You can see how bad he feels. ) It’s not his fault I’m just scared. I’ve had all these opportunities and I’ve been blowing them.

B — Well there’s going to be a lot more opportunities. You’re a beautiful girl, woman, YOUNG WOMAN………. Do you love him ?

L — (shaking her head yes) I never wanted anyone more in my entire life. I really want A-M to be the one. But then, how come when we get close something inside me just says not yet.

B — Does he love you ?

L — I don’t know………. I keep waiting for him to say it… he means it forever. ( A-M swallows hard ) But no, he hasn’t said it yet.

B — Well, that’s one of the BEST reason for staying a virgin I know !

L — Our secret ?

B — (laughing) “I thought about renting bill board space.”

L — ( A-M raps on the door ) He’s here !

B — DON’T !!!! (Lucy hangs up )

(A-M comes into the study. He has a mixture of amusement, sheer delight and “who is this beautiful women in front of me ?” all over his face !)

A-M — Would you believe we we’re out of ice ?

L — I guess it can happen anywhere.

A-M — I think I’ll try it your way next time. But, a, right now I think I‘m ready to call it a wonderful night. Come on…I’ll put you up in one of the guest rooms.

L– By………………… myself ?

A-M — Yes

L — Is something wrong ?

A-M — (Smiles so softly, and looking like a man in love) “No, something is VERY right.”

The next morning A-M pours her coffee as Buzz shows up and takes Lucy for a lecture on “the evils of A-M.” Gilly comes to see A-M. She flirts with him telling him she hopes this will get him focused back on her and WSPR. Lucy comes in at the end of that discussion. She witnesses Gilly “making love to A-M’s tie !” Gilly leaves triumphantly. A-M says “Hi Luce”. She whips the violet she brought him at his head ! A-M ducks and looks at the wall behind him as dirt goes EVERYWHERE in Aunt Alex’s study ! A-M is sure Buzz has filled her head with all kinds of horror stories on his past. Lucy leaves cause she thinks A-M called Gilly right after she left with her father. She thinks it is JUST what Alex had told her . He had spent a lot of money on her and she didn’t “Put Out” so now he would move on. A-M’s day can then only get worse !

He heads to WSPR he has all the papers ready and drawn up so his cousin Nick can sign WSPR over to him so he can then hand it over to Gilly. (Will SOMEONE explain what marvelous thing Gilly EVER did to get Spaulding back ? I saw NOTHING other then looking for Bess on two occurrences ! ) Nick has decided that he will keep WSPR. A-M and Gilly are both ENRAGED at Nick. Gilly is also ticked with A-M. They both walk out of “Master Nick,s” office……

A-M — I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry is not going to work here. I don’t have any more tricks up my sleeve. I completely ran out.

Gilly– You LOSER !

A-M — Gilly what was I supposed to have done that I didn’t ?

Gilly — Where do you want me to start ?! I am furious ! You asked me to help you get Spaulding back. You made all kinds of promises that you couldn’t keep ! Then you went and laid the whole thing on Alexandra’s feet hoping for a little pat from Auntie Dearest !

A-M — That is NOT how it happened !

Gilly — I know how it happened A-M. It is how it always goes with you. You get a chance to use a little muscle and you back down ! You completely blew it with Bess. You could have made it clear to Alex that the only way Bess would have testified is if things fell out your way. You could have had Alex’s office ! Held her title ! But you let it all slip away just like your promises to me ! All because you don’t have a back bone !!!

A-M — That’s ENOUGH !

Gilly — Since when is nothing enough ? That is what you got A-M !! That is all Alex and Nick are going to let you have ! SURE they will put you in an office with leather furniture. They may even put a little title on the door. But it will all add up to zero. Because they don’t respect you. Not the way I did. You know they are right not to take you seriously . Your act is so appealing A-M it really is. But it doesn’t hang together !! You want to have things both ways and you CAN’T !! You want to be King of the hill and the nicest guy on the block ! You want to be feared by the mighty. Yet still have children and sparrows come flocking to you like Saint Francis in the park.

A-M — Are you finished ?!

Gilly– NO !! You want a hard nose women next to you at work and a sweet little bunny when it’s play time. Lucy is going to outgrow that just like Eleni did. Just like I outgrew pretending to be a sweet little thing in my marriage to Hamp ! BUT unlike you I have something to show for it ! I’m not ashamed of myself any more and that’s more then you can say !

A-M — I can’t seem to say too much you’re doing all the talking.

Gilly — Oh please, you have talked you have said a lot of things A-M. Sitting around hotel rooms late at night. Trying to figure out what our next move would be !! You would look longingly at me in the moonlight tell me I was beautiful and that you were lonely. ( never happened ! ) But you don’t even have the BACKBONE for that ! You’re to scared to want what you want, much less have what you want !

A-M — Maybe because I found out what I wanted wasn’t YOU !!

Gilly– Then you’ll NEVER know what you missed !

A-M ,at the end of his rope, gets rip roaring drunk ! Eleni looking for Lucy calls him saying she needs a sitter. So A-M takes a cab to Eleni’s. Eleni gives him some coffee…….

Eleni — What happened A-M ?

A-M — Well, you remember that stab in the back I was always afraid I was going to get from Nick ? Well I got it tonight , oh never mind. Hell I probably deserved it. Seems everyone I know hates me for one good reason or another. I’m not exaggerating either ! All of a sudden you seem to be the person that hates me the least. So I guess that’s why I’m here….

Eleni — Well, everybody here hates me too !

A-M — I don’t believe that. If the two of us were lined up to jump off the Powel Street Bridge air raid sirens would go off. The whole down would come rushing, knock me into the river so they could rescue you !! ( Both of them laughing ) I wonder why no one is ever in my corner. The way you used to be when we were married and you still loved me. ( He lays his head on Eleni’s lap she runs her fingers through his curls ) I’d like to hear one good reason anyone has to be mad at you.

Eleni — The same reason I always got mad at you. Cause I work too much ! (Then she starts in with the hell of Julie ) She told me I was a terrible mother. That I didn’t care about anyone but myself !!

A-M — Then you threw her on the ground and you started kicking her and scratching her ?!.

Eleni — That’s what I wanted to do huh ! You said no one was in your corner. Well I think you should have been there when I was talking to Lucy trying to convince her to slow things down with you.

A-M — What did you say to her ? Did you tell her you would scratch her eyes out if she ever came near me ?

Eleni — NO, I just figured that since I was a graduate I would have some wisdom to give to her ………….But she wouldn’t listen to any of it. She is like a tiger you know ? She told me I never treated you right or understood you. 

A-M — It’s a shame that I messed that one up too…

Eleni — What do you mean ?

A-M — Well I knew there were a lot of things Lucy had never seen, or done but I didn’t figure that she hadn’t………………………well………. you know what.

Eleni — What ?…………….sex ? Lucy’s a virgin ? WOW. Well THAT didn’t seem to bother you before…..

A-M — THAT was different ! Come on now look…… I wanted Lucy to be FUN ! NOT that you AREN’T or WEREN’T fun………. I just always saw her as being a little wiley. Kinda dirty………….the kinda girl that could tell a joke that makes a truck driver blush and would be able to take any kind of dare. You know…….. like a GREAT little sidekick !

Eleni — A-M !! You are worse then some of the men in Greece ! Except for my brothers of course ! What is it with you, why does it have to be either or ?! You my friend, put women in two categories. You have the ones that you love and also have sex with. Then the ones that are your friends and side kicks that you have sex with too………. like Blake.

A-M — Yeah ?

Eleni — With me I know you loved me. But we were not friends A-M. At least not in till now. With Lucy you just don’t know which of your two categories to put her in. What makes you think she can not be in both ? Who’s to say she can not be the one you fall in love with and have sex with and is your friend and your sidekick everything in one ? Don’t you think you should at least find out ?

The next time we see A-M he is drunker still and knocking on Lucy’s door.

Lucy — Alan-Michael ?!?

A-M — I saw your light on and thought we could talk……..Listen, listen I know your mad at me but before you say anything…… I want you to know I don’t think of you as a sidekick. And I’m very attracted to your face……… and your body…… and other parts ( While looking at those other parts 🙂 that I may…………….. forget to mention.

Lucy — You’ve been drinking haven’t you A-M ?

A-M — Did…..did you really give Eleni hell for talking me down ?

Lucy — yes I did

A-M — (Grinning ear to ear ) That’s nice Lucy really……… ( His eyes twirl up in his head and he’s out cold on Lucy’s bed ! )

A-M opens his eyes trying to figure out where he is……”Lucy ?” Lucy wearing just his white shirt says……in a deeply satisfied tone…..

Lucy — Good morning A-M

A-M — ( DEEP OMG SIGH !! As he turns over to look at her.)

Lucy — You were REALLY ………….wonderful.

A-M — was I ?

Lucy — Yeah, don’t you remember ?

A-M — Um Yeah, a give me a second here Lucy. I think, I had a little too much to drink.

Lucy — Yeah, you were pretty pie eyed.

A-M — How did I get here ? ….I don’t remember how I got in this particular room.

Lucy — You came to my door in the dead of night and you told me you couldn’t live another second with out me. It was really romantic. You just stood there looking so lost. Then you said how much you needed me. Heck what else could I say but…come on in.

A-M — Which I guess I did huh ? ( face turning concerned ) are you OK ?

Lucy — Yeah, don’t I look OK ?

A-M — No, you look beautiful ( Luce bats her eyes 🙂 I mean was I um (A-M SWALLOWS) gentle ? was it……OK for you ?

Lucy — A-M I never thought you would be the kind of guy that would have to know how you were.

A-M — No, no, I just, I mean, I hate to think that I would have unintentionally hurt you.

Lucy- – Well no, but your hurting my feelings plenty by saying you don’t remember one of the best nights of my life.

A-M — Lucy, I don’t know, maybe after I have some coffee…… (Lucy starts pelting him with her pillow A-M throws back the blankets sits up in the bed and says ) I left my pants on ?

Lucy — No, you put them back on, you were going to leave. You didn’t want everyone to see you go down stairs in the morning. You were worried about my reputation. ( A-M let’s all this sink in……… then smiles )

A-M–You’re very sweet, you’re adorable and you’re quite an actress too. You really had me going. But we both know that NOTHING really happened last night.

(Lucy goes in the bath room and changes she comes out and throws his shirt at him.)

Lucy– How dare you accuse me of being a virgin ! Is this your way of telling me I was lousy last night ? Or do you treat all your girlfriends like this, always ? Would you STOP laughing !

A-M — Look, I’m sorry, but Lucy you don’t have anything to apologize for.

Lucy — I’m NOT apologizing !

A-M — Then why are you lying? I heard you admit it to your father the other night on the phone. I’m sorry I was never going to bring it up. But you kinda pushed the issue.

Lucy — I just didn’t want you to think of me as a child. I didn’t want you to feel like you had to go to some other women who had more experience like…..what’s her name.

A-M — You mean Gilly ? Well, don’t worry about Gilly. I don’t think we’re even friends after yesterday. Nick stabbed us in the back. He decided he wanted to keep his half of WSPR. I tried to convince him other wise, but he wouldn’t budge. When Gilly realized I couldn’t keep my promise to her she called me a loser and ran through my character defects from A to Z.

Lucy — I don’t believe that she did that. After everything you have done for her ? Especially since it even cost you your family.

A-M — Why are you not happy that she hates my guts ?

Lucy — Well, maybe I am, but that still doesn’t give anybody the right to be mean.

A-M — Eleni was right you are amazing.

Lucy — I’m glad she said that.

A-M — We’ll talk more about that later. Thanks….

Lucy — For what ?

A-M — Taking me in, giving me a bed, getting my head straight.

Lucy — I only call it like I see it.

A-M — Yeah you do. Oh and by the way………I admire you. You um, got a lot of guts and integrity to do what you’re doing. Don’t worry, I’ll never think of you as a child again.

A-M winks at her when he goes out the door. Lucy let’s out a DEEP sigh and smiles. When Alan-Michael gets to the Spaulding mansion Donna and Ginger are in the midst of major party preparation. While polishing the silver they discuss their employers.

Ginger– Who ever would have thought that Her Highness (Mindy ) would have thrown a party for Loverboy’s ( Nick ) mother.

Donna– Maybe they’re going to put cyanide in the appetizers.

Ginger– Remind me not to have the leftovers tonight.

Donna– I think it is highly significant the Cousin Curly Locks 🙂 is being scuttled.

Ginger– Well the two cousins are on the outs. Curly Locks thinks Loverboy shafted him. And he’s hopping mad about it !

Donna– That’s why they don’t want him here tonight ! They want to keep Her Majesty (Alex) on their side !

Ginger– ( saying breathlessly ) But that hair of his ! Oh it makes my toes curl ! And when he looks at me with those DREAMY bedroom eyes of his I just want to give into EVERY single one of his WHIMS


A-M–Hi Ginger Hi Donna


A-M– Do I look that bad ?

(Both of them speaking fast and at once)… NO Mr. Curly Locks…..NO, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS ! WONDERFUL…….! I mean Mr. Alan Michael…… We’re just surprised to see you.

A-M — Why I live here ?

Donna — Yes ! Good answer ! That’s right you do !

So Mindy and Nick plan their little dinner party. A-M informs them he will be attending and bringing a guest ! Jenna shows up at the dinner and WHAT a dinner it is ! A-M is in the CENTER ring ! He invests money in Jenna’s cream company in FRONT of Alex. He let’s Alex know that Billy is the one that shot Roger. So her not pressing fraud charges on Roger were for nothing ! But the “grand finale” is after the dinner. Bess Lowell asks Alex to pay up the money she was promised for testifying for the Spaulding family. She wants two checks. One made out for eight million the other to two million and make that one out to cash. Bess heads to her room to check on the light fingered maids…

Alex — I was very disappointed in your performance this evening.

A-M — Well we have all been disappointed haven’t we?

Alex — Do you honestly think things would be better if Ms. Bradshaw still owned the company ?

A-M — I don’t know, I might have had a better future with her. At least then I would have known who my enemies were up front.

Alex — A-M I am NOT your enemy. I think you are being quite foolish and letting this fester up in you about WSPR. I made what I thought was the right decision there. Now you gotta get over this. I made a decision while I was away one I HOPE and THINK your going to like. The office next to mine, you’ve had your eyes on it for a long time. I want you to have it. Nick obviously won’t be needing it.

A-M — OHH Well that’s VERY nice of you Aunt Alex. But see I am getting a little tired of accepting Nick’s leftovers.

Alex — Now your just being petulant

A-M — And I am VERY TIRED of being dismissed like your errand boy. Don’t forget who got this company back for you. When you were off in the far east finding yourself I was back here. STUCK back here trying to fight for what this family had worked so hard for ! So please, don’t insult me by patting me on the head and giving me a bright new office !

Alex — A-M what do you want and DON’T say WSPR.

A-M — You know what I want ? I’ll take the new office. But I want the position to go with it. YOURS. I want you to appoint me as president of Spaulding. Why is it so hard for you to admit what everyone else seems to already know ? That you could have not gotten the company back with out me.

Alex — You know dear, I think you would find me far more appreciative if you were not constantly demanding far and greater tokens of my appreciation. I CAN’T believe you’re going after my title now.

A-M — Only one, you’re president and CEO which leaves you a title to spare. I kinda prefer president because that’s the carrot on the stick you used to dangle in front of me all the time and I only saw the stick. But guess what. I’m ready for the carrot now. I’ve earned it I deserve it and if I don’t get it this time Aunt Alex I’m leaving.

Alex — The presidency is not mine to give like some box of chocolates.

A-M — The board will do whatever you say just like always. If you recommend electing me they will.

Alex — Well, I think you have been put up to this by Gilly Grant’s sulking. I think you will find dear if you just be patient….all good things come to those who wait.

A-M — Do you think on your year off pursuing wisdom that no one else around here got wise ? Take a good look at me Aunt Alex. I’m not the kid you thought I was before you left. Back then I would have sat hunched day and night over my tiny desk, in my tiny office. Working like a dog, hoping maybe, maybe you’d just give me a pat on the head. But I’m NOT going to sit back quietly and play second fiddle to you until BIG SURPRISE you decide to hand it over to Nick. OH PLEASE….. we both know that’s how it’s going to go. But no, I’m not going to let that happen.

Alex — Well I prefer not even talking about stepping down. because I intend to keep driving for awhile. I don’t want to hand it over to you or Nick just yet.

A-M — Well, that’s fine, just as long as you keep two places in the front seat. Or I am hitching another ride.

Alex — Really ? What are you going to do sell little white creams with Jenna ? Spaulding is the only game big enough in town for your ego.

A-M — There’s always Lewis oil. You will put me up for presidency at the next board meeting or you will lose me. That gives you a month to think about it. (Winks and smiles) Goodnight.

A-M goes to Company to find the Luce. She comes bounding in the front door.

A-M — HEY !! ( He pulls a dozen roses from behind his back ) I thought you would like some flowers that you wouldn’t necessarily have to keep in eye on.

Lucy — They’re beautiful !

A-M — I didn’t want the day to go by without your hearing from me. I heard that is a serious breach of etiquette when you have slept with a woman for the first time. ESPECIALLY when you slept with your pants on 🙂

Lucy –Thank you. What did you do tonight ?

A-M — Something wonderful…… I think they call it growing up. Would you mind if I were poor again ?

Lucy — How poor ?

A-M — Don’t worry, I don’t think it will come down to that. (Kisses) I’ll see you tomorrow OK ?

Lucy — Hey, if you decide to go out and march on protest can we do it after lunch. It’s Dover Sole day at the Spaulding dining room.

A-M– (laughing ) OK deal 🙂

A-M heads back to the Hill where Bess is saying her good-byes.

Bess- I have never seen so many people with so many grudges in one place at one time. Anyway we all ended up with what we wanted. Except for one GLARING exception.

Alex — If you’re going to start in on my greedy little Nephew.

Bess — Nope enough said.

(A-M comes into the dining room. Alex leaves so they can say goodbye.)

A-M — Glad you’re still here Bess……… You know there was a time when I wanted to strangle you. But the truth is, a year ago I suffered two huge losses. My family’s company and my wife. Thanks to you I have my family’s company back and Eleni and I have been able to come to a new place. For that I can’t thank you enough.

Bess — ( walks over to him ) You are the one person in this house that has a TRUE grievance. You have been cheated, over and over again. Now I don’t know how long you’re going to be swept in the corner. Or denied your rightful place in the family. But I do know Brandon would have wanted you to have your chance to show the world what you’re made of. So that’s why I am giving you this. ( She hands him a check )

A-M — Bess, this is part of the ten million dollars my Aunt gave to you.

Bess –It’s yours now.

A-M — Two million dollars……………… I don’t know what to say.

Bess — Hell, if you hadn’t strong armed your Aunt into keeping her promise I wouldn’t have had it to give. We made a good team. But if I would have been born fifty years later we’d have made history !

Chapter One: Alan-Michael Meets Lucy

The following chapters were origionally posted on Curly-Locks Inc. which is unfortunately no longer active.  But it gives a great detailed and chronological summary of the road to love Alan-Michael and Lucy traveled, complete with major speed bumps.

*************September 93 – “Boy Meets Girl” – February 94*************

A-M had just spent a dismal time at his first ex-wife’s wedding ( Harley ) where his third ex-wife ( Eleni ) has just told him that “SOMEDAY you will find the woman right for you.” RIGHT!!! He was alone with his dismal life, driving home alone when He whips the wheel and just avoids a pedestrian !

A-M — Miss, Miss, are you all right huh ? OH MAN !!! ( looking at his car ) Well, no harm done at least…………

L– NO HARM DONE ?!?! ( hitting him with her purse ! ) I could have been road kill ! YOU are a menace to pedestrians !!

A-M — Hey, hey, HEY !!! What about YOU kid YOU’RE the menace ! You’rE walking down the highway in the dark in the middle of the night ! How old are you anyway ? Did you run away from somewhere ?!?

L– Yes, I sure did but that was three years ago ! I’m NOT a kid any more. I’m not a vagrant either. I got a car, it just broke down a few miles back !

A-M– Fine, there’s a service station just down the road. I’m sure they can help you !

L– Give me a ride into Springfield !

(They get in the car as A-M drives. They are both quiet. Suddenly she puts her feet on the dash.)

A-M –The dash there, it’s costume leather.

L– Well, I wouldn’t brag. My boots are custom leather too. Hand made in Santa Fe.

A-M — ( She puts her boots on A-M’s lap) They must think you’re pretty cute in Santa Fe. We’re NOT in cowboy country anymore. Do you mind ?! ( He removes her feet )

L– You wouldn’t know cute if it came up and bit you !

A-M —Ahh, Springfield city limits. What’s the address ?

L– Fifth and Lester.

A-M –The Wheels and Meals diner ?

A-M drops her off at the diner and leaves. Lucy has a MAJOR confrontation with Buzz. A-M has a run in with Gilly and Roger. Gilly is trying to help A-M find Bess Lowell. Bess Lowell had typed up the document that proves Jenna’s father was paid for his oil finding invention. If they prove this document exists Spaulding will be returned to the Spaulding family. Gilly is working for Roger at WSPR, because Spaulding owns it she must keep her “dealings” with A-M secret.  A-M has promised Gilly he will give her the Spaulding shares of WSPR for helping him. If and when he gets Spaulding back that is. Gilly and A-M are talking about their next strategy when Roger sees them. Gilly pretends A-M was drunk and coming on to her. A-M then just wants to go home. He is still in his CHRONICALLY dismal mood. He heads for the car. When he gets there he sees the sun roof has been broken into and the alarm is chirping away.

A-M–Oh TERRIFIC !! WHAT did they get this time ?!

L– (Pops up from the back seat ) It’s OK I’ve been watching it for you.

A-M — ( Shakes his head and lies it on the steering wheel ) GREAT just what I NEED !

L– Well, it’s better then getting ripped off !

A-M — MARGINALLY !! Now LOOK, I’m going to ask you this ONE question ONE time only. And I expect a legitimate if not completely honest answer ! ( He turns and looks at her in the back seat ) WHAT are YOU doing HERE ?!?!?

L — Why do you have a car alarm you don’t use ?

A-M — That’s not even illegitimate !

L — Well, anyone could get in the sun roof.

A-M –( With his head back on the steering wheel ! ) SEE…….. anyone can do what ever anyone wants ! That’s the PROBLEM with the world today !!

L –Ohhhhh, that’s deep.

A-M — ARE YOU DRUNK ?!?!? Are you EVEN old enough to GET drunk ?!

L — No to the first and why do you care to the second ?

A-M — Believe me I have no idea why.

L — You want me to tell you why ?

A-M– NO !!!

L — Actually I think you ought to be grateful.

A-M — Actually that’s true !! But I’m…..I’m not ! I’m very tired. I’ve had a LONG and lousy night and I’d rather not have a long and lousy chat with YOU !!

L — You know that diner on Fifth Street ?

A-M — ( long exasperated sigh ) LOOK all the restaurants are closed ! It’s closed. But if you hurry and walk on over to main there is an all night drive thru burger place down there.

L — Walk on down to a drive thru that makes sense !

A-M — How bout we make sense of this…. GOOD NIGHT !!

L — Do you know the people that run the diner ?

A-M — Yeah, they used to be my in-laws.

L — Your kidding ! You were married to that girl in the wedding dress tonight ?

A-M — You know, if this is what comes from being a good samaritan I SWEAR I will NEVER do another good deed as long as I live ! Scout’s honor !!

L — Did you know that girls father ?

A-M — No, not very well thank God, he was not around then. Look, he went away and he came back. Any other information you want on the good folk of Springfield can be easily obtained by going to the public library ! Thank you VERY much ( Opens her door ) now good night and good luck !

L — My name is Lucy and I need a place to stay.

A-M– Oh no, oh no,…………… NO ! You’re on your own kid. I’ll be happy to take you to the nearest train or bus station but after that it’s a parting of the ways !

L — Well, how big is your place anyway ?

A-M — Small, it’s very, VERY SMALL. I just moved in to get a little privacy. WHY am I even talking to you about this ?! Why don’t I just call a COP how bout THAT ? Who are you that I should be so nice to you ?

L — I’m a Cooper ! I’m Buzz Cooper’s OTHER daughter ! The other one that no one has ever heard of before. If you let me off on this corner I’m just gonna fall asleep. Because I have this very strong feeling that I’m just gonna go off by myself, fall asleep and never wake up. No one is ever going to know.

A-M — HELL LUCY !!!!!!

The next morning Lucy wakes up feeling sick from the houseboat’s movements all night. A-M takes care of her. Gets her a drink and a cool cloth. They talk about her family. How Lucy ran away with her boyfriend when she was just seventeen. A-M tries to encourage her to talk to her father. When he hears that Buzz has taken the trust fund you can see the empathy on his face. He asks her how old she is and learns she is 21. Well, she will be in a couple weeks. 🙂 A-M hands her the Springfield Journal and says “The want ads start on page twenty two good luck ! ” She reads the front of the paper and sees that A-M is the publisher. She heads to the Journal. She meets up with Jenna who is looking for an assistant. While talking to Lucy, Jenna figures out she is Buzz’s daughter and gives her the job. A-M is THRILLED when he finds this out. He thinks he will now have a set of eyes and ears at Spaulding. He tells Lucy who he is. Explains that Jenna and Roger were able to get Spaulding from his family. So do not tell them you know me or you could lose your job !

That night he gives Lucy the bed he takes the couch. Lucy wakes up early nabs his credit card and goes to an early sale she heard about in the Journal. A-M first thinks she has brought groceries. She shows him the different clothes she bought for work. A-M saying “You didn’t STEAL that stuff and bring it here did you ?” He is FLOORED when she tosses him his wallet and says “No I told them I was Mrs. Spaulding……”. A-M does his FIRST open mouth too exasperated to even make a syllable expression ! “You had NO RIGHT TO TAKE MY WALLET !!” Then remembers she is his “snitch” so he must stay on her good side. He starts to groom her in for Spaulding. By the end of the conversation he gives Lucy more money for clothes. Lucy, excited to shop some more, kisses him on the cheek. A-M tells her….. don’t do that anymore, you have a good day and leaves.

Roger has hired a thug ,”GEORGE”. A robot woman that can beat up anyone in her path. Roger wants her to find Bess before A-M does. She sees A-M talking to Eleni about Bess. George assumes Eleni knows where Bess is, so she kidnaps Eleni. Eleni does know Bess from her catering contract deal at Shady Pines nursing home. But she knows her as “Beth Lowry” a charming old lady that had suffered a stroke.

A-M is then pulled into helping find Eleni. Because Frank and Buzz tell him this is ALL his fault.  As we all know anyway the Springfield police have YET to solve a case.  Lucy helps A-M to find Eleni and Bess. A-M and Eleni are almost cooked to death in a sauna ! During this steaming A-M apologizes to Eleni about everything. He tells her he can see how happy she is now and he wants that for her. When she faints in his arms he tells her he loves her……then tells her again in Greek… Then Frank saves them both.

As a thank you for saving her life Lucy prepares a special dinner for A-M at the house boat. A-M is upset because the document Bess typed up was supposed to be in Marina’s lamb. It was ,however, taken by “SOMEONE”. So A-M still can not get Spaulding. Ross tells him even with Bess testifying it is still not good enough. Lucy thinks A-M is upset about Eleni. That even though he helped rescue her. He still does not have her as his wife.

A-M — This is really great Lucy ! You didn’t have to go out and bring all this food here just to cook it up for me.

Lucy — Here you go..

A-M — It’s delicious.

Lucy — I learned how to make this from a Mexican lady in Santa Fe. It’s hard to get real hot chili peppers here though.

A-M — I can’t eat though……..The document is gone. It wasn’t in Marinas lamb.

Lucy — Look I’m sorry A-M. I wish I had it. But I don’t.

A-M– Roger must have it then. Lucy, can you remember anything else from outside the spa ? Is there anyone else that might have wanted it?

Lucy — NO I can’t think of ……


Lucy — No it is NOT a disaster ! You want to know what a disaster is ? You are ! Look at you ! You are a mess! You know you’re your own worst enemy !

A-M — No I think Roger Thorpe gets that distinction…. OK I’ll bite…what are you talking about ?

Lucy — You are on this quest to get your family’s company back. Like this is a holy cause you have dedicated your entire life to. But you want to know what’s really going on ? You’re just trying to impress your family and probably your last ex wife and who ever else and have them sit up and say “Yeah, you know A-M is something. He REALLY deserves to be a Spaulding ! ” You know what the REALLY sad part of all this is ? You don’t even NEED the company ! You could do it on your own ! You don’t have to give up EVERY last thing…..

A-M — You know….I don’t mean to sound ungrateful here. But I don’t feel like being psychoanalyzed by some twenty year old community college drop out ! Dinner was great but I think it’s time you leave !

Lucy — OK FINE !! You just burned another bridge buddy ! Maybe I’ll see you around sometime !! ( She leaves in a huff )

A-M throws everything off the table while screaming DAMN three times in quick succession ! He sits down and starts to cry. Lucy, hearing the breaking glass, returns to find him. A-M ,embarrassed, tries to hide his face. Lucy goes to him. She gets on her knees, holds him in his arms while the sobs rack his body. She rocks him saying……

Lucy — Shhhh……………. I’m sorry, it’s all right.

A-M pulls back and looks at her face…..she wipes the tears on his face. He kisses her after trying so hard not to. But when he at last does he never wants to stop. You have this complete sense on how much A-M needs love and how long he has gone with out it. It would be so easy to love Lucy he needs her so………………. but then he MUST stop.

Lucy — ohhh you kissed me………I knew it, that I really did mean something to you.

A-M — Yes, it did, you do, but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.

Lucy — What ? Now you’re not going to tell me I’m too young or something right ?

A-M — Well maybe you are, but just for me…… though.

Lucy — Look, I’m NOT jail bait or anything….

A-M — I know ………. I’m not talking legally here. We both just want different things in life.

Lucy — How do you know ?

A-M — OK ! Maybe I don’t know exactly what you want ! But I know what I want and I know what I’ve been through. Lucy PLEASE…………. before you start telling me how wrong I am, just listen to me…’re adorable, you’re sexy, you’re tough, you’re smart and I REALLY like you a lot !

Lucy — BUT

A-M — BUT the timing is impossible ! Look, I’m on this one track right now ! I, I, I have a responsibility to my family to help them get back what they lost ! What I LOST for them ! I have this opportunity to get back their wealth and their dignity. Not to mention the fact they can see I’m not just screwing up my whole life. Lucy PLEASE…I owe it to them to give them my whole self and to do everything I can to get back what they lost. That just doesn’t leave time for….

Lucy — For what ? For fun ? For girls ? For Love ?

A-M — Ohhhh look………just whatever you want to call it…. Come on Lucy. You got to tell me you understand this somewhere in there.

Lucy — Yeah I do, because I lost my trust fund too.

A-M — Lucy, I know it hurt you to lose the seven thousand dollars. But it is not comparable to Spaulding Enterprises !

Lucy — Look, that money was my dream. Just like that company was yours. I know what it is to lose it. It hurts like HELL!! But what matters now is what you do next with it. What are you going to do obsess about this ? Or are you going to make new dreams ?

(Lucy is wandering around the kitchen cleaning up while A-M watches every move she makes.)

A-M — Here, why don’t you let me help you.

Lucy — Come on now, stop, stop, it’s all part of the deal right…It’s no big deal you saved my life…….

A-M– (smiling) I hope you’re not sorry you came over.

Lucy — Are you ?

A-M — NO it was kinda nice actually…….you really do make a mean enchilada.

Lucy — Well it could be considered a marriage proposal in some parts of New Mexico. If it clogs your arteries don’t come crying to me !

A-M — (laughs and still watching her) You’re beautiful.

Lucy — Look, you don’t have to boost my ego OK?

A-M — No that’s….what I was thinking was, why I thought it was a good idea not to kiss you again. But for the life of me I can’t…….

This time they kiss so softly A-M holding her in his arms. Gilly then comes barging in saying “I THOUGHT the ONLY thing you had time for was business.” Lucy leaves. A-M promises Gilly that as soon as they get Spaulding back he will give her WSPR. Roger is still missing and feared to be after Gilly next so she leaves town. A-M picks up the napkin Lucy has dropped. He touches her lipstick stain and says “Make new dreams.”

On Thanksgiving A-M asks Lucy out. Their first date they go to the country club to celebrate Nick’s engagement to Mindy. A-M shows up at Frank and Eleni’s to pick Lucy up. He is standing in the living room when Lucy comes down in a red hot sequin number she had gotten from Nadine. A-M’s eyes POP. Buzz is quite amused with both of them….

Buzz — Is this an instant replay or something ? Cause you came down here a few minutes ago……wait a second….I got it…….. this is all for A-M ! You’re trying to make an entrance aren’t you booby ?

L — Dad I JUST forgot my purse and went upstairs to get it !

B — Ya think ya got enough make up on there Butch ?

L — Let’s go A-M

B — Not so fast,( he takes A-M by the shoulder ) I want you to understand this is NOT some girl no one is looking out for.

A-M — I don’t think that.

B — That’s good, very good. Because you know there are these guys. GUYS that have been raised with a LOT of money who don’t understand what it feels like for a parent….When some CREEP treats his daughter with a HINT of disrespect !

L — DADDY !!

A-M — It’s OK Lucy, your father obviously has me confused with some one like Jenna Bradshaw Thorpe….

B– (Laughing) ……oooooooooh Well maybe you’re all right. Eleni tells me you’re not ALL bad.

A-M,with an ear to ear GRIN, notices how low cut Lucy’s dress is in the back. He smiles like he is seeing Lucy for the first time. They have dinner, dance, then go on a golf cart, speed racing all over the golf course. They stop at the greenhouse. Lucy realizes she has lost her necklace and innocently asks A-M. “Could you look down my dress ?”

A-M– Look down…….your…

We see them again later when Lucy stops the golf cart at the gazebo.

A-M — OK good, SLOW down, watch it GOPHERS !!

L — That was GREAT ! I always wondered how one of these worked !

A-M — And you chose now for your very first lesson ? After I helped you look for your necklace.

L — I let you look as far as a nice young lady going to her first country club affair would. Right ?

A-M — (smiling) Right.

L — You like the way I drive ?

A-M — Very much……as a matter of fact if they are looking for demolition derby drivers I think your in the top ten.

L — ( walking into the gazebo with him ) I probably messed up my hair completely. Is it a mess ?

A-M — “No…….it’s fine.” He unpins it and it falls to her shoulders. “It’s nice ” He softly touches her face. You think they will kiss but he takes Lucy’s hand they begin to dance.

The next day is the trial to see whom will keep Spaulding Enterprises. Roger Thorpe is mysteriously missing. But so still is the document. Bess is put on the stand and Ross stalls as long as possible…….Meanwhile at the diner Buzz is about to set FIRE to it ! Lucy stops him and a wrestling match and argument ensues. Finally Lucy says “What’s your cut ? I am sure what ever it is the Spauldings will match it.” Buzz says…”It’s personal”.

L– Did you get hit on the head or something ? I know your a ladies man but you never let any of them get to you before. You really think Jenna is going to marry you ?

B– I don’t know…

L– If you give her the contract then what ? Is she just going to fall in love with you ? She is still married to Roger. They still have all the money. She’s not even going to know you did it…right ? NO, all she is going to say is pass the caviar because Buzz Cooper is a sap !

B– You don’t know anything about me and Jenna.

L–What….. is she different, is she special ? I see the look in your eye dad. The same one you got when you read me the story of the knight riding in saving the princess. I always thought that was more for your benefit then mine. Look it’s not gonna happen. Do the right thing.

Buzz brings the document to the court house. Spaulding is returned to the Spaulding family. Roger is STILL missing now a warrant is out for his arrest. ( For fraud in his take over of Spaulding ) You see an immediate change in Aunt Alex. She was all for A-M’s plans on getting the company back. When he tells her he wants the office next to hers she says “Oh SOMEDAY darling” A-M is shocked and hurt by this. Of course Alex never sees it. That evening as they party at the country club Lucy goes back to the greenhouse to look for her necklace. She is feeling around and feels cold goo ! She pulls her hands out and they are covered in blood !

A-M opens the door just as she starts to scream. He helps her wash up. They go into the country club Lucy attempts to order a “Tom Collins”. The bartender says “Mr. Spaulding ?” Mr. Spaulding says “she’ll take the Collins MINUS the Tom.” They tell Cutter about the blood in the potting shed. A-M takes him out to show him where it is Lucy helps herself to half of A-M’s scotch and is feeling it when he returns ! She asks him to take her home and they go to his boathouse.

They are both quiet when they come in. A-M opens the door Lucy goes in. A-M does not take his eyes off her. He is close to her and he looks deeply in her eyes. He sets his keys down and Lucy jumps. He tries to hold her hands. Lucy backs away saying “I still have blood on my dress” She starts to run water in his kitchen sink and puts the dress in. ( The dress is sheer with leggings and a little tee under it 🙂 A-M has turned away from Lucy. He is hiding his feelings from her but the audience may see them clearly if they just look ! He sighs….. “Oh boy” and wipes tears from his eyes. He comes up slowly behind her. Lucy turns and they kiss passionately. While A-M drops his coat and loosens his tie. He picks Lucy up sets her on the sink and kisses up her neck as she kisses his. Their mouths meet again as he picks her up and carries her towards his bed. He stands her in front of it and takes off her shirt. He finds her lips again and then Lucy pulls away…….

L — I, I, was just thinking about………. golf carts.

A-M — (Out of breath and almost in a whisper ) What are you talking about, hmmmm? (He kisses her softly )

L– ohhhh…….I was just thinking…..

A-M — ohhhhh no no no no don’t do that. OK ? Not now. ( Lucy breaks away again A-M reaches his arm out and looks at it confused like….WHY is it empty ?! )

L — I was thinking the last time my heart was beating this fast we were in the golf cart it was great.

A-M — Yeah, it was, but if you don’t mind my saying so……. It doesn’t hold a candle to right now. (Lucy pulls away and A-M still reaches out confused) Lucy, what’s wrong?

L — I don’t know, I’m sorry, I just can’t do this.

A-M — Don’t be sorry, just tell me….what is it ? Did I do something……..did I say something to upset you……..(starts to laugh) Or did you just decide I wasn’t the guy you wanted to be with right now ?

Lucy — (laughs while putting on A-M’s shirt and socks he had thrown on the floor ) “It’s not you at all. Do you mind if I put these on ? ( She sits on the bed )

A-M — (putting his hands on her shaking knees ) Tell me what just happened…OK ?

Lucy — (looking shy and embarrassed ) I guess you just pretty much swept me off my cold little feet. Then my insides were getting all stirred up with like this big wooden spoon. Then all these questions started to pop into my head.

A-M — (smiling sweetly ) What questions ? (kissing her )

L — Like……if you loved me ?

A-M hands her a beer from his fridge and takes a sip from his. Lucy smiles at him while A-M gathers his thoughts.

A-M — When someone stares at me it makes me nervous.

L — I’m sorry I make you nervous. Unless it’s a good nervous like how you make me feel.

A-M — Well….you make me nervous in a good way Lucy. You keep me on my toes is what you do. You make me laugh. Take me out on golf carts, all hours of the night. You’re fun, really a fun girl to be with.

L– Oh boy ! You might as well tell me I’m a great cook !

A-M — Well, you wouldn’t say that if you knew how little fun I’ve had in my life. Fun’s right up there in my top ten believe me.

L — What about Love ? Where is that in your top ten ?

A-M — It’s not something I’ve let my self think of for awhile. It’s not a word I just throw around casually.

L — Sooo………….. It was just like a fluke that you were married three times before you were thirty ?

A-M — OUCH Lucy…see…. that’s kinda the point. I’ve made a lot of mistakes by rushing into things. I just want to take things slower. But it’s not easy with you. You’re not a slow down kinda person ya know. But look, with so many things in my life just hurling along….you know how hard it was to get the company back. Now that we have it we got to go full force. So of all times, ALL times to run into someone like you…….. this is NOT it.

L — OK I got it ( She starts to walk away heading for the door. A-M stops her by holding her shoulders then touching her face. )

A-M — Somebody….like you sweetheart…that when I look at you…you’re so beautiful you make my heart stop.

L — But it’s not love is it ?

A-M — Maybe it’s a start. We may have a lot to look forward to here.

L — OK, I’ll buy that….. They kiss.

A-M is putting stuff in boxes. All of a sudden he comes across Eleni’s heirloom brush and comb set. A-M had Blake buy this set when Eleni was desperate for money. She put an ad in the Journal to sell them. When A-M saw the ad he had Blake buy them and gave her a thousand dollars for them. Lucy shows up at the boathouse and finds A-M in the midst of packing she sees an antique silver brush mirror and comb set. When she picks them up and asks A-M about them. He takes them from her hands.

Lucy — Where did you get these ? They’re Eleni’s aren’t they ?

A-M –You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lucy — Well actually I do… I asked Nadine why you and Eleni broke up….she said it was a long story but that Eleni loved Frank always. She loved him so much that she sold those brushes to Blake Thorpe to pay for all their bills. Frank never found out about it till later….

A-M — I don’t even want to discuss this with you.

Lucy — I just bet you don’t ! It might mess up your sweet deal you’ve got going here…


Lucy –With me, you come in here and sweep me off my feet what was that all about?

A-M — ( A-M comes up and touches her face ) I thought that was about something going on between the two of us…..

Lucy — Yeah well…I don’t even know why you hang out with me.

A-M — I thought it was about something going on between the two of us….

Lucy — Maybe you just want to stay close to the family….come and pick me up so you can look at Eleni.

A-M — Will you give me just a little bit of credit ? I like you for YOU. It has nothing to do with Eleni.

Lucy– Do you still love her…..( A-M turns and looks at Lucy )…..yeah I guess you still do……….( and leaves )

Frank contacted Blake to buy the brushes back for Eleni for Christmas. A-M had a hard time giving them up. It was all he had left of her…… He has them wrapped and has Lucy place them under the Cooper tree with a card that said “From your Husband”. ( That ripped my heart out, cause A-M always wrote that on HIS presents he gave to Eleni. ) When Eleni opens it she is so happy she is crying. Lucy and A-M look at each other and smile. Then A-M gives Lucy her present on the front porch…..

Lucy — A-M you didn’t have to get me a gift or anything…

A-M — Oh, it’s all right really… It’s something that has been in my family a lot of years. I thought you might like it.

Lucy — ( Lucy rips it open and pulls out an antique snow globe ) It’s BEAUTIFUL ! I used to have one of these when I was little….it wasn’t this nice. I used to just love shaking it up and watching the snow fall……. then one day I shook it a little too hard it slipped out of my hands. I cried like I lost my best friend…..did I tell you that already ?

A-M — Yes, a few weeks ago…we were talking about favorite things when we were kids….I thought you might like that…

Lucy– No Alan-Michael I LOVE it ! Thank you…..( kisses )

A-M is having yet ANOTHER fight with Aunt Alex about WSPR. He wants to give Spaulding’s shares to Gilly for the help she gave in getting the company back. Alex assumes he wants to give the shares to Gilly because he has slept with her. Lucy shows up and Aunt Alex starts asking if anyone has seen her Christmas globe. It was an antique……. A-M says “Come on Luce lets go !” He leaves to a place where he can be free of everything Spaulding.,the Bauer cabin. Lucy starts to question him about the snow globe he gave her for Christmas.

A-M — OK I took the snow globe. It’s not that my Aunt even cares about it. It’s just missing inventory to her. I knew you’d like it and garn pleasure from it.

L — You didn’t want my help ?

A-M — Yes, I wanted your help. I kinda had the feeling you would have given me that anyway.

L — OHHH……. you got me all figured out huh…

A-M — LOOK all I did was give Eleni back something that was in her family a very long time. Something she had to give up. So why wouldn’t you help me ?

L — Well why didn’t you just give it back to her yourself since you were the one helping her out.

A-M — Her HUSBAND wouldn’t have looked at it as so simple. He would have read more into it then it was. I wanted to give you something special. You have been very good to me these past few months. I don’t care what my Aunt Alex thinks.

L– Look I know how hard you worked to get that company back. Aunt Alex doesn’t appreciate it very much does she ?

A-M — ( Turns and gets up to try and hide his hurt from Lucy ) It’s really no big deal.

L — Yeah it is. You did something really amazing. She acts like it would have happened all by itself. It’s not very fair.

A-M — No…it’s not.

It is really snowing at the cabin now.( There is just SOMETHING about the Bauer cabin and blizzards ! ) So A-M calls to see how long till the plows will have the roads cleared. He is told unless it is a medical emergency he should stay where he is. He looks over at Lucy who is smiling at the great fire she already has going. She asks when the plows will get there. When A-M tells her not till morning she looks over at the bed…

L– WHY did you bring us here ?

A-M — See….. when you walked in to my Aunt’s study I was so pissed off. I just wanted to get as far away and as fast as I could ! The Bauers are also my family. They don’t make headlines like the Spauldings. But they’re comfortable. Like real family and friends are. They will be there no matter what. No questions asked. So when I come up here it gives me hope. It makes me feel I don’t have to be as ruthless as my Aunt or my Father.

L — Wow there really are two sides to you aren’t there ?

A-M — Yeah, I guess so. It gives me some clarity when I come up here. It helps me to connect with that other side.

L — You know when you first started talking I was a little disappointed you didn’t bring me up here to sleep with me. But now, after you said something so real about yourself….I think it’s better.

A-M — That’s really good. I’m glad we can talk…..but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to sleep with you…………….

Then they get ready to go sledding. A-M is pulling out mittens and scarves. He pauses a minute looking at the brown scarf and handing Lucy the other one. Lucy asks “Is that Eleni’s ? ” A-M smiles……”No, it’s my Aunt Maureen’s” he smells it before carefully folding it and setting it on top of the others. Lucy is ready to head out the door. A-M stops her and helps her button her coat. They both swallow hard when he gets to the top two buttons 🙂

They come back in laughing and sounding like ten year olds !

A-M — I WON !!


A-M — I did NOT !! I just applied aerodynamics to good sledding ! I won FAIR AND SQUARE !

(They warm themselves in front of the fire.)

A-M — You really are pretty

L — So are you.

A-M — I don’t want to be pretty.

L — What do you want to be?

A-M — The best……at everything

L — I thought you already were.

A-M — What do you want to be.

L — Me ? I want to be Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

(A-M laughs and can no longer wait to taste her lips. They kiss passionately. Lucy pulls away, picks up some pretzels and tosses them at him saying “I’m starving” )

A-M — I don’t get it. Every time we get in one of these situations you can make the smoothest transitions to food. ( Lucy handing him a beer ) Nothing like a couple cold beers and………. stale pretzels.

L — So tell me, what are your New Years resolutions ?

A-M — Gee, I don’t know….don’t bet on *Notre Dame* in a big game. Flossing every….

L — Your REAL resolutions.

A-M — You want real…..OK real. There is this division in Spaulding that I messed up before. It’s pharmaceuticals. I want another crack at it. I want a chance to put it right on top again. Bring Spaulding right a long with it. Where it should be. I want my Aunt to see that I can do it . I want her to be right there. I want to prove to her that I am as much a Spaulding as she is, or anyone else for that matter.

L — I’m SURE you are.

A-M ( A-M excited and enjoying having someone to share his dreams with. ) I am capable enough to do it to! I just need a shot, just ONE shot. She’s got to give it to me don’t you think ?

L — (excited to hear his dreams ) YES !

A-M (Smiles ) — Here I am, going on about something you have absolutely NO interest in whatsoever.

L — Wait a minute, why wouldn’t I be interested ?

A-M — It’s business.

L — ( smiling ) No it isn’t… weren’t talking about business. You were talking about a man, or a women setting goals and worth. Getting the chance to prove yourself. Everybody wants that A-M.

A-M — Yeah,…..I guess that is what I was talking about. Your a pretty smart girl Lucy. You sure you don’t want to sleep with me ?

L– I don’t know what it is……. A-M. I, I, just can’t do it. I can’t explain, I’m sorry.

A-M — Hey, hey, you don’t have to explain. I don’t want you to be sorry either. Look I’m glad that you take making love so serious. I like…I appreciate girls that think it is very serious….

L — Thank you

A-M — Oh, umm….good night Lucy…sleep tight.

L — Yeah, you too (standing by the bed ) one thing, you never asked what my New Year’s resolution was.

A-M — No I didn’t, sorry, what was it?

L– I’m going to marry you. ( She leaps in bed and pulls the covers over her head ) A-M stands holding the chair with this “Did she JUST say what I THINK she said ?” look on his face.

On New Year’s Eve Lucy and Julie show up at the Towers for the big New Year.s Eve bash Hamp is putting on. Lucy sees this woman with hair down to her butt all over A-M like a cheap suit ! Lucy tells Julie she must have blown it with him. She told A-M her plans a little too early in the game. Lucy and Julie both drink champagne. Lucy, DETERMINED to have a good time, starts dancing with a blonde hum-a-na-hum-a-na guy. She puts on the performance of her life. What a FABULOUS time she is having !! While stealing glimpses at A-M. Who is turning GREEN but refusing to let Lucy see it 🙂 Lucy gives up the game assuming he could care less anyway. Julie is off dancing with Frank. Lucy stands at the bar playing sadly with confetti…..

A-M– (saying triumphantly ) It’s a few minutes to zero hour shouldn’t you be dancing ? ( Lucy turns and A-M realizes she is hurt. He drops his gaze ) with ME ?

L — What happened to your date ?

A-M — (amused ) What date ?

L — I may be crazy but I could have sworn ten minutes ago some girl was blowing in your ear.

A-M –Sybil ? She’s not my date. I’ve known her for a very long time. She was glomming on to me I don’t know why….

L — Maybe cause YOU were glomming back !

A-M — (smiling) You look beautiful.

L — So much glomming going on I didn’t think you noticed.

A-M — (highly amused and in an all out charm ) EVERY man in the room noticed. Come on, are you going to dance with me? Or is midnight going to come and go and we will be stuck on opposite sides of the room ?( Lucy puts her hand out in a truce A-M shakes it. They Kiss the Year 1994 in.)

Aunt Alexandra decides to solve the WSPR problem once and for all !! She gives it to her precious son the newspaper reporter ! That was bad enough for A-M, but she gives it, in front of a room full of people including Gilly and Lucy. Alex got EVERYTHING she wanted to accomplish done with this move. It humiliated A-M. Got Nick and him at each other’s throats. Ticked Mindy off and let everyone know Alex was still the QUEEN of Spaulding. Nick comes up to A-M latter in the study. He promises A-M that he did not know he and Gilly wanted WSPR ! Now that he knows this he will sign it over to him the minute Alex gives it to him. Nick tells A-M he considers him his friend, heck his brother ! A-M believes this and assures Gilly that WSPR will be hers. (Another mistake in the 60th book ! It gives the entire idea of Nick signing WSPR over to A-M. It even says this was why A-M did not get the presidency !

Lucy and A-M continue to date. A-M takes her to the Towers after blowing her chance at getting a bartending job at the country club. ( When he was asked to vow for the new bartender A-M told them she was still 20 ). Then Lucy gets the tour of the mansion. It looked like this would be the night she stayed over. But Gilly interrupts them kissing passionately on the sofa !

Lucy takes A-M bowling when it is revealed he had only bowled one other time in his life. He does so poorly he finally gives up and INTENTIONALLY throws gutter balls. After Lucy encourages him to try harder he dances with the bowling ball !

On all these occasions you can see how close they are, even confiding in Lucy, which is new for Alan-Michael.  Lucy tells him her dreams too. She tells him she would love to have a home like Eleni and Frank’s someday. That she always loved the way red geraniums look out side of a little square yellow house.

Lucy shows up at WSPR. She wanted to catch A-M and warn him before he got to Spaulding. Seems Aunt Alex found him a crappy little office far away from the BIG executive ones. After seeing his office he heads back to the president’s office.

L– Maybe your Aunt Alex doesn’t know about this. Maybe Mr. Nolan made these crazy arrangements with out her.

A-M — No, he wouldn’t do anything with out her approval. Well, she still keeps a picture of my father on her desk. I wonder why she bothers…

L — It was his desk and his company.

A-M– Yeah, which doesn’t seem to cut much ice with her or she would take better care of his son. I can’t believe that I have to beg for office space still. I am surprised I don’t have to fill out a reacquisition slip for the paper clips I use. This office that she calls hers…….. I literally grew up here. When I was five years old I use to beg my father to bring me to work with him. I would sit under this desk and pretend it was a cave. All around me I would hear the rumblings of men’s voices. They were trading punch lines to jokes they all ready knew the set ups to. So as not to hurt my tender ears. Then after they left my father would pick me up and set me on his lap. He would tell me how I was going to sit in this chair for real some day. Little did he know.

L — You miss him, don’t you ?

A-M — Yes, I am under no delusions of my father. I know he was a hard man. But when he was young and worked here this place was exciting. The people that worked here they had a love and a loyalty. They would hang on his every word. Little did he know….

L — Well some people are not meant to be in the background. Like YOU, A-M ! One day you’re going to have this company. You’re not going to have to worry about some office down the hall. You’re going to be sitting right there, behind that desk. I am going to be so proud of you.

(A-M takes Lucy’s hands and kisses them. He leaves promising he will be right back with lunch. He comes back a half hour later with a beautiful lunch on china.)

A-M — (He escorts her to her place pulling out her chair) “This is not half of what you deserve but it is the best I could do on such short notice. Come with me Madame” (He pulls the red rose out of the vase and hands it to her saying. )”Thank you”

L — For what ?

A-M — For what……for making me feel I can move mountains when I am dealing with mole hills.

L — Getting the right office is not a mole hill. You will make your Aunt see that.

A-M — Do I sense in ulterior motive here ? What do you want when I finally get the company?

L — You mean besides you bringing me lunch like this everyday ?

A-M — yes, besides that.

L — I figure I will spend the next few years …How do you business types put it ? Formulating my agenda.

A-M — Well that sounds very sexy when you say it that way.

L — I don’t normally talk about formulating in mixed company, but there’s just something about you that makes me lose my head.

A-M– I sure hope so.

They go to Company. A-M is busy making phone calls. He told Lucy he is planning something special for “His Girl”………………..

Lucy and Alan-Michael (1994): Spring Fiesta Queen

In March 1994 Buzz entered Lucy into the Spring Fiesta Day Queen contest on Fifth Street.  Though Lucy plays it off as unimportant, as something she is just doing to please her father…she secret desires to win.  This particularly troubles Frank since he entered Julie (who was trying to drive a wedge between him and Eleni) into the contest as well.  Though Frank says he never would have entered Julie had he known Buzz was entering his own sister Buzz simply tells him, “It’s always been a Cooper to wear that crown.  And it always will.” Famous last words Buzz.

Lucy wants to win not only for Buzz but to prove herself as one of the Coopers, to feel as if she were actually one of them for a change.  Which is why Frank’s ultimate betrayal will hurt even more.  She also wants to prove herself to Alan-Michael.  To show him that there is more to her than meets the eye as well as make him proud of her. 

During the course of preparing for the contest Alan-Michael buys her a beautiful white gown – which she mistakenly thinks is a wedding gown at first – only for Lucy to learn that you’re only to wear white after you’ve been elected Queen.    This would also be just one of many times Alexandra lets Alan-Michael know she does not approve of him and Lucy. 

Alan-Michael buys a Dress for Lucy


These are the early days of Alan-Michael and Lucy and they are tender and beautiful.

Alan-Michael Encourages Lucy

(The night of the contest, Alan-Michael is held up with his family and shows up at the local school just before the start of the event. Alan-Michael enters the gym with a bouquet of roses in hand as Lucy is being coached by Nadine on how to sit. Lucy rushes off stage to greet Alan-Michael and the two go out into the hallway where Alan-Michael hands her the flowers.)

Alan-Michael: Here you are. For you. (Looks her up and down) Look at you. You look like an angel.

Lucy: An angel? Me?

Alan-Michael: Ah, maybe an angel with a slightly dirty mind.

Lucy: (Giggles and touches his chin) I oughtta smack you. Besides, do you realize what time it is?

Alan-Michael: I thought you didn’t want me to come? No, I got here as soon as I could …. Boy, you really do look beautiful.

Lucy: Thanks.

Alan-Michael: No, really … I mean, I came in here and I looked across a room full of people and all I saw was you. You just shine, Lucy. No matter where you are … And I have never seen you look more beautiful than you do today.

(Alan-Michael leans in to kiss her. Their lips touch, but then Frank, Eleni and Stavros arrive, interrupting them. LAM pull away from each other and watch them enter the gym.)

 Spring Fiesta Queen Conest


Lucy Loses Spring Fiesta Queen

The deciding vote between Lucy and Julie comes down to Frank. Lucy thinks she’s won since there is no way her brother would vote against her…right?  Wrong.  Frank decides to vote for Julie, knowing she has a thing for him and that it will encourage her even more and make Eleni jealous.   He doesn’t think about how his vote would be seen in the eyes of his sister, who still feels like an outsider among the Coopers.   Lucy, dejected and a bit shocked, graciously congratulates Julie and runs off into the hallway. She leans against the wall and cries, then takes off.   Alan-Michael gets up after her..But not without having a little chat with Frank first….

Alan-Michael: Frank, how could you do that to your own sister?

Frank: Alan-Michael, wait. (Stands) I didn’t know how Lucy felt. She acted like the whole thing was a joke…

Alan-Michael: How could you not know how she felt, Frank? (Alan-Michael goes out into the hallway looking for Lucy, who later re-enters the gym and approaches a seated David and Kat.)

Lucy: Hey, have you guys seen my Dad anywhere?

(David and Kat stand and turn around to face Lucy.)

David: Wow. Um, not in a while … actually.

Lucy: Oh, well.

Kat: Lucy, I’m really sorry. I voted for you.

Lucy: Thanks anyway, Kat.

Kat: I can’t even imagine them putting Julie in that little convertable. They’re gonna need a huge semi for that big ego of hers.

Lucy: They’re gonna need more than one.

(Frank approaches Lucy from behind)

Frank: Lucy, listen, listen…. (Lucy whips around to face Frank) I’m sorry. Look, I’m very sorry about this.

Lucy: (Visibly hurt and angry) Forget about it, okay?

Frank: No, really. If I hadn’t been the one to talk Julie into this, I never would have —

Lucy: You don’t have to explain.

Frank: No, if I knew that this hurt you so much, I never would have done this.

Lucy: Frank! Would it really have made any difference? (Beginning to lose her composure) Forget it. I gotta find Dad. (Lucy hurries to the door, Frank calling after her. Alan-Michael finally finds her in the hall.)

Alan-Michael: Lucy, Lucy, I’ve been looking all over for you.

Lucy: Why? I’m fine.

Alan-Michael: Yeah, well, I’m not. You were robbed!

Lucy: (Putting up her best front) Oh, come on, it’s just like Julie said. It’s just this little neighborhood thing. It’s okay, really.

Alan-Michael: Come on.


Lucy the Outcast

(Alan-Michael takes Lucy back to the Spaulding mansion. They enter the study and Alan-Michael closes the door behind them.)

Alan-Michael: You know, it’s okay for you to admit that you’re hurting over this.

Lucy: Look, why should I pretend to feel something that I don’t? … Look, have you got something to drink?

Alan-Michael: Trust me, that doesn’t help, okay.

Lucy: I was talking about a soda!

Alan-Michael: Come on, Lucy. Please. (Alan-Michael tries to take Lucy’s hands, but she pulls away.)

Lucy: Look, would you just leave me alone already?!

Alan-Michael: Fine, then tell me … talk, talk to me.

Lucy: Fine! (Walks toward the sofa) I’ll talk to you. I mean, ever since we got in the car it was like, “Talk to me, Lucy. Tell me what you’re feeling!” I lost, Alan-Michael, okay?! It’s no big deal! I just lost, okay? (Sighs and sinks into the sofa) Gosh! Maybe … maybe they just thought that I was stuck up because I wore this beautiful dress that you gave me a day too early. Or maybe they thought it was time that they shouldn’t vote for a Cooper, because Harley won so many times. Maybe they didn’t like my smile … Maybe they just, maybe they just didn’t like the fact that I walked right on in and pretended to be one of them … pretended to be …. (Lowers her voice, tears forming in her eyes) to be family. (Alan-Michael sits down next to her and touches her shoulder. Lucy fights back her tears.)

Alan-Michael: Come here … come here, it’s alright. (Alan-Michael pulls her close and kisses her forehead, Lucy finally breaking down and letting herself cry.)

Lucy: Why couldn’t I win, Alan-Michael? I wanted you to be proud of me.
(Lucy buries her face in Alan-Michael’s chest.)

(Lucy, no longer crying, sits slumped next to Alan-Michael as he caresses her shoulder.)

Lucy: I mean, I really thought that I had my family behind me. You know, I know I wasn’t raised a Cooper, (Alan-Michael kisses her on the head and pushes her hair back) but I just thought that … I guess I just thought that I was starting to fit in. (Sits up a little) You know, and maybe … maybe they did love me. I never expected to be like *Harley*, but … but little a bit … It’s funny, ’cause … for the first time in my life … I actually felt like I was a member of something so much bigger and so much more important, a real family. It wasn’t just my Dad and me. (Wipes her eyes) I liked it. I liked it a lot …. (Sighs) Oh, well. (Props herself up) I guess being born to the wrong family without a mother who’s a Cooper finally did me in because … tonight I realized that I … I wasn’t really a part of them at all.

Alan-Michael: Yeah, well, maybe not tonight, Lucy, but … as long as you don’t give up, it’s … they’re gonna have to accept you. They just … they’re gonna have to.

Lucy: You think so?

Alan-Michael: Look, I know better than anybody what it’s like to have the *wrong mother* … I had to fight for a place in my family too, Lucy, and it took a long time to get where I am, but when I finally got it … it felt so much better than, than if someone had just handed it to me. Because I faught for it and I won, I earned my place! It happened when my Aunt Alex said that she was gonna tell the board to vote me in as president to my own family’s company. You… (leans in close to her, looking her in the eyes) You have so much fire and so much will inside of you … and so much beauty that you can do anything that you want. I know you will, okay? (touches her chin) It’s gonna happen.

Lucy: Thanks. You know, (takes his hand and kisses it) it’s weird, isn’t it? … I liked you the first second I saw you and I didn’t even know what family you were from or who your mother was. I just liked you. Just you.

(Lucy leans her forehead against Alan-Michael’s and they kiss softly.)

The Name Game

First off I have to start off saying that it was quite the experience sifting through various baby name databases looking for the perfect one for Marah and Tony’s little bundle of joy.  Oh who am I kidding…It was pure torture!  Nothing seemed to “fit” what Marah or Tony would name their child and Jonathan had already “stole” the name Sarah.  Though I think they chose well the whole process made me pause and think about the concept of the “Soap Opera Name”.

The actual term “soap opera name” usually has a negative connotation to it.  Afterall, soap operas are not often taken seriously among mainstream media, this is  despite their longevity or the fact that their filming style is more intense than that of television or film.  But I digress.  Sure some soap opera names border on the outlandish, but they can also be both beautiful and unique.

Who knew that Sierra would start a trend?

Who knew that Sierra would start a trend?

But more importantly, they can impact social trends.  When the character Kayla Brady was introduced on Days of our Lives in the early 80’s the name Kayla suddenly began to leap onto the top baby name lists and stayed there for more than a decade.  Soap Operas were also one the first genres to introduce locations as first names.  Characters such as India von Halkein on Guiding Light  and Sierra Esteban on As the World Turns were trend setting for their names alone!

And for a little personal touch, a coworker of mine shared that she was named after Alexis Colby (portrayed by the always fabulous Joan Collins) from Dynasty.

Alexis is quite the glamourous diva....

Alexis is quite the glamorous diva….

Soap Opera names can be a lot of things:  Different, unique, trend-setting, and beautiful.  So for fun let’s look at some of the more interesting ones…


Though a real name Reva still remains as unique as the character

Though a real name Reva still remains as unique as the character

Since Guiding Light will forever be my favorite soap opera I will begin there.  And I have to start with my girl Reva Shayne.  Though her name was “different” it is an actual name that means “star”.  But really, how many Revas do you encounter in real life?  Reva said she combined her mother’s name Sarah and Josh’s mother’s name Martha together to get the name Marah for her daughter.  It’s a sweet story, though like Reva the name does exist.  And it’s meaning…”bitter”.  I think I like Reva’s story behind the name better.

Through its many years Guiding Light had numerous characters with unique names.  Some examples include: Harley Davidson Cooper who was named after her father’s favorite motorcycle (hate to see if her father had driven a Buick), Melissande “Mel” Boudreau, Roxy Shayne, Fletcher Reade, Meta Bauer, Gillian Grant, Marina Cooper, Hawk Shayne, and can’t forget LUJACK and Maeve!

Some of the early pre-television names were quite interesting to say the least.  My personal favorite being the name Torchy.


Now for the others….

As the World Turns didn’t have many unusual character names.  They did however have a Sierra before the name Sierra became commonplace.  Okay I admit Holden and Lucinda just sound like pretentious soap opera names.  Though some of the older character names like Hester and Gunnar could be considered strange by today’s standards.  Hester?  Channeling some Scarlet Letter action?

Wallingford is quite a name.  Hope they called him Wally.

Wallingford is quite a name. Hope they called him Wally.

I never watched Another World but an internet search turned up the names Lehoma, Wallingford, and Gonzo for the winners.  Now I am all for the outlandish and the unique but unless you are a Muppets character the name Gonzo should not be used. Ever.  Though I at least get some soap opera fan points for knowing the actor that played Wallingford portrayed Rose’s friend Jonathan Newman on the Golden Girls right?

Muffy doesn't sound snooty at all...

Muffy doesn’t sound snooty at all…

In addition to Reva, Kim Zimmer also got to play another character with an “interesting” name over on the soap opera One Life to Live.  Echo DiSavoy.  Yes ECHO!   Also included on this list would be Harrison Brooks, Muffy, Suede Pruitt, Euphemia Ralston, and Mortimer of names considered “different”.

Like the sand through the hourglass….Days of our Lives has had characters with the names Calliope which reminds me of Cantilope and the names Greta, Rolf, and Leopold make me think of a production of the Sound of Music.  They also have several good dog names: Rex, Bo, and Belle.

The soap opera All My Children had numerous names that could be considered odd to non-soap fans.   Greenlee, Woodruff, Millicent, Myrtle, Brot, Alf, Seabone (?) and Ceara are not exactly common names.  And not exactly sure they should be… But how about Verla Grubbs played by the always amazing Carol Burnett?

Here's Verla!!!!

Here’s Verla!!!!

Once again I never watched the soap opera Santa Barbara but Flame and Minx would I think top anyone’s list, unless you plan on your children pursuing a career as a stripper maybe.

The Soap Passions in itself was unusual so of course the show would be a plethora of wacky names to choose from.  Fancy, Siren, Tabitha, Esmerelda, and Orville are my top contenders. Though Cracked Connie the psychotic doll isn’t winning any “Top baby name” awards any time soon.

Sure they weren't conning him with the name Algernon?

Sure they weren’t conning him with the name Algernon?

General Hospital:  Damien Spinelli is top contendor for worst name on this soap opera. The name Damien always conjours up bad images, probably due to Damien in the Omen.  Some others include: Algernon the con artist,  Constanza (though called Connie), Maxie, Tonia, Siobhan, and Duke.  And though the character’s real name is Lucas Lorenzo he is known to other characters and fans as “Lucky”.

Poor Zende hasn't been seen since 2005

Poor Zende hasn’t been seen since 2005

And now good ole The Bold & the Beautful.  Proving that things really are strange in Tinsel Town, the show has given us names such as Ridge, Mossimo, Storm, Thorne, Macy, and ZENDE!! But even Zende doesn’t compare to the next one…Whipple “Whip” Jones.  Whipple?  Kind of hard to imagine a kid with that name NOT getting made fun of on the playground. With a name like that his parents are practically wishing it on him!Zendre darling little Abbott darling little Abbott

On The Young and the Restless there hasn’t been as many wild names as on the other soap operas though it does have a few.  The character’s name may have officially been William but viewers know him as Dr. Snapper Foster.  Yes Snapper like the lawnmower.  And the always fabulous diva Victoria Rowell portrayed rags to riches Drucilla Barber to perfection.  And going back to the 80’s there was a character named Boobsie Caswell.   Brock, Brooks, Fenmore, and Reed are uncommon names and not likely to be found outside of soap land.   More recently one of my favorite couples Billy and Chloe had a daughter named Cordelia “Delia” Abbott, though she was killed off this year.  Though the name grew on me after learning that it means “heart”.


So there you have it, some of the more unique names I have uncovered (and at turns laughed at).  Some of these should probably remain locked away in the soap opera vault forever.  But you never know, perhaps like Kayla Brady on Days of Our Lives the name Zende will finally catch on.

The Many Faces of Shayne Lewis

Shayne Lewis was a character who had a good heart and who always tried to do the right thing.  There is no better way to describe him than to say he was simply a good kid.  He loved his family dearly was fiercely protective of his older sister Marah, likely due to her being the one person so present in his life growing up.  His mother was considered dead and his father was chasing for clues to if she lived while chasing the nanny.  So Marah and Shayne had a close sibling bond that would remain intact until Marah left town in 2004 (with Shayne leaving months later).

As for storylines, following the Annie story, Shayne didn’t seem to be phased by Reva and Josh’s turbulent love life.  Unlike his sister he generally accepted the new partners in his parent’s lives quite easily (perhaps he knew what we all knew, Jeva was forever).  Though he would conspire with his sister against Olivia it was mainly a Marah plot with Shayne just along for the ride.  Afterall, Shayne was simply a good kid.

During his years on the show Joshua Shayne Lewis was portrayed by several actors, some more remember than most.  And here are the Many Faces of Shayne Lewis:

3ik5d3tspavqvat1. Travis Cartier.  From Shayne’s birth in February 1990 to April 1991.  Shayne was the much-anticipated Jeva baby.  20090908_GuidingLight_HarleyNanny_650x498_0Unlike his sister there was none of the chaos surrounding his birth, his parents were together and happy.  No that drama would come later when Reva dealt with postpartum depression.  Following her presumed death his sister and him were largely cared for by their nanny Harley Cooper.  In true Josh Lewis form, he began to fall for Harley and even proposed in New York City.  However, Billy Lewis spotted what appeared to be Reva on a travel show about Italy.  Though Josh denied the possibility that Reva was alive Harley caught him watching the video repeatedly and broke off their engagement.  Josh Lewis later uprooted Marah and Shayne, and their Grandmother Sarah, and moved to Italy early in 1991 to search for Reva.

SL72. Brett Cooper.  From December 1993 to April 1997.  In 1995 Josh Lewis fell in love with nurse Annie Dutton, who became the only real mother figure young Shayne had ever known.  Both Marah and Shayne were in fact happy at this turn of events, they both loved Annie and accepted her as a mother figure in their lives.  And in true soap opera fashion, this would also be when Reva would return to Springfield.  Unlike his sister, Shayne had no real memories of his mother and thus folloShayne1995wed her lead on whether or not to trust Reva…and his sister was full of anger and distrust.   All of this contributed to Reva giving Josh custody so they could be a family without her.  In 1996, Shayne would be injured in a demolition accident on Fifth Street and be saved by Alan Spaulding.  Though it was Alan whose plans to develop Fifth Street (and demolish Buzz’s diner) is what put Shayne in danger in the first place.  It wasn’t until 1997 that Shayne finally allowed himself to trust Reva and accept her into his life.  Brett Cooper was a great young Shayne.  He and Kimberly J. Brown were a great sibling pair who were particularly close to their father and yes, Annie Dutton.  This was a good time in Springfield history, before the Reva Clone. 

Garrett3. Garrett Stevens. From July 1997-May 1999.  When Josh left Annie (because he was still in love with Reva) Shayne was understandably upset.  Unlike his sister he was not happy about his father’s upcoming divorce from Annie.  Yes, he now trusted Reva but he loved Annie as well.  Until Reva’s return Annie had been the only mother young Shayne had known and he accused his father of not keeping his promises.  He even had nightmares about Annie begging him to let her out of jail.   In 1998 the Lewis’s were led to believe that Reva had died yet again.  Unbeknownst to Shayne and his sister Josh had Reva cloned in one of the worst storylines in Guiding Light history.  By 1999 Shayne had grown close to Reva and Marah and he watched happily as their parents remarried.MarahandShayne1999

Shayne Kidnapped4. Tony Michael Donnelly.  From October 1999 to December 1999.  He was a short-lived Shayne whose biggest contribution includes being kidnapped by Holly Norris Reade during the “Nursery Rhyme Stalker” storyline.  Since most fans try to block out that horrible blip in Guiding Light history it is no wonder that I tend to forget this Shayne even existed.  His other story was comforting his mother when it was discovered that she had another child from her years missing in San Cristobel.  Unlike his father and sister, Shayne supported Reva.  The discovery of this child would eventually lead to yet another divorce between Josh and Reva in 2000.  Like I noted, this Shayne lasted a whopping two months and I don’t really remember his time in Springfield. 

shane4205. Billy Kay.  February 8, 2000 to January 24, 2003.  In the midst of divorcing Reva Josh became involved with a woman named Olivia Spencer.  Marah and Shayne conspired together to try to get their parents back together, to no avail.  And in the process Shayne grew to actually like Olivia.  Also around this time Shayne also began to notice the growing romance between Marah and mobster Tony Santos.  Shayne was the protective little brother and informed Josh in concern.   Shayne was also involved in Reva’s Time-Travel story as well as when Reva stood trial for turning off Richard’s life support.  Shayne stood by his mother then and later on when his mother was being harrassed by a stalker.  Shayne had a big crush on Marina Cooper, and helped her to get her grades up, but Marina never saw Shayne as more than just a friend (which was sad because other than Ben I thought Marina was best with Billy Kay’s Shayne).  Another great aspect of this Shayne was his protectiveness of his sister Marah.  Shayne may have been the younger brother but he stood up to Tony a number of times and when Tony physically attacked Marah he was his sister’s source of comfort and support.  I really loved Billy Kay’s Shayne!  He was the perfect teenage blend of Josh and Reva and had great brother/sister chemistry with Lindsey McKeon (Marah).  He was funny and caring, but tough when he needed to be.  Sadly they really underused Billy Kay in the role and they decided to recast the role with someone with more “sex appeal”.  While yes Billy Kay did have a baby face, he was a genuinely good actor and in my opinion they did the show, and the character, a disservice by getting rid of him.

Marty West (Shayne)6. Marty West. February 14, 2003 to August 16, 2004.  Marty West took over the role of Shayne towards the end of the Stalker story.  But his big storylines included him working towards a baseball scholarship and his growing relationship with Marina who was dating Ben Reade, future serial killer.  Just when it seemed as if he and Marina were getting closer, Shayne found himself with a dilemma—he could go to Stanford on a baseball scholarship or skip college and play professionally.  Josh took Shayne at his word and secretly mailed in the draft contract and was picked up by the Chicago Cubs.  Shayne invited Marina to a concert on the same night West; Lewishe was to meet with the manager of the Cubs and on the way home got in a car accident and was paralyzed.  The biggest part? The other driver of the car was Josh!  Towards the end of 2004 Shayne decided to do something meaningful with his life and volunteered with the peace corps in Bosnia.  Marty West was new to acting, and it showed in his scenes.   Any joking or teasing Shayne didn’t come across as joking and it seemed…mean in nature.  Where I felt Josh and Billy Kay’s Shayne joking was genuine any joking with Marty West’s Shayne felt forced.  There was no mutual brother/sister support, it was all about Shayne.  Though he had more of the “sex appeal” the show was looking for he lacked the warmth that was the hallmark of the Shayne character.

images (61)7. Jeff Branson. December 1, 2008 to September 18, 2009.  We first see this Shayne in a wheelchair and angry at the world.  Turns out that Shayne had been working to deactivate land mines and was injured in one. Touched that he confided in her, Dinah told him all about her problems, and during her rant, mentioned that her ex-husband was marrying Marina Cooper. Intrigued, Shayne left Germany for Springfield.  Shayne continued to push everyone away and was uncomfortable with people labeling him a hero.  The one person he confided in was Dinah and on New Year’s Eve, Dinah told Shayne that she wanted to ring in the New Year with him. When Shayne rejected her, she relentlessly pulled him into a kiss.  Dinah and Shayne continued to grow closer andimages (50) when Shayne contemplated suicide Dinah was the one who talked him down.  Shayne proposed to Dinah and they were married—when she mysteriously left town.  It didn’t take long for Shayne to learn the reason—Dinah had killed the man believed to be Edmund. Dinah’s departure left Shayne reeling. Deeply hurt and angry, Shayne gave the wedding rings to Vanessa and said nothing as Josh secured an annulment on Shayne’s behalf. Shayne continued to act angry at the world until Marina convinced him that Dinah should be applauded for what she’d done since she did it in defense of Henry (Shayne’s son).  In the finale episode we are led to believe that Shayne and Marina are raising Henry together.  I really loved Jeff Branson’s Shayne.  If Billy Kay was my favorite younger Shayne than Jeff Branson would be the adult equivalent.  He had the tortured soul down, and I adored his romance with Dinah.  As for the Marina thing? I think I fixed that in….