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First off, I need to apologize for the delay in posting What Matters Most.  I intended to start posting around Christmas but things happened that were out of my control.  Personal issues, a hectic work schedule, and prior commitments pushed back the posting of Marah and Tony’s story.   But no worries, it WILL be posted.

Now for some GREAT news!  I am currently in negotiations for some Marah and Tony DVDs.  I am starting with the early Lindsey and Jordi scenes in 2001 and will work my way to 2003.  But the fact that I am going to get my hands on some more Marony clips is AMAZING!!  Not only will that mean more videos, but I can also post on YouTube so that others will be able to enjoy their story as well.

Some other news: I have updated the Marah and Tony Episode guide and added a few videos to the Guiding Light section.


What happened to Shayne?

When I started I Believe in the Mystery it was to give Marah and Tony the happy ending they deserved.  To do that I had to rewrite a lot of history on Guiding Light.  So I figured, why stop now?  There are a few things I would have changed about the final episodes and this medium gives me the perfect opportunity to make those changes.  When Guiding Light ended it was implied that Shayne and Marina were a couple, something I did NOT like.  This also addresses something I should have addressed in I Believe in the Mystery, where Shayne Lewis has been hiding.  Shayne and Marah always had a great sibling relationship.  So while I built up Marah and Jonathan’s relationship it’s time to being Shayne into the fold.  It’s time to reunite the Lewis family.

As a result of this What Matters Most will reunite one of my favorite last minute couples, Dinah and Shayne.  Everyone knows how much I loved this couple.  Their ending even made my list of Guiding Light blunders.   Shayne is no longer Henry’s father, the child that connected him to weak Marina.  In my slice of daytime fiction Edmund changed the DNA results to re-establish contact with the Lewis family.  Edmund’s hate for Reva was a big part of his character makeup.  To find out that Josh and Reva’s grandchild wasn’t their grandchild afterall?  Well that would cause pain throughout the ENTIRE Lewis family.  So now we have Shayne Lewis and Marina realizing that they were together for the sake of the child and splitting up.  Shayne is following his heart, he’s going after Dinah in Europe and will soon be arriving in Springfield….