Inside the Light- Jeanne Cooper


Jeanne Cooper

October 25, 1928 – May 8, 2013

This week The Young and the Restless paid tribute to the beloved Jeanne Cooper who passed away May 8, 2003.   For many soap fans she will forever be remembered for her award-winning role as Katherine “Kay” Chancellor on the Y&R, a role she played for forty years.   But for Guiding Light fans she will be remembered for something truly amazing.

When Jeanne Cooper learned that Guiding Light had been cancelled she felt she had to something to as she said, “pay respect to a show that has been around for 72 years.  I had to honor the show, the cast and the crew for all their hard work.”  And I think she summed up what we all felt in our hearts. “This show is a cornerstone in TV.  These people are a part of our lives, and are now riding into the sunset.”

And that is what Jeanne Cooper did.  She made a brief appearance in the final episode of Guiding Light which was both touching and showed how amazing Jeanne Cooper truly was.  This Inside the Light is dedicated to Jeanne Cooper whose light will forever shine.

The Y&R Tribute to Jeanne Cooper:


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