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Marony Clips are Coming Back…


Good News Marah and Tony Fans!!!  I just heard from the wonderful woman from whom I purchased the GL DVDs that made Marony possible and I am going to be able to finish out the Marony story.  Which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

The Good: We get to see Manny’s wedding and some more brief good times between Marah and Tony.  Some great dialog between Tony and Danny.

The Bad: Marah fails to recognize Tony is upset then goes to Milan with Reva,  Eden begins to try to take her place in Tony’s life.  Marah and Tony’s break up.

The Ugly: Tony has sex with Eden.  Sandy and that awful Mole.

But all of these things WILL be a good thing in how they play into the upcoming fanfic I am writing so it can’t be all that bad right?  So for those who follow the uploads online, you can expect some Marony in the upcoming weeks 🙂


The Many Faces of Dinah Marler

Born to parents Vanessa Chamberlain and Ross Marler, Dinah was given up for adoption by a teenage Vanessa and raised in (of all things) a carnival.  And throughout her run on Guiding Light, Dinah went through several transformations as a character.  But even when Dinah was her snottiest in terms of her behavior it was hard not to feel somewhat sympathetic towards her.  Afterall Dinah’s main motivation through most of her life was fear of abandonment.  It was a spectre throughout her life and in all of her adult relationships.

Dinah Marler was also a character that had multiple recast.  So here is the rundown on the faces behind Dinah Chamberlain Marler….

The details of Dinah’s early childhood are murky at best, and show why Dinah will have such a fear of being abandoned later in life.  When Vanessa put Dinah up for adoption she was adopted by the Carter family and raised in Springfield.  However, mR. and Mrs. Morgan were killed in an automobile accident and Mrs. Morgan’s brother, Gordon Matthews placed Dinah in The Little Angela Foundling Home.  From there Dinah and another little girl named Adele were taken in by the Morgan family.  Dinah and her sister were close but she ran away when she felt the Morgans didn’t want her anymore.  Which is where she met Joe and Shelley Kowalski, the carney family.  Dinah and the Kowalski family traveled the country with the carnival until Dinah left to search for her sister Adele…

Jennifer Gatti Dinah1. Jennifer Gatti: She portrayed Dinah from June 1986 to June 1987.  Dinah first arrived in Springfield as a teenager searching for her adopted sister Adele.  A seventeen year old Dinah was hit by a car in front of Phillip and Beth Spaulding’s car and when she admitted that she had nowhere to go they took her in for the night.  She admitted she was broke and offered to do yard work to earn bus fare. She got a job at Camp Cayuga and it was there where she found a place to belong.   Phillip began teaching her to read and one day at Camp Cayuga, he was moved when little Dorie Smith, an orphan taken in by India Von Halkein, wrote a story about her dog who had a black spot in his eye. The next day, Dinah mentioned that she remembered sitting with her little sister and playing with their puppy – who had a funny black spot in his eye. Phillip asked Dinah for more details about Adele, who had blond hair when she last saw her, and Dinah mentioned a birth mark. Phillip was convinced that Dorie and Adele were one and the same.  Dinah then moved in with Lillian and they became close, like mother and daughter.  When Dinah began school, she wasn’t very popular.  She was often teased because she had been raised in a carnival .  Dinah then started dating a popular boy from school named Cameron Stewart (Portrayed by none other than Ian Ziering of 90210 fame).   However, Dinah was then kidnapped by the carnival people who hoped to cash in on what they saw as Dinah’s new lifestyle.  With the help of the police, Ross and Vanessa saved Dinah from the Kowalskis and Dinah learned the truth about her parentage.  Though Dinah didn’t like Vanessa or Ross at first, she eventually began to trust Ross and moved in with him. However, Dinah was reluctant to get past Vanessa giving her up.  A lot happened to Dinah in the one year that Jennifer Gatti portrayed the character.  She came to town a tomboy but over the course of the year became a young woman, but was overwhelmingly a good person.  She spent the year searching not only for her sister but for a place where she felt she belonged, and she eventually found both.  I was too young to watch Jennifer Gatti’s version of Dinah live but you can catch Phillip and Dinah talking about Dorie hereSome additional clips I found were, the Christmas after being reunited which can be found hereAnd the first part of a series of early March 1987 clips where Dinah visits her grandfather Henry in the hospital following his heart attack here.

Paige Turco as Dinah2. Paige Turco: July 1987 to February 1989.  Cameron and Dinah’s romance was innocent, and although he truly liked Dinah he had a one night stand with Lacey Bauer when she arrived in Springfield in 1987.  When Dinah found out she broke up with him and began dating a recently returned Alan-Michael Spaulding.  Both Ross and Vanessa did not approve.  Ross hated Alan-Michael’s father and Vanessa felt Alan-Michael was too wild for her daughter.  The relationship between Vanessa and Dinah, still tenuous at best, became even more strained.  When Alan-Michael’s motorcycle struck the car carrying a pregnant Harley Cooper to the hospital it was Dinah and Alan-Michael who helped deliver the baby.  Dinah and Harley became friends and Dinah stood by her friend when Harley gave the baby up for adoption to the Lemay family.  Cameron wanted to reconcile with Dinah but she didn’t want to come between him and his best friend Alan-Michael.  Instead Cameron began dating Harley who lied about being a virgin.  Dinah told Harley to admit the truth but Harley refused, and when Cameron found out he left Harley.  When Vanessa was about to leave town for Venezuela, Dinah and Ross said their goodbyes and mother and daughter were finally able to become close.  Dinah realized Cameron’s father was up to no good and tried to warn him to no avail.  When caught alone with him George Stewart tried to rape her!  Fortunately, while visiting Ross, Cam realized that Dinah was at his Dinah and Alan-Michaelhouse with his father. He and Ross raced over to the Stewart house and stopped George from raping Dinah.  Meanwhile, Alan-Michael had enough of Dinah being involved with Cam’s personal problems and he and Dinah broke up. So Dinah and Cam were free and got involved again. Not long after, Dinah and Cam were surprised to learn of Alan-Michael and Harley’s engagement. In February 1989 Dinah departed Springfield to go to college in Paris and Cameron followed her.  Cameron’s cheating will be the first of many romantic letdowns in Dinah’s life, which will impact the character in another way.  But Dinah is still the sweet character from before.  She cares about her friends; standing beside Harley as she gives her child up for adoption and facing off against Cameron’s father.  Once again, I unfortunately wasn’t old enough to watch this version of Dinah live either.  But the Guiding Light Memory Project posted a set of Clips called Hungry Eyes  featuring all four friends(Dinah/AM/Harley/Cameron) after their high school dance which is quite good and worth a watch.  It really shows how Dinah is a sweetheart and Harley, well not so much.  I also found Dinah and Alan-Michael to be a pretty cute couple, very light and humorous.  Good for a high school romance.  Also from this same year is this short clip entitled Reckless when Dinah finds out Alan-Michael and Harley are engaged.

Paige Turro as Dinah

Wendy Moniz Dinah3. Wendy Moniz: February 1995 to February 1999.  Dinah was a sweetheart when she left.  The woman who came back was completely different.  This Dinah was not only sophisticated from living in Europe but she was also spoiled and hiding the fact that she dropped out of school.  Dinah tried to pass herself off as a wealthy debutant but Ross’ wife Blake and her grandfather Henry suspected she was broke.  While staying with her mother Vanessa she flirted with her mother’s fiance Matt Reardon before realizing who he was.  Vanessa learned of Dinah’s money woes and since Dinah’s flirtatious ways were grating on Matt, she suggested that Dinah live with Ross and Blake. Although Blake wasn’t happy about the situation, she caved in and let Dinah move in to the carriage house.  Dinah arranged for an old acquaintance of hers named Viktor to kidnap her so that she could gain access to her trust fund.  However he double crossed her and left her tied up and demanded even more money!  Matt was captured himself bringing the ransom money but they were able to escape from the factory by kicking open a trapdoor. Rescued, Dinah was resentful when Ross and Vanessa read her the riot act about setting up her own kidnapping. Angry at her parents, Dinah lashed out by sleeping with the town villain, Roger Thorpe, Blake’s father.  Ross and Vanessa used Roger’s visitation rights for his grandson, Peter, as a weapon to get Roger away from their daughter.  Livid at their using Peter, Roger vowed to find his son, Hart, and tell him about Peter (since he had no idea he fathered a child) and then use him to get custody of Peter. Roger hired a bevy of private investigators to find Hart and then married Dinah.  Never close to his father, Hart got Dinah to sleep with him and then gleefully revealed the fact to his enraged dad. Little did anyone realize that Roger had been busy embezzling all of Dinah’s trust fund money, most of which had been given to her by her grandfather Henry. Roger tried to patch things up with Dinah while his lawyer was “doctoring” his financial books to make it look like Roger had lost the money in a bad investment (it was actually stashed away in the Cayman islands). When he was about to have to go to court to reveal what he had done with the money, Roger took some pills and faked a heart attack to dodge court. His ploy nearly worked, Dinah almost fell back into Roger’s grasp, but Hart learned that his father had stolen Dinah’s money and showed Dinah the proof.  Through all this Hart and Dinah fell in love.  After the debacle with Roger was over, Dinah had to deal with Vanessa’s presumed death as well as trying to show Hart that she could be a good caregiver to his son, Peter (something others had doubts about). Soon, Dinah got a surprise visit from her old lover from France, Jean-Luc.  Jean-Luc was hired by Roger to break up the couple and  When Dinah rejected him, he pointed out that she would eventually tire of the farm and that a girl like her could never make a man like Hart happy for long.  Dinah became insecure in the relationship when it became obvious that he was right, they broke up in 1997.  Matt locked them in a shed to reconcile and it Wendy Moniz and Frank Grilloworked,  the pair decided that their love could overcome their differences.  Dinah was happy when Vanessa was revealed to be alive, but she worried that Vanessa’s disease could be hereditary and began taking birth control pills on the sly.  In the meantime, Dinah was becoming increasingly jealous of Hart’s new friend–Cassie Layne, an ex-stripper who was trying to raise money to get her daughter out of foster care.  Hart found the birth control pills and left her for Cassie. Losing Hart brought out the worst in Dinah and she started obsessing with finding a way to win him back, alienating herself from her family. Knowing that Hart couldn’t resist the maternal-type, Dinah borrowed a baby and set it up so Hart would see her caring for a child. Her plan worked with Hart believing that Dinah had changed and they reconciled. Desperate to hold on the Hart, Dinah then arranged a surprise wedding at Hart’s birthday party!  Dinah was devastated when Hart broke their engagement saying that he no longer loved her. Making matters worse was the fact that Vanessa sympathized with Cassie and told Dinah that she needed to move on with her life.  Then one day, a drunken Hart showed up at Dinah’s doorstep and she took advantage of the situation by telling him later that they’d made love. Later, she slept with Cassie’s ex-Rob so that she would become pregnant! The plan worked and Dinah told Hart that she was pregnant with his child. After having a slight scare, Dinah lied to Hart that she was having a trouble pregnancy.   Tragically, days after learning that Cassie herself was pregnant, Dinah miscarried when, while sneaking around by the farm, she was accidentally hit by a door by Hart. She then used his guilt, as well as her mother’s blood pressure pills, to con him into staying with her. Later, when she became ill from over-medicating herself, she conned Hart into marrying her by claiming to be dying. Although the plan worked, Hart was still drawn to Cassie, who had decided to lie to Hart by claiming the child she was carrying wasn’t his.  Cassie started to go into labor and Dinah was forced to deliver the baby. Just then Hart arrived, thrilled and relieveDinah Shoots Hartd to find Cassie and see his son for the first time.  Knowing that was her only link to Hart, Dinah tried to appeal to Cassie to keep it quiet, and when that didn’t work, she grabbed an antique gun Hart left behind and aimed the gun at Cassie.  Hart walked in and jumped in front of Cassie as Dinah pulled the trigger.  Dinah rushed to her mother for help as Hart was rushed to the hospital where he died.  After sharing an emotional goodbye Vanessa had Dinah whisked off to Switzerland to hide with the nuns who took care of her during her illness.   Wendy Moniz is perhaps the best known Dinah besides the most recent portrayer.  Dinah came back to Springfield spoiled and rotten to her core but she wasn’t completely bad.  She stood by her friend Marcus when he was accused of killing Detective Cutter and then it was her relationship with Hart where some of that sweet Dinah got to come to light (after their Roger revenge).  She was acting mature, was finally living an adult life, even helping Hart raise his child.  Then when it was ripped away she was left feeling abandoned like when she was a child.  To make matters even worse was that Vanessa was sympathetic to Cassie instead of her own daughter.  Vanessa urges Dinah to give up Hart but could Vanessa had given up Matt?  Doubtful.  Wendy Moniz’s Dinah has been described as both a “bitch” and “badass” and she was a bit of both.  She schemed and she was deceptive but she was also vulnerable and you could see that all she really wanted was to be loved.  The abrupt end of Hart’s affection towards Dinah still is a bit baffling because Dinah and Hart were a great couple.  For some Clippage here is part of ClassicGL “Shine Your Light” where Hart and Dinah reconcile.  Here is Dinah and Hart at a hearing accused of gaslighting Roger.  And after Dinah shoots Hart he expresses his love for Cassie while Dinah recalls memories of her and Hart’s relationship.  What is really telling about this clip is that Hart and Cassie had NONE of the passion displayed here.

Dinah contacted Vanessa in 2000 to say she needed help, that she was pregnant.  Dinah was mentioned in 2o02 at Josh and Reva’s wedding when Ross saw Vanessa.  There was no mention of her having a baby and Vanessa said she was traveling.

gina_tognoni4. Gina Tognoni: July 2004 to 2009.  The truth about Dinah wouldn’t come to light until the summer of 2004. Cassie found out that someone was impersonating her in Europe when she learned someone was using her credit cards and paying them off.  Dinah placed a call to her father but hung up.  The D.A. in Springfield Jeffery O’Neill promised Cassie he would investigate the person posing as Princess Cassie.  It turned out to be Dinah, and that Jeffery O’Neill had met two years prior after he rescued Dinah from a European prison.   In exchange for helping Dinah she had to impersonate Cassie.  Dinah returned in disguise.  When she finally made contact with Ross he urged her to turn herself in since she was still wanted for Hart’s murder.  She promised she would turn herself in but kept sulking around Springfield.  She made her way to the Jessup farm where she met R.J., Hart’s son.  She convinced him she was his imaginary friend and to keep her a secret. Dinah offered Edmund a deal to work together and ensure that Jeffrey never got too close to Cassie. Later, when a mysterious person began stalking Cassie, and even attempted to kill her, Jeffrey realized it had to be Dinah. As the weeks went by, Jeffrey hunted for Dinah, and finally found her in Bill’s apartment. Although he tried to threaten her into leaving town, again she broke down his defenses and the pair almost wound up making love. Soon after, Dinah began actively stalking Cassie.  Jeffrey kept quiet, instead trying to handle Dinah himself and urged her to give up her obsessive vendetta against Cassie. Deciding to get rid of Dinah once and for all, Jeffrey put her on a plane to Europe under guard. However, Dinah was too slick and bribed a look-a-like to take her place while she stayed in Springfield. At the same time, Jeffrey, and an unexpected Cassie, were on their way to Washington DC on the pretense of talking to Cassie’s stalker. Things finally came to a head one stormy night at the Jessup farm. Upon arriving at the barn, Dinah spotted Edmund knocking Jeffrey out with a shovel. The blow caused Jeffrey, who was holding a candle, to fall and the barn went up in flames! Edmund was able to drag Jeffrey to safety, while unbeknownst to them, Cassie entered the burning barn and spotted RJ trapped at the top-level. Although Cassie became trapped under falling debris, Dinah herself saved the day by rescuing RJ and alerting Edmund and Jeffrey to Cassie’s fate.  During Dinah’s trial Cassie stated that it was an accident, saving her family from the torture of a trial. When Dinah was free, Cassie took her to Laurel Falls where she held her at gunpoint to ensure her family’s safety. Jeffery and Edmund arrived on the scene and Cassie eventually spared Dinah’s life.  In the meantime, Dinah decided to take from Cassie what was taken from her. Which began with Edmund.  Dinah intentionally fueled Edmund’s jealousy towards Jeffery O’Neill. She teamed up with Jonathan Randall (who would be her lover for a while) in order to help destroy the Winslow marriage. which worked. Cassie called off procedures that would give her and Edmund a baby.  With Edmund vulnerable, Dinah convinced him to let her carry his and Cassie’s Dinah and Rossembryo (which had been frozen and was ready for implementation), convincing him that it would help him get Cassie back. Although he was skeptical of her motives, when Edmund learned that Cassie was leaving him, he desperately agreed to the plan.  Dinah would miscarry the child but used body pads to appear pregnant.  Dinah then realized Edmund stole Michelle Santos’ baby and was passing her off as his and Cassie’s.  Edmund locked Dinah in the farmhouse and lit in on fire.  She was rescued by A.C. Mallet.  Dinah was taken to Cedars where she apologized to Cassie for all she’d done. Then in an act of atonement, she took the baby, Hope, and gave her to her rightful father–Danny Santos.  Dinah decided to turn her life around and become a better person. In order to help her out, Mallet convinced Harley, who happened to be his ex-wife, to get Dinah a job at Spaulding Enterprises. Although she was definitely attracted to Mallet, Dinah had been burned too many times and resolved to swear off men. Besides, she knew Mallet still had feelings for Harley. Dinah wasn’t the only person who thought that, and to prove everyone wrong, Mallet planted a hot kiss on Dinah and publicly insisted they were dating.  Christmas was rolling around and Dinah was upset that her whole family would be gone for the holiday. A few days later, Mallet surprised Dinah by arranging for Vanessa to come home for Christmas.  Soon after, in 2006, Dinah became increasingly insecure about Mallet’s feelings for Harley. It didn’t help that Mallet would frequently drop everything to help Harley who was distraught over the fact that Gus was missing.  Dinah was shocked when Harley decided to step down as CEO of Spaulding and named Dinah was her replacement! Meanwhile, Alan-Michael fueled Dinah’s jealousy by commenting on how closely Mallet and Harley were working together and suggested that Mallet dragged his feet about getting a new partner specifically hoping he’d get Harley.  Mallet shocked Dinah by asking her to move in with him. Still not secure, a wary Dinah asked if this was his way of telling Harley that he’s tired of being her back-up guy. Mallet spoke from his heart, telling Dinah how much she meant to him. Dinah was moved and they made love. However, Mallet’s devotion to Harley irked Dinah and during an argument about Harley, Mallet confessed that he had recently slept with her. Mallet explained that it was only one time and the woman he loved was Dinah. An angry Dinah didn’t believe him though and walked out the door. Harley asked Dinah for forgiveness but Dinah couldn’t.  Mallet had even more bad news, Ross plane had crashed.  Alan-Michael was the main suspect and Dinah held him at gunpoint.  Mallet and Dinah got engaged and at their engagement party Mallet went on the laptop to show Gus and Harley their wedding video site and what should come up but Springfield Burns? This time, instead of a picture, the site included surveillance reports written by Mallet on Dinah! Mallet confessed that the FBI forced him to keep surveillance on Dinah since she held a gun on Edmund–otherwise she would go back to jail. Betrayed, Dinah rushed out. Mallet followed and tried to explain that he was doing his job but Dinah felt as if their whole relationship was a lie. When Mallet stated that Dinah was simply angry because she was stressed about the wedding, she shoved him into the water and then moved out of their apartment.  Dinah offered to watch her sister Clarissa. Dinah knew that a social worker would be visiting Clarissa and snuck out with the girl. They Shayne and Dinahwent to the Winter Carnival. Dinah was accused of kidnapping and found by Mallet. When Dinah angrily railed that Mallet always suspected the worst of her, he confessed how much he loved her.  IN 2007 Dinah was offered her own television show “Find Your Light”. Soon a man from Mallet’s past named Griggs arrived and demanded that Mallet kill Matt.  Griggs got the upper hand and was about to shoot Mallet when Dinah stepped in the way of the bullet.  Dinah’s head injury left her confused and she began trouble with her memory.  Dinah kept the true extent of her condition a secret from Mallet. Dinah and Matt grew closer as she felt like damaged goods to Mallet.  Vanessa and Mallet were both highly concerned with Dinah’s well being and irresponsible behavior. Angered that Mallet was treating her like a child, Dinah returned her wedding ring and she and Matt ended up making love.  Mallet and Dinah would eventually divorce and he moved on to Marina (Zzzz…).  Fast forward to 2008 and Dinah was in Europe looking for redemption and found it in Shayne Lewis.  Wounded and broken, Dinah got him to let his guard down.  Shayne invited Dinah to the Lewis’s for Christmas.  And they rang in the New Year together.  Dinah and Shayne grew closer and they eventually got married.  Unfortunately, Dinah’s happiness was short-lived.  She had killed Edmund’s look-alike in defense of Mallet and Marina’s child and had to leave Springfield, and Shayne behind.  At the end of the show it was implied that Mallet and Dinah met up in Europe a year later and were together.   Gina Tognoni was a great Dinah recast. She came on the scene with that same Dinah fire but gradually balanced it with some vulnerability.  Dinah’s relationship with Mallet was a large portion of her character from this period.  And I was initially a big fan until after he slept with Harley, and then completely stopped being a fan after Dinah was shot.  Dinah’s horror at being committed for her mental state revisited Dinah’s fear of abandonment.  She felt she was damaged good, she kept repeating it and no one would hear her.  And Ms. Tognoni played it to perfection.  But how about Dinah and Shayne?  They were last-minute gold.  Shayne accepted Dinah for who she was, faults and all.  I was a huge fan and felt their abrupt ending was a huge mistake on the part of the writers.  Some examples of Gina Tognoni’s Dinah: Mallet and Vanessa have Dinah Committed in This clip.  Dinah Meets with Griggs Here. In This clip Mallet Leaves Dinah to help Harley.  This is Mallet’s Inside the Light which shows how he screwed up cheating with Harley.  In this clip Shayne proposes to Dinah.  She initially refuses because she “ruins everything she touches”.

Daytime Television is Coming to the Smithsonian!

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is partnering with the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (think Daytime Emmys) to showcase Daytime television memorabilia.  Why? Because they Daytime Emmys are celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2013. One actress already confirmed to be participating is Susan Lucci who portrayed Erica Kane on All My Children.

Guiding Light on the Radio

To think that daytime television is finally getting the honor it deserves is amazing!  The Smithsonian Museum is intended to tell “America’s Stories” and indeed, soap operas have shaped our cultural identity.  And above all they deserve their spot to shine.  Afterall, soap operas have been a regular feature in daytime television since the 1950s.  And with shows like Guiding Light, who began on the radio, even before that.  Guiding Light was the first show to regularly feature African-American characters making it a groundbreaking soap for its time.

Though I hope enough Guiding Light memorabilia remains to exhibit.  When the show was cancelled they began auctioning off parts of the set to the fans. Read Here.  Which was great for fans but now these pieces of history are possibly gone forever.

But it got me to thinking.  What would I want to be showcased in the Smithsonian to show how amazing Guiding Light truly was?

Cross Creek MantleThe mantle from Cross Creek for sure.  The painting in the Bloss’ carriage house “Light House at Two Points”.  The Company sign…..Iconic images from an iconic soap opera.

Or how about Emmy wins?  Like who hasn’t watched Kim Zimmer’s unforgettable 1985 Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actress?  The crazy hair extentions, the ‘slut of Springfield’ scenes, and the speech.  The speech that said it all.  “Long live Reva Shayne!”

Kim Zimmer 1985 Emmy Win

And that’s just for Guiding Light .  There have been many Soap Operas that have entertained audiences through the years, and hopefully the ones that remain will continue to do so for years to come.  So how about you,  what would you want to exhibit?

You can read more about the new exhibit here.

The Many Faces of Alan-Michael Spaulding

I found Alan-Michael Spaulding to be a rather interesting character.  He was the first natural son born to the wealthy Alan Spaulding and his wife Hope Bauer, but he always felt like he came in second to his big brother Phillip.   Even Gus Aituro, when it was discovered he was Alan’s son, was treated with more love and respect than Alan-Michael!  Which explains a big hallmark character trait of his, the desire to prove himself to his family.   Whether it be that he was not at manipulative and cold as his father or that he is just as savvy in business as his Aunt Alexandra and brother Phillip.  While Alan-Michael wants his father’s love this is often in conflict with the contempt he feels towards him.  Despite being from one of the wealthiest families in Springfield Alan-Michael is considered to be the “black sheep” of the Spaulding family.

Phillip, AM, Hope, Alan, Amanda1. Jessica Zutterman: Alan-Michael Spaulding was born on-screen on September 23, 1981 and was portrayed by a female baby actor which is actually quite common in soap operas.  The marriage between Alan Spaulding and Hope Bauer was brief, and Alan’s womanizing ways contributed to Hope’s decent into alcoholism.  Alan’s affair with Vanessa Chamberlain was the end of the line for these two and they divorced when Alan-Michael was two.  Hope Bauer moved to New York with a young Alan-Michael in October 1983.  A rare family portrait featuring: Phillip, Hope, Baby Alan-Michael, Alan, and Amanada Spaulding.


Carl T Evans AM Spaulding2. Carl T. Evans: A now eighteen year old Alan-Michael made a big impression when he literally parachuted into the annual Bauer bar-b-que July 4, 1987 and he would continue in this role until June 1990.  Alan-Michael was hoping to build a relationship with his father but was also jealous of the closeness between Alan and Phillip.  In his senior year of high school Alan-Michael dated Dinah Marler and bribed star student named Cameron to do his homework.  Out on his motorcycle with Dinah, Alan-Michael crashed into Frank Cooper’s car and was forced to help deliver Frank’s sister Harley’s baby.  A typical high school student Alan-Michael was a fun-loving party guy which quickly irritated Alan who grew tired of his behavior.  In 1988 Phillip gained control of Spaulding from Alan which increased Alan-Michael’s hatred toCarl T Evanswards his half-brother.  Phillip insisted Alan-Michael would have a place in Spaulding one day, Alan-Michael told Phillip that Spaulding belonged to him anyway since he was Alan’s true son.  Also during this time Alan-Michael planned to marry Harley Cooper to gain access to his $1 million dollar trust fund.  The Spaulding’s did not approve of Harley because she was poor and Phillip tried to break them up but in 1989 they ended up marrying.  Though Alan-Michael did not gain access to his trust fund he and Harley did fall in love and he began working at her family’s diner.  Harley and Alan-Michael’s marriage would end with the return of Haley’s ex-boyfriend Dylan, the father of the baby she gave up for adoption.  Desperate to hold on to Harley he helped kidnap her daughter, Susan.  Harley tried to take sole responsibility and Alexandra tried toAlan Michael and Harley Wedding help through the Spaulding lawyers but Alan-Michael took his share of the blame, and ended up receiving community service.   Harley and him grew apart with her developing feelings for Dylan and Alan-Michael began sleeping with Blake.  Wanting to once again gain access to his trust fund he blackmailed his Aunt Alex with the knowledge that she was the one who arranged Vanessa to be fired from Spaulding and not Phillip.  Carl T. Evans was great in the role of a teenage Alan-Michael.  Not a child but not yet a man Alan-Michael was a typical teenager with the typical growing pains (school troubles, friends, young love, etc) but he had the additional weight of knowing he came second in Alan’s eyes.  This anger would foster a rivalry between Alan-Michael and Phillip that would remain throughout Alan-Michael’s tenure on Guiding Light.


Alan Michael3. Rick Hearst: Perhaps the best known in the role he portrayed Alan-Michael from July 1990 until June 1996.  Blake and Alan-Michael eventually married until he learned that Blake faked a pregnancy test.  Despite her pleas for forgiveness they divorced.  When Phillip and Beth left Springfield early in 1991 Alan-Michael was finally able to step outside of his brother’s shadow.  Also in 1991 Alan-Michael learned that Roger Thorpe had stolen money from Spaulding and therefore a new president was needed.  Alan-Michael nominated himself though Alexandra didn’t feel he was ready.  A contest between himself and Vanessa ensued with Alan-Michael hiring Blake  to help gain information he could use to his advantage.  However, Vanessa would be the victor and Alex became obsessed with Nick McHenry believing him to be her son.  Alan-Michael had played second fiddle with Alan and Phillip, he didn’t want to come in second to Alex as well.  Alan-Michael fell in love with immigrant Eleni Andros. Though Eleni was promised as a bride for Frank, Alan-Michael decided to win her for himself. He dated her and impressed her with his wealth but Eleni rather saw him as a friend and comfort for Frank’s lack of interest for her.  He set up Frank with a prostitute so that Eleni would catch the two together and when Eleni was unable to reenter the country he convinced her to marry him.  Soon Eleni’s feelings for Alan-Michael grew and the pair married again in a dream wedding at her family’s home in Greece in February 1992 and the Andros’ welcomed Alan-Michael into their family.  Alan-Michael continued to scheme to gain control of Spaulding and switched Eleni’s birth control pills with placebos.  When Eleni became pregnant in 1993 Alan-Michal was overjoyed…until he learned that Eleni had slept with Frank Cooper and the baby could be his.  When Eleni left Alan-Michael for Frank he was devastated and along with Gilly and Nick took over the floundeAM and Lucyring Springfield Journal and met Lucy Cooper.  In 1994 he began dating Lucy but remained hopeful that Eleni would return to him, even comforting her when her relationship with Frank hit a rough patch.  As a result Lucy broke up with him.  In 1995, Alan named Alan-Michael president of Spaulding (his life-long dream) and Lucy was hired as his secretary.  When Lucy began dating Brent Lawrence, a Spaulding executive, Alan-Michael was forced to admit that he loved Lucy.  However, Alan-Michael finally found out that Brent raped Lucy and flew into a rage and fired him.  After terrorizing months of Brent stalking them, faking his death, then terrorizing them as “Marion” Alan-Michael and Lucy married in May 1996.  It was at their wedding where Phillip made his big return, though Alan-Michael wanted him to leave until Lucy stopped him, hoping the two brothers would make peace for one day.  Rick Herbst will forever remain my favorite Alan-Michael.  Alan-Michael was more manipulative around this time but it was always directed at two things, Spaulding Enterprises and his quest for love.  He wanted to be president of Spaulding and was constantly having to prove himself worthy.  And though Alan-Michael thought he found love with Eleni it was with Lucy that Alan-Michael found his soul mate.  Here is a clip from Lucy and Alan-Michael’s wedding in 1996.  And Jezzfanatic is uploading the Alan-Michael and Lucy story on YouTube.  Here is a great clip of theirs featuring Rick Herbst as Alan-Michael.  As for why Alan-Michael and Lucy worked, it was partly because Alan-Michael didn’t lie or manipulate Lucy.  In fact it was Lucy who always felt they destined to be together.  Their pairing (LAM) was popular among fans and many were upset when Rick Herbst left Guiding Light after six years on the show.  And Rick Herbst was able to balance the more grey aspects of Alan-Michael’s personality perfectly.  Which is why, even today, Rock Herbst is considered by many Guiding Light fans to be THE definitive Alan-Michael Spaulding.

Alan Michael Alan and Phillip

Michel Dietz AM Spaulding4. Michael Dietz: In July 1996 Michael Dietz took over the role of Alan-Michael, right in the middle of the A. Spaulding story.  Alan-Michael accidentally overheard Alan telling Amanda how he was manipulating Alan-Michael and would still destroy Buzz and demolish the Diner, so Alan-Michael disowned his father again. He and Lucy moved out of the Spaulding house and teamed up with the 5th Street occupants to rescue 5th Street. Though Alex begged Alan-Michael to make up with both Alan and Phillip, Alan-Michael refused and believed that Phillip had only returned to get Alan-Michael’s assets.  Alan-Michael helped Buzz to save the Diner by collecting enough money for the mortgage after a successful auction for dances with women. Though Alan was allowed to destroy the rest of 5th Street, when Shayne Lewis was missing in a building, Alan rushed to save him and fell through a broken staircase,  Alan-Michael and Phillip teamed up to rescue him before the building was destroyed. Meanwhile, Phillip wanted to find the “A. Spaulding” who had set him up to be charged for Neil Everest’s murder five years earlier and he suspected Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael was trying to prevent Phillip from returning to Spaulding and this lead to tension with Lucy, who liked Phillip and reprimanded Alan-Michael’s behavior.  Amanda offered Phillip and Alan-Michael her Spaulding shares to pay her debts.  Alan-Michael wanted to buy her shares to prevent Phillip from returning to Spaulding but Phillip got the shares anyway. Soon Alan-Michael was prime suspect as “A. Spaulding” in Phillip’s eyes because he had collected newspaper articles of Phillip over the years and there was also a photo of Alan-Michael and Neil although Alan-Michael claimed that it was taken during a business trip. Still obsessed about getting rid of Phillip, Alan-Michael AlanMichaelLucy1996Lpretended to reunite with his brother and wanted to set him up by arranging a fake business deal to California for Phillip so that he would be able to incite the board against him. Bitter over Phillip, Alan-Michael vowed to destroy him. His first move was to sabotage one of Phillip’s business deals and to blame him for it but Phillip realized Alan-Michael’s actions and Alan, who reprimanded Alan-Michael, wanted to reunite his sons. Suddenly Alan was rushed to Cedars due to pains in the back and he confessed to the family that he had actually been “A. Spaulding”. As a result, Alan-Michael and Phillip finally made up and both disowned Alan.  Alan was paralyzed and lost his will to live,  So, to give Alan the will to live and to encourage him to fight Alan-Michael and Phillip teamed up.  Finally tired of all the power struggles at Spaulding, Alan-Michael gave his shares of votes to Amanda and left town with Lucy. Moving to France in February 1997.  Though his time on the show was brief and was basically to wrap up Alan-Michael’s story and usher him out-of-town, he wasn’t too terrible in the role.  Though he was no Rick Herbst (excuse the fangurl moment) and the Alan-Michael and Lucy magic had been dimmed to focus more on the Phillip and Alan-Michael rivalry I still liked the character and actually enjoyed his interactions with Phillip.  Michael Dietz and Grant Aleksander had some good sibling chemistry.  I particularly like this scene.  It not only shows the Spaulding dynamic but Alan-Michael and Phillip briefly reunited, and Alan admitting he loves BOTH his sons (Even if it is a dream).  And this scene shows some good Alan-Michael and Lucy love from this brief time period.

AM and Lucy-Michael Dietz

In 2004 Alan-Michael was informed of Phillip’s “death”.  He declined to return to Springfield since he didn’t want to watch his father mourn his favorite son.

Michael Dempsy AM Spaulding5. Michael Dempsey: In November 2005 Michael Dempsey was brought in as the new Alan-Michael.  In 2005 the Coopers and Spaulding’s learned that Alan-Michael and Lucy had separated and then in November Alan-Michael returned to Springfield solo.  In a play on history Alan-Michael almost ran into Marina in his car (which is similar to when Alan-Michael almost ran over Lucy years earlier).  But unlike Lucy, Marina threatened to arrest him.  His first stop was to Spaulding Enterprises to see the newly appointed CEO–Harley. After telling Harley that he and Lucy divorced amicably, he assured her that he had no interest in running the company and she had his full support. As a newly divorced man, all he wanted to do was enjoy his life. (You can see part of that clip here). Next up, Alan-Michael went to the mental hospital where Alan (having confessed to be the one who shot Phillip) was staying. There, he finally met his other half-brother, Gus Aitoro, and the two bonded over their apparent hatred of Alan and what he’d done to Phillip and to the Cooper family. Though Alan begged Alan-Michael to help restore the Spaulding’s to power Alan-Michael refused and backed Harley as CEO.  Alan-Michael continued to flirt with Marina he finally accepted a job at Spaulding, he was secretly working with Alan to oust Harley as CEO.  It wasn’t anything personal, it was Alan-Michael claiming what he felt was rightfully his.   Alexandra called Alan-Michael on his plan to oust Harley from power. Although he denied it, she didn’t believe him and warned him that his relationship with Marina could be a liability. Things looked dicey weeks later when Marina found documents naming Alan-Michael as CEO but Alan-Michael covered by telling her that one of Alan’s cronies was trying to engineer a power play–which he did not support. Later, Alan-Michael lied to Harley that the old guard at Spaulding wanted her out as CEO and him in.  In 2006 when Alan-Michael learned that Harley had slept with Mallet after learning Gus was dead, he used the information to his advantage.  He pushed Harley and Mallet to be alone together despite Mallet and Dinah being in a relationship together, then sent Dinah after them.  When the truth was revealed his relationship with Marina ended.  Harley stepped down as CEO as long as Alan-Michael kept Dinah as VP.  Fast forward to 2007 and his relationship with Ava Peralta.  Another waste of time. Ava was working as a waitress at Company when Alan-Michael was rudely talking on the phone while ordering.  She grabbed his phone away and he was intrigued.  Alan-Michael offered her a high-paying job at Spaulding, Ava unexpectedly accepted Alan-Michael’s job offer when he truthfully confirmed that he only offered her the job because he wanted to sleep with her.  A Coop/Ava/Alan-Michael developed with Coop and Alan-Micahel fighting for Ava’s affections.  The fight turned physical when Coop accidentally pushed Alan-Michael over a balcony.  Alan-Michael used this to his advantage, he claimed he couldn’t feel his legs, that he was paralyzed.  When Alan was shot the day of his wedding to Doris Wolfe the gun found at the scene where Alan had been shot was registerMichael Dempsy AM Spaulding And AVAed to Alan-Michael. However, Alan-Michael insisted that he did not shoot his father.  Beth learned that Alan-Michael wasn’t paralyzed but kept silent. When Ava learned the truth she was hurt but forgave him, until the trial.  Her parents Olivia and Jeffery kidnapped Alan-Michael who threatened Alan-Michael to stay away from Ava, with Jeffrey even trying to pay him off.  (Can see that Here).  To get revenge, Alan-Michael spied on Olivia and snapped photos of her kissing Jeffrey on the day she was to marry Buzz. Alan-Michael wasted no time sending the photos to Buzz. When a self-satisfied Alan-Michael began publicly gloating that his family owned the town, Alan himself arrived and defended Buzz. When Buzz left, Alan informed his son that a large sum of money was being transferred from the company into a personal account in Alan-Michael’s name–in other words, Alan was framing him for embezzlement. Alan-Michael’s only salvation was to skip town.  that he would not lose another son to a vendetta. Upon Alan’s death Alan-Michael is to receive one penny from the Spaulding estate.  Talk about an unpopular guy!  Michael Dempsey’s version od Alan-Michael was the product of the David Kreizman era as Head Writer (think Cassie and Josh pairing) and one and a half years was enough to completely destroy a character.  Alan-Michael could be devious at times but the writers seemed to forget that Alan-Michael’s true nature was that he didn’t want to be like his father while simultaneously yearning for Alan’s love.  This Alan-Michael was truly on the dark side and he showed no real remorse.  His relationship with Marina was, for lack of a better word, icky.  That was the child that COULD have been his when he was married to Eleni.  And the pointless Ava relationship was just that, useless plot filler. No one cared.  Indeed Michael Dempsey never really caught on with the fans and was let go in 2007 for “lack of Character direction”. 

The Alan-Michael and Lucy fan in me imagines that he found his way back to France, back to Lucy.  Of course he once again resembles Rick Hearst and acts like the Alan-Michael who felt he was unloved until he found his better half.  Sad the later writers lost that aspect of the character.  Perhaps if they hadn’t the recast Alan-Michael would have made more of a mark on fans.