Marony~Christmas 2002

Marony Christmas

Christmas 2002 was a big one for Marah and Tony.  It was their first holiday spent as a couple since reuniting following Danny’s supposed death and the end of Carmen’s reign of terror.  They were together and happy, even in the face of Josh’s disapproval.  Though Josh’s disapproval makes for some great scenes during this time, especially during the trimming of the tree.  Additionally, as a fan of the Lindsey McKeon/Jordi Vilasuso version of Marony it is the only year that these two would be together for a Christmas episode in a happy sense.

It would be on New Years that Tony decides to stop living like he had been.  Instead of revenge on Eden for killing his father he moves forward with his life with Marah.

Unfortunately for Manny they are not in a happy place.   Danny is back from his brush with death and is fighting for his family back.  An added problem? Bill is suddenly thinking of Michelle with new eyes.

December 18, 2002: Marah takes Tony ice skating then to her parent’s cabin. Marah wants them to have a tree of their own to decorate.  They discuss the differences between Santos and Lewis Christmas traditions.  Marah wants to know if Tony was serious about Eden.  He explains his true motives in keeping her around. Tony tells Marah a story about his father teaching him to play baseball.  They begin to make love.

December 19, 2002 (Part One) : It’s the annual Lewis trimming of the tree and Marah isn’t home.  At the cabin Tony pulls away afraid he is reminding Marah of the attack. Marah is quick to reassure him that is not the case. They hear that roads are being closed due to snow. Josh is worried about Marah and is determined to go to the cabin after her despite Reva’s warnings that he’ll get stuck in the snow. Marah and Tony arrive thanks to Tony “borrowing” a snowmobile.

December 19, 2002 (Part Two) : Josh is not pleased that Tony is there for the Lewis trimming of the tree.  Tony explains that he left a note and money for the neighbors for “borrowing” the snowmobile but Josh is not convinced. Reva wants a big Shayne/Lewis Christmas next year. Billy leads the family in singing Jingle Bells. Reva answers the phone to a menacing voice telling her that she’ll pay.

Marony Christmas 2

December 24, 2002 (Part One) : Bill is helping Michelle put together a train for Robbie’s first Christmas. Reva wants Josh to ask Tony formally to join them for dinner. Cassie assures Danny the weather will clear up.  Marah is pleased with Josh’s gesture. Stranger Stanley arrives at the Beacon seeking shelter. Josh doesn’t think Tony has the same perspective on Christmas as they do.  Tony overhears, then tells him that he is wrong.

December 24, 2002 (Part Two) : The snowplows are making their rounds, freeing Danny to head to Michelle and Robbie.  Cassie finds out more about Stanley who has disappeared. Reva makes Josh read a Christmas story. Danny arrives at Michelle’s to see her and Bill asleep on the chair together. The Bauer’s celebrate Ross and Blake’s engagement and toast to the return of family. Enjoy the sing-a-long at the end 🙂 Merry Christmas Guiding Light Fans!!

December 27, 2002 (Part One) : Tony and Danny meet at the Beacon to discuss business. Danny says he and Michelle have plans for New Years. Carmen is being transferred to prison. Danny wants to make the clubs legit and bring in music. He asks Tony to be his partner. Carmen wants to see Tony to give him a “gift”. Carmen tells him that the person who murdered his father is living in Springfield. Danny has it out with Rick and Ed.

December 27, 2002 (Part Two) : Michelle is performing Eden’s checkup.  Eden says she invites chaos, Michelle says it’s never too late to walk away. Tony wonders why Carmen kept his father’s killer a secret. Carmen says Eden August murdered his father.  Carmen says she kept her in the house to watch her. Tony calls Eden to meet him at Infierno.  Rick doubts Danny can keep Michelle safe long-term.  A “guard” comes to transfer Carmen…to Cuba.  Carmen wants to make one last stop for her grandson.

January 2, 2002 (Part One) : It’s New Years. Marah and Tony are at Infierno when Danny comes in.  He has a date with Michelle. Carmen is at the Bauer house, she is there for Robbie. Bill comes in and saves Michelle.  Eden comes for her check. Tony tells her he talked to Carmen and he knows she killed his father. Instead of revenge Tony apologizes and moves forward with his life.

January 2, 2002 (Part Two) : Bill tells Michelle he didn’t think, he just had to stop Carmen from hurting her. He kisses Michelle as Danny comes to the house.  Danny learns what Carmen did, he thanks Bill for saving Michelle.  Back at Infierno, Eden is leaving town.  Tony teaches Marah to salsa dance.


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