The Community Center

Cedars Ball

Ross at the Cedars’ 60th Anniversary Ball

Just like the Bauer Bar-B-Que and the required Christmas episode, Guiding Light used to throw some really great parties. There has been everywhere from the Founder’s Day Picnic, complete with turn of the century costumes, to masquerades. From decorative galas to commemorative balls. These were always great fun to watch in that they typically included a goot majority of the community of Springfield and there was always something going on behind the action to amp up the drama.

Reva Founders Day


In What Matters Most I tried to incorporate some of these elements into the opening of the Community Center.  In fact, I tried to draw on as much history as possible.

I started with the name.  There is nothing like a good tie-in to the show, and it seemed appropriate to use the name Guiding Light as the name for the center.  I felt this would be particularly appropriate considering its entire purpose is in “guiding” Fifth Street back to its former glory.  Which brings up another, though more recent, ode to history; the role of Fifth street in Springfield.  Fifth Street was basically a big block party at Frank and Eleni’s wedding, in 1995 Buzz Cooper threw a charity gala to raise money for Fifth street, and in 1996 it was the victim of a fire.

We were also led to believe that it had fallen victim to the clutches of the Santos family and became a den of depravity.  Danny and Tony began a neighborhood cleanup project in 2003 but this was eventually scrapped.  Since Danny and Tony were both back in Springfield I liked the idea of them finishing what they started so many years ago.


At Cedars Hospital’s 60th Anniversary Ball Ross made a great speech about the history of Cedars and its importance to Springfield.  I felt that Ed, as the Bauer patriarch, should make this speech at the community center.  And including Reverend Rutledge’s famous quote was my final ode to Guiding Light History.


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