Could Guiding Light Make a Come Back?

Grant Aleksander

Recently Grant Aleksander (Phillip, GL) did an interview with Carolyn Hinsey from Soap Opera Digest about his work on the webseries Tainted Dreams and revealed an interesting little tidbit that may be of interest to Guiding Light fans. Paul Rauch, who was Executive Producer for Guiding Light from 1996-2002, was working on bringing back Guiding Light before his death in 2012.


According to the interview: “Oddly enough, Paul was working on getting the show back on the air before he died. He had gotten pretty far with that, he was talking to big
network executives. P&G was interested. When you look at what’s going on in Stamford right now [where AMC and OLTL have been filming], I don’t think P&G will just sit on a creative property if there’s a profit to be made.”


Could you imagine if Springfield made a comeback online such as AMC and OLTL?

On a personal level I would love to see Guiding Light return more than any other soap. I see the demand every day when I get comments on Marah and Tony videos thanking me for uploading clips. About how upset they were to see that Lighthouse fade into the darkness. When I see how many people are checking out this website and the happenings of the citizens of Springfield. I Believe In the Mystery is just a small corner of the internet devoted to one soap couple, a soap couple that stuck with me long after their story ended.

But there is a definite profit to be made in the marketing of Guiding Light. Just like I see DVDs for Dynasty, Falcon Crest, and Dallas available for purchase Guiding Light is a fairly untapped market waiting for executives to see its potential. The clips I have made available were DVDs of episodes that I purchased from a private vendor.

So could Guiding Light make a come back online? Perhaps. Paul Rauch passed away before it was off the ground. But the fact remains that P&G were interested. And that makes a big difference.


One thought on “Could Guiding Light Make a Come Back?

  1. I wish they would bring it back…I loved the show and so did many many others. They never should have canceled it in the first place. They should also bring back ATWT’S too.

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