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What Matters Most…

My deepest apologies for the delay in getting the second story up and running.  But due to my summer work schedule and my current hobby of video making this story got pushed back to the fall.  Now onto the real updates:

At the end of “I Believe in the Mystery” Tony and Marah had gotten what they (and every Marony fan) always wanted.   Tony and Marah were finally happily married and a Marony baby (Or perhaps babies?) is/are on the way!  But Marony wouldn’t be Marony without some angst to keep things going.  Thus “What Matters Most” was born.  So here’s some little tidbits to explain where this story may be going….

Right from the jump I have Tony going through typical Tony emotions.  He will be facing doubt, both about himself and his past.  He is excited about the baby but afraid about mistakes of the past harming their future…and he may be right.  Marah is understanding…to a point.  She knows and loves Tony, even if she thinks him worrying about the unknown is a waste of time.

As previously stated I am going to be bringing back a past character. Who is it?  Well you’ll have to see.  But you can bet they’re back to challenge Marah and Tony’s Happily Ever After.  I am also debating on bringing in someone new that has ties to a past character on the show.  What can I say?  I like some nice twists to my stories!

So that’s some of what is in the works for “What Matters Most“.  Hope to have the story going in the upcoming week and most of all I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

  • Some other updates on the site are that I have begun going through the Guiding Light archives and chronicling the Marony story from the beginning to end, or more appropriately when Jordi left the show.  I don’t acknowledge the recast Tony as anything other than an imposter and so I just couldn’t will myself to document those episodes.   In my Marony world that is where my fanfic picks up.