Marah’s Halloween Fashion Show (2003)

Happy Halloween!!!  In October 2003, fresh from her break up with Tony, Marah had a charity fashion show benefiting the development of Fifth Street.  Unfortunately I do not have the clips for this event but I did find a website with some screen caps.  Marah’s vision of fashion was, to put it frank, different.  She loved color and being different so this fashion show was perfect for her.  Especially for Halloween.


The  fashion show was interesting because:

1. Right before the show the venue was trashed and Nico ended up getting hurt.  This is You can see in these Manny clips the lead up to the fashion show.

2. It was for charity and Marah assembled a fair majority of Springfield’s ladies to take part in walking the runway.  Even Alexandra Spaulding wore Marah Lewis original creations.

3.  This would also be the introduction of the New Tony recast , Stephen Martines.

4. Possibly one time following the recast when I got one hint that Tony still felt something for Marah.  And the writers were already pushing for Marah/Jeffery.

But without further ado, Marah’s Halloween Fashion Show…












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