Marony~ Christmas 2001

Double Date

A lot was happening during this time in the lives of Marah and Tony.  Marah’s father was being implicated for bribery charges, And though Josh had always disliked Tony it would ultimately be Tony who would save him from prison.  Tony discovering the photos linking him to the crime were a forgery and though he knew that Marah would of course be grateful and that it might bring her back into his life he didn’t want to reveal that he was the one who discovered the truth (though Marah did learn).

Even better?  Reva was time-traveling through a portrait that had a striking resemblance to Olivia.  It was also the beginning of the Ben/Marah/Tony/Catalina Quad that was surprisingly well-written and had a very natural flow to it.  Tony had begun dating Catalina in a sorry attempt to get over Marah (with the added drama of having Marah and Catalina as roommates).  And Ben had initially made a bet with his fraternity brothers and began dating Marah in an attempt to “melt the ice princess”, though he would eventually grow to have genuine feelings for her.  Yes,  the obvious “root for” couple was Tony and Marah but even this Marony fan liked the build up and anticipation (even though I hated to wait!)

December 11, 2001 (Part One) : Marah talks to Tony about him helping Josh with his corruption charge.  And in the process they talk about their relationship ♥.  Catalina learns of Ben’s bet for Marah’s virginity.

December 11, 2001 (Part Two) : Tony and Marah Wonder why they couldn’t admit their true feelings when they were together.

December 11, 2001 (Part Three) : Marah says that her and Tony could be friends.

December 18, 2001 : Ben comes in the dorm as Marah is doing homework.  She has forgotten about their date. Tony and Catalina enter as Ben and Marah are getting flirty and Tony doesn’t look pleased.  Ben wants to make it a double date and though Marah and Catalina decline Tony thinks it’s a great idea.

December 19, 2001 : Marah and Ben go on a double date to Towers with Tony and Catalina.  Tony and Marah dance to a song they danced to at prom.  Ben and Catalina talk about their plan to keep Tony and Marah apart.  Later Ben and Marah kiss. Out in the hall Tony calls Ben a slick operator, he questions him about his feelings on Marah’s essay.  Tony warns Ben he will be watching him.

December 24, 2001 :Christmas at the Lewis house and Shayne is dressed as an elf.  There is no Marony interaction  here but it is the Christmas episode for the year.

December 26, 2001: Ben buys Marah a necklace for Christmas.  Afterwards they run into Tony and Catalina.  Both Marah and Tony act unaffected by the meeting, especially Tony.  When Marah shows Tony her necklace Catalina shows off her leather coat, Tony feels he has to “one up” Ben.  Marah let’s it drop that they will be going skiing that weekend…

January 3, 2002 (Part One) :Ben buys Marah ski equipment for their trip.  Meanwhile Tony enlists Romeo’s help keeping an eye on Ben. Carmen overhears Tony’s jealousy and though she knows Tony’s heart will always be with Marah Abuela urges her to fight for Tony anyway.

January 3, 2002 (Part Two) : Tony decides to make up for missing date night with Catalina by proposing a ski trip where Ben and Marah will be.  Catalina makes some plans of her own.


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