What Matters Most~ Chapter Sixteen

Michelle loved this part of her job. She always knew she wanted to help people just like her father and her brother but this, this was her calling. Helping bring life into the world. And she couldn’t think of two people who deserved it more than the two people who were currently waiting for her to continue with their ultrasound. She moved the wand along Marah’s belly and watched both of their faces become transfixed by the sound of their baby’s heartbeat. That miracle sound had them completely captivated. Yes, she really loved this part of her job.

“Everything looks to be developing right on track.” Michelle paused to make some notes on Marah’s chart. ” Michelle moved the wand more to the right of Marah’s stomach and smiled before looking at Marah and Tony, “I am sure you both will be happy to know that there is only one baby in there. So have you decided whether you wanted to know the sex of the baby or not?”

Tony blinked at Michelle’s question. Of all the things Marah and he had discussed regarding the baby knowing the sex beforehand had never come up. Now it was. And suddenly he found himself  eager to know. “Well we never really discussed it. But I think I want to know.” He turned to his wife who looked conflicted in her decision. “Marah?”

“I, well I don’t know. Wouldn’t you rather be surprised?”

Michelle sensed they needed a few moments to talk it out amongst themselves. She rearranged Marah’s paper gown before pointing towards the door. “I am going to just step outside for a few moments and give you two time to talk. Tony, you come get me when you want to proceed.”

Marah watched Michelle close the door with a nearly silent click. “Great, now we even drove Michelle out the room.”

“I doubt we are the first couple who has had this conversation Marah. Though they probably have it before they get to this point.  But this is you and me, we wait until we are on the spot.”

Marah attempted to sit up while simultaneously trying to keep from exposing herself with the paper gown.  She was moderately successful due to Tony lending a helping hand. “Don’t you want to be surprised though? Nine months of the greatest mystery that we can have together.”

Tony leaned down and kissed his wife passionately. “I hope we have a little girl who looks just like you.  Who has your beautiful eyes and smile and your talent for all things art-related because God knows I can’t even draw stick figures to save my life.  I hope she has your heart and ability to see the good in people because without that we wouldn’t be standing here looking at an ultrasound of our child.  In fact, I hope we have a dozen little Marahs.  It would make me the luckiest man alive.”

Marah laughed though she sure hoped he was joking. “A dozen?!”

“At least.”  He seemed to think about that a moment then shook his head, “Though we can start with one.  I just had a flashback of some of teenage Marah’s more daring exploits.  If my baby girl found someone like me out there, well I may have to show him what it’s like to be Santosed.  In the bad way.”

Marah laid her hand on her husband’s chest, right over his heart.  It was a heart that had always meant well, even when it had made mistakes in the past.  “There is one Tony Santos in this world and he’s mine.  But our daughter would be lucky to find a man out there like you.  Who is loyal and kind, who loves completely and isn’t ashamed to admit it.  You’re a good man Tony Santos.”

Tony’s eyes were a bit misty when he cleared his throat, “So does that mean we can find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl?”

“Well now that you have me all buttered up and thinking on hormones.” She pointed towards the door Michelle had just left through, “Go get Michelle.  And they say men all want boys.”

Before Tony walked out the door he turned towards his wife and winked, “Maybe next time.  Because I am telling you, this one is my first in twelve.”

Marah just stared at the empty doorway with her mouth agape.  Next time?  He was already planning on more babies when she hadn’t even given birth to this one yet?  The man was a beast!


Reva nearly pounced on Marah when she walked through the door an hour later. “So what did Michelle say?  Is everything okay?”  She walked back to her desk and picked up her calendar which had Marah’s doctor appointments circled in purple.  “I was just looking at the calendar and today should have been when Michelle could determine the sex of the baby.  Did you find out?  Boy or girl?”

Marah took Reva’s shoulders in both of her hands and looked her in the eye, “Mother, breathe.”  Reva raised her hands in a sign of surrender and returned to her desk.   However Marah felt her mother’s eyes following her as she checked the messages that were waiting on her desk.  And as she returned Lucy Spaulding’s call about the design work they were about ready to begin on her and Alan-Michael’s recently purchased home.  Her mother was about ready to burst holding in her questions, it almost made Marah chuckle.  Instead she decided to take some pity on her, after all this was her grandchild.  “It’s a girl.”

Reva burst from her seat as if she were sitting on its edge.   She swiftly rounded her desk and came to Marah’s side and hauled her up into a hug. “A girl!  That’s wonderful.  I mean a boy would be wonderful too but a girl?  The pretty little dresses. I can’t wait to spoil her rotten.”  She kissed her daughter on the cheek before walking back to her desk.  Though her walk had a bit more bounce to it, as if she were dancing back to her desk.

“Mother are you going to try to create little clones of yourself in your grandchildren?  Because if so I better warn Jonathan.”

Reva winced at the word clone but smiled brightly at her daughter. “Now Marah would I do that?”

“In a heartbeat.”

“Yeah it sounds like me.” Reva laughed loudly as she spun around in her rolling chair, “Though I don’t know if this town could take more than one Reva Shayne Lewis.”


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