Special Announcements

Marah and Tony

I never thought this day would come but sadly it has.  I only have two Marah and Tony clips left to offer viewers.  When I began uploading Marony clips almost nine months ago I never expected the reaction I got, or the wonderful comments thanking me for uploading them.  I guess I could have hoarded them away but what would be the fun in that?  Marah and Tony were a great couple that sadly never got a chance to be happy long-term.  But I did get to create something that I think is pretty great, my own little Marony haven.   And once again I have to thank all of those who commented on here and on Twitter on I Believe in the Mystery.  I am so glad everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoy reading What Matters Most.

Just because Marah and Tony clips are ending doesn’t mean I am closing up shop.  I have clips that I purchased previously that I am going through to see if any would be of historical interest to Guiding Light fans.  In typical Stephanie fashion I am trying to see if I have any sorely unrepresented stuff on YouTube.  And of course I will still be making videos on YouTube and posting on here.   And there IS another story coming I SWEAR 🙂


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