What Matters Most~ Chapter Thirty-Eight

Bursting through the doors of the emergency room Tony hadn’t realized how relieved he would be to see Michelle’s face, but he was, immensely relieved.  Especially since her normally soft facial features had been replaced by a look of intense determination and focus.  Marah need all the help she could get and he knew, he just knew, Michelle would fight for her and their child.  She hurried along the stretcher listening to the paramedics listed the injuries Marah had sustained.  As she directed them to trauma room one she placed a restraining hand on Tony’s arm. “I’m sorry Tony but you can’t go in there.”

Tony opened his mouth to protest but Michelle briefly tightened her grip on his arm, “I don’t know what I am going to see when I get in there.  But I do know that I do not need frustrated and scared Santos vibes hindering my concentration.  Now I need to get in that room and focus on saving Marah and the baby.”

Tony understood.  He didn’t like it, didn’t want to be separated from Marah for a single second more than he had to, but he understood.  So he nodded reluctantly and stepped to the side.   From his left he sensed others approaching before he actually saw them.  His brother’s arm on his shoulder a comforting weight, his words simple yet encouraging. “She’s tough.  She’s going to pull through this brother.”

Josh and Reva stood nearby leaning on each other for comfort yet they still extended that hopeful optimism his way. “He’s right Tony.  Marah has more strength than people realize.”  Josh hugged Reva tighter to his side. “Just another thing she gets from her mother.”

Tony hoped they were right.  Because life wouldn’t worth living without her light to guide his way.


Michelle ordered a CT scan right away.  The head injury and the fact that Marah hadn’t regained consciousness troubled her.  She was not a neurologist by any means but she made the call anyway.  Better to do something than nothing while waiting for the specialist to get his ass down here.

It was the fetal monitor that Michelle watched with eagle eyes.  The baby’s heart rate was low and not climbing the way Michelle would have liked, even with the blood transfusion.  Considering the amount of blood Marah lost it was a minor miracle they were both alive, but she schooled her features when she pushed past the trauma room door and faced Tony and Lewis family.  Right now Marah and the baby were alive, and she would fight like hell to keep them that way.


The double doors separating him from Marah swung open and Tony was instantly on his feet along with everyone else in the waiting room.

Michelle smiled though it was strained and didn’t even remotely reach her eyes. “Well I am not going to sugarcoat it for you, it’s serious.  Marah has suffered partial placental abruption my guess is due to a fall due to the bruising I already found forming on the abdomen.  I managed to stop the bleeding but she has lost so much blood that she is at an increased risk of shock.  I have also paged the hospital’s neurosurgeon.  She hasn’t regained consciousness and I want to make sure everything is checked out on that front.”  She paused while the weight of her words penetrated the group at large.  Marah was out of the clutches of a madman but she was far from out of the woods.  She looked at Tony sympathetically, “And then there is the baby.”

Oh God, she had lost the baby.  Tony didn’t think his heart could hurt anymore than it already did but was wrong.  He dropped his head down and cursed under his breath.  He could hear Reva’s harsh sobs but he couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe.

“Like I said, she’s lost a lot of blood.  The baby doesn’t seem to be in any serious distress but her vital signs aren’t evening out like I would have wanted.  I think the best course of action would be to perform an emergency C-section.  She may be a little small but she has an excellent chance of survival.”

“You mean-” Tony had to swallow back the emotion threatening to choke him, “You mean she didn’t lose the baby?”

For the first time that night Michelle’s smile was genuine. “No,  And I am going to fight like hell for both of them.  Once again, not going to sugarcoat it for you.  Both Marah and the baby are still in danger, but if we act fast we can hopefully get both out of the woods.”

“I’ll sign anything you need me to just hand me a pen.”  Tony signed the forms with a flourish and handed them back.  “Can I see her first?  Just for a minute.”

“Two minutes Tony,  we don’t have time to lose.”


Tony walked into the white room and looked down at the love of his life.  So motionless and still, her face unnaturally pale due to blood loss.  The beeping of the monitors showing how much of a fighter his wife was, how much their child was.  He reached down and brushed the hair back off her cheek.  “I’m so sorry baby.  If I could trade places with you I could.”  He let his harsh sobs rack his body freely as he rested his hand over the hard swell of Marah’s belly, over where their child lay.  “I know you are probably tired but you need to keep fighting baby.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you and your light in my life.”  He thought about all that had happened to them over the past couple of months.  From Eden and Carlos’ coming into their lives and his misguided attempt to protect Marah from his past mistakes.  “I love you and I promise that we will get this right, I will make things right.  Because this is what matters most.  Our family that we are building.  Our future.”

All too soon the door opened and Michelle returned to inform him that his two minutes were up.  Tony leaned over Marah’s prone body and kissed her forehead gently.  “Keep fighting baby.  I love you.”  Forcing himself to walk away from her at that moment was the hardest thing Tony had ever done.


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