A Bright Light ~ A Marah and Tony Short Story

I love soap names!! Especially when they are not your basic “run of the mill” names but something unique and sometimes even funky. Though I did learn that Marah IS a real name that means ‘bitter’ (go figure huh?), The story was that Reva combined Marah’s two grandmother’s names to create a unique name for her daughter, which is a much sweeter story. After I decided to give Marah and Tony their first child I thought ‘how would these two go about picking out a name?’ and the idea for a short story was born.  This Marony short takes place in that one month gap between Chapters Sixteen and Seventeen.

Marah sat on the floor of the bedroom they planned to use as a nursery and watched as her sexy husband rolled dark pink paint on the walls. “Looks good. I think they finally got the color right.”

Tony laughed but kept on painting, “Yes it was the guy at the paint department’s fault. Couldn’t be that you changed the color three times.” He paused to reapply paint to his roller before continuing, “I think I actually saw him cringe the last time we were in there.”

“I just know what I want. I got vision honey and don’t you forget it.” As if that would ever happen. He came home two weeks ago to find her painting this very room purple. It wasn’t so much the shade of ‘Dawn’s Embrace’ on the wall that shocked him, though it was indeed shocking. No it was the sight of his pregnant wife standing on a stepladder wielding a paint roller. Tony swore she cost him at least five years off his life that day and since then had taken over all decorating duties, even if it drove her batty. He would have banished her completely during painting but the weather was nice and the two large windows provided enough ventilation he didn’t get too worried. Though she looked the picture of contentment sitting there with her hand rubbing absently over her protruding belly.”I think Jellybean likes it. She’s kicking up a storm.”

“You know we can’t keep calling her Jellybean. Jellybean Santos just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Imagine the playground taunts!”

Marah laughed, “Well lucky for you husband I brought along some baby name books. We can accomplish all kinds of things today.”

“What do you say we carry on a tradition? Your mom combined your grandmother’s names to get Marah. Danny and Michelle combined their names to get Danielle. Could we do something like that?”

“And name our child what? Marony? I don’t think so. What about Caitlyn?”

Tony paused in his painting, “Um, Marah? You do know that Caitlyn is an English form of Catalina right?”

Well that certainly ruled that name out! Like hell would she ever name her child after the woman who had destroyed Tony and her’s lives. “Moving on. Guess we’ll have to turn to the trusty books I brought with me.” She picked up the book next to her and was surprised to find a piece of paper tucked within, “What’s this?”

Tony dropped the paint roller so fast Marah was surprised ‘Pink Blossom’ didn’t go flying everywhere! He made a frantic grab for the book, or more importantly, what was tucked inside. “Here let me have that!”

Marah held it out of his reach. Well, as out of reach as she could, they both knew he wasn’t going to try too hard out of concern for her baby belly. She slowly opened the piece of folded paper, “Well what do we have here?” Marah looked at her husband and was shocked to see him blushing. He never blushed. “A list of baby names? Aw honey this is sweet.”

He rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously before moving to sit beside his wife. “I couldn’t sleep one night and just started jotting down names that sounded like they would suit our bambina.”

Marah briefly scanned the list in her hands, “Anita? That’s almost as bad as Catalina!”

Tony raised an eyebrow at that one, “Really? Did we have an Anita who tricked ‘me’ into getting her pregnant that I didn’t know about?”

She knew he was referring to the replacement Tony, especially when he used air quotes when referencing himself. “No Anita was the mother of a man who was supposed to my dad’s best friend. The way my mom tells it is that when Will kidnapped me as a baby he took me to stay with his crazy mother. I don’t see that one going over very well with my family.”

“And I thought the Santos family had an interesting history.”

“Well my mother never shot me and my grandma never took out a hit on me either. The Lewis family is less lethal and more colorful. Like the kooky aunt that collects cats.”

Tony held up his hands in surrender as he laughed boisterously. “Touche. You are right, the Santos family was more of a ‘internal conflict’ kind of family.” Most days he was able to forget, for just a little while, just what messed up genes he was passing on to his daughter. Just what kind of family ‘legacy’ he would have to explain later on as she grew up and started asking questions. He didn’t know how Danny handled it…

Marah grabbed Tony’s face between her hands. He already had a five o’clock shadow going at two in the afternoon which she found completely sexy. She forced herself to keep her focus and looked into his eyes, “I know what you’re thinking and you need to stop. Our baby is going to be safe and loved and that’s all that matters. Being a Santos isn’t going to change that. I think we have established that my genes are just as um, interesting, as yours anyways.”

Tony didn’t know how he ever managed to survive as long as he did without Marah. “How did I ever get so lucky to have met you?”

“Something naughty I’m sure.” Marah picked up the baby book again, “Now let’s pick a name for our baby!”


Hours later Tony walked into the living room carrying bags of take out, “How about the name Alice?” When he saw what his wife was doing sprawled out on the couch he stopped dead in his tracks, “Are you… knitting?”

Marah sighed in frustration. “It’s supposed to be soothing. And since your daughter has decided to do gymnastics on my bladder at all hours, and you took away all my decorating duties I had to find something to keep me occupied. No one told me it was frustrating as hell!”

Tony handed Marah her dinner before joining her at a safe distance, “My mom used to knit. Or so Ray told me. It must be true because growing up I had this blanket I slept with every night that she made. Finally had to throw it away when it was the size of a rag.”

They were both silent while they reflected on another sad bit of Tony trivia. “I think our daughter should have the name Luz.”

Tony first looked shocked, than his face broke into a pleased smile before sobering, “Really? Won’t your mom be mad?”

“My mom will get to see her grandchild. Be a part of her life and watch her grow up. Luz is part of who you are, a part that you sadly lost too early in life. I would be proud to have my daughter named after her. She gave me you after all.”

“On one condition then. How about as a middle name? That way your mom won’t try to murder me in my sleep.”

“Deal. Now we’re halfway done, all we need is a first name.”


Five hours later…

Tony nudged his wife awake, fully aware he could lose the arm. “Marah? I think I’ve got it.”

Marah groaned and hugged her pillow tighter, “I don’t care what you’ve got. Your daughter just got done doing her tumbling passes on my insides. I am taking advantage of sleep when I can.”

“Why is she my daughter when she’s doing her gymnastics routine?”

She just groaned louder though most of it was muffled by the thick pillows. “Because it just confirms my point that she is most definitely going to be a daddy’s girl. Now go to bed.”

“Lanie. I think we should name our daughter Lanie.”

Marah raised her head off her pillow and could just make out her husband’s mused hair through the moonlight streaming through the large bedroom windows. He should have been exhausted after all the work they did today but he was as bright-eyed as ever, “Why Lanie?”

“Well I was just reading in the book that it means ‘Bright’. And my mother’s name means Light. I always say you are the light to my darkness, Lanie would be…”

Suddenly all sleepiness fled from Marah’s body and she leaned over and kissed him soundly, “A Bright Light. Honey that’s….perfect. Absolutely perfect.” She placed a hand on her stomach, “And judging by the somersaults Lanie is suddenly doing I think she loves it as well.”

Tony placed his hand over Marah’s, “Lanie Luz Santos. I can’t wait to meet her. I bet she’s as lovely as you.”

From beside the bed Toby began to wag his tail. Tony looked over and sighed, “Seems our other kiddo wants out.”

Marah rolled back over and hugged her pillow to her cheek, “That’s a daddy wag if I’ve ever heard one.”


From beneath the covers Marah giggled, “You bet your ass.”


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