Marah and Tony: Hero

There is a scene around the time of the “Reva’s stalker” storyline where Tony tells Josh that he wanted to be seen as a hero instead of just another member of the Santos family.  When Tony risked his life with the flash bomb Josh looked like he almost saw Tony in a new light.  Funny thing is, Tony had already been a hero…at least in Marah’s eyes.  He risked his life saving her in San Cristobel during the earthquake, helped Josh when he was facing fraud charges, and took the rap for Catalina’s murder when he mistakenly thought Marah did it.  But Tony wanted to be more and with Marah he WAS more.

And who doesn’t love the lyrics?  “I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by your forever. You can take my breath away.”  Just seemed like such a Marony song since Tony did cause Marah some serious heartbreak…but then made up for it in true Santos fashion.  Hope you enjoy!


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