Is this the End?


Not quite.  When I began writing “What Matters Most” I never anticipated it would become a novel that stretched forty plus chapters.  But writing a story covering at least the majority of Marah’s pregnancy had to be a long one.  And midway through I realized that if I were to end Marah and Tony’s story on a happy note than any future insights into this pairing would be one-shot fanfics and short stories.  So I decided to end “What Matters Most” with a cliffhanger.

But all is not lost, I have every intention of writing Story Three very soon.  I have been toying with the titles “Lost and Found” and “Return to Me” but anyway it will be Marah and Tony’s journey back to each other…with of course some roadblocks thrown in for good measure.  Though the amnesia angle is not exactly me favorite areas to explore, it opened up some great possibilities to explore.  Both between Marah and Tony as well as between Danny and Michelle.

In the meantime I plan on finishing the Marah and Tony clips on YouTube as well as some articles on here that I have been working on while finishing the story.


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