Chapter Twelve

Warning: Some adult language. 

Marah felt like a jack hammer was going crazy in her head.  She tried opening her eyes but the bright lights proved too much and she quickly shut them again.  She’d had the craziest dream….

“Hey honey, how are feeling?” Reva softly whispered.

“Mom?  What are you doing here?”

“You had a car accident, you have a concussion, where else would I be?  Your father and Jonathan are here as well, they just went for some coffee.”

Accident?  Then all of it came flooding back.  The terror when she realized that she didn’t have any breaks.  The pain when she hit the tree.  And then seeing Tony.  “I couldn’t stop mom.  I kept pressing the brakes and nothing happened.  Then a deer ran in front of my car and I swerved.  And then I thought I saw…”  She let the thought trail off.  Her mom was going to think she was crazy.

“You thought you saw what honey?”

Maybe she WAS crazy.  “I thought I saw Tony.”

Reva let out a soft laugh, “Like a guardian angel?  Because I have a hard time seeing Tony Santos wearing a halo, even in death.”

Marah did too.  But it had seemed so real at the time, like he was there beside her.  He’d even called her his heart like when he escorted her to her prom.  “Maybe I dreamt it.” 

“Could be because of the concussion.  You took a nasty hit to the head.”

Marah really tired to think about what happened after the accident.  But that just made the jack hammer move faster.  “I really need an aspirin.”

And like a good Florence Nightingale her mother headed for the door, “I’ll go get Rick.”


“You have to go to her.  I am begging you, please go and see if she’s okay.”

Rafael’s heart went out to Tony.  The poor man looked like his world was falling apart and he was stuck hidden away in this lighthouse. “Of course I will.”


“You are the most incompetent piece of shit I have ever encountered.  Do you realize what your failure has caused?  Do you?  The police are going to be all over this!”

The other man just stood stoically while the Boss paced and fumed in fury.  He knew to keep silent.  To interrupt would only anger him further. 

“Get out of my sight while I figure out how to fix this.”

As soon as the door closed the Boss picked up a paperweight from the desk and threw it at the wall.  Marah Lewis had gotten lucky.  It was about time for her luck to run out.


Rafael knocked on the open door, “Reva Lewis?  Hello I am Rafael Santiago.  I was the one who called 911 last night.”

Reva stood to great the newcomer, “Nice to meet you Mr. Santiago.  I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for her.”

Rafael waved off the praise.  Tony was the real hero, all he provided was the crowbar and dialed a few numbers.  “I just did what anyone else would do in that situation.  So how is she doing?”

“She had a concussion so they are going to keep her for observation.  Should be able to go home tomorrow.  But other than that she just had a few scrapes and a nasty bruise from the seatbelt.  Right now she’s sleeping but I know she’ll want to thank you when she wakes up.”

“That’s good to hear.  But I better get going I just wanted to check and see if she was alright.” 

Reva walked him to the door, “I wish you could stay longer.  I know Marah’s father and brother would like to thank you as well.”

Just as Rafael started to decline Frank Cooper stepped into the room along with two other men who he assumed were the aforementioned father and brother.  Reva made introductions and another round of thanks was given.  When Frank asked to talk to Reva and Josh privately Rafael took that his cue to leave…but only as far as the hallway.  He knew whatever the cop said was going to be important.

“I put a rush on it.  The technician just sent me the report an hour ago.  The brake line was almost completely severed.  And from the looks of it he says it looks like it was deliberate.”

“Are you telling us that someone deliberately cut Marah’s brake line?” 

“That’s what the technician report says.  Does your daughter have any enemies that you know of?”

“Frank she’s only been in town a week.  I don’t know anyone who would deliberately hurt Marah.”

Rafael had a theory.  As he continued down the hall he took out his phone and started dialing, “Yeah it’s me.  Do you have that information I asked for?”


Marah lay as still as possible and listened to them talk.  Someone had cut her brake lines?  She had to warn Danny and Michelle.  If this was connected to Tony than they were in just as much danger as she was.


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