Launch Time~FINALLY!


After an unfortunate number of setbacks and delays it is FINALLY time to launch Marah and Tony’s second story What Matters Most!  Excited?  I know I am.

Marah and Tony have quite a journey on their hands and will face a series of ups and downs, and some mistakes from the past.  I am sure by now you have realized I am a big fan of tension building and this story is no different.  I love a nice slow-build story.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on along the way.  Right from jump I have Tony and Marah slowly coming to terms with their impending parenthood, which would be an interesting ride either way!

In addition to this being Marah and Tony’s story I have also taken the liberty to bring back a few characters.  To make a few things right that I think the writers neglected to do.  There are also two separate side stories that will be posted to add to the

I haven’t decided on a posting schedule yet.  I am going to try for maybe every Monday but this is not etched in stone.  I am keeping the posts to one day a week for now simply because I am also in the process of clipping the final two months of Marah and Tony’s journey for YouTube and writing more short stories.  But if the scheduling allows I will increase the postings.

So make sure to check back for Marony.  And I hope you enjoy!


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