Four months later…

Marah rolled over and locked eyes with her smiling husband…and promptly turned a lovely shade of green before rushing to the bathroom.  She was really starting to get tired of this flu bug she had been unfortunate enough to catch.  For the past three days she had felt like utter crap and she was ready for this hell to end.  She felt something cool on her face and looked up to see her husband holding a wash cloth against her cheek, his face pulled tight in concern.  Her Husband.  She still had moments when she couldn’t believe they had found their way back to each other.  That warm fuzzy feeling was quickly dashed by what he was saying.

“Baby I think you need to see a doctor.  It’s been three days now and you can’t keep anything down.  I think I’m going to call Michelle and see if I can get you an appointment.”

“I’m fine.  I don’t need a doctor.”

When she resumed retching Tony decided she was going whether she liked it or not.


Tony had been in some interesting places but sitting in the examining room of a woman’s health clinic took the proverbial cake.  From what he had seen he was basically the only male in the entire building which he could understand, like most males he would rather be anywhere but here.  But Marah was in no condition to drive herself and her needs outweighed any discomfort he may be feeling at the moment.  “How you feeling?”

When all he got in return was a stoney glare he had the feeling he was in the dog house so to speak.  He could live with that as long as Marah got better.

Michelle breezed in looking quite the professional in her white lab coat, “Anyone tell you Marah that you’re supposed to come back from vacation looking better not worse.  And thanks by the way.  All Robbie can talk about is dogs since we had to watch that big bruiser you call a dog.”

Marah laughed weakly.  Tony has surprised her with a slightly delayed honeymoon to Hawaii, “How reassuring.  I look just as bad as I feel, it’s been three days of hell.”

Michelle made notes on the chart in front of her, “Okay how about we draw some blood and see what we’re working with?”

A nurse was called in and all they had to do was sit and wait.


“You going to talk to me again?”

Marah grumbled a “maybe” but it was at least something in Tony’s eyes. “It’s not so bad, Michelle will give you some antibiotics and you’ll be good as new in no time.”

The door opened and Michelle came in looking excited.  Excited?  Tony wasn’t so sure what was so exciting about the flu. “Well the results are back and Marah you most definitely do not have the flu.”

Marah reached out blindly for Tony’s hand, “What is it?  Oh God I’ve got something like Dengue Fever don’t I?”

Michelle just waved it off, “No nothing like that silly.  And don’t worry the morning sickness is normal for most women, although I can write a prescription to help if it gets too severe.”

Morning sickness?  Deep inside Tony knew he was missing something crucial but his brain was blow to respond.  He looked at Marah but she just had a shocked expression on her face, “Michelle she’s been getting sick at all hours of the day.  Even at night.”

“That’s common in early pregnancy.  Morning sickness is just the generally used term.”

If Tony’s brain was slow to react before it made up for itself in full force.  Pregnancy.  Morning sickness.  Marah was pregnant!  He looked back down at his wife who was shedding silent tears.  Tears of joy.  “We’re going to have a baby.”

Michelle smiled, “Yes you are.  You need to come back in two weeks.  By then we should be able to perform a sonogram and determine just how far along you are since you are not positive on your last cycle dates.  I am also going to write you a prescription for some prenatal vitamins.”  She closed her prescription pad, “And now that my official doctor work is over, congratulations you two!”

This wasn’t the first time Tony had been told he was going to be a father but this was the first time he had heard it and felt immense joy.  He was going to be a father!  Tony felt a light buzzing in his ears and the next thing he knew he was on the ground.


“Rise and shine sleepy head.”

Tony blinked his eyes open only yo be assaulted by Michelle pen light. “Do you have to blind me?”

He heard his wife snicker, “I think he’s awake now.”

Tony slowly sat up clutching his head, “What happened?”

Michelle looked at him with compassion, “You fainted.”

Then it all came rushing back at him.  Not the flu, Marah was pregnant.  And he’d fainted like a wuss. “Don’t you dare tell Danny.  I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Michelle and Marah shared a look than laughed, “I couldn’t even if I wanted to.  Doctor-patient confidentiality.”  They both helped him on his feet, “Marah you may want to drive home just in case.”

The hell she was, “I’m fine.  What Marah’s going to do is get home and go to bed.”

Marah placed her hands on her hips, “You’re going to be one of those hovering, coddling expectant fathers aren’t you?”

Tony thought about it for a minute, “Oh yeah.”


Back at their home Marah lay in bed with Tony beside her.  She still couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that a life was growing inside her.  A life they had created together.  It was awe-inspiring.  “Are you happy about this?”

Tony placed his hand gingerly on her still flat stomach, “You have no idea.  It may not have exactly been planned but it’s wonderful and I can’t tell you how excited I am that you are having my baby.”

“I can tell, you even fainted.”

Tony frowned a little, “Well we can leave that part out of the story we tell everyone else.”

She reached her hand out and ran it through his hair, “I thought it was sweet.  I love you Tony Santos.”

Tony kissed her softly, “And I you Marah Santos.”


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