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Marah and Tony: It’s Not Over

Follows the angsty Marony video in that it is the hopeful reunion between Marah and Tony.


The Marony/Manny Videos

The Danny/Michelle and Tony/Marah relationships were similar in that Michelle and Marah were “good girls” from good families who fell in love with the Cousins Santos.  And Both Danny and Tony became better men because of it.  They learned to love…even if they messed up along the way.

This video is from Danny and Tony’s POV.  It shows what they fought so hard for.  Danny had to fight his family every step of the way and Tony had to fight his own demons as well as Marah’s family.  But Michelle and Marah gave them something to “Believe” in.

This video is from Michelle and Marah’s POV.  If Danny and Tony were “fighting” then Michelle and Marah were fighting just as fiercely by their side!