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Soaps Live On ~ In a New Format

I confess that before Guiding Light and As the World Turns were cancelled I never really tuned in to ABC soap opera before.  I was raised a CBS soap opera fan and my heart was firmly in that camp.  But then Jordi Vilasuso was cast as Griffin Castillo on All My Children and so I had to tune in.  I mean it was TONY, but you know, not.  Instead of the mafia man with the heart of gold he was instead a doctor.  But a HOT DOCTOR.


And how could I NOT watch One Life to Live?  It had Jerry Ver Dorn, Guiding Light’s Ross Marler and soon Kim Zimmer rejoined the show as Echo.  So I could see some Guiding Light veterans, though as very different characters then the ones I grew up loving.

Then came word that All My Children and One Life to Live were the next Soap Operas to be axed from their networks.  Unlike in the case for GL and ATWT these soaps had a saving grace in a company called Prospect Park.

Prospect Park bought the rights to these two soaps and after a number of setbacks the day has finally arrived, All My Children and One Life to Live are BACK!!  Four days a week Monday through Thursday at 5 AM new episodes will be available exclusively online for  free on Hulu or for .99 at iTunes.

AMC Jesse and Angie

So while All My Children and One Life to Live will never be my “go to soaps” of choice I will watch them.  Because every viewer helps show that SOAPS STILL MATTER.  And besides….Jordi Vilasuso is STILL on AMC and he wears scrubs.  Can you really go wrong with that?


Marony ~ Bauer BBQ 2003

Marony 17

I was going to upload just the Marony scenes from the Bauer BBQ from 2003 but then decided to upload the entire episodes from July4-9, 2003.  There is a lot going on in Springfield this week, all centered around the annual Bauer BBQ.  Marah and Tony have taken it upon themselves to throw a surprise wedding for Danny and Michelle but as Ed says “Something always happens at the Bauer BBQ” and this year is no exception.

I love the 2003 Bauer BBQ because it is one of the few final happy moments between Marah and Tony before their final break up.


July 4, 2003 (Part One) : Things are still tense between Josh and Reva. Ed thanks Marah and Tony for forcing him to having the BBQ. Ed hands over the reigns of Grill Master to Ross. Marah and Tony’s Justice of the Peace isn’t blending. Tony and Marah’s behavior makes Reva suspicious. Gus brings Alan to the BBQ. Mel gets called into work. Tony gets the Justice of the Peace to dress as Uncle Sam.

July 4, 2003 (Part Two) : Reva questions Marah to see why she is acting odd, is she pregnant? Marah laughs her mom’s question but Reva remains suspicious.  Alan talks to Beth about Lizzie working at Spaulding. Gus and Rick talk about the case against Ben Reade. Lizzie visits Olivia at the Beacon, Lizzie makes a show of playing nice. Alan and Phillip argue. Reva finds wedding evidence and assumes it’s for Marah and Tony.  Ed gives the speech to kick off the Annual Bauer BBQ!

July 7, 2003 (Part One) : Josh learns that ‘Uncle Sam’ is a Justice of the Peace. Shayne doesn’t want to leave Marina. Ed wonders where Danny and Michelle are. Alan says Phillip is just like him. Jeffery declares his Independence from the Mayor over facial hair. Reva and Josh jump to the same conclusion about Marah and Tony. They decide to go ‘fishing’ for info. Rick organizes the Bauer Games.

July 7, 2003 (Part Two) : Reva has a plan to get information from Marah and Tony, and they aren’t exactly subtle. The egg toss competition begins. Josh suggests they give Marah their blessing which shocks Reva. Beth catches Lizzie calling Ben Reade. Darcy tries to hide her ties to Eden. Marah and Tony set Reva and Josh straight…and learn Danny and Michelle won’t be back for the BBQ.

July 8, 2003 (Part One) : Frank is suspicious of Darcy and Eden. Darcy comes clean to Frank, Eden paid her to hit on him.  Marah keeps trying to reach Michelle on her cell phone. Meanwhile Michelle and Danny are waiting to elope. Michelle and Danny have second thoughts about the quickie wedding. Gus and Eden argue about the case.  Ben crashes the BBQ to talk to Marina.

July 8, 2003 (Part Two) : Darcy tries to explain her actions but Frank doesn’t take the news well. Shayne reacts to Ben showing up, Bill has some words for Ben.  At the chapel Michelle can’t marry Danny that way. Holly feels guilty for Ben. Michelle and Danny arrive at the BBQ where their  surprise wedding can FINALLY begin. They are pronounced man and wife as the fourth of July fireworks begin.

July 9, 2003 (Part One) : Ben watches from the bushes as the Bauer BBQ, and Danny and Michelle’s wedding winds down.  Michelle throws her bouquet, which Marah catches. Tony has a surprise for Danny and Michelle’s first song. Dr. Langham wants Reva to go to Milan with him for a study. Ed tells Danny to make Michelle happy. Tony is upset about Marah’s reaction to his marriage question though he hides it. Holly finds Ben floating in the hot tub.

July 9, 2003 (Part Two) : Holly calls for help for Ben. Marah tries to play mediator for her parents. Seeing Marah’s distress Reva pretends everything is fine. Danny and Michelle enjoy their wedding night. Back at the Bauer’s Ross wants protection for Ben. Tony tells Gus that Eden was with him at the BBQ. Reva and Josh continue to fight. Danny makes Michelle a promise.