Marony Clips are Coming Back…


Good News Marah and Tony Fans!!!  I just heard from the wonderful woman from whom I purchased the GL DVDs that made Marony possible and I am going to be able to finish out the Marony story.  Which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

The Good: We get to see Manny’s wedding and some more brief good times between Marah and Tony.  Some great dialog between Tony and Danny.

The Bad: Marah fails to recognize Tony is upset then goes to Milan with Reva,  Eden begins to try to take her place in Tony’s life.  Marah and Tony’s break up.

The Ugly: Tony has sex with Eden.  Sandy and that awful Mole.

But all of these things WILL be a good thing in how they play into the upcoming fanfic I am writing so it can’t be all that bad right?  So for those who follow the uploads online, you can expect some Marony in the upcoming weeks 🙂


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