Marah and Tony…plus the extras

I received a message on YouTube the other day wondering why I was including more than just the Marony scenes in the Marah and Tony clips.  Well there are actually a few reasons why I have decided to do the Marah and Clips this way:

In my opinion it helps to understand the storyline better or, in some instances, to set up what is going to happen next.  Marah and Tony were not static characters and were involved in storylines besides their romance.  In the later part of 2002 Marah had to deal with Reva’s decision to turn off Richard’s life support, which naturally had a significant impact on the Lewis family.  Marah was especially conflicted because this was another example of Reva acting without thinking about how it would affect her children.

Tony had the biggest hurdle of all.  He had to face Danny’s “death” by Carmen and his decision to change his life for himself rather than for someone else (namely Marah).  Tony was devastated by Danny’s “death” and I feel that including the Danny and Michelle parts enhances the understanding of where Tony is mentally at that time.

Including these extras also allows me to cover scenes from other couples I enjoyed.  Josh/Reva (JEVA) and Danny/Michelle (MANNY) were both two of my favorite couples on Guiding Light.  Since their storylines both had an effect on Marah and Tony including them only makes the clips that much stronger.

So yes, while there may be other scenes/characters included in the clips they all tie-in to Marah and Tony, and their story, in some way.  But I hope that even if you happen to disagree that you continue to enjoy the clips (even with the extras).


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