Chapter Fifteen

Tony waited until visiting hours were over to make his move.  It was stupid and risky but he couldn’t talk himself out of it.  Rafael would probably have his ass over this stunt, but Rafael was doing whatever it was he did when he went into town.   The man was constantly coming and going all day long.  Springfield wasn’t exactly a tourist trap so maybe Rafael had a lady friend.  Tony shook his head, enough about Rafael.  He checked to see if the coast was clear and silently slipped into the room.

The room was dark but from the limited moonlight coming through the window he could tell she was asleep on the bed, resting peacefully.  He slowly moved to the chair beside her.  Like she sensed his presence Marah turned her head towards him and opened her eyes. 

“Tony?  Oh great! I’m hallucinating again.”  Her eyebrows drew together in frustration, “Must be going crazy.”

Tony had to smile at the expression on her face.  He yearned to tell her the truth but this was neither the time nor the place.  He needed to ensure her safety most of all. “You’re not crazy baby.  How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, considering I’m talking to a ghost.” Marah already felt like she was going crazy.  Might as well go for broke, “I think someone is after me.  I got a St. Anthony’s medal in the mail and yesterday someone deliberately cut my brake line.”

Tony felt the rage boil up inside him.  He knew the people would come after him but he thought as long as he stayed hidden away his family and Marah they would be protected.  Clearly he was wrong, they were using Marah to get to him.   Why hadn’t Rafael mentioned the cut brake line?  He had to have known Marah’s brush with death was linked to whoever had held him captive.   “I will protect you Marah, I promise.”

Marah laughed bitterly, “You going to haunt them too?  Because I doubt the people who put me in here are afraid of ghosts.”  And with that they sat in stoney silence until Marah finally broke the tension, “You know I always thought we’d get another chance.  We always started out great and then let things get in the way.  I came back so I could finally say goodbye since I never got the chance.”

Tony knew most of the blame for their failure had been his.  He was the one who foolishly got involved with Catalina to try to get over Marah.  He was the one who brought Romeo Jones into her life.  And he was the one who had gotten involved with Eden August.  What he told Ray was still true.  He didn’t deserve a second chance, but Marah’s comment gave him hope that this time they could get it right, that HE could get it right.  He laid his handnear the one she had lying on the bed and whispered, “We’ll have our chance.  You are my destiny Marah Lewis.”

“I’m tired but don’t I don’t want this dream to end.   As hallucinations go you’re pretty top-notch.”

“Go ahead and sleep Marah, you’re still hurting from the accident.  You’ll see me again mi Corazon.”

Marah smiled sweetly, “My heart. I like that.”

If only she knew how true those small words were.


Rafael sat in the hotel bar casually sipping his beer.  For all intents and purposes he looked like a man without a care in the world.  He was a patient man, and it had served him well.  He had been waiting days for his target to reveal himself and tonight his intuition had finally paid off.  


“You mean to tell me that you had Danny and Michelle in your sights and you did nothing?  You disobeyed me Mark.  Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you. ”  The boss hissed in anger mindful that they were in public.  Not that anyone would recognize him.  His time in Springfield was brief and years had erased his existence from people’s memories. 

“You know my rule.  No kids.  That Michelle is pregnant boss.  You want to wait a few months, no problem.  But right now she’s off-limits. ”

 The Boss wanted to laugh at his “moral objection”.  He had hired Mark because he had a reputation of being ruthless to the core.  The attempt on Marah Lewis’ life hadn’t worked at flushing Tony out of hiding.  The next logical step was Tony’s precious cousin Danny and his wife Michelle.   He hated hiring outside his trusted few but he was getting tired of failure.   He was this close to breaking all the rules and just finishing the job himself .  “You finish this Mark and you might live to see another day.”


Rafael had heard enough.  He paid his tab and headed for the door making the call to his contact, “They’re making their move.  Make sure you’re in position.”  He listened to the person on the other end.  Things were going to get very interesting here in Springfield. “Leave Tony Santos to me.”


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