Behind the Scenes

Marah and Tony

I changed many directions during the writing of “What Matters Most”, some I think were for the better and some were simply because the story would have gone on FOREVER if I hadn’t changed things up.   Here are some of the more notable changes I made midstream.

1. The character of John Anderson was originally a main villain.  In fact, he was the character who eventually became Carlos Riviera (AKA Carlos Quesada).  But during writing John became more of a sympathetic character while I was trying to craft an old-school villain, one who lived and breathed vengeance for years and came out swinging.  So John became a secondary character whose story slowly emerged in my head, and whose last act was one of redemption.

2.  I was originally going to have Eden and Carlos pair up romantically.  But Carlos had a one track mind and wouldn’t let me be deterred.  As a villain he was the dominant personality and crazy enough I began to like writing him.  He was an interesting character to dive into especially since he was crafted from a scene when Catalina first arrived with Reva and Noah when she mentioned having several brothers back in Cuba.

3.  After Eden got Tony in the hotel room I was going to have her lie about her own pregnancy in a very old-school soap story twist.  But that would have added even more chapters onto this story!  Instead I reverted back to Marony history.  Like the photos from Vinnie Salerno in 2003, I had Eden play the same game with Marah which caused them angst and left them vulnerable.

4.  And one of the biggest changes was that the “hero” can technically be considered Michelle Santos since she saved Marah and the baby.  The original hero was going to be Robbie Santos but I thought that might be a bit traumatizing for a little boy to see.  So I moved Michelle in as the new heroine who saves the day with her doctor skills.  In fact, any time I went to write a Michelle scene she just seemed to take over.  She was throwing Eden out of her house and certainly wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.


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