The Many Faces of Marah Lewis

Any daytime soap fan knows that recasts happen.  Sometimes they can be positive and the recast “fits” the canvas and coresponding actors.  Other times it can be a total miss.  In total there were six actors who portrayed the role of Marah Lewis from her birth in 1987 till her last appearance on the show in 2006.

 1. Nicole Otto.  Baby Marah was born in 1987.  She was named for her two grandmothers; Sarah Shayne and Matha Lewis.  Her birth was the center of some early Jeva drama when Will Jeffries forged DNA tests saying that her father was Kyle Sampson instead of Josh Lewis.  She was raised primarily by Reva in her early life but how could Josh not fall in love with that cute face?




2. Ashley Peldon.  She portrayed Marah from 1988 until 1991, and earned a Emmy nomination at just 6 years old!  And it’s not hard to see why.  She was an adorably cute scene stealer and her and Robert Newman (Josh) were simply fantastic together.  They had a true father/daughter vibe about them that watching their scenes you almost believed they were really father and daughter.



3. Kimberly J Brown.  She played Marah from 1993-1998 and again in 2006.  A very talented kid actor she was in the center of Jeva’s most popular storylines, Ghost Reva and the Reva/Josh/Annie triangle.  She was great at showing a little girl torn between memories of the mother she loved and the woman (Annie) that had taken such a strong role in her life.  Kimberly J. Brown came back in 2006 for a brief adult Marah appearance.  She vowed she wouldn’t come back to Springfield until her parents got back together which was kind of a brat move but I guess explained why Marah was absent through her mother’s bouts with cancer.


4. Lauren C. Mayhew.  She was Marah from 1998-1999.  She really didn’t do much, at least nothing that was truly memorable.  She was around when Annie came back as “Terry” and was kidnapped by Holly but other than that this Marah was kind of unremarkable.  She was kind of stuck, the writers wanted to age Marah but she wasn’t old enough to truly be a member of the teen scene.  Recently on Twitter Lauren C Mayhew contact me saying that she thought her Marah was “the only nice one”.  Which is a bit of a reach.  Yes her Marah was nice, but she really didn’t have any opportunity not to be.  The Marah before her was angry with Reva for awhile, for good reason.  Reva was always bouncing in and out of her kids lives.  And the Marah after her displayed normal teenage angst (especially in the Tony story).

5. Laura Bell Bundy was teenage Marah from 1999-2001.  She was the origional Marah when the Marony romance began.  For some Marony fans she remains their favorite Marah but I never felt that way about her.  For all of Catalina’s faults she was right about one thing, Marah played Tony and Sam against each other.  Of course Marah WAS a teenager so her antics weren’t unreasonable as much as they were annoying.  But this Marah was a typical teenager, a bit of a brat and eager to see how far she could push her parents.




6.  Lindsey McKeon was my favorite Marah from late 2001-2004.  Not only did she have some amazing chemistry with Jordi (Tony) but she was great with the entire Lwis family.   She also had great friendship chemistry with the actors that played Danny and Michelle.  She was bright, funny, and exactly how I imagined a more grown up Marah would be like.  Only wish she could have stayed around longer.


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