The Stalker Storyline

If you are following the uploads on YouTube you will notice that we are gearing up for the Reva Stalker storyline.  This storyline began around Christmas 2002 and ran into 2003.   At its beginning it was actually quite good.  The menacing voice calling Reva threatening her because they felt she got away with Richard’s “murder”.  The stalker escalated into threatening her family members.  It was good build up that promptly fizzled into nothing.  Well really it fizzled into the awful Psychic Reva storyline of 2003 which was a big bust.

But the Reva Stalker Storyline did have some highlights.  For one, Tony was finally able to finally redeem himself somewhat in the eyes of Josh Lewis.  Enough that Tony acted as Reva’s personal security during this time to keep her safe.  Tony had done many good things before now but they were often overshadowed by the Santos cloud over his head.  For the first time Tony was able to be the hero and not have it looked down on because of his last name.

As a Marony fan it was one of my favorite storylines of theirs.  Mostly because it was one where they are FINALLY together.  There wes no Catalina or Ben trying to keep them apart they were an actual couple.  This storyline also included Marah and Tony making love for the first time.  Which was about time!!!

One of my major disappointments in this storyline (other than the abrupt ending) was that midway through they recast the role of Shayne Lewis.

Billy Kay was such an excellent Shayne.  His Shayne was funny and sarcastic complete with his mother’s quick wit and charm.  Billy Kay and Lindsey McKeon also had great sibling chemistry.  When Marty West took over the role Shayne tended to be more selfish and arrogant.  Not a fan.


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