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Marah and Tony

I never thought this day would come but sadly it has.  I only have two Marah and Tony clips left to offer viewers.  When I began uploading Marony clips almost nine months ago I never expected the reaction I got, or the wonderful comments thanking me for uploading them.  I guess I could have hoarded them away but what would be the fun in that?  Marah and Tony were a great couple that sadly never got a chance to be happy long-term.  But I did get to create something that I think is pretty great, my own little Marony haven.   And once again I have to thank all of those who commented on here and on Twitter on I Believe in the Mystery.  I am so glad everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoy reading What Matters Most.

Just because Marah and Tony clips are ending doesn’t mean I am closing up shop.  I have clips that I purchased previously that I am going through to see if any would be of historical interest to Guiding Light fans.  In typical Stephanie fashion I am trying to see if I have any sorely unrepresented stuff on YouTube.  And of course I will still be making videos on YouTube and posting on here.   And there IS another story coming I SWEAR 🙂


My Top Ten Soap Couples of All Time

I have been watching soap operas for over twenty years.  Growing up I was strictly a CBS soap watcher and just recently branched out into ABC.  Then recently I was asked who my favorite daytime couple was and I drew a blank.  Clearly Marah and Tony were there in the forefront of my mind but would they be number one?  I had loved many couples before them, and some of these couples lasted for longer periods of time.  So I began pondering the question, “What are my top 10 favorite soap couples of all time?”  And crazy enough, I even learned something significant about myself as a viewer.  I don’t think there is a couple on my list that can’t be classified as “angsty”.  That’s right. My name is Stephanie and I am addicted to ANGST!  I love it.  It creates more tension than any plot point any day.  The tortured couple that stares longingly at each other but can’t be together because of factors beyond their control? Sign me up!

And without further ado, My Top Ten Soap Couples of All time:

victor_nikki_newman30210. Nikki and Victor (Y&R) –   I was going to do a detailed history of this couple, but it was simply too long!!!  Victor Newman, the intimidating, often called “ruthless”, successful business tycoon always won; every deal, every argument, every business acquisition.  In sharp contrast, Victor’s personal life included many marriages and divorces. But the love of his life would always be Nikki Reed, to whom he was introduced by his pal Douglas Austin when she was a stripper barely out of her teens at a strip club called “The Bayou”.   Often called “Niktor” by fans, they are one of Y&R’s most recognizable couples and have remained so over 30 years.  They are one of the main supercouples in that the breakup/marriage/breakup cycle is continuous but you know that Victor and Nikki will always be drawn back to each other, always.  And if you are interested in some Niktor Fanfiction my good friend Pam publishes some great stuff at Cleo’s Cafe.



Buzz and Jenna9.  Buzz and Jenna (GL) -Jenna Bradshaw was in Springfield on and off since 1992. When she first arrived in Springfield, as a jewel thief, it was to retrieve a brooch that she had put in a carrying bag belonging to police officer Harley Cooper.  As Jenna gained control of Spaulding, she was on the verge of a relationship with Buzz Cooper but she married to Roger. Buzz decided to leave them alone after learning she was pregnant. Buzz was about to propose to his ex-wife Nadine when he realized that he had to help Jenna get her marriage annulled. Jenna was now living at the firehouse with Buzz when Roger stopped by. He told her he would take the baby away when it was born. All the stress caused Jenna to have a miscarriage. In light of those events Roger and Jenna quickly got the marriage annulled.  Buzz’s ex-wife Nadine convinced him to marry her on a gameshow to win money.  Jenna thought it was for real, which just gave her another reason to leave town. She left town, without telling Buzz she was pregnant with his child. She later gave birth to Henry Cooper Bradshaw (Later called Coop) in Rio De Janeiro on Christmas 1994.   Jenna returned to Springfield in Christmas of 1996 with her evil husband Jeffrey Morgan in tow. Knowing he was a criminal, the Coopers scammed Jeffrey in New York City and framed him for extortion using Phillip Spaulding’s bonds.Around this time Buzz fell down some stairs and suffered from amnesia.  Jenna was busy getting some bad news of her own–she found out that she was pregnant with her ex-husband Jeffrey Morgan’s baby. Soon after Buzz miraculously regained his memory and opted to raise Jenna’s baby as his own.  Jenna returned from a trip to England and Buzz wanted to get married As soon as they could. Jenna was hesitant but didn’t really say anything. She and Harley went to Vanessa’s first ever “Second Chances” meeting. In the middle of the meeting Jenna went into labor. Buzz showed up and went with Jenna to the hospital.  He wanted to marry Jenna before the baby came. At first everyone thought that Buzz’s plans were going to be spoiled by Charles, Jenna’s doctor, but Buzz signed some papers and they were allowed to proceed with the ceremony. Harley was the maid of honor, Frank best man and anyone and everyone in that waiting room were witnesses! Soon after they became Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Cooper, Jenna gave birth to a baby boy Ian Stavros Cooper (Rocky).  However, Love was not bliss for long when Jeffrey came back. He knew of Ian being his son because of overhearing Holly, the stalker, and demanded to see him at once. Jenna got in the car with him on the pretense of going to see Ian and wrecked the car. Jeffrey died but so did Jenna, she did live long enough to see Buzz and tell him she loved him and to take care of their children.  The killing off of Jenna was in my opinion one of Guiding Light’s biggest blunders.  Jenna and Buzz were a great couple who truly brought out the best in each other.  They had great chemistry and were downright entertaining to watch.  Such a sad waste of potential!


Willen8.  Will and Gwen (ATWT) – Will and Gwen were set up on a date together in 2005 that ended in disaster.  Will was nursing a crush on Allison Stewart, while Gwen showed more interest in Casey Hughes, Will’s best friend.  Casey and Gwen shared a secret and Casey preferred it if Gwen stayed away from his circle of friends, but nevertheless she became part of their group. It became clear that Gwen and Casey had previously slept together. While Casey wanted to leave the past behind them, Gwen had stunning news: she was pregnant.  Afraid to tell Casey the truth Gwen revealed the truth to Will. Will took charge of the situation and pretended to be the baby’s father much to the displeasure of his parents. He made sure Gwen, an emancipated minor living in a tiny apartment in town, made all of her doctor’s appointments and kept her good condition for the baby.  Will and Gwen stood alone, and he helped her through her difficult pregnancy. When it came to light that Gwen’s baby had been switched with Will’s nephew, Johnny Donovan, at birth, and that Gwen’s baby had died, Will still supported her and they fell in love. Despite the continued opposition from Barbara and Hal, Will married Gwen in March 2006.  Gwen was determined that her and Will were going to graduate and go to college, she wanted to prove everyone wrong about them.  Gwen found out Jade Taylor helped Will cheat on a test.  Under pressure from Gwen to graduate Will slept with Jade who then pretended she was pregnant with his child.  Gwen discovered she was pregnant with Will’s baby in August 2007. Unfortunately, she miscarried the baby.  Then Barbara tells her son and Gwen that a couple wants to give up their yet unborn child for adoption. Gwen and Will have doubts since the couple wants to remain unknown, but eventually go on with the plan. What they don’t know is that this couple is in fact Sofie Duran and her boyfriend Cole Norbeck (Gwen’s half-brother).  The plan was made by Barbara and Iris, who paid Cole big money for this. Sofie was told that her baby would go to a couple who also wanted to remain anonymous. Both sides continued with it all, until Alison found out about the plan. She told Gwen and Will, who confronted both their mothers with their plans. Barbara admitted that there was no other way for them to get a baby otherwise, because no agency would let them adopt a baby due to Will’s past. Will broke the bond with his mother and informed Sofie. A week later, Sofie went into labor and Gwen and Will help her deliver the baby. When Sofie is alone in her bedroom she cries for Cole, who left town, and for knowing she can’t raise this baby. Back at home, Gwen breaks down in Will’s arms because she still wants this baby. Sofie makes a decision. She tells Gwen and Will that she will give them her baby, if she gets to be a part of her life.  Sophie signed away her rights to the baby, and Will and Gwen named her Hallie Jennifer Munson in honor of Will’s father and sister. As Sophie became more and more emotionally involved in Hallie’s life, Will and Gwen asked her to step away for a while; as a result, Sophie became depressed.  Sophie decided that she wanted to sue for custody of Hallie. Her feelings of depression and abandonment increased when Aaron testified on Will and Gwen’s behalf, and the judge awarded the Munsons custody. Gwen started to feel guilty about keeping Hallie from Sophie, but Will wanted to keep her. Gwen gave Sophie custody illegally, and despite Will’s anger he still loved her. When Hallie got sick again, and Will and Gwen provided care for her, Sophie realized that they were the best parents for her and they could provide her with the best life. Will and Gwen left town with Hallie soon after.  I typically don’t like teenage romances but Will and Gwen were hard to resist.  I loved them.  I loved how even with all the obstacles thrown their way Will and Gwen made it through all the pain and heartbreak to become a strong united front. 


c(1)7. CJ and Becky (B&B)- Clarke Jr. was born to Sally Spectra  and Clarke Garrison.  Not long after C.J.’s birth, Clarke left town. C.J. grew into a disobedient child in his early teens, having a cynical view on the world.  CJ spent most of 1998 and 1999 as Amber’s shoulder to cry on as she became pregnant and married Rick.  Amber was in the middle of a very complicated web of lies about the paternity of her son. The baby’s natural mother, her cousin Becky Moore, had just arrived in town. To keep her busy, Amber set her up with C.J. On that first date, they made out, but it never amounted to anything.  Months later, Becky had shed her white trash roots for a makeover, as well as getting her son back from Amber, C.J. spent a great deal of time with her. They fell in love quickly, their relationship helping C.J. make the final transition from wise cracking boy to mature, thoughtful man. Unfortunately, Becky was dying of pancreatic cancer. Amber tried to keep the cancer a secret from Becky and everyone else, but broke down and eventually told C.J. Instead of telling her, he proposed marriage, wanting to make her final weeks happy. Becky learned of her cancer minutes before the wedding, but married CJ anyway. She died soon after, at peace, surrounded by her family and friends.  Though Becky was only on for a year, and their relationship was short-lived it made a real impact.  It was heartfelt and gut-wrenching watching two young people find love and then seeing it ripped away so suddenly.  And Becky’s deathbed scene will be one of the soap memories that sticks with me forever.  C.J. would go on and develop feelings for Amber and almost marry her but Becky will forever be the love of C.J.’s life even though he hasn’t been on canvas since 2010.

lam66. Alan-Michael and Lucy (GL)- Alan-Michael Spaulding met Lucy Cooper by almost running her down with his car the night she came to Springfield.  Alan-Michael took a liking to Lucy right off and gave her a place to stay until she got settled in town. Their friendship blossomed into a dating relationship. During, their dating romance Alan-Michael learned that Lucy was a virgin.  Even though Alan-Michael understood her hesitance, he was put off by her virginity. He didn’t want the responsibility of taking Lucy’s virginity because she made it clear that she wanted her first time to be with the man she would marry. Lucy fell in love with Alan-Michael, but he couldn’t return the feelings because he was still in love with Eleni, his ex-wife and Lucy’s sister-in-law.  Time passed and Lucy became bound and determined not to waste her life mooning over Alan-Michael Spaulding. She started placing ads in the personals and using dating services to find the man of her dreams. During this time, Alan-Michael had finally become President of Spaulding Enterprises, something he dreamed of his whole life. Unfortunately, this put the dynamic duo in a stressful situation. Lucy was now Alan-Michael’s assistant. For awhile, they were able to have a professional relationship without getting personal until Lucy met Brent Lawrence, an up and coming IT executive at Spaulding.  By now, Alan-Michael realized he was in love with Lucy but wasn’t able to confess his love for her and was dismayed when she started dating Brent.  He was jealous and when he saw Lucy and Brent kissing in the office, he reprimanded them and after a talk with Alan-Michael, Lucy realized there was no future with him. Devastated, Alan-Michael finally decided to confess his love for Lucy, but when he did so in her apartment, she seemed upset and ran off, leaving Alan-Michael to believe that something was wrong because of Brent. Later, during a business-trip to Brent’s hometown in Florida, Alan-Michael learned how Brent treated women, so he fired him. When Brent threatened Lucy in her apartment, Alan-Michael arrived and learned why Lucy had been upset– Brent had raped Lucy!  Thanks to Lucy, Alan-Michael soon realized that Brent had gained access to Lucy’s computer to manipulate the numbers. Lucy had the real financial information on a disk and when Brent was about to get this disk from Lucy, he confessed his schemes to her and a hiding Alan-Michael overheard everything and got Brent’s confession on tape.  Frank and Buzz forced Brent to leave town for Seattle and Alan-Michael and Lucy reunited.  When Alan-Michael and Lucy got engaged, they thought that Lucy was HIV+, thanks to Marian’s manipulations, A devastated Alan-Michael supported Lucy and to everyone’s delight, a third test finally came back negative and everyone realized that someone was manipulating the two tests before.  In January 1996, Alan-Michael and others were further shocked to learn that Marian was actually a very much alive Brent in disguise!  Not long after, in attendance of half of Springfield, Alan-Michael and Lucy finally married at the Universal Studios in Florida.  One day, Alan-Michael accidentally overheard Alan telling Amanda how he was manipulating Alan-Michael and would still destroy Buzz, so Alan-Michael disowned his father again. He and Lucy moved out of the Spaulding house and teamed up with the 5th Street occupants to rescue 5th Street.  Alan-Michael was trying to prevent Phillip from returning to Spaulding and this lead to tension with LucyAM and Lucy, who liked Phillip and reprimanded Alan-Michael’s behavior. Alan-Michael became Phillip’s prime suspect. When Phillip seemed intent on destroying Alan-Michael, Alan-Michael retaliated by trying to get rid of Phillip. In the end, it was discovered that Alan was the one who set Phillip up. In February 1996, Alan-Michael and Lucy decided they were tired of all the power plays at Spaulding and moved to France.  In 2005, the Spaulding and Coopers would learn that Alan-Michael and Lucy had separated.  Alan-Michael and Lucy Cooper were a great couple that started out as friends and slowly blossomed into more.  Though it took Alan-Michael a long time to come to terms with his feelings he finally got there and they were happy together.  Though they supposedly divorced offscreen Alan-Michael returned in 2005 recast and more devious.  But memories of how he used to be, and his warm and loving romance with Lucy still prevail.  On of my favorite LAM quotes: “Alan-Michael: Lucy I have lied! I have manipulated people just like [Alan] does! Lucy: But you’re not lying anymore and you have never lied to me. Alan-Michael: No, not to you. Never to you.”

4njosuaga2m6usgn5. Thorne and Macy- Macy first met Thorne Forrester in a bar as she was walking out while he bumped into her.  They had a series of accidental meetings then they ran into each other again at the Bikini Bar, each nursing their own broken heart—Thorne for his soon-to-be-ex-wife Caroline and Macy for Mick Savage, a photographer who had run out on her. They spent the night together at Big Bear, but neither intended for it to be more until they cohosted a benefit together and discovered they both loved singing. After dating for some time, Thorne proposed to Macy, but there was one problem – Macy had never told Thorne that she was Sally Spectra’s daughter because the Forresters would never have accepted the truth.  Macy accepted Thorne’s proposal, but while telling her mother, Sally revealed that Eye on Fashion had a picture of Clarke and Sally’s wedding, which included Macy. When Thorne, who had found out from his family, confronted her, she admitted who she was and returned the ring. Macy was heartbroken to have lost Thorne, but within a few weeks, Thorne’s first wife Caroline died and Thorne, with Sally’s help, came back to Macy begging for another shot.  Their wedding plans didn’t go as smoothly as they wanted. While Macy’s family supported them, only Thorne’s sister Felicia was willing to be part of their wedding. Macy and Thorne decided to have a church ceremony, and they were pleasantly surprised when Thorne’s entire family showed up. Unfortunately, the Forrester’s could not truly accept Macy as Thorne’s wife, and Macy and Thorne were constantly arguing over what her mother was up to, and the two separated. After waiting in vain for Thorne to come to her (he was waiting for the same thing), Macy got involved with tennis pro Jake Maclaine who had recently broken up with Felicia. Thorne finally came to her and asked her to come back, but by then it had been too long, and Macy opted to stay with Jake. It wasn’t long before she regretted her decision and went home to Thorne, who welcomed her back with open arms. Their happiness didn’t last long, because they couldn’t stop the fighting and Thorne soon fell for Karen. Macy and Thorne again reunited, only this time Anthony Armando  came between them … that, and Macy’s alcoholism. When Macy and Thorne began singing together again, they once again renewed their relationship. Although they hit a bump in the road with Macy’s throat cancer, it wasn’t long before the two married yet again. When Thorne got himself involved with Claudia Cortéz , a Forrester employee who was in the country illegally, it was the last straw, and Macy and Thorne’s already tenuous relationship broke.  When Macy was having trouble getting pregnant, they decided to go to the doctor for tests, and learned that Grant had cancer, and he didn’t have long to live. Macy was devastated!  Macy stayed by his side for the remaining time he had left, but when Grant died, she turned back to the bottle. Thorne was there to help pull her out, and the two were soon back together, planning a wedding and a future. Unfortunately, Thorne’s former sister-in-law Brooke had set her sights on Thorne, and Brooke worked behind the scenes until she came between Thorne and Macy, and the two broke up. Macy thought it was over until she got a call from Thorne, and assuming he and Brooke were finished, Macy married Thorne in Amsterdam.  Romantically, it wasn’t long before Macy realized that Thorne had married her on the rebound and had no intention of stopping his relationship with Brooke Logan.  She began to drink more heavily, which was not helped by Brooke flaunting her relationship with Thorne. Macy finally went up to Big Bear to say goodbye to Thorne and was ready to sign the divorce papers when Brooke arrived demanding that Macy let Thorne go so she could have him. Furious, Macy took off in the car, with Brooke tagging along so she could force her to sign the papers. After a horrible car accident, Macy was presumed dead.  Much to everyone’s surprise, it turned out that Macy was alive and well.  She was noticed by Thorne when she was singing in a small Italian café, and when her mother Sally had a heart attack, she returned to Los Angeles with Lorenzo, who soon became her husband. Thorne wasted no time in telling her that since she never signed the divorce papers they were still legally married, and after Macy realized she could never love Lorenzo the way she loved Thorne, Lorenzo left town and Macy and Thorne reunited.  Unfortunately, at a time when he thought they were broken up, Thorne had indulged in a one-night stand with Macy’s best friend Darla.  Around the same time Macy was having an emergency hysterectomy, Darla was discovering she was pregnant with Thorne’s child. Although the plan was initially for Macy and Thorne to adopt the child (without Macy knowing Thorne was the father), once the truth came out Macy could no longer be part of Thorne’s life and asked him for an annulment.  Macy agreed to perform on opening night, but enemies from Oscar Marone’s past tampered with the chandelier that night, which fell, severely injuring Macy. Although Macy hung on in the hospital in a coma for a few days, she never woke up, and her mother had to make the choice of whether or not to take her off life support; Sally’s actual choice has never been revealed, but Macy is generally assumed to be dead.  Thorne and Macy had a very back and forth, on and off relationship.  Macy was sweet and loving which was what Thorne needed but would foolishly throw away.  But they were a great couple when they were together.

Billy and Chloe4. Chloe and Billy (Y&R) – One night after discovering she was pregnant, Chloe setup Cane to get drunk, then offered him a ride home. When Cane passed out in her car, she made it look as though they had sex when Cane awoke.  Chloe chose the occasion to announce her pregnancy by Cane just as Cane was proposing to Lily. Lily insisted on a prenatal paternity test, and when it came back not ruling out Cane as the father, she gave Cane back his ring and told him he should marry the mother of his child instead. Cane gave Chloe the ring and moved her into the back room of his house, claiming to be doing it for the child. Chloe began flaunting the ring and her pregnancy with a Chancellor heir all around Genoa City. Cane and Chloe were married by a Justice of the Peace.  His mother Jill and Grandmother Kay decided to make the best of it since Cane had just been named CEO of Jabot and renamed their engagement party to a wedding reception. Chloe played sick to not attend, but Cane discovered her lie. But when Chloe showed up with Cane, Esther was shocked to find that Chloe was actually her daughter Kate! Cane was mostly tolerating Chloe and still pining for Lily. Chloe told Esther she would never get over her resentment for being shipped off to boarding school all her life, but Esther said she did it for her own good, so she wouldn’t end up like her. Chloe told her that a guy who was selfish, arrogant, and unfaithful broke her heart (obviously Billy) and she would never love anyone else again, including Cane.  From flashbacks it was obvious that Billy was the father of Chloe’s baby and that she set up their first meeting in New York City. They had an affair, she got into his email, discovered that he cheated on her breaking her heart, then she stalked him. Yet Billy was still her occasional “booty call” up until she discovered she was pregnant.  Cane invited Billy and “his girlfriend” over for drinks to get to know him and his wife Chloe, unaware that his ex-wife Amber was Billy’s girlfriend, and that Chloe had a past with Billy. Billy confronted Chloe the next day accusing her of just wanting to bag a Chancellor. Billy tried to convince Cane that he didn’t mind that Cane took over Jabot, and Cane talked Billy into taking the Director of Marketing position, with emphasis on the new teen line Starblaze. Cane and Chloe began getting along well in anticipation of their baby. But one day Lily came by, and during an argument with Chloe, Chloe fell from a ladder and had to be taken to the hospital. Her baby was OK, but she was confined to bed-rest with rare occasions on her feet. During her hospitalization, Billy got a nurse to admit the due date was incorrect, and realized that he was the father, but said nothing to Chloe.  After some time they were getting serious so they went up to the Abbott cabin at Twin Lakes to be alone. But Billy felt he had to confess to Lily about Chloe’s baby before going any further. Lily was shocked and accused Billy of plotting with Chloe to break up her and Cane. About that time Chloe walked in the door of the cabin, and before she could join the conversation, went into labor. Unable to drive out due to a storm, Billy had to turn and deliver his daughter while being talked through it by Olivia on Lily’s cell phone.  Cane contacted Michael to get custody of Cordelia, and Billy contacted Rafe to see what his rights were too. Since Cane was divorcing Chloe and they had nowhere to go, Esther brought Chloe and her granddaughter home to the estate.  After spending the night before with Sharon, Billy married Chloe to be able to fight Cane for custody of Cordelia.  Just as the ceremony ended, because Brock let her know that Katherine was alive, Mac showed up at the Chancellor mansion.  Mac resisted Billy’s advances, and when he grabbed and kissed her, she slapped him. Chloe saw it, kissed his smarting cheek, and took him home.  But when they met to sign the divorce papers, Billy started remembering the good times in the past, and backed out making excuses. So Chloe decided to use Chance to make Billy jealous and stay with her and Delia. Billy went back and signed the next day, but Chloe never did and they remained legally married though separated…. Though Chloe would finally sign the papers and go on to date Chance and Billy would marry Victoria Newman (UGH) Billy and Chloe still have a lot of potential.  They are both grey characters who are not above playing dirty to suit their needs, well Billy used to before Victoria took his manhood.  Even more crazy is that both ACTORS want a “Chilly” reunion as well. Billy was living in the past and not seeing that Chloe was the woman for him.  And yet fans are still holding strong years later to see these two reunited.  Because as Billy said to Chloe, “You and I? We’re from the dark side baby.”

ST.ALBAN, STEWART3. Danny and Michelle (GL) – Mick Santos, a member of the infamous Santos crime family, arrived in Springfield.  After bullying his way into working at Millennium, he managed to make enemies of everyone around him, including Michelle. One night, Mick attacked Michelle and Drew at the beach and, trying to get him away from Michelle, Drew hit him over the head with a rock. Noticing that he was still conscious and now going after Drew, Michelle hit him again. The two ran away, leaving an unconscious Mick on the ground. Later that evening, they learned that he had been found dead and the search was on for his killer.  Then Mick’s brother, Danny, came to town determined to avenge his brother’s death and began bartending at Millennium.  Learning Michelle killed Mick, Danny went after her and confronted her about what had happened with Mick. First denying any part in it, Michelle finally broke down and told Danny the whole truth and began begging him to spare her life.  Believing her story and obviously torn over his growing feelings for her, Danny agreed to help her. He told her that the only way he could keep from being forced to kill her would be to marry her, as his wife, Michelle would be safe from his family. She agreed and the two were married on New Year’s Day 1999 in a civil ceremony. However, Danny’s mother, Carmen, who was the head of the mob, hated Michelle for killing her first-born son and set out to prove that she and Danny’s marriage was one of convenience. So Michelle agreed to another wedding ceremony with Danny, a religious one. As Michelle was agonizing over her marriage and her separation from Jesse, she was beginning to realize that Danny was actually falling in love with her.  When asked by Danny’s cousin, Ray, if she loved Danny, Michelle wasn’t able to say no. Over the course of several weeks, Michelle tried to deny her feelings for Danny, while Jesse tried to deny his feelings for Drew.  Eventually, the pair parted ways amicably and Michelle professed her love for Danny. Unfortunately, Danny refused to go back to her since he knew she was trying to change him and he served her with annulment papers. However, when he discovered that Carmen was plotting to kill Michelle, Danny rushed in to save her and declared his love, promising that he’d leave his family for her.  Then Danny’s ex, Theresa Sandoval, was hired by Carmen to break up Michelle and Danny, Although Michelle was suspicious of Theresa, Danny trusted her and let her help him find a new career for himself. Unfortunately, his trust in Theresa almost cost him his life when a drug slipped in his drink by Theresa almost killed him.Michelle, already the victim of several life-threatening attempts by Carmen, was paranoid that Carmen was alive and would come after her. Soon after, Michelle became pregnant again, and Michelle left Danny so that she their baby wouldn’t grow up with the influence of the Santos.  Danny told Michelle it was over between them and returned to a life in the mob. but, Michelle was unable to let go of her marriage, though, and she continued to pursue him and eventually won him back in 2001 after the birth of their son, Robert Frederico.  Michelle also became concerned as Danny was once again drawn into the Santos family, due to his cousin Tony’s arrest and Maria’s stroke.  Then suddenly Danny was assumed dead.  After his funeral, a distraught Michelle was shocked to learn from Ed that Danny faked his death after being shot by Carmen and rescued by Cassie.  Due to their lifelong bond and the approval of both of their families, Michelle grew closer to Bill in early 2003. She felt that dating Bill was only natural but soon she began to grow jealous of Danny’s business partnership with Cassie. Michelle and Bill almost made love, but when she couldn’t fully concentrate on their lovemaking or whom she wanted to be with, he walked out on her. Later Danny and Michelle finally reconciled.  Unfortunately, Danny’s involvement would have dire consequences for Michelle when one night she became suspicious of what he’d be doing. Although Danny, and even Tony, tried to persuade her to go home and stay away from Salerno’s, she was convinced that Danny would be doing something dangerous and followed him. While looking for him in an abandoned warehouse, Michelle was suddenly caught in an explosion!  That same night, Michelle finally came out of her coma. Although she now had no memory of her life, there was one thing she did remember–her rescuer, Tony. Feeling pressure from her well-meaning family and friends for her to begin to regain her memories, Michelle lashed out at everyone, except Tony.  Michelle bristled under Danny’s tendency to hide the truth from her, and asked Tony to take her away. Tony then took her to Laurel Falls on his motorcycle and when she asked him for the whole truth about her life. Tony revealed that Danny was in the mob and had a mother who tried to kill Michelle.   When confronted, Michelle hedged at first but then confessed she fears that her memories could get in the way of her relationship with Tony. Tony assured her that nothing could come between them, unaware that Michelle’s memories of Danny were becoming more romantic.  Michelle visited Danny at one of his renovation sites to tell him the news. After absorbing the information, Danny gave her his blessing. Then suddenly, the braces holding up the ceiling of the townhouse gave way and Danny and Michelle found the roof caving in on them. Danny pulled Michelle from the wreckage of the collapsed roof. After coming to, Michelle shocked him by pulling him into a breathtaking kiss and telling him that her memory was completely back! Caught up in the moment, Danny and Michelle made love amid the wreckage. But, in the after glow of their blissful moment, reality set in and they remembered Marina and Tony.  Although still very conflicted about what to do, Danny and Michelle finally decided to finalize the divorce. Although she was now free to marry Tony and even made plans to marry him in Vegas, Michelle couldn’t go through with it since she realized she still loved Danny.  The day of their return, Tony took Michelle to Laurel Falls and begged her to remember that she loved him also.  Tony ended up falling off the cliff, resulting in his death.  Later, Danny and Michelle would go on to reconcile with their newborn daughter Hope.  They would leave town in 2005, not returning until the final days of Guiding Light.  Though not an official supercouple I still consider them one. “Manny” was incredibly popular with viewers, and I enjoyed how how Danny/Michelle and Tony/Marah were a new “foursome” of both friendship and family.  Which is why in my fanfics the family/friendship element is still very much intact. 

Marony42. Marah and Tony (GL) – I think a long post on the history of this couple and why I love them is pretty self explanatory by now.  People are probably tired of hearing me gush about my love of Marony…but I’m gonna do it anyways.  Tony and Marah were two characters who were meant to be but who were never given a real chance to be happy, at least not for longer than a few months.  Throuhout most of their relationship they had to face the opposition from Marah’s parents, and then there was Tony’s anger issues which werealso connected to the problems faced by his cousin’s relationship with Michelle, the mob ties.  But these two always knew they were “it” for each other which made their ending that much worse.



guidingl1.  Josh and Reva (GL) – I am sure everyone thought Marah and Tony would be in the top spot but I couldn’t in good conscience do that.   Not without considering JEVA. Their relationship would take years to write but suffice to say they had many ups and downs, many breakups and marriages.  Josh grew up wealthy and Reva was poor so they were an opposites attract pairing from day one.  Of course Reva marrying Josh’s father (and brother) didn’t help matters.  But no matter what, no matter who they were married to, Josh and Reva were soul mates which was why when Guiding Light ended they rode off together in search of adventure.

Happy Anniversary Guiding Light!!

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Today marks the 76th anniversary of the first Guiding Light air date!!!  I will not do an in depth post because I probably can’t do the show justice, not on that great of a scale.  For a great Anniversary post check out GLManny’s blog here.

Okay, now my few thoughts:

Saying farewell to Guiding Light was hard.  Some of the happiest memories of my life were sitting with my grandmother watching our “stories”.  She was a fan from the radio days and the end of Guiding Light was my last link to her after her passing in 2008.

But that is the beauty of soap operas.  They have the ability to bind generations together.  My grandma only had boys but she passed on her soap operas to me and I hope one day I will be able to pass this same love on to my future kids as well.

I could never really say goodbye to Guiding Light, not really.  I have too many years and too many happy memories in Springfield.  All the storylines I enjoyed, the couples I remember, the villains that I loved to hate…they were such a part of what made Guiding Light so amazing.  Bringing Marah and Tony clips to YouTube has been a lot of work, but it has also been a privilege.  I am glad that I was able to share that part of Guiding Light with fellow fans.  Just like I am glad that people enjoy what I am doing with this site.  The Light will never fade as long as fans keep it alive.


Guiding Light’s Best Villains: Top 5

And now for the long-awaited TOP FIVE!  These are the ones that I consider to be most notable in Guiding Light’s illustrious history in terms of villainous behavior.  A couple just might surprise you….

Lucielle Wexler5. Lucille Wexler – Deranged villainess Lucille Wexler was first introduced in July 1978.  Lucille had a daughter named Amanda who was a talented classical pianist whom Lucille sheltered and treated like a little girl.  However, Amanda soon began blossoming into a woman, thanks to artist Ben McFarren.  Amanda admitted to him that she couldn’t shake the memory of being twelve years old and hearing a man beating Lucille in her bedroom. The horrible episode ended with Lucille telling Amanda firmly that she must never trust a man. Lucille continued to nurture this fear throughout her daughter’s life, to the extent that Amanda remained essentially a child, talking to dolls and avoiding intimate contact with men. With Ben’s help, Amanda threw away her dolls and became her own person. One day while Ben was getting ready for a shower, Lucille walked into the cottage and, behind Ben’s back, threw Ben’s electric razor into the shower. She also tried to poison his food with arsenic!  Meanwhile, when Brandon Spaulding fell ill and was hovering near death, Lucille went to visit him at his nursing home. Brandon admitted to Lucille that Amanda was, in fact, his son Alan’s daughter by a woman whose name Brandon whispered to Lucille. Brandon insisted that Lucille tell Amanda the truth, but Lucille adamantly refused. During the intense confrontation, Lucille slowed down the IV drip, and he became short of breath while Lucille brusquely left the scene without summoning his nurse. Moments later, Lucille heard on her car radio that the legendary millionaire Brandon Spaulding was dead.  The name that Brandon had whispered was Jane Marie Stafford.  A woman named Jennifer Richards became the household manager.  Jane Marie/Jennifer was forming such a close bond with Amanda and Lucille was becoming insanely jealous. Lucille also knew that Jennifer had caught on to her scheme to separate Ben and Amanda. A deranged Lucille began terrorizing Amanda with anonymous phone calls and hanging up whenever Amanda answered. She also began to remove items from her mansion so that she could frame Jennifer for theft.  Lucille lunging at Jennifer with a gold-plated letter opener. As the two struggled, Lucille fell on the blunt instrument. When Amanda heard the commotion and rushed in, Lucille weakly murmured that Jennifer had tried to kill her. Lucille died on the operating table.  After Lucille died on the operating table on October 20, 1980, Jennifer was arrested for her murder. The sordid truth about Amanda’s parentage was later revealed to everyone, and Jennifer was acquitted of Lucille’s murder.  I never got to see Lucille Wexler live, just on YouTube.  But with one scene I knew I was watching one twisted sister.  Turns out I was absolutely correct!   And just reading the short biography on the character is reading a list of misdeeds by a deranged woman. 

1090_1_208364. Annie Dutton – Annie Dutton wasn’t always a “villain”, in fact when she first came to Springfield in 1994 she was a caring nurse who helped heal Josh after he broke his leg in the Fifth Street fire and they quickly fell in love.  However, unknown to everyone was that she had been married to Dr. Rick Bauer but their marriage had broken down due to her alcohol problems.   A bigger problem was that they were still legally married since his lawyer had died before the papers were filed!  Annie conveniently neglected to inform Josh of this and the pair were engaged.  Josh forgave Annie and they married. However, during their wedding on the carousel that Josh had built for Annie, Alexandra Spaulding arrived and told Josh that Reva was in fact alive, so they were still legally married!  Though unnerved by Reva’s reappearance, Josh was determined to stay with Annie. Later, Josh and Reva fought for custody for their children, Marah and Shayne.  Josh and Reva grew closer again but Shayne, and especially Marah, loved Annie and wanted her as their mommy, so Reva decided to stay away and told Josh she was in love with another man. In March 1996, Reva married Buzz Cooper and Josh legally married Annie in the Cedars chapel.  Unfortunately, Annie knew that Josh was still in love with Reva. This infuriated Annie, who, by this time, started drinking again and became addicted to painkillers that she took to relieve migraines. Soon she was caught stealing drugs from the hospital and forging Rick’s name on prescriptions, and was consequently fired by Lillian Raines.  Annie was still obsessed with Josh and decided the only way to keep him was to get pregnant. When Josh, who didn’t want another baby, stopped sleeping with her, an increasingly desperate Annie slashed her diaphragm, and then was twice artificially inseminated. Meanwhile, Annie succeeded in getting Josh back into her bed. In January 1997 her second insemination took and Annie became pregnant. When Annie told Josh about her pregnancy, without knowing for sure if she was pregnant, Josh decided to stay with Annie until the baby was born and then divorce her.  After miscarrying the baby, she kept the dead fetus inside her just long enough to get in a fight with Reva. After provoking Reva to throw her down a staircase, she framed her rival for the miscarriage. Her deceptions were soon discovered though. Josh promptly ran back to Reva.  Increasingly unbalanced, Annie moved in with her frequent co-conspirator Alan Spaulding. Together they tried to take over Lewis Oil and to sabotage the relationship between Reva and her newfound sister Cassie Layne.  She soon returned to kidnap Reva. After leaving Reva on a plane to crash, she jumped without a parachute. Reva survived, Annie was presumed dead.  Annie returned later, with a brand new face (Due to the recast Signy Coleman). Thanks to plastic surgery, she had her face remodeled after a woman named Teri DeMarco and returned to Springfield as a police detective. She began drugging Josh to break him away from Reva, seduced Alan and began seducing Frank.  In January 2003, Josh and Reva managed to pry Annie’s location out of Alan, who was keeping Annie in a mental facility and footing the bill. At this time, Reva was receiving threatening phone calls and immediately wondered if Annie was the culprit. When she and Josh visited Annie, they were shocked to discover that while they had moved on with their lives, Annie had not. Annie was living in a replica of their study, believing that she was still married to Josh and raising his children.  Annie was a great Villainess, especially the original Cynthia Waltros version.  Annie was smart and caring but also fragile and dangerous.  The Reva/Annie rivalry and subsequent Reva/Josh/Annie triangle is one of the more popular ones in Guiding Light history. 

20090205_rraines_gl_445x5803. Alan Spaulding – Unlike many of the other characters Alan Spaulding would remain a fixture at Guiding Light from around 1977 onward.  And so a paragraph would be insufficient in even scratching the surface of Alan’s many misdeeds…but I could highlight some of the more devious and cunning acts performed by this villainous character over the years.  Alan Spaulding is a native of Chicago and was the owner of Spaulding Enterprises, after he wrested the company away from his own father, Brandon.  The baby Alan’s wife Elizabeth was carrying died and afraid that she wouldn’t be able to handle the news Alan arranged an illegal adoption of Philip.  Elizabeth quickly grew tired of Alan’s controlling nature and their marriage deteriorated. During their divorce he bribed Ramon de Vilar to claim to be Elizabeth’s lover to help gain custody.  In 1984 Alan had eyes on wooing Vanessa Chamberlain but she had eyes on Billy Lewis.  To break up Vanessa and Billy, Alan brought Billy’s ex-wife, Reva Shayne to town.  Several weeks later, at a mask ball, Alan was shocked when a masked woman suddenly unmasked herself–it was Alexandra! Alex told her brother in no uncertain terms she was now in Springfield to make sure Alan’s days as President of Spaulding Enterprises were numbered! Alexandra arrived in town. She hated Alan for helping their father give her son Lujack up.  Alex discovered that Alan was involved in the Dreaming Death plot to manufacture the Dreaming Death virus as a biological weapon.  In 1987, Alan and India got involved in the black art market together. Alan got
the paintings into the states through India’s new art gallery.  Alan then hired Reva to break up Alex and H.B and, in return, he arranged a paternity for her to discover if Josh or Kyle was Marah’s father. When Alan learned that Josh was indeed the father, he bribed the doctor to keep quiet to keep Reva and Josh apart. Alan changed the test results to look it like Kyle was Marah’s father.  Alan staged a series of accidents to keep Phillip from marrying Blake but didn’t succeed.  In 1994 Alan was released from prison and returned to Springfield in secret. Using the alias As Mr. Tashiwa, Alan tried to gain control of Spaulding and enlisted Roger’s help. Roger discovered Tashiwa’s true identity and became Alan’s partner while he successfully schemed to get back at Alex.  Determined to break up Josh and Reva, Alan worked together with Josh’s ex-wife Annie Dutton. They found her in stripper Cassie Layne, who happened to be Reva’s long-lost sister.  By threatening to make sure Cassie never saw Tammy again, Alan was able to force her to do what he wanted. Unfortunately, Alan still lost out when the Lewis’s found out who Cassie was and helped her secure custody of Tammy.   In 2002 he kidnapped Alex and attempted to coerce her, by holding on an island, into signing back the presidency of Spaulding Enterprises. Speaking of Tammy….in 2007 he put a hit out on Jonathan Randall which resulted in Tammy Winslow’s death.  According to Alexandra, Alan’s biggest secret was he had been drafted to go to Vietnam War but was too scared to go.  Alan asked his father to get him out of it so Brandon arranged for another man, Gerry, to go in his place. Alan later found out that Gerry was killed in the war. Alan admitted to Phillip that since the day he was drafted, he hadn’t made a single brave choice. Afterwards, Alexandra admitted to Phillip that Alan sent an anonymous check to the soldier’s widow every year.  Perhaps one of the more sensitive aspects of Alan’s personality, along with his frailty.  Alan would ultimately sacrifice his life in order to save Philip’s, the very son he shot in 2004.  Alan died of a heart attack and was hailed as a hero in Springfield.  Not bad for a villain huh? Alan’s main passions in life were power and family, often at the expense of his family.  Like his father, he showed his love for them by controlling their lives.  He was ruthless and merciless wether it be in business or a perceived threat to him or his family (sometimes one in the same).  But it would ultimately be a father’s love that would bring about the end of Springfield’s most long-term villain’s.

Brent2. Brent Lawrence (AKA Marion Crane)– Brent Lawrence arrived in Springfield in 1995 as an employee at Spaulding Enterprises.  Brent initially seemed to be a great guy and he started dating Lucy Cooper, Alan-Michael Spaulding’s secretary.  Lucy had feelings for Alan-Michael and  when he didn’t return them she started dating Brent.  But gradually Alan-Michael became jealous over the relationship.  Brent offered to break up with Lucy for a promotion.  One night while on a date with Lucy they were having a good time until a virginal Lucy told Brent that she was reluctant to sleep with him.  Brent drugged her with a spiked drink and raped her.  Ashamed, Lucy told no one about the rape and when Alan-Michael confessed his love for her, she ran away, making Alan-Michael realize something was wrong.  Brent went to Lucy’s apartment and talked about their night together, Lucy yelled that he’d raped her! At this moment, Alan-Michael arrived and beat Brent up! Alan-Michael comforted Lucy and convinced her to tell the Coopers and to press charges against Brent when he threatened to rape her again. Turns out that Alan Spaulding had hired Brent to sabotage Spaulding files so Alan could attempt to take the presidency from his son. Alan-Michael was forced to step down as president of Spaulding thanks to Brent’s manipulations but he and Lucy exposed Brent by getting him to confess to the rape on tape.  Brent would later reappear and threatened Lucy and Alan-Michael with a gun demanding to take Lucy with him. Alan-Michael struggled with Brent and then shot him. However, when the police arrived, Brent was nowhere to be found! Later, it was learned Brent was injured when he called Alan-Michael and demanded that Alan-Michael come to see him at the docks. When Alan-Michael arrived, he saw a mortally injured Brent who apologized for what he’d done to Lucy and when Brent’s sister, Cassie Lawrence, arrived, Brent apparently died. What Alan-Michael did not know was that Alan later found Brent (Brent and his sister apparently faked his death) alive and paid him and his sister, Cassie, to leave town to avoid a scandal.  Brent soon reappeared, in Springfield, as a woman named Marion Crane and began working at Spaulding Enterprises and even tried to get a room at the Reardon boarding house right next to Lucy Cooper’s room.  Brent stalked Lucy and gained her friendship by claiming to be a rape victim. When Lucy went to group therapy, Marion also attended and was even invited to Alan-Michael’s yacht when Alan-Michael and Lucy got engaged. In addition to bugging the yacht, Marion also stabbed and killed Lucky Fowler when Fowler attacked him/her! At this time, Lucy had an HIV test done since she could have been infected at the time Brent raped her. Brent broke in the Cedars lab and manipulated the test and Lucy would learn weeks later that she was infected. Luckily a second test would come back negative. Though Lucy never suspected that Marion was, in fact, Brent, Buzz’s ex-wife, Nadine, accidentally learned the truth when she began snooping around Brent’s apartment. Nadine was about to leave town, but had a premonition that Marion was in grave danger. So Brent killed Nadine with a candlestick.  Meanwhile, Brent was desperate to get Lucy. Planning on murdering her, he went to Lucy’s room and attacked her while she was showering. Unfortunately, the woman in Lucy’s shower was her friend Susan Bates, not Lucy (Murder a la Psycho style).  Finally on New Year’s Eve/Day 1995, 1996, Brent kidnapped Lucy at the Country Club’s annual New Year’s Eve costume party and brought her to the lighthouse to kill her. There he confessed all his crimes, including masquerading as Marion, and told Lucy that he was abused by his mother.  Alan-Michael arrived at the lighthouse to rescue Lucy. At the same time, Alan-Michael’s father, Alan, got in touch with Brent and offered a 20090908_GuidingLight_BrentMarionwithLucy_650x487_0Spaulding jet and $10 million in exchange for Lucy and Alan-Michael’s safety.  Brent dragged Lucy to the top of the lighthouse and Lucy threw the money from Alan over the edge. Alan-Michael caught the money and after struggling with Brent, rescued Lucy when she was about to fall over the edge. Brent was also in danger of falling to his death but was saved by Frank who promptly arrested him. In the end, Brent, who slipped into his Marion persona, went to a mental institution.  Without a doubt Brent Lawrence was mentally unstable, but the acting by Frank Beaty (and temporarily by Marc Wolf) was so fantastic) you felt yourself being drawn into a storyline that felt like it was out of a Hollywood thriller.  In fact, it was very Hitchcock in nature which was probably why it was so good to watch!  Plus, it had the added benefit of bringing together one of my favorite couples Alan-Michael and Lucy.  Brent usually doesn’t top Villain lists but I have to give credit where it is due.  He had me on the edge of my seat and the true psychotic nature of the character as it slowly emerged was a sight to behold!  Want to watch some of the Brent Lawrence decent into madness?  Here you go! Guiding Light March 1995

And what Soap Opera Villains list would be complete without…..

roger2151. Roger Thorpe – From 1970 to 1980, then again from 1989 until 1997 one of the most legendary characters in daytime television history could be found on Guiding Light.  Roger Thorpe first came to Springfield as an employee of wealthy business man Stanley Norris. Stanley was Holly Norris’s father and he thought that the slick and ambitious Roger would do anything to climb the ladder to success so he gave Roger the mission to bring naive Holly into line with her stocks. Roger was eager to do this and he began wooing Holly. Holly found Roger quite irresistible and fell for his smooth line.  However, as much as Holly wanted Roger, he was too busy eyeing Holly’s brother’s (Ken Norris) wife, Janet.  Disgraced, Roger left Springfield and began a series of both failed business ventures in Texas and affairs with numerous women. Meanwhile, Holly, still smarting from her embarrassing infatuation with Roger, began to fall for her doctor, Ed Bauer. She eventually got Ed to marry her, albeit while he was drunk and had no clue what was happening.  Holly soon became somewhat bored with her marriage and as soon as Roger returned to Springfield she approached him. Though Roger was trying to prove he had changed, he fell for Holly’s charms and they conceived a child, Christina.  Roger became Alan’s right hand man despite the fierce competition of Dean Blackford who would at one point go as far as to run Roger down with his car.  However, as Roger continued improving his position at Spaulding, he embarked upon a seemingly paranoid campaign against Ed Bauer. Apparently, Roger was diagnosed as being sterile, meaning Christina was to be his only child, and Roger was insanely jealous that Holly allowed Chrissy to continue seeing Ed. At first, Roger seduced Ed’s vulnerable half-sister, Hillary, but he soon became much more dangerous. One night, Roger approached Rita, who was now engaged to Ed, and demanded that she pay him back for saving her at the trial and also demeaned Ed. When Rita refused to have sex with him, Roger threw to the floor and raped her!  Convinced that marrying Holly would keep him close to Christina, Roger got Holly to do so.  At first Holly and Roger’s marriage was very passionate, but Holly soon became disenchanted with Roger and refused to have sex with him.  Convinced that Holly was holding out on him for Ed, Roger brutally raped Holly. A confused and battered Holly turned to Ed for help and Ed suggested that she bring charges against Roger. With Mike Bauer as her attorney, Holly did just that. An astonished Roger used anew hotshot lawyer, Ross Marler to defend him. Ross did a wonderful job, depicting Holly as the villain, not Roger, however, Rita, who had felt horrible about keeping quiet, came forward. Her testimony that Roger had raped her also, was enough to convict Roger, but he was let on bail.  Roger then began a series of attempts to kidnap Christina, the first being at a carnival sponsored by Cedars where he dressed up like a clown in an effort to get close to his daughter.  Holly and Christina were flown to Santo Domingo by Ed, where subsequently Roger followed and dragged Holly through the jungle.  Roger nearly fell off the side of an enormous cliff, but a wounded Ed, valiantly tried to save the life of the man who had basically killed his child, raped his wife, and tried to murder him. Despite Ed’s efforts, Roger’s hand slipped, and he fell to his second presumed death.Garrett.Zazlow

Instead of dying when he fell from the cliff in Santo Domingo, Roger bounced and was rescued by the CIA who in return for saving his life got Roger to become an agent.  Coincidentally, Alexandra Spaulding and Fletcher Reade crashed on that island. Seeing opportunity, Roger hid his face behind a mask, called himself Adam Malik and brought Alex to a cave where he began seducing her.  Though Alex tried to hide him in the wine cellar of her mansion, Alan’s suspicions were raised and the two consummate frauds spent months trying to outdo one another in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. It ended in a gun battle at Blake and Phillip’s wedding which left both Phillip and Roger with gun shot wounds.  With Alan now in prison, Roger positioned himself for power. He tried to repair his relationship with both Holly and his daughter and convinced Phillip to make him Vice President of Spaulding. When Alexandra returned to town, he seduced her again. Ruthless in business as in all else, he schemed to bilk Henry Chamberlain of all his money through rigged poker games.  As he bought up real estate, the Coopers refused to sell and a thug Roger hired burned down their property, killing ‘Pops’ Cooper in the fire. Thorpe managed to save himself from being implicated by shooting the man who set the blaze.

After a particularly heated fight at the country club, where virtually the entire town ganged up on him, Roger wound up shot. Everyone assumed he was dead and that Alex killed him but, in fact, he was hiding in Holly’s basement. Sneaking out at night, he spied on his enemies around town and realized that the police wanted him for fraud and other crimes. Finally, at the brink of death from his wound, he revealed himself to Holly.  Roger made contact with a mysterious Asian businessman name Tashiwa who wanted to enlist Roger’s help in taking over Spaulding Enterprises.  He soon discovered that the mystery man was none other than Alan, out of prison and ready to take everything back. He and Roger made a deal and Roger began to seduce Alex yet again while Alan stole the company out from under her.  Although Alex and Roger never slept together, once she realized what was happening, she told Holly that they had. Holly promptly dumped him and turned back to Fletcher. He fought to get her back, threatening to kill Alan unless he revealed their plot to her.  He kept trying to get her back, faking a car accident and amnesia to solicit pity and attention but nothing worked.


Going back to his old ways, he hooked up with Dinah Marler, daughter of two of his old enemies (Vanessa and Ross) whom he saved from a kidnapping. They got married, which appalled everyone, and the fighting between everyone involved continued. When Hart finally learned that Roger had killed his grandfather, he seduced Dinah and began destroying his father’s life. Of course, the marriage was already crumbling because Roger was embezzling all of her money and whatever he could get from her family.  Instead of divorcing him, she and Hart decided to torture him and make him think he was going insane. The plan worked, and Roger became gradually unhinged and more violent than ever, attacking both of them and drugging Dinah in an attempt to force her to commit suicide.  Seeing how dangerous things were, they upped the ante with Hart fighting his father at gunpoint and faking his own death. He then ‘haunted’ his guilty father, pushing him into suicidal behavior. After Roger tried to kill Dinah again, he was locked up. When he was released, Hart and Dinah publicly confronted him, humiliating him and sending him into a breakdown. He was locked in a mental hospital but broke out and went looking for his wife and son.

He began faking amnesia and started acting good and self-controlled again.  At a second competency hearing, Hart and Dinah were discovered together and a “kind, benevolent” Roger was finally released from the mental institution without having to attack anyone else. Within a couple of weeks Roger decided to get back in his son’s good graces, so he made some street thugs mad, got beat up and used Hart’s sympathy to worm his way back into Hart’s life. Dinah wasn’t quite so trusting, so Roger set it up for her to get locked in a grain silo on the Jessup farm. She nearly suffocated as the silo filled up with grain, but just in time, Thorpe “rescued” her.Playing up his reformed act, he seduced Amanda Spaulding in a bid to get back into the company and began blackmailing Vanessa. He and Amanda abruptly moved to California and he died several years later.


To describe Roger Thorpe in one word would be; complex.  He was a fully developed, three-dimensional villain who always managed to rationalize his evil deeds.  Roger Thorpe had great capacity for evil but could also loved deeply.  As the late Michael Zaslow said about his character, “he wants to be loved and to love. He has a lot of love. He’s trying to protect what’s his, and himself. There’s a lot of self-protection with characters like his.”  Another hallmark of this character was his relationship with Holly.   Though their love story is often overshadowed by the betrayal of his rape, people still loved them and rooted for them as a couple.  Even now, Roger Thorpe is considered an icon among Guiding Light fans.  Hell, soap fans in general!  In the words of Alfred Hitchcock, “The more successful the Villain, the more successful the picture”.  The same rings true for daytime television even years later because there will NEVER be another Roger Thorpe or Michael Zaslow.

Guiding Light’s Best Villains: 15-6

Soap characters typically fall into three categories: the good, the bad, and the shades of grey.  Though my personal favorite generally runs towards the grey characters, like in any work of fictional drama, there is nothing like a good villain.  This is especially true on soaps where often a storyline depends on a “villain” to drive the drama to the next level, or even to simply move the storyline along.  The lifespan of a villain and/or their ability for “redemption” often depends on the response of the viewers to the character.  However there are times when a character is just too good at being bad that removing that “bad” factor would actually cause more harm than good.

After so many years on the air, Guiding Light had its share of notable villains.  Some are characters that you love to hate, others you downright despise, but there is no doubt that they stick with you long after the storyline is over.  These are my Top 15.

Matt Bomer as Bed Reade15. Ben Reade –  When Ben returned to Springfield in 2001 he started off with a mean streak.  He made a bet with his frat brothers over “winning” Marah Lewis’ virginity and plotted with her roommate Catalina in keeping Marah and Tony apart.  Though Ben would grow a conscience proving he wasn’t a total bad guy.  A grey character?  Perhaps until he became an escort for Eden August.  Ben soon became one of the prime suspects in a series of murders involving people connected to Eden’s Escort service.  When Marina broke up with Ben he waited until he heard she was with Shayne and kidnapped her! Though she tried to talk a maniacal Ben down by appealing to the intelligent, sensitive Ben she knew, he merely stated that the man she knew was gone and he didn’t know how to be that again; he was empty inside.  Marina’s father Frank burst in, and Ben grabbed Marina, threatening to kill her.  Though Frank succeeded in convincing Ben to let her go, Ben stabbed himself with the injector in order to save her from himself.  Ben gave Jeffrey his deathbed confession: He killed Brigit Waters after she laughed at him for refusing to sleep with her. Later, upon learning that coroner Jed Simmons found her body, he killed Jed to cover his crimes. Unfortunately, Jed told a female escort Renee about his find and she, after figuring out Ben was connected to it, she blackmailed him and also told her roommate Arianna bringing Ben’s total murder count up to four.  I have to put Ben Reade on the list simply because he WAS technically a serial killer in the end…even if it was a blatant character assassination to facilitate the character’s exit from the show.

Grady14. Grady Foley – The character of Grady was introduced in 2006 using the alias Gillespie.  He was hired as a professional hit man by Olivia Spencer to murder Ava Peralta.  Though the hit was unsuccessful he would become involved in another murder for hire, this time at the behest of Alana Spaulding.  Alan hired Grady to run down Jonathan Randall, the father of his granddaughter’s child.  Unfortunately Jonathan’s wife Tammy overheard the plot and went to warn him and was instead fatally struck.   Adding to his list of crimes was his attack on Bill Lewis, his kidnapping of Lizzie Spaulding, and kidnapping Bill Lewis.  Thankfully Grady’s fate was sealed when he threatened Lizzie and Phillip threw him off a clip.  Good riddance to an awful character who I dubbed ‘Greasy Grady’.  Guiding Light was really lacking compelling villains in the later years so I felt I had to include at least one.  Greasy Grady and his murder for hire made the cut.

thumbnailCAEVXT8D13. Ben Warren – Ben Warren came to Springfield with one goal in mind, to destroy his half-brother Ross Marler.  Ben and Ross had the same mother but she had Ben in secret and gave him up for adoption, which made him feel like he was denied his birthright.  Shortly after arriving he propositioned Ross’s wife Blake and dated Ross’s daughter Dinah (yes his half NIECE).  He helped Annie Dutton get out-of-town and then turned his full attention to seducing Blake.  Blake felt herself drawn to Ben and the two eventually made love.  Ross came in and, believing that Ben raped Blake, he tried to shoot Ben, only to shoot Blake instead.  Blake would end up paralyzed from the shooting and could not walk until she feared Ben’s life was in danger because her mother, Holly, had poisoned him and he fell in the tub and nearly drowned.  Blake and Ben would remain an item until Ross came back into her life.  In 1999, Ben’s life would be cut short when he was shot by his lover Carmen Santos who saw him kissing her daughter, Pilar.   The killing shot, however, came from Vanessa Reardon who accidentally discharged the gun when Ben grabbed her.   Ben Warren was definitely one of the villains you love to hate, and that is entirely attributed to the talent of Hunt Block.

gl5112. Tory Granger– Law Student Tory Granger instantly became the star pupil of her professor, Ross Marler.  Tory was deeply impressed with Ross’s career and Tory told him the story of how her husband, a former attorney, was killed in an accident and she was unable to collect any insurance money.  Alone and needing money Ross offered her a job as his assistant.  Tory grew more and more attracted to Ross which didn’t go unnoticed by Blake, Ross’s ex-wife whom he was reunited with.  Blake’s jealousy continued to hurt Tory and she turned to Ross for comfort.  Tory decided that the only way to please Blake was to drop out of school and quit her job. However, by this point, Tory found that her feelings for Ross had indeed grown and she learned that he felt the same way. Tory felt that she couldn’t control her passion any longer and she seduced Ross. Feeling that she’d found her soul mate, Tory refused to believe that this was just a one-night stand and followed Ross, despite his pleas for her to stay away. Tory refused to give up him and told Blake about the affair, which Ross denied.  Detectives Harley Cooper and Gus Aitoro found out something startling: Ross was a dead ringer for Tory’s late husband, Stewart! Seeing the shrine Tory had devoted to Stewart and Ross, they rgl37ealized that Tory came to Springfield specifically to seduce Ross.  Believing Blake to be her only obstacle from becoming Mrs. Ross Marler, Tory locked her away and set out to win Ross back.  Tory decided that the only way Ross could fall in love with another woman was if she killed Blake. The day Tory planned to set the jail and building ablaze, Blake wasn’t in her cell. During this time Tory revealed ugly childhood secrets to Blake, as well as admitting she had killed her husband Stewart after finding out he’d been carrying on with an office temp.  Tory set a trail to make Blake, Ross and the police think she was going to kill Blake. Instead, she went to the university and kidnapped Ross. Drugging him, she tied him up in his own bathtub, where he would eventually drown.  Blake knocked Tory out then freed Ross.  Tory was sent to a mental institution, and when last seen en route there, was developing a fixation on her handsome, male doctor.  Poor chap.  Tory was a classic psychotic villain.  She was pretty, smart, cunning…and behind the facade a completely damaged woman.  Dangerous and obsessed she would stop at nothing to get what she wanted.  And as her parting scenes show, she wasn’t done yet.

Edmund 211. Edmund Winslow– We first meet Edmund shocked at the sight of Reva, who was trying to remember her past when she was suffering amnesia years ago.  Turns out eight years ago, Reva, as Catherine, married Richard and gave birth to a son, Jonathan. However Edmund tried to kill both her and her son to gain the throne from Richard, so they escape the island with help of Olivia Spencer.  Alone, they discussed how they best friends as children and their father’s favoritism of Richard. They also discussed a childhood horse-riding accident that may have been Richard’s fault that left Edmund with splitting headaches and mental instability. His medical condition, plus his overwhelming jealousy of Richard as their father’s favorite son caused him to act out and seek power any way possible. In early 2000, Edmund cooperated with mafia boss Carmen Santos and they helped each other out with their schemes. In exchange for him helping her keep Vanessa Chamberlain unconscious (in order to ensure that Carmen’s daughter-in-law, Michelle was convicted of murder), Carmen helped Edmund sabotaged the project that Richard was working on with Spaulding.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg…Edmund stalked Harley in 2003, Stole Michelle and Danny’s baby and passed it off as Cassie’s, Drugged Dinah, etc.  Edmund was certainly no prince charming which made for a great Guiding Light villain that certainly made things a lot more interesting.

th10. Sonni/Solita Carrera – Josh Lewis’s first wife, she was a brilliant psychiatrist in Venezuela who, after a whirlwind courtship, the pair married.  Unfortunately, on their honeymoon, Sonni fell off a cliff to her death or so Josh thought. Somehow, Sonni survived and, in 1987, found her way back to Josh.Shocked at seeing his wife again, Josh’s feelings for her came to the forefront and he remarried her.  Soon after the wedding, Sonni started having an affair with Josh’s best friend, Will Jeffries, who kept calling her Solita. Apparently the pair were lovers as teenagers and together they formulated a plan: they would murder Josh and collect his estate.  Reva discovered Sonni’s affair with Will and took photographs of them together but didn’t show Josh. She did tell him, however, that she had seen them together.  Josh rushed to Will’s apartment and found Sonni with Will, but he believed that it was innocent.  In February 1988, Will set Josh up to drive off a bridge but Reva was nearby and jumped into the icy water to save him.  Josh survived but Reva suffered a cardiac arrest. Josh felt guilty about this which made a pregnant Sonni furious since she was beginning to develop real feelings for Josh. Sonni went to Reva’s room at the hospital and considered killing her but didn’t have the heart to do it. Instead, she ended up saving Reva’s life as she was choking on an air tube.   After a fight with a recovered Reva, Sonni would lose her baby.   In December of 1988, Sonni would attempt to bury Reva alive in Venezuela.   However it soon was discovered that Sonni had a multiple personality disorder and took on the identity of her deceased sister as a defense mechanism.  Sonni spent about two months in an institution and when released divorced Josh and was rehired at Cedars.  She would eventually leave Springfield in 1989 after accepting a job in San Fransisco.  Mentally unstable or true villainess?  That’s for the veiwer to decide.  In my opinion it was a great early depiction of mental illness on daytime television.  And unlike many other “villains” Sonni/Solita was redeemed and went on to live a productive life elsewhere.  Not bad right?

Bradley Raines9. Bradley Raines– Bradley Raines arrived in Springfield in 1983 and though he appeared to be just an average guy he was anything but.  Underneath the surface lurked a man with a violent temper who often lashed out at his wife Lillian and stepdaughter Beth.  When he found out that Alan was not Phillip Spaulding’s biological father he intended to blackmail the older man to keep the secret, until he heard Phillip confess his love to Beth.  Thinking that Phillip and Beth were sleeping together Bradley raped Beth in a jealous rage!  Phillip and Beth ran off to New York where Bradley followed them, and almost cost Phillip his life.  Bradley was ultimately arrested and stood trail for raping Beth.  During his cross-examination Bradley admitted his reason for raping Beth was, “No one could love Beth, like I did … That’s why I had to mark her. I had to make sure no one else would ever want her.”  He was sent to prison and though he would appear on reoccurring status Beth was informed of Bradley’s “death” in 2001.  Bradley Raines will go down in Guiding Light history as one of the truly evil villains, though he was portrayed masterfully by actor James Rebhorn.

maria5128. Maria Santos– Maria looked like a doting grandmother but beneath the surface hid a woman who was both cunning and deadly.  It goes without saying that as head of a mob family she was going to do unscrupulous things, the question was how low would she go?  The true evil of Maria Santos would be revealed when in 2001 she placed a hit on her grandson Danny whom she felt betrayed her by trying to turn the family legit.  She tried to drive a wedge between him and his cousin Tony by offering Tony the power as head of the family.  However Tony could not go through with the hit and warned Danny ahead of time.  Maria then turned her attention to Tony, particularly his relationship with Marah Lewis.  She did not approve of the relationship between the two and instead wanted Tony with fellow Cuban Catalina.  She manipulated Catalina into chasing after Tony.  Maria’s feelings toward Catalina soured, in 2002, when she learned that Catalina was pregnant, thus trapping Tony into marriage. Not wanting Tony to be trapped by pregnancy to a manipulative wife like her son Miguel was, Maria decided that the wedding couldn’t go on and ended Catalina’s pregnancy by giving her poisoned tea.  Maria also agreed to give Romeo Jones more power in exchange for Romeo killing Catalina and framing Marah.  Maria Santos was not your loving cookie baking grandma.  Her love was conditional and could be quite deadly.  And it is her lethal nature that brings her to number 8 on the list.  She put a hit out on her own grandson.  And expected her other grandson to go through with it.  Cold Maria, just cold.

carmen27. Carmen Santos– The only one worse than Maria was Carmen.  Carmen Santos’s obsession with removing Michelle from Danny’s life would consume her life and ultimately lead her into a coma.  In the early stages of the Danny and Michelle’s marriage Carmen went so far as to have her own house shot up to make it look like she was in danger and draw Danny back into the family.  When Danny and Michelle were on their honeymoon Carmen arranged an old friend of Danny’s to give a “wedding present” which were really bearer bonds and she was hoping Michelle would be arrested for smuggling.  When Carmen shot Ben Warren?  She framed Michelle.  In the summer of 2001 Carmen kidnapped Michelle and tried to get rid of Michelle once and for all but was stopped by Danny. Along with Maria, Carmen encouraged Catalina Quesada in her obsessive quest to win her nephew Tony from Marah Lewis.  To Carmen, Tony/Marah were just a younger Danny/Michelle, and one was more than enough for her. Although she didn’t immediately succeed in breaking up Michelle and Danny, she
did play an instrumental role in breaking up Tony and Marah when she ordered Romeo Jones (who had murdered Catalina under Maria Santos’s order) to reveal his one-night stand with Marah to Tony. In 2002, Danny began working with the FBI to bring Carmen down. She learned of his duplicity before his plan was complete and one night on the cliffs, they struggled over a gun and she shot him in the stomach. He fell, to his presumed death.  Carmen was then sentenced to a lengthy prison term but escaped. On New Year’s Eve, she cornered Michelle alone at the Bauer home. Carmen’s plan to finish off Michelle but was stopped by Michelle’s friend Bill.  During the struggle for the gun, Carmen hit her head on the floor. Suffering from severe blood loss, she lapsed into a coma, and was taken to Cedars, where she remains, still comatose.  Carmen was consumed with her hatred for Michelle.  And the many attempts on Michelle’s life are what eventually put her into a coma.  It’s kind of sad really since Saundra Santiago is such an amazing actress and developing Carmen beyond her obsession would have given the Santos family more storyline potential.

Brandon Spaulding6. Brandon Spaulding– Businessman Brandon Spaulding built his empire through deceit and treachery.  The ends justified the means and he instilled that philosophy into his children.  A cold and controlling man, he pitted his children against one another and did what he felt was best for them.  Disappointed that his first child was a daughter he nicknamed Alexandra ‘Alex’ and taught her to be tough businesswoman.  Angry when she ran off and became pregnant with poor artist, Eric Luvonaczeck, he located the couple and paid Eric to leave with their child.  Brandon also disapproved of young Alan’s relationship with a girl named Jane Marie Stafford, and learning that Jane Marie was pregnant, he forbade her to tell Alan and gave the child to one of his employees, Lucille Wexler, to raise. Years later, Brandon’s disregard for his children would come back to haunt him when Alan ousted him from the company.  In 1979, Lucille found Brandon on his deathbed and told him that people suspected that her daughter, Amanda, was his child, something that Brandon would deny. Soon after Lucille learned that Brandon died and Amanda turned out to be Alan’s daughter with Jane Marie.  In 1984, a long-buried secret involving Brandon would come to light. That year, Annabelle and Tony Reardon bought a cottage in Barbados and thought it was haunted.  Tony, Annabelle, Jim, Claire Ramsey and Fletcher Reade found the “deceased” Brandon!  It was then that Brandon told the whole sordid tale involving his late wife, Penelope, who killed Sharina’s brother while trying to kill Sharina, Brandon’s lover. After the shooting, Penelope went into labor with Alan and died. Not wanting to create a scandal, Brandon covered up the crime and left Barbados. Brandon then revealed that after faking his death in 1979, he traveled to Barbados to live with Sharina and their daughter, Victoria. After being discovered, Brandon and Sharina died together.  The specter of Brandon Spaulding would return decades later when it was discovered that Brandon lied all along—he was Amanda’s father! Though the details of his affair with Jane Marie are unknown, it is suspected that he did it to get her out of Alan’s life.  Some of Brandon’s additional crimes include: Selling information to the NAZI’s during WWII and hiring a man to kill Mark Evan’s father.

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