First off, I need to apologize for the delay in posting What Matters Most.  I intended to start posting around Christmas but things happened that were out of my control.  Personal issues, a hectic work schedule, and prior commitments pushed back the posting of Marah and Tony’s story.   But no worries, it WILL be posted.

Now for some GREAT news!  I am currently in negotiations for some Marah and Tony DVDs.  I am starting with the early Lindsey and Jordi scenes in 2001 and will work my way to 2003.  But the fact that I am going to get my hands on some more Marony clips is AMAZING!!  Not only will that mean more videos, but I can also post on YouTube so that others will be able to enjoy their story as well.

Some other news: I have updated the Marah and Tony Episode guide and added a few videos to the Guiding Light section.


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