What Matters Most ~ Supporting Characters

In addition to the previous supporting characters from “I Believe in the Mystery“, this story has a few more to add to the list.

Shayne Lewis

Shayne Lewis






Marah’s younger brother.  Son of Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne.  He and Marah had a close sibling relationship growing up but the writers did not mention any of that when Jeff Branson took over the role.  In a separate, but related, story I have him in Europe  retrieving his wayward ex-wife (though they are working on changing that) Dinah Marler.  His return to Springfield will be an interesting change in dynamic for Marah and Tony.  Will still be seen as portrayed by Jeff Branson.

Dinah Marler







Daughter of Vanessa Chamberlain and Ross Marler and current ex-wife of Shayne Lewis.  Ran off to Europe after killing Edmund’s look-alike to defend Marina and Mallet’s child.  Though Marah and Dinah never really interacted in the past they are linked through Shayne and through Bill.  Since I loved the Shayne and Dinah pairing featuring Gina Tognoni, Gina Tognoni will be the Dinah in the story.

Carlos Riviera

Caleb Casas










A businessman based out of Bay City, he owns a company called Black Fox Distributing.  When I picture Carlos I picture Cuban Model and actor Caleb Casas.  Like the Santos Cousins he is of Cuban decent and there is a lot more to him than what meets the eye.

Angela Coleman








A woman with a mysterious past who returns to Springfield with a hidden agenda.  Her link to Marah and Tony will be revealed in time…

David Anderson

peter porte







Bartender at Towers who also moonlights as an intern at the Springfield Police Department.  Classically handsome but with something more beyond the surface.  When I picture David I picture actor Peter Porte.


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