Chapter Thirteen

The news of Marah’s accident spread like wildfire throughout Springfield.  Michelle and Danny didn’t have to go far to visit their friend, they were already at Cedar’s when they heard the news. 

Reva looked up with tired eyes as they entered the silent room, “Hey you two. What are you up to this early in the morning?”  She tried for a jovial smile and failed miserably.  She was just too damn tired.

 “Just had our six month checkup for the little Princesa.” Danny couldn’t keep the pride from his voice.  And why not?  Michelle and the baby were both healthy, and he had been there every step of the way, ” How’s Marah doing.?”

Reva actually managed a genuine grin despite her fatigue.  “Spoken like a proud papa.  As for my Princesa she had a concussion and some bruising but at least she’s resting.” 

“Why don’t you go get some fresh air and something to eat.  Danny and I would be happy to sit with her for a while.  I’m sure you could use a break.”

“You sure?   I don’t want to cause any trouble.   Josh was supposed to bring me something from across the street but he and Jonathan probably fell asleep in their hamburgers and fries.  It’s been a long night that’s for sure.”

“Absolutely.  Besides you look like you’re asleep on your feet.  You deserve a rest.  We’ll call you if anything changes.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice Danny Santos.  I’ll be right back, twenty minutes tops.”

Danny pulled the visitor’s chair closer so that Michelle could sit.  “How you feeling Hon?”

“Have the headache from hell but it could be worse.”  She could be dead.  Wasn’t that a sobering thought. “Frank was in here earlier.  He said that my brake lines were cut.”

Michelle leaned forward, or at least as forward as she could with her baby bump, “You mean someone did this deliberately?”

“I guess so.  I don’t know anyone who I would consider an enemy though.  Of course I don’t know anyone who would try to scare me by sending me a St. Anthony’s medal either.  My first thought was to go back to Paris before someone else gets hurt but then I am tired of running away.  ”  Running didn’t solve anything.  She’d run from Springfield before and all it had got her was a halfway flourishing career and a lonely apartment.  She had acquaintances instead of friends and her family had been virtual strangers.  “Please be careful you guys.  If this is somehow linked to Tony we could all be in danger.”


Tony looked even worse by the time Rafael returned.  His hair stood on end like he’d raked his fingers through it in frustration.  Which he probably had.  Watching the love of your life hurting and not being able to do anything about it could do that to a man.  He had given up the pacing routine but was instead sitting on the lighthouse steps.  The bouncing of his leg showing how nervous he truly was.

As soon as Rafael entered Tony pounced, “Well?  Is she going to be okay?”

“She has a concussion and they are keeping her for observation.  Should be released tomorrow if no complications arise.  But seems she will be as good as new in a few days.”

Tony’s face, which had been frozen with tension, seemed to thaw at the news.    Rafael rubbed his chin as he contemplated telling Tony ALL that he’d learned today.  He decided to keep it to himself for the time being.  Tony was on a hair-trigger, no telling what he would do if he learned someone was purposely going after his girl.  Rafael had a plan, he just hoped it worked.


Danny and Michelle were walking in the hospital parking garage when he finally broached the subject.  If someone was going after Marah then there was nothing stopping them from coming after his family.  He may be out of the family business but he was still a man who would fight to the death for his family.  “I guess it’s too much to hope for that you’d consider taking the kids and staying at Rick’s for a while.”

Michelle looked at her husband like he’d grown a second head, “My place is with you.  Always has been.”

“Even if it was for your own safety?  For the safety of our children?”

“Okay I’d consider sending the kids to Rick’s.  And taking extra super precautions myself but you are NOT going to push me away for my own good.  Besides you’ve tried that a few times and how did that work out for you?”

Danny should have known Michelle wouldn’t go easily.   The few times he had tried to push her away in an effort to protect her she had fought back.  Without Michelle he would be lost that’s for sure, they would be lost without each other.   “We can talk about it more at home.”

As they approached the car Danny held her back.  Again Michelle looked at him questioningly.  “Just humor me Michelle.” 

Danny went over to the car and ignoring the possible damage to his clean clothes got on his hands and knees.  Slowly he peered under the car looking for anything suspicious.  This was growing up Santos 101, even if he hadn’t been required to inspect his vehicle in years he wasn’t taking any chances.   Danny didn’t see anything suspicious.  No sign of leaking brake fluid or tampering of any kind.  His family was safe for another day.


Rafael studied the report in front of him with rapt interest.   Very interesting indeed.  He picked up his phone and dialed his contact, “You did an excellent job as usual.  Now on to the next part of the plan.”


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