Prelude to Love ~ A Robbie and Sarah Short Story

Kid Fan Fiction?  Well one day GLManny mentioned that Guiding Light should have implied that in the future Robbie Santos would romance Sarah Randall.  Which makes complete sense.  The hint of future romance would have led viewers to imagine that even if we didn’t SEE it, these characters went on to live in Springfield forever.  But I didn’t want to cheat them by only giving the kiddos a brief scene, and they will probably never get an adult story since then I would have to age everyone… So instead here is a short  scene that occurs during the Bauer BBQ that sets the GROUNDWORK for that future romance.  That hint of a romance…


Robbie Santos sat on one of the picnic tables while Sarah Randall and her father came in dead last in the three-legged race.  If anyone had asked him at that moment who had won Robbie would have probably looked like a big loser.   Because the truth was he had no clue.  He was too focused on the huge smile on Sarah’s face and the twinkling sound of her exuberant laughter.  The flowing of all that dark hair of hers as it was caught up in the warm summer breeze.  His eyebrows drew together into a frown.  Girls were super lame so it made no sense whatsoever why he was still sitting on this picnic table watching her of all people.

She was one of his sister’s best friends since they did dance class together.  But she was at his house all the time.  Even worse, those two were always trying to tag along behind whatever his friends and he were doing.   Robbie thought about last week when he was going to go bike riding with his friends Jude and Danny.  Sure enough, Hope and Sarah had wanted to tag along like usual.  Until Sarah had noted the flattened tires on her brand new bike.  The look of pure sadness on her face had made something deep inside Robbie’s stomach clench.  Without thinking he waved his friends off and instead spent his afternoon eating popsicles and playing board games with his little sister and, of course, Sarah.

Robbie rested his chin in the palm of his hands and sighed.  The group had moved on to various other Bauer games and yet here he was, thinking about a girl of all things.  His friends would really laugh at him if they could see him now.

“Hey slugger.  What are you doing over here all by yourself?”

Robbie turned and watched his dad and uncle Tony approach.  Oh great, witnesses to his torture.  “Nothing.  Just thinking”.

His dad and uncle took their seats on either side of him before looking where he had been focusing for the better part of an hour.  “How’d your mom and Hope do in the three-legged race?”

“Um. Well I wasn’t really watching that close.”

Danny and Tony exchanged a look.  They both knew Robbie hadn’t moved from that spot so what had him so transfixed? “You want to go grab a burger before the fireworks begin?”

“Not hungry.”


If Danny wondered if anything was bothering his son this confirmed it.  Like most boys his age Robbie was always hungry.  Danny gave a quick glance to Tony who merely shrugged his shoulder, he was just as clueless about Robbie’s mood as Danny was.  Might as well try the direct route and see if that worked. “Want to talk about it?”

Beside him Robbie heaved a big sigh before turning towards him.  “When do girls stop being lame?  I mean, you married mom so they stop some time right?”

So not the question Danny expected from his son but he could work with this.  Well, we would at least try.  He made a concentrated effort at avoiding eye contact with Tony knowing that he’d find his cousin’s eyes glittering with tightly reigned mirth.  He was barely holding his own laughter in so he knew it was best not to tempt himself.  “I guess girls stopped being lame, as you call it, when I was almost a teenager.  But I also grew up with your Aunt Pilar.  She was a pest, always following around Tony, Ray, and myself.  But also she played a mean game of stickball.  So I always knew that not all girls were lame, there were special girls who were cool.”

Tony chose that moment to chime in, no doubt prompted by the memory of Pilar’s ability to whoop all their tails in stickball.  “You can say that again!  Pilar was downright scary in a game of stickball.”

Robbie laughed at Tony’s exaggerated shudder but he was not to be deterred. “When did you know you were going to marry mom?”

Danny had wondered when that question would inevitably be asked by one of his kids.  Just like he wondered what the best answer would be.  Because the truth wasn’t glamorous, romantic, and the stuff of fairy tales.  Michelle would probably be the best one to explain their journey to love, but of course Robbie chose this moment to ask that particular question. “Wouldn’t you rather know where babies come from?”  His son just shook his head while Tony laughed loudly at his predicament.  Yeah just you wait… “When I met your mom I was…captivated.  She was so beautiful and bright.  She made you want to be around her just so you could soak up some of that brightness for yourself.”  He paused wondering how best to explain this part of the story.  “You know how we talked about your grandmother, my mother, how she sometimes did bad things and hurt people she loved?  Well, she wanted to hurt your mom and I couldn’t let that happen.”

“Because you loved her?”

Danny smiled ruefully at the memory.  That had been one hell of a ride,  one full of twists and turns.  But it had led them here, and for that he would always be grateful.  “Yeah, I did.  I didn’t know it at the time but I loved your mother to the very depths of my soul.  I still do.  Some people sit and let life happen for them, Santos men make decisions for themselves.  Not always the right ones, but we never follow anyone’s chosen path.”

Robbie seemed to turn this information over in his mind, filing it away for later, before he turned that laser-like focus on his uncle. “When did you know you loved Aunt Marah?”

Tony tilted his head down and met his gaze.  “From the moment I saw Marah I knew she was going to change my life.  We had what we call a destino.  And all of your dad’s warnings and her parent’s influence couldn’t keep us apart for too long.  But we were both really young when we started going out and we both made mistakes, particularly me.” Understatement of the year but Tony couldn’t imagine telling Robbie about just how dumb he had been back then. “But even when we were apart we never stopped loving each other.  Guess your dad and me, we’re just a new breed of Santos men.  We love and we love completely.  And when the right one comes along you just know.  You go out of your way just to try to make them smile because that smile is the best part of your day.”  He looked up at Danny and smiled. “When did we become such saps?  What’s next?  Are we going to start doing each other’s make up?  Having pillow fights during sleepovers?”

Danny ignored his cousin and instead laid his hand on his son’s small shoulder. “Did any of that answer your question?”

“Yeah.  I was just wondering that’s all.”  All three Santos men turned towards the patio when Michelle called their names.  “Get up here and get some ice cream before it melts!”

Danny smiled and all three of them complied eagerly.  Looking at his wife silhouetted by the quickly setting sun he felt his heart speed up just watching her dish out ice cream.  Danny couldn’t wait to get their vacation started.


Robbie sat on the soft blanket as the first firework exploded in the night sky.  But he wasn’t looking at the fireworks.  Instead he was watching Sarah Randall and his sister dance around with sparklers.  Sarah was once again making his gut twist into knots just listening to that laughter.  He didn’t even notice the chocolate ice cream from his cone dripping down his wrist.

“You go out of your way just to try to make them smile because that smile is the best part of your day”.  That’s what Uncle Tony had said.  Kind of like the day with Sarah and her bike.  Maybe what his dad and uncle said was true, maybe Sarah was his destiny.  Realizing the sticky mess he was in he stood and threw the ice cream cone away.  Before he could talk himself out of it he walked over to where Sarah was currently twirling with a green sparkler and tapped on her shoulder. “Hi Robbie.  You want a sparkler?”

Robbie didn’t answer, he just leaned forward and kissed her.  It wasn’t like the ones he saw on tv or even those between his parents.  If the guys saw him now they would make be making a mixture of gagging noises and making fun of him.  But he didn’t seem to mind  which was funny.   When he pulled back he looked into her brown eyes that had to have grown at least two sizes in shock.  “I’m going to marry you one day Sarah Randall.”  And as he marched back towards the blanket to watch the rest of the light show Robbie had the odd sense that he had just chosen his path…


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