A Few Minor Notes


Hope you are liking the story so far!  We are more than halfway through What Matters Most but there is still a lot more drama in store for Marah and Tony.

First up is the return of Eden.  I never believed Tony would have had sex with Eden.  I felt the writers used their tryst as a handy tool to keep Marah and Tony apart and have Jordi exit stage left.   I was initially hesitant to go this angle thinking it wouldn’t hold up long-term but then I got to thinking about my characters.  Tony’s guilt combined with his desire to protect Marah from this transgression, even years later, is very TONY.  The Santos men have a white knight complex that often leads to more harm then good.  I also thought about MARAH, and how would a pregnant woman who is dealing with fluctuating hormones view Tony’s suspicious behavior?  And I think the outcome is very MARONY.

As for Eden herself, she has just made a huge move regarding Marah and Tony’s relationship.  She has also revealed a big secret, one that I actually had requests for on Twitter from other Guiding Light fans.  To return Gus to being a Santos.  This was a storyline I actually liked and hated that it was dropped in favor of Gus being made into a Spaulding instead.  Though having Alan Spaulding as a father ultimately caused Gus to lose the love of his life, him being a SANTOS would have been soap gold.  Being a member of the very family he had a vendetta against for so long?  Like I said, soap gold.

And big huge DISCLAIMER: There are going to be some graphic scenes coming up.  When dealing with villains with revenge on the brain these things tend to happen.  But I like to give a fair warning just in case.

I hope you keep reading because though we may be halfway through there is a LOT more drama in store 🙂


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