Danny and Tony: I Won’t Let Go

One of my favorite relationships on Guiding Light wasn’t romantic, even if it was based in love.  No one of my favorite soap opera relationships was between cousins Danny and Tony Santos.

I have read on several Manny clips people saying Tony was “jealous” of what Danny had.  And it’s true that Tony was TEMPTED by the power.  But when it came down to the wire Tony was 100% loyal to Danny.  Danny was Tony’s mentor and best friend and without Danny’s influence (and Marah’s love) Tony would have been “lost”.  This is what made the Tony recast so tough to swallow.  The recast Tony was darker and betrayed Danny repeatedly, the biggest being the pairing of Tony and Michelle.  The real Tony would have NEVER gone there.  Ever.  Like the video below shows, how can anyone mistake Tony and Michelle as anything more than friends? Or even a brother-sister type of realtionship?

But I digress.   Paul Anthony Stewart himself actually posted this Danny and Tony video on his Twitter account….which made my inner fangirl scream in delight.


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