The Final Break Down


Following on the heels of the Bauer BBQ was the rapid decline in Marah and Tony’s relationship. The tension had been building between the two of them for weeks and finally exploded when Marah saw pictures of Tony beating up a woman.  Conveniently these photos were produced by none other than Eden August where Marah just ‘happened’ to see them.  Tony tried to explain that they were from their last break up in 2002, and that he didn’t even remember hurting anyone. He just went to Chicago to blow off some steam and there was a woman, but he didn’t hurt her and he must be ser up.  But the damage was done.  Marah had been on the receiving end of Tony’s anger before and following on the heels of Ben Reade’s violent death it was all too much for her and Marah ended their relationship.

Tony wanted answers about the pictures and he and Eden went to Salerno in New York.  Imagine Tony’s anguish when he realized the photos were really Salerno’s attempt to get to Danny through Tony, he was simply a means to an end.  Tony had lost the love of his life for Salerno to get to Danny and Tony was just collateral damage.  As Salerno was so helpful to point out, the knowledge that the photos were doctored changed nothing.  Would Marah believe that the photos were fake?  Probably not.  And it was that complete loss of hope that pushed Tony to seek comfort in the arms of Eden August.  A decision he regretted soon after because he knew that he and Marah truly were done for good.


Sex with Eden prevented Marah and Tony from reuniting once again because Tony knew that the betrayal would hurt Marah, particularly because she (stupidly) considered Eden a friend.  But that didn’t stop Marah and Tony from loving each other. Right up until the end Tony maintained that Marah was the one thing in his life that he cared about, that he loved. Even as he was preparing to leave town he made Marah promise him that she would never forget that he loved her.

So what caused Marah and Tony to go from the happy couple planning Danny and Michelle’s surprise wedding to their final break down? Well, a number a factors actually.


Marony Breaking Down

Marah and Tony had faced their fair share of ups and downs throughout the years but Tony was ready to take their relationship to the next level while Marah was more hesitant. The hints of marriage were being thrown at Marah and Tony from all angles but Marah dismissed them saying that they were still young and had time which you could see hurt Tony considerably.

Tony: When I looked at you at prom night and I told you that you were it, that you were the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I knew what I was saying. And that day at the barbecue, just hit me, you know, I knew that you can’t say that.

In fact, the writers went out of their way to make Marah a rather unlikable person following the Manny wedding. She failed to see that Tony was upset that she didn’t want to marry him, she ran off to Milan with her mother with barely a word of goodbye to Tony, and when she came back she blew off Tony to once again try to fix her parent’s relationship.  Indeed her return was really to clue Josh in on Reva NOT for Tony which once again hurt him.

Eden at the GameEden knew how to work the weaknesses in Marah and Tony’s relationship to her advantage. She was constantly reminding Tony that they both grew up in Chicago in the same type of lifestyle, a lifestyle Marah would never understand. Though when Marah and Tony reunited in December of 2002 Marah and Tony acknowledged they would always be different, with Marah stating that it was a good thing, that it kept them from being boring. With their break up on the horizon these glaring differences became more of a deal breaker than what made Tony and Marah such a compelling couple to begin with.

When Marah was in Milan she saw it as as opportunity to press her advantage, her rival was out of the country.  So despite dating Bill she went with Tony to Shayne’s baseball game and went out to breakfast with him…activities that Marah would have joined Tony in had she been there.  It wasn’t long before she suggested they have a picnic and Tony realized that they be crossing boundaries.  And when he went to Michelle for advice her advice was to stay away from Eden….too bad Tony didn’t listen to Michelle anymore than he listened to Danny.

Ben Reade’s death played an indirect role in their collapse because it highlighted these differences.  Tony says that he understands Eden because they came from the same place but when Marah applied that same logic to Ben trying to understand why he became what he did Tony becomes upset.  That Marah thought that Evil only existed in his world not in her own, which was not where she was going with her thinking.   Marah wondering how someone who had all the advantages as Ben Reade descend into what he became was not intended to be a reflection on Tony but he took it that way.   This fight would begin the rift that began to grow steadily larger until their final break down.


Marah and Tony’s final break down was completely written to usher out Jordi Vilasuso and bring in the new jaded version of Tony. But in my estimation they made several errors in the progression of this story, particularly in how the characters behaved leading up to their demise.

Marah would never have been so dismissive of Tony’s feelings. Even after Tony assaulted her Marah never stopped loving him so her emotionally abandoning him to play nursemaid to her parents’ relationship was unlike her.  She was by Tony’s side when Danny was thought to be dead and knew what he needed emotionally because she loved him.  But somehow she didn’t realize her boyfriend was upset with her absence?

Tony was onboard with Danny’s project with Fifth Street when he first proposed they become business partners then suddenly it was written like it was solely Danny’s dream.  Then to as if that wasn’t bad enough they had Danny act high-handed with Tony, as if they were back in ‘the family’ and Tony was expected to follow Danny’s orders.  Of all the things the writers were ruining with this story they also damaged the relationship between Danny and Tony.

Eden Lurking

Marah’s reasoning for wanting to wait to get married was sound.  Her parents were on their third marriage…to each other that is.  That’s not counting the times they married others.  But Marah always knew that her parents were meant for each other, which was why she was overly involved in their drama.  But in a similar vein, Marah and Tony always talked of a “destino” which brought them together. Though Marah EXPLAINED this to Tony the writers removed all mentioned of their ‘destino’.

Then there is the glaring obvious fact that Tony would have NEVER had sex with Eden. Eden keeps throwing the fact that Tony and her grew up in similar circumstances in his face but the writers seemed to have forgotten that it was because Eden murdered Tony’s father. Frederico Santos’ death had a huge impact on Tony that lasted throughout his life. It was the reason he was willing to walk away from Marah when Catalina got pregnant, he wanted to be the father he never had. The very idea that Tony would have sex with the person who destroyed his family was completely out of character and meant to be the final nail in the Marony relationship.


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