What Matters Most~ Chapter Twenty-Four

Tony practically scowled as he watched Eden sip her Martini. He seriously doubted she had become refined in the years since she left Springfield. “So how did you get my number Eden? Should we add stalking to your list of crimes?”

Eden glanced across the small table at Tony who was staring daggers into her. He always had fought the attraction between them. Until that one day when he had finally let that tight rein on his control go. And it was that memory that she clutched tight to her now. She made him lose control once, she could make him do it again. “Hardly Tony. In case you forgot, I work here. Your phone number is easily accessible.” She grinned mischievously, “I could have always called you at home. I am sure you and Marah are listed.”

Ignoring the taunt Tony pressed forward, “So what do you want Eden? Money? Go ahead and name your price.”

Eden laughed at his blase attitude. She knew she had disrupted his perfect little life. But both of them were cut from the same cloth, domestic suburban life would bore him before long. Really she was saving him from a life of the mundane. He would see it in time. “Money would be nice, a girl can always use some nice spending cash. But I was thinking about something more…exciting.”

Tony narrowed his eyes. Two can play at this game. “So what, you want a car? A mansion in the hills? A pet tiger? Spell it out for me Eden I don’t have all day.” He pulled at the collar of his shirt, suddenly feeling as if the thermostat had gone up thirty degrees.

“I want you Tony! I have always wanted you.”

Yeah he figured as much. “Well you can’t have me. You said that when you came back to Springfield the first time and my answer is still the same. I am in love, with my wife.”

Eden rolled her eyes. She was as bored now with his broken record routine as she had been then. Time for Tony to get a little history lesson. “Yeah you certainly loved her up on that roof.”

Tony leaned forward while lowering his voice to a level that could only be classified as menacing. “That was a mistake and you know it. I regretted it then and I sure as hell regret it now. If you came back for me than you wasted your time, I don’t want you. I never have…” Tony paused in his tirade. Something was definitely off here. The other patrons in the bar that had served as background noise began to buzz in his ears like bees in a hive. The buzzing continued to get louder even as Tony looked around at those around them. He shook his head to clear but that only served to make things even more fuzzier, like his head was stuffed with cotton. He needed to get out of here. Adrenaline kicked in and he pushed away from the table unsteadily. “I have to go.”

But making an exit was easier said than done. His legs felt like lead and each step felt harder than the next, but still Tony was desperate to keep moving. Slender arms came around his waist and helped him remain upright when he stumbled. Through narrowed and blurry eyes he saw blonde hair and sighed. “Marah.”

“That’s right. How about we go lie down? You’ve had too much to drink tonight.”

To Tony that sounded like Heaven and so he allowed her to lead him towards the awaiting elevators…


Once she hauled Tony inside the room she had reserved for the day she let his heavy body fall on the bed. He made a slight groaning noise as Eden jostled him around to remove his cell phone from his pocket, but he still remained blissfully unaware at what was happening around him. The drug that John had procured certainly was effective. According to him it was the latest in designer party drugs, it would sedate the user for several hours while remaining virtually undetectable. Not wasting any time Eden sat on her heels beside him on the bed. Leaning over him she surveyed the object of her obsession and sighed, he was so handsome he took her breath away. He was completely wasted on Miss Perfect, she would never understand him like she did. “But we’ll fix that. ” She began removing his shirt, which was no easy feat considering he was literally passed out cold. But still, she hummed in approval at what she revealed under his clothing, rubbing her hands along his muscular chest. “You still work out I see. Very nice.”

She trailed her finger along his chest and down his sternum. Flattening her palms on his stomach she turned her attention to his belt buckle. “And I am sure you are just as delightful under here as you were back on that rooftop.” She continued to remove his clothes methodologically until Tony was wondrously nude on the bed. When Tony began moving on the bed Eden was spurned into action. She quickly divested herself of her own clothes and slithered next to his prone body. He automatically turned his body into hers and she once again smiled. Very much the cat with the canary. She checked the time, the drugs had about an hour before they would wear off. Just enough time for phase two. She picked up the cellphone she had placed on the night stand earlier and began to type.


Marah was sitting at her desk working when her cell phone chimed alerting her to a text message. She picked it up and smiled. After their fighting this morning it was just like Tony to want to do something romantic to alleviate any doubts she had about him, about them. She read the message again.

Towers. Room 217 @ 5:30. Don’t be late. XO

Considering it was already four-thirty he wasn’t giving her much time. Plus she still had to go home and freshen up and let the dog out. She started gathering up her stuff for the day.

“Got some place to be?”

Marah turned her attention to her mother who was watching her with an amused smile on her face. “Guess Tony planned a date night. Since I am the one who signs your paychecks that means you get to go home early.”

Reva whooped while she did a half spin in her chair. “There are some perks to nepotism.”


Tony groaned. He felt like he had a rock band pounding away in his skull. An aspirin the size of Missouri wouldn’t fix that sucker. When he felt brave enough to open his eyes he was shocked to find he was not at home. In fact, he wasn’t sure where he was. A warm arm slid across his bare stomach to cuddle closer. And he wasn’t alone. He turned his head slowly to ask Marah what was going on only to see that his bed mate wasn’t Marah at all. It was Eden.

His headache was forgotten as Tony felt his heart drop down to his stomach. No,no, no, no, no! He couldn’t have….he wouldn’t have made that mistake again. He practically flung himself out of the bed only to discover that he was in fact naked. He quickly scanned the room before locating his clothes on a nearby chair. Grasping the comforter from the bed he wrapped it around his waist as he made his way over to the chair. “What in the hell is going on here Eden?”

But whatever Eden was going to say was interrupted by the sound of Tony’s world coming to an end from the doorway. “No Tony, I think that’s my line.”


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